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Things to do in Enfield

    Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum Goffs, Nova Scotia
    The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum (ACAM) is the Canadian aerospace museum that is located in the Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia Canada, and the only museum in the country that is dedicated to preserving every aspect of Atlantic Canada's aviation history, beginning in 1975, with a volunteer organization called the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum Society. It is the biggest military and civilian museum about aviation that is located east of Ottawa, Canada. The museum is situated in Goffs, Nova Scotia, right across the highway from the Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport and its outstanding collections includes; a Bell 47 J helicopter, CF-101 Voodoo, Pitts Special, TBM Avenger, Lockheed Jetstar, CF-100 Canuck, V-1 Flying bomb, Consolidated Catalina, CF-104 Starfighter, Bell 206 Jet Ranger, F-86 Sabre, CanadAir Argus nose, Cessna L-19 Bird Dog, CP-121 Tracker, CF-5A Freedom Fighter, Scamp 1 ultralight, Rotoway Homebuilt helicopter, T-33 and a Lincoln sport plane built at home. The museum's volunteers are the only ones that do all the restoration work for the aircraft that have been stored or donated. Besides the magnificent aircraft located here, the museum has two large hanger style structures, as well as hundreds of excellent artifacts that include; uniforms, books, engines, badges and more. The museum strives to inform the visitor about aviation from a historical point, and tells about the earliest days of flight using balloons and gliders up the more modern aircraft. The museum also showcases a small number of armaments that includes; bombs, torpedoes, rockets and missiles, with quite a few of them on display, ready for visitors to come and check them out, since many of these projectiles aren't usually available for inspection.  If you can see the photo to the right, perhaps you can just make out the V-1 rocket that is sitting underneath the jet. This is one of those bombs that would do such devastating damage to the British, especially in London, during WWII. They were also the first rockets that would be used to carry the atomic bombs, once they were developed, which the German scientists were doing when the war ended.

    Halifax Public Gardens
    Halifax Public Gardens Halifax, Nova ScotiaThe Halifax Public Gardens in Nova Scotia are Victorian period public gardens that were started in 1867, the year of the Canadian Confederation. These gardens can be found by the shopping district of Spring Garden Road, near Halifax, and have become a National Historic site. The marvelous landscaping is definitely Victorian formal and offers a beautiful setting for wedding and other special occasion parties. They have a lovely bandstand that is often used for public concerts on Sunday afternoons in the summer months, when it isn't too cold. The gardens do have their own family of ducks, and visitors could feed them; however, that policy has been stopped, for obvious reasons. Hurricane Juan arrived in 2003 and left a lot of damage to the gardens, with quite a few trees destroyed and knocked down, which caused extra work for the staff, but they enjoy seeing the gardens in such beautiful condition that it didn't take them long to put it all back together as much as they could. The region held a radio telethon fundraiser that brought in a million dollars that helped restore the gardens by 2004.

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    Halifax Citadel National Historic SiteHalifax Citadel National Historic Site Halifax, Nova Scotia
    The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site is also called Citadel Hill and is situated on the Halifax peninsula sitting 25 feet above the ocean and offers a grand and exciting view of the entrance to the harbor, George's Island and McNabs Island. The hill is called a glacial drumlin and the British started Halifax in 1749 to keep an eye on the French population that was growing at Fortress Loiusbourg, some hundreds of miles to the northeast. The site that was chosen for the new town would be because of the drumlin that offered some protection for the new naval dockyard that the British planned constructing to be ready for any shipping that would start. Since those early days, the citadel has had four defensive installations built there, with the continued construction and leveling done to the hill, the summit would be dropped by three to four feet. Citadel Hill and the harbor defense system that was constructed would give the Royal Navy the most protected and strategic fort in the entire eastern seaboard and it would command the Great Circle Route to western Europe which would give the city, the nickname of "Warden of the North". This large British military presence in the city would be focused through the hill and the navy's dockyards and is thought to be the main reason it would become the fourteenth colony after Great Britain won the Seven Years' War, as the city would remain loyal to the crown during the American Revolutionary War and afterwards. The initial fort would become part of the western perimeter wall for the old city that was now protected by five stockaded forts, with the others being, Cornwallis Fort, Grenadier Fort, Horseman's Fort and Fort Lutrell, besides the citadel which was officially called Fort George. The present star-shaped fort or citadel, is formally called Fort George, after it was completed in 1856, taking some 28 years to build. The huge masonry fort had been designed to repel a land-based attack by the United States and had been inspired by the designs of Louis XIV's commissary of fortifications Sebastien Le Prestre, Seigneur de Vauban, which was a star-shaped hillock fortress that contained an internal courtyard and clear harbor view from their armored ramparts.  The fort had a three story octagonal blockhouse from 1776 until 1789 with fourteen guns as a battery. Between the years of 1820 and 1831 the British would construct the huge citadel in Quebec City and named it, the Citadel of Quebec. Fort George had been constructed to defend against smoothbore cannons, which made it obsolete when the more modern and powerful rifled guns arrived in the 1860s, although the British did install the newer guns to defend the harbor and land approaches, with heavier and more accurate long-range artillery. By the turn of the 20th century, the fort would become more of a command center for the other forts in the harbor's defense, and provide barracks for the troops in the area. The citadel would never face an attack, it would be garrisoned by British soldiers until 1906, and then the Canadian army would move in during the first World War and the second, as well as being used for temporary barracks during 1939 and 1940. It would also be used for the coordinating point for the city's anti-aircraft defenses, until it would become a National Historic site.

    Kyber Center for the Arts
    Khyber Center for the Arts Halifax, Nova Scotia
    The Khyber building had been constructed as the Church of England Institute in 1888, designed by Henry Busch in a rather eclectic Victorian style containing strong gothic revival influences and commissioned by Bishop Hibbert Binney. During the 1970s, the structure would be renamed the Khyber Building, after the Khyber Cafe opened on the first floor, while the third floor contained the city's first gay bar called The Turret and operated from 1976 until 1982. By 1994, the Khyber had become an arts facility by the No Money Down Cultural Society, which was a group of artists that negotiated an agreement with the city to maintain the structure while the city continued owning it; as well as hold art exhibitions and begin a new dance club. The building would go up for sale in 1995, so the Khyber Arts Society was started and included members from No Money Down, and these determined artists began a major campaign to keep the building public and offered to lease it. The society would be able to secure a three-year lease for $1 a year, but when the adjoining Neptune Theater needed to expand, the deal fell through and the society had to relocate. In 1996, the Khyber signed a five year renewable lease with the city to occupy the building, and included the restoration and business plans that gave the society a reduced rent for four years as long as they could supply the labor for the renovations. Finally, in 1998, after getting a liquor license and spending a lot of time restoring the old building, they opened and became one of the city's new music scenes, as well as a meeting place for rising artists. The Khyber has since become one of the finest new art centers in the region and has many exhibitions going on all through the year with local and regional artists' works being exhibited.

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Local Restaurants in Enfield

    Curly Portable's Pub & Grub
    Entrees; chicken fajita is 5oz. grilled chicken breast on tortillas with tomato, lettuce, onion, cheddar, salsa & sour cream with rice pilaf; chicken souvlaki is 5oz. grilled chicken breast on pita bread with tomato, lettuce, onion & Greek dressing with rice pilaf; alfredo with fettuccini with Caesar side & garlic bread; turkey enchilada is 2 tortillas stuffed with chunks of turkey in creamy, cheesy mushroom sauce with peppers, onions & salsa sauce; chicken parmesan is breaded chicken breast smothered in house tomato sauce & covered in mozzarella with Caesar salad & garlic bread; Luigi's lasagna with side of house salad or Caesar salad & garlic bread; mussels is fresh steamed with garlic bread & garlic butter; seafood platter is house deep fried haddock, beer battered shrimp, scallops, calamari & fresh steamed mussels with FF & Cole slaw; fish & chips is beer battered haddock with FF & Cole slaw; haddock au gratin is fresh haddock served on sliced baked potato covered with cheese & baked in cream sauce; baked haddock dinner with veggies, slaw & choice of potato or rice; scallop pie is fresh scallops baked in creamy sauce with cheese in pastry shell, served with Caesar salad & garlic bread; scallops & chips is half pound of sweet baby scallops served with FF & Cole slaw; calamari & chips is house made calamari with hand made FF; calamari n chips is breaded & pan fried in garlic butter, with Cole slaw, mashed potato, veggies & garlic bread; Steaks served with choice of potato or rice, veggies & Cole slaw; striploin 5 or 10 oz.; cheesesteak is 5oz. AAA grade striploin served on garlic bread & topped with cheddar; or try 10oz. cheesesteak; BBQ chicken cheesesteak is 5oz. BBQ chicken breast grilled & covered with house BBQ sauce & served on garlic bread topped with melted mozzarella; surf n turf is 5oz. AAA grade striploin with choice of potato, Cole slaw & choice of grilled chicken breast, deed fried fish, baked haddock or steamed mussels.

    Shooters Restaurant & Lounge
    Entrees; served with veggies & choice of potatoes or rice; clams & chips is 6oz. clams breaded & deed fried with homemade fries & coleslaw; pan fried haddock is 6oz. fillet cooked pan fried or Cajun; surf & turf is 2 3.5 oz. filets with 6 shrimp or scallops; scallops & chips is digby scallops lightly breaded & deep fried with homemade fries & Cole slaw; fish & chips is fresh haddock in crisp batter with homemade fries & Cole slaw, in 1 piece, 2 or 3; twin bacon wrapped filets is 2 3.5 filets wrapped in bacon charbroiled your way; chicken quesadilla is hot flour tortilla loaded with chicken, peppers, onions, salsa, mixed cheeses, sour cream & served with rice; charbroiled ribs is full rack of marinated ribs basted in choice of BBQ, Cajun or honey garlic sauce; chicken fingers deep fried breaded boneless chicken with homemade fries; curry chicken is chicken sautéed & tossed with penne pasta, julienne veggies & cream curry sauce with garlic bread; chicken pesto is chicken sautéed & tossed in linguine & housemade pesto with garlic bread; Thai chicken pasta is sautéed chicken, garden veggies & linguine tossed in spicy Thai sauce with garlic bread; chicken alfredo is garlic cream sauce, tender chicken tossed in linguine pasta with garlic bread; seafood linguine is medley of fresh maritime salmon, scallops, shrimp & mussels tossed with linguine in tarragon cream sauce with garlic bread; stir fry is sautéed chicken, shrimp or beef with garden veggies, choice of honey garlic, sweet chile or sesame ginger sauce over rice; deep dish lasagna is thick & meaty, oven baked with Caesar salad & garlic bread; chicken parmesan is breaded chicken breast on bed of linguine noodles topped with tomato sauce & cheese with garlic bread. 


Chicken Souvlaki Curly Portable's Pub & Grub Enfield, Nova Scotia


Baked Haddock Curly Portable's Pub & Grub Enfield, Nova Scotia



 Pan Fried Haddock Shooters Restaurant & Lounge Enfield, Nova Scotia


Chicken Pesto Shooters Restaurant & Lounge Enfield, Nova Scotia



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    Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Halifax, Nova Scotia
    The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia is the oldest and biggest maritime museum in the country housing a magnificent collection of more than 30,000 relics that includes 70 small craft and one ship; the CSS Acadia, a 180 foot steam-powered hydrographic survey ship that had been launched way back in 1913. The HMCS Sackville, a WWII Flower-class corvette is sitting next to the museum, although it isn't owned or managed by the museum, it is open for tours during the summer months. The museum began in 1948 and was called the Maritime Museum of Canada, and was situated at HMC Dockyard, the harbor naval base. Numerous naval officers would be serving as volunteer chairs of the museum until 1959 when Neils Jannasch would be hired as the founding director and he served in that capacity until 1982. During the next thirty years, the museum would be moved around a bit, before it docked at its current locale that had been built in 1981 as part of the waterfront redevelopment project. The next year, the Acadia would be acquired, and the museum has become part of the Nova Scotia museum system.  The location of the museum on the Halifax waterfront offers the museum numerous docks and boatsheds besides a gorgeous view of the harbor as it looks seaward past the harbormaster office. Some of the marvelous relics preserved by the museum is the renovated 1880s Robertson Store ship chandlery and modern display galleries in the Devonian Wing that is part of the modern museum structure. A 1937 C Class sloop named the Whim is currently being renovated in one of the boatsheds that sit along the wharf behind the museum's structure. These same boatsheds also contain some of the miscellaneous small crafts that belong to the museum's collections. In the winter months, there are three boats that belong to the small crafts working collection shown in the boatsheds which are always moored by the CSS Acadia during the summer months. Some of the excellent exhibits include a commemoration to the Halifax Explosion, a big gallery about the Age of Sail, the sinking of the RMS Titanic and other shipwrecks. This museum contains the world's foremost collection of wooden relics from the Titanic, which includes one of the deck chairs, which only a few would survive. There is also an Age of Steam gallery in the museum that includes a marvelous exhibit on Samuel Cunard, the Nova Scotian that would build the Cunard Line.

    St. Mary's Basilica
    St. Mary's Basilica Halifax, Nova Scotia
    St. Mary's Basilica in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia is a Catholic cathedral with construction starting in 1820, with the spire and facade made of local granite and its architectural design inspired by Saint Martin in the Fields in London. It would eventually be consecrated in 1899, and made a basilica by Pope Pius XII in 1950; owning the tallest granite spire in all of North America. The basilica is the cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Halifax and the biggest Catholic church in the archdiocese. Although the church wasn't finished, it would hold its first mass in 1829, with the granite spire installed in 1874.  Looking at the image to the left, you'll notice the stark difference between the spire and facade made of granite and the remainder of the church as it sits in Halifax today. It is a magnificent church and one that has been an inspiration to all the residents of the city and especially to those that make their living on the treacherous seas of the northeast.

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    Nova Scotia Museum of Natural HistoryNova Scotia Museum of Natural History Halifax, Nova Scotia
    The Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History can be found on the far side of the citadel from downtown and is considered a mid-sized modern museum that contains a wonderful number of exhibits about the flora and fauna of the region with galleries that contain botany, geology, birds, mammals and outstanding exhibits of Mi'kmaq culture and archaeology. One of the finest collections housed here is the large collection of lifelike ceramic fungus and the colony of honeybees that travel freely to and fro from their indoor acrylic hive via a tiny tube that is connected to the exterior of the museum and is a marvelous example for folks of all ages to come and watch their lively tiny creatures as they go about their work. Some of the collections are dated back to 1868, although the museum wouldn't open until 1970 at its new site since it needed more space to accommodate the needs of the ever-changing and expanding museum. It would then become responsible for the natural and applied sciences and human activities in the province, along with other museums located throughout the province. In 1993, the museum would go through a universal reorganization; exploding from a single entity into a network of 27 museums that were interspersed throughout the province and included living history sites, ships and specialized museums and historic structures. One of those outstanding results would be the creation of the Museum of Natural History, and now the new structure houses not only the newest museum in the province, but a place for the administrative offices of the Nova Scotia Museum and the area's Heritage department. The real story began in 1864, when there weren't any museum in the province or any of its cities, but the privately operated Institute of Science would be created on the Victorian ideals of cultural enrichment and enlightenment; which would slowly convince the government that the collections of the defunct Halifax Mechanics Institute should be used to create a nucleus of a new public museum that would become the Provincial Museum that opened in 1868. The public and community would be thrilled with the excellent collections of Mi'kmaq relics, paintings and prints, fossils, biological specimens, scientific equipment and minerals that were displayed for their enjoyment and education. Through that early beginnings the Nova Scotia Museum is now a conglomerate of all the museums and historic sites in the province.

    St. Matthew's United Church
    St. Matthew's United Church Halifax, Nova ScotiaSt. Matthew's United Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia had originally been named Mather's Church, but it wouldn't be long before it was referred to as the Protestant Dissenting Church, and held until 1814 when it would renamed the Presbyterian Church; but then in 1820, it would become St. Matthew's Presbyterian Church. It would continue with the name until 1925, when it would join the United Church of Canada, and has remained St. Matthew's ever since. The year that Halifax was founded was 1749, and an application was made to Lord Edward Cornwallis for a Protestant Dissenting Church, and on the 20th of December of that same year, the council granted a church site to be located at the downtown corner of Hollis and Prince Streets, since it was the most desirable location in the area. The construction began in 1753, and in 1754, the Halifax council would vote the congregation 400 pounds from the public expense account, so the church would be finished in 1754. From 1750 until the completion of the church, its congregation would meet in the St. Paul's Church of the Anglicans, with folks coming in the morning to listen to Pastor John Breyton or Pastor W. Tutty in a service that would last up to three hours. In the afternoon, the same folks would come to listen to the Dissenter's service that would listen to Pastor Aaron Cleveland, their first minister. Pastor Cleveland would be offered a plot of land in the new town, but after spending three years with the Dissenters, he would sail away to England and join the Anglican church. As the years passed, more and more Presbyterians would join the congregation of the Dissenters until 1783, when an open war began between the dissenters and the Congregationalists, which was comprised of milder temperament dissenters. It would go on for three years, until the Dissenters wanted a pastor from the New England states, and the Presbyterians wanted one sent over from Scotland. Both groups wanted different hymns sung, as well as different times for the communion, so the end of the dispute would be a Treaty of Peace, signed in January of 1787, with a compromise, as the church has done for thousands of years to appease its members instead of relying on God's word to settle the matter. The hymns would be sung, with a pastor coming from Scotland and communion would be taken four times a year. It was well known in the town and congregation that two of the members that served communion in the morning would also be selling rum and other spirits in the afternoon. Another problem that continued to bother the church was that it didn't have any kind of heat in the church, so the pastor would have to wear a long heavy cloak over his regular suit, as well as a heavy lined hood and fur mittens. The men that attended would be so encumbered by their coats and scarves that they could barely walk in and the women would have to wear up to seven petticoats, numerous shawls, capes and woolen mittens that they could barely move either. The richer congregants would have their servants bring in foot warmers made of iron and filled with hot coals so that they could be more comfortable, while others would bring in heated bricks wrapped in blankets to keep them warmer. There were even three women that had fat poodles that they would bring in to the church so that they could be used as foot warmers. By 1795, the times and fashions had changed so that women were wearing only one petticoat, cotton hose instead of woolen, low-necked gowns instead of those up to the neck and low shoes instead of high topped laced footwear. The women would be very cold in the church during its services, and after some caught cold and died from the chills, a stove was installed on both sides of the church, in the sanctuary and stoked the night before services to try warming the church before services.

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    Titanic Grave SiteTitanic Grave Site Halifax, Nova Scotia
    The Titanic Grave Site is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, since three of their ships would become involved in the recovery of the Titanic victims in April, 1912, after the "unsinkable" vessel would run into an iceberg on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic and sink to the bottom of the ocean. The headstones on the graves are marked with the infamous date of April 15, 1912 at the Fairview Cemetery in Halifax where the majority of the victims recovered would be laid to rest. Catholic victims would be taken to the Mount Olivet Cemetery at Fielding, which is just four blocks away from the new Halifax shopping center. The Jewish victims would be buried at the Baron De Hirsch Cemetery that is located next to the Fairfield Cemetery at the corner of Windsor and Connaught Streets. The care and maintenance of these graves is still being done, with donations encouraged so that the gravesites can be kept looking good as the years pass by. It is a solemn and secluded area, with beautiful landscaping at all of the cemeteries, kept up by the generous donations that have been given by people that never met any of the victims, but feel some kind of kinship or relationship with those that went through such a tragic and terrible death. If you are interested in donating something for you, your family or other relations there is a website up today that will assist you.  There is a museum located at the gravesites, that contain many relics that were also recovered, to be close to those that were involved in the disastrous event. The Carpathia would eventually steam towards New York with 705 survivors of the horrible disaster, while the Canadian cable ship, the MacKay Bennett would steam towards the disaster site loaded with coffins, embalmers and body bags. It would fall to this ship and its brave crew to search and retrieve the 1523 victims that died, returning to Halifax with many of the remains. At Fairview Cemetery, they would bury 121 victims, and the graves weren't laid out in the usual straight line, but rather in the curved shape of a ship's hull. On the curved right side, it has been left broken, to represent the area of the unsinkable ship that was broken apart by the iceberg. One of the ironic, or perhaps purposely planned grave arrangement would be the fact that the graves that outline the hull of the ship are facing in the same direction as the actual wreck that sits on the bottom of the ocean. It is said that the arrangement was absolutely coincidental, but it is very interesting and intriguing that this should have happened. The majority of the remains buried at Fairview were members of the crew, with some third class passengers, a few second class passengers and one first class. The other 29 victims that are buried in Halifax are either at the Baron de Hirsch cemetery or the Mount Olivet.

    Peggy's Cove
    Peggy's Cove Nova ScotiaPeggys Cove in Nova Scotia was known as Peggy's Cove from 1961 until 1976, and is one of those idyllic villages located along the eastern shore of St. Margarets Bay in the Halifax Regional Municipality, some 20 miles southwest of downtown Halifax and is one of the many small fishing villages that are located around the perimeter of Chebuto Peninsula. The initial recorded name of the cove was Eastern Point Harbor, or Peggs Harbor in 1766 and its name has been the subject of much speculation. Some say it could have been the wife of some early pioneer or settler, or even got its name from St. Margaret's Bay since Peggy is a nickname for Margaret. Other versions include a popular legend that say the name would come from the sole survivor of a shipwreck that happened at Halibut Rock that is located close to the cove. William deGarthe, one of the local artists, believes she was a young woman, but others say she was a young girl that was too young to recall her name, so they gave her the name of Peggy. Either way, the young female would end up marrying one of the local fisherman and was soon known as Peggy of the Cove, bringing visitors here that would eventually call it Peggy's Cove after her. It would be officially founded in 1811 after the government gave a land grant to six families of German descent, some 800 acres of land. The new settlers would have to be involved in fishing as a way to feed themselves, and plant crops wherever the soil was favorable. The remainder of the lands were great for raising cattle, with excellent pasture lands, and by the early 1900s, the village had a total of some 300 people living there. It would soon have a church, general store, lobster cannery, schoolhouse and boats of all sizes and shapes that would anchor or dock in the cove. As the years passed, it would become a favorite for artists and photographers, and as the roads got better, the crowds got larger. Although the population today is smaller than back then, it is still a fishing village and has become a very popular destination for people that want to enjoy the beauty of the region, without the large crowds that flock to warmer and more developed areas. Today, it has become one of the busiest tourists destinations in Nova Scotia as well as becoming a major attraction on the Lighthouse Trail scenic drive. Its famous lighthouse has become an iconic landmark as the eastern entrance to St. Margaret's Bay and is officially called Peggys Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse is one of those classic red and white lighthouses that is still in operation by the Canadian Coast Guard and sits on a large granite outcropping at Peggys Point, just south of the village and cove. This lighthouse has become one of the most-photographed structures in the Atlantic Canada region, and now one of the most recognizable lighthouses anywhere.

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    Pier 21Pier 21 Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia was a former ocean liner terminal that has been transformed into the nation's National Museum of Immigration, after having been used for an ocean liner terminal and immigration shed from 1928 until 1999, and is Canada's last ocean immigration shed, often compared to Ellis Island in New York City, even though the term is applied more to the immigration station in Gross Isle, Canada. The terminal sits in the south end of the Halifax Ocean Terminals since it was used as a passenger terminal for the trans-Atlantic ocean liners from 1928 to 1971, replacing the earlier immigration station that had been located at Pier 2 in the north end. The large liners would come in and dock at a long seawall wharf that was separated into Piers 20, 21, 22 and 23, with the immigration office located in the Pier 21 building that also had a railroad booking office and passenger trains for special immigration trains and an overhead walkway the would head to Halifax's railroad station. It would be the main point of entry into the nation for more than a million immigrants and refugees that came here from Europe and other places, along with being the main departure point for 496,000 military personal Canadian troops in WWII. Later, it would become called the Gateway to Canada. From the time it closed in 1971 until the late 1990s, it would be occasionally used as a warehouse, while the former immigration offices offered a popular studio and workshop place for artists. The ocean liner pier would continue to be used as the Halifax Port Authority's cruise ship dock, although more often as the years passed by. The museum located at the pier contains a marvelous collection of 500 oral history interviews, 300 films, 2000 stories, 700 donated books and thousands of archival images and scans of immigration and WWII documents, with a majority of the information and images available on their website. The marvelous story collection has grown exponentially over the years so that it includes stories about immigration from all the points of entry into the country from its earliest beginnings of the nation, including First Nations and focuses on all the immigration that happened between 1867 to the current day. It has started attempting to collect stories that go back as far as 1867 and anxious to start collecting stories from the immigrants that came here after 1971. The Scotiabank Research Centre contains a huge collection of archival information that is now available to the public, and visitors can research just about any basic kind of information about immigrants coming through a Canadian port from 1865 and 1935, with the records of those that arrived through Halifax, Montreal, St. John or Quebec City from 1925 until 1935 now accessible through their microfilm records. The center also has a Manulife Education Program that provides a fun and active visit in the Global Classroom with numerous services being offered in French and English, with tours and workshops available for education groups, resources and information for teachers and students, along with family days, March break camps, public lectures, multicultural fairs and summer camps. More than 100 people volunteer for the pier work, coming from all over Canada to work in the Pier 21 Scotiabank Research Centre, gift shop, administration and special events. There is also a cafe, Ralph and Rose Chiodo Harborside Gallery and museum gift shop. In a television competition that was sponsored by the CBC, Pier 21 was picked to be one of the "Seven Wonders of Canada" in 2007.

    Province House
    Province House Halifax, Nova ScotiaProvince House is the historic structure that the Nova Scotia legislature met and has come together each year since 1819, and is the nation's oldest seat of government; officially called the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. The structure rises three stories high, and believed to be one of the best examples of Palladian architecture in North America, opening up on February 11, 1819. The house would become the site for the first form of responsible government in the British Empire, outside the United Kingdom, in 1848, and sits in the downtown area on a block that is bordered by Prince, George, Hollis and Granville Streets. It is one of the smallest legislatures in North America, since the house originally had the judicial, executive and legislative branches of the colony, in one structure, with the Red Room used for the meeting room for the Legislative Council, the executive group that had been appointed by the Governor and reformed in favor of a cabinet type of council in 1848. In 1928, it would be replaced by a more modern executive council, while the Green Room held the House of Assembly, the legislative branch of the government, with the legislative library sitting on the second floor between the Red and Green rooms. It had been the home of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, until the court became too large to be held in that room. The room had been the location of the famous trial of Joseph Howe in 1835 for seditious libel. The premier has a ceremonial office inside the building, as does the speaker of the house.

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