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Things to do in Goshen

    Amish Acres Historic Farm and Heritage ResortAmish Acres Historic Farm & Heritage Resort Goshen, Indiana
    Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana offers visitors and others an insight into Amish ways and traditions that aren't normally available to the ordinary traveler, where time stopped over a century ago, and still continues for this folks that have continued to live here for over three generations. The working farm offers antique tools that are still used and cared for, peruse the numerous devices and tools that the Amish have used in their farms for centuries, and wander around the farmstead that was created during the 19th century, and still lives on in these hardy determined people that adhere to another calling. The farmhouse is over 137 years old, with old oak floorboards that were set way back then and still holding up today. You can tour the twelve room house that raised three generations of Amish farmers, see the Grossdaadi House, the Schwietzer bank barn and the many outbuildings that have found their way here to be appreciated and have their uses and lives extended for another century. The showcase of the farm is the Stahly-Nissley-Kuhns farm that is the only Amish farm that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, telling the story of widow Barbara Stahly and her five sons that immigrated from Germany in 1839, to this region and becoming the first Amish settlers in the state. In 1873, her son, Christian would have 80 acres of land to construct his house on and barn for his son Moses, and by 1893, the main house would be raised. Noah Nissley, his wife's father, would purchase the farm from Moses, and then when he retired, he would sell it to his son-in-law, Manasses Kuhns. After that, the farm would be bought to preserve it and the three generations of Amish families that lived here and raised crops on the farm; opening in 1970 so that those of us who aren't really familiar with the Amish way of life can learn more from these folks that refused to adapt to the future as it began passing them by.

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    Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail Goshen, Indiana
    Each year, in northern Indiana you can visit seven counties that showcase the age art of quilting, but in this case, the quilt patterns are actually created by blossoming flowers, in the Amish country that still exists here along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, often referred to as Michiana. The blooms break forth in the spring, and the tour begins around Memorial Day and lasts all the way through the summer months until the end of September. The tour, which takes about 90 minutes to travel, without stopping and taking a horde of pictures, highlights many beautiful and magnificent flower gardens that have been created for just this tour, with almost 100,000 blossoms criss crossing the fields laid out in splendid gardens of beauty and enjoyment. You can stop at each of the gardens and speak with the creators so that their story will become part of your memories, with all of the flowers grown locally, adding to the economy of the area and providing visitors with a plethora of beauty and loveliness that will fill your eyes and mind. The tour travels along old country roads, rural highways, quaint main streets and country lanes that are located throughout the northern parts of Indiana. You can pick up a CD at the Elkhart County visitor center or other vendors along the route, as well as downloading an mp3 version from their website.  Another great sight to stop at in Goshen is the Old Bag Factory that was a turn of the century factory that has been converted into a shopper's paradise, with outstanding shops and boutiques, restaurants and more, selling pottery, furniture and quilts, many of which have been produced by the Amish community that still thrives in this part of the state.

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Local Restaurants in Goshen

    Tony's Famous Grill
    Entrees; grilled ham steak is tender Virginia ham, grilled & topped w/ pineapple ring, salad, veggie, choice of potato & bread; liver 'n onions is choice liver grilled smothered in mountain of sautéed onions, salad, veggie, choice of potato & bread; fried chicken is half chicken battered in house special seasonings & deep fried, salad, veggie, choice of potato & bread; Tony's fish dinner is Alaskan whitefish battered in house special seasonings & deep fried, salad, choice of potato & Italian bread; fantail shrimp is 6 large shrimp covered in light breading & deep fried with cocktail sauce, salad, choice of potato & Italian bread; shrimp dinner is generous portion of gulf shrimp breaded & deep fried, served with cocktail sauce, salad, choice of potato & Italian bread; all-u-can-eat spaghetti & garlic toast with salad & garlic bread; ravioli is meat & cheese ravioli wrapped in pasta covered with sauce & cheese, with salad & garlic bread; Italian chicken breast marinated in Italian, char-broiled & served with side of spaghetti, with salad & garlic bread; eggplant parmigiana is deep fried & topped with sauce & provolone cheese w/ spaghetti, with salad & garlic bread; fettuccine alfredo is tender pasta served with house special cheese sauce, shrimp & mushrooms, with salad & garlic bread; veal parmigiana is lightly breaded veal topped w/ sauce & cheese, served w/ spaghetti, with salad & garlic bread; combo platter is smaller portions of ravioli, fettuccine, spaghetti & lasagna served on platter, with salad & garlic bread.

    Kelly Jae's Cafe
    Tapas; pad Thai with pork, shrimp or veggies; stuffed chicken breast with jamon, feta, Italian parsley, panko crust, lemon caper butter; crabcakes with tomato-caper remoulade; flatbread pizza with chorizo, mango, jalapeno, manchego, portabella, cilantro; baked artichoke hearts, spinach, honeyed goat cheese, almonds, bell peppers; wasabi-pea encrusted salmon with soy ginger glaze; chicken satay with spicey peanut sauce; cucumber salad; caper pesto shrimp, mushroom ravioli, sundried tomato crème; blackened hanger steak, with blue cheese fondue; peppercorn-encrusted flatiron steak with mushrooms brandy cream; seared maple leaf farms duck breast with cherry-tangerine chutney; grilled pork tenderloin with apple-cippolini onion chutney; trio of mini Kobe beef burgers with feta cheese, caper remoulade; seared black sesame-encrusted yellowfin tuna & seaweed salad.


Grilled Ham Steak Tony's Famous Grill Goshen, Indiana


Eggplant Parmigiana Tony's Famous Grill Goshen, Indiana



 Pad Thai Pork Kelly Jae's Cafe Goshen, Indiana




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    Bonneyville Mill Bonneyville Mill Elkhart, Indiana
    The Bonneyville Mill was started in the mid 1830s as a grist mill, producing quality stone ground flour for over a century and a half, with their historical guides taking more than 30,000 visitors through this historical mill every year, as the huge grist stones grind the grains that end up on our tables in various ways. Stand a moment to feel the large stones grinding away underneath your feet, grinding out corn, wheat, oats and other grains that have become part of our diet in so many ways. Just across from the mill sits the gift shop that sells many unique historical and natural items that will add so much to your own home. The mill sits in the midst of the Bonneyville Mill Country Park and was started by Edward Bonney in the mid 1830s, when he would have a vision of a fast growing city that had been centered around the grist mill and saw mill that sat beside the Little Elkhart River. Edward choose the spot he would construct his mill, because of its close proximity to the Toldedo/Chicago trail and the navigable St. Joseph River that gave access to the commerce that surrounded Lake Michigan. As the railroads began to grow and connect much of the nation, it would bypass the Bonneyville area and a proposed canal system would never go farther than the idea, which would crush Bonney's idea of an urban center. He would sell the mill and go into the tavern business, but later accused of counterfeiting and forcing him to leave the area very quickly. As the rest of the nation went into the new age with their mills, the Bonney mill would stay the same, instead deciding to stay a progressive mill of the Civil War era and serve just the local farmers and merchants. During the depression, the mill would be incorporated into the Bonneyville Power and Electric company in 1932, and provide power to 45 customers, as well as producing livestock feed, fertilizer, popcorn, custom grinding and also grinding the famous buckwheat pancake flour. That would continue until the early 1950s, when the advanced technologies and legislation would force them to sell out. The mill would be bought by the Elkhart County Chapter of Michiana Watershed, Inc. in 1968 and given to the Elkhart County Park and Recreation Board in 1969; becoming listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

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    Goshen Historical Society MuseumGoshen Historical Society Museum Goshen, Indiana
    The Goshen Historical Society Museum is located in the old Hawkins house in Goshen, Indiana that also houses the offices of the Goshen Historical Society and interesting collections that pertain to the history of the town and surrounding areas. The house had been christened "The Anchorage" when the Hawkins family moved in during the 1940s, although the house would be over a century by then having been constructed as a farmhouse. The anchorage is just one of four houses that were built of stone during the period, but there are now only three that remain. It has been said that Benjamin Thacker was the first owner that had the house constructed between 1825 and 1830 using limestone that had been quarried from O'Bannon Creek, with walls that were 10 to 12 inches thick and chimney located on the interior to add more warmth to the house in those cold hard winters when the winds would blow off Lake Michigan creating that famous lake effect that seemed to double the cold and snow in the winters. Originally, the house had three rooms upstairs and downstairs, along with a big "keeping" room, using three fireplaces on the first floor and one on the second. Underneath the house there would be a large basement built of rocks. Doctor Daniel Lyman would live there during the late 19th century until his passing in 1910, after he had added three rooms for a laboratory and office that was called a surgery at the back of the house. As more owners took possession, there would be more alterations and additions, but none of them would ever change the house's architectural integrity. The society would restore the house in 1993, and move into the anchorage that is now a historical museum.

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    Elkhart County CourthouseElkhart County Courthouse Goshen, Indiana
    The Elkhart County Courthouse was constructed in 1833, after the county seat was moved to Goshen from the countyseat in Concord Township after the territory became a state, which would be made of brick and designed by Jacob Studebaker. The second courthouse would also be made of brick and finished in 1870, adding more spaces to the growing county, in a renaissance revival style. In 1909, it would be remodeled taking away the south end tower and dome, while adding a north and south wings, with a new central dome and tower that would house the original 1870 clock and then listed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1980. Even though Elkhart is much bigger than Goshen, it was more centralized in the county when they decided to make it the county seat. The courthouse is situated in the heart of the town, at the intersection of Main and Lincoln, where the Lincoln Highway had run through. It is a magnificent structure, with marvelous grounds that include the Neptune Fountain, as well as the county war memorial. The courthouse is probably the best place to park your vehicle and walk around the quiet town that vibrates with the past, present and future, in the forms of stores, museums and other historical sites. Because it sits along the Lincoln Highway, the courthouse has become a great local landmark and has survived the years of growth and economic roller coaster.

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    Goshen Carnegie LibraryGoshen Carnegie Library Goshen, Indiana
    The first Carnegie library in Goshen, Indiana would be constructed in 1903, with grants obtained from Andrew Carnegie, along with public donations, tax levies and land purchase that would meet with Carnegie's grant conditions, and designed by the architectural firm of Patton & Miller from Chicago. It was beaux-arts style structure that would continue to be the town library until 1968, and then be used for commercial and nonprofits. It would become listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, and after extensive restorations, it would be reopened in 2001, with city offices. Some of the best original features would be retained that included the domed rotunda, fireplaces and decorative marble. Carnegie would construct 1,679 libraries in the United States during the Great Depression, putting men and women to work, that not only helped them live and keep some dignity, it would also help the cities and towns that reap the benefits of his outstanding philanthropy. The state of Indiana would be the state that constructed more libraries with his money than any of the others, with a majority of those structures still standing today, although many are used for other purposes now. The library would open with 3000 volumes when a library was probably the most important public facility in any town, or city, although many people would argue that a movie theater was more important, since during that period of our history, not everyone could read and write, with many children having to stay at home and work the farm; which of course was more important during the era than reading or writing. Food on the table has always been the most important thing for a working man to have.

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