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Things to do in Klagenfurt

    Landesmuseum Landesmuseum Klagenfurt, Austria
    The Historical Society of Carinthia was born in 1844, the same year the National Museum was founded, and be housed in a country house in Klagenfurt, Austria, with wonderful library, cultural, historical and scientific research exhibitions that have continued to grow over the years. It would necessitate the construction of a new museum, housed in a palace styled building that was designed by local architect, Gustave Gugitz, in a neo-renaissance style with a magnificent staircase. The museum would acquire a wonderful ethnographic collection in 1922, and be restored in 1925, continuing using the name of the Carinthian Museum. Sadly, it would be severely damaged by WWII bombing raids, and reconstructed after the war using state funds. It is now the headquarters of the society, has a regional library and manages five separate branches for the National Museum. These include the botanical garden at Kreusbergl, the Roman museum at Teurnia, the Coat of Arms Hall of the Klagenfurt Landhaus, the Carinthian Folklore Institute and adjacent Maria Saal museum and the Archaeological Park at Magdalensberg. Its collections include the geology department, the musical instruments department, the Roman provinces department, the art history department, the folklore department, the country's history, medieval and modern numismatics department, the zoology department and the Roman stone collection, along with the pre- and early history department. This last gallery is split across two floors, with 1150 displays that include discoveries from the Copper Age to the early Iron Age, with some from the Bronze Age, that include Italic dishes, weapons, amber, equestrian accessories, lead figures from Frog and statuettes. The oldest evidence of human settlements in the Carinthian region is in the natural history collection that was acquired from the cave of the assault and date to the end of the last ice age, about 40,000 to 35,000 BC. This is so much to see here, that is impossible to describe it all, so the best way to see and enjoy this marvelous museum is to visit Klagenfurt and visit the museum as long as you care to.

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Local Restaurants in Klagenfurt

    Restaurant Salzamt
    Entrees; zander fillet with parsley potatoes & fresh veggies; grilled calamari with baguette & green salad; roast chicken with parsley & cranberries; pork wiener schnitzel with side dish; wiener schnitzel with parsley potatoes; steak with fried potatoes & green beans; boiled beef with roast potatoes & krensosse.

    Dermuth Hotel
    Entrees; wiener schnitzel with parsley potatoes; Paris or escalope of veal with rice; grilled pork steak with bacon, shallots & roasted potatoes; medallions of pork with rosemary potatoes & veggies; organic boneless fried chicken with potato salad; trout or trout miller blue with parsley potatoes; filet of Carinthia laxnes with potato puree & spinach; housemade cheese pasta with brown butter & green salad; potato gnocchi with mushrooms & fresh parsley; veggie platter with fried egg & potatoes.


Wiener Schnitzel Restaurant Salzamt Klagenfurt, Austria



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    The Diocesan Museum of Religious Art Diocesan Museum Klagenfurt, Austria
    The Diocesan Museum of Klagenfurt, Austria houses a magnificent collection of sacred arts, with treasures from various churches, including the Cathedral of Alghero, and many others, that showcase marbles, priceless pictures and silver treasures, that have made this fabulous museum one of the most favorite destinations in the city. It has outstanding works from Cologne and the Lower Rhineland that the nation considers to be of invaluable worth, along with numerous tombs and reliquaries housed here for visitors to learn more about the history, culture and religion of this great country. The museum is adjacent to the Klagenfurt Cathedral, which is also a beautiful place to visit while in the area, exhibiting many church vestments, altarpieces, stained glass, that include the famous and magnificent Mary Magdalene Glass from 1170 AD, that many scientists and archaeologists believe is the oldest stained glass works in the country; and religious artworks. It is considered to be one of the most significant museums housing art and treasures, in the Carinthia region.

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    Robert Musil House/MuseumRobert Musil House/Museum Klagenfurt, Austria
    Considered to be one of the most significant German writers of the 20th century, although born in Austria, Robert Musil is remembered in his numerous books, his essays and his own journal, where he had begun writing all his thoughts, and more, during the first decades of the 20th century. His outstanding works are still read today, not to really understand more about his writing but about the conditions, trials and tribulations that faced many central Europeans during the years before and after the First World War. The museum is situated on the ground floor of the building where Robert was born, in Klagenfurt, Austria in 1880. He would only spend the first year of his life here, but his hold and identity stem from the ideas formulated over the years, and the times he returned to his original city. The man would become an enigma, with many family photographs, German language texts and the Underwood Standard Portable typewriter he used to construct his thought provoking books. Musil began keeping his diary or daily journal when he was just 18 years old, and his first published book, The Man Without Qualities would be written over a thirty year period, and never be finished. He published the first installment, and then, although it was ready for publication, his second installment was kept to himself, until the later years. He tells of the people, the culture, the conservatism of bourgeois Austria, and the terrible anxieties felt by the people during the first war that would envelop the world. His writings are quite amazing and interesting, touching on many aspects of society, especially the philosophy that would develop over the first decades of the 20th century. It is a marvelous place to visit and learn more about this unique man, his countrymen and the societies that would lead to the war.

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    Christalnig PalaceChristalnig Palace Klagenfurt, Austria
    This palace dates back to the 16th century and is one of the most popular structures in Klagenfurt, Austria, containing the central core that was built in the 16th century, the arcaded courtyard that would be added in the 17th century, as the structure grew and was continually added onto. The courtyard has a magnificent empire decor and a triple sectioned door, that personify the architecture and expertise of the local artisans, offering outstanding examples of artworks, culture, history and more.  It is considered one of the most important historical structures in the city and is also one of the most visited sites in the city of Klagenfurt. The interior decor is marvelous, with outstanding historical significance and showcases the culture and structure of the society that lived back then. Although the fiefdoms of the Middle Ages had passed, the remnants of it would continue to exist in the central European nations until the beginning of WWI. It is almost like the rebellions of the Middle Eastern countries of today, that have had enough of decadent leaders taking all the wealth of a country and wasting it on ridiculous extravagance and opulence.

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    Goess PalaceGoess Palace Klagenfurt, Austria
    The Goess Palace is an excellent example of the great architecture and art that exists in the city of Klagenfurt, Austria, that had been constructed from 1734 to 1738 with a magnificent exterior that is one of the numerous reasons that the palace is such a popular site to visit in the city. It is decorated with unique ornamentation and exquisite designs, with outstanding decorated pillars and columns that showcase the artistic talents and expertise of the city's artisans and master craftsmen. The interior includes a unique staircase, made of metal framing that adds just enough of the new world to the old that exemplifies the marvelous architectural talents observed back then. It houses wonderful collections of weapons, munitions and the coats of arms of the many rulers that have lived here over the centuries, with a beautiful stone banister that is one of the finest in the world, and most unusual. Many of these palaces were constructed for the elite class ruling the countries of middle Europe from the early 12th century until the beginning of WWI, that would close that chapter of history, when the rulers would use people and wealth to amass huge art collections, historical relics and more, much like Hitler did in his era, leaving nothing but heartache and broken lives along the way to their madness and eventual end.

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