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Things to do in Gloucester

    Rosenbach Museum and Library Rosenbach Museum and Library Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    The Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is located in two 19th century townhouses that house the magnificent collections and treasure troves of Philip Rosenbach and his younger brother, Dr. A. S. W. Rosenbach, who together owned the fabulous Rosenbach Company that would become the most prominent dealers of rare books, manuscripts and decorative artworks during the firs half of the 20th century. Dr. Rosenback would become one of the finest purveyors of rare books, in the world, to help build up such outstanding libraries as the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Widener Library at Harvard and the Huntington Library. The majority of the house is still furnished as it was during the Rosenbach's period with the furniture mostly from the 18th century England with outstanding works by Chippendale, Sheraton, Hepplewhite, Adam and Vile, and a unique olivewood box with bronze dore mounts made for Charles II, a significant Philadelphia highboy and an American recamier sofa with excellent carvings made by Samuel McIntire. There is a magnificent collection of English silver and gold from the 17th and mid18th centuries that contain works by Hester Bateman, Paul Storr and a spectacular group of pieces made for the royal family. There are more than a thousand miniature portraits, with a special one created by Nicolas Hilliard of James I, which is the only known image of Cervantes as a young person and the famous self-portrait of Major Andre that had been completed a short time before his execution. There are excellent collections of 18th century porcelain, sculpture, drawings and paintings, and the second townhouse purchased by the foundation so that it could and would have room to expand the beautiful collections. The fabulous Americana collection contain accounts of early voyages and legends of explorations, and includes a magnificent copy of Antonio Pigafett'a tale of Ferdinand Magellan's circumnavigation of the world and other quite rare tracts that pertain to the settlement of Virginia. The volumes have been complemented, as is every piece in the fantastic collections, by manuscript materials, that include letters by de Soto, Cortes and Pizarro, and include the 1532 letters of Cortes to the Council of the Indies that asks for permission to explore the coastline of California. The colonial settlement period is also very well represented, with its early accounts and various important religious tracts, especially the ones that pertain to the numerous missions to the Indians, as well as a collection of Indian captivity tales. The very first three extant books that were ever printed in the New World are included in the collections, Mexico 1543-44, Lima 1584-85 and the Bay Psalm Book which was the first book ever to be printed in what is now the United States of America; that had been printed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1661. There are more than a hundred letters written by George Washington during the Revolutionary War, as well as the original manuscript resolution of the Continental Congress, an incredible collection of documents signed by the very men that signed the Declaration of Independence, a full set of Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanacs, which includes the very first copy of the 1733 first edition, first printing and Commodore Barry's ship papers, that outlines the start of the US Navy. There is so much fabulous information and stories in the collections that they are often considered to be worth more than their historical value, since many are the first editions and incomparable letters that were sent by the most famous men in this nation's history. It is a collection that is well worth visiting and viewing, one to be remembered forever, and enjoyed more than most museums and libraries have to offer.

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    Liberty BellLiberty Bell Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    The Liberty Bell has become one of the most loved iconic symbols of the American Independence, hung proudly in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formerly hung in the steeple of the Pennsylvania State House that has been renamed Independence Hall, which had been commissioned to the London firm of Lester and Pack, that has grown into the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, in 1752, and cast with the lettering, "Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." The priceless bell would crack the first time it would be rung when it arrived in the city, and then twice recast by local workmen John Stow and John Pass, whose last names have been engraved on the old bell, in honor of their work, or actually, the attempted work to fix the bell. During the early years of this nation, the liberty bell would be rung to summon lawmakers to the legislation sessions that were being called, as well as to alert the public that there were either public meetings and/or proclamations. On July 8, 1776, bells would be rung to mark the first reading of the Declaration of Independence to the people, and although there aren't any records of this bell being rung, many historians believe that it was one of those that rung out loud and clear. Once Americans had secured independence, the bell would be lost to obscurity for many years, until 1830, when it was adopted by abolitionist societies, that would name it the "Liberty Bell", and actually get its famous crack during the 19th century, with some kind of legend about it being cracked when it rung out for the death of Chief Justice John Marshall in 1835. Some time after 1847, a short story would be running around the nation, that the bell had actually been rung for the first time on July 4, 1776, when the townspeople heard that the Second Continental Congress had voted for independence, but it wasn't true since there wasn't any proclamation made that day in Philadelphia, however, there were some historians that stated otherwise, and many believed them. In 1885, the city would allow it to be brought to many expositions and patriotic gatherings, bringing huge crowds to view it wherever it went; which would cause the cracking to become aggravated moreso, and even pieces would be chipped away by souvenir hunters. The last time it would travel would be in 1915, and after that the city refused to let it go since they noticed the chipping and other signs of wear and tear. The city would allow the National Park Service to take custody of the bell, but still retained its ownership, after WWII, and it would be used for a symbol of freedom during the Cold War and become very popular to the protesters during the 1960s. In 1976, it would be moved to a glass pavilion nearby the old Independence Hall, but located on the Independence Mall area and later it would be moved to its permanent home at the Liberty Bell Center that is located next to the pavilion, in 2003; where it sits so serenely and proudly, still a symbol of freedom, truth, justice and the American way of life.

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Local Restaurants in Gloucester

    Italian Affair
    Entrees; alla Varesina is cheese tortellini with ham & mushrooms tossed in rose sauce; cannelloni Casarecci is meat filled cannelloni with meat sauce baked with provolone cheese; eggplant parmigiana is eggplant with tomato sauce baked with mozzarella & served with spaghetti; eggplant rollantini is eggplant stuffed with ricotta & marinara sauce baked with mozzarella & served with penne pasta; gnocchi formaggi e spinaci is gorgonzola, mozzarella, provolone, parmigiana & spinach in cream sauce; lasaga; linguini cara mia is sausage, porcini mushrooms & scallops in rose sauce; linguini al cortoccio is jumbo shrimp & scallops in rose sauce; linguini Thailand is salmon & jumbo shrimp in rose sauce; manicotti; lobster ravioli is jumbo lump crab meat & asparagus in rose sauce; penne all arrabiata is tomato & fresh garlic sauce with hot peppers & romano cheese; penne alla vodka is bacon & onions in light cream & marinara sauce with touch of vodka; penne amore is salmon & asparagus in rose sauce; rigatoni loren is shrimp, chicken & asparagus in rose sauce; tagliatelle mare e monte is shrimp & fresh mushrooms in rose sauce.

    Franklinville Inn
    Entrees; prime rib is slow roasted & served with au jus; filet tips Oscar is char grilled filet mignon thinly sliced topped with lump crab & asparagus with Hollandaise sauce; filet mignon, petite filet mignon, BBQ baby back ribs is rack of pork ribs caramelized in house BBQ sauce; NY strip, Chicken marsala sautéed with mushrooms in marsala wine sauce; chicken piccata is sautéed in white wine lemon caper sauce; flounder stuffed with lump crab served with white wine lemon sauce; crab cakes is broiled or fried delicately seasoned jumbo lump crab; parmesan encrusted tilapia sautéed in white wine lemon sauce with jumbo lump crab, asparagus & plum tomatoes; lobster tails is 3 S. Africa cold water lobster tails; shrimp stuffed with lump crab served with roasted red pepper cream sauce; broiled seafood combo is shrimp stuffed with lump crab, sea scallops, flounder or tilapia & Inn's crab cake; mates cut prime rib with choice of Inn's crab cake, crab Imperial , stuffed flounder, stuffed shrimp or BBQ ribs; surf & turf is S. African cold water lobster tail & petite filet; BBQ ribs with choice of Inn's crab cake, crab Imperial, stuffed flounder, stuffed shrimp, mates cut prime rib or petite filet.



Cannelloni Casarecci Italian Affair Gloucester, New Jersey




Crab Stuffed Flounder Franklinville Inn Gloucester, New Jersey





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    Independence Hall Independence Hall Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Independence Hall has grown into the heart of the Independence National Historical Park located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that is famous for its location of where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution would be debated and adopted, constructed in 1753 as the Pennsylvania State House that was built for the province of Pennsylvania. It would become the main meeting hall for the Second Continental Congress that was held there from 1775 until 1783, as well as being the location of the Constitutional Convention that was held during the summer of 1787; and because it is listed as part of the park, it is also listed as a World Heritage Site. The hall is a red brick structure that would be built between 1732 and 1753, in the Georgian style of architecture by Edmund Woolley and Andrew Hamilton, and constructed by Woolley. Its highest point is 168 feet and 7 and a quarter inches, and it would be commissioned by the colonial legislature in Pennsylvania, that had to pay for it piecemeal, so that is how and why it was built in a piecemeal fashion. From 1732 until 1799, it would be the house of the legislature, with two smaller structures adjoining it that would be the Old City Hall on the east and the Congress Hall on the west, together making up one city block, that has become known as Independence Square that includes the Philosophical Hall that had been home to the American Philosophical Society. The bell tower of the steeple had been the original location and home of the famous Liberty Bell, but today houses the Centennial Bell that had been built for the Centennial Exposition in 1876. Queen Elizabeth II would visit the city in 1976, and present the city and nation with a replica Bicentennial Bell that had been cast in the original foundry as the first bell, with this bell hanging in the bell tower on 3rd Street near Independence Hall. The hall would house the Second Continental Congress, from 1775 until 1783, that would include a representative from each one of the thirteen colonies. In this venerable hall, George Washington would be made the commander-in-chief in the assembly room of the hall, in 1775, and appoint Benjamin Franklin as the postmaster general the next day. The British army would arrive in the city in 1777, and force the congress to move to York, Pennsylvania, which would help them create the Articles of Confederation in November of that year; and then return in July 1778 when the British left the city. Then, in 1783, a mutiny occurred in the hall that would force the assemblage to move from Philadelphia once again, in June of 1783. It is a magnificent place to visit and learn as much as possible about our early history and the wonderful relics that are housed there. It is a time to reflect and remember, what our forefathers had to endure and go through so that we could enjoy the many privileges that we have today, thanks to them, their bravery, their tenacity and their perseverance.

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    Betsy Ross HouseBetsy Ross House Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    The Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is where the famous patriot would create the American flag, just a few blocks from the famous hall and equally famous Liberty Bell. The facade was constructed in 1740, after the Georgian style, while the rear part and stair hall being added some ten to twenty years afterwards. Betsy would live here with her first husband, John Ross from 1773 until 1785. During the ensuing years, the place would fall into disrepair, and in 1937, local radio owner, A. Atwater Kent would offer up to $25,000 to have the house restored, and went so far as to commission architect Richardson Brognard Okie to complete the renovations. They were to keep as much as possible of the original elements of the house, and take materials from period houses that were scheduled to be demolished, with a new structure added to the rear, that had been built using period bricks. They did have to replace the entire front stairway and dormer, and moved the front entry to the opposite corner, with a new window installed instead. Kent would eventually buy the two adjoining lots so that he could construct a civic garden, and in 1941, the entire complex was donated to the city, which included the historic house and courtyard, with an annex added in 1965, and in 1974, the courtyard restored and fountain added. As the nation got ready for its bicentennial, the remains of Betsy and her third husband, John Claypoole would be brought and added to the graves located in the courtyard; and the site has been the place where we normally celebrate Flag Day. The house would be checked out by TAPS in its fifth season as the first show, but no results could be discovered or discerned.

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    Civil War Library and MuseumCivil War Library & Museum Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    The Civil War Library and Museum was constructed over a century ago to house and preserve the magnificent history and relics of that incredible conflict as well as promoting public education. The museum would be started in 1888 by the veteran Union army, navy and Marine Corps officers, that is today, the oldest chartered Civil War institution in the nation. Its outstanding collections include; uniforms, accouterments, firearms, edged weapons and flags that are some of the marvelous relics being displayed upon its three floors, and has become very well known for its excellent research facilities that are constantly being upgraded and renewed. The library houses over 12,000 volumes, more than a 100 reels of microfilm, almost 5,000 photographs and a 100 linear feet of archival/manuscript materials, as well as housing one of the most comprehensive Civil War libraries in the world. This library and museum would be the results of an organization that started just after the assassination of President Lincoln, in April, 1865, when news of his horrible death spread across the country like a wildfire ablaze. Hundreds of veterans would flock to Independence Hall in Philadelphia to hear all the news, with some talk about a plot to overthrow the government of the United States. Numerous active and recently discharged officers also believed that their beloved Union was in terrible peril of being overthrown, so three of them called for a mass meeting of the area's veterans, with the main objective being the renewed allegiance to their country and the need to do whatever it took to make sure the Union stood together. Once the rumors had been quelled, the officers turned their attention to planning for their part in the funeral of Lincoln, while the original three officers made plans to create an organization called the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS). The order is still active today, although Second Class membership is being offered since the First was limited to the Union army officers, and the second is limited to the lineal descendants of those officers. In 1888, the Pennsylvania Commandery would start the Civil War Library and Museum, with Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th President of the United States becoming the first president; although it would fall to Brevet Lt. Colonel John Page Nicholson of the 28th Pennsylvania Infantry, that would become the driving force behind its rise. He would work tirelessly for the next 43 years to make the library and museum the best Civil War library and museum in the nation. It now is housed in a four story structure with a wonderful library of more than 13,000 books, manuscripts and periodicals. Other spectacular treasures include the uniform, boots, coat and hat that General George Gordon Meade wore at the Battle of Gettysburg, the blouses of Generals Sherman and Grant, a life mask of Abraham Lincoln and a lock of his hair, as well as the death mask of General U. S. Grant and his famous "unconditional surrender" letter. There is so much more that you would have to visit to enjoy it all, or to even learn of all the relics and artifacts held here, but it is a worthwhile trip, so be sure to stop by.

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    Declaration HouseDelcaration House/Graff House Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    The Declaration House is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and owned by Jacob Graff, on the outskirts of the city, which would be just right for a young man to get away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, so that he could have the peace and quiet necessary for him to draft a declaration for the Second Continental Congress. It was June, in 1776, and Thomas Jefferson just happened to be that young man, part of a delegation from the commonwealth of Virginia, and his part would be to draft a resolution or declaration stating why the colonies wanted to break their former ties with Great Britain. Jefferson had been assigned to the committee that had been asked to write a declaration to meet those ends. As mentioned, the rooms he already had were not conducive to writing that detailed declaration, so he moved into the Graff House, that was located far enough from the city for Jefferson to accomplish his task. The house was encompassed by fields and a stable across from them, which turned out to be the best location for Jefferson to write the incomparable declaration that he did. Using the Virginia constitution as a base, as well as the excellent knowledge he had of political theory, he would write the document in less than three weeks, only to have it redacted by his fellow delegates during the last week of June. The Graff House contains a marvelous exhibit of the two rooms that Jefferson stayed in, on the second floor, with a rather small bed that must have been fairly uncomfortable for the tall Jefferson and one of the few remaining original relics that could be found, and that is the key to the front door that Jefferson had, since he would entertain other members of the Congress at night in the house's sitting room. That building would unfortunately be torn down in 1883, but photographs and other historical documents that were discovered were enough for the National Park Service to construct a decent replica of the structure. This house had been owned at one time by Hyman and Simon Gratz, whose sister, Rebecca, is believed to have been the inspiration to Walter Scott's Ivanhoe and Thackeray's Rebecca. Another interesting tidbit, is the complaint that Jefferson left with the Graffs, and that was in relation to the abundant flies that would bother him from the stables across the street. From the most interesting exhibit, you'll learn that Jefferson wanted this country to be a free nation, without slavery, or other details that were added to his original declaration by the other delegates, when they redacted, or rewrote, parts of his declaration. There is quite a bit of this information in the short film that is located on the first floor, with the majority of the changes that were made to his original documents, as well as more interesting information about the writing talents of this young man at the age of 33.

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