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Things to do in Lynchburg

    McLean House McLean House Appamattox, Virginia
    The McLean House in Appomattox, Virginia is one of the structures located in the Appomattox Court House National Historic Park, originally constructed by Charles Raine in 1848, and sold in 1863 to Wilmer McLean. The house had been used as a tavern and become very popular with the locals, until one of the first battles of the Civil War occurred on Wilmer McLean's farm in Bull Run, Virginia; known as the First Battle of Bull Run or the First Battle of Manassas. Wishing to escape the carnage and bloodiness of the war, the McLeans moved to a village called Clover Hill, Virginia, although it soon changed its name to Appomattox Court House since it had just become the county seat. It was located about three miles from the Appomattox Station where trains coming into the town of Appomattox, Virginia arrived. The First Battle of Bull Run was fought on July 21, 1861, happening on the McLean farm about 120 miles north in the same state, it has been mentioned that the Civil War began in McLean's backyard in 1861, and ended in his parlor in 1865; and talk about irony. But neither one of those events could be accounted for the real start or finish, since Ft. Sumter had been the real beginning in so far as actions go, and there were more skirmishes after Appomattox, since many units of the Confederacy and Union kept on fighting, unawares that the war had ended. McLean had been a major in the state militia, and was considered too old to enlist when the Civil War broke out, so he thought he would move away from it; saying after the war ended that he had always loved peace; although he would make a good amount of money running sugar through the Union blockades. McLean also had slaves, since there have been slave quarters found next to his house. By April, 1865, the war came back to haunt McLean when General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant at the house, in the parlor. The next day, April 10, the house would be used once more for the Surrender Commissioners' Meeting, and during the following days for the headquarters of General John Gibbon of the US Army.

    Old City Cemetery
    Old City Cemetery Lynchburg, VirginiaThe Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Virginia must be something pretty special to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places and sure seems like it is. Many folks have stated that more than 90% of the city's enslaved and freed African Americans have been buried here, especially since 1806 to 1865, the site was the only burial ground for people, except for those that had their own family plots. Currently, about three quarters of the buried are African American, while the Confederate area has more than 2200 soldiers interred there from 14 states. The cemetery occupies 26 acres, along with four small historic house museums that rest there as well. Those include; the mourning museum that highlights mourning customs, and sits inside the center, the Pest House Medical museum that was the city's first hospital, the station house museum that is merely a reconstructed C & O Railway station that is set up like it was during WWII and the Hearse House and caretakers' museum that focus' on the cemetery itself and funerals in general. There is a non-denominational chapel that had been constructed to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the old cemetery in 1806, and the lower columbarium that contains crypts and niches for new burials.

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    Amazement SquareAmazement Square Lynchburg, Virginia
    Amazement Square is the first multidisciplinary, hands-on children's museum in the central Virginia region, offering kids the kind of opportunities to learn, explore and discover the four floors of outstanding displays. Kids of all ages, and their sidekicks can wander around and discover the global and regional topics that include health-related themes, humanities and the arts, science and other disciplines that are sure to encourage your children to have a great time learning and playing. There are so many things to do and enjoy, your child will have a problem deciding what to do first. The Kidz Warehouse Museum shop is a great place to visit and shop for innovative puzzles, books, games, toys and more that combine the newest adventures in learning and fun. They even have a sponsored admission program for children that can't afford the luxury of coming here, so the program assists them and thus far has helped over 43,000 youngsters come and take advantage of this marvelous gift. One very exciting venue is the Elizabeth M. Forsyth amazement tower that is the highest indoor climbing structure in the nation, offering four floors of continuous fun and adventures that lead to the top of the building and has an observation tower located on the roof. There are many tunnels, ladders, a zip-line and slides that will thrill your kids and maybe you too. The tower includes an illuminating staircase and glass elevator so that even the "big" kids can watch all the excitement and fun. Other exhibition galleries include On the James-Indian Island, Big Red Barn, Once Upon a Building, Imagination studio, Kaleidoscope, the Changing gallery and Raceways and Voltageville. It is one of the most exciting and special ways of encouraging your children to learn the skills of education, while having a great fun time doing it. It might even be helpful to get them involved more in their regular school works and activities. Watching your child or children interact with others their own age, or those close in age, offers them a perfect opportunity to learn how others act, learn or have fun, as well as helping them learn to integrate well with children of all ages and backgrounds.

     Poplar Forest- Thomas Jefferson
    Poplar Forest Lynchburg, Virginia
    Poplar Forest, the former home and plantation of Thomas Jefferson, lies in what is now Forest, Virginia, close by Lynchburg, and is the private retreat that he would bestow special attention to beginning in 1806 until his passing some two decades later. Thomas once wrote that the plantation was his most prized possession and once you visit the site, you will understand. Jefferson had become famous for his architectural creations like the Virginia State Capitol, Monticello and the University of Virginia, so he constructed the more remote and lesser-known Poplar Forest as his place to retreat to when events and other things like too many visitors, would overcome him and he had to escape. In 1970, it would become a National Historic Landmark and be operated like a historic house museum. Jefferson would inherit an estate of 4800 acres from his father-in-law, John Wayles in 1773, however, it would be more than two decades before he would have the time and attention to began building there. In 1806, while he was still President, he supervised the foundation for a new octagonal house that would be constructed with Palladian principles, and contains a central cube room, that was 20 feet on one side, a service wing on the east and porticos on the north and south sides. When his grandson, Francis W. Eppes was married, Jefferson bequeathed the estate to him, but Eppes and his wife would live there just a short time and sold it in 1828. The structure would see many changes done to it as it continued to change hands, while the land size would decline as the years passed, until it would be just 50 acres. That is why the magnificent estate is surrounded by subdivions today. Beginning in 1986, the house has enjoyed some various stages of rejuvenation, in hopes of restoring it to the condition that it was when Jefferson lived there, with more than 600 acres being purchased from the original plantation so that it can offer some landscape easement for the home. For over two decades, archaeological studies have been conducted there to become the basis for restoration of the original ornamental landscape and architecture of the plantation. Because of these marvelous studies, the service wing that had been taken down in 1840 is now being reconstructed, while the studies have also concentrated on the African American community of slaves that lived here as well. In 1971, the plantation became a National Historic Landmark, and has been shown on Bob Villa's A & E Network show, Guide to Historic Homes of America while it was in the midst of a complete renovation.

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Local Restaurants in Lynchburg

    Shoemakers Fine Dining
    Appetizers; fried calamari with olive tapenade, shaved pecorino & fra diavlo sauce; jumbo shrimp cocktail with house made cocktail sauce; blackened seared ahi tuna with sweet soy glaze & wasabi; buffalo style jumbo shrimp tossed in tangy buffalo sauce with gorgonzola dressing; Asian ribs with hoisin vinaigrette, topped with onion straws; fried oysters with corn & arugula succotash & chipotle aioli; hot spinach & artichoke dip served bubbling with grilled flatbread; scallops casino served on half shell, broiled & topped with bacon & green, yellow & red peppers finished with panko & parmesan cheese; Shoemakers rings is buttermilk battered, panko crusted thick cut onion rings; petite pan-seared crab cake served on mixed greens with spicy remoulade. Steaks & Prime rib served with basil red skin mashed potatoes; filet mignon is 8oz.; aged black angus ribeye steak 16oz.; NY strip sirloin 12 or 16oz.; bone-in cowboy cut ribeye 16oz.; drunken ribeye 16oz. marinated in Jefferson Street pale ale; Shoemakers' signature steak & crab is 8oz. filet, paired with 4oz. signature crab cake. Shoemakers Specialties; salmon Neptune is oven roasted, crab stuffed, served with garlicky baby spinach & Dijon cream sauce; blackened ahi tuna seared rare & served with sweet soy glaze & wasabi over jasmine rice with asparagus; Virginia trout grilled with toasted pecans, served with chardonnay citrus sauce & basil red skin mashed potatoes; Shoemakers signature crab cake served with spicy remoulade, house cole slaw & FF; Asian grilled ribs is full rack of ribs served with house cole slaw & FF; sautéed chicken breast with roasted red peppers, mushrooms & arugula over capellini with chicken veloute; penne with chicken & shrimp is pulled chicken & jumbo shrimp with andouille sausage, tossed with roasted red peppers in pecorino cream sauce

    Main Street Eatery & Catering Co.
    Appetizers & salads; beef tartar, herbed crostini, onion rings; crab meat quesadilla; smoked salmon crostini, capers, onion, cream horse radish; shrimp marinara on risotto, fresh parmesan; escargots Main Street, French roll; warm goat cheese, tomato, kalamata olives, stewed garlic; Caesar salad, croutons, parmesan; spinach & mushroom salad, artichoke hearts, bacon, blue cheese; oven roasted duck, marinated & grilled portabella mushroom slices, Belgian endive, red beets, fresh asparagus on greens paprika ranch dressing; Main street salad, asparagus, Belgian endive chardonnay-soaked blond raisins, Maytag bleu mesclun greens, dressing of choice. Seafood; wild caught salmon Imperial, broiled, covered with crabmeat Imperial au gratin, risotto; blackened seafood of the season, crab meat, fresh asparagus, béarnaise sauce, risotto; rainbow trout stuffed with shrimp, broiled, Cafe de Paris, risotto; diver sea scallop Gloria, fresh herbs & tomato medley, angel hair; shrimp Napoli, marinara & parsley, risotto; shrimp alfredo with angel hair; crab Imperial, seasonal fruits veggie au dour. Entrees; NY strip, dry aged, grilled you way, Cafe de Paris, brasserie potatoes; steak frites, beef medallion, grilled pomme frites & rosemary butter; beef orloff blackened shrimp cognac demi glace, brasserie potatoes; veal Zurich, brasserie potatoes; veal piccata, scaloppini dipped in parmesan, sautéed mushrooms, angel hair, marinara; veal Oscar, asparagus, au gratin with crabmeat imperial, risotto; wiennerschnitzel, pan fried, pommes frites; grilled pork tenderloin, chipotle demi glace, brasserie potatoes; rosemary chicken, oven roasted, lemon Dijon & rosemary infused, sweet potato fries; duck a l'orange, caramelized orange slices, brasserie potatoes; angel hair bolognaise.

Salmon Neptune Shoemakers Fine Dining Lynchburg, Virginia


Asian Grilled Ribs Shoemakers Fine Dining Lynchburg, Virginia






 Veal Zurich Main Street Eatery & Catering Co. Lynchburg, Virginia


Pork Tenderloin Main Street Eatery & Catering Co. Lynchburg, Virginia



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    Legacy Museum of African American History Legacy Museum of African American History Lynchburg, Virginia
    The Legacy Museum of African American History began in 1995 to communicate the African American story and history with outstanding displays and permanent collections that focus on the African American struggle for civil rights, the arts, education, business and employment, entertainment and sports, medicine and health, political life, civic and social organizations, communications, the family and the Black church. This exceptional museum incorporates the entire life long struggles that the black community endured since they were kidnapped from their homes and brought to another country, not even a country, but a colony that was in the midst of growing and realizing, learning and building, that would eventually lead to a revolution and then the most horrible and bloodiest war this country has ever fought. The museum sits in Lynchburg, Virginia, a part of that past that included slavery and the pitiful situations that these persevering people had to live under. The legacy project was the original name for the organization before it obtained a building for the eventual museum. It was also sponsored by the Lynchburg branch of the NAACP, in the beginning and in 1995, it would become a nonprofit. The project would acquire a century old structure, in 1997, in despair, although it had once been a magnificent house on Monroe Street, and architect Kelvin Moore commissioned to draw up plans that would convert the old house into a modern and exciting museum. After much fundraising and planning, the remodeling started in 1999, and in June, 2000, it would celebrate the dedication and grand opening, with ribbon cutting done by civil rights pioneer Drucilla Moultrie and historian Harry Ferguson, in their nineties and six year old Ashley Lewis. The logo of the museum is the unique Sankofa, one of the symbols used the Akan peoples of West Africa and means "return and take from the past that which may have been forgotten in the past but which will be of use today and the future". In the African country of Ghana, the symbol is stamped on textiles and carved into the ceremonial tools and objects they sell.

    Point of Honor Museum
    Point of Honor Museum Lynchburg, VirginiaThe Point of Honor Museum in Lynchburg, Virginia and has been the home of many of the state's most outstanding people and began as a wilderness area that had been a camping ground for the Monacan Indians. The magnificent mansion had been the home of Dr. George Cabell, Sr., a medical doctor that was born in 1776, and after getting educated at the Hampden-Sydney Academy and the University of Pennsylvania came here to settle and begin his practice. He would become the friend and physician of Patrick Henry and a neighbor to Thomas Jefferson, and after passing on, he left the estate to his son, William Lewis Cabell and his bride, Eliza Daniel Cabell; who both died in 1830. Eliza's father would inherit the estate, Judge William Daniel Sr. and he left it to his son, Judge William Daniel Jr. in 1839. William Jr. would serve on the Virginia Court of Appeals from 1846 until the end of the Civil War, and his son, Senator John Warwick Daniel, known as the Lame Lion of Lynchburg, would be the next recipient. William Jr.'s sister, Elvira Daniel would marry the pioneer American civil engineer and Civil War hero, Charles Ellet, Jr., and their daughter, Mary Virginia would marry William D. Cabell and become one of the founding members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Eventually, the estate would become the antebellum home of Colonel John S. Langhorne, and his daughter, Elizabeth Langhorne Lewis would be one of the leaders of the struggle for suffrage. His granddaughters, include Nancy, Lady Astor, the first female the was ever elected to the British Parliament and Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson, the original "Gibson Girl". His great granddaughter, Nancy Perkins Lancaster would become a famous interior designer. In the Civil War, the estate would be the home of Robert Latham Owen, the president of the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad and his wife, Narcissa Chisholm, the daughter of Thomas Chisholm, a Cherokee chief. Their son, Robert L. Owen Jr. would become the first Senator from Oklahoma. During the late 1970s, the estate would enjoy a wonderful restoration, and a request to the Garden Club of Virginia's Restoration Committee to rejuvenate the grounds, which was accepted and completed.

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    Anne Spencer HouseAnne Spencer House Lynchburg, Virginia
    The Anne Spencer House is located in Lynchburg, Virginia, and would become the residence of Anne Spencer, from 1903 until 1975, who was a poet of the Harlem Renaissance and the first Virginian and African American to get her marvelous poetry included in the Norton Anthology of American Poetry. Anne was a very successful poet as well as a committed activist for equal rights, and her home became the setting for a political center in the black community. The home would become the first center for the local NAACP chapter and entertained many famous people like Langston Hughes, W. E. B. Du Bois, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington Carver, Marian Anderson, James Weldon Johnson and Thurgood Marshall. Constructed on Pierce Street in 1903, the yard includes a big garden and one-room sanctuary that Anne called Edankraal, and she would write most of her works there. The house is a simple, but stately two story clapboard sided house, with the first floor containing the front hall, kitchen, dining room, sunroom and living room or parlor. On the second floor are four bedrooms and a sunroom, while the third floor, which isn't open to public viewing is where Anne's grandchildren spent many hours having great adventures in far away places. Anne was born in Henry County, Virginia, in 1882, and was the only child of Joel Cephus Bannister and Sarah Louise Scales. They would separate while Anne was still a child and her mother took her to West Virginia, where she would be put under the care of William T. Dixie, one of the most prominent members of the black community. Sarah soon became aware of Anne's excellent aptitude for the English language and sent her to the Virginia Seminary, where she would graduate in 1899. During that final year, Anne would meet her future husband, Edward Spencer, and they would marry in 1901. The well known Harlem Renaissance poet James Weldon Johnson realized her talents as a poet and gave her the pen name of Anne Spencer. As the years rolled by, the couple lived happily in their house in Lynchburg, and her poetry became very popular and in-depth. The Harlem Renaissance offered her the opportunity to meet more people that were like her and was inspired by their ideas, artwork and soon lead to her work being published.

    Lynchburg Museum
    Lynchburg Museum Lynchburg, VirginiaThe Lynchburg Museum in Lynchburg, Virginia is located in one of the most historic areas in the mideastern United States and showcases the exciting history of the city and the Piedmont region. The James River flows through the history, and fords where the Native Americans crossed, that led to an 18th century ferry that was started by Quakers and soon gave birth to a city and waterway that would transport tobacco to Richmond and the world. That ferry landing grew into a small town and by 1852, a city called Lynchburg, while the region became more settled, tobacco would become the big cash crop that led to canals, railroads and gorgeous architecture that lived through four centuries. It would become the second richest city per capita in the new nation before the Civil War, just behind New Bedford, Massachusetts that had an outstanding whaling business. During the Civil War, the city would become a significant hospital center for the Confederacy, supply base and transportation center. Although the Battle of Lynchburg in 1864 wasn't one of the bigger battles in the south, the Confederate win kept the Union from destroying the city, and preserving the many excellent sites that bring visitors from all over the nation here to see all the historical places. The war would decimate the decimate the city's economy, the tobacco industry, along with the railroads and manufacturing would restore its importance, and it soon returned to being one of the major industrial centers of the new south. Since those early days, the city has welcomed five colleges, become a leading health care center and watched as its main base of industry transform from smoke and smokestacks to education, services and technology. The museum offers stories about the marvelous people and interesting events that helped shape the central Virginia region and displays many treasures of all types, that include; antique toys, silver and furniture made here, Civil War memorabilia, artifacts from that period and others, music, civil rights relics, fine art, sports and more.

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    Battle of LynchburgBattle of Lynchburg, Virginia
    The Battle of Lynchburg, Virginia happened during the Civil War on June 17 and 18, 1864, and had become an important center for hospital care and supplies. It would become a battlefield as Union General David Hunter advanced toward the city after going through the Shenandoah Valley like a mower through grass. The major railroad connection the city had was very important since it helped supply the Confederate troops. It is believed that the sides were equal for the battle, although Hunter had two major problems. The first was the loss of a Union army that had been supposed to arrive and help him, but never showed up because they had lost the battle at Trevilian Station, which turned out to be the biggest cavalry battle of the war; and had been led by Grant for the Union and Lee for the south. The other and probably the worst was the continued loss of Hunter's supply lines, since he had received only one wagon load of supplies between May 20 and June 17. The Union army was in trouble from the beginning, only they didn't realize it until later, as they moved slowly towards Lynchburg. The night before the big battle was to begin, the Union troops heard trains going and coming on the tracks, as well as drums and bugles being played. It seems that the populace of Lynchburg had become involved in the battle by making as much noise as they could so the army of the north would imagine that there were more rebel troops than first thought. On the 17th of June, the Union troops looked as if they might turn the tide as they continued to push General Jubal Early's Confederate troops into the town, although his reinforcements were coming into the town about the same time, which would prove disastrous to the Union troops later. With the extra troops led by Generals Francis Nicholls and John Breckenridge, the south would overcome the initial advances and cause the Union to begin retreating. The next day, Jubal decided to stay in the town and begin defensive movements, while waiting for more his men to arrive. His troops then dug a defensive line two miles away from the town and when the Union army attacked, they were repelled and Jubal began an offensive of his own. Early begin thinking that he had gained the upper hand as he began his attack on June 18th and found that Hunter's army had retreated into the Blue Ridge Mountains. His army moved sixty miles in three days and then waited to see what would happen. Hunter thought the best move would be to retreat along the Shenandoah Valley and into West Virginia. The battle soon became a high point in the war for the south, so Jubal moved into the Shenandoah Valley and advanced up into Maryland and made it to Washington, DC. It became a significant win for the south as they were now farther north than they had been and their supply lines were readily available via the railroads. The Union headquarters had been at the Sandusky House that is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Sandusky House
    Sandusky House Lynchburg, VirginiaThe Sandusky House in Lynchburg, Virginia is a formal two story brick I house that was constructed in 1808 and added another wing later on. It was constructed for Charles Johnston and is one of the earliest homes in the region that exhibits the architectural details and accoutrements that have become characteristic of the Federal architectural design. At the Battle of Lynchburg, in 1864, it would become the Union headquarters, and some of the men that were quartered here included General David Hunter, and future Presidents William McKinley and Rutherford B. Hayes, serving on the general's staff. The other structures that can be seen on the site include two 20th century tenant houses, one made of brick and the other frame. It has been operating as the Historic Sandusky Foundation, a house museum pertaining to the Civil War, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

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    The Avalon ClubAvalon Club Appomattox, Virginia
    The Avalon Club in Appomattox, Virginia had one of the most unique and unusual occurrences in the nation happen there in the summer of 1976. It has always been considered a major happening in central Virginia when a big named performer comes to the area and plays. Like Elvis did in 1974, although it was well publicized and attended. But this night, a Saturday night in August of 1976 happened at the Avalon Club, which is a local BYOB country music spot that usually had a country band wailing out the tunes that everyone heard or listened to on the radio. This night, however, was quite different when the people coming in early saw the stage set with all kinds of instruments and microphones, but no performers. As the evening progressed, a few people began dancing to the jukebox that was playing a country favorite, and the majority waiting and drinking from their brown paper bags, for the band that belonged to those fancy instruments. Many folks were getting restless, when the lights dimmed, and they don't ever dim the lights here, and some shadowy figures began moving onto the stage. All of a sudden, a familiar electric guitar riff streamed into the night, the lights came back up and the crowd there was able to get their first look at the band that had arrived to play. It was a group of long-haired men in strange looking clothes playing "Johnny B. Goode" with outstanding intensity, although no one knew who the heck they were, but at that point it didn't matter anyway. Everybody was soon dancing to the old Chuck Berry favorite including the club's regular Aubrey "Mr. Bones" Benson. Although the group had received an initial warm welcome, the tide began to swing and change. Once the first song was done, the lead singer, wearing eye make-up, said something to the crowd, which they couldn't understand since he was speaking like an Englishman. The bank started their next song, one the crowd didn't know at all, although some people tried dancing to it, but then sat down. The crowd's impatience soon swung around to anger as the band continued playing songs that these country folks didn't care for, and one Clint Patterson, a young member of the crowd, thinking he'd seen these guys on the television, and thought he had heard some of the songs on his sister's radio. Clint did recall one that kept saying "What a Drag It is Getting Old". After the fifth song, the crowd had enough and another regular at the club, Harold "Cootie" Hodges headed to the stage, starting a free-for-all that had one band member getting cold cocked with a whiskey bottle and the group's equipment in bad shape. Young Clint stated that the crowd was just a bunch of hard working country boys that were looking for their usual Saturday night good time. They hadn't come here to watch "no long-haired sissy boys". He went on to say that they couldn't understand what the leader, a skinny dude in tight pants, was saying or singing. The group that visited was the Rolling Stones, that have become known for kicking off a tour with an unannounced "rehearsal" gig at local, but off the beaten track joints. Lead guitarist Keith Richards still has the scar and once commented to Crawdaddy magazine about the event, saying, "Blimey, I hadn't seen a crowd that bloody rowdy since Altamont". If you happen by the old Avalon club you'll probably hear the tale told a few times, but remember to BYOB.

    Academy of Fine Arts
    Academy of Fine Arts Lynchburg, VirginiaThe Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchburg, Virginia began when the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center and the Academy of Music joined together and created the Academy of Fine Arts in 2003. The joint efforts of the two organizations had been similar although their financial status would be better suited for just one organization to handle all the fine arts in the city. The 1905 Academy of Music Theater in downtown Lynchburg, is considered one of the most significant treasures of the last century for this mid state city and was the last remaining academy of music in the state, with perfect skylines, the first fully electrified structure in the city and amazing acoustics. The old theater had been the place of many landmark performances given by famous artists that had been important to the evolution of the performing arts in this nation and included the likes of Ethel Barrymore, George M. Cohan, Paderewski, Will Rogers and many others. The fine arts center has been part of the performing arts scene for more than four decades and the merger between the two organizations was a perfect match. Creating a plan to begin a downtown fine arts center by 2010, the academy began designing a special complex that would include the rejuvenation of the historic theater and restoration of two other historic structures that would become an education center, open spaces, lobbies and offices. There will also be a flexible studio for social events, business meetings and theater productions. The plan called for the development to be completed in two phases, with phase I enjoying a grand opening in 2004 at a New Year's eve gala and dedication and the second phase in currently in the works and should be done sometime in the end of 2010.

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