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Things to do in Old Town

    Penobscot Nation Museum Penobscot Nation Museum Indian Island, Maine
    The Penobscot Nation Museum in Indian Island, Maine can be found in the old Indian agent's office, that is devoted to preserving and sharing the outstanding cultural history and heritage of the Penobscot and Wabanaki people. The museum contains wonderful collections that actually span thousands of years of history and a unique way of life. The collections include; birch bark canoes, tools, root clubs, basketry materials, historical photographs, traditional and ceremonial clothing, walking sticks and finished products, along with contemporary artworks. The people of the Penobscot Indian Nation are known as the penawahpskewi, which are made up of the four Northeastern woodlands tribes and include; the Maliseet, Mik Maq, Passamaqouddy and Penobscot; and they make up the Wabanaki Confederacy. The beginning of their history is considered to be about 12,000 to 9500 BC and included the paleo-Indians. From 9500 to 3000 BC, it is the archaic period, then the ceramic period that went from 3000 to 500 BC, and in 1524, Giovanni da Verrazano was the first white man or European that had documented contact with the Native Americans in the region that is called Maine today. The next year, in 1525, the Portuguese explorer, Estevan Gomez would sail up the Penobscot River into what is called Bangor today, and in 1568, David Ingram would become the first to get documentation about the Penobscot chief, Bessabez. From 1604 until 1605, Samuel de Champlain, the cartographer for France, would chart the coastline of the region of Maine, as Sieur de Monts, a French nobleman, attempts to start a permanent settlement on St. Croix Island. Then, in 1605, Port Royal becomes the first permanent European settlement in North America, north of Florida, founded by Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Monts & Samuel de Champlain. That same year, George Weymouth, heading back to England, captures and takes five of the Penobscot tribesmen. In 1607, Raleigh Gilbert and George Popham, as well as the captured Indians from Weymouth, start an English colony, Fort Saint George (the Popham Colony), near the beginning of the Kennebec River, but it eventually failed. In 1611, Father Pierre Baird, a French Jesuit, begins an Indian mission at Indian Island, on the Penobscot River. From 1607 until 1615, there are wars called the MicMac or Tarratine, and it is then that Bessabez dies. From 1616 to 1619, about 75 to 90% of the tribes die from diseases contracted from the Europeans in the Great Dying. The remainder of the history of these hardy, brave tribes can be seen and read at the museum, which is very interesting and enlightening, as you follow the years from the 17th century to this day; or perhaps it would be more truthful until that day in 1980, when the tribes were recognized and given their autonomy. It should be noted that in the Queen Anne's War that lasted from 1703 until 1713, the English offered bounties for Native American scalps. Then in 1755, the Lt. Governor and commander-in-chief of the province of Massachusetts Bay sent out a proclamation stating that the Penobscots were considered enemies, rebels and traitors to the crown, since they failed to carry out their part in the various treaties that were made by the crown with them since arriving in this country and these Europeans squatting on Indian lands. The proclamation stated that all subjects should pursue, capture, kill and destroy ALL Indians; with a bounty being paid for them. To make sure that the enemies were killed, the scalps of these rebels should be brought in for verification. Today, the Penobscot Nation is one of the oldest continuously operating governments in the world, with a tribal chief being elected every two years, as well as a sub chief, although not the way we elect a president and vice president, spending two years in this position, the tribal government with a 12 member tribal council that serves for four years. They also elect a Penobscot legislative representative to the Maine legislature, which is held every two years.

    Old Town Museum
    Old Town Museum Old Town, Maine
    The Old Town Museum in Old Town, Maine began as a way to celebrate the nation's bicentennial, and while considering a way to do that, the parks and recreation department thought that by creating a small museum, the town could showcase its history and culture. The museum would be housed in the old water district building that had been vacated when the town stopped siphoning water from the Penobscot River, but converting the structure proved to be a long, messy and dirty undertaking. But it was accomplished with the help of the community and the museum opened in June, 1976, a week before the official celebration began. The city would own and maintain the museum until 1982, when a committee of dedicated museum supporters formed the museum as a nonprofit to preserve the history of the town and the surrounding area. The museum continued to be housed in the old waterworks structure for two decades, while the conditions became cramped and limited, being too small to store or properly exhibit the collections that had been donated. In 1996, the local St. Mary's church became available, so the board voted to purchase the church and convert it into a museum, with a few minor renovations needed. After getting the necessary funding, the museum opened in the new building and was able to expand its operations, with a few projects that showcased the history of the region. The museum started a newsletter, made CDs of photographs and created a 30 minute video that has oral histories from 11 of the oldest citizens, talking about items that they had from their childhood. The results that grew from the initial bicentennial meeting is more than the town could have hoped for and today it is a place for old-timers' to come and remember, while the younger people can come and see what the conditions, artifacts and other memorabilia was like from years ago.

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    Stephen King's HouseStephen King's House Bangor, Maine
    The Stephen King's House in Bangor, Maine was known as the William Arnold House, constructed in 1858 for $7000, with an ornate wrought iron fence surrounding it, topped off with bats and spiders, making it easy to spot as you walk along the street. His wife, Tabitha, has an office on the first floor of the cylindrical tower that is located along the left side of the house, facing it from the street, while Stephen's office is located in the rear, by the swimming pool and dressing rooms. There has been some rumor going around the city that the living room is haunted and has its own ghost, which may have been one of the reasons the King purchased the house some years ago. There are quite a few towns and cities in the state of Maine that has been fictionalized in his books and movies, where he has either lived or visited, gathering material for his novels. One good example is the town of Durham, that his family moved to when he was 11 years old, and it is just south of Auburn, mentioned in some of his novellas, and was known as Castle Rock in the Dead Zone, Needful Things and Cujo. The town of Derry, in his book IT is really a representation of the city of Bangor, where he now lives, and when you visit the city, be sure to stop by Bett's Bookstore, that sells original T-shirts that feature a map of the cities and towns where King has spoken about in his books. Stephen has always loved Maine and spends as much time as he possibly can there, visiting the rugged and rocky shorelines, which are also included in some of his novels, like the miniseries Storm of the Century, using the town of Mount Desert Island as the fictional town of Little Tall Island. Pet Sematary was filmed in the coastal town of Hancock, and if you enjoy perusing the King haunts, then be sure to visit his birthplace in Portland. But his house in Bangor has brought many visitors to the city, especially the street where he lives, and although you can't go inside and visit it, you can wander around the house outside his eerie fence, getting as many pictures as possible.

     Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
    Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Milford, Maine
    The Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Milford, Maine is about 14 miles north of Bangor, established in 1988 to preserve the ecological integrity of the meadows peat bog and the continued availability of the streams, forests, wetlands and wildlife resources. The refuge was started for the development, conservation, advancement and protection of fish and wildlife resources and the citizens of the nation. It protects the second biggest and most unusual peatland in the state, with numerous raised bogs, divided on the landscape by many areas of streamside meadows. The Sunkhaze Stream divides the refuge along a northeast to southwest line with its six tributaries that have blossomed a diversity of wetland communities. The refuge, with its wetland complex of uplands, shrub thickets, cedar swamps, red and silver maple floodplain forests, open freshwater stream habitats and wet meadows offers the visitor a magnificent habitat for wildlife species. It provides habitats for three plants, three invertebrates, two mullusks and seven birds that are listed on the threatened or endangered lists by the state. During the early 1990s, the Benton and Sandy Stream divisions were included in the refuge that are located in the towns of Benton and Unity, Maine, preserved for grassland-nesting birds, a few that are rare in the state.

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Local Restaurants in Old Town

    Governor's Restaurant
    Entrees; haddock fry is half pound of North Atlantic haddock; broiled haddock with choice of lemon pepper or butter; fisherman's platter is fresh haddock, Maine clams, sea scallops, Maine baby shrimp; fresh clam basket lightly breaded & golden brown; baked stuffed haddock is fresh Atlantic haddock atop housemade seafood stuffing sprinkled with special seasoning & baked; clam tenders fried in house breading; salmon filet is freshly broiled salmon cooked in delicious butter sauce; fresh scallop basket is lightly breaded fresh Maine sea scallops fried; broiled scallops cooked in butter blend; Maine baby shrimp lightly breaded & deep fried; lobster Mac n' cheese is chunks of fresh Maine lobster meat in house style Mac n' cheese; all seafood entrees served with housemade dinner roll and choice of two sides; roast turkey & trimmings is fresh roasted turkey white meat with stuffing & gravy; sirloin tips smothered with sautéed Spanish onions; twin chicken breasts is 2 4oz. boneless skinless chicken breasts cooked your way; hot meatloaf mountain is meatloaf & mashed potato piled high on housemade bread, smothered with beef gravy with 1 side; chicken fingers is fresh white meat chicken fingers breaded in house seasoning, cooked & served with choice of BBQ or sweet & sour sauce; meatloaf housemade; twin chicken parmesan is 2 4oz. boneless skinless chicken breasts fried then topped with melted mozzarella & marinara sauce with spaghetti & one side; liver & onions; chicken alfredo is 2 4oz. boneless skinless chicken breasts charbroiled and sliced atop linguini lightly tossed with creamy alfredo sauce & 1 side; pesto chicken bake is tender chicken chunks, penne pasta & creamy alfredo-pesto sauce, baked; 8oz. NY sirloin charbroiled; 12oz. NY sirloin flame broiled; spaghetti with choice of marinara, meat sauce, meatballs & sauce.

    Woodman's Bar & Grill
    Entrees; pub-style fish & chips is golden ale-battered Atlantic haddock with FF & tartar sauce; chicken marsala is pan seared chicken breast topped with creamy marsala wine & mushroom sauce, with rice & veggie medley; sundried tomato ravioli is raviolis stuffed with mascarpone cheese, sundried tomatoes & spinach, tossed with fresh veggies in sautéed garlic & white wine sauce with garlic bread; haddock pomodori is flaky haddock baked with tomatoes, basil, garlic & olive oil with rice & veggie medley; shrimp Napoli is sautéed shrimp with sundried tomatoes & mushrooms in light pesto cream sauce over linguini with garlic bread; NY strip is 14oz. prime sirloin grilled with cummin horseradish rub, with fresh baked potato & veggie medley; smoked mozzarella ravioli is raviolis stuffed with smoked mozzarella & basil in housemade marinara topped with fresh baby mozzarella with garlic bread; chicken picatta is chicken breast sautéed in lemon garlic wine sauce, tossed with linguini & capers with garlic bread; ginger glazed Alaskan salmon is 8oz. wild Alaskan salmon filet baked in mildly sweet ginger glaze with hint of citrus with rice & veggie medley; filet mignon is half pound grilled filet drizzled with red wine confit with baked potato & veggie medley; chicken Florentine alfredo is spicy blackened chicken breast served on bed of linguini with creamy spinach alfredo sauce, sprinkled with diced tomato & shredded parmesan with garlic bread; veggie puff pastry is sautéed garlic, red peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach & potatoes, baked with cheese in flaky pastry shell topped with lemon dill sauce & veggie medley.


Maine Baby Shrimp Governor's Restaurant Old Town, Maine


Broiled Scallops Governor's Restaurant Old Town, Maine

 Haddock Pomodori Woodman's Bar & Grill Old Town, Maine


Prime Grilled Sirloin Woodman's Bar & Grill Old Town, Maine


Chicken Floretine Alfredo Woodman's Bar & Grill Old Town, Maine

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    Hudson Museum at the University of Maine Hudson Museum at the University of Maine Orono, Maine
    The Hudson Museum at the University of Maine in Orono, has been transformed into a centrally cultural themed museum with marvelous collections with floor to ceiling caseworks that offer the finest views of their outstanding collectibles. The old museum had been considered a patchwork of scattered cases sitting on three levels of the former Maine Center for the Arts, and is now located in a state-of-the-art museum on the second floor of the Collins Center for the Arts, with more than 9000 square feet of exhibits within three galleries. One of their newest exhibits is the excellent wigwam that took students three days to construct and now sits in a place of honor in the Maine Indian gallery where it can be seen by all, as well as touching the materials used to make it and a video to show how they did. Another fine exhibit, but not for long, since this beautiful basket made by Molly Neptune Parker, a Passamaquoddy basketmaker will be raffled off in December; but it is just one of the magnificent items in this collection. The galleries include the Merritt that is used for temporary displays and the two permanent that are the Maine Indian and the World Cultures, along with an interactive activity in the Minsky Culture lab. In the Merritt, you will see many beautiful pieces made from crystals and turquoise, jewelry and statues. The museum's World Cultures gallery is now available for all to enjoy, since it didn't have the necessary room to be displayed before. There are eight big-scale display cases, filled with outstanding items, like the one that is devoted to the William P. Palmer collection of pre-Columbian artifacts; with each display case concentrating on a specific cultural theme that has become universal to all of us. Visitors can now compare and contrast how the people in these many world cultures are both different and yet the same; as well as how they are solving their problems, and the way that the environment affects their solutions. The majestic themes that are centerpiece here include; home and family, ritual and belief, transportation, foods, adornments and object made for others. A great example is the case devoted to status and power that highlight northwest coast chilkat robes and tunics, ancestor figures, staffs and African stools; a phase III Navajo chief's blanket and southwestern jewelry and pre-Columbian pottery figurines of the elite, rulers and nobles.

    Maine Birding Trail
    Maine Birding Trail, Atlantic Puffin Maine
    The Maine Birding Trail is one of the most unique trails in the nation, encompassing the entire state. The research for it started in 2003, and spans more than 300 locations around the state with 82 official sites, that include the best birding around, as well as outstanding parks, facilities and paths that will lead along a pathway to discover and view some of the most beautiful birds in the world. The Maine Birding Trail Official Guide contains more than 260 site, with many off the beaten path and away from the crowds that are too much for even the birds. The guide contains more than 100 new maps that will assist visitors in finding the unusual species and how to plan a trip. The plethora of birds that can be seen in Maine is long and awesome with so many various types of birds that it would take quite a few years to travel the trail and spot many of the types mentioned. It may inclusive, but when you consider the types of birds that there are in the world, it might surprise anyone to see the extensive listing of the types found in this northern state. From geese and ducks to cranes, plovers, oystercatchers, sandpipers, woodpeckers (11 varieties are mentioned in Maine), wood warblers, waxwings, kingfishers, flycatchers, grouse, loons, grebes, shearwaters, vireos, shrikes, swallows, sparrows, tanagers, finches, gull and terns, storm-petrels, chickadees, larks, jays and crows, the list is divided into these groupings named above, with some having just a few, like the grouse that has only four to the 28 in the sandpiper category, the trail will offer any birdwatchers or lovers the perfect venue to enjoy the state's plethora of birds. Add to that the magnificent waterways, streams, creeks, brooks, rivers, tributaries and estuaries, and camping, hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, walking, jogging, and other activities that the vacationland has to offer, it is no wonder why the birds have come here to live in it all. Try a little vacation to Maine and all it has to offer, although there aren't a lot of museums, art galleries, and other performing arts venues, but with the great outdoors at your door step, you will soon understand why.

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    University of Maine Museum of ArtUniversity of Maine Museum of Art Orono, Maine
    The University of Maine's Museum of Art was started to enrich the cultural lives of the citizens of the state, and the university community through the many outstanding collections, exhibitions and innovative educational programming that has been designed over the years to help visitors reach an understanding of the visual arts, but with specific emphasis on the contemporary and modern arts. The current exhibits include; A Pointed View: Photographs by Ilya Askinazi, Pablo Picasso: the Passionate Print and String Too Short to Use: Recent Works by Todd Watts. Ilya and his mother came to this country from Moscow in 1980, hoping for a new life in New York City. Ilya's passion for photography was born at an early age, as he began studies with the Russian photographer, Israel Goldberg, and in 1984, he moved to Maine, hoping to find more inspiration for his photography, with his works showcased here belonging to his magnificent collection of over 2000 images that he has taken over the years. His subjects include the figure, urban environment and landscapes, with his unique ability to discover the special qualities of his subjects, catching the beautiful abstract in nature and using the unique qualities of light and mood. Todd Watts has just opened his new series of large scale color photographs that were created just for this occasion and show his unique talents in juxtaposition, using a simple photograph and enhancing it with digital imaging, using layers, inversions and various tools to manipulate the photo and create a very unique outcome that is intriguing and marvelous. Todd was born in NYC and graduated from that city's school of visual arts, moving to Maine in 1999. He has works in numerous museums that include the Albertina in Vienna, the Met, the Art Institute of Chicago, Brooklyn Museum and Yale University Art Gallery.  The museum has a wonderful arts program that encourages the community to become more involved in the arts with an art camp, community programs, workshops and educator resources that visit classrooms and bring school groups into particular exhibits that might instill a desire and interest in the visual arts.

    Hidden Meadows Golf Club
    Hidden Meadows Golf Club Old Town, MaineThe Hidden Meadows Golf Club in Old Town, Maine offers visitors a marvelous 9 hole, 2997 yard, par 35 course that is laid out in the Maine highlands with excellent undulating and tree laden fairways and greens that challenge a golfer to use every club in their bag. Just because the course is 9 hole doesn't mean you can't go around a second time to make it an even 18, which gives you another chance to improve your score and shots, with a reasonable, perhaps even cheap alternative to some of the bigger and fancier courses that are located in other parts of the nation. The course here is very challenging, because of the unusual Maine terrain, with big stands of fir trees, sending that particular aroma of pine into the air that helps cleanse your sinuses, and opens you airways to some of the freshest air you can still breath in these United States. You can also rent the entire course for half a day or a whole one, bringing your entire business here, or just a big family. They host senior days, ladies day, night leagues, senior leagues, guest tournaments, benefit tournaments and daily play specials that will get you going strong; as well as season and multi-play passes that will save you some money to spend on clothing or shoes or clubs if you need them. The staff here is always helpful and ready to give visitors that downeast welcome that the state offers to all those that come here, whether for a week or longer. The new clubhouse was finished in 2006 and has all the amenities that you could expect from a local club, with Joe Perdue as the local golf pro and certified golf instructor, who also is the new owner, so if you need any help or information, then Joe is the man to see.

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