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Things to do in Hilton Head

    Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, Beaufort County, South Carolina
    The Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge occupies 4,053 acres in Beaufort County, South Carolina, located between the mainland and Hilton Head Island, and named for Major General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. The refuge was started to offer a forest and nature preserve for conservation and aesthetic reasons, and is one of the seven such refuges that is taken care of by the Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex in Savannah, Georgia. The area is considered to be archaeologically rich in sites that include 115 prehistoric and historic places that have been identified thus far in the region. After analysis using the current methodology, these prehistoric sites have shown that there were humans living in the area by the Archaic period that last from 8000-1000 BC, and especially busy periods of the Mississippian Period that ran from 1000-1500 AD. The archaeologists have also determined that the French and Spanish explorers came and constructed small settlements during the 16th and 17th centuries; and no real permanent villages were established until 1708, when Alexander Mackay was able to acquire 200 acres of land that sits on Pinckney Island today. Mackay, an Indian trader, would be able to acquire the remainder of the island by 1715, and the majority of the encompassing islands that make up the current day refuge. Charles Pinckney, the father of the general, purchased the lands from Mackay's widow in 1736, and that is how the island would get the name Pinckney. The general was a commander in the Revolutionary War, one of the signers of the United States Constitution, and then in 1804 and again in 1808, would run for President of the United States in the Federalist Party. The general had been an absentee landowner until 1804, when he moved to the island and started the management of it, developing it into a marvelous plantation, taking away the forests, draining as much as the land as they could and finally planting it. The plantation would have 200 slaves by 1818, that was used to grow the outstanding quality long-staple Sea Island cotton, using 297 acres, and by the time 1840 rolled around, they had 386 slaves to do all the difficult labor involved. The plantation would continue to grow and become quite productive, until the Civil War began, and it became occupied by Federal troops; with occasional skirmishes being fought. The island's worst battle happened on August 21, 1862, after the Confederate army's Beaufort Light Artillery/11th Infantry attacked Company H, Third Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers. They killed four men in the Federal army and ten men were wounded, two Federal and eight Confederate. The US Army records indicate that black troops had been enlisted to fight for the Union in that area, with some believing that many were from the plantation, and there are five headstones of deceased black troops buried there in a cemetery on the northwest side of the island. When the war was over, and the difficult reconstruction period began, the plantation didn't fare so well, since its labor force had disappeared, and by the 1930s it would be completely abandoned. After over two centuries of ownership, the island was sold to Ellen Bruce in 1937, the wife of James Bruce, who then began using the island as a hunting preserve. They would plant pine and hardwoods, construct small ponds to entice the waterfowl to visit or stay, as well as giving irrigation, so that almost 70% of the fields were put back into agriculture. James Madison Barker, well known MIT alumnus and early leader in international business and his partner, Edward Starr bought the island in 1954, and kept it as a game preserve. Then, in 1975, they donated the island to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service so that it would be handled as a National Wildlife Refuge, as well as a nature and forest preserve, and it was officially made a wildlife refuge in 1975. The refuge includes Pinckney Island, Little Harry Islands, Corn Island, Big Harry, Buzzard Island and many smaller hammocks, with Pinckney being the biggest, and only one that is open to the public. Over two thirds of the refuge is made up of salt marshes and tidal creek, with other types of land being located there, like brush, fallow field, freshwater ponds, salt marsh and forests, which altogether are able to support a excellent diversity of plants and birds. Other varieties include raptors, neo-tropical migrants, shorebirds, egrets, waterfowl, white-tailed deer, herons and white ibis; along with alligators, wood stork, Flatwoods salamander, bald eagle, and nine-banded armadillo. It is a magnificent place to enjoy all the outdoor activities like photography, hiking, wildlife watching and cycling. It hosts a one-day quota deer hunt to keep the population under control, and fishing is not allowed. The islands contain ten miles of trails that are great for hiking and will offer the visitor a wonderful day of excitement and adventure as you meander around the lands exploring and enjoying the exercise that you will assuredly get.

    Sandbox Interactive Children's Museum
    Sandbox Interactive Children's Museum Hilton Head, South CarolinaThe Sandbox is a nonprofit and a place where children and adults can get together and play, learn and explore the wonderful world that exists here, with hands-on and interactive displays and exhibits that encourage the visitors, both old and young, to enjoy the many activities that we can share and learn in a fun and exciting way. Kids will love sailing away on Captain William Hiltons' ship of discovery or discover their passport to the world at the marvelous international airport terminal that has a wonderful pint sized plane that the small fry can learn to fly. Set in Hilton Head, South Carolina, the Sandbox offers children and their parents an alternative to the electronic invasion that often overpowers the little ones or else permeates their minds and seems to take them over, with only electronic devices to teach, encourage and help them find their way to adulthood. Every exhibit in the Sandbox has been designed and built to allow children to learn, at their own pace, as they have fun, bond with other children their age and the people who take care of them and nurture them the most; their parents. You won't find any do not touch signs in here, as everyone of them are enthusiastically encouraged to touch, play, talk and laugh. Every display has been created for the exploration by the kids, in hopes of helping them learn to have fun learning; that it doesn't have to be boring or not interesting. There is an international bazaar that encourages and assists your child to learn how to shop and purchase items, use money and how to count it, as well preparing some really fantastic meals from the food they bought. In the Loggerhead Castle, they can play in the magic sand that really is exciting, but you'll have to go there to find out what it is and how it works. Explore the rock challenge course as you search for clues tracking a T-rex, paint whatever your heart desires or play any one of the many instruments that are here just for you to discover in the Rhythm and Hues Room. It is such a modern and exciting place for you and your children to come and spend quality time learning together, playing together and sharing those significant moments in your child's life that you couldn't do or find at home, with an outstanding staff that is here to help and encourage, to play and inform or whatever need you may find for them

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    Sea Pines Forest PreserveSea Pines Forest Preserve Hilton Head, South Carolina
    The Sea Pines Forest Preserve in Hilton Head, South Carolina is a marvelous 605 acre park that is spectacular in the spring time where the Warner W. Plahs wildflower field comes alive and turns into something amazing and beautiful. A 4000 year old Indian shell ring is located there, that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has so many natural sights that you will want to come back and stay longer. Bikes are not allowed, so you only have to worry about the crowds that vacation in the area, although the spring time is not too bad, nor bothersome. The magnificent landscape that has evolved over the centuries look as if they were sculpted, with long sand ridges and longer wetlands, filled with migratory birds or waterfowl, outstanding to watch and photograph, and many trails to wander about. The very first inhabitants that can be documented or evidenced by archaeological discoveries came here 4000 years ago to hunt and gather the many exotic shells that abound here, which also bring the crowds in the summer time to explore and find these beautiful shells. These nomadic tribes left a trace of their visits at the Sea Pines Indian Shell Ring, which is composed of shells and other materials that had been put by their huts after being used for whatever purposes the Indians had. After 1700, the lands would be used for growing cotton, indigo and rice, with hunting and timber harvest also done. Charles Fraser started developing Sea Pines in the early 1950s, in hopes of preserving as much nature resources as possible, and in 1959, the Fraser family that had started and developed the preserve, set aside 572 acres specifically as a preserve and in 1970, filed legal covenants that would dedicate 605 acres for outdoor recreation and wildlife habitats. In the early 1970s, the initial trails were cut, along with antebellum rice dikes, that had been originally created in the 1840s by hand and old logging trails that were made during the 1950s. They made fishing docks, bridle paths, observation decks, bridges and wetland boardwalks so that any visitors would have an easier time exploring, while not disturbing any environments. The Fish Island Trail was built so that motorists could drive to the lakes that sit in the midst of the preserve. Sometime between 1968 and 1980, numerous small ponds and four lakes were dug out from the landscape; with the lakes being called; Lake Chapin, Lake Thomas, Lake Mary and Lake Joe, and today are the biggest open freshwater bodies on the island, famous for the birds and fisheries. Beginning in 1981, the Sea Pines Public Service District has used the wetland area for innovative filtration of their advanced treated water, which has come to be called Boggy Gut.

     Harbor Town Lighthouse
    Harbor Town Lighthouse Hilton Head, South CarolinaThe Harbour Town Lighthouse sits on Hilton Head, South Carolina, the town's visual crown, a 90 foot red and white striped tower reminiscent of the old barber poles of yesterday. The lighthouse was completed in 1970, and the first privately funded lighthouse to be constructed since the early 19th century and offers visitors an outstanding view from the top of the Hilton Head island region. The Shop at the Top small store is also one of the area's most delightful dealer's of Pandora charms and bracelets, made of hand made crystal collectibles by Crystal World, as well as numerous other island collectibles. On the way to the top with it magnificent views and the excellent jewelry, you will pass by many artifacts in the historic lighthouse museum with information about the island's exciting history, including the Civil War era and ancient relics that were dated back to 3000-5000 BC. The shop contains more than 2000 precious items for sale that include the collectibles like Christmas ornaments, jewelry, crystals and local artworks with many crystal figurines and Harbour Lights collectibles.

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Local Restaurants in Hilton Head

    Old Oyster Factory
    Entrees; almond crusted mahi-mahi is fresh mahi filets, encrusted with lemon-seasoned almonds, grilled & topped with light red wine demi glace, served with rice & veggies; char grilled salmon is fresh Atlantic salmon char grilled to med rare & topped with tangy honey-mustard sauce, with baked potato & veggies; grouper is panko encrusted grouper, pan sautéed & topped with horseradish cream sauce with potato cake & veggies; peppered mahi-mahi is char grilled peppercorn seasoned mahi filets served over bed of seasoned veggies, lyonnaise potatoes, topped with fried julienne leeks; fresh broiled sea scallops is lightly breaded jumbo scallops, broiled in garlic butter & sherry, over sautéed mushrooms & topped with lemon beurre blanc; served with rice & veggies; seafood medley is array of fresh broiled seafood made of seasoned shrimp, scallops, fish filets, an oyster Savannah, & oyster Rockefeller topped with light red wine demi glace with rice & veggies; seafood pasta is fresh steamed shrimp, scallops, clams served over vegetable & penne pasta, topped with choice of marinara or Alfredo sauce; crab cake dinner is two 4oz. jumbo lump crab cakes, lightly floured & pan seared, served with sweet chili lime tartar sauce, chef's mashed potatoes & sautéed corn, mushrooms, tomatoes & onions; fried seafood dinner is fried shrimp, tilapia, or oysters; char grilled chicken breast is large seasoned breast of chicken, grilled & topped with creamy mushroom peppercorn sauce with rice & veggies; Maine lobsters is 1.5 pound lobster served with baked potato & corn on the cob; petite filet is USDA prime 6oz. seasoned filet mignon with baked potato & veggies; NY strip USDA prime 12oz. seasoned & grilled topped with herb butter served with baked potato & veggies.

    Red Fish
    Appetizers; blue crab dip served with tortilla chips & pressed Cuban bread; shrimp spring rolls with spicy sambal sauce & basil oil; calamari served with smoked tomato sauce; Asian tuna tartar with edamane wasabi wonton & seaweed salad; flat bread with house smoked salmon, onions, capers & lemon creme fraiche; Korean short ribs is Asian marinated short ribs with Thai cucumbers & house made kimchi. Entrees; lowcountry shrimp & grits served with chorizo gravy & fried okra over bed of sautéed kale; Latin ribs guava orange BBQ sauce, served with sweet potato fries & jicama slaw; grilled sea bass finished with wasabi cream sauce & soy glaze, served on bed of udon noodles with wakame salad; sweet tea chicken is lemon herb brined & roasted Ashley Farm all natural chicken served over boursin cheese grits & sautéed kale; seared jumbo scallops with lobster macaroni & cheese, asparagus & crispy prosciutto; grilled wild salmon topped with caw caw creek bacon jam, mashed potatoes, sautéed kale & finished with Meyer lemon oil; blackened mahi mahi topped with mango avocado salsa, jasmine rice & mixed veggies; jumbo lump crab cakes with chipotle aioli & roasted corn salsa, served with jasmine rice & asparagus; grilled 16oz. KC strip Creole seasoned bone-in angus steak, hand cut truffle fries, sautéed spinach & topped with bleu cheese fondue; 8oz. center cut filet mignon served with lobster & shrimp stuffed mushroom caps, caramelized onion demi glace, mashed potatoes & spinach; vegetable strudel is boursin cheese & balsamic grilled veggies rolled & baked in phyllo crust on bed of asparagus with red pepper coulis.


Almond Crusted Salmon Old Oyster Factory Hilton Head, South Carolina


Panko Crusted Grouper Old Oyster Factory Hilton Head, South Carolina





 Seared Scallops Red Fish Hilton Head, South Carolina


Latin Ribs Red Fish Hilton Head, South Carolina



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    Coastal Discovery Museum Coastal Discovery Museum Hilton Head, South Carolina
    The Coastal Discovery Museum began in 1985 to inform the public that was coming to visit Hilton Head, South Carolina, about the natural history and cultural history of the lowcountry; creating exhibits that would encourage and infuse those visitors with a fun filled experience for the entire family. There are two locations; one at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn that opened in 2007 on 68 marvelous acres that dates back some three centuries and has been called the last open spaced area on the island; and the other at 100 William Hilton Parkway that is just over the bridge to the island by marker #1, where the museum shares space with the Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center. Honey Horn contains live oaks, salt marshes, open fields and the state's biggest red cedar tree that dates back to 1595 and a number of older structures that can be found on the island. The parkway location contains a marvelous gift shop with many state products, books, artworks, children's games, toys and educational materials and crafts.  The Honey Horn locale is found on the former Horn Plantation and contains many exciting and interesting interpretive panels and exhibits that offer the visitor a great learning experience about the island, from its initial development after the Civil War until the present. It is very exciting for kids since they are encouraged to dress up in the vintage clothing of the 19th century and more about this fantastic place that attracts so many visitors each year for a number of venues that are very appealing. Admission is free, and there are tours and lectures offered to enhance their experience here. 

    Newhall Audubon Nature Preserve
    Newhall Audubon Nature Preserve Hilton Head, South CarolinaThe Audubon Newhall Preserve contains a number of short trails that meander through the fifty acre site that has information and trail guides that are at the beginning located on Hilton Head, South Carolina. It contains many types of trees and plants that include the Florida scrub and native hardwood trees, with a rare pocosin or bog in English that had been one of the characteristics of barrier islands. It is also home to many plants and animals that are native to the region and lowcountry, with a woodland community called the Pine/Saw Palmetto Flatwoods, and is located in the northern most region of the rare plant. The preserve is the only free nature preserve on the island, outside of gate communities, and encourages visitors to explore the natural environment by walking its outstanding trails. The majority of the plants are marked and identified, which is always helpful for those of us that don't know a scrub from a bush, with two miles of trails to take you around without getting lost. The Indian named pocosin is really a rarity and should be enjoyed since there aren't many left intact, with development encroachment happening all over the nation. It is a quiet and peaceful area, just right for a slow walk with nature and wildlife, encouraging you to learn all you can.

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    Baynard Plantation RuinsBaynard Plantation Ruins Hilton Head, South Carolina
    The Baynard Plantation Ruins are located in Hilton Head, South Carolina and begins in 1776, when Captain John Stoney purchased 1000 acres of land that had been known as Braddock's Point Plantation, from Beaufort merchant John Mark Verdier; constructing the mansion that sits there today in 1793, although it has been turned to ruins. John's son, Captain James Stoney, would inherit the estate, who in turn, left it to Dr. George Mosse Stoney, his son, that later would leave it to his oldest son, Saucey Jack in 1838. Within two years, Saucey Jack had lost the estate in an all-night poker game, and the winner, William Eddings Baynard, was already a plantation owner in his own right, with two plantations on the island. Baynard was a very successful planter of the world-famous Sea Island cotton that he began growing at Braddock's Point like he did at his other plantations. William and his wife, Catherine, would have and raise four children at the house, and he would pass on in 1849 at the young age of 49. In 1861, the island was invaded by Federal troops and the Baynards evacuated. The house would be occupied by Union troops during the Civil War and according to old stories, the house later was burned down by Confederate raiders. The Baynard family spent the next fifteen years trying to get the estate back from the Federal government and finally had to pay $500 in back taxes. They never did go back to Braddock's Point to live, but did own it again. The rectangular foundation measures some 40 feet by 46 feet, but many believe the house was larger than that since many planters had added porches around the house or at least portions of it to allow the circulation of air through the house to cool it down in the summer months. The house faced the marsh so that the cool winds blowing from nearby Calibogue Sound would come right in. You can notice the old type of tabby used for the foundation walls and other concrete needs by the looks of it; tabby was made by burning crushed oyster shells to make lime and then mixed with sand and whole shells and water which formed an excellent cement type of mixture that is still seen today at the foundation and walls that are left standing. Tabby had been used for this purpose during the 18th and 19th century, but was stopped being used after the Civil War. It seems that some superstition had taken hold of the population that heard only masonry buildings were healthier sleeping environments, so that was the end of poor tabby and the start of brick and masonry structures. There an area outlined by tabby that looks like two small structures that lie east of the main house, and may have been the storehouses that William and other planters would use to store the Sea Island cotton that grown into such a high demand that those planters growing it would soon become quite wealthy. Some fifty years beforehand, an innovative planter named William Elliot had imported seeds that would grow into the Sea Island cotton, which became very popular for the making of muslins and beautiful laces. In 1828, the price paid for a pound of the cotton fetched $2 and made rich men out of the planters that worked it on the island. It was the perfect place to grow the hybrid cotton, with saltmarsh muck and oyster shells used for fertilizer, as well as sandy soil and a subtropical climate that allowed the cotton to reach maturity rapidly and be picked and stored for sales later on. The growing season for the cotton went from March to September, with the bolls bursting in the autumn and signaling the women and children that it was time to pick. Because of the difference in the cotton staple, the picking would take longer, but the slaves were still expected to pick 75 pounds each every day. These blacks that supported the high life for their masters, would live in small shack and shanties that were located about a mile away from the fields.

    Fort Mitchel
    Fort Mitchel Hilton Head, South CarolinaOld Fort Mitchel is found on Hilton Head plantation by the old fort pub and its remains invoke a vision of excitement and wonder when someone discovers one of the old cannons that still can be seen on the property. Today, the Gullah people have descended from the African slaves that worked hard on the plantations of that period by the coast, and indigo was one of the main crops that was grown. Once the plant had been soaked in water, with crushed oyster shells, a brilliant blue dye was created and used around the world to color many clothes and materials. Gullah is thought to be a word from Angola, and the language is spoken by almost half a million people today. The Gullah Market located on the former Fort Mitchell grounds sell the indigo dye, as well as intricate and beautifully made baskets that are one of many that can be purchased at the flea markets, as well as taking a Gullah tour that will explain and enlighten you about this hardy people that survived the struggles and turmoil of wars and slavery to become the successful people that they are today. All that is left of Fort Mitchell is the earthenworks that had been constructed around the island in 1862 to defend it from any and all invaders, named after General Ormsby Mitchel, a well-liked leader that passed on from malaria that same year. The island would become the home of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron with almost 50,000 troops living on the island at one time.

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    Palmetto Dunes Golf CoursePalmetto Dunes Golf Course Hilton Head, South Carolina
    The Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort is a world class vacation destination located on Hilton Head, South Carolina that was created by three legendary golf architects to construct one of the most fascinating golf courses in the world, using the natural settings along the coastal sea island that showcases quality and exceptional customer service. All these factors have created one of the most desirable golfing destinations in the state, as well as the entire southeast, with a challenging and outstanding golf vacation that is unmatched and thoroughly amazing. The Robert Trent Oceanfront course has been entirely rejuvenated, and is now rated as one of the best courses in the southeast by Golfweek's readers; with their signature 10th hole, a par 5, that affords the best views of the Atlantic Ocean and is one of only two such holes on the island. The George Fazio course has the distinction of being the island's most challenging course that was designed by the famous golf architect, George Fazio. It is rated as one of the top 100 courses in the nation today, and is the only par 70 course on the island. The Arthur Hills course mixes the perfect ingredients of natural beauty and challenges, with an array of rolling dunes and numerous off balance lies. There are many stands of palm and palmetto trees that line and infiltrate the course, with gentle ocean breezes blowing in just hard enough to effect your hits. To add to this challenging course, there are 10 holes that lie along the gorgeous Atlantic and make you course travel that much more inviting. There are numerous golf packages that will be a perfect fit for your next golf vacation, and with one swoop you can have it all. The Arthur Hills course allowed Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods to hone their skills here during their college years and all three courses have been able to offer the best in golfing challenges and rewards to many other well known players. It has excellent instructors for both lessons and instruction, with a magnificent and fully stocked golf pro shop, with many tournaments and events to encourage to visit during those peak periods. It is a luxurious course, with all the amenities and offerings that you could possibly want or need and is just waiting for you to visit and set up your tee times.

    Parasailing on Hilton Head
    Parasailing on Hilton Head, South CarolinaParasailing off of Hilton Head, South Carolina is something that takes great imagination and courage as you imagine yourself harnessing into a parachute and then skiing off the beach into the skies above the island and the Atlantic Ocean. Towed by a speed boat, the chute will pull you higher into the sky for up to 10 to 15 minutes with the wind blowing in your face, the blue skies surrounding you as the chute takes you as high as you want to go and then look down at the brilliant blue water of the Atlantic ocean, with beautiful sights and marvelous views that you will never forget since you were never up high enough to see them all, at one time. H2O sports in located at the Harbour Town marina and offers the best parasailing adventures on the island, for folks of all ages. The captains are all USCG certified and trained in their areas of responsibilities, and using the latest equipment to help you have the most exciting experience of your life, in a long time. The company offers other adventures as well including waterskiing, sailing, kayak tours, nature center, paddle boarding, waverunners, and more.

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    Vagabond CruiseVagabond Cruise Hilton Head, South Carolina
    Vagabond Cruises is located in Harbour Town on the island of Hilton Head, South Carolina and has been the main operator of sightseeing, nature, historical, dolphin and dinner cruises on the island since 1972. Beneath the lighthouse, you'll find the company, ready to take you wherever you want to go or see all the sights and sounds that make this company number 1. They host more than 100 private cruises and parties each year, as well as weddings, birthdays and special events using a number of specialty yachts that offer the finest pleasures found on the sea. The Spirit of Harbour Town is their newest yacht, the fastest and most luxurious passenger yacht on the island, made of aluminum and powered by twin 12 cylinder Detroit diesel engines that enable her to make up to 23 knots an hour. She has heating and air conditioning, a main dining area and seats that can hold up to 90 people. On her covered deck, another 78 can enjoy the al fresco dining, since her creation, the Spirit has been constructed with the ultimate comfort of its passengers the top priority. The motors are super quiet and the bathrooms are full sized and clean, with designer window treatments, furniture and wall coverings that will surprise you. The spirit has all the latest and greatest safety features, with surface radar, satellite beacon, communications and navigational equipment being state-of-the-art and is most certainly a Coast Guard certified vessel; licensed to carry 149 passengers. The Vagabond is the most interesting vessel on the island, famous for finding and sighting the dolphins that many people want to see and watch, with plenty of time for story telling about the island and low country that they probably didn't know. You'll visit the well known Daufuskie Island and show numerous bottlenose dolphin swimming around in the Atlantic Ocean with spectacular movements and agility. The Stars and Stripes is another world famous vessel, that was the 1987 winner of the America's cup, and when this sailboat ships out, every sail is blown to its fullest. The ship's engine is only used to enter and exit the port, but once under way, every sheet is blasted open and wide, but it does offer you the opportunity to take part in the raising and lowering of the sails. Anyone of these three vessels is the best place to take your family for a thrilling and adventuresome cruise, with outstanding personnel and the finest fleet in Hilton Head.

    Harbor Town Golf Links at Sea Pines
    Harbour Town Golf Links at Sea Pines Hilton Head, South CarolinaHarbour Town golf links is one of the most distinguished PGA tour golf courses in the nation, where legends like Palmer, Love III, Nicklaus and Norman have played since 1969, and set in the famous Sea Pines resort and home of the Heritage tournament. The tournament places it emphasis on finesse, imagination and great shot making rather than slamming the ball around the 18 holes. This is one of those courses that forces you to use every club in your bag and wish you had more, challenging your game more than it has ever been, with an array of par threes that have been ranked among the world's best and a par 4 18th hole that is one of the most fearsome holes in all golf, especially when the wind is blowing off Calibogue Sound. It is 6973 yards and a par 71, but only if you are worthy of the challenge. The resort itself is a luxuriant retreat, that draws people to it, not just for the magnificent golf, but for the luxurious amenities and tranquil settings. This 5000 acre resort is the ultimate getaway, sitting along the oceanfront, exciting travelers and vacationers for the last half century with world class luxury accommodations, award-winning tennis, gourmet restaurants and the chance to relax in pure luxury so indulgent that you won't want to leave. There are inn specials, family packages, romance packages, meeting packages, golf packages and vacation rental packages.

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