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Things to do in Lee's Summit

    Longview Mansion & Farm Longview Mansion & Farm Lee's Summit, Missouri
    The Longview Farm and Mansion was constructed on 1780 acres of rural country land in 1913 and 1914, with more than 50 outbuildings besides the mansion and is located in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Constructed at the bequest of Robert A. Long, Henry F. Hoit designed the magnificent 22,000 square foot house with 48 rooms and 6 fireplaces; as well as 14 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Using 200 Sicilian stonemasons and 50 Belgian craftsmen, along with 2000 other laborers, the farm took only 18 months to construct, and became known as the "World's Most Beautiful Farm". The Longs would employ 175 full time people, that would care for the prize horses, hogs, chickens, farming land for food crops, green houses and a marvelous 225 acres manicured lawn; along with the outstanding dairy that included prize Jersey cows, producing enough milk for the farm, charities and community. The glorious farm was gorgeous to view and it became solely self-sufficient by the time it was done, with underground electricity and a 100,000 gallon water tower. There were many modern conveniences included, as well as experimental kinds of innovations. Robert liked the looks of the antique furniture, but not the fact that it was old and used, so he had antique styled furniture made for the mansion that was shipped from New York. There was a telephone system, 25 miles of white wooden fencing that was built without nails or bolts, seven miles of madamized road and complete plumbing. Except for the log grandstand and the clubhouse, the remainder of the structures built on the farm were made of stucco and had red tiled roofs. The 2000 Italian workers would live in tents until the foundations and sewer system were completed and the farm contained a saddle horse barn, school room, office, two broodmare horse barns, chapel, draft horse barn, hospital barn, milk house with bottling room, ice plant, calf and shelter barn, hog barn, power house/garage, underground wiring, big showroom for the horses and arena, as well as a hotel/boarding house that held visitors or unmarried workers; and a tennis court. The farm had a house for the general manager, assistant general manager and manager of the saddle horse department. The house use steam heat and had the first central vacuum system west of the Mississippi River. Robert had a lumber business that had become very successful, with a 110 lumber yards, and more than a quarter million acres of timber land, by the early 1900s. He already owned the Corinthian Hall mansion that was located in Kansas City, but wanted a countrified estate for his family. He and wife Ella had a son, but he died shortly after birth, and two daughters, Loula and Sally America. Sally started a world tour when she graduated from the Mt. Vernon Finishing School in Washington, DC. in 1903, and met Hayne Ellis, a naval officer that had graduated from Annapolis in 1900. Nine days after their first meeting, the couple became engaged and they were married in December, 1904. Sally would play the good naval wife and travel with her husband wherever he went and her sister, Loula took charge of the farm. Hayne passed on in 1961, and Sally moved back to the farm, where she passed on in 1970, at the age of 91. Loula, had her father's love for horses, and she would marry Pryor Combs, as long as he would agree to live at Longview, which he did, until his death, and Loula lived until 1971, a year after her sister and then pass on. By 1916, the farm had grown to a splendid state with 500 Jersey cows, 232 of them being milked every day, 61 saddle horses, 375 Duroc Jersey hogs, 16 Percheron draft horses, 44 harness horses, 29 mules and 29 colts. By 1941, there were more than 800 cows that lived in dairy barns #2 and #3, added to handle the extra cows, of which 500 were then being milked. Loula raised many prize horses, some famous, and she hosted benefit horse shows at the farm for the Red Cross, Children's Mercy Hospital, Boy Scouts, Animal Protection Association, Animal Rescue League and many other worthy groups. The estate has been split, as well as adding more lands to accommodate the Longview Farm Elementary School on 260 acres, New Longview community with numerous historical structures, as well as residential and commercial areas that include the 225 acre residential area, 4800 acres Longview Park, 900 acres Longview Lake, 50 acre park and 146 Longview Community College campus. In the commercial zone, there is a large 250,000 square foot retail stores complex and 200,000 square foot office space that includes, home furnishing stores, hair care salon, bookstore, drug store, grocery store, medical and business services and just recently had a 11,000 square foot Citizens Union State Bank open. There are also plans to construct another 100,000 square foot of office and commercial spaces that will be located near the restored calf and dairy barns, that sit at the heart of this huge and amazing community. In 1985, the farm and mansion were added to the National Register of Historic Places.

    Missouri Town 1855
    Missouri Town 1855 Lee's Summit, MissouriThe Missouri Town of 1855 consists of 25 historical structures sitting in a village setting, in Lee's Summit, Missouri, on thirty acres with authentic crops and livestock, costumed interpreters, rural life styles and artifacts from the period between 1820 and 1860. Some of the historical buildings include a school, blacksmith shop, law office, stagecoach stop, surrey, livery stable and mercantile store. The living museum showcases the original kinds of equipment, furnishings and buildings that were around back then and lifestyles of the people that lived then. There are many historically costumed interpreters that are located around the quaint village as you wander along on a self-guided tour. The outstanding site is a complete reconstruction of what a village during the mid 19th century would have looked like, as a Missouri crossroads, with many structures being moved here to augment and complement the many buildings that have come here from around the state. The year 1855 was picked because it was the last year before the Kansas-Missouri border fighting erupted and by the next year, both factions had created such a hostile and violent environment for its citizens that were either for or against slavery. The houses are representative of the different classes of people that lived in these towns, and are highlighted here by the colonel's house, and the squire's house that both represent the upper crust or class, and the middle and poorer classes represented by the blacksmith's, tradesman and settler's houses, with many community social gatherings done at the church or local homes. There are even livestock living here, much the way it would have been back then and exactly the kinds of animals that were living around here then. The average family lived on a farm, where they would grow their own foods, from the gardens, have poultry or chickens for meat, eggs and feathers, sheep for meat and clothing, hogs for meat and lard, cattle or cows for dairy, meat and leather, mules and/or horses for riding, driving and plowing and grains that would be used for income, flour, with wheat, corn for income and cornmeal for the family and feed for the animals or whiskey. These families would barter for those items that they lacked, by trading surpluses of goods, services or foods that they grew. It is an exciting place to visit and learn how little they had for their lives, although to them it was quite a lot, especially if they had migrated or immigrated from a poorer country or region of the new nation that had way too many people living in the major cities of the northeast and coastline.

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    Liberty Memorial & MuseumLiberty Memorial & Museum Kansas city, Missouri
    The Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri is a large memorial and museum dedicated to the fallen heroes of WWI and contains the National World War I Museum that was designated by the US Congress in 2004. The original groundbreaking began in November, 1921, and finished in November, 1926, with the memorial being declared a National Historic Landmark in 2006, by Secretary of the Interior, Dirk Kempthorne. It sits in Penn Valley Park, designed by Harold Van Buren Magonpile, who won a competition for his design. The approaches were designed by Wight and Wight, with sculptures by John Donnelly, Robert Aikten and Edmond Amateis. When the first World War had been completed, it was found that 418 Kansas residents had died and folks wanted a monument created to honor and remember these heroic people that had given their lives in defense of this great nation and the people here. Eventually a group of 40 important citizens formed a Memorial Association and picked Robert A. Long to head the group, who had given a lot of money already and others that included; George Kessler, who would design the landscaping; Jesse Clyde Nichols, a local real estate developer and one of the more leading proponents of the movement, William Volker, local businessman and philanthropist, who helped acquire the land and James Madison Kemper, the treasurer. The city council created a commission to look into the possibilities of the monument and money needed, which was surprisingly received in less than a year. In November, 1926, President Calvin Coolidge would preside over the dedication, and attending were; General John Pershing of the US, Lt. Gen. Baron Jacques of Belgium, Gen. Armando Diaz of Italy, Admiral Earl Beatty of Great Britain and Marshall Ferdinand Foch of France. The memorial contains the official WWI museum of the United States and upon its grounds there are two good sized sphinx sculptures, the massive 217 tower/obelisk and the museums that are located under the tower and around it. Since the museum and memorial were designated "national" in 2006, a newer and bigger museum opened that year just below the huge memorial to form a large museum complex. The building is beaux-arts monumentalism with limestone exterior and foundation made of sawed granite. The ground level walls of the exterior are of Bedford stone and the main doors that stand atop a big set of stairs were made of ornamental bronze; with first floor lobby walls completed in Kasota stone quarried from Kasota, Minnesota. Travertine, imported from Italy, was used for the first floor corridor and grand stairway, with the flooring for these areas made from Kasota marble and terrazzo, while the balusters and railing made from the travertine and Italian tavenelle clairemarble. During the dark hours of the night, the top of the memorial tower emits steam that is illuminated by brilliant orange lights that create the illusion of a burning pyre and is visible for miles around. During 1981, it would enjoy some much needed restorations, bringing the monument up to code and systems updating. The new national museum opened in 2006 and immensely increases the size and space available for exhibits and venues that pertain to WWI. It describes the story of the war and corresponding global events that began before 1914 and went through the war to the 1918 Armistice and 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Those coming here to visit the marvelous and interesting museum enter the museum by crossing a large glass bridge that is located above a field of 9000 poppies, that represent 1000 war combatant deaths. Inside the museum, there are numerous exhibits that showcase period relics and include; maps, uniforms, guns, photographs of the main forces, research center and library, museum store, a tank, guns and multi-purpose conference room. The final group of galleries contain the military and civilian involvement in the war and President Woodrow Wilson's attempts at peace. The museum welcomes many authors, films and significant guest lecturers that pertain to the events of WWI and is a excellent museum and monument to visit and reflect upon.

     Stonehaus Farms Vineyard and Winery
    Stonehaus Farms Vineyard & Winery Lee's Summit, MissouriThe Stonehaus Farms Vineyard and Winery began in 1996, by Ken and Carol Euritt to continue their interest in viticulture and the fantastic art of winemaking, located in Lee's Summit, Missouri, and continued in 2007 by their two sons, Doug and Brett. The farms excellent tasting room is just the place for you to try their outstanding wines and ports, so that you can choose the perfect match for your table and tastes. They have a large range of vintage wines and include; Cynthiana, chamborcin, vignoles, taminette, cabernet franc, chardonnay, port, topaz, prairie rose, elderberry, vidal blanc and apple cranberry. They even rent out their festhall to offer the finest venue around for weddings, special occasions or what have you, with full audio-video capabilities, seating for 225, a wet bar, wood burning fireplace, catering kitchen and beautiful landscapes to view and enjoy as your party or event flies through the day. Or if the festhall isn't the perfect place for your event, then check out the Garden Room that seats 48 and a great place to have the rehearsal dinner, birthday parties, business luncheons, bridal showers or just a great place for you and your friends to enjoy a special evening in a marvelous venue, located on the grounds of a wonderful winery. Whatever occasion you might have, or just a day's drive to visit and sip some outstanding wine, this is the best choice. Try it and see for yourself, and you are sure to take home some of the region's best wines.

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Local Restaurants in Lee's Summit

    The Filling Station
    Appetizers; onion rings, fried pickles, fried mushrooms. Dinners include choice of 2 sides; half chicken, rib dinner, sampler platter for 2 is ribs, chicken, sausage & 2 meats; burnt ends, ribs & chicken is 3 ribs & quarter chicken, rib combo is 3 ribs & 1 meat. Ribs, Chicken & Etc.; smoked wings with FF; turkey leg, rib slab, whole chicken, half slab ribs, half chicken, meat per pound. Non smoker or non BBQ lover; chicken fingers, tenderloin breaded, soup, chili or stew.

    Greens; Tuscan white bean salad with goat cheese, tomatoes, balsamic & Tuscan toast, chop salad with bacon, corn, croutons, choice of blue or cheddar & ranch or balsamic; Caesar salad with house made dressing; spinach salad is toasted hazelnuts, kiwi, berries & poppyseed dressing. Pastas; big fancy spaghetti with wide noodles, homemade beef & pork with tomato sauce; basil pesto pasta is roasted veggies, artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella, balsamic roasted tomatoes, Romano cheese; chicken parmesan over pasta with fontina-provolone, parmesan cheeses; spahettini with shrimp, scallops & mussels in white wine, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, fresh basil; chicken fettuccine alfredo with fontina, provolone & grated parmesan cheese. Entrees; stuffed chicken breast with garlic herb cream cheese, today's veggies, honest gold mashers; grilled rosemary chicken with today's veggies, honest gold mashers; chicken finger platter with FF, peanut ginger slaw, honey mustard; down home pot roast with honest gold mashers, homestyle veggies, red wine mushroom sauce; meatloaf no. 9 over honest gold mashers, onion straws & today's veggies; enchiladas with queso fresco, pico rice, black beans; sizzling fajitas with bell peppers & onions, warm flour tortillas, usual accompaniments; filet mignon 8oz. basted with red wine garlic butter, choice of potato, today's veggies; NY strip 12oz. choice of potato, today's veggies; prime top sirloin grilled & basted with red wine butter & served with choice of potato & seasonal veggies; Atlantic salmon is fire grilled with honest gold mashers and today's veggies; jumbo grilled shrimp 8 tomato lime marinated shrimp, grilled asparagus, bread salad with tomatoes, basil, baby arugula, balsamic vinaigrette; large panko breaded shrimp 7 & FF, peanut ginger slaw.

BBQ Half Chicken The Filling Station Lee's Summit, Missouri

 Stuffed Chicken Houlihan's Lee's Summit, Missouri


Pot Roast Houlihan's Lee's Summit, Missouri



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    Airline History Museum Airline History Museum Kansas City, Missouri
    The Airline History Museum in Kansas City, Missouri is located at the downtown airport and was originally called the Save a Connie Foundation and was started in 1986 by aviation enthusiasts Dick McMahon and Larry A. Brown, with other enthusiasts that included present and former TWA employees. The group started by showcasing commercial aviation during the propeller period although it has grown to include the jet age propulsion planes of today, since they were able to get a Lockheed Tristar. The museum dreams of expanding its scope and space, but depends on the future of our economy. The museum contains four aircraft, two that can fly and another airline related aircraft on loan for exhibiting. These are; the Lockheed Super G Constellation that is recognized as the Star of America that is highlighted in the TWA colors of red and white, a Douglas DC-3 that is in the renovation process, a Martin 404, the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar and original Howard Hughes TWA Moonliner II that is a Disneyland spaceliner reproduction. The Martin is believed to have structural damage and may not ever be flown again, while the DC-3 is presently being worked on and could become airworthy. The Lockheed Super G Constellation or Super-Connie, that is the first Constellation to be restored to its flying condition and is still being worked on in the maintenance stages so that it can be flown to shows. After TWA became the sponsor for Disneyland's TWA Moonliner attraction, in 1956, Howard Hughes added a 22 foot tall reproduction of the one-third scale moonliner, that would be called the TWA Moonliner II, to the top of the southwest corner of KC's TWA Corporate Headquarters building. The moonliner was a promotional idea of what the TWA atomic powered spaceliner would look like in the future year of 1986, but when Hughes and Disney stopped their partnership in 1962, and Hughes sold off TWA, the new management had the plane taken down and sold it to local travel-trailer called SpaceCraft. They moved out of Kansas City in 1970, and the Moonliner II ended up on the site of the Spacecraft campgrounds and began to slowly deteriorate and rust. In 1997, a Columbia, Missouri lawyer that collected Disney memorabilia purchased the plane and started a long and meticulous restoration that would bring it back to its original condition. Today, it is on loan to the museum for exhibitions. In April of 2009, the museum announced that it would be acquiring the last of two operational Lockheed-L1011 TriStar planes in the nation and used for their ongoing site educational programs. The plane would become a living classroom for the instruction of passenger aviation history and school groups would be invited to sit in the first class section to watch a film on the plane's monitors; and it is considered to be one of the very few salvageable planes of its kind in the nation. 

    American Jazz Museum
    American Jazz Museum Kansas City, MissouriThe American Jazz Museum is situated in Kansas City, Missouri, in the historic 18th and Vine district, inside a structure that also houses the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum; and preserved the history of American jazz. The museum showcases displays about Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker and Duke Ellington, among others, with outstanding examples of relics owned by many of history's greatest jazz musicians. These include the saxophone owned by Charlie Parker and other Down Beat awards, with a fully functional jazz club located on the site and the Gem Theater that sits across the street being a much bigger venue that hosts jazz music. After taking about a decade to plan and begin the redevelopment initiative that would lead to the 1997 opening of the American Jazz Museum and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Congressman and former Kansas City mayor Emanuel Cleaver II and the city helped them realize their dreams. Since it opened, the museum of jazz has hosted thousands of world-class jazz performances in the Blue Room Jazz club and Gem Theater, and shown many outstanding displays about jazz in the changing galleries, with many educational programs and community events, as well as a wonderful film and relic collections. Some of the educational classes offered here include; jazz listening parties, jazz storytelling, stories from the vine, jazz poetry jams, workshops/master classes and swing time. In their exhibitions and collections, the museum specializes in numerous areas that include the 18th and Vine area, jazz masters, new acquisitions and artifacts, jazz on film and a large number of changing exhibits that are tied to the jazz experience and aesthetics. The Changing Gallery contains both local and national artists, traveling displays and other exhibits of film, fine art, photography and other media that has been inspired by jazz and African American life, history and culture. The Horace M. Peterson III Visitors Center, Jazz is..Theater, Album Art, Jazz Masters display, Studio 18th and Vine, the Blue Room and Jazz and technology.

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    Arabia Steamboat MuseumArabia Steamboat Museum Kansas City, Missouri
    The Steamboat Arabia was a side-wheeler steamboat that sank in the Missouri River in 1856, near Parkville, Missouri and was subsequently discovered in 1988 by a team of researchers and the artifacts recovered and placed for display in the Steamboat Arabia Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. The Arabia was constructed in Brownsville, Pennsylvania in 1853, along the banks of the Monongahela River and could average about five miles an hour going upstream. The paddlewheels were 28 feet across and the steam boilers burned about thirty cords of wood each day, with it traversing the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers before being bought by Captain John Shaw, who then took it to the Missouri River and operated it there. His first trip would be the passage of 109 soldiers from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Pierre that was situated upstream in South Dakota. It traveled up the Yellowstone River, adding another 700 miles to the trip and took about three months to finish. During the spring of 1856, the vessel would be sold to Captain William Terrell and William Boyd, who would run the ship up and down the Missouri fourteen times before it would hit something in the water and almost sank but was able to be repaired until her motor blew a cylinder head a few weeks later. The remainder of the year was uneventful until that day in September, when finally was lost. It was supposed to be a routine trip, until it rounded the bend called Quindaro, near Parkville, and hit a walnut tree snag, that tore open the hull and allowed water to come rushing in. The top decks would stay above the water, and the only thing hurt was mule that had been tied to sawmill equipment and forgot about. The boat started sinking into the mud just as quickly and by the next morning, only the stacks and pilot house could be seen above the water. By the end of the week, all signs of the wreckage was gone and soon it was entirely covered over and a few salvage attempts made, without success. Eventually, the river would shift a half a mile to the east and it was forgotten. Elisha Sortor bought the land in the 1860s, that held the ship in mud, with legends growing over the years about the ship being located under the land somewhere, that included the location of it, but after many more years, no exact location was discovered, until 1987. That is when David Hawley, one of the Kansas City families that owned a refrigeration company, started looking for the lost ship. He used old maps and a proton magnetometer, that helped him find its possible location, and soon found the Arabia a half a mile from the river, covered in silt and topsoil by some 45 feet. After getting the farmers permission to dig, and have the work done by spring planting time, Hawley, his brother, Greg and father, Bob, and two close family friends, the group started to uncover the boat before the winter ended. After test drilling to find out exactly where the hull sat, the group brought in heavy equipment, as well as 100 ton crane and 20 irrigation pumps to pump water away from the dig. The 65 foot wells took out 20,000 US gallons of water per minute from the ground and by November 26, 1988, the ship was uncovered. Four days later, relics, including a Goodyear rubber overshoe was uncovered, and on December 5, a wooden crate that was filled with exquisite china was discovered and much more since the mud had been able to preserve all the sunken treasures, including many jars of preserved foods that were still edible. Those relics are now located in the museum.  Some of the marvelous discoveries include shoes and boots, brass bell from the ship, brass keys, wooden barrels stuffed with all kinds of antiquities like china, ropes, linens, ceramics and more, silverware, porcelain dolls, coins, teapots and kitchen utensils, uniforms, coats and hats, glass lighting fixtures, wooden matches, clay pipes and bowls, beautiful china tea pots and glass decanters, powder horns, clothing, marble and glass pitchers, and much more that showcases the wares that were sold at general stores during the mid 19th century. 

    American Truck Historical Society
    American Truck Historical Society Kansas City, MissouriThe American Truck Historical Society in Kansas City, Missouri was started to preserve the exciting history of trucks, the industry and its pioneers. It had been headquartered in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, but now is located in Kansas City, in a 30,700 square foot structure that houses the society's headquarters and the Zoe James Memorial Library and White Archives. The nonprofit was started in 1971 and within a year, the United States Truck Historical Society was included in the ATHS and sometime later, the American Trucking Association recognized the group as the official organization to record and develop the trucking industry's historical information. Today, the organization has more than 21,000 members in their international group that reside in the United States, Canada, Australia and 20 other foreign countries. The society purchased the building in Kansas City in 2001, and it permanently contains the Zoe James Memorial Library and White Archives. Conventions this year will be held in South Bend, Indiana over the Memorial Day weekend, and from the end of May until June 2, 2012 in West Springfield, Massachusetts and Yakima, Washington from May 30 to June 1, 2013. They auction off trucks on their web site and at their shows, like the 1946 Buffalo fire truck international 450 that is 6 cycle, 5 speed, and only has 7,100 original miles on it, or the 1949 Autocar that is a Cummins NH 250, the 1959 International with sleeper cab, power steering, a Cummins 180 and 10 speed, or the 1967 International with Cummins 250, 10 speed and runs good. Their gift shop has many great items like plaques, apparel, trading cards, books, patches and pins, DVDs, miscellaneous and other items that are sure to make your time well spent.

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    Belton MuseumBelton Museum Belton, Missouri
    The Belton Missouri Historical Society and Museum sits in the historical building that has been used for many various companies and agencies of the city for over a century. It held the city auditorium and many played basketball on its court, also a movie house, the first place that would headquarter the international company called Grace, a library, city hall offices, police department and fire department headquarters. The museum contains the historical accounts of two of its most famous citizens, Carry A. Nation, and Dale Carnegie, with the main thrust of the museum being the preservation and display of local history, but especially those of Carrie and Dale with quarterly exhibits rotated throughout the museum.

    Cave Spring Historic Site & Nature Center 
    Cave Spring Historic Site & Nature Center Kansas City, MissouriCave Spring Historic Site and Nature Center is a marvelous 36 acre nature center and historic preserve in Kansas City, Missouri that includes picnic areas, hiking trails, interpretive center building and all the flora and fauna you will see in the park. School kids and grown ups visit the Cave Spring area to become aware of the ecology of the region, by its natural history and cultural history studies, with volunteers and staff members of the center demonstrating many Native American and early pioneering skills and the historical and current use of the regions many natural resources. The center was opened in 1975 to preserve the historic Santa Fe Trail as it passes through the region in a very natural and historical state. The organization manages and cares for the William Klein Park and the Art Clark Memorial Nature Center that has become known as the Cave Spring. In the 1840s, covered wagons would travel by here that had been farmed by the Barnes family and in later years owned by Solomon Young, the maternal grandfather of Harry S. Truman, and in the 1930s offered a cool change to the hectic dusty days living in the city and to the families that loved to come here getting away from it all. The site has become an outdoor education environment with guided hikes and educational chances that offer school field trips and both young and old groups.

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    Harry S. Truman HomeHarry S. Truman House Independence, Missouri
    The Wallace House in Independence, Missouri is also known as the Truman House since Harry would come here to live in 1919, after he married Bess Wallace, until his death in 1972. Bess's maternal grandfather, George Porterfield Gates, constructed the house during the years from 1867 to 1895. Madge Gates Wallace, wanted Bess and Harry to live with her at the house, since Bess had been living with her since her husband, David Willock Wallace committed suicide in 1903. At that time in 1919, Harry was putting all his money into the men's clothing store of Truman and Jacobsen that had opened in downtown Kansas City, which was good for the Truman family as it would keep their expenses low. In 1922, the clothing store failed, and the couple couldn't afford to move or buy their own house, so they continued to live there, until Harry could pay off his debts. Harry decided to enter politics next and the couple would move to Washington, but when they came to Missouri, they always stayed at the house. Mary Margaret, the couple's only child, was born in the house in 1924, and this historical site includes two houses next to it that belonged to Bess's brothers, and across the Delaware Street, the house would be lived in by the president's favorite cousins and aunt. There is a visitor's center located there, and there are many guided tours of the excellent house. After Harry retired in 1953, and until the Truman Library opened in 1957, his office would be located in the house. Harry would be one of the few Presidents that didn't own his own home, before going to the White House, living with family members in his early life, until he married and moved into the Wallace House, rental apartments and houses in Washington, the Blair House and the White House, and then July of 1953, almost six months after the death of Madge Wallace, they purchased the Wallace House outright. It sits in the Harry S. Truman District, that has been made a National Historic Landmark in 1983.

    Kansas Zoo
    Kansas City Zoo MissouriThe Kansas City Zoological Park (Kansas City Zoo) sits on a lovely 202 acres of land in Swope Park, Kansas City, Missouri, and is home to over 1300 animals; voted in 2008 as one of the best zoos in the nation. It ranked the top spot for African animals and exhibits, with the authors stating that the 95 acre exhibit of Africa that represents five nations is one of the most complete collections of African animals the men had ever seen. It would also be ranked as one of the top ten zoos in the country for Australian animals and exhibits, as well as pachyderms: Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos. They also seconded Jane Goodall's compliment that the zoo has one of the best chimpanzee enclosures in the nation, and America's Best Zoos 2008 ranked it as the number one zoo in the country for watching both kangaroos and chimpanzees. The zoo was planned in 1907 and opened in December, 1909, growing slowly during its first four decades adding exhibits and enclosures as the animals arrived. The Bear grotto was added in 1912, and then a children's zoo and monkey island in the 1940s. In the 1950s, the sea lion pool would be added, as well as the giraffe house, African veldt and flamingos added. In the 1960s, they would add the Great Ape house and otter pool, and elephant house. The dairy barn, Great Catwalk and gibbon islands were installed in the 1970s, and after getting permission to expand in 1991, the size of the park increased to 202 acres; and adding Australia in 1993 and the International Festival in 1994. As the Africa encampment opened in 1995, the area would draw about 40,000 visitors in the first two days, and a new IMAX, the first one in a zoo, was added with the Sprint IMAX theater. This expansion resulted in more people attending the zoo, and in 1998, it welcomed 700,000 zoo visitors and 400,000 IMAX visitors. The new orangutan primadome opened in 2002, and more are planned for the future. In 2006, it became a breeding facility for African elephants and baboons, with large renovations beginning in the late 2005 year and many more plans are in the works to renovate, install or close various exhibits in the zoo.

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