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Things to do in Fontana

    Sierra Lake Golf Club Sierra Lake Golf Club Fontana, California
    The Sierra Lakes Golf Club sits at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains, a marvelous 18 hole par 72 course designed by Ted Robinson, opening in 2000, and offering top shelf amenities in a public golf course. Ted has designed courses all over the nation, and is well known for his water features and hazards, so when he was done at Sierra Lakes, the creeks and lakes along the course were just incorporated into the magnificent course he created. There are some difficult bunkers, rocks and desert brush areas to be careful of, with moguls and small knolls that sneak up on you and challenge your skills, although quite fair. The first hole is a real welcome, with a par 4, 363 yard hole, straight away so you can start off in good shape using your best drives and chips. There are numerous par 3s that can challenge you, but the number 4 is named Twin Lakes and for a reason. The 184 yards isn't too bad, unless you left your straight ball on number 1, since there are some troublesome sand bunkers on both sides, necessitating you hit straight to the green. Most folks aren't bothered too much by 4, but it is a prelude to number 5 which is called the monster, a 433 yard par 4, that just happens to be the hardest on the course. The tee shot on 5 should be hung to the right so that you can miss the two fairway bunkers that are some 230 yards up the fairway on the left with brushy area and wasteland off to the left just off the tee, so don't dub the ball please. Number 6 is a marvelous par 3 going 195 yards with water at the front and right back of the hole, so be sure to keep it headed for the green, and don't be looking at the waterfall that is there. Number 9 is called the sneaky tough since the par 4 316 yard hole has bunkers off the left side of the fairway and shots downhill, but uphill to the green. The clubhouse is located after number 9 and a perfect time for a quick pick me up or just a cold drink. The back nine lie on higher ground and will get you back into the game right off. Number 10 is a dogleg right, par 4 416 yards, with the green on the other side of that dogleg and not visible. Long ball sluggers can hit a good drive and land on the upper side of the leg, don't go right since there is a bunker there, and the green sits way up high to give you a bit more challenge. Another trying hole is number 14, a 381 yard par 4 but with a narrow fairway running downhill until you get to the green and then it rises to surprise you. The remainder of the holes are equally teasing, and will give you something of a challenge, if you don't pay attention. It is a great course to get your game on and have a good round. Check it out the next time you are in Fontana, California and enjoy the course.

    Richard Petty Driving Experience
    Richard Petty Driving Experience Fontana, CaliforniaThe Richard Petty Driving Experience offers a couple of choices to the racing enthusiasts that are looking for the ultimate ride or drive, as they offer both venues. The ride-along experiences allow you to ride along as shotgun in a two seat NASCAR style stock car that will be driven by one of the company's professional driving instructors, and you will go on a 3 run lap at speeds of up to 165 miles per hour. The driving experience entails you taking the bull by the horns, or in other words, you getting in the driver's seat, behind the wheel of this monster and get the first hand up close and personal experience of flying low in a real racing car. There are various choices offered, so that you pick the one that is more suited to you and go for it. You have to be able to drive a standard transmission, which means that you have to be able to use the pedal that is in between the brake and gas, otherwise known as the clutch pedal. If you don't know what this is, then try another option. The company has a full itinerary for your perusal and it will detail all the information you will need to take this bull by the horns and let er fly! Another option is the RPDE, which brings you closer to the full racing action that is seen by all on the television and allows you to become a Ultimate Race Experience ride-along program. Here you will learn more about racing and the famous pit stop and crew, that gets you into the action as a pit crew member and ride along for the ultimate in race car experiences. The Richard Petty Driving Experience will offer you all this and more, so just plan out what you want to do and contact them for the full experience and good luck!

Budget rent a car Fontana

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Budget Car Rental Colton - 1700 W. Valley Blvd.
San Bernardino Budget Rental Cars
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Budget Car Rentals Riverside - 1521 University Ave. 

    Mary Vagle Museum and Nature CenterMary Vagle Museum and Nature Center Fontana, California
    The Mary Vagle Museum and Nature Center is located at the base of the Jurupa Hills, in Fontana, California, a natural oasis in an urban jungle, with all the outstanding blossoms and plants that are native to the area. The nature trail winds around the small pond that exists there, another place to relax and forget about the cares of the world, enjoying the natural surroundings and sights that persist on invading your mind and eye. The natural gardens are located along the trail that offer the seasonal splendor of the flowers ablaze in the them that become a feast for your eyes and senses, since many are of the aromatic type. Take some time to visit the nature center, full of surprises, wonders, displays of animals local to the area, the history of the region, the geology that makes up the abundant life in this oasis, and the plants that you will see and enjoy as you meander around this delightful park in the city. The center offers visitors a chance to discover, learn and increase your knowledge of this area of the nation and what it has to offer the visitor in terms of more natural attractions that don't cost much, just a certain amount of your valuable time and efforts. It is a great place to get off the beaten path, a chance to commune with the natural order of things, plants and animals.

     El Dorado County Mineral and Gem Society
    El Dorado County Mineral & Gem Society Placerville, California
    The El Dorado Mineral and Gem Society of Placerville, California began in January, 1949, and it was formed to provide a forum for those people that are interested in fossils, earth sciences, gems, the lapidary arts and rocks. It has monthly meetings to decide on the future path of the society, the junior program and hosts a number of special events that include; the county fair mineral displays, field trips, the yearly gem and rock show, lapidary classes, the monthly magazine and more. Desiring to help the community in various ways, the society supports many educational initiatives, especially the support of earth science education, by contributing to the college scholarship funds, as well as members conducting lectures and presentations at the local elementary schools; also sharing the materials and rocks that interest them all. Their web site is filled with ideas and meetings that are scheduled, the junior rockhound program and lapidary workshops to help all members of the society and the community to learn more about the natural resources that we have all around us. It is a worthwhile program and quite interesting, especially giving folks the opportunity to become more aware of the rocks and minerals that we have in this area, how they got here and what kinds of uses many of them have. Their field trips should be exciting adventures for all the members as they travel to areas that have been explored somewhat but need a more detailed search done and the society knows exactly what is needed and they go ahead with it. So, if you happen to be in the Fontana area for any reason, just take a short drive to Placerville and discover the unique secrets that the society has hidden and bring the whole family as well.

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Enterprise Car Rental Ontario - 4960 Vanderbilt St.

Local Restaurants in Fontana

    Spires Restaurant
    Dinners are served with housemade soup or dinner salad, cole slaw or veggie & choice of potato or rice; fried half chicken; chicken fried steak with housemade gravy; grilled chicken breast 8oz.; chicken kabob grilled with bell peppers & onions; beef kabob with bell peppers & onions; top sirloin steak is hand cut USDA; ground beef steak is 9oz. with brown gravy; pot roast with brown gravy; chicken strips; NY steak; spaghetti with sauce or chili or meatballs; pork chops is two 5oz. boneless chops. Dinners served with slice of fruit, choice of potato or rice & housemade soup or dinner salad; top sirloin steak & shrimp; NY steak & shrimp; grilled tilapia; fillet of cod; chicken kabob & shrimp; beef kabob & shrimp; grilled salmon; fillet of sole; shrimp dinner; fettuccini alfredo.

    Dickey's BBQ Pit
    With exposed beams, sparkling china, hanging
    BBQ Meat plates served with corn on the cob, 1 homestyle side, pickles, onions, roll & BBQ sauce; meat plate #1; meat plate #2; rib plate; quarter plate. Choice of meats; southern pulled pork, chopped beef brisket, sliced beef brisket, Virginia style ham, turkey breast, marinated chicken breast, spicy hot links, Polish sausage, falling off the bone pork ribs. Smokehouse bakers & salads; giant stuffed baker, giant stuffed baker with meat, beef & cheese baker, pork & tangler tater, chicken club potato, chicken Caesar salad, smokehouse salad, chicken club salad. Homestyle sides & stuff; waffle iron fries, BBQ beans, creamy cole slaw, fried onion tanglers, green beans with bacon, original potato salad, jalapeno beans, fried okra, mac & cheese, baked potato casserole, 2 corn on the cob.


Chicken Kabob Spires Restaurant Fontana, California

 Chopped Beef Brisket Dickey's BBQ Pit Fontana, California


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Hertz Rental Car San Bernardino- 1352 Camino Real
Hertz Car Rental Ontario Intl. Apt.- 3450 E. Apt. Dr.

    San Bernardino National Forest San Bernardino National Forest Fontana, California
    The San Bernardino National Forest spreads itself across 800,000 acres of marvelous forest lands containing the San Bernardino Mountains on the east side of the Transverse Range and the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains on the north side of the Peninsula Range. The elevation rises from 2000 feet to 11,499 feet and contains five wilderness areas; Bighorn, San Gorgonio, Santa Rosa, Cucamonga and San Jacinto mountains. The headquarters are located in San Bernardino with local offices in Skyforest, Idyllwild and Fontana, California. The musical movie, Paint Your Wagon was filmed here in 1969. The US Geological Survey shows that the region is divided into two big areas, the northern and southern, while the western edge of the forest is adjacent to the Angeles National Forest and it goes north to south. At the widest parts, it is about 57 miles in the east and west flow, and it is here that the forest butts up and encircles the San Bernardino Mountains. As do most of the forests, there is plentiful lumber resources, but this region also contains a University of California research station, residential communities and resorts and Indian resources like the historically important pictographs and caves. The area is prolific in the varieties of trees, the majority of them being coniferous, with such beautiful pines as the Ponderosa, the Jeffrey, sugar pine, knobcone pine, Coulter pine, single-leaf pinyon and lodgepole pine. There is also Pacific dogwood, canyon live oak, white fir, western juniper, California black oak, incense cedar, bigcone and douglas fir. The entire forest has about 87,400 acres of old growth trees, and the most common is the coast douglas fir, lodgepole pine, Ponderosa pine, white fir and jeffrey pine. The Federal Reserve Act of 1891 was passed to allow the president the authority to set aside and reserve, in any state, that contains such magnificent and important public land bearing forests as public reservations. This act was able to set aside the San Bernardino National Forest in 1907, which contained such marvelous natural resources as minerals, water, recreation, wildlife, trees and livestock range. This forest has become the state's southern most recreation site, and provides for significant watershed protection. The scenic drives are very interesting and exciting, with plenty of opportunities to stop and smell the roses. There are numerous programs available in the forests, as well as the usual hiking, biking, walking, jogging, running, wildlife photography, rock climbing and more. The mountain top ranger district and the state have closed seven mines in the region that could be dangerous to visitors and sightseers, but also are an important habitat for the bats that live and propagate there. In 1855, gold was discovered in the forest, in the San Bernardino Mountains to be exact, and during the latter half of the 19th century, the area was overcome with grazing herds, mining companies and the people that were always looking for riches and the timber companies that arrived here to build the houses, towns and other resources that would house and supply the people that were thronging here to find wealth and riches. The streams and rivers were getting extremely polluted as was the land as these invaders cared nothing about preserving anything, or how careless they were with the land's resources so it was becoming quite obvious that something had to be done. The influx of people necessitated the creation of safe and clean water supplies, as well as irrigation for the growing and thriving citrus industry.

    Bonita Falls
    Bonita Falls CaliforniaThe Bonita Falls are located in the San Bernardino National Forest, created by the Bonita Creek that drops up to 495 feet, and is the second tallest falls in the forest, second only to the Big Falls that are 500 feet high. These two waterfalls are the tallest falls in the southern part of the state, with Bonita being separated into three tiers, with two other falls in the canyon above. Those two falls are 25 feet and 60 feet, and by the confluence of the creek and the South Fork Lytle Creek, the upper tier is 195 feet; and by going downstream you can thrill as a 45 foot slide, with the final or last drop being the steepest which plunges 160 feet into the Bonita Canyon, so all total is 495, unless you don't count the top two smaller falls. The falls are only visible during the period from January to May or after heavy rainfalls, which explains why not many people come up here, since it is very difficult to get here without any trail access and two dangerous stream crossings and the small drainage basin. The upper tier can be spotted from the Lytle Creek road, but that area is on private land; and the falls usually don't exist after June.

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    Cooper Regional History MuseumCooper Regional History Museum Upland, California
    The Cooper Regional History Museum is located in Upland, California and since 1965 has been devoted to encouraging a better understanding and appreciation of the culture and history of the region, once considered a model colony that was started by William and George Chaffey in the 1880s. When George Whitney visited the Kern County Museum and Pioneer Village, he was quite impressed with it and he and his wife, Isabel, considered starting a similar type of facility in the western parts of San Bernardino County. As they were in the midst of this thought, the St. Mark's Episcopal Church announced plans to vacate their old church and move into a larger new one on East 16th Street. So the Whitneys and 70 other long-time citizens decided to meet and consider the preservation of the old church that was constructed in 1911, and had been the focal point for many of the original pioneering families. It was architecturally significant since the architect had been Arthur B. Benton, the well known architect that had created Mission Inn in Riverside and the murals that filled its walls were created by nationally known local artist, Henry Lee McFee. When the church became the property of the Chafey Community Cultural Center, the group became involved in acquiring more space for a band shell, art gallery, sculpture garden, theater and history museum. The church would remain as a temporary location for the museum that was concentrating on the post-Civil War era. In 1966, the church was divided into three sections and moved to its new home in the city, by the Pioneer Junior High School and in February, the group held its grand opening to the public. A fire occurred in 1987, destroying much of the museum's collections and part of the historic church, but after much discussion and thought, the church was repaired and reopened in April 1990. The rest of the museum's collection were moved offsite to be restored, and with outstanding help from the Getty Conservation Institute, the LA County Museum of Art and the Institute of Museum Services, the majority of the collection was salvaged. The former headquarters of the Ontario-Cucamonga Fruit Exchange was a 1937 art moderne style structure that sat on the corner of Second Avenue and A Street in Upland, so the center purchased it thanks to the generous donation of Ada Cooper, and the interior renovation began and finished in a couple of years. The dedication happened in 1997, and the museum took the name of their benefactor, Cooper and the landscaping was done during the next few years as the museum was filled with all the collections that had been salvaged and preserved. The collections are divided into galleries, the Hall, the main, Nichols and others.

    San Bernardino County Museum
    San Bernardino County Museum Redlands, CaliforniaThe San Bernardino County Museum is found in Redlands, California and exists as the regional museum of the county with marvelous displays and collections of natural history and cultural that is specific in the region. There are many special displays, research collections, live animal discovery center and public programs for the entire community. The museum continues to develop and maintain unusual natural science and cultural collections that pertain to the area and the greater southwest with responsible collecting, displays, education and preservation that is meant to inspire the public so that they will have a better understanding and appreciation of the county's natural and cultural histories. The museum's collections are separated into five divisions; research, anthropology, history, biological science and geological sciences. Anthropology is the study of cultures and people, and this division includes rock art slides, photographs, archaeological assemblies and ethnographic collections. The biological science division has become a major resource for the region's pubic and scholarly interests, whose mission is to obtain, preserve, investigate and interpret the natural heritage of the state and the entire southwestern region of the country. There are about 198,000 biological specimens in botany, herpetology, ornithology, mammal and entomology; but especially strong in the species that are native to this region, but some parts of the collection have arrived here from Asia and Central America. The entomology collections contains more than 25,000 specimens, the majority being insects, that are native to the county, southern parts of the state and also the western part of the nation. The herpetology division contains about 9000 native amphibians and reptiles, that are mostly from the southwester area of the nation and a smaller collection of exotic reptiles from around the globe. The ornithology division contains about 148,000 bird eggs, skins, live mounts and osteological specimens, with the bird egg collection being the fifth biggest in the world and acquired mostly during the years of 1910 to 1940, by Wilson C. Hanna. The mammalogy division contains about 500 specimens that are native in the county and state. The botany section contains about 10,000 specimens of native plants that are native in the southwest, but mainly from the southern parts of California.

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    Running SpringsRunning Springs, California
    Running Springs is a census-designated place that exists in San Bernardino County, California with a population of about 5000 people. A census-designated place is like a town or city, but without a central government to run everything. The total area of the village is about 4 miles and it is a service industry village that caters to the tourists and visitors that come to the mountains for various reasons. It is a mountain community in the San Bernardino Mountains, called an inholding in the National Forest; and the main gateway to the mountain communities of Arrowbear, Green Valley Lake, Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead. An inholding place is usually private land that is located inside a national park, national forest or state park, in otherwords, a federally protected area, since it exists inside a federal or state park that was located there before the park, forest or whatever became a protected area, thus grandfathered in before the changes were made. There exists no industry in the village of Running Springs, but there are, as mentioned before, many service industries that are geared to tourists and visitors; especially since the San Bernardino National Forest is such a very popular area for visitors and tourists alike. Taking great advantage of the abundant forestation and wildlife, the village is home to numerous summer camps, that include the Pali Overnight Adventures that caters to upper crust types; that include the children of Bruce Springsteen, Hugh Hefner and others. It is also considered a bedroom community for commuters to San Bernardino and other cities, with these folks tolerating the notorious southern California commute so that they can live far enough above the smog and pollution. The village is a member of the Rim of the World, the inhabited area of the San Bernardino Mountains, which is completely inside the national forest. The film, Running Springs was set and filmed in the area.  There is much to do in the area, since it is such a touristy area, with a large number of wildlife and natural sights to keep families occupied. The trails are splendid, and long, with numerous streams and creeks, and other water ways that will keep you busy fishing, swimming or just sunbathing in a clear, quiet and lonely region. It is very private for those that want privacy and yet within distance of a small community for supplies and other necessities. The hiking and trail biking is nothing short of spectacular and the adventures will surprise you. It is a secluded land, although not completely devoid of human contact, in case of emergency or need. It is a beautiful area to get away from it all and just commune with nature and all its magnificent beauty.

    Lake Arrowhead
    Lake Arrowhead, California
    Lake Arrowhead is another community in the San Bernardino Mountains, that is located in the San Bernardino National Forest, but next to the Lake Arrowhead reservoir. The population here is about 9000 people, and is unincorporated with the Lake Arrowhead Communities Chamber of Commerce acting as the de facto governing body. Tourism is the main business here, which brings in millions of dollars each year as well as 600 full time and 700 part time jobs available for the locals. The region welcomes more than 4 million visitors each year, with 400 guestrooms in the motels, hotels and bed and breakfast joints and 500 cabins and condos that can be rented on short term basis, and surprisingly very popular for business conferences. The area is a beautiful scenic mountain resort high in the San Bernardino Mountains, with the tourism industry almost completely supporting the community. The main industries include retail sales, real estate, lodging, recreation and dining, without an official town center, although the village is the major commercial center that contains factory outlets, supermarket, boutiques and restaurants. The University of California, Los Angeles has a UCLA conference center located there for conferences that includes lodging and meeting facilities. The 782 lake is surrounded by 14 miles of shoreline and sits about 5100 feet up above the sea level. The village supports two elementary schools, one middle and one high school.

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    Big Bear LakeBig Bear Lake, California
    Big Bear Lake is a city located in San Bernardino County, California that sits along the shores of the Big Bear Lake, some 25 miles northeast of San Bernardino, with a population of about 5500. It is surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest, and has become one of the finest year round resorts in the southern California region. Big Bear Lake has been inhabited by people for thousands of years, beginning with the Serrano Indians that lived here for more than 2000 years before the region was explored by Benjamin Wilson and his party. The area was once populated by these natives and the grizzly bears, that gave the region its name. The small city grew quickly during the southern California gold rush that started in 1861 and ended in 1912, with the grizzlies being gone by 1906. There are still black bears in the area, and occasionally seen in the inhabited areas. The mountains, but mostly the Big Bear Valley contains many varieties of wildlife that include; deer, mountain lions, coyotes, skunks, squirrels, wolverines, raccoons, bald eagles, chipmunks and snakes. Back in the day, the trip from Big Bear to San Bernardino would take up to two days in a horse-drawn carriage. Kirk Phillips was one of the locals who went to New York City and saw the world's first bus line, so that he was inspired to start the world's second bus line from San Bernardino to Big Bear Valley with White trucks and numerous rows of seats. This line facilitated the growth of the region and its villages, thus making Big Bear Lake the first mountain resort in the southern parts of the state. People would come to the lake for the many recreational possibilities that exist here, and one of the main ones is the natural hot spring; which Emile Jesserun purchased, that contained 40 acres of land that included the hot spring and constructed the first big resort in the Big Bear area, called the Pan Hot Springs Hotel and opened in 1921. The resort was soon followed by others, that wanted to be the best, since by creating a country club environment, they would be able to entice the Hollywood celebrities of the period that included Ginger Rogers, Shirley Temple and Cecil B. DeMille. It wasn't long before it became a great place to shoot a movie, which they did with the 1920 version of the Last of the Mohicans and many Bonanza episodes during the 1960s. By 1924, the area had 44 resorts and a continuous stream of tourists. In 1933, many of the hotels, and the Pan Hot Springs would be devastated by fire, but they were later repaired or replaced. There are many winter activities that are favored here, and the first ski jump was installed in 1929 and would claim the world ski jump, with more being completed soon after. The Viking Ski Club of LA started to come here for their competitions and events, and became a great winter resort area in 1952, when Tommy Tyndale started a resort called Snow Summit. In the 1990s, the area became a favorite place for boxers to come and train, like Fernando Vargas and Oscar de la Hoya and Shane Mosley.

    Crestline CaliforniaCrestline is another census-designated place in the mountains of San Bernardino and is also entirely located in the national forest with its center being occupied by Lake Gregory. The population is normally 10,000 and is much like the other villages mentioned earlier, that thrive in the national forest and all the magnificent wildlife and natural resources that bring in the tourists all year long, with both winter and summer recreational activities keeping them all happy and satisfied. The school aged children attend the Rim of the World Unified School District, with one elementary school and one alternative high school. They have a library branch of the San Bernardino County that is open for all the residents and visitors. It is a naturally attractive place to visit or even live, with plenty of sunshine filtering through the trees each year, with numerous creeks, streams, rivers and other bodies of water to keep any type of boaters and fishermen content, with many hiking and biking trails that offer outstanding views of the terrain, and natural wildlife that thrives in the sparsely settled acres of the forest. One notable mention should be made about Jerry Lewis, the California's 41st congressional district, representative that has been in the House of Representatives since 1979, and perhaps the most notorious crook in the house, also the chair of the Appropriations Committee, with a record of misused funds for almost half a century. How this man stays in the Congress is unbelievable and should be studied, but the last person that looked into his operations was a US attorney named Carol Lam who was one of the eight US attorneys that were dismissed, controversially in 2007. Rolling Stone magazine states that this man is the worst congressman in the nation and is called the king of the payoffs. If you live in California, especially in the 41st district, it would behoove you to check him out, or better yet, get rid of him altogether and then investigate him to the end.

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