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Things to do in Fort Collins

  • Swetsville Zoo Swetsville Zoo Ft. Collins, Colorado
    For a great side trip and something of the unusual, when in Fort Collins, Colorado, try out the ingenious creations of Bill Swets, owner and operator of the Swetsville Zoo. Your whole family should enjoy the zoo, since the animals don't bite, growl or scare your children or yourself in any way, shape or form. That is because Bill's critters are made from metal, scrap metal to be exact and you will be surprised and hopefully delighted with his marvelous menagerie. Bill used to be a farmer, and he professes that to be a good farmer, you need to be able to work with metal. He used scrap metal, farm machinery and car parts to transform the useless in genuine works of art. Bill didn't have any formal training, but like most men of his generation, he learned the skill himself; since we know that experience is the best teacher anyway. With his hearing going and himself getting older, you would think this gentleman would naturally start relaxing and enjoying his retirement, but once a hard worker, well, you know what I mean. He began making his metal animals in 1985, and the first was a unique shovel beaked bird with a bicycle frame body. At first it was a little hobby, then it began to grow in size and his desire to continue seemed to grow with it. When completed, Bill would put the fantastic forms out on his front yard and soon people were coming by and stopping. As the years rolled on, his fabulous forms spread across the yard as if by magic and soon he had a total of 43 figures. Presently he has over 160 beautiful animals made of scrapped metals. With short stout white and yellow turrets and a drawbridge, the castle like home of the Swets is near the zoo, which winds its way along a wooded path through his property. Little bread machine sized creations stand next to big mechanical contraptions that resemble towering dinosaurs, futuristic space vehicles and cartoon train engines. His brilliant red motorcycle is topped with some kind of weird looking propulsion tanks that might be jets and the bike looks ready to roll into outer space. His unique sense of humor is quite evident in his creations, like the metal golfer that has a dinosaur caddy, and a hitchhiking oddball that is carrying a boombox next to his ear while a prison ball and chain are hooked to his ankle. Bill normally has an idea of what is going to happen before he starts and it does end up looking like it did in his mind's eye. Some of the creations are political or connected to current events, like the Monica Lewinsky sculpture or the first Gulf War. The majority of his sculptures were made between 1985 and 1995, with his slowing down for a while because his wife became sick and had to be taken to the Mayo clinic. He stopped then during the caretaking, but she is still there supporting him. They have been other tribulations as well, like just after finishing the castle facade, in 1997, it burned down in 1998, so he turned right around and rebuilt it. The area was flooded by the Poudre River, but it didn't have much effect on the zoo animals. At one time, a mini-train would travel through the creations, but has since been taken away. There are a number of alien dioramas, and the Bungled jungle that takes up a few rooms, that were made by good friends, who have since moved away, as they travel the states selling their own creations as art. Whenever Bill starts his autosaurus II, a drivable half machine, half animal with Ford 351 engine, his wife comes out to wave as he drives off with another passenger in the back seat, ready to be set up somewhere amongst the menagerie. It is always free to visit and enjoy, although any donations that you would care to give to help the Swets continue this wonderful metal zoo will be greatly appreciated.

  • Mountain Whitewater Descents
    For the wildest water ride of your life, try going to the Mountain Whitewater descents out of Ft. Collins, Colorado, where the best whitewater rafting anywhere can be thrilling along the mighty Cache La Poudre River. This is the place to see what real live whitewater rafting is about, with professional and experienced guides that can promise you the times of your life. They have the permits to travel through the Roosevelt National Forest and it is absolutely the best river with awesome canyons to travel through in the nation. Since the river's guidelines are so stringent, rafting is limited on the Poudre, so you know that you will get the best ride anywhere. Still not real well known, the company is slowly and surely giving folks the most exciting whitewater rafting they have ever had, and will be doing it for a long time. This river flows out of the snow topped peaks of the Rockies and then twists, tumbles and turns along its mighty rush through the state, with unbelievable cliffs and rock formations. You probably won't see much of the surrounding scenery if you ride the wild side, so you might consider hiking its magnificent terrain on foot, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sights and wild animals that await you. But here on the Poudre, the rapids are like nothing you have ever seen or will see, as the rapids keep coming, one right after another. There are eagles, bears, bighorn sheep, bears and deer to be seen, but the river is so difficult to maneuver and the rapids continue so fast and furious, the adrenaline will keep you focused on the next rapids or the bend in the rock walls. Fort Collins is said to have been the model for the main street at Disneyland, so be sure to visit that after riding the wildest rides you ever enjoyed.

  • Fossil Creek Park
    The ninety and nine acres of the Fossil Creek Park was created with a great escape from the city, within distance and close by. There are sports fields, playgrounds and park areas that encourage you to relax or to play any number of sports while enjoying the beauty of the day's weather. There is a tar pits play area, interactive water features and adventure island that will allow your children to have an exciting time while you do whatever you want to do. Two of the fields are lighted so that you can ever enjoy playing ball at night, as well as a lighted tennis and basketball court, dog park, roller-hockey rink and urban obstacle skateboard area. They have a recreation center, lake pavilion, oval pavilion, and many grassy areas for Frisbee, kite flying or chasing your children as they run crazy in the open freedom.

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  • Rocky Mountain AdventuresRocky Mountain Adventures, Ft. Collins, Colorado
    The Rocky Mountain adventure tours will give you plenty of chances to learn to kayak, fly fish or rafting along either high adventure rivers or more docile ones that will acclimate you to the excitement that can be obtained from this incredible type of trip. They can take you down the various rivers of Colorado; like the Poudre, Colorado, Clear Creek, North Platte, Arkansas, or Dolores. You can learn to fly fish with the best of them or learn to kayak like a pro. Whatever challenges or adventure you might wish to try, this company can and will help you realize that dream or desire. With an exceptional mix of guides and staff, these folks will get you equipped and on the road to fulfillment. They can teach you the basics of fly fishing and get you into the best fishing holes to try improving your new learned skills. They fish on the Big Thompson, Cache La Poudre, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado River and even have access to private property fishing areas that will thrill you to no end. Another great venue is the training classes they have for kayaking; including learning to kayak, swiftwater rescue, and the raft guide training that you can take to either improve you whitewater skills or find an exciting job taking other folks down an unbelievable white water rapids river or stream. You can rent wetsuits, paddle sports equipment, winter gear or fly fishing equipment to help you on your quest. Just show up ready to try anything and they'll have you outfitted and ready to rock n roll. After you have some skills and experience, they can even take you to the wild tundra in Russia and Siberia to try some of the most fascinating rides in the world.

  •  Arapaho National Forest
    The Arapaho National Forest is located in the north central area of Colorado and is taken care of jointly with the Roosevelt National Forest and Pawnee National Grassland; out of the Ft. Collins, Colorado offices. The forest is found on 1,024,292 acres of the most beautiful land in the nation, well within the confines of the Rocky Mountains across the continental divide and was started in 1908 by President Teddy Roosevelt. It was named after the Arapaho Indians that once lived across the Colorado eastern plains and contains parts of the high Rockies, rivers, and canyons in the upper watershed of the Colorado and South Platte Rivers. The movie "Red Dawn" was almost completely shot in the forest. There are many campgrounds to stay at while you wander the beauty and solitude of this forest, viewing the many natural and animal attractions that exist here. It has been referred to as the quiet side of the Rockies and the winter recreational activities are so plentiful that it would take you all winter to enjoy them. The summer is equally enjoyable with great and marvelous hiking trails, mountain biking trails, fishing holes, ghost towns, scenic drives and the most breath taking views and vistas in the nation. The Peak to Peak highway is one of the most popular roads to take to enjoy the magnificent scenery, as it meanders through the forest, over Berthoud Pass and into Black Hawk. There are numerous charming villages along the 52 mile stretch, as well as great camping areas and awesome views. One of the best along this route is the forest service campground that is just off of US 40, set in a large stand of Englemann spruce trees and far enough from the road not to hear any traffic. The stream nearby is the perfect place to get your breakfast, lunch or dinner, just bring your side dishes and a hearty appetite and you are almost in heaven. Further along, just north of Berthoud Pass, in Winter Park, the Lions club takes care of four campgrounds that will give you the memorable feeling of being in scout camps again. A couple of the sites, the St. Louis Creek and Idlewild campgrounds have some spectacular trails for hiking or biking and Idlewild have a terrific 5 mile ride that takes you into the center of Winter Park. The St. Louis site can offer over 500 miles of the most majestic biking experiences of your life.

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Local Restaurants in Fort Collins
  • Jay's Bistro and Jazz Lounge
    Jay's Bistro and Jazz lounge in historic downtown Ft. Collins, Colorado is the perfect venue to enjoy a delicious meal and sit back relaxing to the live jazz music that will finish your evening out perfectly. The small and pertinent attention to every detail is what sets Jay's apart. The menu starts with; oysters on the half shell, Maryland crab cake which is pan seared lump crab cake and spicy remoulade, shrimp cocktail with house made cocktail sauce, tuna roll tempura is on Asian aioli with wasabi drizzle, macaroni & cheese with Maine lobster with mascarpone & Vermont sharp white cheddar with white truffle oil drizzle, duck egg rolls on sweet & spicy maple sauce, hoisin BBQ pork spare ribs sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, calamari is golden fried with marinara & lemon aioli drizzle, ahi tuna poke is sushi grade ahi marinated in sesame oil, soy & Vietnamese chili on avocado tower with wonton crisps, wasabi & pickled ginger, baked brie in phyllo with raspberry jam, port wine syrup and crackers, Carpaccio of smoked buffalo on peppercorn Dijon with capers, asiago curles & toast rounds. From the garden offers; seafood Caesar with grilled shrimp, crabmeat & lobster, deluxe wedge salad is iceberg lettuce, hearts of palm, Maytag blue cheese, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes & balsamic vinaigrette, spicy Thai rice noodles with grilled bistro steak is noodles dressed in sesame vinaigrette with cucumbers, carrots, red bell peppers & Napa cabbage over greens. From the grill & oven; filet mignon is signature filet on port wine demi glaze with mushroom ragout topped with Maytag blue cheese crumbles over garlic mashers; 22 ounce certified angus beef porterhouse is sprinkled with Hawaiian sea salt & black pepper with twice baked potatoes with mascarpone cheese; 12 ounce terry bison ranch buffalo strip steak with sundried cherry demi glace & twice baked potatoes with mascarpone cheese; tournedoes of beef au poivre is five peppercorn crusted filet, flamed with brandy, finished with green peppercorns & cream over garlic mashers; chipotle pork tenderloin topped with frizzled Tabasco onion rings over garlic mashers; Colorado rack of lamb is double boned chops dusted with Moroccan garam masala on red wine lamb jus with potato croquette; lamb shank is hearty bone-in shank braised in merlot with root veggies, thyme & rosemary topped with olive tapenade over Yukon gold potatoes; veal osso bucco is American Humane certified, braised veal shank topped with lemon parsley gremolata over garlic mashers; 16 ounce bone-in rib eye with housemade fries. From the sea; pan-Asian inspired ahi tuna is dusted with five spice powder & ginger with Yakitori glaze over shrimp fried rice with shrimp dumplings; bouillabaisse is stocked with fresh fish, lobster, clams & mussels in tomato saffron broth garnished with red pepper coulis croutons, lemon aioli drizzle; potato crusted North Atlantic salmon over colorful edamane relish with applewood smoked bacon & corn on sweet pea coulis; Chilean sea bass with pine nuts & basil crust over lobster cream sauce with garlic mashers; pan seared diver sea scallops with butternut squash ravioli on roasted garlic cream sauce. Poultry offerings; herbs of provence half roasted chicken seasoned with garlic, rosemary & cracked red & black pepper on marsala demi glace with roasted Yukon gold potatoes; duck trilogy is confit of duck leg & muscovy duck breast on Grand Marnier & raspberry demi with duck egg roll & garlic mashers; Colorado ostrich filet on pomegranate black pepper sauce with panko crusted potato croquette.

  • Lucile's Creole Cafe
    Lucile brings the essence of New Orleans cuisine to the Ft. Collins area with great foods, service and ambience. Her entrees include; crawfish etouffee which is Louisiana crawfish tails smothered in rich brown spicy sauce served with rice; gumbo is grand New Orleans stew house made from ingredients selected daily and served with rice; shrimp creole is gulf shrimp in traditional tomato creole sauce on rice; red beans and rice is famous southern wash day lunch served with homemade andouille sausage; blackened salmon is fresh filet blackened and served with mashed potatoes and collard greens. Po'boys offerings; po'boy is hot French bread sandwich with eggplant, sausage and ham in creole sauce with melted cheeses served with potato salad or beans and rice; Cajun turkey club is turkey with bacon, lettuce, tomato and cranberry horseradish mayo on French bread comes with choice of potato salad or red beans & rice; catfish po'boy is hot French bread sandwich with catfish, cucumbers, cilantro and black bean-red chili sauce served with choice of potato salad or red beans & rice; shrimp po'boy with fried shrimp, cucumbers, cilantro, black bean-red chili sauce and wasabi with choice of potato salad or red beans & rice. Sides include; creole sauce, fresh collard greens, blackened salmon, pan fried trout, mashed potatoes, Chef Mickey's sausage gravy, steamed spinach, Chef Mickey's famous red beans made with home cooked ham, watch for bones.


BBQ Spare Ribs Jay's Bistro Ft. Collins, Colorado


Calamari Jay's Bistro Ft. Collins, Colorado


Tournedoes of Beef Jay's Bistro Ft. Collins, Colorado


Chipotle Pork Jay's Bistro Ft. Collins, Colorado


Half Roasted Chicken Jay's Bistro Ft. Collins, Colorado



 Crawfish Etouffee Lucile's Creole Cafe Ft. Collins, Colorado

Shrimp Creole Lucile's Creole Cafe Ft. Collins, Colorado





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  • Cache la Poudre Wilderness Area Cache la Poudre Wilderness Area Ft. Collins, Colorado
    This wilderness area is in the Canyon Lakes Ranger district of the Roosevelt National Forest with over 9000 acres of spectacular rugged terrain that is anywhere from 6200 feet to 8600 feet above sea level and runs the gamut of the Cache la Poudre River. The walls of these rock formations are incredible and dangerous to ascend if you should be inclined to try. It was made a wilderness area in 1980, and the two rivers and magnificent canyons and cliffs that occupy the area is something to be seen. The vast stands of Douglas fir, lodgepole pine and ponderosa pine are just wonderful to trail through and the granite bedrock crags, ravines and cliffs are something to behold. Of course, the entire area is well frequented by the crowds of fishermen that come here to fish for the best tasting and fighting trout that can be found in its cold waters. It isn't explored that much since the trails aren't visited much since the wild area is definitely difficult and hard to travel, but it is the place for those hardy woodsmen that love the serene and tranquil solitude of this vast wilderness. The main fork of the Poudre is where the most campers and fishermen go since the fishing is great and much easier to access. There is only one marked trail here, the Mount McConnel trail that goes into the dense forest for about three miles, but other than that, you will be carving out your own, unless you can find or come across one that has been used by fishermen regularly.  As you can see from the above photo there are some beautiful creatures that frequent this area, and you will be surprised by many sights that await you just around the bend or over the next rise.

  • Cache La Poudre RiverPoudre River Ft. Collins, Colorado
    The Cache la Poudre River is also called the Poudre River or just plain Poudre since everyone in this area knows exactly what you are referring to. This magnificent river is just a fantastic river to fish in or ride the wild rapids. The photo to the right is where the river enters the city of Ft. Collins, Colorado, and it is a tributary of the great South Platte River. In the Front Range, the headwaters are in the great Rocky Mountain National Park and as it flow south, it winds its way through the Roosevelt National Forest in Poudre Canyon and then comes out into the foothills north of Ft. Collins. It then goes east across the plains just north of Greeley and into the South Platte River five miles east of Greeley. It name means "hiding place of the powder" in French, which refers to a period in the 1820s when some French fur traders were forced to bury some of their gunpowder along the banks of the river because of a major snowstorm. It is and has been a very popular place to fish the trout, go whitewater rafting as mentioned above in other attractions, kayaking and tubing. If you have never tried tubing, it is a fantastic alternative to kayaking, canoeing, or rafting, but you would have to be very experienced and in great shape to try it on the Poudre.

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  • Avery HouseAvery House Ft. Collins, Colorado
    Franklin Avery did the city of Ft. Collins a favor when he surveyed it in 1873, but making the streets wide and then starting the First National Bank. He also helped with the development o f the water works programs that aided the farmlands round about. In 1879, Franklin and his wife Sara started building a beautiful home to raise their three children, with two rooms on the first floor and three bedrooms on the second. The rooms on the first floor were transformed later into an entry and dining room, with a basement on the bottom. It was made with sandstone that was quarried locally, and it cost him $3000. During the next few years, they decided to enlarge the house and finally added a Queen Anne tower. Their family lived here until 1962, when the house was sold. In 1972, the Poudre Landmarks Foundation was started and working with the city was able to buy the magnificent home for $79,000. They had it renovated and in 1981, started the Avery House Historic district guild to help. Now, the carriage house, gazebo, fountain and main house is part of that district and also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. There is a great collection of antique shoes being viewed here that included some of the Avery's as well as some on loan from the Ft. Collins Museum; ranging in age from the 1875s to 1920s. It was during the 1880s that the Ft. Collins Board of Trustees decided that the growing town needed a better water supply system, especially for homes and commercial buildings. This was being done by water wagons or being brought in from the closest irrigation canal. The majority of the town's building were made of wood, so the threat of fire was a dangerous prospect. Jacob Welsh's dry goods store burned in February of 1880, and the planning of the water supply question was begun earnestly. When the proposal was put before the voters however, they declined. In 1882, a fire destroyed the Keystone block that September, and the voters realized that something had to be done and voted the project the necessary funds. Some $77,000 was initialized for the construction of a water canal to be built from the Poudre River near Laporte to a reservoir behind the pump house site. The pump house was constructed with sandstone, with soft brick being made locally. There were two American Water Wheel Company turbines and two Holly-Gaskill pumps that would force the water into the city via iron pipes. The project was finished in 1883, and the local newspaper heralded in the great news, although the residents weren't too excited to get service because of the cost. By the 1890s, many households had accepted service and it was then considered a success. When there were some outbreaks of disease, people blamed the water quality and a new steam engine and filtration system were added. It all was too small by 1900, and a newer modern system was installed at the joint of the Poudre and North Fork rivers which replaced the Ft. Collins system. The Poudre Landmarks Foundation and Friends of the Water Works are taking care of the preservation of the old water works system and one day plan on it becoming an interpretive place for water development and usage in the Ft. Collins area. A few grants have been given to the city for planning, stabilization and archaeological searches on the site. Special events are often held here and it open for public viewing on the first Saturday each month during the summer.

  • Fort Collins Museum
    The museum was joined by the Discovery Science Center in 2008 to make a science and cultural resource center for the city of Ft. Collins and northern Colorado. The museum was started in 1941 and called the Pioneer Museum, with help from the Pioneer Association, Indian Relic Hobby Club, and Daughters of the Colorado Pioneers. In 1976, the museum was moved to the Carnegie Library building and was renamed the Ft. Collins Museum; eventually evolving into a regional center that concentrates on the culture and history of the area. The collection contains over 30,000 artifacts with a large amount of relics of Folsom materials that were discovered at the Lindenmeier Archaeological site just north of the city. Household necessities, clothing, farming equipment and paintings and other items that were used by the people in the area that show the values and diversity of these hardy folks. Numerous galleries hold permanent and short term displays as well as four historical buildings; a schoolhouse and three cabins can be viewed outside the Heritage Courtyard. The center has many on-going programs, educational opportunities and the Local History Archive is located here.

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  • Neota WildernessNeota Wilderness Ft. Collins, Colorado
    This wilderness area was set aside by Congress in 1980, and contains almost 10,000 acres of pristine wilderness forests, streams and rivers. It is completely located within the state of Colorado, bordered on the northwest by the Rawah Wilderness, on the east by the Comanche Peak Wilderness, and on the south by the Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness. Just south of the Rocky Mountain National Park, and completely surrounded by vast areas of wilderness, the Neota is set in a rather roadless region. The elevations range from 10,000 feet to 11,896 feet above sea level, with snows lasting a long time here. The Neota is full of flat ridges of granite which is quite typical of the Rocky Mountains, and Iron Mountain, which rises to 12,265 feet above sea level, is high above three big drainage areas below; the Coral, Trap and Neota Creeks, with sedges and willows growing thick in the valleys of the mountains, where the moose roam free and fir and spruce on the lower slopes where the deer and the elk play. There are any trails here, but there is plenty of space to wander alone for days on end. There is a statement written on the coloradowilderness site that reads, "rumor has it - When God takes a vacation, He goes to a Colorado Wilderness!", and from the sounds of the story or information, it could very well be true. The Neota is small compared to other wilderness areas, but when you are talking about a half of million acres of wild unsettled land, with high mountain tops covered by snow, like the Never Summer Range, flattened ridges, and huge stands of forests, what is 10,000 acres really? It is one of the last wild places of the United States, and it soon may be developed like so many other pristine areas that are home to some of the most magnificent animals in the world, and the scenes to boot. Millions of people have traveled across these mountains, since the beginning and many more will go to visit and marvel that such a venerable place could still exist, but the west is still wild compared to the east, where towns and cities run into each other before they are even done. Here where the bald eagle soars high into the blazing blue sky, high enough to greet even God, the land is free and beautiful, a place that our ancestors saw fit to preserve so that later generations could follow small trails or make their own as they traverse a spectacular place that still exists.

  • Roaring Creek Trail
    This trail starts in Poudre Canyon near Highway 14 and follows the creek for over 5 miles as it meanders through the forest. The end is near the Nunn Creek Basin and it will climb over 1000 feet in the first mile, as it switchbacks across the canyon face, which is half the height you will climb overall. The trail is hard and rocky, and should be considered difficult for normal climbers. When you have cleared the canyon, the climbing gets more gradual and becomes more of an enjoyable walk through thick lodgepole pine. The creek is quick moving with small falls and cascades, which is how it got its name, and as you wind along the trail, you could be only feet from the creek to some hundreds of yards away. There are some small tributaries that will need to be crossed over, and as you come to the end of the trail, you find yourself on the eastern side of a beautiful big meadow. At the beginning, the trail is narrow since you have to go around a big boulder, and then cross a talus slope. At two miles there is a boggy area within an aspen stand and at four miles, it gets really hard near the huge rock outcropping which might put the trail underwater for a distance. You can go to the creek here or climb higher to get around and then head back to the trail. All told it should be anywhere from 2.5 to three hours to travel it altogether, unless you stop to smell the flowers or trees or see some animals around that you want to photograph.

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  • Horsetooth Mountain ParkHorsetooth Mountain Park Ft. Collins, Colorado
    The park is 2700 odd acres just 4 miles west of Ft. Collins, Colorado, and rises to 5400 feet at Horsetooth Reservoir to 7255 feet at Horsetooth rock, which is one of the most prominent features of the park. It is also a familiar landmark to Ft. Collins and the rest of Larimer County. Legend has it that the heart of the Great Red Warrior is what remains after a savage battle between him and the Great Black Warrior on Horsetooth Rock and is well known for its gorgeous waterfalls and awesome views of the Front Range. There are over 29 miles of trails here for horseback riding, mountain biking or hiking. The climate here is such that you can travel the trail year round gaining some of the most memorable views in the state. Small herds of elk roam the plains, while hikers pass slowly by. Both the biker and hiker trails go the same way for the first quarter mile, then the hikers continue on straight for the falls. Just after this intersection, the trail will go down over a ridge and through a beautiful meadow that is always full of wildflowers in the spring. After a while, you'll come to a bench that looks down into Spring Creek Canyon, just before it goes down into the canyon and on to the falls. Along this area, you will come to a split in the trail, where you go left to the falls. By going right, you will follow the trail as it joins into the Soderberg Trail, which could make your hike that much longer by a few miles. After taking the left split in the trail, you will go down into the bowl that is surrounded by granite cliffs and a small stream that flows through the meadowlands. The best time to view the falls is during the spring season, which also gives you a field full of wildflowers. To go back, take a left at the intersection and follow the switchbacks a little bit to look down upon the falls; but careful consideration should be given to the craggy rocks and cliffs that are dangerous, especially to small children.

  • Fort Collins Sports
    While there are not any big league sports venues located in Ft. Collins, there is plenty of sports games occurring. Flag football is played here, as well as coed kickball and coed volleyball, with men's and women's teams for those wanting to get down with folks of their own gender. Especially if you are a monster volleyballer, slamming anything that gets in your reach and not a good idea when playing coed. The seasons usually run through August when the weather is perfect here in the mountains. The local high school plays soccer, cross country venues, swimming and football. Some of the other sports that are a bit out of the ordinary include the barefoot runners club, cricket, hockey and the bicyclists club. If you are a real hardcore sports enthusiast and need that high adrenalin game, then your best bet would be to travel to Denver to watch the Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche or the Denver Nuggets. The Rockies play baseball and went to their first World Series in 2007, the Avalanche is the relocated hockey team from Quebec and have won two Stanley cups, one in 1996 and another in 2007. The Nuggets are in the NBA; and the new teams that have come to Denver include the Colorado Rapids, a major league soccer team and the Colorado Mammoth which is part of the National Lacrosse League. The Colorado Crush is an Arena Football League team and won the Arena Bowl championship in 2005. The Denver Bulldogs is a United States Australian Football League team that has won six national championships.

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