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Things to do in Odessa

    The White-Pool House White-Pool House Odessa, Texas
    The White-Pool House is one of the historical homes located in Odessa, Texas that has been placed on the list of the National Register of Historic Places and opened to visitation in 1984, with many of its original furnishings and rotating exhibits. It is a two story, red-brick house that was constructed in 1887 by Charles White and eventually purchased by Oso Pool and is the oldest surviving house in the city, as well as older than any other structure there. The interior is reflective of the two important historical periods of the city that include the 1880s when it was a pioneering period as the house was constructed by the White family and the 1930s after the oil boom had started and it was the home of the Pool family. Behind the main house there is a barn, windmill, other farm structures and an outhouse that was built with hand made blocks that date back to the original construction period. The barn houses a wonderful exhibit of horse-drawn equipment and there are tours for individuals or groups and it is free of charge. Charles White and his wife, Lucy, came here from Indiana and were Quakers, coming to Odessa with their two sons, Herbert and Wilfred. Lucy needed to live in a dry climate similar to the one that is most prevalent in west Texas and Charles' grain business in Indiana had fallen on hard times because of the economic problems that followed the Civil War. The railroad was selling land in Ector County, so the Whites, along with many other families came to the region to start a new life. Charles and Wilfred would open a general merchandise store in Odessa, and Charles also planted peach and pear orchards, with the windmill running the irrigation system that they had created. He would also grow vegetables, cotton and sorghum. Charles had bought a plot of land by the railroad tracks for $870 and constructed the Victorian style house and in 1890, Wilfred became the second postmaster of Odessa and he would be voted in as the county surveyor, the next year. Charles passed on in 1905, and Lucy with son, Herbert moved eastward to Mineral Wells, a mineral springs region in Palo Pinto County, Texas. After they had moved, Wilfred sold the house which changed hands a few times before Pool bought it in 1923. In 1927, petroleum would be discovered in the Permian Basin and the flood of people that arrived here would cause a terrible housing shortage. Pool decided to convert the house into five apartments, which meant he had to install bathrooms, close in the porches and partition the rooms. He would live in the basement and rent out the upper rooms. During the next fifty years, the house would be passed along to various family members, all the while the house fell into disrepair. In 1978, Pool donated the house and six acres to the city for historical preservation and that began in 1979 and continued until 1984.

    Ellen Noel Art Museum
    Ellen Noel Art Museum Odessa, TexasThe Ellen Noel Art Museum of the Permian Basin entwines the people of the community with the arts by offering them changing displays and increasing the permanent collections, as well as collaborating with schools, colleges, universities and other venues that give them the chance to enjoy art classes, workshops and family activities. The current exhibition is George Mendoza: Colors of the Wind that runs until November 7, 2010. The museum contains three galleries that encompass 22,000 square feet and are magnificent in scope and range. The McKnight Gallery is the first section that welcomes visitors, with the Nelda Lee gallery next and the Patron's gallery lastly, but is the newest and biggest so it shouldn't be overlooked by any means. It is the perfect venue to display big collections of works and highlights articulated walls and display areas. The museum also contains a secured receiving area, 2 classrooms, an administrative office wing, the Nancy Chambers library for reference and reading and a collection storage vault. One recent acquisition is Fire Trees, Burton Texas that was a gift of the artist, Dee Wolfe and is a spectacular explosion of color and detail that is a marvelous addition to the museum's permanent collection. The museum opened in 1985 as the Art Institute for the Permian Basin, and this current version is the result of many years of grass roots fundraising by the community to acquire and maintain a fine arts museum. The museum's name was changed after ten years by the magnanimous gifts and patronage of Mrs. Ellen W. Noel, which afforded the museum to expand in 1998. Another permanent collection is that of Frank Gervasi, who was born in Palermo, Sicily in 1895 and began sketching at the age of seven, as well as painting mountain scenes of his beloved home. He started training early and often discouraged by his family because they believed he wouldn't be able to make a decent living at his vocation. His parents left him in the care of an aunt and immigrated to the United States, where he would come in 1908 at age 13. Frank continued to draw through high school and went to the Catskills to sketch and paint attending a night school for industrial arts. He would interrupt his training in the arts to join the army in 1918, to help fight for his new country that he had come to love. He was wounded in September, at the Battle of Saint-Mihiel, south of Verdun in France and as he lay there wounded, medics rushed by him and left him for dead, with his right arm mangled beyond repair. He would spend the next two years in hospitals in England and the US, which ended in his losing his right arm, the dominant one that he had been painting with for so many years now. After leaving the army, he would need another decade to relearn to paint with his left hand, admitting that it was a difficult task to relearn to think left handed versus the right he had been born with and used. Then, in 1919, after leaving the army, he was naturalized as a US citizen and continued to learn to use his left hand. During WWII, he toured with the Red Cross and became a proficient painter before. He was quite helpful with the other amputees, although he had been given a prosthetic arm that he felt uncomfortable with and it made him more aware of his handicap. He began teaching other amputees how to paint and the men, artists and veterans at Walter Reed hospital admired his perseverance and continued determination to paint and live his life as if nothing had happened to him. During the 1930s, Frank had met and married fellow Italian Leonilda Lynn Sansone, a graduate of Brown University and had been in charge of the Italian section of the New York Public Library where they met. Sadly, they wouldn't have any children, but were devoted to their interests in painting and literature and eventually collaborated on writing a children's story book. Leonilda had been ill much of her life and by 1982 would be forced to say good by to her beloved Frank. Frank passed on in 1986 in Marfa, Texas and left behind a marvelous collection of works that are now housed in the museum.

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    The Parker HouseParker House Odessa, Texas
    The Parker House Museum is located in Odessa, Texas and shows the lifestyle of an affluent ranching family from the mid 1930s, that included their service to the counties of Ector and Andrews starting in 1907. The Parker family moved into a simple house on 1290 acres in 1935 and began their ranching business, and the marvelous stone house has been renovated to become a museum of that period in the history of Odessa, housing the history of the ranch and family, as well as related local history. Its gallery rooms have been filled with various permanent exhibits with occasional changing displays that pertain to that period and the region around it. It is free to come in and wander around, enjoying the many examples of ranch life during the end of the depression years, as well as informative displays that showcase cattle ranching in the region. The former home of Bessie and Jim Parker contains a lot of memorabilia from the 1930s to the 1950s, about them, their ranch and family in relation to the counties that they were involved in. One of the many exhibits include the saddle, rifle, spurs and other paraphernalia that Homer Henderson had during his time as a law officer of Ector county, incorporating the lives of the areas foremost pioneers; including one copy of Tom Lea's 700 pound mural called "Stampede" from 1940 that still hangs in the city's main post office and is an exciting picture of a cowboy and horse being in the front of a wild stampede, where he and his faithful horse were undoubtedly killed. It is a colorful and detailed image, one that many cowboys would certainly have had during the roundups and other actions around a large herd of cattle; mostly longhorns.

     Permian Basin Petroleum Museum
    Permian Basin Petroleum Museum Midland, Texas
    The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum is located in Midland, Texas, and started in 1975 by George T. Abell, describing the story of the product that has changed the face of the earth, as well as the environment and made billionaires out of nomad Arabs. It tells the tales of the many women and men who wanted a better life, and the petroleum that was the catalyst to that lifestyle; and part of every American's life since. The petroleum museum is filled with outstanding displays of the results of discovering oil in this part of the country to the history involved in the creation of oil and the amazing age that it has produced. The dream began in 1957, with one man and today is the country's biggest museum that is devoted to the petro industry and the pioneers whose lives it changed and the people and cities around them. The museum has been visited by more than a million people from around the world, showcasing the petroleum and energy story like no other and the impact that it has had on our society. The museum offers interactive displays, an archive gallery, educational programs and the Petroleum Hall of Fame.  The museum occupies more than 32,000 square feet of exhibits and information that tells of the 230 million year history that grew into one of the most incredible industries in the world today, and impacts every nation on this earth in one way or another. It is filled with stories about race cars, innovations, accomplishments and more. With numerous permanent exhibits, one of the featured displays is the "Oil Patch" that has been dedicated to the men of the oil fields that actually dug the ditches, drilled thousands of oil wells and began producing oil and gas; sweating, often bleeding and shivering at the thousands of locations around the world. And let us not forget the men whose lives were lost in the continuing search for this black gold that is so important to our transportation today, and its history that is so important to the growth of this country. The oil patch contains a large number of vital equipment needed in the fields during the 1920s and 1930s that used steam, gas and electric powered drilling rigs to get the oil out of the ground and the industry that grew to meet that exploding demand. This 40 acre outdoor display containing drilling rigs and equipment is the biggest such exhibit in the world.

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Local Restaurants in Odessa

    BarnDoor Steakhouse
    Appetizers; stack of hay is thinly sliced, lightly breaded spiced onions fried & piled high served with ranch dressing; shrimp cocktail is six plump jumbo peeled shrimp served with cocktail sauce; nachos ole is spicy taco meat, refried beans, smothered with cheddar & jack cheeses, tomatoes, green onions, sour cream, guacamole, black olives & jalapenos served on bed of tortilla chips; hot bread & cheese is homemade bread served with block Wisconsin's finest cheddar cheese; chicken quesadillas is tender breast of chicken, melted cheddar & jack cheeses, tomatoes, green onions served with sour cream & guacamole. Steaks are hand cut and aged USDA choice beef, and with entree you get two sides; KC strip 14oz., Texas T-bone 16oz., top sirloin 6 or 12oz., chopped steak 8oz., ribeye 10 or 14oz., sirloin for two 24oz., filet mignon is bacon wrapped 9oz., prime rib 24oz.. Billy's favorites; baby back ribs are slow cooked & basted with housemade BBQ sauce; chicken fried steak is hand breaded & fried on flat-top grill; steak & shrimp is 7oz. center cut sirloin with choice of grilled or fried shrimp; pork tenderloins is breaded & grilled, served over rice pilaf & topped with brown onion gravy; garlic crusted steak bits is pieces of hand cut steaks. Seafood, chicken & pasta; beer battered chicken is hand battered; lemon pepper chicken is grilled breast of chicken seasoned with lemon pepper seasonings & served with rice pilaf; Hawaiian chicken is marinated breast of chicken, grilled & served with teriyaki sauce, topped with pineapple ring on rice pilaf; shrimp or chicken fettuccini is grilled shrimp or tender chunks of grill chicken breast with fresh broccoli & choice of alfredo or marinara sauce, with garden fresh salad or Caesar salad, & garlic toast.

    Zucchi's Ristorante
    Antipasta; zuppa di pomodoro is chunky tomato sauce; minestrone soup is Italian vegetable soup; zuppa di giorno is soup of the day; insalata Caesar is homemade Caesar dressing over romaine; shrimp cocktail is 5 big shrimp with cocktail sauce; baked havarti is havarti cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry, baked, served with raspberry sauce; mozzarella cheese sticks with marinara sauce; escargot is baked in garlic butter; grilled portabella mushroom with marsala demi-glace sauce; insalata zucchi's is selected greens, grilled mushrooms, bacon, virgin olive oil vinaigrette; spinach salad served with bot bacon vinaigrette; calamari fritti is fried squid with fra diavlo sauce. Entrees; pollo picatta is grilled chicken breast, lemon, cream & capers; blackened salmon with Cajun dressing; pollo parmigiana is grilled chicken, parmesan cheese & marinara sauce; filletto is 21 day aged, grain fed bacon wrapped Black Angus beef served with béarnaise sauce; veal of the day; fish of the day; farfelle pasta con pollo is bow tie pasta, chicken, bacon, mushrooms in marsala cream sauce; scampi alla Romano is four jumbo shrimp in garlic cream sauce; fettuccine alfredo available with chicken or shrimp; spaghetti Bolognese is rich tomato meat sauce & Romano cheese; lasagna is housemade with mozzarella cheese au gratin; linguine carbonara with bacon, ham, sautéed chicken & mushrooms in garlic cream sauce; manicotti Florentine is ricotta cheese, spinach, herbs & peppers with béchamel & marinara; tortellini alfredo served with blackened chicken; linguine ali-oli is garlic olive oil with tomato & basil with chicken or shrimp; spaghetti marinara with parmesan cheese; gnocchi Bolognese with potato dumplings with meat sauce.


Lemon Pepper Chicken Barndoor Steakhouse Odessa, Texas


Texas T-Bone Barndoor Steakhouse Odessa, Texas

 Pollo Piccatta Zucchi's Ristorante Odessa, Texas


Blackened Salmon Zucchi's Ristorante Odessa, Texas



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    Museum of the Southwest Museum of the Southwest Midland, Texas
    The Museum of the Southwest is one of the most unusual regional resources that exists for cultural enrichment containing an art museum, planetarium and children's museum, located on marvelous grounds that encourages the enjoyment and enlightenment of the community regardless of age. The museum strives to include the community in its exhibits with entertainment and educational tools that engage its visitors with an increasing appreciation of science and art that will enhance their spirit of discovery, creativity and sensitivity. The art museum houses numerous galleries including the Wagner wing that showcases displays from the museum's changing and permanent collections; the Turner/Thomas galleries that displays works that would be of community interest; the Here and Now gallery that houses the contemporary area that highlights a one person show each year; the Grounds of the museum gallery that contains a permanent installation of sculptures from its collections including sculpture created by Peter Woytuk, Allan Houser, Rosie Sandifer, Glenna Goodacre, Dan Ostermiller and Tom Knapp. The Children's museum has five permanent exhibitions called; My Town that is a two story interactive playscape with child sized health clinic, Victorian house, grocery store, television studio, bank, construction site, magic store and restaurant; Beach babies tot spot that is an interactive environment area for children age 3 and under with softly built items that support gross motor skill development; Sound Wall that is really unique and exciting for the kids or adults visiting that is an interactive wall sculpture that makes various sounds when it is touched in different locations and encourages the kids to create music while discovering the phenomena of sound; and West Texas keys that house fresh and saltwater aquariums filled with shrimp, exotic fish, starfish, crabs and other types of underwater creatures. There is so much to do here for the entire family that is easy to understand why it is visited quite often and regularly by the community.

    Pecos Depot
    Pecos Depot Odessa, TexasThe Pecos Depot is one of the great landmarks located in Odessa, Texas and was constructed in 1892 to serve as the main railroad depot for the Panhandle-Santé Fe Railroad. It would be used as a working depot for the railroad company until 1950, and sat dormant until 1972, when it was sold to the Odessa Historical Society and moved to Odessa, next to the historical Barn Door Steakhouse restaurant and turned into a museum.  It is filled with memories and memorabilia of the old railroading days that helped make Odessa a town, and helped even more in 1926, when the oil was discovered and needed men to work the fields. It would increase the population of Odessa greatly during that period, and played a big part in the growth of the city, bringing in people and supplies that were needed as quickly as possible. There are numerous types of exhibits that pertain to that period, as well as the important part that the railroad played, and the people that were involved with it. It is an excellent old structure that shows what kind of materials were being used to build with back then, as well as the kind of investment that the railroad would provide for depots and other types of way stations during the turn of the century.

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    The Presidential Museum and Leadership LibraryThe Presidential Museum & Leadership Library Odessa, Texas
    The Presidential Museum and Leadership Library in Odessa, Texas is a complex found on the campus of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, but isn't connected with any particular president, rather a representation of the office of the President of the United States. It is dedicated to that office and not any single former occupant and had been located in downtown Odessa, but was moved in 1999 under legislation authorized that year and signed into law by the then governor of Texas, George W. Bush. The museum and library were moved into a new oval shaped complex that sits next to the Ellen Noel Art Museum on the south side of the campus. The idea behind the creation of the museum originated with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 while he was visiting Dallas, Texas and a presidential room was created in Ector County library January 1, 1964, and opened in February 1965. The museum houses an excellent collection of campaign memorabilia, commemorative items, portraits, signatures, political cartoons and documents of the Presidents, vice presidents, first ladies, defeated candidate, the four presidents of the republic of Texas and Jefferson Davis, the only president of the Confederate States of America. A marvelous and beautiful collection of Dishong miniature dolls is located there, along the with the library that has been dedicated to the late Texas attorney general John Ben Shepperd with over 4500 volumes, newspapers, documents, journals and periodicals that relate to the presidency. The name "Presidential Museum" was adopted in 1969, when the museum only occupied 3,000 square feet in the library's basement, until 1981, when the library moved into a new building and the museum then took over the entire building. Although the new museum wasn't completely functional until 2003, however, it was able to exhibit three changing displays during that period that included Presidential Hopefuls that contained a collection of campaign memorabilia from defeated presidential candidates; We Shall Overcome that highlights the actions of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson during the civil rights movement; and the last is a model of the White House, although on a scale of 1 inch to 1 foot. Once the move was finished, two more structures were moved to the site that were associated with the Presidencies of George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush; which were the houses in Odessa that the Bushes lived at in 1948 and 1949 by the first Bush president and his wife Barbara and son George W. and the residence in Midland that George W. purchased in 1977 before he proposed to Laura Welch. They had sold the Midland house in 1985. Those houses are related more to an educational resource and not expected to get a lot of visitors to the museum, which doesn't focus too much on any one president but has given special attention to the Bushes because of their early connections with the area.

    American Airpower Heritage Museum
    American Airpower Heritage Museum Midland, TexasThe American Airpower Heritage Museum in Midland, Texas is located next to the Commemorative Air Force headquarters and opened in Mercedes, Texas in 1965 to contain and show WWII artifacts that had been donated to the CAF. Both facilities moved to Harlingen, Texas in 1968, and the next year, the AAHM would become a separate nonprofit, with both institutions moving to Midland in 1991. Its collections concentrate on the entire history of WWII military aviation culture and other materials related to it during that time. It houses one of the most comprehensive collections of WWII aviation culture in the nation with relics that represent every member of the Axis and Allies that took part in the air wars of WWII. It continues to collect relics, artifacts and historical information that contains value to the war's aviation and culture but especially concentrating on the period from 1939 to 1945. Included in this outstanding collection are more than 4900 oral histories from the WWII aviators; a library of more than 6,000 books, over 900 videos, newspapers, technical and field manuals related to military aviation, and more than 13,000 periodicals.

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    Odessa Meteor CraterOdessa Meteor Crater Odessa, Texas
    The Odessa Meteor Crater is located in Ector County, Texas, just southwest of Odessa and is one of the two impact craters that can be found in the state, the other one is the Sierra Madera crater that is both older and bigger. The Odessa crater is the biggest of numerous smaller craters that lie in the same area that had been created by the impact of thousands of ochtahedrites (some kind of iron particles) that fell here in the prehistoric period. There are actually five craters at the Odessa site, as well as a distribution map showing where meteorite fragments were found. The area has contained more than 1500 meteorites that have been recovered from there and the surrounding area, with the biggest one weighing about 300 pounds, although they haven't uncovered any in the main crater, underground or otherwise. It has been made a National Natural landmark by the National Park Service, with a small trail and information area located there so that you can take a self-guided tour of the crater. The crater, itself is about 550 feet in diameter and its age is approximately 63,500 years old and is exposed to the environment, which is why today it is only 15 feet deep, being filled with soil and other debris over the last 63 odd thousand years and originally is believed to have been about 100 feet deep. It isn't as dramatic as the crater in Arizona, but does have enough of an impression so that you can have an idea of what this unusual phenomenon looks like.

    The Globe Theater
    Globe Theater Odessa, TexasThe Odessa Globe Theater is a copy of Shakespeare's Globe Theater that was constructed in the 1960s as a nonprofit that present modern and classical plays using an Elizabethan stage, that was copied here in the wild west Texas plains that is an exact replica of the famous Globe theater in England that was the home of William Shakespeare's acting company. This 410-seat octagonal theater was the brainchild of local teacher and Shakespearean scholar, Mrs. Marjorie Morris, that believed a proper feature to showing the Bard's plays should be this type of theater with appropriate stage. The Globe hosts many community theater performances, various other community activities and monthly country and western shows that are called The Brand New Opree. The marvelous Anne Hawthaway Library is located next to it, that is also a replica of Shakespeare's wife's house that has many exhibits that are sure to be of great interest to Shakespearean fans.  Mrs. Morris had been an English professor at Odessa College for more than 20 years and obtained an B. A. and M. A. from North Texas State University where she studied with the eminent Shakespearean scholar, Dr. Arthur Sampley. She studied more extensively at Yale, the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D. C., the University of Southern California and the University of Birmingham, England, going to the University's Extra-Mural school of Shakespeare in the British Embassy in Stratford, England. Marjorie's doctoral thesis was "the Proposed Globe Theatre at Odessa, Texas", that was completed with all of this research and learning, working also with Dr. Allardyce Nicoll of the International School of Shakespeare. Dr. Nicoll had read her thesis and was amazed that a west Texas town wanted to and intended to recreate the famous Globe Theater. He also said that it would be the "most nearly authentic replica of Shakespeare's own Globe anywhere on earth", and it seems that he was quite correct. This alone would entice anyone on vacation or traveling to visit the marvelous theater and perhaps be fortunate to take in one of the many great plays that have been done here; as well as any future plays that will take place. 

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    West of the Pecos MuseumWest of the Pecos Museum Pecos, Texas
    The West of the Pecos Museum in Pecos, Texas was the result of a group of community members that got together to preserve the significant and colorful history of the Pecos region and discovered a very historic hotel that had everything they needed, since it was empty and had lots of space, with an old time saloon located on the bottom floor. Its history starts in 1896, when former Texas Ranger, R. S. Johnson constructed a two story red sandstone structure in downtown Pecos, with a saloon on the first floor and bedrooms upstairs. A three story Orient Hotel would then be added in 1904, which was built with hand made concrete blocks. The rooms had a large rug, washstand with white bowl and pitcher for fresh water, dresser with mirror and two chairs. There was a main wash room located on the first floor and a bigger but complete bathroom on the second and third floors. The water source was an artesian well located behind the hotel, which had enough pressure to send water to the top two floors. The hotel would be used until the mid 1950s. The hotel and museum has become an internationally known historic landmark among many in the local town and area surrounding it. There are three full floors of exhibits and displays, with more than 50 rooms of exhibits that contain relics, history information and west Texas lore; along with several outdoor exhibits that are included in the self-guided tour. It is a marvelous place to spend a few hours or more depending on your traveling or vacation plans, but one thing is certain and that is that you will certainly enjoy the time visiting the past century and before with many outstanding and unique relics.  The lobby contains period relics from the 1904 Orient Hotel and the original 1896 saloon with the original bar and bullet holes from an old disagreement that left two men dead. The saloon also has the same stairway that led up to the bedrooms with appropriate sign; while the Railroad Room houses numerous items from the old Texas & Pacific Railroad that was here in 1881, along with objects from the 1890s Santa Fe railroad and 1909 relics of the Pecos Valley Southern Railroad. There is a wonderful exhibit about the Golden Girls of the Old West also found in the lobby. The second floor is where the famous room of Pecos Bill that has been a story told for many generations and will certainly entertain all of us that remember that wonderful tale. In another room, called the Saddle Room, there are many types of saddles, tack and barbed wire, with a lot of bedrolls, blankets and boots that were the real items of cowboys from long ago. Since the town was the place where the first rodeo was held, there is a Rodeo Room filled with all kinds of related relics that will either inspire you or interest you. The floor houses many collections of rocks and Native American relics as well as E. B. Kiser's Room that contains a number of the former sheriff's arrowheads and objects. Other rooms include the School Room, Dining Room, The Beauty and barber shop, Music Room and Library Room along with the all important Bridal Suite; as well as many other unusual items that will surely pique your fancy and bring hours of interest and pleasure to you and your family. The third floor holds many interesting rooms also that span the western culture and the related ethnic groups that came here to start a new life. Outdoor exhibits include the Chuck Wagon exhibit, Farm and Ranch exhibit, Law West of the Pecos replica structure of Judge Roy Bean, along with the Gunfighter's graves, Jail and Oldest house in Pecos. 

    Stonehenge Odessa, TexasOf course the Stonehenge isn't located in Odessa, Texas, but there is a marvelous copy of it located on the University of Texas of the Permian Basin campus in Odessa that was unveiled in the summer of 2004. The twenty stone blocks match the size, shape and look of those ancient blocks called Stonehenge that are really located in southwestern England. This replica is the same as the original in horizontal measurements, but somewhat shorter by 14 percent in height. The tallest stone in the original is 22 feet while this one's tallest is only 19 feet, but when standing some yards away, the measurements do not come into play, just the view, the sight of those magnificent stones, set in such a way as to invite more than curiosity. The real Stonehenge may have taken some centuries to complete, but this one was put here in just six weeks, moved two at a time on tractor-trailers and lifted onto their respective spots of cement footings. The original marked the summer and winter solstice, while the replica was created to entice visitors to come and visit the replicated stones. The stones weigh over 10 tons each and are made of limestone slabs that were donated from the quarry of Texastone in Garden City in Glasscock, Texas. Admission is free and you can visit it anytime.

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