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Things to do in High Point

    Mendenhall Plantation Mendenhall Plantation James, North Carolina
    The Mendenhall Plantation located in Jamestown, North Carolina was constructed in 1811, by Quaker Richard Mendenhall, originally from Pennsylvania, but moved to North Carolina country during the mid 1700s. Richard's grandfather, James had been one of the first settlers in this region and it is from his name that the town gets its name. This plantation is the interpretive center from the "other south", or those that didn't believe in slavery and had none. The house was constructed on two floors and a basement, with one major change during its history and that was done in 1840. The house and kitchen had been in use since 1812, when Richard brought his new bride, Mary Pegg to live there. It was occupied until 1957. It was plumbed and electricity added during the Chadwick family tenure, but the kitchen was never changed. The house has been renovated and it looks just as it did when the Mendenhalls lived here. The gathering room was part of the 1840s addition but it had been where the kitchen garden was located, since the stone walls of it were evident when the foundation walls were constructed. The new parlor as well was added in the 1840 enlargement, since the Mendenhalls eventually had eight children and many visitors and guests. The parlor has a wonderful wall portrait of William G. Ragsdale, who purchased the house from the Chadwicks in 1957 so that it would be preserved, and his widow, donated the property to the Historic Jamestown Society in 1985. Mary's quilting frame is still on display there, after all these years. The downstairs parlor was part of the original house with wide plank wood floors, original glass in the splayed windows, arches over the windows, thick outer walls and thin inner walls. The women of the house would make their cloth here, once the thread was spun, it would go onto the weasel, or skein winder, and when it was full, it would go "pop"; creating an old song that included the phrase, pop goes the weasel. The old hall parlor was the original parlor for gatherings with chair pegs on the walls and the quilting frame hanging from the ceiling, and since stairways were considered an awful waste of space, there is just a narrow curved stairway going up to the next floor. The master bedroom has a marvelous rope bed, created by Richard, with a tool on top to tighten the ropes when they became too loose. The ticking was sawdust or straw, so the old saying soon got around, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite, that is used caringly today. The middle bedroom may have been the nursery, but no one is sure.  All the bricks were hand made here, and laid in the Flemish bond laying style.  In the basement were several rooms that many believe was where Richard lived while he was building the remainder of the house, and some suggest, is where runaway slaves were hidden until they could be moved. However, it was against the law, so there weren't any records of these kinds of activities, and when the stricter law was passed in 1850, it would have been very difficult to hide them.

    Maize Adventure
    Maize Adventue High Point, North Carolina
    Sometimes owning a farm can be most difficult, especially with the economy, weather, seed storage, harvest and more storage and so on, causing the farmer to become a bit disgruntled about keeping the farm farming. Evidently the folks at the Maize Adventure in High Point, North Carolina have come up with an alternative, or perhaps a few, making this farm quite productive without trying to grow thousands or hundreds of acres of crops. The maize adventure is a marvelous way to spend the day, the farmer is missing and there are "clues" similar to the game of Clue, for you to find the farmer, the guilty animal and then find your way out of the incredible maize that you find yourself in. There are seven farm locations in the maize, with an animal, weapon and the location that you eliminate by finding that the farmer isn't there anymore. It makes the maize that much more exciting and interesting for visitors trying to solve the mystery and discover the truth. Part of the proceeds go towards the Guilford County Animal Shelter Trauma Center, so you are invited to bring your dogs with you, since there are many trails throughout the farmland that you and your best friend can wander. Another venture that the farmers have come up with is the new zipline, called Kersey Valley Zipline that takes you across the tops of the trees, for a mile and a half. Going one step farther, this farm has a gem dig, or rather flow, as water comes onto an eight foot wheel turning the water onto troughs that is where you put your bucket or bag of dirt and sift through it to discover any gems in it. You are guaranteed to find gems like, garnet, amethyst, tourmaline, sapphire, citrine, topaz or ruby, making this a very interesting alternative or just make it part of your day's adventure at the farm. Then there is the fossil digs, where you can find out if you are destined to become a paleontologist or maybe even a farmer. Just another one of the many ways to keep a farm running in the black, and a fun way to educate children and adults about the many alternatives to owning a large farm. They have a pumpkin patch also, summer camps, birthday party areas, corporate events, scout activities and more. It is a wonderful day to spend doing unusual activities that keep your family busy having fun while learning many new ideas.

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    McCulloch Gold MillCastle McColloch and Gold Mill Jamestown, North Carolina
    John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. was born July 4th, 1872, in Plymouth Notch, High Point and In 1832, Cornish engineer Charles T. McCulloch and Elizer Kersey constructed MCColloch Gold Mill, using granite rock that had been quarried in the area, and built a Cornish Rock Engine House in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, around Jamestown and High Point. The gold mill ran for the next three decades, creating a wealth of sorts for both men. The castle took more than 100 men and two years to construct, finishing it in 1832. During the mid 1980s, Richard Harris would come here and restore the structure and begin using it for many venues, events and activities. Today, you can go back in time to those exciting and interesting times by panning for gold, gems or other interesting things that are stuck in the dirt, mud and sand that you buy to pan for something hopefully valuable. There are gold nuggets, amethysts, garnets, crystals, rubies, emeralds and other kinds of gems that will certainly excite anyone interested in panning or just to try it out for fun. You can have your wedding there, bridal shows, birthday parties, school events and all kinds of activities here as well. Each year they have a carneval, with festivals or mardi gras types of fun for the whole family, offering the gold and gem panning experience also, making this another exciting venue for the family to enjoy while in the Triad region of North Carolina.  The "castle" was the location of the mill with a steam engine to help in the mining process, and was constructed in the old gothic style of architecture, made from local granite that was quarried just for the building and the quarry is found on the property as well. You can tour it as well as the grounds that show what it was like over a century and a half ago to run a mine. When the gold rush began in California in 1849, this mine just seemed to close down, and then was rejuvenated during the 1980s into the attraction it is today. There is a marvelous gem museum there with many of the gorgeous stones discovered here, that includes many minerals as well. The gem mining begins around the Memorial Day weekend and runs through the summer, since that is when most families take their vacations with the children out of school. It is a great place to enjoy the wonderful weather, the beautiful scenery and the exciting opportunity to find something of value and longevity.

     Museum of Old Domestic Life
    Museum of Old Domestic Life High Point, North Carolina
    The Museum of Old Domestic Life is located in the historic 1858 Quaker meeting house in High Point, North Carolina and houses many artifacts from the Quakers and that period in history, with exhibits for shoemaking, cooking, farming and cloth making, with much information about their lifestyle during that colonial period. The museum's marvelous collection of everyday Quaker utensils, tools, portraits, photographs and other unique relics will help the folks of today to learn more about that period and the people known as Quakers and how they lived. There is a rare homemade herbarium that is believed to have been the repository of daily specimens that were discovered in the region and brought back each day.

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Local Restaurants in High Point

    Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery
    Starters; Tommy Texas cheese fries is wedges of Idaho potatoes, topped with ranch dressing, three cheese blend, apple smoked bacon & green onions; shrimp spring rolls are spring rolls stuffed with shrimp, cabbage, onions & carrots in mild Thai sauce & deep fried, served with spicy teriyaki, ale mustard & Thai chili dipping sauces; crab dip is fresh NC back fin crabmeat with toast points; bleu cheese chips are house made potato chips with warm bleu cheese; heartland spinach & artichoke dip is creamy blend of spinach & artichoke hearts served with corn tortilla chips; southern fried chicken fingers is served with sweet & spicy honey mustard sauce; nachos is tri-colored chips, chili, blended cheese, salsa, jalapenos, sour cream & shredded lettuce; smoked chicken quesadilla is smoked chicken, cheddar cheese, roasted corn, pico de gallo & honey lime sour cream. Steaks are aged 21-28 days and served with choice of one side; roasted prime rib rubbed with spices & slowly roasted, 12oz or 18oz., Maui rib eye is 12oz. with island inspired marinade; rib eye 12oz. boneless grilled; NY strip is 12oz. seasoned & grilled; Tbone 18oz.; filet mignon is center cut 8oz. or 12oz.; black & bleu filet is blackened 8 oz. filet topped with mix of bleu cheese crumbles, back fin crabmeat & spices served on grilled portabella mushroom; sirloin 10oz. served with mushroom demi-glace; hibachi steak & shrimp is grilled steak, shrimp & veggies served with rice & oriental dipping sauce. Chicken, ribs & pasta; smoky BBQ ribs is slow roasted, grilled with special BBQ sauce, FF, Carolina slaw; piled high meatloaf on mashed potatoes with port wine gravy; herb roasted chicken is herb encrusted bone-in chicken slow roasted with choice of 2 sides; maple pecan chicken breast is topped with sweet pecan glaze & cranberry chutney choice of 2 sides.

    Steak Street
    Appetizers; grilled voodoo shrimp is grilled gulf shrimp marinated in citrus & old Savannah spice, served with spicy cocktail sauce & creamy remoulade sauce; fried green tomatoes served with spicy chipotle remoulade; shrimp bruschetta is baby shrimp & tasso ham vinaigrette with parmesan cheese, Cajun spices, fresh basil & diced tomatoes atop sourdough crustinis drizzled with sweet balsamic glaze; Carolina oysters is spicy breading, deep fried, served with spicy cocktail sauce & creamy remoulade; king medallions is tenderloin squares pan seared to be ladled with sautéed mushrooms tossed in marsala demi glaze; voodoo lobster is 6oz. cold tail grilled with Savannah spices & glazed with house voodoo sauce served with chipotle aioli; sea scallops is 2 skewers of scallops wrapped in apple wood bacon grilled & nested atop sweet potato chips served with honey mustard. Specialties; old Savannah grilled chicken basted in lemon butter & seasoned with old Savannah spice; pecan encrusted chicken breast with sweet potato mash; Charleston chimi wrap is grilled chicken in jalapeno cream salsa with mixed cheese, wrapped & baked; grilled marinated pork chops in house BBQ sauce; rack-o-ribs is Danish baby back ribs brushed with house BBQ sauce; red beans & rice with Andouille sausage & tasso ham; paella is mix of chicken & seafood with rice, beans, sugarsnap peas, all sautéed in saffron sauce, accented with diced tomatoes & scallions. Seafood; Charleston catch of the day; grilled salmon in lemon & herbs, with creamy citrus aioli; Chilean sea bass pan seared over pomodoro risotto; blackened tuna is medium rare with New Orleans crawfish butter. Steaks; bourbon street filet 6oz. or 10oz., sirloin filet is center cut; carriage house rib eye; Easy street strip; cowboy rib eye is 20oz. black & bleu jazz strip is 10oz. with Cajun spices; slow roasted prime rib; chef's center plate special.

Hibachi Steak & Shrimp Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery High Point, North Carolina


Smoky BBQ Ribs Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery High Point, North Carolina


Maple Pecan Chicken Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery High Point, North Carolina

 Danish Baby Back Ribs Steak Street High Point, North Carolina


Chilean Sea Bass Steak Street High Point, North Carolina



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    High Point Museum & Historical Park Haley House High Point Museum & Historical Park High Point, North Carolina
    The history of the High Point Museum and Historical Park is an interesting one that started in 1964, when the museum opened in the Little Red Schoolhouse on Ray Street in High Point, North Carolina. In 1966, the Historical Society was born and it was able to buy the Haley House and land, then deeding it over to the city to maintain. In 1968, it purchased the property next door to the Haley House and deeded that to the city and then worked out an agreement so that the two could work hand and hand in preserving historical properties, with the city owing them and taking care of them, with the actual day to day operations being handled by the society, as well as raising any needed funding. The society had enough funds to construct their own museum building by 1969, on the property that had been purchased earlier and next to the historic Haley House. It was completed in 1970, and then the blacksmith shop was moved to the location and renovated as a living history project, with the museum opening its doors the next year. When the Hoggatt House was moved here in 1973, the historical park became a reality, with both venues acquiring historical artifacts and creating many excellent exhibits about the early years of the city's history, as well as showcasing the two historical houses and blacksmith shop. By 1994, there was too many relics and not enough room to store and exhibit them properly, so the society went to work to raise money for the addition or expansion and it was all completed by May, 2001. In 2004, lightning struck and destroyed the Hoggatt House, which had to be rejuvenated, and that was done by April 2006. Today, that park and historical houses, as well as the marvelous museum with all the outstanding relics and artifacts is a great destination to learn about the families and growth of the region during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as the personal uses of things for the people of that period. The Haley House is a excellent exhibit of the rich style of living back then and has many dated antiquities for visitors to enjoy. The museum's permanent exhibits explain and explore the history of the city and the people that played a big part in it. Considering the entire exhibit as a scrapbook of history, the museum has divided the collections into various areas; High Point's history, Hall of Commerce, and a marvelous collection of Jamestown rifles. The city was known as the Furniture Capital of the World and the hall of commerce explains that industry very well. The Jamestown rifle was one of the two early American rifle manufacturing centers in the state and the relics included here are very interesting and exciting to view.

    Doll & Miniature Museum of High Point
    Doll & Miniature Museum of High Point, North CarolinaThe Doll and Miniature Museum of High Point, North Carolina was created to teach, entertain and explain the history of dolls and miniatures, while the museum itself collects, saves and showcases dolls, miniatures and doll houses for the enjoyment of its visitors. It is one of the biggest doll museums in the south, with more than 2000 dolls, costumes, miniature exhibits, dollhouses and unique relics, that includes a magnificent 115 piece set of Shirley Temple dolls, 17 African American personality dolls and a nativity scene with 50 rare creche dolls; as well as changing doll and miniature displays. The museum was named the Angela Peterson Doll and Miniature Museum for many years before being renamed and ownership changing hands.  There are china head dolls, wax dolls, wooden dolls, cloth dolls, tin head dolls, bisque, composition and many other types of dolls being showcased here. The Eugene Kupjack and Meredith Slane Michener miniature bedroom gallery is located inside as well, with a special display of a handmade miniature bedroom suite that was hand crafted in the 1940, with inlaid wood, by Starling T. Efird.

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    Rosetta C. Baldwin MuseumRosetta C. Baldwin Museum High Point, North Carolina
    The Rosetta C. Baldwin Museum is located in High Point, North Carolina, but the story begins in the early part of the 20th century, around 1914, when John and Mary Baldwin, with their daughter, Rosetta, and a number of other people joined together and formed the Baldwin's Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist Church, after the family. The church was located next to the Baldwin's home, and began as a small center for worshipping, and eventually grew, becoming a meeting place for community development and fellowship. During the early 1950s, the church would add another room to accommodate the growing class of Miss Rosetta's school, and again enlarged in 1959. A new church was opened in 1971, by the original church, with the new church bearing the same name as the last one, with classrooms in the basement for the students, until 1998, when the Rosetta C. Baldwin Educational Center was opened, next door to the new church. The old church was sold to the Refuge Baptist Church and they used it as their place of worship until 2006. Rosetta had turned their home into a Christian school for African American children in 1942, using the living room initially and holding 25 students. It was called the Rose Bee Seventh-Day Adventist School, and then, later, changed to the Baldwin's Chapel Church School. Rosetta had a marvelous philosophy that included the need to learn to pray, obey their elders, learn their letters and numbers and do the right thing. She began teaching kindergarten through the eighth grade until the early 1950s when the church constructed a one room classroom, and during the next 70 years, Rosetta gave a religious based, private education to the children of High Point and the Seventh-Day Adventist community. Rosetta passed on in 2000, although her school is still running well; with a former student, Julius Clark opening the Baldwin's home as a museum with outstanding exhibits on the first and second floors offering the local African American history.

    Rosetta C. Baldwin African American Museum
    Rosetta C. Baldwin African American Museum High Point, North CarolinaThe Rosetta C. Baldwin African American Museum is located in the old Baldwin house, where Rosetta grew up with her family under the Seventh-Day Adventist belief. The exhibits are located on the first and second floors, with the living room set up as it did when the first days of the Rosetta school began in the 1940s. In the memorial room, there are numerous displays about Rosetta and her family, which had been the original bedroom for John and Mary Baldwin. Also located on the first floor is the religious and black inventors room that also tells about the Seventh-Day Adventist faith and their unique beliefs about the importance of the Sabbath day, which falls on Saturday, while many other religious beliefs conclude or interpret it to fall on Sunday, which is when they worship. The room has many displays about the many and varied inventions that were discovered by African Americans during that period, with quite an insight into their ideas and thoughts. The board room showcases the military veterans, heroes and a huge tapestry with many local points of interest; which had been the dinning room and cafeteria for the old school. The second floor contains the community room that shows all the contributions that the black community leaders gave to the city, and had been the original bedroom of Fannie Mae Baldwin. The bedroom, Miss Rosetta's looks the same as it did when she was living here, with all her personal belongings and special items. The other room, which had been the original sewing room and library is now the John Coltrane Room that honors the legendary jazz musician that grew up in High Point, North Carolina and showcases many artifacts and stories about his time here and around the country.

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    Oak Hollow Lake Park & MarinaOak Hollow Lake Park & Marina High Point, North Carolina
    The Oak Hollow Marina opened in 1972 with a massive 1500 acre park and 800 acre lake, which became the city's main water source in 1991. The marina has year round sailing classes, sailboat rental, picnic shelters with rentals for electricity, boating and fishing, bank fishing, boat storage spaces, grills, restrooms, with the marina containing a shop for bait, fishing supplies and snacks. A playground is located at the marina and north overlook, with so many areas to walk, run, jog, rollerblade, bike and more. Hunting and fishing licenses are sold at the marina store, and one of the most exciting venues involves the loaner rod program that by started by NC Wildlife, that allows you to rent a rod and reel so that children can learn about fishing without having to put out the initial expense, just so they can see if they enjoy fishing or not before purchasing. The first time you register your under 15 year old child, he or she will receive their own small tackle box to have as their own. Night fishing is available now on Thursdays until 10 PM, so that the children or adults can fish during that time to see if their luck is any better, which is usually is. The beautiful lake is a great place for pleasure boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing and in the winter months, skiing. The marina has a number of boat launches, large parking areas and more. The lake has hosted many exciting events as well that include; circuit boat races, ski tournaments, fishing tournaments, drag boat racing and sailboat regattas.

    Sechrest Gallery
    Sechrest Gallery High Point, North Carolina
    The Sechrest Gallery is located on the campus of the High Point University, High Point, North Carolina that houses permanent collections of 18th and 19th century British artworks and rotating exhibitions that showcase many talented artists that are included in the faculty at HPU and are exceptional instructors offering the finest opportunities in most mediums at the college. The gallery is located in the Hayworth Fine Arts Center, and is one of the finest schools in the south, as well as having an excellent fine arts program. There was a recent show going on in the gallery with seven of the art instructors' works being showcased, that included drawings and paintings by Jessica Burke, abstract paintings by Lea Lackey-Zachmann, paintings by Katie Davis, etchings by Cherl Harrison, still life paintings by Scott Raynor and sculptures by Andrea Wheless and Lynn Sokoloski, which ended in April, but they are still teaching there, so you can see the kind of quality instructors they have. Usually the exhibitions are free and involve some beautiful works by artists old and new. The school has a great national reputation and is one of the top 10 in many categories. They offer 68 undergrad majors, 40 undergrad minors and 7 graduate degrees, with people coming here from 50 countries and 44 states, making it a melting pot of ideas and imaginations.

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    National Military ParkField Drum Revolutionary War National Military Park Greensboro, North Carolina
    The Guilford Courthouse in Greensboro, North Carolina was the scene of one of the most important Revolutionary War battles in the country, and houses a wonderful museum and military park today. Billed as the most hotly-contested battle of the war's southern campaign, the backcountry hamlet known as Guilford Courthouse was played out on March 15, 1781. Major General Nathanael Greene was commanding about 4500 American militia and Continental army regulars, when he was defeated by 1900 veteran regulars and German allies that were led by legendary leader, Lord Charles Cornwallis. The battle raged on for more than 2 and a half hours, with savage and violent fighting breaking out often, as the British forced the American forces to withdraw from the field, with Greene retreating to save as much of his army as he could and Cornwallis losing more than a quarter of his army. It had definitely weakened the British army, and Cornwallis left the region, preferring to win in Virginia, but that was soon changed, when after seven more months, he surrendered to Washington at Yorktown. The story of both leaders is a very interesting read and should be indulged in at some other time, because it showed what kind of men and soldiers that they both were, as well as learning something about their early backgrounds. Greene had been born into a Quaker family in Rhode Island, while Cornwallis had been raised in the military world that would train him for the battles in the American colonies. If Cornwallis had been in charge of the British forces here instead of Clinton, it may have had a different outcome. But he wasn't, and that was a great help for our side. There have been two presidents that visited the site, George Washington in 1791, and Gerald R. Ford in the bicentennial year of 1976 where he gave a speech from the Greene monument.  There are numerous artifacts that were discovered from the battle and are now housed in the museum, included is the powder flask of Jesse Franklin, which is a gourd made into a powder flask and carries a silver plate with inscription from 1781, a powder horn used by a Virginia militiaman, and a cartridge box that is made of leather and held 25 tin cartridges. Another very interesting and outstanding piece of history is a Common Sense pamphlet produced by Thomas Paine and addressed to the inhabitants of America. Thomas Paine was an English Quaker and writer who produced two pamphlets that really incited the colonists and instigated them into becoming Americans. 

    International Civil Rights Museum
    International Civil Rights Museum Greensboro, North Carolina
    The International Civil Rights Center and Museum is found in Greensboro, North Carolina in the old Woolworth's building, where the well known Greensboro sit-ins occurred in 1960. The museum strives to honor the actions of four young students from North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University, the people that joined them in the daily sit-ins and the other people from across the nation that also took part in the sit-ins and the eventual civil rights movements. This museum opened in 2010, on February 1, on the 50th anniversary of the first sit-in with much fanfare and a ribbon cutting ceremony. The Woolworth store had sat on its same spot since 1939, so when it was announced in 1993 that the structure would be torn down, local radio station 102 JAMZ (WJMH) started a petition drive that would save the structure and location, with their morning DJ, Dr. Michael Lynn sitting in front of the closed store night and day, broadcasting, hoping to save the historical building from destruction. With 18,000 signatures, including Jesse Jackson, who had come here and endorsed the petition, and joined the live broadcast. Within three days, F. W. Woolworth company announced that they would not destroy the store, but let it be sold. City councilman Earl Jones and County commissioner Melvin "Skip" Alston propositioned the public to purchase the site and make it into a museum; starting "Sit-in Movement, Inc." a nonprofit to raise the funds. That group was finally successful and enough was donated to rejuvenate the structure. With plenty of money coming in from government and private sources, the museum would not open for many years due to financial problems, so in the fall of 2007, the movement inc. asked for another $1.5 million from the city to complete the project, which was rejected because so much had already been raised and the museum wasn't done. After one problem or another, the museum was finally finished in time for the 50th anniversary opening. The museum contains 30,000 square feet on the first and second floor, with office space on the third floor, and is also a contributing building to the Downtown Greensboro Historic District.

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