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Iselin Alamo Car Rentals - 515 US Hwy. 1 S.

Things to do in Old Bridge

    Proprietary House Proprietary House Old Bridge, New Jersey
    The Proprietary House in Perth Amboy, New Jersey is the last remaining proprietary governor's mansion of the original thirteen colonies that is still standing tall and proud, constructed in 1762, in the Georgian style and occupied only temporarily by the royal governor, William Franklin, the son of Benjamin Franklin. William would be arrested in 1776 by the Committee of Safety for the Provincial Congress of New Jersey, which had been a transitional body of legislature, before the Continental Congress convened, and it would be the body of men that would instigate the creation of the new Constitution of the United State. Franklin would be imprisoned for two long years, after being named the last royal governor of the colony. It was designed by John Edward Pryor, and took two years to construct, with the Proprietors of East Jersey trying to entice the colonial governor to live here as his official residence, by making it larger than most. The house has certainly seen its share of disasters and conflicts, along with fires, vandalism and depression during the two centuries plus since it was built, even though it is the final one. It was taken over by the state in 1967, with rejuvenation beginning right away, bringing it closer to its original condition. The house had excellent stables and marvelous interior decorations, only to be ravaged by fire in the last of the 18th century. Set on an elevated site, the house would be purchased by John Rattone of Perth Amboy, that would spend time and money to bring it back to life and convert it to the Brighton Hotel, becoming quite popular and very lovely. It originally was sitting on an 11.5 acre lot that would eventually be subdivided and the old house changed into a Presbyterian retirement home, and then back to a hotel, with just moderate accommodations. Today, it top floors and 1809 wing have been converted into offices, while the first floor and basement have enjoyed large renovations and repairs.

Budget rent a car Old Bridge

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Newark Liberty Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 38 Carson Rd.
Budget Car Rental Matawan - 1300 Hwy. 34
N. Brunswick Budget Rental Cars
- 1898 Rt. 1 N.
Red Bank Budget Car Rentals  - 25 Pearl St.

    Rutgers GardensRutgers Gardens Old Bridge, New Jersey
    Sitting on fifty acres of marvelous lands, the Rutgers Gardens include botanical gardens, arboretums and horticultural displays, situated on the Cook Campus of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, open to the public every day without any fees. These magnificent gardens were created in 1927, with beautiful horticultural collections arranged in garden settings and include; the shrub collection with hybrid and lilac species, as well as other various shrubs, first planted in the beginning that also include two types of magnolia trees, the American hollies garden that is believed to be the biggest collection of American hollies in the world; a wonderful shade tree collection, a bamboo forest originally planted in the 1950s and includes a big grove of evergreen bamboo trees; the Roy H. De Boer evergreen garden planted in 1958 and containing many species of cedars, firs, spruces, pines and other evergreens; the Donald B. Lacey display garden with colorful annuals, herbs, vegetables and tropicals, along with Ella Quimby Water Conservation Terrace gardens that contains drought-tolerant plants, the ornamental tree collection with many smaller trees and the rhododendron and azalea garden that began in the 1930s. In 1936, the WPA would construct a log cabin in the park that is now used for receptions and special events in the gardens, and it sits next to the Westons Mill Pond that is part of the Lawrence Brook.

Enterprise rent- a- car Old Bridge

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Old Bridge Enterprise Rental Car - 1399 US Hwy. 9
Enterprise Car Rental 267 Throckmorton St.
 1399 US Hwy. 9

Keyport Enterprise Rental Car - 469 Hwy. 35

Local Restaurants in Old Bridge

    Ponte Vecchio Italian Seafood Grill
    Entrees; capellini arugula is shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic, sundried & plum tomatoes, finished with arugula; penne alla vodka is quill shaped pasta in pink vodka sauce of cream, parmesan cheese, touch of tomato & fresh basil; grilled breast of chicken layered with roasted peppers, portabella mushrooms & smoked mozzarella with porcini mushroom sauce; chicken giambotta is chicken breast sautéed in olive oil & garlic with sweet cherry peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes & sausage; grilled baby lamb chops served over white cannelini beans, fresh tomato & cilantro with baby greens & roasted garlic, lemon dressing; rack of lamb encrusted with seasoned bread crumbs & served with a honey mint sauce; swordfish Sicilian is sautéed in sauce of olive oil, garlic, capers, lemon, tomato, white wine & parsley; lump crab cake is all lump Maryland crabmeat broiled & glazed with beurre blanc sauce; veal parmigiana is lightly breaded cutlet topped with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese.

    Thai Shangri-La
    Entrees; Thai rama is grilled marinated chicken or beef with fresh string beans & brown Thai sauce; chicken melody is supreme chicken breast, sautéed spicy mixed veggies topped with peanut sauce; chicken lover is grilled chicken breast, string beans, bell pepper, carrot, baby corn, zucchini, broccoli, mushroom, celery, topped with honey sauce; Imperial beef is grilled marinated beef with Thai herbs, sashimi-oil, served with spicy honey sauce; duck crown royal is roasted half boneless duck, fresh string beans & exotic curry sauce topped with peanut sauce; ginger rockfish is steamed whole striped bass with ginger, scallion, baby corn, carrot, onion, celery, mushroom & ginger sauce; lemon rockfish steamed whole striped bass with Thai spicy chili & fresh lime juice sauce; red snapper deluxe is deep-fried whole red snapper, bell pepper, mushroom, carrot with tamarind sauce.


Capellini Arugula Ponte Vecchio Italian Seafood Grill Old Bridge, New Jersey







Thai Rama Chicken Thai Shangri-La Old Bridge, New Jersey

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Hertz Cheap Locations

Hertz Rental Cars N. Brunswick 1 N.- 2006 US Hwy. 1 N.
Woodbridge Hertz Car Rental - 370 Rt. 9 N.
Hertz Rental Car Freehold- 658 Park Ave.

    Old Bridge Township Raceway Park Old Bridge Township Raceway Park Old Bridge, New Jersey
    This excellent racing park had originally been called the Madison Township Raceway Park, opening in 1965 and becoming the state's premier motorsports park showcasing multiple racing events that bring the best drivers from around the globe here to participate, as well a s racing enthusiasts, with a seating capacity of 85,000. It was founded by Louis and Vincent Napp, set up on 308 acres, and has grown into 500 acres now, with various motorsports activities available. It was originally just a quarter mile strip, but now offers two dragstrips, a 1.3 road course track, autocross track, 3 motorcross tracks, a competition go kart race track and a ride & drive site, next to the town's airport. Drag racing is open to numerous vehicles that include the car, both street legal and non street legal, motorcycles, full race drag cars, and alcohol funny cars. The surfaces are soft loam for the majority of the tracks, with good straight lengths and challenging obstacles like ditches, cambers, banks and ledges. For those that want to use nitrous oxide, or drive supercharged or turbo charged vehicles, they must have a fireproof suit or they can't drive, and a full face helmet must be worn by all those cars that can run the quarter in 9.99 or faster. There are specific helmets needed for different events, but those are easy enough to find out if you should go there for an afternoon of great excitement and adventure.

avis discount rental car Old Bridge

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Princeton Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 41 Airpark Rd. Ste. 100
Avis Car Rental Newark Intl. Apt.
- 28 Newark Apt.
Englishtown/Marlboro Avis Rental Cars
- 175A Rt. 9 N.
Avis Car Rental E. Brunswick - 1120 State Rt. 18 N.

    Holmes-Hendrickson HouseHolmes-Hendrickson House Old Bridge, New Jersey
    The Holmes-Hendrickson House is situated in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, constructed in 1754, and then added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. It is one of the few owned and managed by the Monmouth County Historical Association and open seasonally. It is a Dutch vernacular style house that was built for a wealthy farming family just before the American Revolution. Each year, the farm staff and members of the adjoining farm at Longstreet get together and hold Wool Days, where various demonstrations are held to educate and instruct the community about the old days and what was involved in taking care of sheep, carding and spinning wool, with visitors able to see the entire process from start to finish, and enjoy a marvelous hayride between the two farms. The house is a rarity among old styles of architecture and an exciting place to visit with its antique furniture and furnishings. Since it is part of the society's holdings, it embraces the old ways and is an exciting venue for visitors to learn more about the late 18th century and how people worked and lived, just before, during and after the Revolutionary War. The staff members here have many great stories to tell about the people that lived here, as well as those that lived during that period of our early history, and learn more about the various ways that were used by the early settlers and farmers during that period. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about their methods, their problems, hardships and way of life. The house sits on a parklike setting after being moved here from its original location that now contains the Bell Labs, and had been slated to be torn down. The house is an excellent example of Dutch and English influences, with a great room where the family dined and filled with magnificent relics that include the sideboard, butter churn, pots, skillets and a big hearth. The smaller rooms that come off this great room were the bedrooms, since those folks didn't have a lot of clothes and wouldn't need the closet space and shoe space that we need today. The upstairs attic was usually the place where servants slept and the farm hands that helped on the farm.

Thrifty Car Rental Old Bridge

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 Thrifty Discounts

Edison Thrifty Rental Cars - 700 Rt. 1 N.
Thrifty Car Rental Lebanon- 93 Beswick Dr.

    Conference HouseConference House Old Bridge, New Jersey
    The Conference House is also known as the Bentley Manor, and was constructed before 1680, near the southernmost tip of New York on Staten Island; which would become known as Billop's Point during the 18th century. It was here that the Staten Island Peace Conference was held in 1776 that had tried to stop the Revolutionary War from happening, and is the last surviving pre-Revolutionary manor house that is still in New York City. It sits in Conference House Park, looking out over Raritan Bay, and part of Ward's Point Conservation Area, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. Captain Christopher Billop, a Royal Navy man that had served for many years and distinguished himself, was granted a land patent for 932 acres in 1674. Numerous archaeological excavations have uncovered shell middens and other evidence of the occupation, by the American Museum of Natural History, in 1895, that proved the Lenape encamped here and used it for a burial ground, and it would become known as the biggest pre-European burial ground in the city, so they called it Burial Ridge. Story has it that if the good captain could circumnavigate the bay in one day, the island would belong to New York, but if he couldn't, it would belong to New Jersey. It seems that he did it and that is how Staten Island would become part of New York state and the city. The records from that period are somewhat sketchy, since it was a war time between the new nation and Great Britain, so if there were any, they could have been destroyed in the numerous battles that occurred around here. Going back to the Peace Conference, Lord Howe would ask for a meeting with the representatives of the Continental Congress to stop the war from happening, so Benjamin Franklin, Edward Rutledge and John Adams would row over to the island from the patriot held Perth Amboy and talk. That meeting lasted for three hours, with the American declining Howe's offer.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Old Bridge

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Dollar Cheap Locations

E. Brunswick Dollar Car Rental - 215 Rt. 18 S.
Dollar Rental Car Newark Intl. Apt. 
 Bldg. #36 Station #P2 36 Carson

    Nutley MuseumNutley Museum Old Bridge, New Jersey
    The Church Street School in Nutley, New Jersey is also called the Nutley Museum, constructed in 1875, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, with many exciting relics from its local history, especially those of Annie Oakley. Other excellent pieces include memorabilia from the local Guthrie Store, documents about the city's elite families, toys, postcards and more. It houses the Alice J. Bickers library that has more than 200 local history books and maps from the early days of the state. The first level contains a meeting room still used for community organizations, that include the Tri-County Camera Group and the Nutley Art Group, with constantly changing photographs of the history of the town, numerous other events that depict the various periods and civic meetings. Annie Oakley and her husband, Frank Butler lived in the town from 1892 to the turn of the 20th century, originally born as Phoebe Anne Oakley Mozee, and was a "dead" shot from an early age. She would beat Frank Butler, a famous sharpshooter and vaudeville star, in a contest, and he would ultimately marry her and become her manager and assistant. She would become one of the main attractions for the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, performing amazing feats of sharpshooting, but in 1901, she would become partially paralyzed from a railroad accident. She would still continue to perform and delight audiences for the next two decades and become the basis for Irving Berlin's famous musical still seen today, "Annie Get Your Gun". There are numerous books written about the town and its outstanding history that can be purchased at the gift shop, with many other exciting and delightful items. Check it all out at the Nutley Museum and explore the magnificent old school house that is over a century old and learn more about the way folks lived back then.

National Rental Cars Old Bridge

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Iselin National Car Rental 
- 515 US Hwy. 1 S.