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Things to do in Helsinki

    Fortress of Suomenlinna Fortress of Suomenlinna Helsinki, Finland
    This incredible fort is located on six islands in the city of Helsinki, Finland and has become a World Heritage Site that is very popular with the locals and tourists that visit here. It had been called different names until 1918, when it would become the Castle of Finland or Suomenlinna because of patriotic and nationalistic feelings; although it is often still referred to as Viapori by the Finns. The Swedish monarchy would begin the construction of this huge fortress in 1748 so that it could be protected against Russian invasions hoping to expand their horizons. Its original plans would be influenced by Vauban, the finest military engineer of that period, using a star fort style of architecture, even though it would be situated on six islands. Besides the fort, there are seafaring fortifications on the mainland that would stop any beach head invasions by their enemies. The plans included munitions warehouses that would hold all the munitions for the Royal Swedish Navy and the Swedish Army. The Finnish War would see the surrender of the fortress to Russia, in 1808, which would be the start of Russian occupation in 1809. When the fort's construction began, Finland was still part of Sweden, and it's construction would lead to the growth and importance of the city. Today, the fortress is one of the most popular attractions in the country, with many gorgeous areas for picnics and exploring, with some 713,000 people visiting there in 2009. There are numerous museums located on the islands and the last Finnish submarine, and is still considered a part of the city of Helsinki. The Naval Academy of the Finnish Navy is located there, as well as a minimum security labor colony, with the inmates working on the maintenance and reconstruction of the fortress. The site is accessible by ferry only, so they run constantly back and forth. A tunnel was constructed in 1982 to bring in supplies, water, electricity and heat, and during the start of the 1990s, the tunnel would be modified to allow it to be used for emergencies.

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Helsinki Vantaa Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 Helsinki Vantaa Apt.
Budget Car Rental Helsinki - Malminkatu 24

Local Restaurants in Helsinki

    Restaurant Palace
    Entrees; roasted turbot with spinach ravioli & caper beurre blanc; marbled beef pan fried in thyme butter, roasted parsnip puree & cognac sauce; roasted duck with green pepper, parmesan polenta & dark raspberry sauce; fillet of venison cooked in low temperature with pan-fried foie gras & truffle sauce; lightly smoked salmon with marinated cucumber & whole grain mustard crème; almond financier with cloudberry & Eiswein.

    The Savoy
    Entrees; Savoy's vorschmack; pike a la Mannerheim; veal Baltico; roasted whitefish with fennel potatoes & langoustine-hollandaise; white asparagus polonaise; grilled marbled beef with spring veggies & aioli; cold smoked salmon from piipanoja with white asparagus; organic lamb from archipelago with truffle seasoned potato puree & garlic sauce; cuttlefish with crispy chorizo & aioli; citrus-marinated salmon with shrimps; slow-braised corn-fed pork with caramelized apples & whole grain mustard; spicy aubergine & smoked sweet pepper with tomato vinaigrette; whole roasted pigeon with butternut squash puree & sherry sauce. 

Roasted Turbot Restaurant Palace Helsinki, Finland


Whole Roasted Pigeon The Savoy Helsinki, Finland


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Hertz Rental Cars Helsinki Railway Station-- Elielinaukio 3
Helsinki Hertz Car Rental -- Mannerheimintie 44
Hertz Rental Car Espoo-- Keilaranta 17
Helsinki Hertz Car Rental -- Puusepankatu 2

    Rock Church Rock Church Helsinki, Finland
    TThe Temppeliaukio Church is Lutheran and located in the Toolo neighborhood of Helsinki, Finland, designed by brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen, opening in 1969. The temple square had been chosen as early as the 1930s, with an architectural plan to construct the huge magnificent church that had been won by J. S. Siren, but it would be interrupted in the early stages by WWII that started here in 1939. Another contest would be held after the war that was won by the two brothers' architectural firm in 1961. They started building it in 1968 and it was finished for consecration in September 1969. The interior had to be excavated from the rock, although it is filled with natural light that comes into it through the glazed dome. It has been used for numerous concerts because of the fantastic acoustics that seems to flow naturally around the rock surfaces that had not been worked on. Originally, the rock surfaces were to be covered, but after more concerted investigation by the brothers, they discovered that their plan could be fulfilled by leaving the rock exposed. It has become one of the most popular destinations in the city, with some 500,000 visitors coming here every year; located in the heart of the city. The furnishings of the church were also designed by the two brothers, while Veikko Virtanen would design and build the organ that has 43 stops. There aren't any bells, so a recording was made by Taneli Kuusisto that is played through loudspeakers in the exterior walls.

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Avis Discounts

Helsinki Vantaa Apt. Avis Car Rental  - Vantaa
AvAvis Car Rental Hotel Helka
- Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 23
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- Vejekset Laakonen
Avis Car Rental Laakkonen Hki - Vejekset Laakonen

    National Museum of FinlandNational Museum of Finland Helsinki, Finland
    TThe National Museum of Finland provides the history of the nation from its stone age beginnings to the current day, with many relics and cultural history, in a Finnish National Romantic style structure that is located in the heart of the city and works with the National Board of Antiquities. Its permanent exhibits have been separated into six galleries, with outstanding and beautiful collections of silver, coins, weapons, medals, jewelry and orders and decorations. Its prehistory display is the biggest permanent archaeological exhibition in the country, along with others that showcase the development of Finn society and culture from the Middle Ages 12th century to the 20th century. The Land and Its People is another excellent display that depicts the Finnish folk culture from the 18th and 19th centuries, about the life of the countryside before it became industrialized. Their 20th century exhibit presents the independent Finland, with its united and international culture. The newest department is the VINTTI or easy history, with marvelous interactive exhibits, where visitors can discover the history of the nation and its unique culture with their minds and hands. Other collections include the Mesa Verde relics from the cliff dwellings of Colorado, dedicated to the museum by the Swedish speaking Finn explorer, Gustaf Nordenskiold. It is considered the most comprehensive display of Mesa Verde objects that exist outside the US, and one of the biggest collections of Native Americana that exists outside of the American continents. The main entrance has ceiling frescoes about the Kalevala that was painted by Akseli Gallen-Kallela that is available for viewing without entering the museum itself and thus free to enjoy. These beautiful frescoes were painted in 1928, and based on the frescoes painted by Gallen-Kallela for the Finn pavilion of the Paris World Fair in 1900. The structure that houses the museum was designed by Herman Gesellius, Eliel Saarinen and Armas Lindgren, and reflects the influence of the nation's churches and castles. It was constructed from 1905 to 1910, and opened in 1916.

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