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Things to do in Hollywood

    Joseph Wesley Young House Joseph Wesley Young House Hollywood, Florida
    The Joseph Wesley Young House in Hollywood, Florida is also called the Zeller Residence, which is a very historic house that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. Joe Young, was the founder and designer of the city of Hollywood, Florida, born in Gig Harbor, Washington in 1882, dreaming of one day building his own dream city. He would arrive in Florida in January 1920, coming here from Indianapolis, Indiana, where the weather was quite a bit different, but much easier to handle and acclimate to. Joe came here to check out the many subdivision sites around Miami and started the process of buying a large chunk of land between Hallandale and Dania, finally able to start his "dream city" in 1921 and marketing it as "Hollywood-by-the-Sea". It was specifically planned, according to his dreams, copying the Mediterranean revival style architecture, and in 1925, the city of Hollywood would incorporated with Young becoming its first mayor. That basic idea is still seen today in this city by the sea, in a beautiful area along the eastern coast of Florida, with balmy winters, hot muggy summers that beg you to jump into the ocean to cool off, and a natural beauty in the landscape that was a natural wilderness. Joe passed away in 1934, and his plaque can be seen at his house on Hollywood Boulevard, in Hollywood, Florida. The magnificent mansion that Joe left behind is a fabulous seven bedroom structure, that looks more like a castle than mansion, with exciting architecture and beautiful outdoor gardens, close to the beach and the downtown area with all its restaurants, shops, boutiques and various businesses. There is a gorgeous rectangular swimming pool with statues at each corner, and lovely tall cedar trees lining it. A hand made field stone walkway takes you around the landscape, with benches to rest and reflect, statuettes, small fountains and lovely native plants, shrubs and trees planted everywhere. The interior is as beautiful as the outdoors is, but it is man made, with marvelous tiled flooring, wood flooring, wooden beam highlighting the living room with its gorgeous fireplace and mantel made from marble, outstanding furnishings and furniture from the period that Young lived here and much more. The windows are rather unique, some looking as if they had come here from Spain with excellent Moorish elements and toppings. The arched hallway with small beautiful tiled fountain on one end, tiled flooring and plastered stucco walls.

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    Hollywood Historical SocietyHollywood Historical Society Hollywood, Florida
    The Hollywood Historical Society began in 1974 to collect, preserve and disseminate the outstanding information that describes the history of Hollywood, Florida, and to preserve it historical landmarks and resources. In other words, this city wants to let you, the visitor, know all about its marvelous history and the story of Joseph Young, who arrived here with a magnificent dream, about a city that he would build in the lowlands of Florida, planned way before he arrived here, having large bright and wide boulevards, palm tree lined, with excellent sidewalks for all kinds of recreational activities, parks and vistas with panoramic views of the beautiful blue ocean, sometimes more aqua than teal or other times, more teal than blue, changing its lovely colors as often as the sun changes and moves across the bright blue Florida sky. He wanted the city to have harmonious architecture, like the kinds that he had seen in southern California, where he had once lived, where bungalows and eclectic Moorish and Spanish elements would be entwined with various modern elements, creating a fabulous city by the sea. The society has a wonderful store located in the society's home, complete with books about the region, historic postcards and photographs, as well as posters that are perfect to hand on your walls, reminding you of the gorgeous days and nights that are found in the city and surrounding areas. Their research center contains more than 18,000 pieces in its exciting collection that spans the city's history and diversity, that covers the entire 20th century, pamphlets, maps, photographs, a library of the Hollywood Sun Tatler newspaper and other outstanding items that are sure to please you and are just the kind of information and details you'd expect to find in a quality center.

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Enterprise Car Rental Miramar - 2150 S. State Rd. 7
Hallandale Enterprise Rental Car - 25 Pembroke Rd.
Enterprise Car Rental Dania - 801 S. Federal Hwy.

Local Restaurants in Hollywood

    Billy's Stone Crab Restaurant
    Entrees; NY strip, Filet Mignon, chopped sirloin steak, chicken Francaise is lightly battered & sautéed in lemon butter white wine sauce; chicken teriyaki is sliced chicken breast with red & green peppers & onions sautéed in teriyaki sauce; USDA prime NY strip & lobster tail; USDA prime filet mignon & lobster tail; fresh fish of the day broiled, sautéed or fried; fresh snapper fillet broiled, sautéed or fried; fresh black grouper fillet broiled, sautéed or fried; Everglades frogs legs fried or sautéed; fried or broiled combo jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, fish & oysters; fried jumbo shrimp; baked stuffed jumbo shrimp; sea scallops fried, grilled or sautéed; fried select oysters; whole cooked Florida lobster with jumbo lump crab meat stuffing; broiled Florida lobster tail; fresh fish of the day with crabmeat stuffing; seafood marinara is select seafood including half lobster tail, jumbo shrimp, clams & sea scallops, sautéed with white wine, garlic & parsley in marinara sauce over bed of linguine; linguine with clam sauce is red with clams sautéed in marinara sauce with garlic & parsley; Prince Edward Island mussels served over pasta, white is sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, wine, butter, garlic & parsley; fettuccine alfredo with sea scallops; garlic shrimp is jumbo shrimp sautéed in lemon garlic butter sauce over bed of linguine; shrimp scampi is jumbo shrimp sautéed in lemon, parsley & garlic butter over bed of rice; bouillabaisse is Mediterranean style seafood stew with fish, jumbo shrimp, half lobster tail, oysters, clams & sea scallops poached in saffron scented tomato stew.

    Le Tub
    Entrees; sirloin burger is 13oz. ground top sirloin, seasoned, charbroiled, served on bun with lettuce, tomato, onion; Salisbury is the first without a bun, served with salad; BBQ pork served on roll; BBQ ribs; chicken breast served on bun with Swiss cheese; NY strip steak served with FF, seasoned & charbroiled; seafood salad is fresh seafood, marinated in herb dressing, served on bed of lettuce; Greek salad is lettuce, tomatoes, onions, spices, green peppers, feta cheese & anchovies; garden salad is lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, olives, radishes, cucumbers & mushrooms; shrimp salad is beer steamed with or without spices, served butter or cocktail sauce; crab legs; tuna is white tuna, mayo, mixed with chopped pickles, onions & celery; catch of the day seasoned & grilled, served with salad & fries; catch sandwich; clams is little neck & steamed; seafood gumbo is creamy thick & full of seafood.


Fresh Snapper Fillet Billy's Stone Crab Restaurant Hollywood, Florida


Bouillabaisse Billy's Stone Crab Restaurant Hollywood, Florida


New York Strip Steak Le Tub Hollywood, Florida




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Hertz Rental Cars Hollywood- 2233 Pembroke Rd.
Hollywood Hertz Car Rental - 3250 S. Ocean Dr.
Hertz Rental Car Hollywood- 3101 N. State Rd. 7
Ft. Lauderdale Hertz Car Rental - 1100 Lee Wagener Rd.

    The Arts Center The Arts Center Hollywood, Florida
    The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Florida presents outstanding contemporary gallery exhibitions, high quality education programs for folks of all ages, and live stage performances. It has created a marvelous creative environment for the community which showcase new and challenging works that will flourish through its many programs that personify the highest standards of diversity and art. This excellent center offers their community programs for children, adults, teenagers and teachers, as well as fantastic exhibitions the include the present, future and past displays that have been enjoyed by this diverse community and its talented citizens. Current exhibitions include the Lea Nickless: Water & Oil exhibit that is a wonderful meditation on the terrible disaster that covered the gulf during the latest escapade by the oil companies, but more specifically, BP. She floated oil pigments on the waters of the gulf and the results are both fascinating and beautiful, actually creating a fabulous work of art through the difficult disaster that will not be understood nor felt for many years to come. Another is Christiaan Lopez-Miro: All Roads Lead to Cassadaga that captures all the spiritualistic explorations that this artist did while in Cassadaga, using the photographic medium to describe the 115 year old community that is totally different than any other town in the state of Florida. The last is Abracadabra: Fourth Annual Exhibition and Fund-raising raffle that offer some 100 works of art that have been covered in all media and submitted by invited artists. Current performances include Bits 'N Pieces Puppet Theater: The Ugly Duckling that is a musical production of that famous play using nine foot tall puppets that add a unique flavor of the live theater; and the Florida Youth Orchestra: Major Music Presents, 2011. Ethan Bortnick and His Musical Time Machine that is sure to become a big hit, with piano prodigy Ethan Bortnick presenting his all time favorites, and the show is sure to be another sell-out like his previous performance last February. His outstanding repertoire includes Mozart's Ala Turca and slides into Little Richard's Good Golly Miss Molly to his own personal, Arctic Jazz. The center is proud to present the Oceandance performance that will be held on the Hollywood Beach, but the date hasn't been set yet, so you are still able to get tickets to this fabulous show.

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- 19505 Biscayne Blvd.
Avis Car Rental Pembroke Pines -- 8190 Pines Blvd.

    Dorothy Walker Bush MuseumDorothy Walker Bush Museum Hollywood, Florida
    Dorothy Wear Walker Bush was the mother of the 41st President of the United States and the grandmother to its 43rd President, born in Walker's Point, Maine in the county of York, to George Herbert Walker and Lucretia "Loulie" Wear Walker, attending Miss Porter's School and then marrying Prescott Sheldon Bush in 1921 in Kennebunkport, Maine. The couple would raise five children, that included George H. W., our 43rd President and Jeb Bush, the two term governor of Florida. She was descended from the French Huguenots that arrived in this country in 1700, and passed away in Greenwich, Connecticut in November, 1992, at the age of 91; just sixteen days after George lost the 1992 Presidential election to Bill Clinton. She is interred beside her husband, Prescott, in the Putnam Cemetery, in Greenwich.

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Thrifty Car Rental Ft. Lauderdale Off Apt.- 2400 Miami Rd.

    Hammerstein HouseHammerstein House Hollywood, Florida
    The Hammerstein House in Hollywood, Florida was designed by local well known architect, Bayard Lukens in 1935, for Vera and Clarence Hammerstein, in what he called, the Tropical modern style that had a variegated tiled roof, smooth curving wall at the front and white stucco walls that is contrasted by unique horizontal trims in various contrasting colors. The interior of the house is gorgeous, with fireplaces equipped with heatolators, those metal gratings that fit inside the fireplace and force the heat out into the rooms with small fans, moldings, trim encompassing the doors, and excellent use of Spanish and Cuban tiles. Hammerstein was a WWI pilot, and with his wife, Vera Rust, they would move from Indiana in 1925, coming down to Florida to join friends that had already come down and were settled. The couple wouldn't be able to find any rooms in the small city, so they settled near Miami by a citrus grove that Vera would take care of, while Ham, as they called him, would commute to Hollywood to sell real estate for the Hollywood Land & Water Company. They would eventually move to Hollywood in 1928, finding a place a the Fountain Court Apartments, with Vera's parents, Jacob and Mary Rust. Once the 1926 hurricane season was over, the real estate boom would pass, so the Hammersteins would be forced to find another business to enter into, as well as making a lasting mark on the community. Partnering up with the Wrays and Frank Stirling, a citrus grower from Davie, the group would form the Flamingo Groves in 1927, with Floyd Wray as president and Stirling vice president and groves manager. Ham would become the vice president in charge of advertising and sales, with Jane Wray as the company secretary. Those very groves are still in operation today, but known as the Flamingo Gardens. The couple would be able to take advantage of a tax sale, and purchase eleven lots on Polk Street, that included the three lots where they constructed their house. During the Second World War, the couple would become active in the war effort in the area, with Vera heading a group of women volunteers that canned the local produce. During the decade before and after the war years, the couple would travel extensively gathering exotic plants, while Ham began a special study of the mango culture. Clarence would pass on in 1987, at the age of 92, and leave his house to the city in memory of his beloved wife, Vera, who had passed before him. Unfortunately they would not have any children, and after visiting the Taj Mahal, where a shah had constructed the monstrosity for his wife, Clarence left the house in her memory. The house is currently owned by the local historical society and tours are offered one Sunday a month. After Clarence's death, some strange stories began to come up from nowhere, that pertained to some of his activities in the city, and one was about his obituary in the Sun-Sentinel that stated Joe Young, who was also from the same town in Indiana that Clarence was, had convinced him to move to Hollywood to sell real estate during the 1920s. Naturally it isn't true, and there is much evidence to that nature, and it obviously distracts folks from the real reason that the Hammersteins moved here and then added so much to the community after the hurricane of 1926, when most people began leaving the area and watching the land sales market plummet, as did the Hollywood Land and Water company. The couple would go on to become a vital part of the community and help raise its stature by building a house, a company and becoming involved in the affairs of the city.

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    Seminole Native VillageSeminole Native Village Hollywood, Florida
    The Seminole Tribe of Florida is a federally recognized Indian tribe, and the only tribe in the nation that never signed a peace treaty. Their history is an amazing story of interest and intrigue, that would begin during the early years of the new government in the United States. While still a young nation, the government would begin a policy of extermination and displacement against the American Indians that lived and had lived in the eastern parts of the United States for many centuries. The government would move these natives so that the white people would be able to move in and settle the areas that they left, or were forced to leave. The state would still be under Spanish rule at the time of 1821, but its neighbors, Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama became covetous of the lands and other resources that they believed to be located here. It became evident soon enough that the government wanted the Spanish out of the territory and would be willing to do anything and everything it needed to do to gain possession of its lands and resources. It would be a good time for the Americans to get more interested in the territory since the Spanish were not able to support the huge colonial empire that it had since 1784 up to 1821, when Spain would cede the territory of Florida to the United States. It would cause the region to become a setting for continuous international intrigue and a special target for greedy adventurers that wanted to start their own empires in the lands filled with many outstanding resources. During the early 1800s, the Maskoki tribes in Alabama would rise up against the white settlers in the Creek War of 1813-14; the English translators would mistakenly call these people Creeks, and the incredible repression and outlandish treaty that General Andrew Jackson forced on them would cause thousands of the most determined warriors and their families to migrate south, eventually taking refuge in the Spanish Florida wilderness. They would join the descendants of many other tribes that had been living here for thousands of years already, and soon the Indians that made up the nucleus of this group would call themselves yat'siminoli or free people, since they had already lived here without any intrusions by the Spanish efforts to convert or conquer them, and the attempts of the English to take their lands and use these people as military pawns. It wouldn't take long before the white Americans called these Indians, all of them, by their English name of Seminoles. Spain had not been able to afford many soldiers to patrol the coastline and huge frontiers of the region, yet the white settlers that arrived here wouldn't have any troubles about coveting the open lands and beautiful wilderness that offered many various types of animals and plants. During this period, the English had warships sitting off the coastline, sending agents into the interior to entice the various tribes to resist the settlement of their lands openly, as well as the further infringement of the white settlers. The government would become angry that the Spanish hadn't been able to push out the English or to control the Indians, but even more would be the obvious protection that these tribes would give to the escaped slaves that came here to find freedom. These folks had been coming to Florida to escape their miserable slavery for more than a century, but the new American government became determined to stop the practice, and so during the late 18th century and early 19th century, there would be many skirmishes, ambushes and conflicts that would explode and create a racial hatred that would become open hostilities more often. Then, in the midst of all this, General Andrew Jackson would boldly cross international boundaries to finally fix the "Indian problems", and created an international furor. Regardless, he would capture Indians, burn their villages and homes, capture escaped slaves and even hang a Maskoki medicine man named Francis, and two Englishmen that he believed had incited the Indians. These events would become known as the First Seminole War, that occurred during 1814 and 1818. And that is just the beginning of atrocities by the United States government to displace, disrupt and eventually try to destroy the nation of the Seminoles, which never happened, so that today, this nation lives within a larger nation, trying desperately to live in a small area by themselves, using whatever talents and trades that they have acquired over the years to subsist and live with honor. The village is one of the most respectable and important ways to accomplish that, while at the same time, showing the American people just how important they are to the welfare of the state and to the culture and history of it. It is a place worth visiting and learning more about these hardy determined people that still live where they have been living for thousands of years.

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