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Things to do in Dorval

    Maison Saint-Gabriel Maison Saint-Gabriel Montreal, Quebec
    The Maison Saint-Gabriel Museum in Montreal, Quebec is devoted to preserving the history and heritage of the settlers of New France in the mid 17th century, housing a small farm, that has been taken care of the Sisters of the Congregation de Notre-Dame that was started by Marguerite Bourgeoys in Montreal in 1653, and have been doing so for over three centuries. The old farmhouse would get a much needed rejuvenation in 1966, with more landscaping added bringing in native plants to the numerous garden areas, while in the summer months, artisans come here to demonstrate their outstanding crafts and the lifestyle of the 17th century. This modern day museum is available online now and can be visited using either French, English, Spanish or Japanese. It houses magnificent relics that include clothing, furniture, tools and equipment, domestic items, as well as communication and arts that were prominent during that period. There is a marvelous barn on the site that was constructed in the 19th century and the builders used the very field stones that were found on the property to build the large structure. The property would be made a monument of national interest in 1965, and then, after being restored it would be converted into a museum in 1966. The sisters would oversee the growing and tending of crops on the property, taking care of the vegetable garden and feeding the livestock; involving about a dozen employees. The sisters would teach the young children and the young girls about housekeeping and other chores that were necessary around the house. The museum contains approximately 15,000 relics that date from the 17th century that includes the aforementioned items as well as paintings, sculptures, embroidery and lace, silver and old documents that describe a story full of the ups and downs of life and the trials and tribulations the sisters endured while running the old farm. In their exciting communication gallery, there are marvelous old memories in the form of post cards, books, stereograms, religious items, bells, and various other objects that are sure to be very interesting to visitors. The house is constantly hosting marvelous exhibits that currently are Artwork Awaiting Discovery, Valentine's Day and Gestures and Words. In their permanent exhibit gallery they are highlighting numerous collections of old-fashioned works like the beautiful embroidery that has been done over the centuries, sculptures, paintings and various objects that are sure to surprise and often amaze you that they have all survived the centuries to be sitting here in the museum waiting for your visit and perusal.

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    Musee des Beaux ArtsMusee des Beaux Arts Montreal, Quebec
    The Musee des Beaux Arts, which is French for "Museum of Fine Arts" was actually a poem that was written by W. H. Auden in 1938, although that poem's title was chosen from the Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique in Brussels that houses the magnificent painting "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus", that had been believed to have been painted by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, but is still believed to be base on his painting, an original that was lost years ago. Brueghel's oil portrays numerous men and a ship that is sitting in the bay, as the men go about their daily routine, in a lovely landscape, while Icarus can be seen, if you have good eyesight or can enlarge the painting so you can see him, although it is only his legs flailing in the water to the lower right hand side of the beautiful painting, as he is drowning. In the first part of the poem, it alludes to a miraculous birth and dreadful martyrdom that refers to Christianity, the subject of many paintings by Brueghel housed in the museum that the poem evokes, like the Numbering at Bethlehem and the Massacre of the Innocents. The forsaken cry of Icarus is supposed to refer to Jesus as He was on the cross and cried out to His father; saying, My God, why hast though forsaken me? There is some disagreement in the religious sector about the true meaning of those words, but that is another story for another time, or you can check it out for yourselves. However, we all know that God could never and would never forsake Jesus, since He was God, manifested in the form of a man, but as many of the passages of the Bible have been misconstrued, this is also one of those occasions. Anyway, Auden would write his poem some years after the painting was done, and William Carlos Williams would write a poem called "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus", and spoke of the same painting.

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Local Restaurants in Dorval

    Le Gourmand Restaurant
    Entrees; parmesan breaded veal with white wine, cream, lemon & caper sauce, topped with spinach & served on gnocchi; grilled veal chop with basil, pine nut & sundried tomato butter, topped with balsamic vinegar; coffee roasted filet mignon topped with a parmesan crisp with black pepper & whisky sauce; grilled filet mignon with red wine sauce topped with sautéed garlic & chive mushrooms served with traditional or sweet potato FF; grilled rack of Quebec lamb au jus with roasted garlic & fresh herbs; mixed grill with lamb cutlets, merguez sausage & shrimp with sundried tomato aioli; NY strip loin 10oz. with bordelaise sauce with onion rings; duo of duck leg confit & magret of duck with a raspberry vinegar & green peppercorn sauce; grain fed chicken breast wild mushrooms & contomme cheese served with porto sauce; organic salmon grilled or poached with cucumber, yogurt & dill sauce or blackened with mango chutney; black & white sesame Thai organic salmon with sautéed veggies; sautéed shrimp & scallops with spicy peanut sauce with white rice; wild mushroom risotto with sweet peas.

    Tasso Baramezze
    Entrees; streidia me rigani is oysters, fresh oregano, lemon emulsion; bakaliaro me stafili kai marathi is salt cured black cod, grape granite, fennel slaw; lavraki me rapanaki kai xreno is wild stripped bass, tartar, espelette pepper, radish, radish sprouts; lavraki se almi me gavros kai avgo is olive brined wild stripped bass, anchovies, chicory, poached egg; saltses me tiganitospomo is tzatziki, tyrokafteri, taramosalata served with housemade fried bread; kolokithia kai melitzanes tiganites is fried eggplant & zucchini with garlic sauce; salata apo elies is chicory, marinated green olives, black olive puree, bread chip & feta; kolokithi me feta kai avgo is housemade puff pastry, pumpkin puree, Greek feta, chicory, poached egg; halloumi sti skara me salata ap ladolaxana is grilled halloumi, veggie confit salad, pine nuts, croutons; bakaliaraki tiganoito mai taramosalata is whitting, olive oil bread chip, taramosalata & wild arugula; hteni me axino kai fouakra is grilled fresh scallops, sea urchin orzoto, fig strip, foie gras torchon shavings, pistachio powder; tsipoura me didia kai skordalia is seared royal porgy filet, mussels, saffron skordalia, fennel slaw, shrimp bisk; garides me kaitaifi kai tomatoes is seared shrimps, grilled espelette peper kaitafi, cherry tomato compote.


Parmesan Breaded Veal Le Gourmand Restaurant Dorval, Quebec



 Salt Cured Black Cod Tasso Baramezze Dorval, Quebec





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    Centre d'historire de Montreal Centre d'histoire de Montreal Montreal, Quebec
    The Centre d'histoire de Montreal in Montreal, Quebec, began in the early 1980s, when the city wanted a way to interpret and present its outstanding history and heritage to the citizens of the community and those that came here for a visit. There were numerous models to get ideas from, both in the United States and Europe, but the city decided to do something different and unique, creating a new type of museum that would inspire visitors to head out into the city, after learning more about its history, and discover, for themselves, the many places, sights and historical buildings that had been described in the museum. In 1979, the Entente sur le developpement culturel de Montreal was just what the city needed to spark a fire under the managers of the city to rejuvenate it all, not just parts of the old city, but those areas that were historically significant and interesting. By 1983, the entente was able to offer funding for an interpretation center that would be dedicated to the heritage and history of the city, designed by art historians, Sylvie Dufresne and Raymond Montpetit, as well as educator, Huguette Dussault. The center would open in an old firehouse that had been constructed in the place D'Youville in the early days of horse drawn carriages, sometime around 1903, according to the date on the structure, with current architects, Simon Lesage and Joseph Perrault, creating an inspirational design that was unique in the city, and included an unusual Flemish profile. The station house had fallen into disrepair by 1972, that when the entente was created, it would preserve many of the historical structures in the city, and the station would be one of those. The center would be administered by the Societe d'archeologie et de munismatique de Montreal, initially, but then it would connect with the Maisons de la culture de la Ville de Montreal in 1983. Their first permanent exhibit would be a light and sound exhibition that shined through numerous rooms, welcoming 20,000 visitors a year. Unfortunately, the show caused some problems like long lines, that made folks uncomfortable and the traffic flow that had to wait as well. The center restructured the show, but had to close the museum from 1989 until 1991, with period sets enhanced and more pieces added. The new permanent display opened in May, 1991, with more guides, a new director and new interpretive functions applied. During the 1990s and moreso in the beginning of the new millennium, the western area of the city would be injected with a feeling of renewed inspiration and the area would welcome new growth, that included new businesses, hotels and restaurants, a rejuvenated place D'Youville and the Cite multimedia in the old Faubourg des Recollets. With these fabulous new changes and enhancements, the city would enjoy a renaissance like they haven't had since the 1950s.

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    Chateau Ramezay MuseumChateau Ramezay Museum Old Montreal, Quebec
    The Chateau Ramezay in Old Montreal, Quebec, is located right across the street from the city hall, constructed in 1705 for the governor of Montreal, Claude de Ramezay, and would become the first structure in the city to be named a historical monument in the province, as well as being the province's oldest private history museum. The chateau would be purchased and sold to various owners over the years, until Ramezay's descendants would sell it to a fur-trading company called, Companie des Indes. The marvelous building would become the Canadian headquarters for the Continental Army in 1775, when they seized the city, and Benjamin Franklin would spend the night there in 1776 trying to gain support and troops for helping the Americans to fight against Great Britain in the Revolutionary War. Once the war was over, the house would revert to a governor's residence, for the British governors, until 1849, and for official reasons it would be renamed the Government House, where the governor would live, along with another residence in Quebec City, called the Chateau St. Louis, and a country retreat in Sorel. The structure would change hands in the government by 1878, and become Universite de Montreal's first Faculty of Medicine. The Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Montreal would purchase the building in 1894, and transform it into a historical museum and portrait gallery. The museum currently houses a collection of donations from the city's citizens and is considered to contain some 30,000 pieces, that include, works of art, furniture, manuscripts, printed works, paintings, prints, numismatic collectibles and ethnological relics. During the period from 1997 until 2002, the museum would get a marvelous facelift, both inside and out, as well as the creation of a lovely governor's garden, which would be inaugurated in 2000. By 2003, the museum was welcoming a million visitors and had received the National Award of Excellence from the Landscape Architects of Canada. The museum's collections are separated into themed galleries and include; the works of art, the Quebec ethnological collection, the Amerindian ethnological collection, the photographic collection, the library, the numismatic collection and much more information about its history and growth over the years.

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    Mary Queen of the World CathedralMary Queen of the World Cathedral Montreal, Quebec
    The Cathedral-Basilica of Mary, Queen of the World sits in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as the seat of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Montreal, the third biggest church in the city; and includes the archdiocese buildings that are connected and form the eastern side of the Place du Canada, prominently sitting in Dorchester Square. Baptisms are held in the small chapel, and the marble baptismal font is beneath a unique stucco crucifix that had been sculpted by Philippe Hebert, that has become one of the most significant symbols of Quebec religious sculptures. The cathedral's construction was ordered by Mgr. Ignace Bourget, the second bishop of Montreal, who had made the decision to replace the Saint-Jacques Cathedral that had burned down in 1852, and he had already decided to have a smaller scaled model of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome built to rival the Sulpician order that had been the feudal seigneurs of the city and with the Anglican Church, who both preferred the neo-gothic style of the day. It would raise a controversy since the location was on the western side of the city, where the English resided, and farther from the residences of the French-Canadian church attendees. Victor Bourgeau would refuse to create a design like the one the monsignor wanted, stating that it couldn't be done, so the bishop sent Fr. Joseph Michaud, who was the chaplain of the Papal Zouave volunteers of the city, to create a scale model to work from. During that period, in Italy, the Holy See was being threatened by the nationalist soldiers of Victor Emmanuel II, the current king of Piedmont, who wanted to become the ruler over all the country, including the papal territories, so the visit would be kept secret. Construction started in 1875, and the new cathedral would be consecrated in 1894 as Saint James Cathedral, after James the Great, the patron saint of the parish the church was serving. At that time, the church was the biggest in the province and then, in 1919, Pope Benedict XV would make it a minor basilica. In 1955, it would be rededicated as Mary, Queen of the World, at the request of cardinal Paul-Emile Leger, and done by Pope Pius XII. The facade would not be holding the twelve apostles, as did St. Peter's, but instead had the patron saints of thirteen parishes of the city, that had donated them, set on top of the front facade, and included St. John the Baptist and St. Patrick. The replicated interior would also include a scale model of Bemini's baldachin, with a few changes being done in the last few years, in the narthex and esplanade; and named a National Historic Site of Canada in 2006.

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Downtown West Dollar Rental Car - 1163 Mackay

    McCord MuseumMcCord Museum Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    The McCord Museum in Montreal, Quebec is a public research and teaching museum that is devoted to the study, presentation, appreciation and preservation of Canadian history. Its full name is the McCord Museum of Canadian History and is located adjacent to McGill University in downtown. The museum would begin in 1921 by David Ross McCord, a Canadian lawyer and philanthropist, who would donate his own personal collection to start it, and since that initial investment, the museum has grown very well, totaling over a million objects today. The original donation would include some 15,800 items that document the various parts of life, cultures, traditions and art of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada, as well as many items from the communities that live in the northern US and Alaska. It contained over 7,300 historical aboriginal items that were dated from the early 19th century to 1945 and included, domestic tools, head wear, hunting weapons, baskets, clothing and accessories, as well as 8500 archaeological relics that date from 10,000 years ago to the 16th century and include stone tools and potsherds. Their collection of textiles and costumes contains some 18,845 pieces of hats, fans, footwear, women's dresses and parasols, with a number of them being produced by some of the city's best 20th century designers. The men's wear collection includes coats, suits and accessories, along with a marvelous collection of quilts, embroidered samplers and many textiles, that contains the oldest known patchwork quilt from 1726, in North America. Their Notman photographic archives contains about 1.3 million photographs as well as many items of early photographic equipment and accessories; offering a pictorial history of the city, province and nation from the 1840s to the current day. The outstanding collection houses the William Notman & Son photographic studio fond that contains over 600,000 photographic images, along with 200,000 glass negatives that date from the 1840s to 1935; and another 700,000 pictures that had been taken by other photographers like John Taylor and Alexander Henderson. In the paintings, prints and drawings collection there are 69,000 iconographical items from the 18th to the 21st centuries, with paintings, prints, miniatures, silhouettes and caricatures from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. In the decorative arts collection, there are 38,900 pieces that include glassware, ironware, hunting equipment, items of folk art, a marvelous collection of 19th century toys, furniture, ceramics, sports equipment and more.

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