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Things to do in Hopkinsville

    Pennyroyal Area Museum Pennyroyal Area Museum Hopkinsville, Kentucky
    The Pennyroyal Area Museum in Hopkinsville, Kentucky is now housed in the former old post office building in the downtown area, with outstanding exhibits about the history of Hopkinsville and the Pennyrile area. The museum is owned and run by the city and was started to continue the history of southwestern Kentucky's excellent heritage. The city was able to acquire the old post office from the US government in 1974, so that it could be used as an educational museum, and by 1975, the city had started the process of making the Pennyroyal Area Museum a reality. It opened in 1976, with a marvelous staff and board that have created a wide range of displays to preserve and showcase their history, as well as interpreting the past. The community has continued to contribute to the wonderful Kentucky tradition from the post revolution period to today, and since it is historical in scope, it has tried to portray the development of the nine county Pennyrile area. Some of the outstanding exhibits include information and relics of the Black Patch Tobacco Wars, black history, Jefferson Davis, Edgar Cayce, antique quilts, pioneer bedroom, period room settings, historical license plates from the state, a miniature circus and historic modes of transportation. The Black Patch or dark fired tobacco region included counties in southwestern Kentucky and parts of adjacent districts in Tennessee, with the tobacco growers forming a protectionist Dark Tobacco District Planters' Protective Association of Kentucky and Tennessee to oppose the corporate monopoly of the American Tobacco Company (ATC). The company was owned and operated by James B. Duke, and the results would create one of the most violent civil uprisings in the nation since the Civil War. The ATC had been created when the smaller tobacco companies merged to create a single market that bought all the tobacco in the region at a fixed price. Many of those tobacco growers soon realized that they couldn't grow their crops and sell them at a profit to the ATC, so when the protective organization was formed, it would boycott of the tobacco sales, with some farmers even forming a Silent Brigade that would be led by Dr. David A. Amoss, so that they could use social pressure for the purpose of terrorizing the growers into joining the association against ATC and continue the boycott of not raising tobacco or not selling it to the ATC. In 1906, the brigade would burn ATC barns in Trenton, Kentucky and dynamite their warehouses in Elkton, Kentucky. The Silent Brigade would soon be called the Night Riders in the newspapers around 1906, and they raided the warehouses in Princeton, Kentucky, burning the biggest factories in the world. The Night Riders would take control of Hopkinsville in 1907 and burn the Latham warehouse and the Tandy and Fairleigh tobacco warehouse. It continued to escalate and in April of 1908, the Kentucky National Guard, led by Captain Newton Jasper Wilburn, would lead a number of raids against the Night Rider leadership. Although the majority of these riders would escape, the captain's actions did help bring law and order to the terror stricken areas. The US Supreme Court would rule that the ATC was indeed a monopoly and in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890, in May of 1911.

    Bell Witch Cave
    Bell Witch Cave Adams, Tennessee
    The Bell Witch Cave in Adams, Tennessee, just below the Kentucky border, is a karst cave that is located near where the Bell Farm had been situated, about 490 feet long and privately owned, although there are tours offered during the summer months. The cave is supposedly connected with the Bell Witch, and it was during a period when the Bell Family was haunted by what they believe was the Bell Witch. The cave isn't part of the haunting, although it sits on land that had been owned by the Bells, and there are legends that the witch left the area, only to head into the sanctuary of the cave. The story is quite famous in this region, and the stories about the witch became so far reaching that it came to the attention of a general and future President, Andrew Jackson. According to the legend and stories about the hauntings, it was Betsy Bell, John Bell's daughter, that would suffer for a number of years in her childhood by torture from the witch. Although there are many variations of the story, like any legend or myth, however, most agree that the witch claimed to be the spirit of Kate Batts, a neighbor who believed that John had cheated her out of some land in a purchase. When she lay on her deathbed, she is said to have sworn that she would haunt John Bell and his descendants. In 1933, the story was written about in the Guidebook for Tennessee, published by the government's Works Project Administration or WPA. Today, you can visit the cave and area, taking a tour to visit the cave and take a marvelous canoe trip down the Red River. They offer a special night time haunt tour called the Haunted Candlelight Tour. It is also said that one night, Andrew Jackson and some of his troops had to spend the night at the Bell Farm and afterwards, he is quoted as saying, "I had rather face the entire British Army than to spend another night with the Bell witch". Whether of not the stories are true or not, there were so many people coming to the farm area that it had to be torn down because it was feared that someone might get seriously hurt; during the late 1800s. The Historic Bell Witch Cave, Inc. has preserved many of the relics and artifacts found from the original cabin, including a chimney stone and iron kettle. The cabin has been reconstructed now so that these and other artifacts have a home.

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    Stones River National BattlefieldStones River National Battlefield Tennessee
    The Stones River National Battlefield is a historic 570 acre site along the northern border of Tennessee, along the Stones River, that memorializes the major battle of Stones River during the Civil War that occurred on December 31, 1862 and January 2, 1863. It was started by the efforts of private citizens, the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway, the Stone River Battlefield and Park Association and by the 1927 act of Congress that authorizes national military parks under the jurisdiction of the War Department. In the early years of the 20th century, the railroad took advantage of the battlefield to increase their passenger service along the route. The railroad promoted veterans reunions and began to acquire various parts of the battlefield to be used as points of interest. They erected a 31 foot obelisk, in 1906, to commemorate the January 2 position of the Union artillery that had been used to repel a Confederate assault on the Union army that had dug in across the river. The Stones River Battlefield and Park Association was started in 1896, just after the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park had sparked a renewed interest in preserving important Civil War battlefields. They would gain options on the property that had been involved in the battle, and by June 1897, had about 3400 acres. The members of that organization put up wooden signs to mark and interpret the battle scenes and locations, and in 1912, they petitioned Congress to have a system of markers created with accurate locations. It failed to pass, because many of the former wooden signs had been obliterated. So, instead they began acquiring land in 1928 and had finished by 1934. The park is a little less than a fifth of what the battlefield had included and been fought, but it was a start. In 1927, it was designated the Stones River National Military Park and became part of the National Park Service. In 1960 it would be redesignated a national battlefield and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. Inside the park, the Stones River National Cemetery is located on 20.09 acres with 6850 interments of which 2562 are still unidentified. Right outside the cemetery, the Hazen Brigade Monument is located that was erected in 1863, becoming the oldest surviving Civil War monument in the nation, that still stands in the original location.  The battle was one of the bloodiest in the Civil War, but gave the Union important military and political gains, as well as changing the lives of the people that lived and fought there. Beginning December 26, 2010 and going until January 2, 2011, the park rangers and other volunteers will be hosting a series of tours, living history programs, talks and walks that describe the story of the Battle of Stones River, marking its 148th anniversary.

     National Quilt Museum
    National Quilt Museum Paducah, Kentucky
    The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky was called the Museum of the American Quilter's, and contains a huge collection of quilts, with the majority being the winners of the American Quilter's Society festival and the annual quilt competition held in April. It contains other displays of quilts, both modern and historic. The Museum of the American Quilter's Society (MAQS) was started by the American Quilter's Society co-founders Meredith Schroeder of Paducah and husband Bill, which opened in April, 1991. It has become the world's foremost museum that is dedicated to quilts and the sole museum today that is dedicated to the modern quilts and quiltmakers. Their main gallery has become the main exhibition hall that showcases many of the museum's 200 quilts, as well as temporary exhibits and exhibitions that travel to other museums and galleries, assisting to educate and inspire a new generation of quilters. In 2008, it was honored by the Congress, when it designated the museum as the National Quilt Museum of the United States. The executive director of the museum, May Louise Zumwalt, said a while back, "though it does not mean we will received national funding, it does recognize that we are a quilt museum with national significance." The museum welcomes about 40,000 visitors a year, from around the nation and at the minimum, 25 countries of the world.

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Local Restaurants in Hopkinsville

    Entrees; Louisiana sirloin; 7oz. grilled top sirloin; prime time prime rib 12oz.; ribeye steak; filet mignon; cedar plank salmon; grilled Atlantic salmon; catfish platter; cedar plank tilapia; hand battered fish n' chips; panko-crusted or grilled shrimp dinner; steak & half rack baby back ribs; steak & chicken tenders; steak & panko crusted shrimp; steak & grilled Atlantic salmon; steak & shrimp scampi; panko-crusted shrimp & hand battered cod; teriyaki sesame chicken; chicken tenders with original, buffalo or chipotle; O'Charley's baby back ribs either half rack or full rack.

    Harper House Restaurant
    Entrees; beef short ribs & winter root veggies served over wild mushroom truffle polenta & smothered in beef gravy; bone-in pork chop is roasted 14oz. chop marinated in adobo sauce served with side of creamed cabbage & sweet potato hash; St. Benedictine scallops is seared with fresh ricotta potato gnocchi in creamy tomato brandy sauce; yellow corn crusted tilapia is corn meal dusted & pan fried with rice, Szechuan green beans & chili plum sauce; crispy BBQ dipped chicken is golden fried chicken breast dipped in house BBQ sauce & served with turnip greens & Mac & cheese; fettuccini alfredo with rich parmesan cream sauce & fresh seasonal veggies; low country shrimp & grits is shrimp sautéed in lemon garlic gravy with bacon, mushrooms & scallions over cheddar cheese grits; ribeye is 12oz. hand cut ribeye finished with roasted garlic butter sauce served with hand breaded onion rings & creamy hash brown casserole; Main Street ribs is tender pork ribs smothered in house BBQ sauce with FF, cole slaw; filet mignon is 7oz. hand cut beef tenderloin with sundried tomato & mushroom gravy with green beans & smashed potatoes; fresh salmon with lemon caper sauce, sweet potato hash & maple bacon Brussels sprouts.


Grilled Shrimp O'Charley's Hopkinsville, Kentucky




BBQ Dipped Chicken Harper House Restaurant Hopkinsville, Kentucky


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    Gray Fossil Site Gray Fossil Site Gray, Tennessee
    The Gray Fossil Site is close to the unincorporated town of Gray, Tennessee, in the northeastern region, and is a late Miocene-epoch site of fossils that dates back almost 7 million years ago, and was discovered by geologists in May 2000. These scientists were in the area investigating strange clay deposits that had been found during a Tennessee Department of Transportation highway project that was trying to widen State Route 75, just south of the intersection with Interstate 26. The governor realigned the project so that the find could be preserved and open excavation for the museum and its research center that was being run by the East Tennessee State University, opening in 2007. This fantastic discovery has been determined to have been a semi-circular sinkhole that had been a pond environment for a long period and is now ready to yield its treasures of ancient animals and plants that had lived, watered and died in the watery sinkhole. Some of the magnificent vertebrate fossils that have been recovered, there are tapirs, frogs and turtles, although only about one percent has been searched. There fossil records describe a site that will take about another century to discover all its treasures. This site is where the biggest tapir fossil deposit has been found in the entire world, with new and rare discoveries being uncovered all the time, and it has uncovered the most complete skeleton of an ancient rhinoceros ever found in the eastern parts of North America. Also the tooth of a new species of red panda has been found that marks the second record of this animal in this continent, with the first fossils being discovered in Washington. It also uncovered the fossil of a newly identified species of an ancient plant-eating badger. The Gray Fossil Museum is officially called the East Tennessee State University and General Slate Brick Natural History Museum and Visitor Center, exhibiting fossils like the saber-toothed cat, shovel-tusked elephant, red panda, short-faced bear, tapirs, ground sloth, Eurasian badgers, rhinoceros, alligator and camel.

    Dunbar Cave State Park
    Dunbar Cave State Park Clarksville, TennesseeThe Dunbar Cave State Park sits in Clarksville, Tennessee on 110 acres that encompasses the Dunbar Cave that is the 280th biggest cave complex in the world, going more than 8 miles in. The front part of the cave is highlighted by a big concrete poured structure with three arches, that is quite a marvel to see, and very unusual for showing the location to the front portal to a cave. It is found in a karst topography, that includes limestone bedrock, springs and sinkholes, with a manmade lake called Swan lake sitting in front of the concrete archway. In March of this year, 2010, the cave was closed to all after they discovered a bat infected with white nose syndrome inside the caves. It was discovered that the front of the cave had been the residence of prehistoric peoples for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived, as they left unique drawings on the walls, with some guessing it may have had something to do with religious ceremonies. Isaac Rowe Peterson would claim the cave in 1790, and leave to gather his family and return, but while he was gone, Thomas Dunbar would also claim it and settled his family there. When Peterson came back, a legal battle began, with legal title of the land going to Peterson in 1792, even though the cave still wears Dunbar's name. In the Mexican-American War, the cave would be mined for saltpeter, that was an active ingredient in making gunpowder, as were many caves in the regions. By 1858, developers begin to see a great potential for the region, especially with the nearby Idaho Springs, so the first cabins were constructed there. Once the Civil War was over, J. A. Tate purchased the cave and springs, building a two story hotel there, and using the amenities in the area to bring tourists here to visit and enjoy the cave and springs. The area began to host many social events by 1931, that included fairs, dances, concerts and other events, although it was beginning to need some repairs and restorations. The state had just finished putting in a new road in front of the hotel and certain businessmen saw a bigger opportunity, so they purchased the site and started cleaning up the area, adding more recreational facilities like a big concrete swimming pool, tennis courts and bathhouse, as well as renovating the hotel and making it bigger. The lake that was there was dammed so that it could be made bigger and by the time it was done, the lake would contain 20 acres. Roy Acuff bought the cave in 1948 for $150,000 and started holding musical festivals and entertainment shows, hosting some big bands that included Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman. Roy added a golf course next to the lake, and as time passed by, so did the tourism attendance and the hotel would burn down in 1950, not to be replaced. McKay King purchased it in 1963, and operated the cave until his passing in 1971, after the pool had been closed in 1967, and his widow inherited it all. The state bought the cave site in 1973, from Mrs. King, so that it could be used for a state natural area. In 2005, park specialist Amy Wallace, local historian Billy Frank Morrison, history professor Joe Douglas and geologist and author Larry E. Matthews would explore the cave and discover Native American petroglyphs in the cave, with over 30 drawings and etchings that were dated to the Mississippian era (700 to 1300 CE) using torches and other artifacts that were handy. Many are religious in nature, with one depicting a Mississippian supernatural warrior. The existence of these exciting and interesting symbols were announced at the State of Tennessee on July 29, 2006, while hosting the Second Annual Dunbar Cave Day that was being held in the park.

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    Jefferson Davis State Historic SiteJefferson Davis State Historic Site Fairview, Kentucky
    The Jefferson Davis Monument State Historic Site in Fairview, Kentucky preserves the birthplace of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America, about three miles south of Hopkinsville, in Todd County, with a massive 351 foot obelisk made of concrete. Simon Bolivar Buckner, Sr., one of the Confederate generals, was the first to propose a monument for Jefferson in 1907 at one of the Orphan Brigade's reunions. The construction started in 1917, but was stopped when it reached 175 feet, when the first World War needed the materials more than they did. In 1922, the construction resumed, and finished in 1924, at a cost of $200,000. The bottom was made of limestone quarried from the site, and the walls are 8.5 feet thick there, and taper to 2.5 feet at the top. It was added to the list of the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and had to be closed from 1999 until 2004 as they completed renovations and the building of a new visitor's center. There is an elevator inside the obelisk to take visitors to the top, which offers a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. The site is one of the eleven historic sites in the state that include small parks and are maintained by the state's department of parks. It encompasses 19 acres that contains open and covered picnic areas, along with a children's playground. The center is open to sell books and other memorabilia about Davis, Kentucky handcrafts, the Civil War and the surrounding regions; and is open from May until the end of October. This monument is the tallest unreinforced concrete structure in the entire world, since it didn't use any steel. It was created by leaving large chunks of concrete projecting up so that it could connected to the next pouring, until it was done. It is the tallest obelisk in the world, and the third tallest concrete obelisk in the world, and the fifth tallest monument in the United States.

    Woody Winfree Fire-Transportation Museum
    Woody Winfree Fire-Transportation Museum Hopkinsville, KentuckyThe Woody Winfree Fire-Transportation Museum in Hopkinsville, Kentucky just opened in February 2008, with outstanding exhibits of fire and transportation memorabilia from Woody Winfree. The idea for the museum had been voiced some 40 years before, but it would be a long time coming, although Woody seemed to have known that it would eventually open so he started his collecting early enough to have assembled such an outstanding collection. The museum is located in the downtown area's fire station that had been built in 1905 and included a magnificent old town clock upon a tower that reached 85 feet high into the sky. In 1924, it would be completely burned down, but then rebuilt as quickly as possible. It would be sold to a local businessman and then to a local college, but finally came back to the city in the late 1990s. County historian, William Turner and some of the other townsfolk applied for a grant to renovate the old historical building so that it could be used as a museum, and within a decade, all involved had their dreams come to fruition. The museum houses fire trucks, a sleigh, benches from the town's railroad station, a marvelous collection of Christian County license plates, automobiles, historic photographs from the fire department, wagons and buggies. One of the best and interesting relics is the entire file of the department's recorded fire calls since written records began. It is a gorgeous building and reminds one of the old fire departments that were built in small towns around this country and so important to the communities that they worked in. Bill Turner, the historian, once joked about Woody, saying that if anyone had come out of diapers chasing fire trucks, it would have been Woody. He had worked for the fire department in the old days as a runner, going through training just like anyone did that wanted to become a fireman. Turner went on to say that Woody was truly one of the community's characters, but he had been an important part of the town's fire department, and by the amount of memorabilia that he saved and collected, one could well believe it.

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    Links Golf CourseThe Links at Novadell Hopkinsville, Kentucky
    The Links at Novadell opened in 2002 and has become one of the premier golf courses in western Kentucky, with a 6886 yard, par 72 championship course created by Don Charles, a former member of Arnold Palmer's design team. The rolling hills, green fairways and beautiful Kentucky scenery has become such a marvelous area that houses are now being constructed around the course to encourage retirees and others to come here, play and live. There are open driving areas, with limited trees, natural grasses that grow fairly tall here, as well as strategically placed bunkers and soft breezes that blow across the fairways, adding a flavor different than most Kentucky courses. The club has a wonderful practice facility, with a 10 acre driving range, a practice bunker and 8000 square foot putting green. The 18 holes are wide open and easy to walk, although the wind can come upon you suddenly and add more challenge to your shots, although it was designed for the average golfer. They say that there are few forced carries, but most folks can easily overcome those with sure shots and plenty of patience. They do offer lessons here so that you can improve your overall game or just work on one shot, like putting or driving, whatever you need help with, they are ready, willing and waiting. The greens average about 7000 square feet, meaning plenty of room to get on the green, but they are fast with some undulation and many have a back to front slope of some two feet or so. Water can be nerve-wracking on about nine of the holes you play, but are only four lakes and a few small creeks, that can be overcome with your outstanding play and shots. There are four sets of tees, so that all levels of skill are available, with the most significant hole being number 3, a long par-5 that measures a staggering 618 yards from the back tee and 482 from the front; and according to golf pro Kevin Holler, it is the longest hole in the county. The majority of the holes are challenging enough for you to play the back tees, but if you are having a bad day, then just move to the front until you get your swing back. It is a marvelous course to play, with many outstanding scenes and great weather, with excellent maintenance of the course, keeping the locals coming back for more and more. There is a great golf shop for all of your needs, in case you forgot something, along with many great events and leagues, including men's, ladies and couples, family, juniors, blind draw scramble, bud light two man, and other special tournaments. Their Champion Grill is a great place to relax and have highball or two after your games, or to enjoy a quick snack before going out for another 18. The course and area is so splendid that the area has many houses and lots that can be purchased so you can spend all year here, as well as joining the club to enjoy better and cheaper games.

    Round Table Literary Park
    Round Table Literary Park Hopkinsville, KentuckyKing Arthur's Round Table is found in Literary Park in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and sitting on the north side of the University of Kentucky Community College, was created to inspire its visitors. The site was created in 1974, as the Round Table Literary Park, which a beautifully treed area filled with the interspersing of monuments modeled after literary objects, but without any playgrounds. King Arthur's Round Table has stone seats for 24, and the famous sword in the stone, with a Greek and Roman amphitheater, the Delphian Tholos Temple that offers annual literary events and more. The Round Table Literary Park was the brainchild of Professor Thomas as he wandered around a grove of trees on the northeast corner of the campus, and the first monument was the sword in the stone. The replica of King Arthur's Table would be added in 1975, then the amphitheater in 1989, along with a sculpture of Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy, then a medieval wall in 1992, and the temple in 1995. In 1998, the John T. Robertson Pool and sidewalk were added with private funds. The park is the annual location of the Round Table Literary Awards and the unveiling of the Round Table literary magazine; both of which has received national and regional recognition in numerous magazines.

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    Trail of Tears ParkTrail of Tears Park Hopkinsville, Kentucky
    The Cherokee Trail of Tears Commemorative Park in Hopkinsville, Kentucky is one of the few documented historic parks and sites of the actual trail and their campsites that was used in the forced removal of the Cherokee people from their lands to Indian reservations. It was used as an encampment in 1838 and 1839, as well as a burial site to two of the chiefs who died during that "removal"; one of the darkest periods in this nation's great history. That long and arduous relocation would become known as the "Trail of Tears" and by Native Americans as the "Trail Where they Cried". In 1987, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill that made the trail a national historical trail, with Hopkinsville named in the bill. The National Park Service made the park a certified site on the national historic trail of tears, becoming the first non-federal property to get such a designation. Steve Shields, a local artist, created the statues of Chief Whitepath and Fly Smith, which were unveiled with delegations from the Eastern Band of Cherokees and Cherokee attending. One of the featured points along the trail is a log cabin that has become the Heritage Center of the park, which dates back to the Trail of Tears itself. Although it desperately needed reconstruction, it would be moved to the park with only the roof taken off, and then entire restoration done, with a new porch and the insides fitted with exhibit cases for the new life of the cabin. There are seven Cherokee clans, Wild Potato, Bird, Long Hair, Deer, Wolf, Paint and Blue, so the commission planted seven red Cherokee Chief dogwoods in honor of each clan, by the burial site. Each clan's name is engraved on the redwood signs that sit beside each tree. Every year, on the first full weekend after Labor Day, the commission sponsors a intertribal powwow at the park, which is a gathering of Native American peoples and their descendants so that they can celebrate their rich heritage and culture; to educate the powwow visitors about Indian lore and story telling, to socialize with old friends and make new ones, as well as expose non-Indians to this centuries old tradition with many dances and Native American crafts.

    Bravard Vineyard and Winery
    Bravard Vineyard and Winery Hopkinsville, KentuckyThe Bravard Vineyards and Winery is about 17 miles northeast of downtown Hopkinsville, Kentucky, beginning in 1992, with a great variety of activities available there during the year. The harvest celebration begins in mid-October of every year, just about when the leaves and foliage is at its peak in north Christian County, where they host two bluegrass bands with all kinds of picnicking, dancing and a number of activities for visitors of all ages. They even enjoy a poetry reading in the upper vineyard with its magnificent scenery, which encourages visitors to come and read their own poetry. There is plenty of free wine tasting and tours available, as it always is at these special events. Their excellent Christmas Open House celebrates their anniversary every year, with a free bottle of wine to every 10th customer, and a drawing for a gift basket of Jim's, the owner, homemade bread along with meat, cheese, fruit, candy and a bottle of wine that can be your choice.

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