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Things to do in Dundee

    The McManus McManus Museum Dundee, Scotland
    This fabulous museum is housed in a magnificent gothic revival style structure, showcasing the city's finest collections, after being created in 1867 as the Albert Institute for Science, Literature and the Arts. It was voted the best loved structure in the city in 2000, although troubled by various problems since construction because it had been constructed on marshland. In the mid 1980s, it would be renamed in honor of Maurice McManus, twice Lord Provost of Dundee, who had been a champion of new construction during his tenure. But by 2000, it became obvious that more work would be necessary, so a complete renovation was ordered and done; with a massive restructuring that has revitalized the museum and the building itself. Its collections contain some 150,000 objects, with just a part shown at any one time, with the remainder being stored in its collections unit. This special section can be toured by contacting the museum and setting up a time when it is available to the public for showing. The collection contains the Community History of the city, Decorative Art/Crafts, Early History, World Cultures, Fine Art, Social History and Natural History. The museum houses 8 galleries that occupy two floors, and offering visitors the opportunity to begin a journey through 400 million years of history, culture and the arts; with outstanding exhibits that include; the 20th Century gallery, Landscapes and Lives, the Long gallery, Making of Modern Dundee, Here and Now, What is a Museum, Victoria gallery and Dundee and the World. These magnificent galleries represent the life of early man in the region, complemented by beautiful paintings and decorative arts, with incredible relics from the past industries to the present ones, and include the city's own splendid collections that have been preserved down through the years. Some of these great collections have become national treasures, and provide an insight to the city's history and its people.

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    Sensation DundeeSensation Dundee Dundee, Scotland
    The Dundee Science Center in Dundee, Scotland is the sole UK science center devoted to the five senses, and brings science alive for children and adults, calling it Sensation, using interactive exhibits to showcase the imagination we have, and incorporating it into our lives for our education and enjoyment. The center opened in 2000 and has become one of the city's best attractions, welcoming more than 60,000 visitors each year, and just one of the four science museums in the nation. Some of the exciting exhibits include You Choose the News, where visitors can try their skills at being a news editor on a GM crops story, or learn how to become one; Visual Psychology Lab that shows you an item and then it disappears, helping you to discover how and why; Forensic Investigation Game where you play Dec the detective and teaches students the fundamentals and skills of forensic science and other forensic skills and Plug the Gremlin that helps you understand the significance of energy, and the many questions that face every person on the face of the earth; and so much more. Some of the exciting and interesting exhibits include; High-Kicks Inside and Out at Dundee Science Center, Come and Have Fun-As Often as You Like, Baby Sensory Classes, Early Explorers, Dundee Science Center Roadshows, In With the Old and the New, Meet Stuffee, and many more that are sure to give you and your children a fun and interesting day at the science center. Try and move a ball with just your mind, or try keyhole surgery, morph yourself into an ape, become part of a science show or even investigate a crime. The center has a great gift shop filled with marvelous items, enjoy children's parties, enjoy tea or coffee at the Infusion Coffee Shop and more things you can experience than anywhere else in the country.

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Local Restaurants in Dundee

    The Playwright
    Entrees; seared scallops with ragu Bolognese, Romesco sauce, fried noodles; saddle of rabbit with truffled leeks, Borlotti beans, chorizo sauce; smoked salmon with crayfish risotto, shellfish dressing; braised pork belly with pork fricadelle, confit tomato, braised lettuce, pork reduction; terrine of duck confit & chicken with juniper pickled cabbage, raisin dressing, rye bread flutes; saddle of wild venison with galette potatoes, roast beetroot, red onion puree, grand veneur sauce; loin of veal with baby veggies, celeriac puree, braised potatoes, chestnut & tarragon sauce; loin of wild boar with organic pumpkin, red cabbage, potato cake, wild mushroom sauce; seared monkfish with squid confit, pak choi, parmentier potatoes, chili cream sauce; fillet of Scottish beef with red chicory, sweet potato, black pepper sauce.

    The Byzantium
    Entrees; pan seared North Sea king scallops served with garden pea soup & ham hock terrine topped with pea shoots & julienne of fresh apple; wild duck pastrami is thinly sliced duck pastrami served with slices of mini black pudding, orange & chervil jelly, lettuce & finished with sweet berry coulis; Saint-Loup goats cheese pannacotta with pomegranate & rhubarb compote, balsamic spiked carrot with thyme infused sourdough crouton; peaches & parma ham is 22 month aged prosciutto from Parma, Italy & thinly sliced ripened peaches with slivers of aged Morangie brie drizzled with passion fruit puree; duo of langoustine & crab with layers of sweet corn salsa, red chard leaves, hand-picked white crab meat, langoustine tails topped with tangy tomato mayonnaise & finished with housemade honey spelt loaf; duo of pork monkfish is slowly cooked pork & monkfish ceviche with pea puree, micro herb salad & truffled pear crisps.


Saddle of Rabbit The Playwright Dundee, Scotland




Pan Seared North Sea King Scallops The Byzantium Dundee, Scotland


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    Broughty Castle Broughty Castle Dundee, Scotland
    This historic castle sits in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland, constructed and completed in 1495, but, many believe that it was originally fortified in 1454, when the 4th Earl of Angus would get permission to construct a castle on the site, although the main tower house would be constructed by Andrew, 2nd Lord Gray that would be granted the castle in 1490. It would become part of the 16th century War of the Rough Wooing, and surrendered to the English in 1547 by Lord Gray after the Battle of Pinkie. Sometime after the English gained control of the castle, they would fortify it further with a ditch across the landward side of the castle's promontory, with Edward Clinton starting the refortification, influence by the advice of Italian engineer Master John Rossetti; and then left 100 men with three ships to guard it. The garrison stationed there would be led by Sir Andrew Dudley, the Duke of Northumberland's brother, who had high hopes of distributing Tyndales' Bible in the city. There is quite a bit of history in this castle that goes on for another 500 years, although it would be attacked later on in 1651 by General Monck and his parliamentary forces during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, and then sold by the Gray family in 1666, becoming much more ruinous and dilapidated. The Edinburgh and Northern Railroad bought the castle in 1846 to construct an adjacent harbor for their railroad ferry, but the War Office acquired it in 1855 to use it in defending it against the Russians. By 1860, the War Office decided to rebuild it, fearing another French invasion, and was done using the plans of Robert Rowand Anderson. During the period from 1886 to 1887, a range was constructed to house submarine miners on the eastern side of the castle, and in an emergency, would lay mines in the Tay Estuary that would cause much damage to any invading ships. During WWII, the final defenses would be added, and in 1969, the castle would become a museum.

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    Verdant WorksVerdant Works Dundee, Scotland
    The Verdant Works was a jute mill located in the Blackness area of Dundee, Scotland, bought by the Dundee Heritage Trust in 1991 that would rejuvenate the buildings and then open it as a museum in 1996, dedicated to the outstanding textile industry that had once dominated the city's economy. It was given a Category A listed building status by Historic Scotland in 1987, the highest category for putting a Scottish structure on the list, showing that it is a national architectural structure of significance. It is actually a rare type of surviving example of courtyard-type mill, with original layout and numerous original features still standing. It is just one of the decreasing number of industrial properties in the city and east-central Scotland, that is still standing from the 19th century. It is the only dedicated jute museum in the kingdom, describing the story of Dundee's textile business, that concentrates mainly on the jute and linen businesses. Producing textiles would become the main industry in the city for many decades, employing some 5000 employees, in the city by the close of the 19th century, along with numerous thousands working in related trades like engineering, shipbuilding and transportation. During that period, Dundee would be supplying most of the world's jute demand, making it so significant to the nation and the kingdom. Its jute collections span the entire history of the jute industry, covering such topics as textile engineering, manufacturing, the industry's Indian connection, research and development, the lives of the workers, quality control and the end product. There are many exhibits that include the small tools used, technical drawings, machinery patterns, plans, testing equipment, jute and flax products and more. It houses the photographic records and archives of numerous mills and their workers that contain a lot of historical data and is thus of importance to historical research, along with big machinery, and a magnificent collection that includes photographs, numismatics, industrial history, costumes, business papers, fine art, archives and social history.

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    Dundee Contemporary ArtsDundee Contemporary Arts Dundee, Scotland
    The DCA or Dundee Contemporary Arts is a marvelous art center in the city of Dundee, Scotland that houses two contemporary art galleries, a print studio, a cafe bar, two screen cinema and a visual research center, after opening in 1999. The idea for a visual arts center in the city had been talked about since the 1980s, especially in regards to the desire to nurture the graduates and students of the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design that has become the University of Dundee, one of the finest art colleges in the UK, and to continue the work begun in the closed now, Seagate Gallery and Dundee Printmaker's Workshop. It was also hoped that it would augment and improve the only arthouse cinema in the city, called the Steps Theater that would close when the DCA opened with its two screens and fulltime cinema. The city council formed a unique partnership with the university and newly formed Dundee Contemporary Arts, in 1995, and bought a semi-derelict garage that was located close to the university and Dundee Repertory Theater. An international design competition would then be started and won in 1996 by Richard Murphy Architects, and immediately called an innovative modern space. Today, the center welcomes some 300,000 visitors each year, and the majority of the city considers it to be a great success. The center also hosts art shows and films, along with annual festivals like the Kill Your Timid Notion that mixes experimental music with avant garde cinema and symposia.

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    Glamis CastleGlamis Castle Angus, Scotland
    This fabulous castle, located in the village of Glamis, Angus, Scotland is the home of the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghome, and was the childhood home of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who is called Queen Elizabeth today. She is the widow of King George VI and her second daughter, Princess Margaret, the Countess of Snowdon was also born here. The magnificent ceiling plasterworks are considered to be one of the three most beautiful in the nation, sitting in the large and fertile lowland valley of Strathmore, lying between the Sidlaw Hills and the Grampian Mountains, and some 16 miles from the North Sea. The castle is encompassed by over 14,000 acres and besides the magnificent garden that has many lush and green gardens within and walking trails, also produces a few cash crops like beef and timber. There are two lovely streams that course through the estate, one called the Glamis Burn, with a beautiful arboretum that overlooks it and showcases trees from around the world, with many of them quite rare and many hundreds of years old; as well as birds and small wildlife running through its grounds. The marvelous castle has a tea room in it, and the gardens and grounds are open to the public, and can be hired for weddings and banquets. It is very old, more than a thousand years old to be sure, with incredible legends and stories that will seem absurd to visitors, but, then you don't have to live at the ancient castle, where a beautifully carved Pictish stone called the Eassie Stone was discovered in a creek bed in the nearby village of Eassie. These stones were believed to have been carved during the 6th to the 9th centuries by the Picts when they were being Christianized, and this one was discovered in the 18th century at the Eassie burn. It is an amazing castle, quite fit for kings and queens of the realm and big enough to hold many families. It is one of the most popular destinations in the nation, and a place that all visitors to Scotland should visit.

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