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Things to do in Hialeah

    Holocaust Memorial - Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach, Florida
    The Holocaust Memorial was thought of by holocaust survivors in 1984, started in 1985 and is located on Miami Beach, Florida, designed by Kenneth Treister. It opened officially in 1990 with Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel as the guest speaker, and is the memorial for those souls that were destroyed by the Nazi regime in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s as this group tried to completely wipe out the Jewish race. In 2007, Daniel Pearl, murdered journalist was added to the memorial as the first non-holocaust victim by his father, Judea Pearl, who stated that he was added as a gesture of the forces of evil and barbarity still alive and thriving in this world. It is a solemn and thought provoking monument, full of memories of the six million Jewish people that were led to their slaughter, during the worst war of history and mankind. The holocaust web site is a unique shadow of those that were lost, and the magnificent attempt to show the world what it means to the descendants and survivors of that horrible period, and meant to help the world, as if they really needed it, never forget the terrible destruction that man can commit against his fellow man regardless of the consequences or reasons. The committee was formed in 1984, dedicated and devoted to creating a permanent memorial to the memory of those six million victims and became a nonprofit organization in 1985. Kenneth Treister was the architect and sculptor of this incredible monument. It was dedicated and opened to the public and world in February 1990. The initial sculpture is a mother hovering over her two small children, frightened horribly, as the first signs of the holocaust appear. It is framed by Anne Frank's message, "that in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart." The Arbor of History is a beautiful and meaningful semicircular colonnade of Jerusalem stone columns supporting a wooden arbor of white bougainvillea vines. Following the arbor are an array of black granite slabs, etched with the photographs of the tortured history. Professor Helen Fagin, the site's historian, wrote the beautiful introduction and captions. The Garden of Meditation is spectacular, serene and peaceful garden, dedicated to the memory of the marvelous European culture before the unbelievable war and the six million Jews, gone forever, but certainly not forgotten. It is made up of Jerusalem stone set in a plaza style with a 200 foot diameter water lily pond, semicircular colonnade and arbor, mentioned above, sitting against a backdrop of thick green palms, with a lone hand and forearm coming out of the center of the pond pointing towards God. The Dome of Contemplation is next, followed by the Lonely Path, the Sculpture of Love and Anguish, the arm and hand aforementioned with tattoo of the number of Auschwitz. The sculpture has a number of vignettes surrounding it of tormented figures clinging hopefully against the skin trying desperately to escape the slaughter, with family members trying to help their children climb to the safety of heaven. There is a sad Memorial Wall of black granite panels that have the names of the millions murdered etched in the dark stone, submitted by their loved relatives and families. The last and final sculpture marks an end to this journey, with the same mother and two children that were at the beginning, now gone, by framed again by the words of Anne, "ideals, dream and cherished hopes rise within us only to meet the horrible truths and be shattered."

    Amelia Earhart Park
    Amelia Earhart Park Hialeah, FloridaThe Amelia Earhart Park, located just north of Hialeah, Florida is owned and managed by the Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation department with many activities to enjoy. There are bike trails, fishing off the banks of the marvelous lake located there, skateboarding, rollerblading, running, walking to enjoy the sights of the park, jogging and more. The bike trails are one of the best in South Florida that offer exciting rides for bikers of all ages and skills. The 7 or 8 mile trek is lined with old pine trees that offer some shade in the heat of the park, usually 7 or 8 months of the year, offering sand or gravel runs that include single-track and fire road trails that contain a bunch of drops, rises, high speeds and numerous banked corners to excite the biker with a more challenging ride. Hurricane Wilma came ashore in 2005 and knocked down and over many of the trees which ended up on the trails, but these were soon cleared and the trails opened again. The biking club, In Da House, constructed the majority of the trails so that they would be more family oriented and friendly, especially for those youngsters just starting out for their first ride. The trails are also maintained by the club, which helps keep the park cleaner and less costly for the parks department. There is a wonderful farm village called Bill Graham Farm Village that takes you back into the historic past of the region and contains many outstanding features. A demonstration shed has been installed that offers visitors the opportunity to watch sheep shearing, cow-milking, horseshoeing and livestock judging, as well as a great petting zoo, pony ring, sugar cane press and exhibit hall. A country store, air conditioned of course, is available on the premises with many types of drinks and snacks, and a unique insect museum that will help you learn about the many bugs that thrive in the warm Florida environment. The Bark Park, a five acre fenced in area for dogs was completed in 2002, and houses many features for the dogs and their owners. It is paved, with watering holes and fountains, a spray fountain, shade trees and waste dispenser stations. Another feature that was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma is the skate park, that hasn't been restored as of yet. The park has a marvelous 18 disc golf course that was almost completely destroyed by Wilma, but was quickly redesigned and finished, with a watering hole, and a gorgeous forest; and the world Disc Golf championships were played here in 2001.

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    Zoological Society of FloridaZoological Society of Florida Miami, Florida
    The Miami Zoo started in 1948 as the Crandon Park Zoo, sits on 53 and a half acres on the south edge of Crandon Park in Key Biscayne, began when three monkeys, two black bear and a goat were bought for $270 from a little road show that had been stranded by Miami. During 1955 and 1956, the Children's Zoo started in the park zoo and the zoological society of Florida is born. By 1965, the zoo has become one of the biggest in the country with over 1000 animals that represent 380 different species. That same year, Hurricane Betsy arrives with a furry and covers the majority of the zoo with three feet of water and kills 250 animals; this creates a discussion about the future of the zoo and if it should be moved to Dade County. By 1967, the animal population has risen to 1200, and it is now among the top 25 zoos in the nation; and gets worldwide acclaim for the first successful captive birth and raising of an aardvark. The zoo acquires a pair of Asian elephants, named Dahlip and Seetna, who after growing mature enough produce two babies of their own, another unique occasion among zoos. During 1968, the zoo gets a white tiger, the second to come to this country, and in 1970, acquires a pair of Indian rhinos, the rarest types of animals to ever arrive here. The same year it gets the first Key deer that was ever removed from the Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge. Also, and equally important, the society learns that the Richmond Naval Air Station land becomes available, so in December, the county inquires about the 600 acres lot to create a new zoo there. The next year, well known artist T. A. Strawser is commissioned to create a master plan and model for the proposed zoo. As the marvelous history of the zoo continues to unfold, and more animals are acquired and birthed, it grows in devotion to the county and the millions of visitors that come here to see this magnificent zoo and the many beautiful animals that call this home. Today, the zoo is home to more than 2000 animals and over 1200 exotic plants that have created such a majestic natural environment that both visitors and residents appreciate all the hard work and dedication that has been given freely to them. The zoo's commitment to worldwide conservation is well known and continues the love and attention given to our animals friends.   

     Hialeah Racetrack
    Hialeah Racetrack Hialeah, Florida
    The Hialeah Park Race Track that is found in Hialeah, Florida is also known as the Hialeah Park, the Miami Jockey Club, that it was originally called, or the Hialeah Race Track, and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988, and one of the oldest existing recreational institutions in southern Florida. It all started in 1921, when well known aviator pioneer Glenn Curtiss and partner James Bright started the Miami Jockey Club and opened the Hialeah race track in 1925. It was quite damaged in a hurricane in 1926 and by 1930 had been sold to rich Philadelphian horseman Joseph E. Widener. Joe invited Kentucky horseman Col. Edward R. Bradley to become an investor, and he hired architect Lester W. Geisler to design a beautiful new grandstand and renaissance revival clubhouse as well as landscaped gardens with native plants and a lovely lake inside the infield that Joe stocked with flamingos. It became acclaimed as one of the most magnificent racetracks in the world, and opened in January, 1932. They acquired an Australian totalisator so that they could accept pari-mutuel betting, and became the first venue in the United States where this device was installed. It soon became so famous for the gorgeous flamingos that lived in the lake that it became a sanctuary for the American flamingo by the Audubon Society. The Flamingo Stakes was one of the original races hosted here, a forerunner to the Kentucky Derby for 3 year olds, and the Widener Handicap, one of the most prestigious races of its day, one of the finest races for 4 year olds and older that was compared to the Santa Anita Handicap in California. In 1987, the movie, Let It Ride, starring Richard Dreyfus, Jennifer Tilly and Terri Garr, had the majority of its filming done at Hialeah. It was mentioned in Public Enemies, but the scenes were done in the Midwest. In 2001, it stopped hosting racing when the law was changed, and owner John Brunetti closed the park in May, 2001. The state's division of pari-mutuel wagering revoked their thoroughbred license since it hadn't had any races during the prior two years, and it stayed the way it was until 2007, when the stables were demolished. The year before, it had been thought about for a new Florida Marlins stadium; but, then in 2009, it became known that owner John had been awarded a racing permit and that started a $40 to 90 million renovation project that started in mid 2009. In May of 2009, the state legislature made a deal with the Seminole Tribe of Florida that would allow them to put slot machines in the park and have quarter horse races.

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Local Restaurants in Hialeah

    Delicious de Espana
    Appetizers; eggplant on the grill; liver with garlic sautéed; grilled razor clams; veal gizzards stew. Soup; cold vegetable soup, cream of seafood, vegetable soup, Madrid style stew, Galicia style stew. Entrees; rice with lobster, grilled trout with garlic sautéed, squid in ink, Jewfish in green sauce, grilled gilthead bream, rabbit stew Awsturian style, battered hake, oven roasted fresh pork hock, assorted meat on the grill, sirloin steak in garlic sauce, clams in marinara sauce, tripe Madrid style, faba beans asturian stew, faba beans with seafood, eggs flamenca style, lentils stew, hake in sauce, seafood paella.  Tapas; serrano ham, manchego cheese, chorizo & olives tray; potato salad, octopus in vinaigrette, shrimps in vinaigrette; layered smoked salmon; ali-oli potatoes, tuna roll-up, octopus & shrimp in vinaigrette, fresh anchovies in garlic & olive oil; Spanish potato omelet; empanada; chorizo in cider; Spanish omelet stuffed with ham & cheese.

    Zuperpollo International Restaurant
    With exposed beams, sparkling china, hanging
    Appetizers; homemade chicken soup with veggies & angel hair pasta; turnovers stuffed with meat or chicken; pickled chicken served with potato salad; beef tongue vinaigrette; rolled veal with veggies served with potato salad; slices of prosciutto with potato salad; pickled eggplant with potato salad; hearts of palm with golf sauce with potato salad; slice of provolone grilled with bacon, oregano & tomato. From the grill; flap steak; top sirloin steak; skirt steak; top sirloin with eggs, potato salad & French fries; 22oz. flank steak stuffed with bacon, ham, cheese, garlic & parsley; top sirloin stuffed with spinach, ham, cheese & bacon; 24oz. choice T-bone; English cut short ribs; sweetbread; sausages; blood sausage. Poultry; famous rotisserie chicken; chicken cooked with fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onions & spices; chicken cooked in tomato sauce; chicken sautéed in white wine & garlic; grilled chicken with lemon; chicken sautéed in spicy tomato sauce; chicken sautéed with olive oil, fresh garlic & parsley; chicken sautéed with curry, fresh tomatoes & onions. Specialties; catch of the day in special batter; catch of the day sautéed with fresh onions, tomatoes & white wine; fish fillet on the grill; fried shrimps; shrimps sautéed in white wine & garlic or curry sauce; breaded steak beef or chicken; breaded steak with eggs; breaded steak with tomato sauce, ham & mozzarella; eggplant parmigiana; Peruvian style strip steak with rice & fries; Uruguayan specialty made to order with thin steak, bacon, ham, cheese & hard boiled eggs.

Grilled Garlic Steak Delicious de Espana Hialeah, Florida


Grilled Gilthead Bream Delicious de Espana Hialeah, Florida

 Grilled Flap Steak Zuperpollo Intl. Restaurant Hialeah, Florida

Sauteed Chicken Curry Zuperpollo Intl. Restaurant Hialeah, Florida

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    Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Miami, Florida
    Vizcaya, or today, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, is the magnificent villa and estate of businessman James Deering, one of the Deering McCormick-International Harvester fortune heirs, that constructed this beautiful villa on Biscayne Bay in the Coconut Grove district of Miami, Florida. This gorgeous estate contains marvelous and splendid Italian renaissance gardens, a historic buildings complex, native and natural wooded landscapes and the waterfront property that has a fabulous view of the area and bay. Constructed in the early 20th century, the estate was influenced by the Veneto and Tuscan Italian renaissance models and then designed in a Mediterranean revival architectural style under the direction of Paul Chalfin. The Miami-Dade county is the owner of this spectacular estate, that is open to the public and served by the Metrorail at the Vizcaya Station. The property originally held 180 acres of shoreline mangrove swamps and thick inland native tropical trees, and since Deering was a conservationist, he insisted that the ensuing development save as many natural oasis's as possible. This development included the massive villa, the large lagoon gardens, potager and grazing fields, village services complex, new islets and recreational facilities. It was mainly built during the years 1914 to 1919, with the outer amenities continuing to be constructed until 1923. In WWI, building supplies and tradesmen were hard to find in the southern parts of Florida, but it was done, and it is also notable for adapting the unique European aesthetic traditions to the subtropical ecoregions of the southern area of the state. The builders were able to blend the imported French and Italian garden layouts and elements with wonderful Cuban limestone stonework with the Floridian coral trim and planted sub-tropic compatible and native plants that would thrive in the austere habitat and environment. Deering used his winter residence from 1919 to his passing in 1925, which is quite unfortunate, since he had spent more time in preparing and building his estate than he did living there. He died in September, 1925, on the steamship SS City of Palms that was headed back to the US, and the incredible estate was then passed down to his two nieces, Marion Chauncey Deering McCormick and Ely Deering McCormick Danielson. These two women would eventually start selling off the surrounding land lots and outer gardens over the years, as hurricanes and rising maintenance costs necessitated it. The ladies donated a major part of the estate to the Catholic archdiocese of St. Augustine, Florida in 1945 and Miami's Mercy Hospital, with only 50 acres that encompassed the villa remaining. The county acquired the property in 1952, although it needed some significant repairs, for a million dollars. The heirs donated the furnishings and antiquities to the county-museum, and the estate opened in 1953 as the Dade County Art Museum. The estate is now still 50 acres, with 10 of those acres being the Italian renaissance formal gardens and 40 acres circulation and native hammock or jungle forests. The villa's museum houses more than 70 rooms of magnificent architectural interiors that are decorated with many antiques, but especially those from the 15th to the 19th centuries of European decorative artworks and furnishings. This beautiful location was where President Ronald Reagan met with Pope John Paul II when he made his first visit to Miami, and in 1994, was the First Summit of the Americas held by then President Bill Clinton.

    Barnacle Historic State Park
    Barnacle Historic State Park Biscayne Bay, FloridaThe Barnacle Historic State Park sits proudly on 5 acres squeezed into a space between developments that flank it, and is located on Biscayne Bay in Coconut Groove, Miami, Florida, where it was built in 1891. That makes it the oldest house that is still sitting on its original foundation in Miami-Dade County and was the former house of Ralph Middleton Munroe, one of the grove's founder and commodore of the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club. He had a reputable name in the construction of sailing yachts, and the last 5 acres and house were obtained by the Florida Park Service in 1973. Ralph first came to Florida in 1877 on a vacation from New York, and on his next trip brought his second wife, who was suffering from tuberculosis. Sadly, the cure that had been procured for her didn't work and she passed on. Her body is interred in Coconut Grove, and Ralph continued to come here until 1887, when he figured he would settle in Biscayne Bay. He bought 40 acres of land that sat on the bay for $400 and one of his sailboats, the Kingfish, that had a value of $400 also. He constructed his boathouse in 1887 and lived on the top floor until his main house could be finished in 1891. The house is a one story building, but raised up off the ground with wood pilings, and the central room was an octagon. Ralph called his home, the Barnacle since it sort of looked like one, but no one is really sure. It stayed a bungalow until 1908, when he had to enlarge it for his new family. The entire house was lifted and a new first floor installed underneath it, and in 1912 he had a library added. In 1926, a terrific hurricane came through the area, but his house survived and then again in 1992, when the horrific Andrew came blowing ashore and did extensive damage to the entire region. His biggest passion in life was designing yachts, and were the main type of transportation in those days; as well as being a popular sport, for the rich. Many people from the region commissioned him to design their yachts, and in 1887, a group had gotten together to form the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, and elected Ralph the commodore. He would hold that title for 22 years and during his life, designed 56 various yachts. Micco, one of his final designs was being showcased at the park when Andrew stormed ashore and torn the 101 year old yacht to pieces. A replicated modified sharpie, name Egret, sits there now.

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    Historical Museum of Southern FloridaHistorical Museum of Southern Florida
    HistoryMiami was known as the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, and is the most significant cultural facility in Miami, Florida that is devoted to preserving, collecting, organizing and celebrating the history of this marvelous city that became known as the crossroads of the Americas. Utilizing city tours, research, educational lectures, exhibitions, collections and publications, the museum strives to assist the public in learning about this important city and its past that has helped shaped it presence and future. The museum sits in a 40,000 square foot space in downtown Miami with displays on two floors; containing "Tropical Dreams: A People's History of South Florida" on the top floor, which is a permanent display about the first 12,000 years of its history. The main floor lobby houses two galleries that change temporary displays and the gift shop. It houses the Archives and Research Center that holds historical photographs and other documents that have become great resources for industry professionals, distant learners and scholars. On the lowest level, there are classrooms used for lectures, admin offices, educational programs and a portion of the object collection. Altogether, the museum contains more than 13,000 relics in its collections. It has also become the historical repository for all the archaeological materials that have been discovered in the county. There are some exciting temporary exhibits going on right now that will be there until the end of August that include; Crime in Miami that showcases the infamous moments of the city's crime that include the prohibition-era rumrunners and gangsters like Al Capone, unsolved murders from the 1950s and the drug wars of the 1980s. Using photographs, documents and artifacts that will inform you and even surprise you about this city's unusual past. Another is the Film Screening: Scene of the Crime that tells about the crime that lives on in the city today. It is a great venue to learn more or anything about this unique city in the south of Florida that is indicative yet different than all other cities in the state.

    Gold Coast Railroad Museum
    Gold Coast Railroad Museum Miami, FloridaThe Gold Coast Railroad Museum is located in Miami, Florida, in the old Naval Air Station Richmond that started in 1956, and contains more than three miles of track, in an area that was almost made for this unique and special museum about the iron horse that helped bring this country closer together in so many ways. One of the most significant displays is the Presidential car, the Ferdinand Magellan, with a large number of rail transport modeling. It is, in fact, one of the few railroad museum in the nation that offer rides, and its history is quite unusual as well.  It is a great read, something else for you to peruse when you visit the museum, but it is very interesting and great use of public land that had been government used. During the 1950s, about the time the museum was getting started, the US Sugar Company based in Clewiston, Florida, had some steam engines that it was thinking about retiring, and after much consideration, number 153 was chosen to be donated to the University of Miami. So, in 1957, the museum was able to acquire a great steam engine. During the next year, more equipment was added, with a Seaboard Air Line Jim Crow combine car, and later that year, an Apalachicola Northern Blue caboose was added, number X3. In April of 1958, the former Presidential Pullman, Ferdinand Magellan was declared surplus by the government, which was a armor plated railcar used by Presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower. The college found out about the car and knew that any items going on the surplus list would be offered to the 48 states that was interested. Since no other state had shown an interest in the splendid car, the state of Florida was able to obtain it, and in 1959, the famous car arrived at the university, and it is quite the catch, although there isn't any markings that state that it was a former US car #1, but that didn't matter since they knew and the visitors coming to see the marvelous car would.

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    Deering Estate at CutlerDeering Estate at Cutler Miami, Florida
    Charles Deering was the son of William and Abbey Reed Barbour Deering and was born in 1852 in South Paris, Maine. William, the co-founder of Deering, Miliken & Company, a dry-goods wholesaler located in Portland, eventually stopped selling textiles and left to manage the E. H. Gammon's harvester manufacturing company in Plano, Illinois. In 1883, William bought out Gammon and moved the company to Chicago, so that he could bring in a newly created twine binder into his harvesting machine. In 1902, he merged his Deering Harvester Company with his chief competitor, McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, that would become the nucleus of the International Harvester Company. Charles had been the secretary of the company, and when they merged, he became the chairman of board of the new corporation and proceeded to head it from 1902 until 1910. Charles had grown up with a high regard for agriculture, and having an excellent business mind, soon began to appreciate the finer things in life, like fine arts. As Charles and his younger brother, James, started acquiring the great works of the old masters and other painters of their day, they began to amass an enormous collections of great artworks. James concentrated on the 15th to 19th century works for his illustrious mansion named Vizcaya, while Charles decided to fill his mansion in Sitges, Spain, as well as constructing the Stone House to hold his many acquisitions of Spanish masters, like Rembrandt, El Greico and Diego Velasquez. When he had finished his collection, he had more than 4000 pieces of art and owned one of the most significant collections of art in the world; which was appraised at $60 million in 1922. Now a famous connoisseur and art patron, Charles would sometimes befriend and support the work of many important artists, like John Singer Sargent and Anders Zorn. Sargent had actually encouraged Charles to try out a career in painting, since he would occasionally sketch and paint portraits of important figures. One such painting was on William Denison Whipple, the brevet Major General, US army, that now hangs in his library in the Stone House. It was completed by Charles in 1894. When Charles passed on, he gave his collection to his two daughters, Marion Deering McCormick and Barbara Deering Danielson, who in turn donated many of the works to the Art Institute of Chicago, in the years after their father's death. In fact, his brother James, who had no children of his own, sadly, left his magnificent collection to the ladies as well, which if they had been combined would undoubtedly been the most important and finest collection of artworks in the entire world. Charles passed on in 1927, and his daughters held on to the estate for another half century and then sold it to the state and Miami-Dade County; and we are so fortunate to have these two spectacular estates available to us today. Both estates are a very major attraction in the Miami-Dade region, if not in the entire state of Florida.

    Museum of Contemporary Art
    Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, FloridaThe Museum of Contemporary Art can be found in the middle of downtown North Miami, Florida, and the 23,000 square foot building was designed by Gwathmey Siegel and Associates, NY; and the local firm of Gelabert-Navia. It opened in 1996, and has become known as the museum where new art is discovered. Known around the nation and the world as MOCA, the museum and gallery is more like the influencer in new trends and directions in the world of contemporary art, creating their own exhibitions, blending the excitement of today's artists with those of yesterday. Visitors are enticed here by the permanent collections that are a showcase of the most significant changes in the world of contemporary art and sponsors a continual round of lectures and programs by well known artists and critics, outstanding performances, concerts and film screenings. Gaining respect and recognition for their innovative outreach and educational programs, the museum has opened the world of contemporary art to people of all ages, ethnicities and origins. In 2007, they announced plans for a large expansion and rejuvenation that will eventually triple their space and allow for more traffic to their permanent collections. The enlargement will include an education wing, more space for public programs, storage areas and improved public areas. The collections include works by such great artists as Dan Flavin, Pierre Huyghe, John Baldessari, Matthew Ritchie, Uta Barth, Jose Bedia, Dennis Oppenheim, Raymond Pettibon, Alex Katz, Anna Gaskel, John Bock, Edward Kienholz, Gary Simmons, Phillipe Parreno, Teresita Fernandez and Nam Jun Pak.

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    Miami Art MuseumMiami Art Museum Florida
    MAM or the Miami Art Museum opened in 1996 as the successor for the Center for the Fine Arts, and can be found in the downtown area of Miami, Florida that is devoted to contemporary arts in the Miami Cultural Plaza with the Miami-Dade Public Library and the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. There are plans in the works to move the museum to the Park West located in the Bicentennial Park along with the Miami Science Museum; that should be finished by 2013; with the museum currently welcoming more than 60,000 visitors each year.  Historically, the museum has been merely an exhibition hall, with outstanding contemporary works being shown, but without a core or nucleus collection to support the museum. Then, in 1995, the fine art center celebrated its tenth anniversary and decided to change things up a bit to further their immediate goals and to look towards the future of the city, the region and the museum, which then became the Miami Art Museum and would begin collecting artworks from the 20th and 21st centuries that wouldn't conflict with the many private collections in the area, the enable them to concentrate on the western hemisphere works of art that are easier and less costly to acquire. With that in mind, the museum began to acquire works of their choosing that amounted to almost 300 works by 2005, and by mid 2007 reached 500 marvelous works of art.

    Miccosukee Indian Village
    Miccosukee Indian Village Miami, FloridaThe history of the Miccosukees is much like many other Indian tribes in this country, that learned to adapt to the white man's ways to survive, and really started in 1821, when Spain sold the land that eventually would become Florida, to the United States. The tribe was living on the west coast of central Florida, when they had to escape to the Everglades to hide out, so that they wouldn't be deported as other Indian tribes had been, especially in the Florida region. Today's descendants from about 50 of those that did survive live in the tribal lands and number about 375 Miccosukee tribe members. To survive those hidden years in the glades, the group had to live in small groups in temporary quarters, using the native plants to construct their homes and get their main sustenance from fishing and hunting, as well as learn how to harvest the native fruits of the hammocks besides the cabbage palm and coontie of the higher areas. Corn, once a main staple with the meat and fish, had been important in tribal customs, but was difficult to grow in the hot environment, but in the 1870s, Miccosukee communities started to regroup and become noticed. Life was still hard for these early pioneers of the glades, but they were still good times, since they didn't really have to worry about adversaries, and the game was plentiful, with plenty of gator hides, feathers and deer hides. They could enter a small town and trade their hides and feathers for goods like tools, guns, clothing, coffee and salt. This memorable test of keeping separate but adaptable, would continue to the 1900s, but soon real estate booms brought settlers and businessman and others to the area, very fast. Miami soon blossomed almost overnight, and canals were created to drain the lands, and then the Tamiami Trail was cut off so that the natural flow of the glades changed. That also assisted the white settlers to be able to have a better access to the plentiful game living in the area, and the tribes were thrown into the 20th century in an instant, but most emphatically in 1947, when the US government started the Everglades National Park. This made their former lands off limits to them so that developments could be created, and they needed more money to live, get an education and other necessities that they would need to compete with the people that were arriving in crowds to settle in on their former lands. The tribal leaders knew that they had to do something or follow the way of other tribes and end up out in the western deserts where game and other natural resources were almost non-existent. They got outside help and after years of negotiations with the government were able to gain the Miccosukee Constitution of 1962; which officially recognized them and their heritage. In 1971, they were able to obtain their rights from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and once more learn to adapt their lifestyles with the white man's and compromise their values with the people that lived around them. They have education, health and public safety departments that they are managing and have learned to incorporate their methods with the white man's and kept their language, medicine and clans. To help themselves adapt better and to help the white man learn about these wonderful early Floridians, they have created the historical Miccosukee Indian Village.

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