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Los Angeles Intl. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 9020 Aviation Blvd.

Things to do in Lomita

    Lomita Railroad Museum Lomita Railroad Museum Lomita, California
    This railroad museum is situated in Lomita, California, where it opened in 1966, by Irene Lewis, and is dedicated to showcasing the marvelous steam locomotives that had worked in the state during its early railroading days. It would begin in a single lot, that had been operational by 1961, set in the midst of a residential community. Today, it occupies an old railroad station depot from Wakefield, Massachusetts, constructed in the 19th century, with a full scale water tower inside, with the grounds acting more like a public park than a railroad yard. It does, however, have many railroad cars included in the collection and these are; a Union Oil tank car, 1902 Baldwin Steam Locomotive, Union Pacific boxcar, Southern Pacific tender, Santa Fe caboose, and a 1910 Union Pacific caboose. The museum opened as the first of its type, and later donated to the city by Irene in memory of her late husband, Martin Lewis, in 1967; who both had enjoyed a long relationship with the manufacture of "little steam engines", that would be sold worldwide, and some examples of those marvelous machines can be seen in the museum. The museum structure itself, is a work of art, since all the people that constructed it, were some kind of artist in their own right, including the designer, John W. Gallareto, who also helped construct it. Besides the aforementioned railroad cars, there is a 1913 Santa Fe caboose and a beautiful mural that had been painted in a corner of the Pacific Coast Highway and Narbonne Avenue, with postcards of this magnificent painting sold at the museum, and it measures 72 feet by 25 feet. The interior of the depot is filled with steam engine memorabilia, and related items, like the miniature railroad cars, and other exciting and interesting paraphernalia that pertains to railroading.

Budget rent a car Lomita

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Long Beach Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 4100 Donald Douglas Dr.
Budget Car Rental Los Angeles Intl. Apt. - 9775 Apt. Blvd.
Torrance Budget Rental Cars
- 20522 Hawthorne Blvd.
Budget Car Rentals Norwalk - 12541 Rosecrans Ave. 

    Marine Mammal Care CenterMarine Mammal Care Center Lomita, California
    The marine mammal care center is a hospital for sick, injured, and orphaned marine mammals, that include California sea lions, harbor seals, northern fur seals, and northern elephant seals, for the treatment and eventual release of these special patients. The center is involved in the education of the general public, school students and teachers, in collaboration with the Center for Marine Studies, as well as other agencies, museums and universities that will help the treatment of the mammals being cared for here. It started in 1992, with an agreement by the Los Angeles Unified School District and Harcourt-Brace; and is also active in the Oiled Wildlife Care Network that comes to the aid of any animals that have been involved in any type of oil spill or slick, working for their healthful recuperation and other necessary remedies that the mammals might need. These kinds of marine animals enjoy resting on the beach for warmth, which is why you see large herds of them in different areas, and should not be approached up close, but rather stand off with binoculars if possible or available, so you can see if any of them have injuries that would necessitate the evacuation of the sick or hurt mammals. The Marine Mammal Protection Act was passed in 1972, so that all marine mammals are protected now by law, even if they are still in the waters, as long as they are in the waters that belong to the United States. If any of the mammals need to be released by boat, the US Coast Guard has agreed to help, using their boats and crewmen to place these rehabilitated critters back into the wild. The center is involved in the instruction of scouting badges, internships, field trips and kid's club, attempting to bring the public into the mix so that these animals can be cared for if they are in trouble, and it is in our best interests to help them in any way possible. The images of many of these injured, sick or orphaned mammals is quite stirring and should be an inspiration to all of us to help in any way possible.

Enterprise rent- a- car Lomita

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Lomita Enterprise Rental Car - 2230 Pacific Coast Hwy.
Enterprise Car Rental Torrance - 3111 Pacific Coast Hwy.

Local Restaurants in Lomita

    Harry's BBQ
    Entries; includes molasses baked beans, roll & choice of side; half rack beef ribs, full rack beef ribs, BBQ hot link sausage, half pound BBQ trip tip, BBQ chicken with 2 8oz. breasts, half pound pulled pork dinner, half rack BBQ baby back ribs, full rack BBQ baby back ribs, half rack St. Louis cut BBQ ribs, full rack St. Louis cut BBQ ribs, BBQ rib tips, BBQ St. Louis cut ribs, chicken & tri tip; beef rib, BBQ chicken & BBQ tri tip; baby back ribs, BBQ rib tips.

    The Black Olive
    Entries; pasta dishes served with freshly baked parmesan cheese bread & choice of soup or mixed green salad; pasta Barese is eggplant, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes & sweet bell peppers, sautéed with fresh basil, garlic & olive oil, over angel hair pasta; spicy penne arrbiata is garlic, fresh tomatoes, basil & crushed red peppers, sautéed in olive oil, tossed with penne pasta; baked ziti is penne pasta, ricotta & parmesan cheese topped with marinara sauce & mozzarella cheese & baked; spaghetti pomodoro is large bowl of pasta tossed with house made sauce; cheese tortellini is cheese filled pasta topped with choice of marinara, pesto or garlic cream sauce; fettuccine alfredo is flat pasta tossed in creamy garlic alfredo sauce; lobster ravioli with shrimp is Maine lobster filled ravioli smothered in tomato basil sauce topped with sautéed shrimp & diced tomatoes; chicken ravioli marsala is jumbo ravioli filled with chicken & ricotta cheese topped with creamy marsala wine sauce, sautéed mushrooms & diced prosciutto.


Half Rack Beef Ribs Harry's BBQ Lomita, California


Pasta Barese The Black Olive Lomita, California

Hertz Car Rental Lomita

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Hertz Rental Cars Lomita- 1939 Pacific Coast Hwy.
Torrance Hertz Car Rental - 3635 Fashion Way
Hertz Rental Car Torrance- 18409 Hawthorne Blvd.

    Western Museum of Flight Western Museum of Flight Lomita, California
    This aviation museum is situated at Zamperini Field in Torrance, California, and run by the Southern California Historical Aviation Foundation, with a fabulous collection that includes some rare aircraft, that includes one of the only two Northrop YF-23 stealth fighter prototypes, and a Northrop YF-17 Cobra, a lightweight fighter that would become the base for the heavier Boeing F/A-18 Hornet that is presently being used by the Marines and Navy; but had originally been awarded to McDonnell-Douglas. There is a Grumman F-14 Tomcat, a Northrop JB-1, which is one of only three JB-1s flying wings left in the world, with both of these aircrafts being displayed, along with other propeller driven airplanes and jet driven craft. The museum has more than two dozen magnificent planes being shown, with some, like the Northrop N-3PB WWII single engine sea plane that had been crafted in 1940, and out of the 24 that were manufactured, this is the last surviving example in the world. The museum isn't able to restore any aircrafts at its current location, because of space limitations, but are in the process of looking for more space as it continues to grow. They do, however, have an excellent model airplane collection with more than 300 models in it, that include many wind tunnel models and hundreds of plastic scale models. There are many outstanding photographs, with many of them telling a story, so that you can visualize the actual events that took place those many years ago, by referring to the actual photos that were taken to depict the stories. The plans have been drawn up for an expansion, that will be able to showcase more of the marvelous collection, and the associated paraphernalia, with the great opportunity to step into many of these magnificent flying machines, and sit in the cockpit of a fighter jet, using your imagination to fly into the great unknown and other exotic and exciting places that only a flying machine could do.

avis discount rental car Lomita

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Long Beach Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 4100 Donald Douglas Dr.
Avis Car Rental Los Angeles Intl. Apt.
- 9217 Apt. Blvd.
Torrance Avis Rental Cars
- Sepulveda Blvd.

    Banning HouseBanning House Lomita, California
    The Banning House is also known as the General Phineas Banning Residence Museum, and is a Greek revival Victorian house in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, constructed in 1863 by Banning, as it lay near the original San Pedro Bay, and would remain in the family until 1925, with the city acquiring it in 1927. Today, the house, gardens and barn are now part of the museum, and designated as a city historic cultural monument, a state historic landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Banning would design the house himself, and has been described as one of the finest examples of Greek revival architecture in the west, with 30 rooms, originally, but since that time, some have been combined so that now there are just 24 rooms. Banning would recruit help from the blacksmiths, carpenters, shipwrights and artisans that were employed on clipper ships that came into the Wilmington Harbor, while Banning would lavishly entertain the ships' captains while they were in the harbor, and encouraging them to seal all the leaks in their ships with the tar from the LaBrea tar pits. He would continue to warn ships' captains about the sealing of the leaky areas for about three years or until his house was completed. It was quite unique among the usual adobe houses that had been constructed in the state and region for years, and would command attention once completed. After Banning passed, his son, Hancock Banning would keep the residence up to date until he passed on in 1894, with the house still occupied by his descendants until 1925. The estate would be purchased by the city in 1927 to become a city park for the residents of the region, and in 1934, the city proposed restoring the old house, with many of the Banning family members contributing many of the original furnishings and decorations. Some of the movie studios would contribute wallpapers that were the same kind used in the Civil War period, and after the restoration, the dedication would happen in 1936, and attended by many local politicians. The park area would soon have the big display of 19th century stagecoaches, that would be installed in the barn, and a one-room school house placed next to the house. The gardens have eucalyptus trees, that are reportedly the first to be planted in the state, and wisteria vines that had been planted in the late 19th century.

Thrifty Car Rental Lomita

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Los Angeles Intl. Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 5440 W. Century Blvd.

Thrifty Car Rental Northridge- 18501 Devonshire St.

    Wende Museum of the Cold WarWende Museum of the Cold War Lomita, California
    The Wende Museum is a collections based education and research facility that preserves Cold War relics and its history, and makes the resources available to anyone interested, as well as applying the historic lessons of the past to the current situation in the world. The museum was started by Justinian Jampol, a local native and scholar of modern European history, in the hopes of showcasing the wholesale neglect and destruction of the Cold War culture in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union that would follow after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. In the early 1990s, as these materials and documents began to fade and disappear, when historical landmarks were being torn down and destroyed, when the statues were being vandalized, the films and archives left to deteriorate and be destroyed; the museum was created to preserve and collect these significant historical relics. The beginning had been a grass roots acquisition initiative, with a warehouse of crated relics and has grown into a historical important museum and research center that has come to the forefront of the field. The museum now house more than 60,000 personal histories, relics and archives that is now recognized as the ultimate resource for any insight and perspective of the Eastern cold war efforts. It has become an inspiration for the museum's educational programs that continues to explore the unique legacy of the Cold war and its relation to the contemporary social and political issues of the times. The collections span the period from 1945 to 1991, with a mixed media of films, books, sculptures, paintings, paper, design objects, ceramics, posters and furniture. It also contains a collection of over 8,000 books and periodicals that were published in East Germany and the Soviet Union on diverse subjects. It is now one of the few institutions in the world to house a complete run of Neues Deutchland, the official organ of the central committee of the Socialist Unity Party that had been the controlling force in the East German state. The collection includes; sculptures, consumer products, photography, plates, plaques and signs, flags and banners, music, fashion and textiles, paintings and designs. Special collections include; diplomatic gifts, Erich Honecker's personal papers, East German counterculture, socialist scrapbooks, socialist luxury and leisure, the Stasi espionage equipment collection, Palast der Republick collection, Stasi documentation, Peter Bochmann border guard collection, Berlin Wall segments, East German films and Soviet and East German posters.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Lomita

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Los Angeles Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 5630 Arbor Vitae St.

Dollar Rental Car Los Angeles - 1025 S. Labrea Ave.

    Queen Mary RMSQueen Mary 2 Lomita, California
    The RMS Queen Mary 2 was a transatlantic ocean liner, the first since the Queen Elizabeth 2 in 1969, that would succeed the QE2 as the flagship of the Cunard Line, and named by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004 after the first Queen Mary was finished in 1936. That vessel was named after Mary of Teck, the consort of King George V, and after the QE2 was retired in 2008, the Queen Mary 2 would become the only transatlantic ocean liner still operating as a liner, although it was used more for cruising, as well as a yearly round the world tour. When she was built, she would become the biggest, widest and longest passenger ship ever constructed, until the Royal Caribbean line constructed the GT Freedom of the Seas in 2006, and later outdone by the company's GT Oasis of the Seas in 2009. The Queen Mary 2 had been designed to carry passengers across the Atlantic, which would explain the difference in her construction, and the results. She has 15 restaurants, five swimming pools, a casino, ballroom, bars, a theater and the first planetarium on sea. She has kennels, a nursery and is one of the few ships still floating that has the remains of a class system still onboard, that is quite obvious in the dining rooms. The QM2 is a ship run by four diesel engines, and not steam like so many others of her type, and two additional gas turbines that are available for that extra power when necessary. Her speed is about 30 knots, much more than the other ships of the line that usually have an average speed of 22 or 23 knots, while her normal speed is 26 knots.

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Los Angeles Intl. Apt. National Car Rental 

 9020 Aviation Blvd.