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Choosing a rental car company to rent with can be challenging, your always looking for the best service and prices. Many people have terrible stories about renting a vehicle, and you absolutely don't want to go through their anguish. Luckily for you when you rent a vehicle from Alamo your ensured friendly service and quality vehicles, and with Alamo Rental Car Discounts you can save even more on you car rental.

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Things to do in Mount Vernon

  • St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site Museum

    St. Paul’s ChurchThis beautiful church stands tall and proud in the center of Mount Vernon, New York. The intricate stone architecture makes this church stand out as a historic site that should be recognized by anyone passing through the area. The church played a large role in the history of the United States as well as the Westchester area. This church has been standing since the 18th century with grave stones that hold dates as far back as the date 1704. Key figures in the history of the area are buried here and to preserve the cemeteries respect and honor the church and the surrounding area have been reserved as a historical site. He you can learn about the history and culture that surrounded the church during its early years. Learn how Sara Delano Roosevelt, the great mother of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dedicated her time and effort to raise funds to restore the church in 1942. Sara Roosevelt worked hard and succeeded in returning the church to its original floor plan dating back to 1787. The church now holds a wide variety of historical artifacts and informational exhibits about the cities history and how the church played a roll in the history and movement of the Westchester area. Learn “Living History” from the cemetery, or explore the long lost passages in the church, witness firsthand where soldiers were treated during the Revolutionary War. St. Paul’s Church has lived through the grand history surrounding the United States and is still here to tell you the story of how it impacted the community.

Budget rent a car Mount Vernon, New York

Avoid the long waits and painful paperwork when you choose to rent a vehicle from Budget! With a wide selection of vehicles to choose from you can find the car that suits you at the right price! Make your visit quick, easy and even inexpensive when you use Budget Rental Car Printable Coupons, a quick and easy way to save even more on your rental car purchase.

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  • Mount Vernon Public Library

    Mount Vernon Public LibraryThis large library was chartered in 1896 with a massive donation coming from Andrew Carnegie. The retired steel tycoon had his heart set on the construction of this library and how it would impact the community. In an attempt to provide the community with knowledge and education the library was constructed for the people of Westchester. Designed by Edward L. Tilton this neoclassical revival style building is home to a wide variety of knowledge collections. The structure was expanded and additions were added in 1909 and the year of 1925. As the library became more popular expansions became a regular routine, over $270,000 was directly donated to the construction and add-ons that allow this library to continue to serve the library. In 1958 the library was officially declared the Central Library of Westchester, making it the dominant library in the area. Mount Vernon Public Library is the sixth largest library in all of New York, the collection at the library now holds over 500,000 books and 800 up to date magazines, newspapers and journals. If you’re in the Mount Vernon area and you enjoy literature or education that this is the place for you. Enjoy everything and anything that comes in the form of letters and numbers because this is the perfect solution to getting knee deep in a story you can’t help but keep reading.

Enterprise rent- a- car Mount Vernon, New York

With unbeatably low prices Enterprise can find you the vehicle you need at the right price. Make your visit quick and easy when you visit Enterprise, with sales associates ready and waiting with a wide selection of vehicles you can be in and out in no time with the car of your choice. When you are looking for a rental car be sure to shop with Enterprise, and if you want to save even more you can use Enterprise Rental Car Coupons on your purchase.

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  • Sites n Sounds Tours and Promotion

    Tour Mount VernonEveryone likes to get acquainted with their surroundings; however when you visit a historically enriched city such as Mount Vernon here in New York there is an abundance of sites to see and time can be limited. Sites n Sounds Tours offers you a fun and simple way to visit and experience the Mount Vernon city as well as the surrounding areas. With hidden monuments and statues you can be led in this narrative tour to see these beautiful and monumental sites. With huge political figures and historical persons that lived in the city you can get an up close and personal encounter with their previously owned homes and memorials. Don’t waste your time walking around for hours or looking over a map that may or may not prove successful. Get a guided tour and journey through the streets of Mount Vernon on a mission that will always prove successful. Learn about the history and culture behind this great city, get knee deep in the changes and monumental decisions that ultimately changed our nation. This is a fun and inexpensive way to tour the city. Get experienced professionals to guide and inform you of exactly what you’re seeing. Tour the city the right way when you travel with Sites n Sounds Tours and Promotion!

Hertz Car Rental Mount Vernon, New York

With thousands of locations world wide there is bound to be a Hertz Rental Car Company near you or your destination. As one of the leading names in the business this reputable rental car service can find you the vehicle you need just about anywhere in the entire world. With affordable prices and experienced customer service you can get the car of your choice with ease when you rent for Hertz. Save even more when you use Hertz Rental Car Discounts on your rental car purchase.

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  • Local Favorite Restaurants of Mount Vernon

  • BarCar

    BarCarBarCar is a new and exiting way to enjoy your night out in the big city. A full bar inside an oversized bus! A lot of people come to New York to party, and if that’s what you’re looking for then you’re in the right place. BarCar is an innovative eatery designed to feed you in an entirely different way. This bar introduces a quick and simple way for you to get your food while relaxing in a stress free environment. Unlike other bars in the city this bar is dedicated to enjoying the bar setting but allowing the entire family to participate in the entertainment. Don’t leave the wife and kids out, bring the whole family because you aren’t expected to sit at the bar, take a seat at the many tables and order from the large menu offered. With a massive selection of alcoholic drinks to choose from and a just as equal size of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from you can enjoy this family setting in style. With a huge selection of traditional American foods to pick from the menu awaits you and a fun night out. Get burgers, pizza, onion rings, waffle fries and a wide variety of other fantastic foods. This is a very fun and entertaining way to spend your night out while in the city of Mount Vernon in the great state of New York.

avis discount rental car Mount Vernon, New York

Mount Vernon is in the city which means there are three ways to get around, either wait hours on end for public transportation, pay ridiculous prices for taxi services or rent a vehicle for an affordable price. Go wherever you want whenever you want with a rental car vehicle, beat the system and enjoy the city life like never before. Save even more on your rental car purchase from Avis when you use Avis Rental Car Printable Coupons on your car rental!

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Thrifty Car Rental Mount Vernon, New York

Don't waste your time waiting for public transportation, go stress free when you rent a car from Thrifty! With quality customer service and professional sales associates you can be in a vehicle in no time when you visit a Thrifty location near you! With Cheap Thrifty Rentals you can be in the vehicle of your choice in no time when you decide to rent a vehicle from Thrifty!

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  • Ripe Kitchen and Bar

    Ripe Kitchen and BarAre you ready to enjoy your night out while in the city of Mount Vernon? Well then you have come to the right place, because at Ripe you are sure to find an unlimited source of entertainment! Ripe has made the news a few times most specifically for its Jerk Steak, and other fantastic foods. Ripe is a little funky when it comes to décor but don’t let that put you off, with fantastic food and service the fun and excitement just keeps rolling in hour after hour every night. As soon as you bite into one their famous spring rolls you will be hooked on this restaurant for eternity. Anyone in the Mount Vernon area, maybe even all of Westchester can tell you about this place. With such a reputable name in the business Ripe offers you a great selection of exotic foods, drinks and entertainment. These colorful lights attract all sorts of fun characters and you have the opportunity enjoy some Jamaican foods like never before. Choose from a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, with fantastic food and a fun environment you aren’t missing a single thing when you decide to eat at Ripe Kitchen and Bar! This is a fun and entertaining way to spend your night in Mount Vernon!

Dollar Rent-A-Car Mount Vernon, New York

Go wherever you want whenever you want with ease when you rent a vehicle from Dollar. This reputable car company offers you a wide variety of quality cars for the choosing, find the vehicle that suits you and enjoy every moment of your time with it. Make your visit to Mount Vernon a fun and exiting adventure when you have the freedom you need to drive around town. Save even more when you use Dollar Discounts on your rental car!

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National Rental Cars Mount Vernon, New York

Choosing a rental car company can be a hard task. Who can you trust, and who will offer you fair deals on your rental cars? Lucky for you National offers you the solution! With professional services and quality customer care you can make your visit quick, easy and affordable every time you choose to rent with this reputable car company. Don't waste your time on taxi services or public transportation, go wherever you want whenever you need with a rental car from National. Save even more when you use National Rental Car Printable Coupons!

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