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New Rochelle is a big city and getting around can be time consuming, especially when you have to walk six or seven blocks just to get anywhere. So what's the solution to making your visit simple and stress free? A Rental car from Alamo, with a rental car you can avoid the long walks and travel around town with ease when you have a vehicle of your choice. Alamo Rental Car Discounts are the perfect solution to saving you even more money on your rental car purchase!

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Things to do in New Rochelle

  • College of New Rochelle

    College of New RochelleWhat originally started off as an inspiration to women has quickly grown to be a cornerstone for colleges across the country. This private Catholic college was originally created in 1904 as a means for women to get a higher education. During the early 1900s women around the country were struggling, as colleges generally excluded the students from well known schools. The College of New Rochelle was the first women’s college in the state of New York. Now, the college hosts four campuses around the country, allowing women, and men now to participate in their educational pursuit. The buildings on campus date back to 1904 and still house some colonial architecture and original designs. The Leland Castle which can be still be found on campus is an 1850’s gothic revival structure; in 1896 it was purchased by Mother Irene Gill as a seminary for the young women of New York. However, a short time later the vision for the school was born, and this large structure became the starting place for the beautiful campus that now is home to hundreds of students. People in the area can tell you about the NCAA athletic programs that the school hosts, and often times while your in the area you can get in on the action.

Budget rent a car New Rochelle, New York

Go wherever you want whenever you want with ease when you rent a car from Budget! With a wide selection of available vehicles you get the freedom you need to enjoy every moment of your visit to New Rochelle. Cheap Budget Rental Cars are the perfect solution when your looking for a rental car company to rent from. Don't waste your time walking around New Rochelle, make your visits around town quick and easy with a rental car!

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  • Jacob Leisler

    Jacob LeislerDuring the English Revolution that split the occupants of New York in 1688 Jacob Leisler played a large role in the development and events that took place. Jacob Leisler arrived in the beautiful new country as a mercenary, however soon after he became a well known trader and even held a position as a commissioner in the state of New York. However, as the English Revolution quickly escalated Jacob took the place of Peter Schuyler and led the farmers, sailors and poor traders against the rich and wealthy traders and merchants of the state. His contribution to the cause quickly spread across the world and his name, for a short period of time was on everyone’s tongue. On January 28th, in 1961 Richard Ingoldesby led two companies of soldiers on the fort that Jacob Leisler was holding. When he refused to surrender the fort they were attacked and two of Jacob’s men were killed. A year later Leisler was tried for treason and condemned to death. To remember the works and contribution of Jacob Leisler, the city of New York has constructed a statue on North Avenue to commemorate his life. Standing on the corner this is a reminder to all the people of New Rochelle of exactly what the man lost his life for.

Enterprise rent- a- car New Rochelle, New York

Finding a rental car company that your comfortable with can be hard, however, lucky for you Enterprise is the perfect choice. This reputable car company offers a wide selection of available vehicles for you to choose from at a low and affordable price. You can save even more when you use Enterprise Rental Car Discounts a quick and easy way to save you even more when you rent a car.

New Rochelle, New York - 90 Huguenot Street
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Yonkers, New York - 132 Tuckahoe Road

  • Glen Island Park

    Glen Island ParkThis 105 acre park is compromised of five islands and could just be the first amusement park ever. Former Congressman John Starin is the parks original founder; he purchased the island that is now known as Glen Island as well as the four surrounding islands. The islands were connected via bridges and piers so that you access each individual entertainment center. However, since they were islands you had to travel via Steamship to actually get to the park. John Starin realized that he could claim the island as a free amusement park, and charge guests for the steamboat ride. Not only could to travel to and from the island via steamboat, but you could also go from one island to another, or tour the islands on these boats. The park opened in 1881 and was the talk of the town; you can still visit the islands to this day. These islands attracted thousands of people per day; and is still bringing people back again and again. In 1923 the Westchester Country acquired the islands and turned into a recreational park. While the steamboats that used to inhabit the island are no longer there you can still pay to be ferried to the islands and enjoy the beach that so many New Yorkers enjoyed in the past. Walk through the old amusement playgrounds and enjoy everything the park has to offer. This is a fun and inexpensive way to spend your day in New Rochelle.

Hertz Car Rental New Rochelle, New York

When your looking for a rental car location it can sometimes be hard to find a dealer near your or your destination. However, Hertz has thousands of locations worldwide making them a dominant name in the rental car business. There is bound to be a Hertz near your or your destination, and with years of experience under their belt Hertz has excellent service. Save even more on your rental car purchase when you use Hertz Rental Car Discounts.

New Rochelle, New York - Amtrak Station
New Rochelle, New York - 1 Station Plaza North
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  • Local Favorite Restaurants of New Rochelle

  • Brickyard Bistro

    Brickyard BistroThis gourmet restaurant serves you only the best in the best when it comes to cuisine. So what really makes Brickyard Bistro a fun place to eat? This kicked back and relaxed environment is the perfect solution to any night while you’re in the city of New Rochelle. Being in the city can be stressful, and when there’s an affordable gourmet restaurant just around the corner for you to unwind in well… it can put you at ease. This romantic restaurant offers the perfect solution for a date night out. Bring your family, there is always an occasion for your family to get together and go over their lives, just kick back and enjoy the fantastic cuisine while in the company of friends. Looking to impress the bosses? In New Rochelle on a business trip? Well you have found your solution, with fantastic food and professional service you’re in good hands when you choose to eat at Brickyard Bistro! Seven days a week you can enjoy the professional cooked food from professional chefs, enjoy fine wine and gourmet cuisine. Soup, Salad, Sandwiches and a variety of American and International dishes are ready for your tasting. This is one of the prime restaurants in New Rochelle; make sure to stop in when you visit!

avis discount rental car New Rochelle, New York

Don't waste your time waiting for public transportation, with hundreds of people per train and thousands of people traveling around the city you can end up waiting hours just to get across town. With a rental car you can go wherever you want whenever you want, this is exactly the freedom you need to beat the rush hour mayhem. With professional service and Avis Rental Car Printable Coupons your visit to Avis will be quick and affordable.

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Thrifty Car Rental New Rochelle, New York

Taxi services can be expensive, and waiting for public transportation can take a toll in your day, however there is a solution. Renting a vehicle from Thrifty ensures you with the freedom you need to go wherever you with ease. Make your vacation, business trip, family reunion or other venture stress free when you choose from a wide selection of available vehicles at Thrifty, and with Thrifty Rental Car Coupons you can save even more on your car rental.

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  • Rangoli Indian Cuisine

    Rangoli Indian CuisineFew people have the opportunity to tell their friends and family that they have an authentic Indian restaurant in their city. However, the people of New Rochelle can speak freely and proudly of their amazing Rangoli Indian Cuisine. Rangoli has quickly and strongly grasped the taste buds of New Rochelle, with fantastic cuisine and professional chefs the food here is nothing short of amazing. Rangoli has been rated by the internet as “Best Indian Restaurant in Westchester County” for nine years running! With a wide selection of foods to choose from you can get something new every time you visit, because make no mistake, you will be coming back. Food that will leave your taste buds yearning for more, get this gourmet food that can be found in very few places in the states. The menu is large enough to accommodate all the amazing dishes that have been collected from all corners of India. You get to experience the aroma and taste of authentic Indian cuisine for an affordable price when you come to this fantastic restaurant. Enjoy every moment and taste of your visit when you decide to dine at Rangoli Indian Cuisine only found New Rochelle, New York!

Dollar Rent-A-Car New Rochelle, New York

Finding a rental car company that suits you can be hard, luckily for you Dollar Rental Car is here to help. With professional service, quality customer care your in good hands every time you make a car rental with Dollar. Cheap Dollar Rentals are what they have to offer and do it very well! Get the vehicle you need at the right price when you choose to rent a vehicle from this reputable car company!

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National Rental Cars New Rochelle, New York

Don't waste your time waiting for public transportation or paying ridiculous prices for taxi services. Get a rental car and get the freedom you need to enjoy every moment of your visit to the New Rochelle area! With National Rental Car Coupons, quality service and professional customer care your in good hands every time you rent a vehicle from National a reputable car company!

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