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Billings  Airport Billings Logan Field Billings
Billings (BIL)

Bozeman Arpt #5 Gallatin Field Airport Belgrade Bozeman
Bozeman (BZN)

Missoula  Airport 9 Johnson Bell Field Missoula
Missoula (MSO)

Great Falls  Airport 2800 Terminal Drive Great Falls
Great Falls (GTF)

Glacier - Int'l Airport 4170 Highway 2 East Kalispell Glacier
Glacier (FCA)

 - Downtown 2000 W. Broadway Missoula
Missoula (2DS) Missoula

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Holter Museum of Art

Holter Museum of ArtThe small city of Helena has a rare gem that one wouldn’t expect to find in this kind of area. The exceptional Holter Museum of Art is a large building that can be found near the center of town. It has spacious rooms which house unique and refreshing exhibits for all ages. However the museum has one particular interest that surpasses the rest, its pursuit of art. The impressive collections that can be found here have been collected from all around the world. Most of the art has a western style theme and focuses on the late eighteenth century era. However several exhibits have been completely dedicated to local artists. These professional artists have the opportunity to show off their fantastic art to critics and enthusiasts alike! With so much to see in this museum it is a must for anyone passing through the area! This very serious and sensational museum is a fun and inexpensive way to spend a day in the Helena area, be sure to stop by the gift shop to look at some of the local artwork that is for sale!

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Helena Regional Airport - HLN  2850 Skyway DR, Helena, Montana

Great Falls Intl Airport - GTF  2800 Terminal Way, Great Falls, Montana

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1735 W. Main St Bozeman [BZ2]  Online reservations
West Yellowstone Airport [WYS] Online reservations
26 9th St. Great Falls [GT3]  Online reservations
3115 Broadway Missoula [MS6]  Online reservations
Tillerman Motors in Havre [HVR]  Online reservations
519 W. Broadway in Lewistown [LW8]
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Bozeman Airport [BZN]  Online reservations
W. Yellowstone on Dunraven [WY1] 
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Bert Mooney Airport [BTM]  Online reservations
Logan Field in Billings [BIL]  Online reservations
803 Spokane Ave in Whitefish [FC2] 
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Johnson Bell Field Missoula [MSO]  Online reservations
Glasgow Airport [GGW]  Online reservations
Glacier Park Intl. Airport [FCA]  Online reservations

Last Chance Tours

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Dollar Billings Airport
Dollar Belgrade Bozeman Airport
Dollar Columbia Falls Kalispell Airport
Dollar Whitefish Downtown
Dollar East Glacier Downtown
Dollar Kalispell Downtown
Dollar Missoula Airport
Dollar Hamilton Missoula


Helena was inadvertently founded by 4 men, all from Georgia and known in the history books as the “Four Georgians”. These four men, rather desperate after searching throughout western Montana for gold and finding nothing, stumbled into the area that is now Helena. That night, on July 14th, 1864, the men decided to take one last chance in mining the nearby creek. As luck and fate would have it, the men found gold that evening. They named the stream they found the gold in, appropriately enough, Last Chance Gulch.
Word soon got out about the gold strike and, seemingly overnight, Helena became a boom town. In just a few short years, several hundred businesses had opened up shop in Helena and more than 3000 people called Helena home. Moreover, many of the previous mining strikes in Helena were beginning to play out. As such, many of the miners in these areas gravitated towards Helena.
The name Helena for the new town did not arrive overnight. Initially, the new town was called Crabtown, named after one of the four Georgians who found gold. Soon, though, other names were bounced around, including Pumpkinville and Squashtown. However, many of the miners were from Minnesota. These miners soon began to call the town after another town in Minnesota, called Saint Helena. This was soon shortened to Helena, which is the name today.
Montana became a territory of the United States in 1864. A territorial capitol was established in Virginia City, which was right next to Bannack. Bannack was the first major gold strike town in Montana, being established just a few years earlier in 1862.
However, with the boom in Helena and the influx of miners from the Bannack gold strike, it was decided to move the territorial capitol to Helena in 1875. This was a fateful move, as it pretty much sealed the demise of Virginia City (which would decline into a ghost town once the gold ran out) while setting up Helena for future growth and development. Somewhat oddly, the capitol building itself was located about 1 mile away from Last Chance Gulch (which sits deep down in a canyon), with the capitol building perched on the lower elevations of a large hill that lies to the west of town. In 1883, the Northern Pacific railroad arrived in Helena, further fueling the cities growth. Moreover, with the establishment of the territorial capitol in Helena, the city began a slow move away from a typical mining town – and prevented the collapse of the town when the gold ran out in Last Chance Gulch.

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