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Budget rent a car Kauai, Hawaii

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Things to do in Kauai

Kalalau Trail

Kalalau TrailMost people visit the Hawaiian Islands for the scenic views and beautiful countryside. This great tropical oasis features crystal clear beaches, soft white sand of course the tropical forests. But when you visit the islands where are you going to go to see all these beautiful sites? Well one of the most popular ways to see it all is to travel along the Kalalau Trail. The trail starts on the Ke’e Beach and leads up into the beautiful mountains. The reason the trail is so popular is because of the spectacular views you get of the island. Look down on all of Kauai from the highest point on the island! If you are looking for remote beaches to visit than you have come to the right place! The further down the Kalalau trail you go the more beaches you will encounter! The trail takes roughly two hours to complete, but if you spend your time taking pictures of the beautiful views and taking in all the natural Hawaii beauty you could be on this trail for hours more! This is a must see and must do for any true Hawaiian vacation! Best of all it’s a free experience, so be sure to hike the Kalalau Trail while you are on the island of Kauai!

Dollar Rent-A-Car Kauai, Hawaii

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Lihue Airport's Dollar Rental Car

Thrifty Car Rental Kauai, Hawaii

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Thrifty Rental Car at Lihue Airport

Hanapepe: Kauai Aerosports

The view from the plane!One of Kauai’s most popular excursions is the Hanapepe: Kauai Aerosports experience. This fun adventure lets you tour the entire island of Kauai in a fun and unique way. From the moment you meet Steve Sprague you will be in for a fun adventure that few have the opportunity to experience. Anyone who has been on this flight only has good things to say about it! As the tour starts you will find your self speeding down a runway before taking off into the beautiful Hawaii skies. You can circle the island in this small charter plane and see hidden beaches and forests that are only reachable by extensive hikes. See the whole island in just a short period of time from this comfortable and spacious cabin! Avoid the long hikes and enjoy the beautiful view of the island from a perspective few have the opportunity to explore! Be sure to visit the Hanapepe: Kauai Aerosports tour while you are on the island, you won’t regret it!

Avis discount rental car Kauai, Hawaii

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Lihue Airport Avis Rent-A-Car

Hertz Car Rental Kauai, Hawaii

Taxi prices can be expensive and public transportation can be time consuming, with a rental car you can go wherever you want, whenever you want at an affordable price! With Discounted Hertz Car Rentals you can get the vehicle you need for the right price!

Lihue Airport Rental Car

Local Favorite Restaurants of Kauai

Hanalei Pizza

The restaurant!Few people realize how some of the simplest foods can make their way to the top, especially here in Hawaii! Most people visit the islands for a vacation, and one of the most popular places to eat here on the island of Kauai is at Hanalei. Here you can get an amazing arrays of pizza, something that everyone has grown to love. But the food isn’t the only thing that attracts people to this place, the kick back and relax environment is one of the most popular on the whole island! So grab a beer and a slice of pizza and enjoy the relaxing and accommodating features of this fantastic restaurant! Make any night a good night at this fun and energetic restaurant!

Alamo Car Rentals Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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Lihue Airport Alamo Rental Car

National Rental Cars Kauai, Hawaii

Rent a vehicle from one of the most popular and trusted rental car companies in the business, National! When it comes to renting a vehicle Cheap National Rental Cars is the way to go! Avoid the stress of looking for transportation and get the vehicle you need!

Lihue Airport National Rentals