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Things to do in Laramie

  • Fort Sanders Fort Sanders Laramie, Wyoming
    Fort Sanders, just outside of Laramie, Wyoming, was originally a wooden fort that was constructed in 1866, on the Laramie Plains of south Wyoming. First it was called Fort John Buford, but then renamed after General William P. Sanders, a great general that had died at the Siege of Knoxville in the Civil War. It was built to protect the traveling settlers and homesteaders that were on the Overland Trail; since many were attacked by the many Indian tribes that roamed the area; and then later was used to protect the railroad workers trying to build the Union Pacific Railroad. It came to the area in 1868, and in 1869, Laramie was built 3 miles north of the fort. When Fort D. A. Russell was constructed in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1868, Fort Sanders wasn't as important, although the war department did keep it armed until 1882, and then the buildings were sold. The entire fort was 223 feet by 400 feet; and that included the parade ground. It was built to house 4 companies, then later increased to house 6; and all the barracks were made of wood, except the guardhouse, which was made of stone. That building was constructed in 1869, and as you can see from the picture to the right, it is the sole survivor of this early and important fort along the Overland Trail. If not for the fort, the town of Laramie might not have been built or survived, although it was originally built for the safety of those traveling the Overland Trail. The fort itself was built much the same as those in the frontier states of the time, using whatever materials that were handy to construct a fort. In this case, the walls were made of logs, and the barracks were always the same. The bunks were made of planks with hay filled mattresses and two soldiers shared a bunk. The stable was 230 feet long, with a garden next to the adjutant's office. The company troops themselves were allowed to grow their own gardens for the fresh vegetables, and these usually had turnips, beets, cabbage, beans, peas and lettuce. Certainly enough variation for soups, salads and sides for whatever game their could shot. The headquarters was built using lathing, covered over with plaster, and then it was scored so that it appeared to be more like stone, and that included the lintels. This type of construction was done in the middle ages, with the poorer barons or knights using this method so that their castles looked something like the wealthier courtesans. Forts were built on elevated grounds, and on this one, the north side was bounded by Spring Creek and on the south was Soldier Creek. The commander, Col. Richard Irving Dodge, tried fishing in the creeks for some variation of their diet, but although they were clean and clear, there weren't any fish. The commander then sent away for some eggs, and built a hatching box, but he never could find any of the trout he'd grown. Even after Dodge left the post, he was updated by the base commanders and no trout were ever seen. Ironically sometime later, the streams became part of a fish hatchery and there are now trout to be caught. In one of the corners of the fort, an octagon hewn log blockhouse was built with two rows of rifle slots, while the barracks, adjutant's office, bakery, headquarters, and guard house were opposite the parade ground. A 100 foot flagpole made of two pieces had been erected in the center of the parade ground to support a 36 foot by 20 foot flag; being able to be seen from any direction a long ways off. A bath tub was in the hospital, there weren't any bathing places for the troops, other than the creeks nearby and those could only be used in the summer months. It was a primitive installation, but served the purposes for what it was built for.

  • Medicine Bow MountainsMedicine Bow Mountains Laramie, Wyoming
    The Medicine Bow Mountains are some 30 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming, and are a part of the magnificent Rocky Mountains; while these mountains are often referred to as the Snowy Range or the Snowies. The mountain range extends from the northern region of Colorado's Never Summer Mountains into the south central parts of Wyoming, and has been used as a symbol of Laramie. The highest peak is Clark Peak, 12,951 feet into the sky that sits in the Rawah Wilderness, along the southern parts of the range in northern Colorado. Most of it is in the Medicine Bow National Forest, and the highest peak in Wyoming is the Medicine Bow Peak at 12,013 feet. The waters from these mountains is drained off by the Michigan and Canadian Rivers, that are tributaries of the North Platte River in North Park. The eastern side is drained by the Laramie River, which is also a tributary of the North Platte. There is a great abundance of wildlife found here, lynx, mule deer, Richardson's ground squirrels, elk, moose, bobcats, black bear, marmots, coyotes and mountain lions with many beautiful birds flying around that they can be seen from the roadside. Fishing is also plentiful around here, and the main fish are trout, rainbow and brook, with golden and grayling trout also. The most favorite method for fishing is the fly-fishing technique that takes some time to master, but once done, much more popular than regular bait and spinning poles. There is nothing like casting that line out, ever so slowly, increasing the line each time you throw, and watching for that one instant when the trout lunges out of the water and snaps that fly. Oh, and then to head ashore with a few to start frying with. No better way to start the day off in the mountains. Sadly, another strange sight might behold you when you are trekking through the mountains and that is the crashed remains of Flight 409, from United, that crashed here in October of 1955, killing 63 passengers and 3 crew members.

  • Laramie Mountains
    The Laramie Mountains are medium high peaks on the east side of the Rocky Mountain range, in Wyoming and Colorado, where these peaks are on the north side of the eastern Rockies between the Laramie range and the Brighton Mountains, which were the site of the famous Oregon Trail, the Pony Express route and the Mormon Trail to Utah. They go from southeast Wyoming up between Laramie and Cheyenne, on its way to Casper, and named after the river that carves its way through the southwest to the northeast heading to the North Platte River in eastern Wyoming. The river joins the North Platte near the town of Fort Laramie, and is the southern end of the coniferous forest that exists in the range, and making it two regions. The southern areas are much drier, and wide open, with hardly any forestation except for that that sits in the southern end by Pole Mountain and the surrounding region. Here you will find magnificent granite outcroppings at Vedauwoo, and the best place to practice climbing rocks, with some spectacular picnic and photography scenes. The name Laramie comes from an early French fur trader with the Northwest Fur Company that came to the area in the 1820s, and since he was so well liked by his fellow trappers, the river, mountain, plains, peak and fort was named after him. He was killed by Indians for allegedly hunting on their hunting lands, although he had been their friend up until then. No one knows the complete story, and is now gone with his memory, other than the naming which followed. His full name was Jacques La Ramie, and over the years, the name grew from La Ramie into Laramie.

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  • Medicine Bow National ForestMedicine Bow National Forest Wyoming
    The Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest is the title bestowed on this magnificent area that encompasses over 2 million acres of the most majestic land in the country. The Medicine Bow National Forest, the Thunder Basin National Grassland and the Routt National Forest were combined into one huge forest in 1995, since the resources, location and administrative purposes were close to each other, and would save time and money by doing so. The Medicine Bow forest is just over a million acres of gorgeous landscaping, and is entirely located within southeastern Wyoming, and was at first made a forest reserve in 1902. Named after the powwows that the tribes would come together for, the region is rich in mahogany, which the Native Americans preferred for their bows; and the ritualistic dances and ceremonies that would cleanse, cure disease and create that powerfully good medicine necessary for the tribe's endeavors. Snowy Range is located here within, where the highest peak Medicine Bow Peak sits and can be seen from the Snowy Range Pass, on Wyoming highway 130. Special points of interest located in the forest of Medicine Bow is the Encampment River, Savage Run, Huston Park and Platte River Wilderness, with the now famous rock climbing area of Vedauwoo. These areas have been designated wilderness areas so that they could be preserved for many reasons, and no motorized or mechanized vehicles, including bicycles, are allowed in the region. There aren't any roads or buildings, nothing, all the wildernesses are in pristine condition and that is why they have been made into wilderness, so no logging or mining operations could destroy the incredible beauty and awesomeness of this spectacular forest, nor any other manmade creation could destroy it natural environment or habitat. The Savage Run Wilderness area is home to a huge herd of elk, and there is hunting, camping and fishing allowed in the areas; but a big fine if anything is left or out of place, and you will have to get permits to wander there, or go hunting or fishing. It is a wild beautiful untamed and undamaged forest with so many natural wonders that once you go there, you will understand why these rules and laws have been made.

  •  The Ames MonumentAmes Monument Laramie, Wyoming
    This magnificent monument sits majestically in the sand located 20 miles east of Laramie, Wyoming, without trees, sitting on a small summit just south of the Interstate 80 exit for Vedauwoo. It is a four sided, random ashlar pyramid, 60 feet square at the bottom, and 60 feet high; made with light colored native granite, with a narrow passageway inside, that has been sealed. Designed by well known American architect H.H. Richardson, this pyramid has two bas relief portraits of the Ames Brothers by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, resting on the east and west sides of the top. Augustus used Quincy, Massachusetts granite to chisel out the beautiful portraits, with a one foot sign grouted into the granite on the north side where the railroad would travel with "In Memory of Oakes Ames and Oliver Ames. Augustus did more than half a dozen of these projects for the Ames family that were from Massachusetts. It is his only work west of the Mississippi though. The pyramid was dedicated to the brothers for their tremendous support of the Union Pacific Railroad, the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. The brothers were involved in the financing of the railroad, plus Oakes was a U.S. representative from Massachusetts who tried to control the overall building of the rail line. His brother soon became the president of the Union Pacific Railroad from 1866 until 1871; and in 1873, Congressional investigators found that Oakes was involved in some fraud dealings that were associated with the financing, and he was soon censored by that body. He resigned that year and died sometime after. The monument served as the highest point on the line, at 8,247 feet, but the town that grew here, Sherman, soon became a ghost town as they moved the line further south. In the 1840s, it was like trying to fly to the planet of Mars, meaning very expensive, big, actually huge, and many thought it was impossible. President Lincoln spoke to Oakes and told him that if he could build it, he would be "the most remembered man of the century" and was recruited by the president to build it after the contracted company, Credit Mobilier of America, couldn't. The two brothers did succeed in building the line, but when the charges of financial fraud came up, his reputation and that of the railroad became tarnished. It was a terrible time for the Ames family and their business which had supplied steel-edged shovels since 1774. They sold axes and shovels to miners in the gold rush years, sold shovels in the Civil War to the government, also for the Panama Canal dig, the Pennsylvania coal mines and the New York subway. This scandal wasn't forgotten by the time the board of the Union Pacific voted to erect the monument, in 1881-1882, and cost $65,000. The Norcross brothers of Worcester, Massachusetts hired 85 workers that lived in the area, where they cut the stone from granite outcroppings near the site, and used oxen teams to haul the cut stones a half mile to the monument site. Many of these stones weighed many tons, and President Rutherford B. Hayes came to the dedication, taking some of the tarnish off the brothers and the railroad. The state was given the monument by the Union Pacific in 1983, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Local Restaurants in Laramie
  • The Altitude Chophouse & Brewery
    The chophouse is located in Laramie, and they say they love beer and food, thus offering their guests the very best of both; by using the freshest and creative cuisine paired with special brews. Small plates and starters are; spring rolls with shrimp, bell peppers, carrots, bok choy & cellophane noodles wrapped in rice paper, served with oriental soy dipping sauce; cheese bread is baked focaccia bread topped with garlic, fresh herbs and melted mozzarella, served with marinara sauce for dipping; mini beef medallions served with crostini, fried Manchego cheese & roasted bell pepper aioli drizzled with olive oil; shrimp scampi served on crostini with fresh tomatoes and basil; pepperjack cheese sticks is spicy cheese dipped in beer batter and fried, served with side of ranch dressing; Vietnamese BBQ or buffalo wings is chicken wings drenched in sweet and spicy hoisin BBQ sauce or spicy buffalo sauce served with gorgonzola dressing and veggies; crab & artichoke dip is cream cheese dip highlighted with crab, artichoke hearts & pepperjack cheese, served warm in bread bowl with fresh veggies; calamari is hand breaded & delicately fried, served with spicy mustard & cocktail sauce for dipping; tuna sashimi is cubes of seared tuna served three ways, rubbed with teriyaki, rolled in sesame seeds and glazed with orange sriachi served with seaweed salad, wasabi and soy sauce; sundried tomato wontons is crispy wonton skins wrapped around creamy artichoke heart and sundried tomato filling, served with teriyaki sauce for dipping.  Grill & house specialties; steak & shrimp is 8 ounces of petite tender beef medallions topped with shrimp sautéed in garlic butter sauce, served with roasted red potatoes; Cedar plank salmon is fresh salmon baked on aromatic cedar plank served over roasted potatoes, artichoke hearts, tomatoes & onions topped with walnut beurre blanc; blackened sirloin is Cajun rubbed 8 ounce top sirloin paired with roasted red potatoes, served on pool of roasted red pepper sauce; seared Yellowfin tuna chop rolled in black sesame seeds & seared rare, served with sautéed bok choy, carrot ribbons & water chestnuts decorated with wasabi & sweet soy; grilled ribeye is 10 ounces of marbled tender beef served with creamy mashed potatoes, topped with red wine butter sauce and bleu cheese crumbles; chicken saltimbocca is pan-seared chicken breast topped with prosciutto, capers, sage & lemon white wine sauce, served with creamy asiago polenta and sautéed spinach; bacon wrapped tenderloin rolled in black pepper, topped with portabella mushroom slices and served over caramelized onion mashed potatoes with cherry and red wine reduction; herb roasted chicken is seasoned, slow roasted bone-in chicken half served with creamy mashed potatoes, dressed in amber ale shallot gravy; orange braised pork loin is topped with sliced apples, onions & carrots, served with mashed potatoes & finished with soy butter and brown sugar sauce.

  • Snake River Grill
    The Snake River Grill is the best place to stop and have a fine family meal. The Starters are shared; steak tartare pizza is prime NY steak with garlic aioli, capers, parsley & red onion; branding iron of sweet onion rings with Snake River lager batter with two dipping sauces; wood-fried Wyomoto pizza is Italian buffalo mozzarella, arugula and lemon oil; Greek style antipasto is wood oven pita, crispy falafel, lamb stuffed grape leaves, baba ghanoush, taziki sauce, feta cheese and Greek olives; chorizo stuffed medjool dates is wrapped in applewood smoked bacon; or mini Baja fish tacos with seared halibut, serrano slaw and crispy corn tortillas. First courses offer; wood oven roasted tomato soup; venison carpaccio is shaved black truffle, parmigiano-reggiano and garlic crostini; bibb lettuce with caramelized onions, aged sherry dressing and Point Reyes bleu cheese; pumpkin ravioli is grilled radicchio, shaved parmesan and extra virgin olive oil; Caesar salad with crushed garlic croutons and parmigiano-reggiano; SRG potato pancake is Stonington Maine smoked salmon, sour cream & shallots; wild game Bolognese is garganelli pasta, parmigiano-reggiano and garlic breadcrumbs. Small plates offerings; parmesan-truffled shoe-string potatoes; spaghetti squash with blistered tomatoes & pine nuts; roasted bone marrow with rye crisps and parsley; wood oven roasted figs with almonds & bleu cheese; grilled wild onions with prosciutto & romesco sauce; fried Spanish padron chiles and garlic with sea salt; sea salt baked Yukon potato with bleu cheese & scallions; brussels sprouts with cabernet onions & toasted walnuts. Main courses; Spanish vegetable paella with piquillo peppers stuffed with saffron rice & veggies on chick peas and tomatoes; cast-iron roasted elk chop with zinfandel cherries, grilled wild onions & organic polenta; pecan crusted Idaho trout with watercress and shaved apple with horseradish crème fraiche; buffalo pot roast with parsnip mash, baby winter veggies & smoked tomato; wild Alaskan coho salmon with savory crepes, chanterelle mushrooms & fine herb champagne sauce; crispy pork shank with apple cider glaze, wild mushrooms, mustard greens & pearl onions; potato crusted Alaskan halibut with sugar snap peas and Banyul's grastrique; red curry grilled organic chicken thighs with toasted cashew rice, sweet potatoes, scallion & Thai basil; Indian spiced lamb chop lollipops with grilled baby veggies and mint.


Chicken Saltimbocca Altitude Chophouse & Brewery Laramie, Wyoming


Cedar Plank Salmon Altitude Chophouse & Brewery Laramie, Wyoming


Steak & Shrimp Altitude Chophouse & Brewery Laramie, Wyoming


Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Altitude Chophouse & Brewery Laramie, Wyoming


 Spanish Vegetable Paella Snake River Grill Laramie, Wyoming


Pecan Crusted Trout Snake River Grill Laramie, Wyoming


Buffalo Pot Roast Snake River Grill Laramie, Wyoming




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  • Laramie Plains Museum Laramie Plains Museum Laramie, Wyoming
    The museum is housed in the former home of the Ivinsons that came to Laramie and helped build the town and with many philanthropical venues. Edward Ivinson was born in St. Croix on the Virgin Islands in 1830, since his father owned a sugar plantation and was also a trader. Edward went to school at the Croft House Academy in Brampton, England, and would visit his grandfather at his farm in Yorkshire. He came back to St. Croix at 17, but soon emigrated to New York, working as an apprentice for Lord and Taylor's. In 1854, Jane Wood married Edward in Jersey City, New Jersey, after being born in Lancashire, England in 1840, and went to school there. Jane arrived in this country with her mother and step-father in 1853, with Edward meeting the ship and becoming a friend of the family. After four months of friendship and some courting, the two were married. Moving west, they lived in Evansville, Indiana, and became naturalized citizens, then moved to Peoria, Illinois; where they adopted a three year old girl who was the daughter of an acquaintance, George Watson. Margaret Ellen was born in 1857, and they all moved to Memphis, Tennessee; living through the Civil War. Edward bought supplies for a general store in 1867 and headed out to California, but came to the end of the tracks in a small town known as Tie Siding, wondering what to do next, as his supplies sat alongside the tracks. The next camp was Laramie, and since Edward liked the area and envisioned it becoming the biggest city in the Rocky Mountains area, laid claim to the Boulder ridge, west of the town, and was very heavily wooded. This helped him make a deal with the railroad to supply them with ties as it went westward where many areas were barren. In 1868, he started to construct his home, bringing his family out on the first available train, and Jane started a church and Sunday school. Their first services were held in the general store, and that next December, Edward played Santa Claus, which he found he enjoyed greatly. In 1869, Edward was appointed by the territorial governor to be on a committee of three that would decide where the penitentiary would be located, and was soon on the west bank of the Laramie River and has become the centerpiece for a state historic site, that has been thoroughly renovated. He had brought with him a safe that was heavy and secure, and since he was known as an honest man, helped him buy the local town bank in 1870. It became the First National Bank, and is today a part of the First Interstate Bank chain. He became a contractor, and loaned the town the money to build the first courthouse, as well as becoming a partner in the Buckeye Ranch in Centennial Valley, and a big shareholder in the Laramie, Northpark and Pacific Railroad. He soon became one of the board members of the University of Wyoming, and was its treasurer for many years. Since he was a devout Episcopalian, as was his wife, they both were very active in the church, donating enough money to build the first Episcopal Church, and helped bring the cathedral here. Also in 1870, they purchased the lot where their house sits, beginning construction in 1892, and in 1878, when Margaret turned 21, she married Galusha Grow and they had three daughters. During 1892, Edward ran for governor of the state on the Republican ticket and started building their dream home. He wasn't elected governor, but he was able to build a superb house, that stands as a testament to his skills today. His architect, was W.E. Ware, and Frank Cook was the contractor who had the house built with $40,000 complete with running water, electricity, and central heating. Jane decided she wanted to design the interior, and went to Chicago in that year and the next selecting hardware and fixtures, doorknobs, furnishings, light fixtures, stained glass windows, and the bathroom appointments. The entire project was finished in late 1893. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1904, and went to Europe four years later bringing back many unique treasures, and in 1914 celebrated their 60th with another huge gala affair. Jane passed away later that year, after becoming sick, and after she had died, Edward donated funds to the Ivinson Memorial Hospital wondering if it had there, would it have helped his dear wife, or spared her some pain. He helped finish the tower on the cathedral, and donated funds for the chimes and clock at St. Matthew's Cathedral, plus two stained glass windows in Jane's memory. He went on to donate the War Memorial of WWI that presently stands at the northeast corner of the Courthouse Square, sitting diagonally from their front door. In 1921, he gave his house to the Episcopal Missionary District of Wyoming, where it was used for a school-home for teenage girls that live away from the city and had trouble getting there for an education. In 1922, he married Ora Haley, which didn't last too long, and then began spending summers at the Connor Hotel in Laramie and the winters in Denver at the Brown Palace or Shirley Savoy. Mr. Ivinson died in 1928, at the marvelous age of 98, giving money to build and endow the Ivinson Home for Aged Ladies; which had been a longtime wish of Jane's, and gave two more stained glass windows to the cathedral in his honor.

  • University of Wyoming Anthropology Museum
    The department of anthropology at the University of Wyoming is quite well known throughout the state and region as the forefront leader in research and public education in regards to the wonderful archaeological history at the school. It has and continues to obtain national and international acclaim for its specific research projects and commitment to that research in relation to the state. The faculty staff offers international prowess in other areas such as South Asia, Native America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East making this a hub of multicultural global research studies. There are 13 faculty and an academic professional research scientist in this department that offers the basic BA, MA and PhD degrees with specialty programs in the fields of linguistic anthropology, cultural anthropology, anthropology and archaeology. The PhD program studies the realms of Paleoindian, plains and hunter-gatherer archaeology.

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  • University of Wyoming Geological MuseumUniversity of Wyoming Geological Museum Laramie, Wyoming
    The University of Wyoming Geological Museum has enticed thousands of people from around the world to visit this Jurassic park that sits at the university, with students from every grade up to and including the collegiate level students helping to give over 100 tours each year. Here is where the young geologist of tomorrow gets started and excited about this wonderful field of study and research; where all dino enthusiasts explore their love for these huge creatures and avail the educators and students of the college to gather more class material that will help them in future endeavors. These do and will include the fields of art, history, biology and geology, with the entire university becoming a center for millions of researchers, students, educators and others to access this wonderful museum via the internet. Newspapers, magazines and television programs help that enthusiasm grow, but the real nuts and bolts can be obtained through the internet and its mail capabilities to have meaningful dialog between any area of the earth. The museum's web page can update and inform those around the world about any new or ongoing studies, plus the advantages of various techniques that help that research and discovery. These have been and are being used in the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite, and other magnificent sites in the Shell, Wyoming area. The entire concept gives those with an avid interest in the vertebrate paleontology field more opportunities to learn, study, share and research.

  • Big Lincoln HeadBig Lincoln Head Laramie, Wyoming
    Driving down the highway, interstate 80 that is, going from Cheyenne to Laramie, Wyoming, you can't help but turn aside just a moment at least to view the massive head of one of this country's best loved and admired presidents, Abraham Lincoln. The head was built by the parks commission to honor his 150th birthday, and sculpted by Robert Russin, who was a University of Wyoming art professor and Lincoln fan. Robert passed away in 2007 and his ashes were put in the hollow part of the monument, as it stood 8878 feet above sea level, and was at one time the highest point on the old Lincoln coast to coast highway. In 1969, I-80 was finished, and the head was moved to that area, but the height went down somewhat, but the audience was increased because of the business of the highway. The head is made of bronze, and weighs just over two tons, and is 13.5 feet high. Sitting on top of a 30 foot granite pedestal, the vision can be seen many miles away, and looks kind of odd with the head set on top of small shoulders, and the strange way that it sits on the granite rocks. Visitors will have more than a moment to see and enjoy the sight, as it sits next to a rest area and visitor center on the highway to the coast. Staring off into the south, one wonders if that is significant since it was the south that dominated his presidency and caused his terrible assassination.

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  • Wyoming Territorial Prison & Old West ParkWyoming Territorial Prison & old West Park Laramie, Wyoming
    The prison is believed to be the most prominent preserved prison of the old west, and was built in 1872; then completely renovated and refurbished by the people of Laramie, Wyoming. At one time, there were 12 notorious women and over 1000 men imprisoned here; with Butch Cassidy being the most well known. It was in operation until 1890, when the territory became a state, and then became the Wyoming Territorial Prison until 1903. Besides the famous Butch Cassidy, the prison held such notables as Clark "the Kid" Pelton, Ellijah Canary and Dan Parker. In 1903, the inmates were transferred to Rawlins, Wyoming's new facility, and the old prison in Laramie became a stock farm for the University of Wyoming. Over the next 86 years, it would hold animals of a different nature from the wild west; stock cattle and sheep. The university used the former prison to carry on experimental farming until 1989, when local citizens wanted to have it restored, and with $5 million and transfer of ownership, it was opened as a historic site in 1991. The warden's house was constructed in 1875, by prisoners, and made as a duplex to house the warden and his family, as well as the guards. In 1889, an administrative building was constructed and the guards moved into the prison with the house being renovated into a single family. This home was renovated in 2007, and the insides completed in 2009; complete with furnishings from that period. The horse barn was built in 1910 by the university, and it held the horses for the farm and it was renovated in the 1990s so that a theater, kitchen and exhibit hall could be added. There are rotating displays here about the prison and the many historical occurrences in Laramie, and you can try the old printing press, or see the safe that Butch Cassidy supposedly blew up. In 1870, the city had its first all female jury and there are numerous items made by the inmates.

  • Plains Lakes
    It is no secret that the fishing in the Laramie Plains Lakes are fantastic, with the best trout fishing anywhere in this country. It seems that there is a lot more to understanding how to fish, or what will entice these beauties to bite a hook full of live things or a particular fly. It is well known that the plains lakes have some sort of alkaline impoundments in their water that is perfect for growing the "big ones", as well as having the right amount of food; dragonflies, scuds, callibaetis, chironmids, or damselflies. The best fishing is in early spring through the middle of July and again in the fall, before the lakes start to freeze. In late summer, the water will head into the 70s, making the fishing a bit more difficult since the fish will head to the cooler areas. It is suggested that early in the morning or late evening is also the best time for these babies to bite. The wind is always a consideration, since it seems to be blowing most of the time. And as is usual with these kinds of weather, it blows more during the spring and fall when the fishing is best. But the wind really doesn't affect the fish since they are underwater, and could care less. Motorized boats are okay, unless the water levels are low, so check ahead before you go there. Floats of various types are decent enough except when the wind is blowing and that makes it more difficult to pay attention to the fishing. There are boat ramps at all the lakes so the entrance to the lakes is made easier. Lake Hattie is the biggest with 1500 to 3000 acres depending on the season's rains, and is home to the best trout fishing around, with lake, brown and rainbow trout, KoKanee salmon and perch. They say that the rainbow and brown trout are 12-30 inches long and up to 5 or 10 pounds. The lake can go as high as 15 pounds and that is some fish. You can spend some wonderful days here, camping and fishing, and would be a great vacation or weekend trip for someone to take. They don't have water or electric, but that shouldn't bother anyone that loves to camp. Twin Buttes is only 250 acres with brown and rainbow trout that are averaging 12 to 25 inches; but does have some trophy size browns in the 8 plus pound range. Fishing is best here in the fall, when these awesome fish are getting ready to spawn, and will be floating around the shallows with gravel bottoms. Galett is the smallest lake with just 34 acres, but the rainbow get 12 to 24 inches here as well. Meeboer is 119 acres and a reservoir, and somehow grows the fish quicker here than at any other lake around. The trout here are usually in the 6 to 8 pound range, and can get bigger. Big Laramie River starts below the Never Summer Mountains, and is one of the major tributaries of the North Platte, with great fishing here in the spring and fall and average 10-16 inch browns that can grow to 10 plus pounds, but are caught more often in the restricted areas of private ranches. The Medicine Bow National Forest is where you will get the real thrills of brook trout, and often it is better to hike in a ways to get the best fishing. Since it is frozen more in these lakes, streams and creeks, the trout will be smaller, like 6-12 inches, but still great and delicious eating, fried up in an iron skillet just after being caught. Upper North Platte is another spectacular river to fish in this area, with the chance for real Blue Ribbon fishing. On the North Platte, there is an area called the Gray Reef, and it was voted #1 by American Angler Magazine in 2005, for the best place for big trout in the entire world. They said that you would have a better chance at catching a trophy brown or brook here, than any other area in the lower 48. The Miracle Mile is another stretch on the North Platte where you should be able to get a 10 pounder no problem, and the browns and rainbows are just waiting for you to come by and try your luck at catching one of the best fishing fishes, not to mention, one of the best tasting fish in the world.

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  • VedauwooVedauwoo Laramie, Wyoming
    Chester Alan Arthur was the second President born in the Vedauwoo is the region near Laramie, Wyoming where rock climbers head to for extreme rock climbing experiences, sitting in the Medicine Bow National Forest. It is also a great place for camping or picnicking, but rock climbing here has become the most favorite sport. The word Vedauwoo is from the Arapaho Indian language meaning earthborn spirits. The rock climbing experience has become so well known that it is getting to be well known to rock climbers the world over. The huge Sherman granite boulders that spill down a mountainside are spectacular and climbers can't seem to get enough of these massive missiles projecting out from the earth. In the picture to the right, the circled area is where three people are enjoying lunch before continuing on their trek to the top of this mountainous rocky slope. Located between Cheyenne and Laramie, on the I-80 route, and opens up the two million acres of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. It is nothing short of beautiful country and can be enjoyed any way you want. The camping is absolutely phenomenal, with views, vistas and visions beyond any you have ever experienced and should be seen at least once in your life.  The hiking is out of this world, with all the rock formations that can be traversed instead of climbing, with trails and places to wander forever. The Vedauwoo campground has 28 sites that are wound around the boulders and slabs of huge granite, and sat within a 10 acre area. The sites are walk-ins, and perfect for either the climbing or hiking adventures that bring most people to these areas. There is always plenty to do and see, with great opportunities to stretch your muscles to their fullest. It continues to draw crowds, so you should check ahead to see what the situation is so you don't travel there without any plans and get stuck in your vehicle, unless it is set up for that.

  • Laramie Sports
    At the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming, there are 18 teams that compete in the Rocky Mountain region, but have also been involved in national championships, especially in the Nordi ski venue. The Cowboys and Cowgirls of the Mountain West Conference have always been exceptional, in the basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, swimming, wrestling, volleyball, track and tennis areas. In intramural sports alone, there are over 6000 participants, and the rodeo club has been included in the national and college national final rodeos. The Laramie Colts baseball team has won more league championships than all the other teams together. In their last 5 years, they have sent 15 players to the major leagues, and 18 collegiate players enter the team.  They entered the Mountain Collegiate League 5 years ago and have done some great things.  This is a team to watch, as they grow into a formidable team. 

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