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Things to do in Conway

  • Dinosaur World
    Dinosaur WorldEveryone has wanted to take a step back into the time of the dinosaurs, and see just how massive these animals were. Well now in the small town of Conway in the middle of Arkansas you can come very close to doing just that. Dinosaur World is 65-acres of pure and open park, filled with every kind of dinosaur you can imagine... well every kind of concrete dinosaur you can imagine. These dinosaurs were sculpted by Emmit A. Sullivan out of pure concrete, most of them are even actual size! This park was dreamed of by a man named Ola Farwell in 1985, and as he focused on his goals he was able to make it happen. One of the parks most amazing features is the 42-foot tall gorilla... that's right gorilla. Made to look like the amazing King-Kong this Gorilla was a three year project made by Bert Holster, and holds a life-size Fay Wray in his hands. This massive Gorilla stood tall over the park, and was named the "Biggest Monkey on Earth." This fun and adventurous park is open to all, with so many dinosaurs and such a large area for them to cover, its an exploration in itself! Scour the massive park in search of the many concrete dinosaurs, some are so massive that they can be seen above the tree tops from acres away! This fun filled adventure is the perfect way to spend your day, with snack bars and concession stands you can enjoy the outdoors in a whole new way!

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  • Snake World
    Snake WorldDale Ertel a is absolutely in love with his slithering animals that he has collected over 70 of these scaled friends. Just off US 62 you can see a home made sign that reads very clearly, "Snake World." With his absolute fascination and love for these animals he has put his effort into giving these small animals a place to live, as well as showcasing them to tourists. This fun filled adventure into the land of these slithering animals is great fun and entertainment for the whole family. Learn fun and interesting facts about these amazing animals as Dale Ertel will tell you everything you want to know. With guided tours Dale will let you see his exotic friends from all over the world. Watch as he takes care of some of the worlds rarest animals! This little world full of reptiles that Dale has created is the perfect way to spend a day while your in Conway, Arkansas. With a surprise around every corner and such a wide variety of amazing creatures your sure to enjoy yourself when you stop at Snake World. Experience up close encounters like never before as you venture through these cages filled with animals of every color and shape. Watch out, Dale has a peculiar sense of humor, anyone who has visited can inform you of his sneaky tricks with rubber animals, one or two are sure to be found as you follow him on your tour.

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  • Rodeo of the Ozark
    Rodeo of the Ozark!Here at Conway Arkansas there is an old tradition stretching nearly 60 years back, the Rodeo of the Ozark! This huge event takes place yearly and is a fun filled adventure onto the ranch as you watch hundreds of riders participate in all kinds of advents. From Bull-Riding to Hoarse Back competitions ranging in a wide variety of unique and amazing challenges. Every year there is a massive gathering for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and Women's Professional Rodeo Association as each compete in their own tournament. Each group participate in seven different and challenging events that all lead to the final and anticipated championship. The event takes place from July first to the fourth, ending in a massive fireworks display. This fun and exiting experience doesn't only happen once a year, the stadium is open for smaller competitions yearly, and watching man verse these massive animals is always a fun way to enjoy the night! Some of the more popular events that take place are; Steer Wrestling, Tie Down Roping, Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Barrel Racing, team roping and of course, Bull Riding. So strap in and get ready for a week full of entertainment, if your in Conway Arkansas during July this is a must see! On specific dates you can find the State Fair in town, and enjoy some local entertainment with carnival rides and events!

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Local Dining in Conway

  • Mount Bethel Winery
    Mount Bethel WineryMount Bethel Winery is a true southern style winery, a family owned and run business that runs deep into the heart of Arkansas culture. Keeping the business running is the trick, and the family knows the game. With the sons in the vineyard hard at work to bring you some of Arkansas's amazing wine you are sure to enjoy all the amenities of a winery with a home style feeling. Because this is a family owned business you can experience friendly quality service and a fun filled environment. With daily tours and even a Wine Tasting Room, this is the real deal. The family boasts that they are filled with happiness and love, and that their only wish is to be able to share this with the world. Now, in this fun filled adventure you can tour the vineyards, learn and experience what it takes to make great wine all in the simple yet awesome town of Conway Arkansas. Mount Bethel Winery produces a wide variety of wines for your tasting, located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains this vineyard is top of the line. Agriculturally the area is in the perfect spot to bring you some amazing wine, you will never have experience such a rich taste! Each and every customer means something to the Mount Bethel Winery family, so get ready to be smothered in quality service, because here you can find great food, wine and entertainment!

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  • Lindsey's Famous Barbeque
    Lindseys Famous Barbeque"Serving Up a Tradition of Delicious!" That's Lindsey's motto and their sticking to it. This all southern barbeque is the real deal, no prepackaged food or precooked meals, your in the south, and your "Gonna git' a good meal." Lindsey's is most know for it's amazing and secret barbeque sauce. This secret recipe has been kept from the world, and the only pace to get it is here at the one and only Lindsey's Famous Barbeque. The menu at Lindsey's is compromised of a healthy serving of barbeque; Pork Ribs, Smoked Links, Whole Chicken, Chopped Beef or Pork and a whole lot more can be found here at Lindsey's! One of the things Lindsey's is most popular for is their catering service. With a large room for events, and customizable services you can make any party, banquet, business meeting or special event a fun and exiting meal when you choose to cater with Lindsey's Famous Barbeque. Have them come straight to you, towing their trailer that provides everything they need to make your catered meal the perfect solution to feeding the hungry stomachs. This fun filled environment is the perfect way to spend your night, with great food and quality service you can enjoy a wide variety of home cooked style food all for an affordable price when you eat at Lindsey's Famous Barbeque.

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