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Things to do in Olney

    Glenview MansionGlenview Mansion Rockville, Maryland
    this fabulous house is a pillared, neoclassical, 19th century house that is nestled in a 153 park called the Rockville Civic Center Park that is available for tours, special events and occasions, conferences, meetings and private social functions like weddings and receptions. The second floor houses the Glenview Mansion Art Gallery that has many of the local artists' works showcased, as well as regional artists. The history of the area is very interesting and should be good reading when you visit the house, since the land that it occupies was originally formed into large tracts that were then sold to rich plantation owners and merchant families; with quite a few not being farmed or constructed on for many years after they had been sold. The tract that the Glenview occupies was originally divided into smaller parcels that had been surveyed in the 18th century and included places like Mill Land and Hobson's Choice. The biggest cash crop would be tobacco in the early 18th century, in those that did chose to farm, but after some years the ground would be played out so that it would then be planted with grains like corn, barley and wheat, with some of the more successful businesses being the grist mills like Muncaster Mill and Veir's Mill. Judge Richard John Bowie, a lawyer from one of the richer Georgetown families would buy three tracts of land and create "Glen View". The house would be constructed from 1836 to 1838, and is now the core or nucleus of the mansion that sits there today. That would be a four bay stone structure, and there aren't any pictures or descriptions left today. When the Civil War ended, the judge sold off a small plot to one of his former slaves, and today the foundation and hand dug stone well are still visible. In 1880, the judge would donate five acres to the Rockville cemetery, and in 1889, the judge's widow, Catherine would donate two more acres. She would pass on in 1891, and that is when the earliest known picture of Glenview would be taken. It had a prominent cross-gable, steep pitched roof, second story porch and many other gothic details. Charles J. Fox, Franklin Fox and Emma J. Walters would own the home from 1904 until 1917, with the family making numerous changes to its appearance. Mrs. Irene Smith would buy it next, in 1917 and then marry James Alexander Lyon in 1923, who was a well known cardiac surgeon from the capitol; intending to use the home as a summer retreat. They would also make many changes to the house that are still seen today. The Lyon family would place the house up for sale in 1953, after Irene had passed in 1950; but the historical society purchased instead.

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    Library of CongressLibrary of Congress Washington, DC
    The Library of Congress is the research library of the United States Congress, the de facto national library of the United States and the oldest federal institution in the nation, housed in three separate buildings in the nation's capitol, and the biggest library in the world according to shelf space and the amount of volumes. It was constructed in 1800, and kept in the capitol for the majority of the 19th century. It would be destroyed by fire in the War of 1812, but Thomas Jefferson would sell his entire personal collection of books to the library in 1815, comprised of 6,487 books. In the mid19th century, the library would endue a time of decline, but it would grow quickly in size and significance after the Civil War, so that a separate structure would be needed to house all the collections. In the quick expansion of the 20th century, the library would assume a preeminent role in the scheme of things by becoming the library of last resort, and increase its mission to include the American people and scholars. Its main mission is to handle the research questions that are made by members of Congress using the Congressional Research Service. While it is open to the public, only members of Congress, high-ranking government officials and Supreme Court justices can check out books.  This fabulous collection includes; over 32 million cataloged books and various print materials that have been printed in 470 languages, half a million microfilm reels, more than a million US government publications, over 61 million manuscripts, 3 million sound recordings, the biggest rare book collection in North America, that includes the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence, a Gutenberg Bible that is only one of the four perfect vellum editions known to the world, more than 6000 comic book titles, 5.3 million maps, a million issues of world newspapers that date from three centuries ago up to the present, over 14.7 million prints and photographic images that include popular and fine art pieces and architectural drawings, 33,000 bound newspaper volumes, 6 million pieces of sheet music, the Cassavetti Stradivarius and the Betts Stradivarius.

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Enterprise Car Rental Gaithersburg - 18540 Woodfield Rd.
Rockville Enterprise Rental Cars - 14805 Southlawn Ln.
Enterprise Car Rentals Rockville - 15131 Frederick Rd.

Local Restaurants in Olney

    Entrees; caramelized tilapia with barley & butternut squash risotto, shallots, lemon grass, baby bok choy; beef risotto with shiitakes & black garlic with local beef, parmesan cheese; curried lentils with red quinoa & kale, with winter squash, kale, carrots, quinoa, brown rice; wood oven cioppino is fisherman's tomato stew, mussels, local fish, shrimp, fennel, root veggies, polenta; spinach fettuccini with shiitakes with Palmya Farms cheddar, walnut cream sauce; Maryland rockfish with blood orange & black pepper marmalade, shaved fennel, coffee beurre blanc; sweet potato & black bean chili with roasted acorn squash, grilled polenta; butternut squash risotto with sage & parmesan; linguini with black garlic, shiitake mushrooms, pine nuts, parmesan; pheasant breast wrapped in bacon with arborio rice, gorgonzola cream sauce, cherries, pears, pecans; porterhouse pork chop with cocoa spiced rub, charred onions, grilled apples, espresso bbq sauce; chicken saltimbocca is chicken breast, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, fettuccini, sundried tomatoes, pan sauce; local burger is Maryland beef, onion marmalade, fontina, lettuce, aioli, house roll, potato chips; veggie stir fry with brown rice, broccoli, spinach, carrots, shiitakes, onion, ginger, sriracha sauce.

    Olney Ale House
    Entrees; bbq ribs full or half rack with FF & cole slaw; fish & chips is lightly fried cod in house ale beer batter & served with FF, cole slaw & tartar sauce; catfish & chips is catfish encrusted in Japanese bread crumbs & fried lightly; steak & ale is a generous hand cut 12oz. steak served with loaded baked potato & veggie; chicken pot pie; Dixie chicken is Memphis marinated chicken breast grilled & served with baked potato or fries & veggie of the day.

Maryland Rockfish Ricciutis Olney, Maryland


Chicken Saltimbocca Ricciutis Olney, Maryland


BBQ Ribs Olney Ale House Olney, Maryland


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Hertz Rental Car Gaithersburg- 408 N. Frederick
Silver Spring Hertz Car Rental - 8203 Georgia Ave.

    Brookeville Academy Brookeville Academy Brookeville, Maryland
    situated in the heart of the historic district of Brookeville, Maryland, about twenty miles north of DC and just two miles north of Olney, Maryland, this early historic school house was constructed in 1810 to become one of the very first private schools in the state and it is now completely renovated. It has become a community center that is available for many social and cultural events, gatherings, meetings and conferences. Strangely enough, the town would be made the US capitol for a day in 1814, when President James Madison had to leave the capitol city during the English invasion of the War of 1812. The Brookeville Academy was established in 1808, and chartered in 1815, with the second story added in 1840, when the board wanted to enlarge the school, being finished in 1858. The academy would move in 1868, to Merryville, so that the structure would then be used for many various businesses, including becoming the Odd Fellows Hall in the 1870s, and in the mid 1900s it would become an American Legion Hall. It would be used to host functions of the nearby St. John's Church, with the town finally purchasing it and convert it to be used as a community center that would host weddings, private parties, meetings, functions and other private events.

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    National Library of MedicineNational Library of Medicine Bethesda, Maryland
    This is the world's biggest medical library and is run by the United States government, part of the National Institutes of Health, housing a magnificent collection of over seven million books, photographs, journals, microfilms, technical reports, manuscripts and images about medicine and sciences that pertain to it, that include some of the oldest and rarest books in the world today. Beginning in 1879, the NLM would begin publishing the Index Medicus, which is a monthly guide to articles found in almost five thousand selected journals, with the last issue being published in December 2004, although the information can be provided in the freely accessible PubMed that is one of the more than fifteen million MEDLINE journal article references and abstracts that began in the 1960s or the 1.5 million references that began in the 1950s. The National Library of Medicine (NLM) also operates the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) that contains the biological databases that also includes the PubMed and are very accessible via the internet using the Entrez search engine.

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    The Civil War in Silver SpringThe Civil War in Silver Spring, Maryland
    During July, 1864, General Jubal Early and his twenty thousand troops would march down Georgia Avenue to attack Fort Stevens in the District of Columbia, which necessitated them to seize the vacant house of Francis Preston Blair in Silver Spring, Maryland, to become Early's headquarters, while the troops would swarm like flies over the area camping on the grounds of the US Postmaster General, Montgomery Blair's summer retreat called the Falklands. Mary Blair's summer house called the Moorings, which would eventually become known as the Jesup Blair house, and still visible in Jesup Blair Park, was also overrun with Confederate troops looking to hunker down for a spell. These rebels were really tired and worn out after just having fought a bloody battle in Monocacy, just two days before, were stopping in Silver Spring so that they could stop, rest and regroup in the town of Sligo, that would become Silver Spring. This stop would allow General Frank Wheaton's federal troops to come over from Petersburg, Virginia and as the explosions ripped through the air, the fight began in earnest. The remains of that fierce fight can be seen in the cannon balls and artillery shells that have been discovered in the Woodside community, which had been called the Wilson farms. Richard Wilson had been sympathetic to the south and his farm house, that is still standing, would become Early's second in command, John C. Breckenridge, former US vice president, headquarters. Richard's brother, John, would stay loyal to the Union, which became a moment of irony when the Union soldiers would damage his farm, as well as killing John and his and Richard's father. When the smoke cleared, the Falklands lay in ruins, still smoldering from the fires, with bodies and debris spread across the countryside. The Sligo Post Office became a Confederate hospital with the dead soldiers being interred in the cemetery of the Grace Episcopal Church. The pastor of the church was James Avirett, former chaplain with Ashby's Cavalry, C.S.A.. In 1896, a monument would be raised to honor these men, and to remember the Union soldiers that died that day, local citizens would rename local Leesboro after General Wheaton.

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Baltimore Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 7426 New Ridge Rd.

    Woodlawn Manor MuseumWoodlawn Manor Museum Sandy Spring, Maryland
    The Woodlawn Manor Living History Museum in Sandy Spring, Maryland provides the community with many outstanding educational programs that have been chosen for the K-8 grades and excellent environmental studies for all ages. The manor was constructed in 1774, a brick manor house that had a gazebo garden, stone barn, ponds and streams, slave log cabin, general store, dairy and smokehouse, carriage house one room school and woodland trails. The stone barn located here was believed to have been used as a stop on the Underground Railroad, with the slave log cabin and UGRR programs on site. There are other multi-cultural programs available here as well, like the Woodland Native American Lifeways, Life in the Past/Then and Now, Wampanoag Ways, the Winds of Revolution, Colonial Maryland Plantation Life and the Westward Ho Trail Experience. There are many other programs available at Woodlawn that encourage all visitors, regardless of age to become more familiar with the lifestyles and hardships of the folks living in that period, as well as many other features and surprises awaiting you. One famous guest, Oprah Winfrey, visited the museum and grounds to gain experience and feel for the Underground Railroad and the plantation life style for one of her movies. It is a fantastic place, incorporating the outdoors into the majority of their programs so that all the children and adults will get a better feel and understanding of the complexities of that period and the lives that the people would have to lead. Take a moment in your travels to come and visit this outstanding historical estate and enjoy one of their outstanding cup of tea.

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