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Things to do in Linz

    Schlossmuseum Linz Schlossmuseum Linz, Austria
    The Linz Castle, now a marvelous museum sits on a hill that looks out over the old city parts of Linz, Austria, next to the Danube River, constructed the 15th century under Emperor Frederick III, as a Roman settlement or lentia, and be converted into a castle in 1477 becoming a residence from 1489 to 1493. Maximilian I, Frederick's son, would spend more time there until he became the Duke of Burgundy, then the King of Germany in 1486, the Archduke of Austria in 1493 and finally, the Holy Roman emperor in 1508. In 1600, emperor Rudolph II would commission the master builder Anton Muys, a Dutchman, to further develop the castle and enlarge it to suite his needs, becoming the main entrance to the city. From 1620 until 1628, Count Adam Herberstorff would become the governor of the castle and the Bavarian Pfandherrschaft; strengthening the walls of the old castle in anticipation of an armed revolt by the peasants. That would finally come to a head in 1626 and begin a siege. During the Napoleonic wars, the castle would be used as a hospital, but in 1800, a fire would start there and consume a large part of the city, as well as destroying parts of the south wing and the cross wing. In 1811, it would be converted into a prison, then in 1851, it would become a barracks for the soldiers, until 1945. Between 1953 and 1963, it would enjoy a major expansion and rejuvenation, becoming a museum and part of the Upper Austrian Provincial Museum complex; opening partially in 1963, and completely by 1966. It houses many outstanding ethnographic and historical collections, with permanent collections of historical musical instruments, vintage coins and weapons. The courtyard has been used quite often for open-air events, with the south wing finally being repaired in 2006 and house the history of technology and the scientific collections that pertain to the history of the castle.

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Local Restaurants in Linz

    The Arkadenhof
    Entrees; Viennese goulash muhlviertler bull with bread dumplings & kartofferl; mixed tenderloin stroganoff of beef & pork in the finest cognac & housemade pepper safterl made spaetzle; altweiner salonbeuscherl with bread dumplings; beef carpaccio of fresh fillets on rocket salad with fresh parmesan cheese & fine olive oil; giant prawns fried in garlic butter & housemade focacciabrot; salad with grilled fish specialties, wild salmon, seezander, scampi; goat cheese in prosciuttomantel on a warm potato radicciosalat; mixed leaf salad is green salad with tomatoes, pepper & cucumbers field; stuffed chicken breast country filled with ricotta cheese, arugula & herbs to tomato noodles; Austrian pork tenderloin with sautéed zucchini, Swiss rosti & peppery thymiansafterl; beef steak with truffled mashed potatoes, celery, broccoli & whiskey saucerl; duet of char & pike grostl on a made from dried tomatoes.

    Entrees; pupping asparagus with hollandaise sauce & heurigenkartofferl; stuffed green peppers with red pimentoschaum; Styrian roast chicken salad on crunchy salad & pumpkin seed oil; stuffed landhendlbrustchen farce with wild garlic & asparagus risotto; chicken liver Tryolean style with rice; zander in potato crust on spinach & 2 kinds of paprika foam; salmon fillet with spaghetti with red beet & krenschaum; potato goulash with bread; crispy fried chicken with potato salad; juicy bauernbrat from the tuft with potato dumplings & warm bacon salad; innviertler dumplings clean 2 each cracklings, bacon & smoked meat dumplings with pickled cabbage in natursafterl; schnitzel with parsley potatoes; pork emperor; tender beef goulash served with dumplings, boiled egg & pickles.


Beef & Pork Stroganoff The Arkadenhof Linz, Austria




Beef Goulash Promenadenhof Linz, Austria

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    Lentos Kunstmuseum (Museum of Modern Art Linz) Lentos Museum of Modern Art Linz, Austria
    The Lentos Art Museum opened in 2003, and became one of the most significant art museums in the nation, as well as being internationally recognized, lies right on the Danube River, with a unique glass casing that is very transparent, especially at night when it is lit up to showcase the magnificent architectural design. The museum has an excellent cafe on the ground floor, that contains a terrace overlooking the blue Danube, and houses many beautiful works of art, like the 120 works from Berlin art dealer, Wolfgang Gurlitt that includes such marvelous works of paintings and graphic art by Corinth, Klimt, Pechstein, Nolde, Schiele and Kokoschka. These works would become the nucleus of their collections after WWII, and continue through the 1950s with outstanding exhibitions and acquisitions that grew so large that a structure would have to be acquired in 1998, although they decided to construct one, that opened in 2003. It contains more than 10,000 works on paper, 1500 works of sculpture, object art and paintings, with 850 photographs that include many excellent examples of artistic photography, with the earliest works coming from the early 19th century that includes J. B. Reiter and C. D. Friedrich. It houses some beautiful international works that include paintings, graphic works and sculptures by Bayer, Haring, Scheibl, Lupertz, Appel, Warhol, Scully, Export, Balkenhol, Rainer, Staudacher, Nay, Krystufek, Lassnig, Chillida, Ludwig Merwart and Cragg, along with many others.

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    Alter DomAlter Dom Linz, Austria
    This is the biggest baroque church in the city of Linz, Austria, that had been built by the Jesuits in 1669 and finished in 1678, designed by Pietro Francesco Carlone, and dedicated to St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuit order. It would become the cathedral of Linz in 1785, and continue in that role until 1909, employing the famous organist and composer, Anton Bruckner for more than a decade from 1856 until 1868. The exterior of the cathedral is quite simple as far as embellishments go, with an onion dome topped by twin towers, and the interior includes all the usual baroque excesses like pink marble columns, many statuettes and a very intricately designed altar. This fabulous altar was constructed by Colomba and Barberini, and has numerous marble statues that flow around it, with a stunning altar painting by Antonio Bellucci. The magnificent carved choir stalls were brought here from the monastery in Garsten. It has been said that both Mozart and Beethoven loved to play the old organ, although at that time, it was fairly new, but with such fantastic acoustics, the results were both inspiring and spiritual. The white stucco embellishments on the barrel vaulted ceilings is marvelous, with the choir stalls showcasing the unique grotesque and grimacing cherubs, as if to keep all the evil spirits from entering here. The pulpit is a beautiful combination of gold and black lacquers that sets it apart, and yet, includes it in the majesty and beauty of the cathedral. It can be seen rising from the southeast corner of Hauptplatz, with its pea-green dom and twin towers.

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    LandesgalerieLandesgalerie Linz, Austria
    The Provincial Gallery in Linz, Austria is situated in the original location of the Museum of the Province of Upper Austria, after opening in 1895 with outstanding architecture in historical style and impressive large stairway. It houses many works of contemporary and modern art created in the 20th and 21st centuries, with the Kubin cabinet containing the biggest collection of Alfred Kubin works; and especially showcases those artists that have come from the region or lived in the area at some time. There are numerous works by Durer and Kokoschka with other outstanding examples of great 20th century European artists, photographers and installations. Altogether it houses some 2,000 sculptures, paintings and photographs, with another 15,000 graphic art works and photographs that continue to expand and enlarge with more examples of these beautiful genre coming in each year; as well as showcasing many talented photographers and their magnificent exhibitions. The gallery has many outstanding local programs for the community, that include numerous art workshops, to allow them to express themselves in a form that is popular with them and where they can showcase their talents. Current and permanent exhibitions include the Alfred Kubin portrait drawings, Proposals for Venice exhibition, the Aksel Waldemar Johannessen exhibition, the Metadomestic exhibition, Joachim Brohm color exhibition, the Pimp your Collection: Cars that Drive you Crazy and the Pimp your Collection: The Biennial Exhibition.

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    MozarthausMozarthaus Linz, Austria
    This marvelous house had been the residence of Mozart during the latter part of the 18th century, and composed the magnificent Linz Symphony, as well as the Linz Sonata, in just three days. The main entry way contains a bust of the fabulous composer and a sound installation that has the opening bars of the famous and popular symphony, and can be seen only from the outside, although there is a wonderful open-air cafe in the courtyard, where you might meet some locals that can share some excellent stories about the special artist that would become world famous, and considered to be one of the finest composers of all time. Mozart composed more than 600 works, with many of them considered to be the best works of piano, choral music, symphonic, concertante, operatic and chamber music in the world and one of the most enduring and popular of the classical composers. Wolfgang would showcase his talents at an early age, playing on the violin and piano, starting to compose at the age of five and performing before European royalty. He would become the court musician in Salzburg at age 17, but wanted to travel and see more of the world then, continuing to compose, but always searching for a better position. He would lose his position in Salzburg, while in Vienna, in 1781, so he stayed there, never getting the accolades or funds that would allow him to stay in one place and live happily. In Vienna, he would compose some of his finest works, in concertos, operas and symphonies, along with parts of the Requiem that would not be finished by his death. Why he died at such an early age has been mythologized, but he did leave a wife and two sons to posterity.

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