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Things to do in East Orange

    Morgan Library & Museum Morgan Library & Museum New York City, NY
    The Morgan Library and Museum was called the Pierpont Morgan Library and is located in New York City, created to house the fabulous private library of J. P. Morgan in 1906 that included many rare book bindings, manuscripts, prints, drawings and printed books. It was designed by Charles McKim and cost $1.2 million to build, becoming public in 1924 by his son, John Pierpont Morgan, Jr. and made a National Historic Landmark in 1966. The museum and library has grown over the years to become a complex of structures that serve both as a museum and research center. There are many outstanding pieces in the collections, a who's who of artists and writers, and much more. There are three copies of the Gutenberg Bibles alone, with representations from great masters like; Cezanne, van Gogh, Rembrandt, Sir Walter Scott, Bob Dylan, Rubens, Picasso, Durer, Honore de Balzac, Raphael, Michelangelo, Gainsborough, da Vinci, Zola, Thackeray, William Blake, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Charles Dickens, George Sand, Henry David Thoreau, Charlotte Bronte, Lord Byron, and so many more. Charles Dickens's novella, A Christmas Carol is shown each Christmas and is so exciting that it brings in many regulars just to look over the marvelous manuscript. They are showing the works of Roger Bartlett, a master book binder that created such magnificent coverings during the Restoration period. He began working in London, but then moved to Oxford after the great Fire of 1666, and worked there until his retirement in 1690, passing away in his hometown of Watlington in 1712. One of his best works is a Bible bound using many of his documented tools in the characteristic cottage-roof pattern. It is a beautifully bound book that deserves close attention and ready and waiting for you at the marvelous museum and library. Another exhibition currently on view is the Roy Lichenstein collection, along with the Dickens book and the Gutenberg Bible. The one outstanding venue now offered is the 1906 Morgan library that is open for all visitors, as well as their usual Friday night special that lets you come in for free and enjoy music and food at the restaurant. You can see an exhibit about Mark Twain called A Skeptic's Progress and the Drawings and sketchbook that belonged to Degas. The museum has outstanding lectures and musical concerts, offering visitors and the citizens of New York, one of the most incredible library and museum in the entire world, right at their fingertips. This is a must see destination when you are in the area and one that you'll enjoy for many years to come.  His fabulous holdings included illuminated, literary and historical manuscripts, old master prints and drawings as well as early printed books. After creating this nucleus he began to augment it with the earliest evidence of writing with ancient seals, tablets and papyrus fragments from the Near East and Egypt, as well as any kind of manuscripts pertaining to the history of the United States. Some of the other unique and special collectibles include old Testament miniatures with Latin, Persian and Judeo-Persian inscriptions from the 1240s, autographed manuscript of the Haffner Symphony by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from 1782; and a very rare cylinder seal and impression from Neo-Babylonian days around 1000-539 BC. made of carnelian with the original copper settings on both ends still preserved and much much more. 

    Jersey Explorer Children's Museum
    Jersey Explorer Children's Museum East Orange, New JerseyThe Jersey Explorer Children's Museum in East Orange, New Jersey is one of the first nonprofit children's museum in the nation to showcase true-to-life interactive displays that are the outstanding handiwork of at-risk children. The Youth Corps members that work at the museum gain on-the-job training, along with interpersonal and developmental skills that will definitely help them as the get ready for their high school equivalency diplomas, reaching more than 19,000 children that live in the inner cities of East Orange, Elizabeth, Newark, Jersey City, Orange, Irvington and the region around them. Because of the influence shown by the wonderful staff at the museum, these area youths have been empowered to seek and achieve the finest quality of life that is possible for them. The excellent exhibits that are shown here include; the Tomb of the Ancient Kings, Arts and Crafts, Time Traveler, changing exhibits, Stargazer, Main St. Village and WJEX-TV.  Other special presentations include scienceworks, magic carpet and off the page theater, that will surely interest and thrill your children when they come here to enjoy something a little bit different, but always exciting.

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    New York AquariumNew York Aquarium Coney Island Brooklyn, New York
    The oldest aquarium in the nation that has been open continuously since 1896 is the New York Aquarium that is now situated on the boardwalk in Coney Island, Brooklyn since moving from Castle Garden in 1957. Sitting on 14 acres, the aquarium houses more than 350 different species of marine wildlife and dedicated to raising awareness of the public about the multitude of issues that are now plaguing the ocean and its incredible creatures; using public events, research and special exhibits. Numerous studies are ongoing at the aquarium's Osborn Laboratories of Marine Science that include coral reefs, dolphin cognition and satellite tagging of sharks. When the aquarium first opened, the aquarium was taken into the care of the New York Zoological Society, and contained only 150 specimens of aquatic inhabitants. As the years passed, the collection would be augmented by famous director, Charles Haskins Townsend, who increased the amount of species each year, bringing in more visitors at the same time. Mammals include the California sea lion, sea otters and Pacific walrus, while the bird sanctuary contains black footed penguins, fish include the giant Pacific octopus, sand tiger sharks and flower hat jelly fish. In their reptile and amphibian house they contain tomato frogs and loggerhead turtles, plus many more varieties. Exhibits include the Alien stingers housing moon jellies, flower hat jellies and red striped sea nettles and you can play various games with the jelly fish and learn more about them here. The sea lion celebration at the aquatheater you will meet the very talented and funny sea lions as they scamper about and enjoy the marvelous attention from the audience. Their explore the shore is really a coastal exhibit where you can touch horseshoe crabs and sea stars as well as enjoying the views from an underwater living salt marsh. In Glover's reef and conservation hall, you can watch in amazement as the stingrays swoop and stream along with beautiful schools of colorful fish and moray eels that live in a wonderful coral reef. The Planet Earth: Shallow seas 4D experience lets you enjoy the sounds, smells and sights of the shallow seas, while listening closely to the oceans' waves crashing and feel the salty spray as you surf with bottlenose dolphins and sea lions. On the sea cliffs outside, you can watch the antics of sea otters, seals, walruses and penguins as the enjoy a lazy day on the 300 foot long embankment of the northern Pacific's rocky coast, and go inside to get a fisheyes view of the marine mammal swimming around the massive tanks. The sharks tank is one of the mightiest predators of the oceans, and you can see nurse sharks, sand tiger sharks and reef sharks as they swim about looking for food. There are also sea turtles and stingrays swimming the floor to ceiling tank, allowing you to so close you can see the colors of their eyes.

     Turtle Back Zoo
    Turtle Back Zoo West Orange, New Jersey
    The Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, New Jersey sits on 18 acres in the South Mountain Reservation, that is part of the Essex County park system and also the oldest park system in the nation. The zoo was started in 1963, and originally was opened to showcase the animals that are found in the state, and as the years passed, the zoo has acquired more animal species that come from every continent in the world, except Antarctica. The zoo is open all year long and is located right next to the Richard J. Codey Arena where the New Jersey Devils practice. The zoo took its name from a rock formation that is located nearby, opened with a collection of 140 animals representing 40 species, but by 1973, had grown to 850 animals that represent 275 species. The Zoological Society of New Jersey was created in 1975 to promote the zoo and also obtain funding, but even with all this support, the zoo would fall into disrepair and almost close in 1995. The zoo had to do something, so in 2000, they created a master plan that would improve the zoo so that it could get its accreditation back from the AZA. They would get about $20 million for restoration and improvements between 2003 and 2006, including a new animal hospital and a new 11,000 square foot entry and administrative complex with a brand new 4000 square foot reptile house, an auditorium and classrooms. Just a year ago in November, 2010, they broke their attendance record with more than 420,277 tickets sold since the beginning of the year. New additions include Filipino "golden mantled" flying foxes which is the first time that these types of bats have been shown in this nation; and an American black bear exhibit: the Essex farm that houses normal farm yard animals with a marvelous petting zoo, as well as a animal themed playground. In 2006, the zoo's first indoor venue opened, with a reptile house and education center and houses a pair of nine foot long black dragons, a type of monitor lizard that had been discovered in Malaysia in 2005 and hasn't gotten its scientific name yet and are considered to be the only such dragons exhibited in the world. In 2009, the gibbon habitat opened in a 11,000 square foot outdoor mesh tent that houses two gibbons. Other venues include the Turtle Back Zoo Safari Mini Golf course that opened in September, 2010, with 19 holes and many kinds of animal sculptures located throughout the course.

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Local Restaurants in East Orange

    Bravos Cafe
    Entrees; veggie platter with white rice; chopped BBQ; chicken is fried, baked or BBQ 2pcs.; fried whiting; baked whiting; Swedish meatballs; sausage & peppers; chicken wings; chicken fried, baked or BBQ; steak thick cut sirloin; surf & turf is steak & shrimp; chopped BBQ, buffalo wings; BBQ pork ribs; sausage & peppers; Swedish meatballs; fried shrimp; fried whiting; baked whiting; Jamaican foods served with 2 sides & corn bread; oxtail, curry goat, curry chicken, stew chicken, jerk chicken; whiting sandwiches; whiting platter; whiting dinner; shrimp dinner; sea food combo; shrimp combo. 

    Belle Italia Restaurant
    Entrees; fettuccine alfredo or Bolognese is pasta in light sauce; rigatoni fresh tomato & basil; penne amatrigiana; linguine carbonara is bacon & onions in light cream sauce; linguini all vongole with red or white clam sauce; cavatelli with broccoli, garlic & wine sauce; fusilli Mamma Mia is mushrooms, prosciutto, peas topped with mozzarella in cream sauce; chicken Murphy is mushrooms with hot or sweet peppers in brown sauce; chicken scarpariello is potatoes, sausage, mushrooms, onions & peppers in brown sauce; chicken parmigiana is breaded chicken cutlet tomato sauce, melted mozzarella; gnocchi Bolognese is potato pasta in meat sauce with touch of cream; penne arrabbiate is fresh diced peppers sautéed & seasoned; housemade cavatelli with ricotta; spaghetti oil & garlic is sautéed in white wine, extra virgin olive oil; baked ziti Siciliana is sliced eggplant, ricotta, mozzarella in tomato sauce; housemade cheese ravioli; housemade manicotti; capellini primavera with fresh veggies in red or cream sauce; fettuccine alla Vena with clams, shrimp, mussels in light spicy marinara sauce; chicken francese is egg battered in lemon, white wine, butter sauce; broiled sirloin steak served with mashed potatoes & broccoli; steak giambotta is sautéed onions, mushrooms, potatoes, hot or sweet peppers; broiled sirloin steak bella Italia is sautéed with mushrooms, scallions & hot or sweet vinegar peppers in port wine sauce; broiled pork chops with mashed potatoes & broccoli; pork chops Murphy with mushrooms, peppers, onions with hot or sweet peppers in brown sauce; pork chops Giambotta is sautéed onions, mushrooms, potatoes, hot or sweet peppers; trippa Florentina with sliced potatoes with spices & herbs in delicate red sauce; veal scaloppine Francese is egg battered in lemon wine sauce; veal marsala with mushrooms & marsala wine in brown sauce.


BBQ Pork Ribs Bravos Cafe East Orange, New Jersey



 Chicken Parmigiana Belle Italia Restaurant East Orange, New Jersey


Steak Giambotta Belle Italia Restuarant East Orange, New Jersey



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    Newark Museum Newark Museum Newark, New Jersey
    The biggest museum in the state is the Newark Museum in Newark, New Jersey that contains outstanding collections of decorative arts, American art, arts of Asia, the ancient world, the Americas, Africa and contemporary art. The large collection of American art contains works by such famous painters as Thomas Cole, Frank Stella, Hiram Powers, Georgia O'Keefe, John Singer Sargent, Tony Smith, Childe Hassam, Frederick Church, Edward Hopper, Mary Cassatt, Albert Bierstadt, Edward Hopper and Joseph Stella. Their Tibetan holdings are considered to be one of the finest in the world, which had been bought from Christian missionaries in the early 20th century, as well as a Tibetan in-situ Buddhist altar which the Dalai Lama consecrated. Besides the fabulous artworks, the museum is devoted to the natural sciences and includes the Dreyfuss Planetarium and the Victoria Hall of Science showcasing some of the magnificent natural science collection that contains 70,000 specimens. Out behind the museum, the Alice Ransom Dreyfuss Memorial Garden sits, a perfect setting for many performances, community programs and concerts. That beautiful garden is home to the 1784 old stone schoolhouse and a new Fire Safety Center. The museum opened in 1909, after master Newark librarian John Cotton Dana began a museum for the city that contained items of history, art, technology and science, that had been collected for the encouragement to study the sciences and arts. The nucleus of the collection is porcelains, silks and Japanese prints that had been collected by a Newark pharmacist. The museum started out on the fourth floor of the Newark Library, and as it grew it would be moved into its own purpose-built structure during the 1920s with a wonderful gift by Louis Bamberger. The building was designed by Jarvis Hunt, the same architect that had designed Bamberger's flagship Newark store, and since that humble beginning, the museum has been enlarged numerous times to make room for the continuing donations that were given it. On its south, it would take over the YMCA, and on the north it would move into the 1885 Ballantine House, and then in 1990, it expanded to the west into another building that it had acquired.

    New Jersey Historical Society
    New Jersey Historical Society Newark, New JerseyThe New Jersey Historical Society of Newark, New Jersey was started in 1845 in Trenton, by numerous business and intellectual leaders in the state, however, the most important members being Peter D. Vroom, Joseph C. Hornblower and William Whitehead. It was situated on Market Street, but in 1931, it would leave the downtown area for a bigger colonial style structure that had been partially paid for by Louis Bamberger in Broadway, which lay east of the Branch Brook Park. By 1997, the society would need more space and moved back to downtown, to 52 Park Place, in Military Park, into the recently emptied Essex Club's Georgian structure designed by Guilbert and Betelle. That building was constructed in 1926 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991; and during their first year at the downtown location would increase their attendance by five times. The society's library is located in the old squash courts of the vacated Essex club with two floors of exhibition space, a hall for lectures and a gift shop. The society will occasionally offer walking tours of the area and it publishes the academic journal, the New Jersey History. The second floor contains the changing exhibits and the third floor houses the permanent exhibitions that are showcasing the state's natural resources.

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    Thomas Edison National Historical ParkThomas Edison National Historical Park West Orange, New Jersey
    The Thomas Edison National Historical Park in West Orange, New Jersey preserves the famous inventor's laboratory and former residence, Glenmont, where the results gathered from this lab would affect the lives of people for more than four decades. From that fantastic laboratory came the motion picture camera, the nickel-iron alkaline electric storage battery, better phonographs, sound and silent movies and sound recordings. The unusual story behind the addition of the site to the National Historical Park is quite different than most entries. Edison's house would become the Edison Home National Historic Site in December, 1955, and the laboratory as the Edison Laboratory National Monument in July, 1956. In September, 1962, the 21 acre site that held the house and lab would become the Edison National Historic Site, managed by the National Park Service, and then in 2009, it was renamed, the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, so that by adding the name Thomas to the title, there would be less confusion about the locations between the West Orange site and the Edison, New Jersey site. There was a grand reopening of the lab complex in 2009, after large rejuvenations and changes. Sitting on the corner of Main Street and Lakeside Avenue in West Orange, there is a group of red brick buildings that betray the magnificent and lifesaving advances that were obtained by Thomas Edison and his staff and to the passing cars that go by the structures, there is scant evidence of the hustle and bustle that went on inside these non-descript buildings. Just a few steps away is Glenmont, the home that Edison and his family lived in while he continued inventing many items that would help his fellow man, and it was here that Edison and his team would become the nation's foremost inventor.  Now, the destination has become even more attractive, as the entire factory has been refurbished and opened to the public beginning in October, 2009. There have been thousands of children coming to the lab in West Orange, to view the first floor of the main lab, where Thomas punched a time clock for his 80 hour weeks and the very bed that he would take naps in located in his library. Now, visitors can view the same Steinway and Sons piano that was used in the sound room, as well as the talking machine and recording devices. Portraits of the major voices of the day can be seen hanging here, like the tenor Walter Van Brunt, and all of the magnificent relics that had been gathering dust for so many decades have been restored and put back to where they had been located for decades. With a $13 million renovation, taking six years to complete, the workplace of the "Man of the Millennium" has just been opened so that every visitor coming here can now more fully experience the excitement and magic that is aroused when they walk in the door. The second and third floors have been opened, offering visitors all the hidden treasures that had been locked away for safekeeping for decades are now cleaned and in full view.

    Kearny Museum
    Kearny Museum Kearny, New JerseyThe Kearny Museum in Kearny, New Jersey is a history museum containing all the local exhibits about the town and its marvelous history, with excellent collections of war memorabilia from the town's history, photographs and articles of clothing; with special attention given to Civil War hero, Major General Philip Kearny, Jr. in whose honor the town was named. The museum houses all of the Kearny high school yearbooks and staffed by volunteers that continue to arrange the numerous exhibits and displays. The museum is located on the upper floor of the main library building with one outstanding relic that was given to General Kearny by Napoleon III of France, a smoking chair, with original blue velvet upholstery, silk fringe and exquisitely carved back with cigar motif. The hinged cigar box on the chair's back is also upholstered in the blue velvet and acts like an armrest. This magnificent chair is the only one of its kind in the nation, with one other beautiful example showcased in the Paris museum. The chair was used by Kearny in his home at Belle Grove, that is better known as the Kearny Castle. It was magnanimously donated by his granddaughter, Virginia Livingston Hunt and his second wife, Agnes Maxwell Kearny. Virginia's high regard for the late Harold Latham and his avid interest in her grandfather would become the motivation that prompted her to donate the chair to the city that bears his name in 1968, after having been located in the Traphagen Museum Collection.

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Montclair Thrifty Rental Cars - 120 Watchung Ave.
Thrifty Car Rental Union- 2735 Rt. 22 W.

    American Indian MuseumAmerican Indian Museum Battery Park NY
    The National Museum of the American Indian in Battery Park New York has become the 16th museum of the Smithsonian Institute that began in 1989 with an act of Congress, and is the first museum in the nation that has been dedicated to the preservation, study and display of the arts, history, languages, literature and lifestyles of the Native American. The museum works hand in hand with the Native Peoples of the Western Hemisphere to preserve and foster their cultures by reaffirming traditions and beliefs that encourage artistic expression and at the same time empowering the Native Americans to have a voice. The magnificent collections, which had been started by George Gustav Heye contain a spectrum of cultural materials that house over 800,000 works of exemplarily religious, historical and aesthetic importance, along with everyday articles that have been made by the peoples, spanning all significant cultures of the Americas. It also contains many relics from the Paleo-Indians to the contemporary crafts and arts that have been a highlight of any collection. Their holdings also include paper archives, film and audiovisual collections and a photography collection that has over 300,000 images that showcase both contemporary native life and historic. The museum has three facilities, with each one being designed after intensive consultations between the museum's staff and the Native peoples; incorporating Native methodologies to document, handle, preserve and present the many outstanding collections. Current exhibits include; Vantage Point: the Contemporary Native Art Collection; Up Where We Belong: Native Musicians in Popular Culture; Return to a Native Place: Algonquian Peoples of the Chesapeake; Our Universe: Traditional Knowledge Shapes Our World and Our People: Giving Voice to Our Histories. The museum houses one of the most expansive collections of Native American arts and relics in the world, with 266,000 catalog records, 825,000 objects that represent more than 12,000 years of history and over 1200 indigenous cultures that are located throughout the Americas. This huge collection ranges from ancient Paleo-Indian points to the contemporary fine arts, the collection is so inclusive that it would behoove you to visit and thoroughly enjoy it at your leisure.

    Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center
    Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center Montclair, New JerseyThe Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center has become the New York metropolitan area's premier sports education center, after opening in 1998 to confer Yogi's outstanding values, his extraordinary accomplishments and lifelong commitment to the education of America's youth, which have become the inspiration and foundation of the center. The first visitors to the center would come from the Bradford Academy, with both teachers and students coming here to learn more about the man and America's favorite sport. The center is the result of many friends and admirers of Yogi, that wanted to pay tribute to his excellent career and marvelous life. Situated on the campus of the Montclair State University, the fastest growing and second biggest university in the state of New Jersey, next to Yogi Berra Stadium, home to the minor-league New Jersey Jackals and Montclair State Red Hawks. The center is an interesting and exciting walk through the history of baseball, the New York Yankees and Yogi's own outstanding career. The center and museum house a great number of relics that include historic photographs and artifacts, including Yogi's 10 world championship rings, which is still the most rings of any ball player in baseball history. The intimate theater housed there, resembling a ballpark, shows films during the museum's open hours and is used as a venue for public programming and a classroom. The students that attend the university, as well as faculty, have been active in the programs and educational forums that have been hosted by the museum, since Yogi and his wife, Carmen, have been longtime associates of the college. They gave him a doctorate in humanities in 1996, and like another Yankee roommate, Bobby Brown, Yogi was also a doctor, playing one on TV in the early 1960s, coming on as a cameo role brain surgeon for General Hospital. There are many marvelous exhibits located there, and they often have special exhibitions, like the recent book signing of Jane Leavy's biography of the blond haired bomber called, Mickey Mantle. Yogi's story is one of overcoming and perseverance, going from a barefoot sandlotter to one of the best catchers and clutch hitters in the history of baseball. Yogi would become the anchor for the New York Yankees dynasty that lasted from the late 1940s until the mid 1960s, becoming a 15-time All Star and winner of 10 world championships; as well as the three-time Most Valuable Player winner. He would be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972, and a member of the Major League Baseball's All-Century Team. When he became manager of both New York teams, he would become the first man in more than 40 years to win pennants in both leagues, with the Yankees in 1964, and the Mets in 1973. Yogi has been quoted more than the majority of poets, and his colloquial one-of-a-kind observations made him one of the main contributors to the national repository of wisdom; with such quotes as "it ain't over 'til it's over" and "when you come to a fork in the road, take it". Yogi was also well known for his selflessness and to giving generously of his time to the many youth organizations and charitable causes of the region. His story is not one of the forefront, being overshadowed by the personages of Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle or Roger Maris, but he was more feared by pitchers than all three. He was an extraordinary man and baseball player, still giving even after he had left us. A true American hero that never used or had time for the numerous drugs and other added pumped up benefits that many ballplayers of today use or take, but just a willingness and determination that comes from a good heart and outstanding spirit. Yogi Berra was and still is one of the greatest baseball players of all time and when visiting the Big Apple, be sure to look in on this magnificent monument to his prowess and personality.

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    Israel Crane Museum HouseIsrael Crane Museum House Montclair, New Jersey
    The Israel Crane Museum House in Montclair, New Jersey is a federal style house constructed in 1796, and has a marvelous history, also listed on numerous state registries as well as the Federal historic registry. The house was constructed by Israel on the Old Road in Cranetown, that is now part of the southern area of the Township of Montclair, and was the family residence until 1920, when it would be purchased by the YWCA. The Y used it for dorms, offices and a social center for African American women and girls for more than 45 years. It would face demolition in 1965, until a determined group of local residents organized and had the house moved from its location to 110 Orange Road, where it sits today. There are two other houses next to it that are also historical properties, the Clark House that has the Albert Payson Terhune library and the Nathaniel Crane House that contains a wonderful general store, gift shop and schoolroom, that are also owned by the Montclair Historical Society. Israel Crane was born in 1774, and the direct descendant of the Crane family that had founded the town in 1694, a successful businessman that had interests in wool production, cider and cotton. In 1801 he would partner with another man to lease a site in Paterson, New Jersey to construct one of the first mills that would use the Passaic River for power, and in 1806, he would organize a group to construct the Newark-Pompton Turnpike that was a toll road that he would later own by himself, and a direct route from Newark, to Pompton, with a stop in Cranetown and other outlying areas. The museum house contains ten rooms, with all of them housing magnificent 18th and 19th century decorative arts, paintings and furniture, with many household items and utensils, silverware, rugs, dolls, quilts, glassware, toys and ceramics. Some of the more significant items housed there include the painted bedroom set owned by Paul Revere IV from 1816, a William and Mary highboy from 1740 and a harp created by Sebastian Erard for 1827.  Twenty years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a young man named Israel Crane constructed the big and elegant mansion that would sit proudly on 86 acres in the small farming community of Cranetown, that would grow into Montclair. The house was always considered to be grand for the location it held, completely contrasting to the one and a half story frame and brownstone houses that were its neighbors, and is now one of the most significant landmarks in the city today with an outstanding heritage. Israel would make money with the general store he constructed next to his house, as well as his cider mill and the cotton and woolen mills that he built by the Passaic River to harness its power. His many interests and influence in the community's civic and religious areas would earn him the nickname "king" Crane. James Crane, would get the house in 1810 and begin some major renovations to the now Greek revival house, with the third floor becoming a full story surmounted by a classical cornice that held iron grilles by the windows and a marvelous entry way with Ionic columns and magnificent curved staircase that had been built right into the wall. All of these changes can be seen today when you come to visit. 

    Morris Museum
    Morris Museum Morristown, New JerseyThe Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey is dedicated to raising the awareness and cultural experience of the community through exhibitions, educational programs and performances in a creative environment that uses all the museum's resources that includes a permanent collection. Pieces that had been collected for the Morristown Neighborhood House would become the nucleus of the museum's collections, while education has become an intrinsic part of the program. As early as 1927, the massive collections filled seven rooms and took up the entire first floor of the Neighborhood's house annex, and from 1938 to 1956, the museum took up space at the Maple Avenue School that encouraged staff to create and enhance programs for children and to begin relationships with the area's schools. It was incorporated in 1943, and started their marvelous outreach program in 1950 with many in-school presentations for the county's students, as well as offering talks about the Native American culture. By 1963, the museum had again outgrown its spaces, and it would acquire the Twin Oaks, the former Peter H. B. Frelinghuysen family estate. Peter had been a banker and lawyer, the grandson of Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, the secretary of state under President Chester Arthur. Currently, this outstanding Georgian style mansion is the heart of the museum's exhibition spaces and because of all the successful capital campaigns, the museum has been able to expand the exhibit spaces. In 1970, more gallery space would be added with a 312 seat theater addition, and in 1990, the museum's growing complex was able to add another large amount of square feet so that now its encompasses 75,524 square feet. The museum houses about 48,700 pieces that include; fine art, costumes, geology and paleontology, anthropology and natural science specimens, toys, dolls and textiles. These excellent pieces are put into the many permanent and changing exhibitions that the museum hosts.

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