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When your looking to rent a car, Alamo should be right up there on the list of candidates. With great customer satisfaction and a wide variety of car selections you can rent a vehicle at an affordable cost with a quick and easy stop at a local Alamo. Save even more when you use Alamo Coupons and make your car rental experience even more affordable!

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Things to do in Lafayette

  • The Atchafalaya Experience

    The Atchafalaya ExperienceFor those nature lovers out there, Lafayette holds the perfect solution to satisfy your need for the wild! Here in Louisiana you can find the Atchafalaya, North America’s largest river swamp. This cypress filled swamp is ranked as one of the top ten wilderness areas in the entire United States. So what could be better than visiting this great place filled with an abundance of exotic animals? Having a guided tour through this beautiful landscape! Here you can find a wide variety of hidden animals, such as; beavers, otters, mink, deer, squirrels, alligators, 38 species of bird and a variety of other animals. Unlike many other nature tours where the animals are constantly fed and lured into the area to provide you with animal sightings, the Atchafalaya experience is all natural! No animal has been lured or fed, everything you see is here by its own free will. “But wont that mean less to see?” you might ask, however, the guides know where the animals like to locate themselves. This means with the help of your tour guide you can find all the rare and exotic animals as you make your way around this swamp! Your guides will have knowledge of the history, geography and geology of the area and surroundings. Ride into the lake to see local and commercial fisherman on one of the aluminum boats the tour guides use. The area has been featured on a wide variety of television shows, and used as prime locations for animal research. The trip is designed to expose some of the swamps most amazing and subtle wildlife that is seldom seen in a person’s lifetime. You can choose from six separate areas to explore, however locations open and close based on the seasons and constantly changing water level. So come venture into the Atchafalaya swamp and experience nature like never before!

Budget rent a car Lafayette, Louisiana

Make your rental car experience enjoyable when you rent a car from Budget. With great customer service and professional sales associates you know your making the right choice when renting a vehicle from budget. With Budget Rental Car Savings you are ensured even more of a discount on your rental car. With such a wide variety of car vehicles selections and affordable prices, renting a car from Budget is the perfect solution for your travel needs.

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  • Lafayette Leopards

    Fisher StadiumAnyone who has been to Lafayette could tell you about the town’s enthusiasm for the local colleague, but even more so about the colleges athletic programs. With a wide variety of sports such as; baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, tennis and even fencing, finding the sport that you enjoy is easy! However one of the teams here stands out above the others, the Lafayette Leopards, the college’s football team. Here at Fisher Field the big games go down, since 1926 this location has been used for the schools athletic sports and primarily, for football. Since the earliest years of the fields use, plans have been set in motion to make this a primary location for the team to play, and now nearly ninety years and twenty three million dollars later this stadium is the schools greatest success. Here you can enjoy the game in this massive stadium that seats over 13,000 fans and spectators! The field allows all the local teams to play an participate in the great sport, from college to high school, local teams meet on this field weekly to take part in the life long tradition of Lafayette’s prime sport. The stadium has hosted 393 of the Lafayette Leopard’s football games, completing the 80th season of football for the team in 2006. With an overall record of 234 wins and 146 loses on this field, the hometown games are a filled with local residents that fill the stadium to get a piece of the action.

Enterprise rent- a- car Lafayette, Louisiana

Rent a car with Enterprise and save big! This rental car agency can offer you a wide variety of car selections and all at an affordable price! When you rent a car with Enterprise you can save even more by using Enterprise Discounts with your purchase. With such affordable prices and a variety of cars you can the freedom that comes with a rental car when you choose to rent a car with Enterprise!

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  • Acadian Village

    Acadian Village at Lafayette!In the 1970’s the LARC (Lafayette Association for Retarded Citizens) was looking for a larger source of income to keep the residents at the facility in suitable lodging. At nearly the same time the surrounding area was looking to improve tourism in the area, promoting visits to the city of Lafayette. Working together the Acadian Village was built over a series of several years. Spanning nearly 32 acres, this fully functional town was built for your entertainment, and the funding of LARC. All the proceeds that this small park generates are directly donated to the Retarded Citizens. The area also serves as an opportunity for the Retarded Citizens that are fully capable of work to get a job on grounds! Since the Acadian Village was made it has become the prime location for weddings, Cajun festivals, corporate functions, special events, Christmas lighting programs and the 19th century Cajun lifestyle. This village has quickly become a much loved form of entertainment for the Lafayette locals. Inside you can venture through eleven Acadian buildings, seven of which are actual Authentic Cajun buildings. Modeled to look like an 1800 Cajun village you can experience and enjoy the day to day life that the town would have participated in every day in the 1800s. In order to bring this village to life the entire city of Lafayette had to pitch in, both with funds, time and resources. Now this life long dream of the LARC is available to you in the form of a historical and adventurous site for family and friends to explore!

Hertz Car Rental Lafayette, Louisiana

Finding a rental car service can sometimes be hard, luckily for you Hertz Rent-A-Car has thousands of locations world wide. With so any places to rent a vehicle there is likely to be a location near you or your destination! With Hertz Printable Coupons you can save even more on your rental car purchase!

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  • Local Favorite Restaurants of Lafayette

  • Adelino’s Old World Kitchen

    Adelino’s Old World KitchenThis great restaurant is dedicated to bring you, your friends and family fantastic food and drink, all in a fun filled and friendly environment. Here you can find a wide variety of recipes and dishes found in and around the Mediterranean. This amazing cuisine I served by only the best of chefs and is served by smiling waiters. After years of work to collect and taste some of the best recipes this restaurant can offer you some of the best cuisine in the Lafayette area. The restaurants founder, Adelino had a very strict belief that family came first, and that friends were family. Using this as the foundation for his restaurant, you are an honored guest, and your friends and family come first. Get top of the line food, quality customer service and smiling faces every time you enter this environment that stays true to the beliefs of Adelino. Adelino believed that there was nothing better than serving friends and family his collection of great tasting foods, and now he wants to share it with the entire world. Adelino’s Old World Kitchen is home to a wide variety of catering options. If you’re ever in the area for a family reunion, business meeting or other venue, for an easy and affordable cost you can have the amazing food that is offered at this kitchen in your very own home, office or facility! Adelino’s Old World Kitchen invites you to partake in the sampling of these amazing foods that have been collected; will you join for some wholesome family fun?

avis discount rental car Lafayette, Louisiana

When you rent a car with Avis your getting only the best of the best customer service. With a wide variety of vehicle selections you get exactly what you need to make your travel plans easy and affordable. With Avis Discount Coupons you can enjoy the freedom of a vehicle for even less of a cost!

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Thrifty Car Rental Lafayette, Louisiana

If your looking to rent a vehicle then Thrifty has just the solution for you; with professional services and quality customer service you can enjoy every moment of freedom you get when renting a car from Thrifty! Thrifty Rental Car Discounts are the perfect way to save money when looking to rent a car!

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  • Akropolis Restaurant

    Akropolis RestaurantRated as one of the United States best Greek restaurant, you have come to the right place for fantastic food. Inside this small town diner you can get some of the best Greek cuisine nationwide. One of the top priorities here at the Akropolis is to produce food that satisfies customers. The custom motto for this restaurant is “If I wouldn’t eat it, the customer shouldn’t have to.” This local favorite is located in the center of town, and hopes to bring you the best food in town for an affordable price. Anyone who has eaten at Akropolis can tell you how amazing the food is, but above all the Akropolis is known nationwide for its amazing Gyros. These pita wraps are filled with a wide variety of great meats and vegetables that you choose. Akropolis is a family run business, and to keep the family name untarnished, the family will go to great lengths to keep you happy. This fantastic restaurant is a definite recommendation for anyone staying, or passing through the Lafayette area. With great food and excellent service, what else is there to say? Join the crew down at Akropolis and enjoy some great Greek food, you’ll never have tasted better!

Dollar Rent-A-Car Lafayette, Louisiana

If your looking to rent a vehicle and experience all the luxuries of the freedom that come with having a vehicle on your business trip, vacation, family reunion or any other venture then Dollar has the solution for you. With a wide variety of great vehicles to choose from, finding exactly what you need or want is easy. And with Dollar Discounts and Savings you can get the best prices on the market!

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National Rental Cars Lafayette, Louisiana

Next time you decide to rent a car be sure to check if there is a National location near your or your destination. With low prices and a wide variety of vehicle selections you make your vacation a pleasure with the freedom that comes along with having a vehicle to yourself. National Rental Car Coupons are the perfect way to save even more when you rent a vehicle from National!

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