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Things to do in Liege

    Musee Curtius Musee Curtius Liege, Belgium
    The Curtius museum is a magnificent museum of decorative arts and archaeology, resting along the banks of the Meuse River in Liege, Belgium and called a "Major Heritage of Wallonia", which is the region Liege resides in. It would be constructed during the years of 1597 and 1610, as a private mansion for Jean Curtius, a wealthy munitions supplier and industrialist, supplying the Spanish Army. The unique alternating layers of red brick and natural stone is quite obtrusive, with cross-mullioned windows and an example of a regional style of architecture called Mosan or Muese renaissance. It received a 50 million euro rejuvenation in 2009 and changed its name to the Grand Curtius, still housing a fabulous collection of weaponry, religious art, weapons, Mosan art museums and decorative arts. Some of the outstanding exhibits include the First Consul and Bonaparte. It houses over 7000 years of regional and international relics, with over 5200 relics showcased in chronological order, situated in the heart of the city, with beautiful gardens and a great cafe. There guides are multi-lingual speaking French, English, Dutch and German. The museum would be the recipient of two outstanding donations in the early 20th century by George Cumont in 1914, and Marcel De Puydt in 1920 with tens of thousands of relics donated. De Puydt had been excavating for more than fifty years, and the collections were the results of his findings during his excavating periods of 1885 to 1886 and 1888 to 1909 in Hesbaye that would boost the museum's standing as an international museum with collection of Merovingian and Gallo-Roman that are magnificent. During the period of 1970 to 1980, the museum would acquire two significant donations that had been discovered in digs from the villa of Place Saint-Lambert in Liege, and the villa Haccourt. Other outstanding pieces include Middle Paleolithic stone tools that were scattered amid bones of extinct animals and human bones of the Neanderthal type, that showcase the evolution of man from the prehistoric period to the present and are being researched and studied for as much information as possible. One fabulous find was a sarcophagus with another sarcophagus inside, and a mummy inside that, that is very ancient. And these antiquities are just the tip of the iceberg at this fantastic museum in Liege, Belgium.

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Local Restaurants in Liege

    The Enoteca
    Entrees; eggplant caviar, fennel & preserved lemon; spaghetti with basil pesto & parmesan; tournedos rabbit leg with tapenade & chopped tomatoes; salad with cherries & cream of ricotta with amaretti; involtini-pepper stuffed with tuna confit & a few arugula leaves; filet St. Pierre, eggplant caviar & condiments; conchiglietta, veggies, parsley & rabbit; filet of piglets, beans & sage reduction.

    La Cucinella
    Entrees; burrata Neapolitan, tomato salad with old balsamic dressing; spaghetti pescatore; tagliata of Irish beer with veggies, candied apple shot & salt; sweetbreads, braised chicory, caramelized ginger; taglioni with summer truffle; roasted filet of bar laurel, tomato vinaigrette with oregano; cod & swimming shellfish.

Eggplant Caviar The Enoteca Liege, Belgium




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    Eglise St. Barthelemy St. Bartholomew Church Liege, Belgium
    The Collegiate Church of St. Bartholomew is located just outside Liege, Belgium, constructed in the 11th century, in the Ottonian style with large twin towers of the Rhineland model, and restored in 1876, with a baroque French interior and a fabulous masterpiece of Mosan art, the baptismal font of St. Bartholomew. It was recently rejuvenated, and the workers discovered a tile mosaic of the founder of the Godesclac Morialme, that had died around 1015 AD, and it is made from a carved stone with an inlaid mosaic tile or white, blue and marble, encompassed by brass with an engraved inscription. This was one of the seven college churches of the city, but it would be changed in 1797, as did the others, with St. Bartholomew being converted into a military store, only to revert to a church parish in 1803; which may have meant that the church was changed during the occupation of Napoleon's troops, and something got lost in the translation. The facade and twin towers would be rejuvenated in 1876 as well, since many types of modifications had been done to it over the centuries. During the 18th century, two aisles would be added, changing the magnificent neo-classical interior that had been decorated in French baroque, and making the west wing into its original Romanesque style. The organ loft is gothic-renaissance and contains an organ from 1598, with the inscription Salmia, 1598 still visible, and the vault would be changed from wood to brick. The church would have some 10,000 stones replaced in 2006, and the polychrome walls rejuvenated. It houses many magnificent works of art that include the painting of The Glorification of the Holy Cross by local artist, Bertholet Flemal and one called the Crucifixion by another local artist named, Fisen Englebert. Many statues can be seen here, including the one of St. Roche by Renier Panhay of Rendeux that was created in the 18th century; along with many beautiful printed materials like the Almanac of Liege, printed in 1600. But the most significant piece of art is the baptismal font of St. Bartholomew, that were created in the 12th century, which were used for baptisms.

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    Chateau de JehayChateau de Jehay Liege, Belgium
    The chateau was constructed in the 16th century and has become a Walloon heritage landmark, with unique and outstanding architecture, especially for a structure in Europe, once the home of Count Guy van den Steen, filled with beautiful relics from a time long past and an eclectic collection of paintings, books, furniture, silverware, ceramics and tapestries. It has just been rejuvenated and offers a gift shop, magnificent exhibition rooms and stables, that also house many outstanding relics and displays. The land that the fabulous chateau sits on was acquired by Lambert-Amand van den Steen, the son of Francis van den Steen, who would purchase the great fields in 1698. Count van den Steen would inherit the chateau after having served in WWII, and with his wife, the Marchioness of Ormonde, they would restore the house, with beautiful period furniture and other valuable objects. Since the majority of the records of this great chateau were destroyed during that horrible war, little is known of Jehay, who had lived here in the 12th century, or Jahin Jehaing that moved here in 1130. The family would live here for two centuries, and in 1680, one Ferdinand-Maximilien de Merode would sell the estate to Jehay Francois Gand-Vilain van den Steen. The chateau contains two dining rooms, one larger than the other, a smoking room, the small hall, a great hall and big living room, as well as many bedrooms and waiting rooms. The entire chateau is surrounded by moats, and includes a marvelous courtyard, small chapel and numerous beautiful gardens. It is a huge estate as seen by the image to the right, but the main riches are inside with invaluable antiquities like the large dining room table and chairs that were commissioned by Guy van den Steen, with a magnificent candelabra containing eleven candles and spanning the entire dining room wall is a fabulous tapestry from Brussels that was created in the 16th century and entitled, "Crossing Jordan". Above the dining room's mantel is a crucifix of Jesus Christ and two angels flanking him that had been created by Jean Delcour, a Belgian artist that studied in Italy, becoming quite influenced by Bernini. Adjacent to the dining room is a large tower, circular in shape, with English porcelain of Limoges, as well as porcelain from Delft, China, Brussels and Saxony. There is so much more to see and enjoy, it would behoove you to visit this magnificent castle if you should visit Liege, Belgium.

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