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Things to do in Midwest City

    Governor's Mansion Governor's Mansion Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    The Oklahoma Governor's Mansion in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is the official residence of the governor, constructed in 1928, a full year after it had been started, at a cost of $100,000, with $25,000 of that being used to furnish it. After the territory was admitted to the Union in 1907, legislature concentrated on creating the Oklahoma State capitol, but not the governor's residence, which would be started in 1919 after the capitol was completed. A piece of property was chosen just east of the capitol in 1914, although the construction won't begin right away; since the legislature would have to debate the amount of funds to spend and where to get it from. In 1929, the legislature would appropriate another $39,000 for landscaping and outdoor structures that would be constructed on the property. The mansion is a Dutch-colonial style with Carthage limestone used for the exterior so as to complement the capitol, with 19 rooms and 14,000 square feet of living space that included a library, parlor, dining room, kitchen, five bedrooms, a sun room, grand ballroom and it only has 12 rooms today. The first governor that would live in the new mansion was Governor Henry S. Johnston, but he would be impeached after living there for only three months. Next would be governor William H. Murray, who would be the first governor to spend his entire term in the mansion. When the Great Depression began, Murray was still the governor, and wanting to help his fellow Oklahomans, he brought a team of mules to the mansion grounds so that they could plow a big part of it, which he would do himself, transforming the ground into a vegetable garden for the poorer residents to plant vegetables for their own use. Since William Murray had been such a colorful and unique character, an urban legend has grown up around the mansion that his ghost still haunts the structure, watching over the future governors. E. W. Marland would become the governor in 1935, and oil would be discovered on the property, so the legislature started taking advantage of the huge windfall, and placed an oil well on the grounds, and it would remain there until the late 1940s. A temporary heliport would be added in the 1960s so that President Johnson would be able to land the President's helicopter, so a concrete slab was constructed quickly for his visit, and when he left, the slab would be converted into a tennis court; and the next decade, the people of the state would raise funds to install a private swimming pool in the shape of the state. In 1995, the mansion would enjoy a large rejuvenation, during the term of Frank Keating, who would call on the everyday citizens to assist with the large remodeling venture, with many responding, as well as starting the Friends of the Governors Mansion, Inc. that would find funding to help with the big project. A large amount of exterior structural work would have to be completed to keep the kitchen ready to prepare the huge state dinners that would be held there. The gorgeous red and black granite countertops that had come from Granite, Oklahoma and installed in the early 1990s would stay, but the library's walnut paneling and moldings would need refinishing to bring them back to their former luster, as well as restoring the room's 1928 color-scheme that included gold, green and burgundy. They would add a Persian rug to the ballroom's original maple floor, and the ballroom's windows, moldings and chandeliers were refinished to match the originals from 1928, with the 19 rooms being reduced to 12 to increase the room sizes.

    50 Penn Place Gallery
    50 Penn Place Gallery Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    50 Penn Place Gallery is situated in the upscale mixed-use development structure that is located in the inner Northwest area of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which is more of a galleria-style shopping mall and tower in the Penn Square trade area just off I-44 and the Northwest Expressway. This immense complex is comprised of a 16 office tower with 233,00 square feet of retail shops located on 3 levels occupying some 185,000 square feet, and a large parking garage. The art gallery has become one of the most successful and prominent fine art galleries in the region, owned and operated by 13 professional local award-winning artists. The gallery houses new and changing works that have been created by the gallery members, as well as guest artists that have been invited to showcase their talents on a two-month rotating basis. That way, the gallery is always offering new and fresh artworks that have been created right here in the city, with a marvelous opportunity to visit with the artists themselves and learn more about their outstanding works of art. The gallery encourages visitors to spend time with the artists, as well as enjoy perusing the new works brought to show and light refreshments also. They are constantly scheduling special events to bring in new people, both artists and visitors. The thirteen permanent members of the gallery include; Jo Woolery who does water color paintings; John Brand that photographs wildlife, travel, landscapes and abstracts; Nancy Wernecke also does photography; Carol Egger creates excellent jewelry; Janie Tigert does sculpture, Jonna James creates watercolors; Glen Thomas enjoy oil painting, pencil art, as well as bronze and clay sculpting; Kim Norton does animals, vineyard scenes and others in oils and pastels; Connie Seabourn abstract and contemporary oils; Loretta Schaefer does floral and landscape paintings in oil; Cletus Smith creates landscapes and other scenes in oils and water colors; Bert Seabourn enjoys expressionist in acrylics.

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    Moore-Lindsay HouseMoore-Lindsay House Norman, Oklahoma
    The Moore-Lindsay House in Norman, Oklahoma is a 110 year old Queen Anne style Victorian historic house, that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. The Moore-Lindsay house would be started in 1899 by William and Agnes Moore, who would spend $5000 to construct their 2700 square foot "Princess Anne" style house, when the average houses were being built for just $400. The couple had arrived from St. Joseph, Missouri, began investing in real estate and in 1899, William would become president of the Norman Building and Loan Association. When the territory became a state in 1907, the couple moved to Oklahoma City and sold their marvelous house to Harry and Daisy Lindsay, who was a niece of the Moores, while Harry was the president of the Norman Grain and Milling Company. He would also serve on the Norman City Council and the school board, while Daisy became active in the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, the literary club and the Norman Garden Club. The Lindsay would be blessed with one child, Mary Agnes, who would eventually go to the University of Oklahoma and then marry Charles Wantland in 1911. Charles played football under Coach Bennie Owen and when he completed his studies, he would be hired by Central State Normal School that has evolved into the University of Central Oklahoma, in Edmond, Oklahoma to coach the school's football team. Wantland Hall and Wantland Stadium has been named in honor of him, as they would live out their lives in the house. Daisy lived there until she passed in 1951, and then the house would be sold and made into apartments. In 1973, the city would purchase the house and renovate it so that it could be used as a museum, but while it is owned by the city, the Cleveland County Historical Society operates it. The society houses a marvelous collection there with over 9000 rare books, relics and photographs in the two upstairs rooms of the museum.

    45th Infantry Division Museum
    45th Infantry Division Museum Oklahoma City, OklahomaThe 45th Infantry Division Museum is situated in a 27,000 square foot structure in a 15 acre park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and houses the outstanding history of the division and its fighting heroes that have fought in every major war since the end of the first World War. After the National Defense Act of 1920 authorized the creation of the 45th Infantry Division from the four states in the region that included Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma, the division would be formed in 1923 and the Oklahoma members would be camped together for the very first time at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 1924. During the years before WWII, the division would used to maintain order in periods of disasters and help keep the peace during those periods of political unrest, like the first time that they would be called out by Governor John C. Walton, who used them to stop the state legislature from meeting since they were going to impeach him in 1923. Later, when Governor William Murray called them to duty it would be for the enforcement of closing the banks and keeping a free bridge on the Red River open, in spite of a Federal court order that said it should not be opened. As the years rolled along and the troops trained and learned better ways of keeping themselves alive in all kinds of situations, by the time September 1940 arrived, they were ready to be ordered into Federal service for a full year to take part in a training program. Talk about perfect timing, someone must have had a premonition or something like that. Their service time started at Fort Sill and by the end of the year, they had taken part in the Louisiana Maneuvers, as the world became a volatile place to be in. The Thunderbirds as they were called would have to continue to train and get ready for the inevitable. These men would train at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Camp Pickett, Virginia, Camp Berkeley, Texas, Pine Camp, New York and Fort Devens, Massachusetts. The men had been training very hard to ready themselves for the war and on July 10, 1943, the division would become part of their first of four amphibian landings. The division would end up serving 511 days in the combat of WWII, fighting their way across Sicily, Italy, France and Germany. This National Guard division of the southwest would become very highly regarded by both regular army and their enemies for the many valiant efforts and fighting abilities. The division would serve under General George S. Patton's U. S. 7th Army while it fought the Sicilian campaign and after the fighting, General Patton said that, "Your division is one of the best, if not the best division in the history of American arms". Quite the complement coming from one of our best generals, ever to have fought in the history of American arms. Once WWII was over, the unit would revert back to their National Guard status, with the 45th becoming an All-Oklahoma organization. They would begin their weekly evening drill periods in the state's armories, with Fort Sill still being the site of the yearly summer encampment. In June, 1950, North Korea invaded the south, and this event led to the second Federal mobilization of the 45th Infantry Division, with the Thunderbirds being one of the only two National Guard divisions to take part in the combat of the Korean War, the other being the 40th from California. Once Korea was over, the unit reverted to their previous National Guard status, with a large reorganization happening in 1959, that affected the structure of the division; but all was really moot since the division would be disbanded in January 1969.

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Local Restaurants in Midwest City

    Bricktown Brewery
    Entrees; served with choice of 2 sides; ribeye steak 12oz. seasoned & cooked your way; sirloin steak 9oz. marinated sirloin steak grilled; St. Louis style ribs marinated pork ribs served with honey BBQ sauce, full or half rack; grilled salmon with honey balsamic glaze; catfish strips is hand-breaded catfish strips dredged in buttermilk & seasoned cornbread then fried & served with tartar sauce; Bricktown's best BBQ dinner is hickory smoked BBQ includes St. Louis style ribs, pulled pork, sliced brisket or kielbasa sausage; chicken tenders hand-battered & fried crisp with cream gravy; country fried steak is batter chopped steak, fried country-style & served smothered in cream gravy; grilled brewhouse chicken is marinated chicken breast grilled & covered with honey BBQ sauce & crisp fried onions.

    Cocina De Mino Restaurant
    Entrees; fajitas served with rice, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo & plenty of housemade flour tortillas; chicken, beef or pork; old fashioned is chicken or beef with sautéed onions & smothered in ranchera sauce & jack cheese; fajitas la Mexicana is beef or chicken in spicy green chile sauce; shrimp fajitas is tender grilled shrimp served on top of sautéed onions & bell peppers. Specialties; carne asada is thinly sliced beef sirloin served with papas rancheras, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo; carne tampiquena is thinly sliced beef sirloin, cheese enchilada, beans & cheese nacho, guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo; camarones de Cozumel is shrimp, chicken & pico de gallo sautéed in house spicy butter sauce on bed of rice, served with guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo; carnitas is tender pieces of roasted pork served with papas rancheras, refried beans, sour cream, guacamole & pico de gallo; pollo Monterey is grilled chicken breast served with sour cream sauce, rice & mixed veggies; carne de puerco con chile verde is selected chunks of pork & green chile sauce served with rice & refried beans; chile relleno is poblano pepper stuffed with choice of cheese, chicken or beef, served with rice, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo; chuletas rancheras is 2 grilled boneless pork chops served with papas rancheros covered with cheese, served with rice, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo; tacos al carbon is 3 flour tortillas filled with chicken fajitas or beef sirloin, served with rice, refried beans, pico de gallo & guacamole; pescado vera cruz or tacos de pescado is your choice, fillet or tacos, tilapia & onions grilled with house special sauce, served with rice, guacamole, pico de gallo & choice of grilled mixed veggies or side salad.


Grilled Salmon Bricktown Brewery Midwest City, Oklahoma



 Carnitas Cocina De Mino Restaurant Midwest City, Oklahoma


Pollo Monterey Cocino De Mino Restaurant Midwest City, Oklahoma


Chuletas Rancheras Cocina De Mino Restaurant Midwest City, Oklahoma

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    Oklahoma City Art Museum Oklahoma City Art Museum Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    The Oklahoma City Museum of Art (OCMOA) is situated in the Donald W. Reynolds Visual Arts Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that showcases visiting exhibits, original works from its own collections, a restaurant and a theater that shows numerous films of foreign, classic and independent makers each week. It is the home of the finest and most complete collection of Chihuly glass in the world, which includes the fifty-five foot Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Tower in the museum's atrium. The idea of a permanent art museum in Oklahoma City would be raised in 1945, when the Oklahoma Art Center was incorporated, which has grown into the Oklahoma City Museum of Art today. The collections began back then, with collections being donated to the Oklahoma Art League and houses many photographs, prints, sculptures and paintings with strong holdings in American and European artworks of the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of the more prominent artists include; Georgia O'Keefe, Alexander Calder, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Gustave Courbet, Charles Wilson Peale, Francis Hayman, Henry Moore, Anne Truitt, Richard Tuttle and Ellsworth Kelly. Some of the most significant collections include the Raymond and Verna Young collection, the WPA collection, the Westheimer family collection, the Washington Gallery of Modern Art collection and the Herbert Vogel collection: 50 Gifts for 50 States. There is a magnificent installation of art glass on the third floor gallery created by Dale Chihuly. The American collection alone contains paintings and sculptures by various artists from the colonial period to 1960 and includes works by Hans Hofmann, Thomas Moran, George Wesley Bellows, Isabel Bishop, William Merritt Chase, Robert Gwathmey, Martin Johnson Heade, George Inness, Morris Louis, Reginald Marsh, William Trost Richards and John Sloan. The European works contain examples from the baroque period through the early 20th century and include artists like; Andre Derain, Maria Crespi, Sir Thomas Lawrence, Eugene Boudin, Sir William Beechey, William Powell Frith, William Hamilton, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Charles-Francois Grenier de LaCroix, Godfrey Kneller, Constantin Meunier, Gabriele Munter and James Ward.

    Bankers Art Museum
    Bankers Art Museum Oklahoma City, OklahomaThe Bankers Art Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma offers the outstanding works of the world famous artist and sculptor, Sky Jones, who, according to the SEC is the most collected artist by any of the major corporations in the world today, with more than 70,000 works of art on the market, displayed in corporate collections, private collections and museums. The museum was started a number of years ago to promote and recognize the talented artist, whose company is a nonprofit that sponsors numerous art sales and events that result in large sums of money being donated to charitable groups and other art related nonprofits. There are three significant galleries that include goddesses and angels, the resource center and the main art gallery. In the goddesses and angels houses a library of sundry items that span music to philosophical musings, and much more. It is a unique type of art studio and museum, one that would necessitate visiting to become more aware of the type of art and other media that this artist has created over the last few decades. His name has been changed a few times to discourage any type of plagiarism, and currently he will not sign any work until it is sold. Check it out when you visit Oklahoma City next and you are sure to be surprised, if not intrigued by the works that the artist has created.

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    Firehouse Art CenterFirehouse Art Center Norman, Oklahoma
    The Norman Firehouse Art Center was created in 1971 to enrich the community by offering the finest quality visual arts, exhibits, education and experience, providing instruction in the visual arts that include; photography, jewelry construction, sculpture, painting and drawing, stone carving, ceramics, stained glass and more. Classes are available for students from 5-6 years old, 7-9 years old and 8-13 years old, and include the above named categories as well as fiber, workshops and a healing studio. Their gift shop contains many original artworks from the local and regional artists and include many items that are sure to flatter your home, yourself or your office. The shop sells only items that have been created by the local artists so that they are able to continue their work, as well as showing them the appreciation that is deserved for the excellent pieces.

    Science Museum Oklahoma
    Science Museum Oklahoma Oklahoma City, OklahomaThe Science Museum Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma would be started in 1958 with the opening of the Kirkpatrick planetarium that would get funding from the Junior League of the city, as well as the Kirkpatrick family donating a permanent dome structure to house the planetarium at the state fairgrounds. By 1962, the museum would be started on the fairgrounds as the Oklahoma Science and Arts Foundation, and by 1978, it would be called the Kirkpatrick Center museum complex and moved into a building downtown, changing its name to the Omniplex Science Museum, with the planetarium moving in a few months later. In 1980, the Oklahoma Air and Space museum would become one of the new additions to the Kirkpatrick Center, and years later become a part of Science Museum Oklahoma. John Kirkpatrick would get the idea of an outdoor sanctuary and gardeners learning center in 1985, and eventually open the Kirkpatrick Gardens and Greenhouse, next to the south side of the museum. In 1996, all the organizations would become the Kirkpatrick Science and Air Space Museum at Omniplex and within two years begin construction of the Dome Theater, the state's first large-format, dome-screen theater. It opened in 2000 and sold out to their first audience. The Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit would open in 2003 and welcome more visitors than ever before as some 217,00 visitors came here during the seven month exhibition and raise the museum to national prominence.  The science museum enjoys creating fun out of science as well as making it more interesting for the youngsters and those young at heart, with a two-story tree house and three story slide that is the country's tallest spiral slide; along with the Shumard Oak that is the oldest tree west of the Mississippi. There are plenty of opportunities to play with sound, light and waves, as well as tinkering in the Tinkering Garage exhibit that has more tools than your dad, but you can play with these without getting into any kind of trouble. There is also a 1000 square foot miniature town in the M. G. Pinky Martin Model train exhibits or the shadow stopper that has you posing in any type of position, and then the light flashes, showing you a captured image of your shadow. There are many more rides, exhibits and adventures here that is sure to keep the whole family running around like chickens.

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    Harn HomesteadHarn Homestead Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    When you visit the Harn Homestead in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, it will be as if you stepped back in time and you learn about the territorial lifestyles of those early settlers that came to Oklahoma. The homestead museum is the original land run property and house that opens up a treasure of the state's past history and other exciting traditions that are homegrown. The homestead museum and property celebrate the history of Oklahoma by providing visitors with a hands-on and minds-on type of experience, sharing in the abundance of a territorial farm, the waste-not, want-not ethic of the territorial family, a one-room schoolhouse and the elegance of a Victorian home. You won't be able to find another place or museum in the state that offers the one-of-a-kind experience and excitement that you'll find here; that captures the true spirit of those brave women, children and men that migrated here to get land for various reasons to start a brand new life filled with adventures, exploration and educational opportunities that can't be found in any other state in the Union. The Harn history spans more than a century, happening just after the Great Land Run of April 22, 1889 in the Oklahoma territory. Because there would be so many disputes about land claims, President Benjamin Harrison would appoint William Fremont Harn to come here and act as the special land commissioner to settle the problems. William and his wife, Alice, came to the territory and purchased 160 acres that today includes the homestead, and through his experience as a claims adjuster, he would learn the true value of the land, which allowed him to become one of the early developers of Oklahoma City. Harn bought large lots of land near what would become downtown Oklahoma City and develop many neighborhoods, with Harndale being the most prominent and now called Heritage Hills that contains some of the city's oldest houses, with numerous listings on the National Register of Historic Places. Harn was also a generous man and he donated 40 acres of his land to the state to relocate the state capitol from Guthrie to Oklahoma City, along with his neighbor, Mr. Culbertson, and that is exactly where the state capitol now sits, on both of the donated lands. The Harns would initially live in a one-room house, but soon Mrs. Harn wanted to return to Ohio and be near her family, however, William said that if she would stay, he would construct any house in the National Builders Supplement catalogue, which was a Sear and Roebuck company. She agreed and picked out a Victorian Queen Anne style house, that featured a small offset porch, half octagon shaped parlor and upstairs bedroom. Harn ordered it for a Christmas present, and it would be crated up in Chicago, loaded on a train and constructed in only six weeks in 1904. The couple would not have any children, unfortunately, although they made room for Alice's niece, Florence Wilson. Alice passed on in 1931, and then William in 1944 with Florence inheriting the house and property, living there until 1967. Florence would donate the property to the city for a museum, which opened in 1967.

    Oklahoma Historical Society
    Oklahoma Historical Society Oklahoma City, OklahomaThe Oklahoma Historical Society is one of the agencies of the state's government, created in 1893 to promote and preserve the history and the people of the state of Oklahoma by collecting, interpreting and providing information and relics; although initially it was formed to collect and distribute the newspapers that had been published statewide, and made a part of the government of the state in 1895. It would become an official agency of the state in 1907 when it became a state, and today is both a government agency and private membership group. It is continuously working to preserve and provide information about Oklahoma's history, operating the Oklahoma History Center that sits in a 215,000 square foot structure and houses more than 2000 relics and numerous hands-on video, computer and audio records and activities. The Oklahoma State Historic Preservation Office is another functional part of the society that carries out the federal preservation programs in the state that fall under the office of the National Historic Preservation Act that preserves the state's historic sites, parks, objects and buildings. It has published a scholarly journal called the Chronicles of Oklahoma since 1921, and still publishes four journals a year. It is also a Smithsonian Institute affiliate, with a marvelous gift shop that is available both online and at the history center; and in 2009, announced that it would be creating another museum, that will be named Oklahoma Pop, that is going to be situated in Tulsa. It will be the state's museum for popular culture that will include the performing arts, music and film.

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    National Cowboy & Western Heritage MuseumNational Cowboy & Western Museum Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma began in 1955 and today houses over 28,000 American Indian and Western relics and works of art. The museum also houses the most complete collection of saddlery, American rodeo, barbed wire, early rodeo trophies and photographs in the world, and continues to concentrate on saving and showcasing the history of the real American west. During the yearly Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition and Sale that is held every June, the museum becomes an art gallery, with the attending artists offering their original artworks on sale to raise funds for the museum. It originally opened as the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum that had been suggested by Chester A. Reynolds, to honor the illustrious cowboy and his era. Sometime later during that year, it would be renamed to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum; again changing in 1960 to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, and in honor of its founder, the museum gives out the Chester A. Reynolds Memorial Award. This outstanding honor is awarded to a deserving person or institution that contributes to the preservation of the American west heritage and history. The museum spans some 200,000 square feet, with an excellent collection of more than 2000 works of western art and the William S. and Ann Atherton Art of the American West Gallery, as well as a 15,000 square foot space that houses beautiful still lifes, landscapes, portraits and sculptures by many 19th and 20th century artists. Included in the marvelous collections are more than 200 works that were created by such wonderful artists as Albert Bierstadt, Charles Marion Russell, Frederic Remington, Robert Lougheed, Charles Schreyvogel, Thurmond Restuettenhall, as well as other outstanding early artists that are part of the prize collection of contemporary western art that has been created during the last thirty years by the award-winning Prix de West artists. There are more than 350 works by Joe DeYong and more than 700 works by Edward S. Curtis. Their exciting historical galleries include the American Cowboy gallery that provides a glimpse of the life and traditions of a working cowboy and ranching history; the Joe Grandee museum of the Frontier West gallery that showcases numerous pieces of the more than 4500 relics that belonged to western artist Joe Grandee; the American Rodeo gallery that was created along the lines of a 1950s rodeo arena, the Weitzenhoffer gallery of Fine American Firearms that contains more than a hundred excellent examples of firearms by Winchester, Marlin, Parker Brothers, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Remington and Sharps that were used to help tame the wild west and the Native American gallery that concentrates on the enhancements that the western tribes contributed to their everyday items that reflected the histories and beliefs. Another fabulous exhibit is Prosperity Junction, a wonderful turn-of-the-century western prairie town set in a 14,000 square foot area. It is an exciting venue that offers visitors the opportunity to look inside some of the windows of the stores, stroll along the street and walk into many of the fully furnished structures. It jumps every year at Christmas time, with historical figures walking around and the yearly open house called, "A Night Before Christmas".

    International Gymnastics Hall of Fame
    International Gymnastics Hall of Fame Oklahoma City, OklahomaThe International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is the official hall of fame that was created to honor the contributions and achievements of the world's finest competitors, authorities and coaches in artistic gymnastics, founded in 1972 by Frank Wells of the National Gymnastics Clinic. That early hall of fame would end up with just one member, Olga Korbut, but for various reasons would have to close in the late 1970s. This current version was started by Glenn Sundby, in 1986, who was the publisher of the International Gymnast magazine, and was opened in Oceanside, California, until 1997, when it would move to Oklahoma City; where it is kept inside the Science Museum Oklahoma. The hall contains an original portrait of every inductee, and a wonderful library and video collection that is second to none; hosting an exciting annual formal induction into the hall every summer. Gymnasts from every corner of the globe are chosen based on their outstanding competitive achievements, as well as their continued efforts in the development of gymnastics world-wide, with outstanding contributors being honored in the "lifetime achievement" category quite often. The hall offers a marvelous gift shop, exhaustive library, beautiful sculptures, and a splendid collection of awards and medals from the past to the current day. There are video recordings that showcase the major international events exhibited, as well as the most accomplished athletes featured in art and photos that were created during their competitions. One of the main highlights of the hall is a magnificent collection of original watercolor portraits of the honored members, created by well known artist Sam Bailie, Jr. that manages to catch the essence of the inductee, from a competitive and personal point of view, with 18 portraits presently anchoring this outstanding collection that is always on permanent display.

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