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Durango-La Plata County Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 1000 Apt. Rd. Ste. 2

Avis Car Rental Durango
- 1145 S. Camino Del Rio Ste. 108

Things to do in Durango

    Mesa Verde National ParkMesa Verde National Park Montezuma County, Colorado
    The Mesa Verde National Park in Montezuma County, Colorado began in 1906 so that some of the finest cliff dwellings in the world could be preserved, occupying 81.4 square miles and is a UNESCO World Heritage site and National Park. There are many ruins of villages and homes constructed by the Ancestral Puebloan people that have been called the Anasazi, who had inhabited the mesa somewhere between 550 and 1300 AD. The Anasazi were mostly farmers, growing crops wherever they could, with the main crop being corn, that became the major ingredient of their diet, with the men hunting to supplement that food. The women would become well known for their amazing basket weaving, with their pottery techniques equally outstanding. Their antiquities have become extremely prized for their excellent qualities and durability, since these prized relics are one of the main remnants of their existence. These tribes were constructing mesa-top settlements by 750 AD and by the latter part of the 12th century, they were be constructing the cliff dwellings that they have become famous for. The park is best known for these incredible cliff dwellings, using adobe, with some using parts of caves and other outcroppings to include or incorporate into their houses. One, named the cliff palace is believed to be the biggest one in North America a, contains 200 rooms and 23 kivas that are round sunken rooms that many believe were used for ceremonial significance. More than 7400 archaeological sites have been discovered thus far at the park, with some 600 of those being cliff dwellings. The park is situated in the southwestern region of the state, with elevations ranging from 6100 feet above sea level to 8400, with the majority of the terrain dominated by valleys and ridges the run north and south, with many of the ridges peaking in the east west crest in the northern border of the park. The site had to be made a national park because so many people were going there and actually destroying large areas of the dwellings, especially in the palace, just so they could steal antiquities that would end up in foreign or various museums outside of the region, with the majority of the buildings lacking roofs because the thieves would use those timbers for firewood while they stripped whatever they could from the ruins. The park does have a marvelous museum called the Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum with a great amount of information about the ruins and the people that occupied them for many centuries. Besides the beautiful cliff dwellings, there are numerous mesa-top ruins that can be explored as well, with hiking trails, a visitor center, even a campground, places for food, fuel and lodging is also available to the visitor who will have one of the most awe-inspiring adventures of their lifetime when they come.

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La Plata Cty. Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 1000 Airport Dr. 

    Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and MuseumDurango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad & Museum Durango, Colorado
    The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (D&SNG) is a magnificent narrow gauge heritage railroad that runs 45 miles of track between Silverton and Durango, Colorado that has become a National Historic Landmark and a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark that was designated by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The railroad had been originally constructed between 1881 and 1882, by the Denver and Rio Grande Railway so that it could bring people and supplies to the gold and silver mines in the San Juan Mountains. It had been an extension of the D&RG from Antonito, Colorado to Durango, with the final run occurring on December 6, 1968. The rail line that runs between Durango and Silverton has been in operation since 1881, but it would become a tourist and heritage railroad after the D&RG shut down; continuing to carry passengers, and one of the few remaining railroads in the nation that still uses the old steam engines that are still very popular with railroading enthusiasts. There are many pieces of rolling stock that are from that original line, with trains running from Durango to the Cascade Wye in the winter and from Durango to Silverton in the summer, with the original depot still being utilized in Durango. The locomotives used by the railroad are coal-fired steam and diesel engines, with the steam engines being constructed in the 1920s and belong to the K-28 and K-36 classes. The line runs 45 miles from Durango to Silverton, going across the Animas river five times, and takes about three and a half hours to travel, with a two hour and fifteen minute layover in Silverton. The line has many outstanding and interesting rail cars that have been acquired over the years and operates two museums, with one in Durango and the other at the Silverton Freight yard, with both of them showcasing historic locomotives and rail equipment that is still used in the operations. It is a very interesting and exciting adventure that is well worth the time to partake, and a unique way to see the magnificent countryside.

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Durango Apt. Enterprise Rental Car - 1000 Apt. Rd.
Enterprise Car Rental Durango - 37 County Rd. 232

Local Restaurants in Durango

    Ken & Sue's
    Entrees; Thai shrimp, tomatoes, coconut-curry, scallions, basmati rice; cilantro-crusted halibut, sticky rice, baby bok choy, sake-tamari sauce; grilled tuna steak, basmati rice, snow pea slaw, carrot-miso coulis; herb-seared chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese & sun-dried tomatoes, with roasted garlic-cabernet sauce, smashed potatoes & sautéed greens; pistachio nut crusted grouper, sweet potatoes smash, sautéed spinach & vanilla rum butter; Aunt Lydia's meatloaf, red wine gravy, smashed potatoes, sautéed spinach; spicy stir-fry shrimp & veggie rice bowl topped with crushed pistachio nuts; grilled 16oz. pork t-bone, sweet potato smash, sautéed greens, Jack Daniels sauce; cedar planked salmon, basmati rice, tomato-cucumber salsa, lemon-dill butter sauce; maple-mustard glazed 12oz. NY strip, giant onion rings, red & bleu smashers with blistered asparagus; grilled 8oz. filet mignon, gorgonzola butter, spinach, potato lasagna.

    Ore House Restaurant
    Entrees; steak includes soup or salad bar; chateaubriand for two is center-cut tenderloin, carved tableside 16oz.; sirloin 10oz. thick center cut, grilled plain or marinated in house teriyaki; petite filet mignon 6oz. wrapped in applewood bacon; NY strip 12oz. USDA top choice; T-bone is NY strip & filet on the bone 20oz.; filet mignon 10oz. wrapped in applewood bacon; prime ribeye 18oz. USDA prime; wild Alaskan king salmon is grilled medium, with cucumber dill sauce, bearnaise & fresh lemon; oven roasted chicken is organic herb roasted half chicken finished with lemon herb butter; chopsteak is house ground ribeye & NY strip topped with bleu cheese, sautéed mushrooms & crispy onions.


Grilled Tuna Steak Ken & Sue's Durango, Colorado



 Petite Filet Mignon Ore House Restaurant Durango, Colorado


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Hertz Rental Cars Durango Laplata Apt.
 1o00 Airport Rd. Ste. 14

Cortez Mun. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 22874 Cty. Rd. F
Hertz Rental Car Atlantic Aviation- 1260 W. Navajo St.
Four Corners Reg. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 1300 W. Navajo St.

    Full Blast Adventure Center Full Blast Adventure Center Durango, Colorado
    The Full Blast Adventure Center in Durango, Colorado is really a full adventure company, offering exciting adventures in the water, with boat rides, waterskiing, tubing, wake boarding and knee boarding; or try the atv experience where you'll travel into the Rocky Mountains that also provide fishing and hunting trips as well. Or get real adventurous and try out the latest adventure to be acquired or started by the company and the newest zipline in the area, taking a full two and a half hours to complete, flying along the treetops of their huge Ponderosa pines and enjoying some of the most gorgeous views you'll ever see. It is no wonder that they are called full blast since that is exactly what type of adventure you will have here. Another exciting and interesting venue is the paintball park that is the city's first that is called a hybrid woods ball course, with the right amount of trees and other vegetation to add more cover to your experience as you and your friends or family have a great time trying to outdo each other with paint guns. All the equipment that you might need is supplied and included in the price, so you could spend the entire day here having the most adventurous time of your life and enjoying the magnificent scenery that permeates every adventure that you might try. If you are in the mood for something truly different, exciting and most of all adventurous, then the Full Blast Adventure Center is the place to try it all out.

Alamo Car Rentals Durango

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Durango Alamo Car Rentals - 501 Camino Del Rio

    San Juan National ForestSan Juan National Forest Durango, Colorado
    The San Juan National Forest is a huge national forest that spans more than 1.8 million acres of excellent landscaping that crosses and includes nine counties in western Colorado, bordering the Rio Grande National Forest on the east, and the Uncompahgre National Forest on the north. It encompasses almost all of the San Juan mountains that lie west of the Continental Divide and has two alpine wilderness areas located in it as well. The Durango and Silverton Narrow gauge railroad passes through here, created by Teddy Roosevelt in 1905. Their headquarters is located in Durango, with local offices in Pagosa Springs, Dolores and Bayfield. The region is a natural and cultural oasis that fills the mountain biker, hiker, skier, fisherman, historian, kayaker and anthropologist with awe, excitement and more enjoyment than a city full of the finest museums and antiquities in the world. There are waterfalls galore, alpine lakes with the most crystal clear waters you've ever seen, canyons so beautiful you won't want to leave and cataracts that will fill your eyes and mind with memories and adventures from your earliest days, with peaks reaching to 14,000 feet and higher. Those peaks are located in the Needle Mountains and contain some of the toughest ranges in the country, filled with trees, meadows, wildflowers and wildlife that will rock your world. The park offers biking, camping, road trips, hiking and backpacking, fishing, nature and scenic drives that will awe you and keep you occupied for more time than you have to spend, helping you to come back for more anytime you can. The area had many Native Americans traveling and living there for centuries with many archaeological ruins and signs to be seen, with more than 500 miles of trails for you to travel and explore, so secluded, you can imagine the earliest explorers coming here to be amazed with all the wonders and sights. It has been said that only a dozen or so stalwart hikers can make the entire Continental Divide trail that runs from Wolf Creek Pass to Silverton, with so much to see and overcome that it has become one of the greatest challenges of the region for any hiker. The incredible views, vistas and panoramas that can be enjoyed here will bring you back for more, if your senses aren't overcome the first time, it is truly a magnificent forest to be enjoyed, year after year.

Thrifty Car Rental Durango

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Denver Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 23586 E. 78th Ave.

    Animas MuseumAnimas Museum Durango, Colorado
    The Animas Museum in Durango, Colorado is taken care of by the La Plata County Historical Society, with excellent exhibits about the history of the town, the area, the people and their cultures that were brought with them when they arrived. There is a restored 1908 classroom, that is reminiscent of the school days of our ancestors, great grandparents and others, allowing us a small view of those difficult or less hectic days, when electricity was used for lighting and other necessities, instead of the plethora of electronic devices that have become a major part of many peoples lives today. Another outstanding exhibit is Stepping Out: Fancy and Functional Footwear that showcases the foot wear from the Victorian era to the current day. The Puebloan pottery and Navajo weavings are sure to intrigue all visitors, almost amazed at the expertise that these early pioneers could use such rudimentary equipment to create such beautiful products, which are still with us today, while the majority of those items that are created today only last a few years and then are discarded like a pair of old worn out shoes. The history of La Plata county is another display that is sure to fill the visitor with wonder and awe, realizing that our early ancestors could be so talented with just the rudiments of technology and machinery. The trails, roads and rails exhibit is another outstanding display that showcases the past and the magnificent machines that were made, still running today, while our vehicles are piled high in garbage piles and salvage yards. There are many walking tours available that will take you and your family for a historical tour of the old city, with numerous historically significant structures. The museum offers many seminars, family fun days, special events and more that is sure to give you a thrill as the old days are remembered with marvelous relics and antiquities from our past. It is a great time and will give you all the information and mystery of the good old days, when people knew their neighbors and all were Americans ready to take on all comers for whatever reason could be found.

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Denver Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Denver Intl. Apt.

    Vallecito LakeVallecito Lake Durango, Colorado
    Nestled in the heart of the San Juan National Forest is a magnificent secluded mountain valley that is 8000 feet above the sea, with Lake Vallecito sitting right in the middle of it, one of the biggest and most gorgeous lakes in the state, an ancestral home of the Ute Indians, just 18 miles southwest of Durango, Colorado, filled with more wonders, beauty and wildlife than many regions twice it size and statue. It is a place where you go to enjoy a fantastic vacation, completely in itself, with 12 miles of beautiful shoreline on the pristine lake, with a plethora of accommodations and adventures just waiting for you to try them on for size. There are plenty of places to stay, in modern cabins, motels, guest ranches, campgrounds and RV parks, with numerous restaurants if you enjoy eating out and not having to bother with dishes or cooking. There are a few marinas if you wish to explore the lake and its shores in a great boat, or just find a serene quiet spot to drop a line and fish or try some of the other recreational activities that are available in boats. You can ride off into the sunset or climb the mountain trails on horseback, taking you back to the first days of the early settlers and explorers that happened upon this majestic scenery and decided to stay a while. You can use an ATV if you prefer, but the wildlife won't be as viewable since they'll hear you coming a mile off and hide. Hiking is a great favorite here, since you can wonder around the trails, valley, mountain and more at your own pace, taking time to smell any roses you might find along the way. The lake contains awesome fish like trout, pike and salmon that you can take back to your camp or cabin and fry them up getting the most delicious fish meal you have had in a long time. The mountain air itself will refresh you, reminding all visitors what the air really smells like in a wild protected forest, filled with the aromas that have not been in your memories for decades, or ever. The area has a great nightlife as well with a tour of the carvings, museum, boutiques and where the local folks go to relax and unwind after a day of fun, work or whatever you have tried or done. It is a retreat like none you have ever experienced and one that will stay in your mind for decades and most likely bring you back again. There are so many days of sunshine here that you'll be sure to have a great time, with more adventures and stories to take home with you that others that hear will almost want to visit with you the next time you come.

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Durango Apt. National Car Rental 
- 1000 Apt. Rd. #13
Durango National Rental Cars - 501 Camino Del Rio