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Things to do in Gilbert

  • Basketball Court Academy Basketball Court Academy Gilbert, Arizona
    The Basketball Court academy was started to create better basketball players both on the courts and off. The academy wishes to give youngsters a wonderful, exciting and unforgettable experience for the players, coaches and parents of these dedicated young ballplayers. They have created a safe environment for the youngsters to learn and appreciate the fundamentals of the sport and to increase their skill levels. Belief in learning and retaining the fundamentals of any sport, or actually any life experience is the first and most important step to gain knowledge and expertise in any venture. The first level here is the kindergarten to third grade, where the players will learn the basics, the importance of teamwork and the rules that apply to the game of basketball. In this league, there are two divisions with the kindergarten and first graders playing against each other and the second and third graders playing against others the same age and skill levels. Coaches are provided for the teams to learn and develop their skills, while having a wonderful and exciting time doing it. Parents will have the opportunity to watch as their children learn the game and the many life experiences that go hand in hand with this exciting sport. The basketball nets have been lowered to help their skill and confidence grow as they themselves will grow in height and stature. All the games will be played here with constant supervision and encouragement. The academy has a lessons course that is for the children of the elementary, junior high and high school levels to assist them in learning the skills necessary to increase their skills, the correct skills, needed to become the best basketball player that they can. Focus is giving to ball handling, dribbling, shooting, rebounding, passing and of course, defensive skills needed to improve their game. Each lesson is 55 minutes with every student getting the necessary instruction and encouragement from Coach Cuff, who was a former professional basketball player overseas, and a high school coach. The lessons will be filled with drills, instruction and intense workouts that will help your child learn all the necessary skills to become the best that they can be, regardless of natural skills or abilities. They will get the right kind of encouragement to gain knowledge of the game and the confidence to know that they are doing their best. Classes are limited in size so that the proper attention can be given to each child and they all will get great personal attention. During the year, there are basketball camps that will showcase the development and skills that your child has acquired through the academy to help you realize the importance of constant improvement to give them the self confidence to attempt any new adventure or opportunity that will come their way in life. The academy has a team that plays outside opponents and they have been very successful in their endeavors with the playoffs. The seniors team took 2nd place in the Ft McDowell Hoopin Holiday Tournament in 2008. The fifth and six graders were the undefeated champions of the YMCA D1 Division for the East Valley League in 2008. The black team of the fifth and six graders were undefeated champions of the YMCA D2 purple division of the East Valley League in 2008 and the league champions in the East/West Valley YMCA D2 purple division. And the third and fourth graders were undefeated in the season's regular games. They have just opened the leagues to young girls and it is called the Lady Warriors teams. If your children are serious about learning and playing basketball, then the academy is the school to sent them to with excellent staff teachers and safety methods.

  • Riparian Preserve
    The Riparian Institute is on the preserve which is 110 acres at the Water Ranch in Gilbert, Arizona; near the water, which is why it was called the riparian. It is a marvelous location for bird watching, or picture taking, with over 200 species of birds being seen by people coming here from states all over America and from all over the world. All beautiful, and many rare birds have been sighted, with such a great number that many visitors have been surprised and amazed. One group encountered over 56 different kinds of species, with the ponds almost completely covered with ducks and shorebirds of various kinds. The list is unbelievably extensive, but some of the birds seen include; the Mexican mallard, Costa's hummingbird, chipping sparrow, greater roadrunner, American bittern, acorn woodpecker, ferruginous hawk, egret, Forester's tern, great horned owl, great blue heron, gila woodpecker, black bellied plover, Bonaparte's gull, Brewer's blackbird, American Golden-plover, Baird's sandpiper, black-crowned night-heron, European starling, blue grosbeak, brown headed cowbird, Caspian tern, black-throated gray warbler, broad-tailed hummingbird, fulvous whistling-duck and the double crested cormorant. The list above is just a small number of these multi-colored birds, but the entire list can be seen on their web site. It will certainly astound you and perhaps help you t o decide to go there to see for yourself. Take a picnic basket with some great wine, cheese and fresh loaf of bread with your most adorable partner and please don't forget the camera, a digital would be better so that you have plenty of pictures to take; and relax on a quite spot near the water to get the best day's enjoyment you ever had. It doesn't matter that you aren't a lover of birds or nature, it is the incredible wonder of seeing so many beautiful and exquisite colors flying through the air or just walking in the grasses that will surely make you stop a moment and thank God for what a wonderful place He had created for us. You will never forget it and you will positively tell your friends and family about this magnificent preserve.

  • Heritage District
    The Heritage district is the main historical area of downtown Gilbert, Arizona, where unique shops, restaurants and office buildings call home. The town, not city, is one of the quickest growing places in the nation, especially in the last 15 years. It has grown faster than most of the communities in the United States, because of the quality of life, the robust and diverse economy, decent homes, schools and areas to raise your children or retire from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. However, it won't remain that way for long, as any good place that is noticed by the news media and the internet, it will soon become too expensive to move there or live there. There are many wonderful places to go and visit, it is really close to Phoenix, which itself seems to be growing in leaps and bounds, with no end in sight. The streets are clean and well kept, the building are almost pristine with colorful facades and inviting windows and traffic not bad at this time. In just 23 years, it grew from a population of 5700 to over 145,000, and since it is a planned type of community it continues to draw people from all over the nation and walks of life. It refuses to call itself a city, although with the population growth and the diversity of its businesses it could, it prides itself on being a small town community and all the persona that goes with that attribute. The heritage district includes the theater in the round, Hale Theater, with live performances, the historical society museum, four local golf courses and a multitude of annual festivals which include the Gilbert Days Rodeo. It was founded in 1891, and incorporated in 1920, sitting 1273 feet above sea level and on 76 square miles of land.

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  • Gilbert Historical Society MuseumGilbert Historical Society Museum Arizona
    The society was started in 1960 to save the past for the future generations with documents, pictures and other artifacts that were put into collections that pertain to the history of the town, understanding that someday a historical building could become the center for this wonderful collection of data from the past. It soon came about in 1977, when the elementary school was given up for class use and was soon recognized as the perfect venue for the town's repository of antiquities. The Gilbert Historical Society was incorporated as a non-profit in 1979, and in 1980, the school structure was put on the National Register of Historic Places since it has been a town landmark for over 90 years. The building is owned by the society thanks to the goodness of Edna and Otto Neely, and was officially opened to the public in May, 1982. The society strives to enrich and enlighten the citizens of the town by bringing in guest speakers to the meetings, and gathering new items for exhibit. The society meets quarterly at the building on Gilbert Road. From the records, the first homesteaders were filed by six men and four women; with the farmland given away free if the family stayed on the land for five years, and others paid the government 50 cents an acre. The first was in 1893, and it was the town's namesake, William "Bobbie" M. Gilbert. In 1910, when the town was starting to be established, there were no amenities, like paved roads, electricity, radio, telephones, indoor running water, or toilets. The homes had porches built on to allow the residents to sleep outside because of the hot weather and no air conditioning had been invented. The first store in the town was Ayer's Grocery Store, which opened in 1910, and was the locale of the first post office in 1912. The post office was moved many times during the following years before being finally settled in its own building in 1979. The railroad depot was constructed in 1913 and torn down in 1969. The town became known as the alfalfa hay shipping capital of the country during the 1918-1919 years after the first World War, with the U.S. Army being supplied by the town for its horses in the war. The farming was done with horse drawn machinery up to the 1920s, even though autos had been introduced to the area in 1910. Anything that was shipped out of Gilbert went by the rails and sheep and cattle ramps were erected to handle them. They also shipped a lot watermelons from the area.

  • Hale Center Theater
    The Hale Theater story begins back in the 1940s, when Ruth and Nathan Hale moved from Salt Lake City, Utah to Glendale, California, in the high hopes of starting a career in the acting business. Sadly, they soon found out how difficult it was and took a step of faith opening their own theater; the Hale Theater. They first show had only six in attendance, but the 110 seat theater started to grow, and now after 56 years, and five theaters later, the show still goes on. Operating in three states, the five theaters are owned and operated by the family and considered to be the longest continually running center stage theater in the nation. Ruth has stated that the life is exciting, with its shares of stressful times and strains, but also admits that there is not a dull moment in any of it.  The Hale Theater has not had a single week where it wasn't performing some wonderful show to the delight and enjoyment of the community. They have been and are devoted to bringing the best family style entertainment on stage. The theater also has superb shows for children, like the present one of Jack and the Beanstalk being shown now until the middle of November. The theater has won many AriZoni awards for excellence in the actors enthusiasm, the directors and support staff's involvement, hair and makeup, production sets, sound, and the choreographers. In the year 2007 and 2008, they won 13 awards and the year before 20. The Hale Theater in Gilbert has been in operation for 7 years now and they are just as happy to be here as the community is to have them. With the way television and the internet have made it easier to stay at home, it is great that there are still some people that enjoy heading out for a night at the theater to watch a lively comedy, tragedy, drama, or whatever impromptu show is going on. Try going here to do something completely different and you will certainly be surprised.

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Enterprise Car Rental Gilbert - 1140 N. Gilbert Rd. 

Local Restaurants in Gilbert
  • Joe's Farm Grill
    Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert, Arizona is one of the most unusual restaurants that you will ever eat at, because originally it was the family homestead, being moved into in 1966; when it was a farm. The family enjoyed the farm life and the three sons grew up loving the wonderful outdoors, the shade trees, and the life of living on a real farm in general. Soon, the restaurant idea arose, with the decision to renovate the main house into the new restaurant, with the produce and other ingredients coming from the farm's crops and those farmers in the area. Today it is one of the most favorite places to eat good down home food, that is fresh and wholesome; and grown locally. The menu is fantastic, simple, yet elegant in its use of fresh organic grown veggies and garnishes. The burgers are from local, natural fresh ground chuck, on buttered grilled multi-grain buns, with farm fresh produce and side of fries. Cheeses are American, cheddar, Swiss, fontina and blue. They offer a third of a pound farm burger with cheese, grilled onions if requested; Fontina burger is third of a pound ground chuck, roasted red pepper, grilled mushrooms, fresh greens, farm made pecan pesto and fontina; or the BBQ bacon blue burger, also a third of a pound, thick cut bacon, blue cheese, hand-breaded onion rings, with Joe's Real BBQ sauce. The sides and salads use the freshest possible organic greens, vegetables and herbs grown right on the farm, and fresh farm-made dressings, spicy Thai vinaigrette, chunky blue cheese, green goddess, citrus vinaigrette and help yourself ranch; Thai chicken salad with 3 or 6 ounce grilled chicken, salad greens and Napa cabbage, assorted veggies, crispy rice noodles and peanuts tossed in spicy Thai vinaigrette topped with chicken; the farm salad is day's freshest greens and veggies served with farm-made croutons and choice of dressing. Chicken is all natural hormone and antibiotic free, fresh thyme marinated and grilled to order with farm-fresh produce on buttered grilled bun; farm chicken sandwich is choice of cheese, grilled onions and side of Cole slaw; buffalo chicken sandwich is red hot wing sauce, blue cheese and celery with Cole slaw. Farm favorites offer; jumbo fried shrimp is nearly half pound jumbo tiger shrimp, hand-breaded, served with farm-made cocktail sauce, Cole slaw, fries and garlic flatbread; grilled peanut butter & banana split is peanut butter, chocolate chips, pineapple, fresh strawberries and bananas on Texas toast, grilled with fries; grilled wild salmon platter is garlic aoli on side, grilled asparagus, fries and Cole slaw; double dogs is 2 grilled all-beef dogs in buttered, grilled split top buns, onions, relish and fries; grilled cheese sandwich is cheddar and fontina on Texas toast with fries; ahi tuna sandwich is grilled rare, wasabi may, Asian slaw and fries; hot dog basket is grilled, all-beef, natural casing hot dog in buttered grilled split top bun, fries, onions and relish; Portobello mushroom sandwich is marinated, grilled, topped with fresh greens and Green Goddess dressing with side of farm veggies or fresh beet salad. From the smoker; baby back ribs is full slab of tender pork loin ribs, smoked finished on the grill, served wet with slaw, fries and garlic flatbread; BBQ pork sandwich is quarter pound, lots of sauce, on grilled buttered bun with slaw; BBQ pork plate is half pound of slow smoked, melt in your mouth pork slathered in their famous sauce, Cole slaw, fries and garlic flatbread; ribs & BBQ pork with slaw, fries and garlic flatbread.

  • Cafe Posada
    One of the finest Mexican restaurants north of the border is Cafe Posada's in Gilbert, Arizona. Serving the freshest ingredients and made from scratch foods, they pride themselves on great food, prices and outstanding service. The menu includes; appetizers; nachos perfectos, beans and cheese with beef or chicken; Mexi skins is six baked potato skins loaded with cheese, chives and pico de gallo, served with sour cream and beef or chicken; tortilla soup is homemade chicken soup loaded with veggies, spicy seasonings, and topped with scoop of sour cream, cheese and tortilla strips; stuffed peppers is six jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese and served with sweet chili sauce; mini chimichangas with choice of beef or chicken served with jalapeno cream cheese; cheese crisp's & quesadilla's; appetizer sampler is 3 mexi skins, 3 stuffed peppers, 4 mini chimichangas and 6 bean and cheese nachos. Salads include; fried chicken salad is fresh salad greens topped with breaded chicken strips, mixed cheeses, tomatoes and boiled egg; house garden salad is fresh salad greens mixed with carrots, tomatoes, green onions and mixed cheeses; fajita salad is crisp fresh salad greens topped with marinated chicken breast or sirloin, sautéed peppers, onions, mixed cheeses, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole; taco salad is crisp fresh salad greens with beef or chicken, beans, mixed cheeses, sour cream, black olives, tomatoes, green onions and spicy ranch dressing; BBQ chicken salad is fresh shredded lettuce mixed with ranch dressing and topped with BBQ chicken, mixed cheeses, black beans, corn, cilantro, tomatoes and green onions.


Buffalo Chicken Joe's Farm Grill Gilbert, Arizona


Ahi Tuna Joe's Farm Grill Gilbert, Arizona


Two Dogs Joe's Farm Grill Gilbert, Arizona


Grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich Gilbert, Arizona




Chimichangas Cafe Posada Gilbert, Arizona

Taco Salad Cafe Posada, Arizona

BBQ Chicken Salad Gilbert, Arizona




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  • Dolly Steamboat Dolly Steamboat Giilbert, Arizona
    Steamboating in Arizona? Sounds like a strange place to go on a steamboat, but the Grimh family has been doing just that for over 2 decades. Their steamboat travels the length and width of the magnificent Canyon Lake, within what is considered by many to be the mini Grand Canyon of Arizona and has been one of the best attractions to see in the state. There are nature cruises, astronomy cruises and twilight dinner cruises that flow along secluded areas of this fantastic lake hidden deep within the Superstition Mountains, in the Sonoran desert. Here you will fall in love with the natural beauty that exists everywhere and around each corner, you'll see incredible fauna and flora that is so prevalent in this canyon. There are many legends about these mountains and your host, the captain will be happy to recant them all as you glide lazily along the serene lake. Make sure you bring cameras and binoculars as the sights that will surprise you appear out of nowhere; like the hawks, bald eagles, bighorn sheep, coyote, vultures, mountain lions, deer, bobcat and other varieties of nature's beautiful creatures. President Teddy Roosevelt stated that the Apache trail areas are more grand than the Alps, Rockies and the Grand Canyon with that indefinable extra something. It is a 90 minute narrated cruise that flows along the canyon's floor lake, with the walls rising over 500 feet into the Arizona sky, with animals of all kinds and species live, hunt and raise their young. Besides the above mentioned animals, there are also mule deer and white-tailed deer, running along the lakeshore among the mighty boulders and rock outcroppings that spring up from the lake shore itself. The steamboat has a lunch to offer, as well as a snack shop; since food or drink is not allowed to be brought onboard, but water bottles can be. Since the Arizona sun is hot most of the year, and still quite bright in the winter, they advise bringing hats, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen. The steamboat runs even in the rain, and the lower deck is covered so that you needn't worry about getting soaked. The desert seems to spring into life when the rains come, since it is a desert, and there may be a chance for waterfalls if enough rain falls. The dinner cruise serves up some good food, and you have your choices of what's available. The astronomy cruise is held once each month with a local radio personality and renowned astrologer Dr. Sky. The doc will present information about the solar system and there will be telescopes onboard to assist you with the magnificent night views and stars. The views are positively breathtaking and glorious, with incredible mountain vistas and canyon walls that will keep you spellbound for hours. This is one tour that you will want to take and it is definitely one you will remember for years to come.

  • Central Trail System
     The Central Trail concept is made of utility corridors, canals, and washes that wander around Gilbert, Arizona and will be the main road of the trail system. The town's council hopes that the paved trail will become a useful venue for people to walk, jog, run, stroll, rollerblade and bicycle around the town to go to the grocery store, or other shopping that will decrease the traffic and petroleum fumes that come from vehicles. It is also a safe place for children to ride their bikes or skates without worries from cars, trucks or other types of vehicles that are on the open roads. It could become a family outing with all the members of the family riding their bikes together to go to the parks or shops in the town; creating a twofold economic venue with people exercising, and cutting down on fossil fuel usage. The town plans on having the trails bring the community closer, as folks riding the trails will say howdy to their neighbors as they spend the afternoon, morning or evening enjoying the new trails and giving them an opportunity to spend quality time with the family. They, the town council, also hopes that this improvement to the quality of life for its citizens will bring more businesses back into the downtown area, which in turn will bring more people coming to do their shopping there. All this on top of a healthier town's population. Besides just riding their bikes for fun, exercise and enjoyment, many will opt to ride to work, school or any other place; with a trail that is part of a larger region trail, allowing more interaction between the region's people and the beautiful views that sit along the trails. There will be 8 canal bridges to cross and the entire program will center on the safety of the riders and other people that will utilize these marvelous bike and riding trails.

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  • Freestone RailroadFreestone Railroad Gilbert, Arizona
    This 1880s replication of a railroad engine and train follows a three quarter mile track that winds around Freestone Park. They have covered coaches for those wanting to keep out of the sun or rain, which is infrequent, and the regular cars that are open air. It is a fun day of adventure for the whole family, especially the little tykes, that love going along the grassy play areas and gorgeous lakes. Those children that are under 42 inches will have to be accompanied by an adult, and those under a year ride free with the adult. Tickets are sold individually or by the book, where you can save $4 off the full price. The train ride is three tickets, but you can buy a bracelet that allows you to ride the train and carousel all day for $6, or all rides all day for $8. There isn't a charge to enter the railroad area, since it sits in the Freestone Park, which is free also. They do have a carousel, as mentioned above, the train, a wave runner and mini ferris wheel. They also have a depot snack bar where the food is great and can be eaten by the lake. The park itself has picnic tables, playground areas and all kinds of wonderful outdoor games for the whole family to enjoy. Fun times for the children, while the parents can relax and watch their kids have a great day. There is also a special birthday bash that can be purchased so that your child and their friends can all join in on the wonderful fun at the Freestone Railroad.

  • Freestone Park
    Freestone Park is a 65 acre developed park in Gilbert, Arizona that has wonderful amenities for its citizens and their families to improve and increase the quality of life. There are picnic ramadas, a miniature train that was mentioned above, sand volleyball pits, lakes and basketball courts set in the grassy landscape of the town. There is a Freestone Recreation Center that is 50,000 square feet, with 2 aerobic rooms, climbing wall, game room, 4 racquetball courts, fitness and weightlifting room, sauna and steam rooms, huge double gym and locker rooms for the family, women and men. The park is an exciting addition to the many amenities and things to do in this great town, including walking, running, jogging and biking trails, baseball cages and skate park. The skate park is a great place for skateboarders with all kinds of awesome slopes, runs and other rails that will test and challenge these inspired youngsters.

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  • Maverick Outfitters Maverick Outfitters Gilbert, Arizona
    Take a trip on the wild side in this incredible venture into hunting for wild animals that include gun and bow. These outfitters use dogs to hunt the wild mountain lions in Arizona, as well as the black bears they go for. They have a personalized hunt ready just for you, and your family. They hunt elk, deer, and wild antelope where you will have the best experienced guides in the state helping you bag the big one or any type of animals you want to hunt and experience. Turkey and javelina is also part of their animal list, with other venues available if you prefer to use a camera rather than gun or bow. There is camping in the area, as well as horseback riding, hiking and quad riding. The scenery is unbelievable as you hunt for the right animal to add to or start your own collection. They would like at least a month advance notice, so they can tailor their trip to what you want and what they will need to provide. All the outings are especially exciting and worth you time and money. It is one of those rare opportunities to take advantage of and you will have the memories and photographs of the hunt and kill if you are so inclined. Naturally they can't guarantee exactly what you want, but they will expend every effort to find and help you kill the animal you want. They can even make arrangements for the taxidermy or shipping the meat home.

  • Brunswick Zone XL
    Bowling has been around for a long time and the Brunswick lanes almost as long. They are great alleys, well maintained and polished, and this one in Gilbert, Arizona seems to be one of the better one. It has a snack bar, full bar with great wait staff, game room for the kids or yourself if you need to wait on an alley. There are 44 lanes, which is average in the northeast, but in Arizona seems to be one of the best in the state. The restaurant and lounge is great here, although it can be crowded at times; which says that bowling is still a popular sport. They have various leagues, depending upon your age or what particular group you might belong to, but whatever, it is still a great way to spend an evening with friends or family. The arcade here has about 90 machines that will help you while away the hours or while waiting for your lane to open up. They hold various contests and the cosmic bowling at night is great with all the lights and music. Can be distracting for the serious bowler, but it is a fun place to go when you want something different and many people end up getting their own bowling balls and shoes to save money and to keep in the groove. Evidently some people seem to think that bowling is expensive, but compared to other venues, the results far outweigh the price. It costs a lot to run a bowling alley, with the equipment, the clean up and the constant maintenance on the mechanisms that handle the alleys. But if you enjoy bowling or want to try this great sport, there is no better bowling alley in Arizona than the Brunswick alleys at Gilbert.

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  • Seville Golf & Country ClubSeville Golf & Country Club Gilbert, Arizona
    The Seville is a private club in Gilbert, Arizona and a member of the Clubcorp family, which is a world leader in the private golf club market. Considered to be one of the best country clubs and golf courses in the state, the Seville exudes extravagance, luxury and the finest amenities in country clubs. The clubhouse is gorgeous and expansive, the banquet facility is reminiscent of the large luxury hotels found in the bigger cities along the east and west coasts, with a great sports club and fantastic world class swimming pool; all sitting on beautiful grounds that look up into the magnificent San Tan Mountains. Positively one of the most distinguished oasis' in the desert state. Assuring its members of the highest quality of beauty, recreation and enjoyment, the Gary Panks designed course has a championship 18 hole golf course, full practice facility with two ranges, short game and putting greens. To complement the excellent course, there are three tennis courts, fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, basketball courts, television theater, exercise studio, childcare services, sand volleyball courts, associate club privileges at over 200 private dining clubs, golf and country clubs and destination resorts. Personal lessons are no problem, as is personal training, swimming lessons, 3 story waterslide, sports pool, lap pool, cabanas, poolside grill and much more.

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