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When you visit Laredo you can get all the freedom you need to make your trip enjoyable when you rent a rental car from Alamo. With Cheap Alamo Rentals you can get the car and freedom you need for the right price when you rent a vehicle with one of the most reputable names in the Rental Car Business.

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Things to do in Laredo

  • Republic of the Rio Grande Museum

    Republic of the Rio Grande MuseumThe city of Laredo is rich in history and culture that the city never wants to forget. To keep this history circulating through the generations the Rio Grande Museum is dedicated to bringing you this fascinating history to you in an entertaining way. The city is located right on the boarder of southern Texas and Mexico, and shares a rich history between the two. To help commemorate the unique history the city holds this museum houses a large variety of exhibits that keep this cities history alive. The city of Laredo is actually two cities, although commonly referred to as one this large city stretches across the border, where it is know as Nuevo Laredo. Each city holds its own unique set of attractions and entertainment, as well as history. Once again the Rio Grande Museum wants to share that history with you; in unique and entertaining ways this large museum is a fun way to spend the day. Inside you can either browse the museum freely or partake in daily guided tours. The museum focuses primarily on the years that took place between 1840 and 1850 where the state of Texas and the city of Laredo underwent a massive transformation. This strange and unique city lies on the edge of Mexico and Texas, and thus was a target of political disputes. The grand history behind the city is open to all who visit the Rio Grande Museum, this inexpensive and fun experience is a perfect way to get affiliated with the city of Laredo.

Budget rent a car Laredo, Texas

With cheap rental car prices and a wide selection of vehicle choices for you to select from you can get the car you need at exactly the right price. With professional service and quality customer care make your trip an adventure when you rent a car from Budget. Save even more when you choose to rent a car from Budget with Budget Rental Car Coupons.

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  • Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium

    Lamar Bruni Vergara PlanetariumNo city is complete without a Science Center, and Laredo is home to a great one. The Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium is home to a wide variety of cultural, scientific and experimental exhibits. This museum is full of an abundance of cutting edge science and electronics that you can finally sink your teeth into. One of the Science Centers most impressive and popular attractions is the large cinematic dome that plays a wide selection of entertaining and educational full feature movies. These genres include adventures into the deepest and darkest catastrophes in space, as well as fun expeditions into the deepest realms of our ocean, where few have ventured before. The science centers films are appropriate for all ages and always incorporate a form of education. The Science Center realizes that with a world quickly pushing its way towards science and technology the demand for educated young students will be in demand. The Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium has placed it upon their own shoulders to offer this knowledge to the general public of Laredo Texas, and anyone who so chooses to visit. This fun filled Science Center is a fun and inexpensive way to spend your day while in Laredo. With a wide variety of exhibits to enjoy and choose from and the massive dome cinema you can enjoy science like never before. Come visit the Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium and learn about the incredible world we live in.

Enterprise rent- a- car Laredo, Texas

Make your vacation, business trip, family reunion or other venture to Laredo entertaining when you get the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want when you rent a car from Enterprise. With friendly service and Enterprise Discounted Rentals you can rent a car at an affordable price when you choose Enterprise.

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  • Cathedral of San Agustin

    Cathedral of San AgustinOut of the many historical sites here at Laredo Texas the Cathedral that stands tall in the center of town is probably the most popular. The Cathedral of San Agustin is hundreds of years old and is one of the corner stones to the cities past development. The church is located on 214 San Bernardo Avenue; the area is the downtown heart of these great city. The present church that stands on the site was built in 1872, however the villa that marks the original meeting place for the catholic church that met here has been standing since 1755. This beautiful church carries a rich Gothic Revival Architecture that can be seen from blocks away. This massive catholic church was home to some 222,250 catholic in the diocese as of the year 2000. The beautiful church appeared to be in disrepair during the late 1980s, however the Historical Preservation and Restoration were able to restore the church to its former glory after a $675,000 donation. Now the Cathedral of San Agustin is open to all who choose to visit. This is a historical site that the city and south west holds dear, as one of the largest and oldest churches left standing in the south west it is truly an amazing structure.

Hertz Car Rental Laredo, Texas

As one of the largest rental car companies in the world Hertz can offer you a wide variety of car selections at thousands of locations worldwide. With professional services and quality customer care your in capable hands with the Hertz Rental Car. Hertz Rental Car Discounts are a quick and easy way to save even more when you choose to rent a car from Hertz, make your trip easy with a rental car that suites your needs.

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  • Local Favorite Restaurants of Laredo

  • Coyote Creek Grill and Cantina

    Coyote Creek Grill and CantinaAnyone in the city of Laredo can point you in the direction of great food, and almost every time they point their finger will land on Coyote Creek Grill and Cantina. Everyone likes a good meal, especially when you’re getting enough to feed a herd of cattle. This local restaurant offers you some of the tastiest foods in town all at an affordable price. Now since you’re on the Mexican border there is no restaurant that comes without Mexican food. The best part about Coyote Creek Grill and Cantina is that you can get just about whatever you want. With seafood, traditional American food, barbeque and Mexican food this is truly an all in one restaurant. Dedicated to bringing the family exactly what they want this great dining option is the perfect solution to a night out. With professional chefs and a fantastic food you can’t miss out. Serving you some of the best food in the south west this restaurant is home to amazing food in abundance. This great restaurant offers you only the best in food and with such a wide variety of foods to choose from no one will go home unhappy. Get exactly what you came for when you eat at this fantastic restaurant. Celebrate your visit to Laredo Coyote Style when you visit the renowned Coyote Creek Grill and Cantina!

avis discount rental car Laredo, Texas

Waiting for a bus can be time consuming and paying for a taxi can be costly, but when you rent a vehicle from Avis you can beat both of these problems. With Avis Rental Car Coupons you can make your trip to Laredo an easy and entertaining trip when you rent one of the many offered cars from Avis, all at an affordable price!

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Thrifty Car Rental Laredo, Texas

Get the vehicle you need at an affordable price when your rent from Thrifty. With great rental car prices and a wide variety of cars to choose from you can find the vehicle that suits you and your needs when you rent from Thrifty. Get the freedom you need and save even more when you use Printable Thrifty Coupons, a quick and easy way to make you rental car experience a pleasure.

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  • El Rancho

    El RanchoThis one of a kind restaurant is a new addition to the Lerado area. The great city of Nuevo Lerado lies just across the boarder in Mexico, and houses one of the El Rancho restaurants. This restaurant was so great, that customers will tell you they traveled across the boarder just to enjoy a fantastic meal at this great dining facility. Now, with the ever growing population in the area the El Rancho restaurant has opened a second diner in Lerado, and is anxiously awaiting you as its honored guest. El Rancho is considered one of the best restaurants in Lerado, and for an affordable price you can be eating at this great place. El Rancho serves an amazing line of the best Mexican food in town. While Mexican food usually follows a very main course feeling your so close to the country that your going to get some real Mexican food from professional chefs. Everything in the restaurant that you can order has its own special twists, to give it that special El Rancho flavor. Dedicated to bringing you the real Mexican food this awesome dining opportunity is in a warm atmosphere and provides a great cultural experience. So if your ever in town be sure to visit El Rancho and enjoy some great food, because you wont find a restaurant like this anywhere else!

Dollar Rent-A-Car Laredo, Texas

When you visit Texas make sure you get the freedom you want to make your trip enjoyable. Dollar can help you with just that, with a wide variety of vehicles to choose from you can cruise around town in one of the many affordable car rentals from Dollar. One of the best parts about renting a vehicle from Dollar are Dollar Rental Car Discounts, the perfect solution that keeps more money in your pocket!

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National Rental Cars Laredo, Texas

Make your trip an adventure when you go wherever you want whenever you want with a rental car from National. With professional service and quality customer care your in good hands when you choose to rent a vehicle from one of the most reputable companies in the business. Choose from a wide variety of vehicles and use National Rental Car Printable Coupons when you choose to rent a vehicle. This will get you the vehicle you need and allow you to save even more!

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