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Things to do in Owensboro

    International Bluegrass Museum International Bluegrass Museum Owensboro, Kentucky
    The International Bluegrass Music Museum (IBMM) is located in RiverPark Center close to the downtown area of Owensboro, Kentucky, incorporated in 1991 and opening in 1995. The bluegrass music museum contains many interactive displays, live instrument demonstrations, posters, the International Bluegrass Hall of Fame and costumes that are sure to make every visitor happy. Sitting on 21,000 square feet, the nonprofit has two floors filled with offices and displays of anything and everything pertaining to bluegrass music. The organization has been able to raise money for itself with the help of such greats as Ricky Skaggs and Ralph Stanley. Every summer, the museum hosts a wonderful summer festival called ROMP (River of Music Party), held usually during the end of June, with low cost admission so that all can come and enjoy the fabulous festival; and offers tours, Tuesdays through Fridays. Some of the marvelous programs offered by the museum include; Banks of the Ohio, which is a radio program hosted by Fred Bartenstein on WAMU and the internet; RBI, that is the Radio Bluegrass International on the internet around the clock offering services to the museum community and monthly subscribers; the Video Oral History Project (VOHP) that goes around the nation and videotapes the older first generation of bluegrass musicians, with the videos being watched whenever you choose at the museum and the Bluegrass Masters Film Festival at ROMP each year; and the Kentucky Bluegrass AllStars that contain a group of 250 students that are taking lessons at the museum. Bluegrass has always been the state music in Kentucky, and Stephen Foster's "My Old Kentucky Home" and Bill Monroe's "Blue Moon of Kentucky" are the official state songs. The unique style of dancing that has grown up with bluegrass is very active and enjoyable, called clogging, which has been to various states in the nation showcasing this special style of dance. The museum was started to preserve the history of the music that Bill Monroe created and can be found just half an hour from Rosine, Kentucky, as can Jerusalem Ridge, where he was born and raised. The bluegrass museum is located at the base of the blue bridge in downtown Owensboro, and as you get closer, you will be able to hear the sounds of bluegrass music coming from the museum's radio station, RBI, with its own speakers turned to the streets for all to hear and enjoy. It would be in the late 1930s that Bill Monroe came onto the stage and began his signature style, as he and the Blue Grass Boys created a unique style of combinational music that included; folk ballads, Appalachian mountain music, blues, rural old time string playing, African stomp and white and black gospel. This new style of music would evolve into what would be called bluegrass in the 1950s and acquired its name from the many references made by fans to the Bluegrass boys band; which in turn took their name from the state's colloquial name of the Bluegrass state. The state has been known as the bluegrass state for decades because of the numerous horse farms located throughout it and now as well as being the start of the famous music that created such a ruckus. The music has been very popular through the mountain areas of the Midwest, but after the 2000 movie, "O Brother, Where Art Thou", it seemed to grow even more popular around the nation. This museum is the only one of its kind in the world that is dedicated to the music style and the preservation of that international history.

    Western Kentucky Botanical Garden
    Western Kentucky Botanical Garden Owensboro, KentuckyThe Western Kentucky Botanical Garden is found in the city of Owensboro, Kentucky sitting on nine gorgeous acres that is open to the public all year long, from sunrise to sunset, offering some of the best views during that period in the area. The garden was started in 1933 in a cornfield and had been the idea of Mike Klahr, the horticulturist of Daviess County. Currently there are six gardens located in the acreage, with beautiful rose gardens, iris gardens, fruit garden, butterfly garden, herb, daylily and berry gardens. Some of the excellent plants available are boxwood, apple, peach, blackberry, apricot, peach, hemlocks, pear, cherry, germander, yews, barberry, peonies, lavender, santolina and raspberry. There are both guided and self-guided tours offered at the gardens, with outstanding educational programs available for groups, organizations and schools. They also have a downloadable educational package that is fun and teaches you a lot about the plants and gardens and how to grow you own garden. There are numerous other materials that can be obtained by instructors to help facilitate the classes and are always of great interest to the community and its children. It is a marvelous opportunity for the inhabitants of the city and surrounding area to come and enjoy the blossoms as they bloom each spring and the magnificent aromas that waft through the air in the early summer months. Always bright and cheerful, the gardens are a perfect escape from the ordinary and usual.

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    Owensboro Museum of Fine ArtOwensboro Museum of Fine Art Owensboro, Kentucky
    The Owensboro Museum of Fine Arts in Owensboro, Kentucky was started to enhance and expand the cultural environment of the area via a marvelous collection of American, Asian and European fine and decorative art works that date back to the 15th century to today. It is able to do this with outstanding interpretive events and educational programs for the community, major traveling exhibitions, as well as visual and performing arts. One of their newest projects is ARTLAND, a wonderful and exciting new possibility for children that uses an interactive art studio that was designed just for kids, ages 4 to 10. The studio is the children's own special place to be stimulated, inspired and challenged to use their imaginations and create whatever types of artworks that they might desire or imagine, all at their own personal pace. The land showcases a unique art laboratory that is completely equipped with all the materials and supplies that these children could possibly think of to help them create their own masterpiece. There are brightly colored murals that have been reflected in the mirror panels across the walls that depict two of the studio's muses, "Micki Angelo and Donna Tello", that was inspired by two of the best painters of the renaissance era. Kids will enter the ARTLAND area through a theater that offers them an opportunity to act out or help in theatrical productions for children. There are a few outstanding exhibitions being showcased now called the Bronze horse, which comes from private collections of equestrian bronzes that include sculptures by the finest artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of the featured pieces were produced by Frederic Remington and Harry Jackson. Another excellent exhibit is Master Potter: The Works of Stephen Driver, that are themed to pilgrimage, evolution and ecology. The museum grounds are also breaking forth with its own Ryan Sculpture Park that contains the first buffalo sculpture in the city's Bronze Buffalo Trace and created by Texas artist T. D. Kelsey, who has an international reputation for wildlife sculpture and whose works are showcased in many throughout the west. It is quite the park and will become a contemporary art park, and also includes a huge painted steel construct called Little Mo, created by NY artist Peter Reginato and the sixth large outdoor sculpture that has been bought for the park.

     Hancock County Museum
    Hancock County Museum Hawkesville, Kentucky
    The Hancock County Museum is located in the old Hawkesville, Kentucky railroad station that was constructed in 1902, out of southern pine and was 18 feet wide by 81.5 feet long, sitting by the railroad tracks on River Street next to the Ohio River. The station would become the major transportation depot for the county for many years, with Harry S. Truman stopping here in 1948 to make a speech for his presidency campaign. The final passenger train that ran here was in 1959, and then it was transformed into the town's city hall for the next 16 years. When the town constructed its current city hall in 1981, the depot would fall into disrepair and be neglected altogether. Eventually it was sold to the Hancock County Historical Society for a dollar and a lease was signed with the CSX Railroad company to leave the depot intact. The historical society would then stage a fundraising project to get money to rejuvenate the old station and convert it to the present day museum. It was finished in 1987 and the official opening happened in 1988. The museum houses a wonderful collection of relics that represent every facet of the county's history that includes; art, family life, farming, schools, river traffic and railroads. There is an excellent courtroom exhibit that showcases artifacts from the old courthouse as well as much more to explore in this old train depot.

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Local Restaurants in Owensboro

    Moonlite BBQ Inn
    Salads; tossed salad, Chef salad with turkey or ham, cole slaw, potato salad, BBQ beans, fruit salad, cottage cheese, cottage cheese with tomato or fruit, FF, onion rings, cornbread muffins.  Dinners; served with toasted bun or two cornbread muffins, pickle, onion; and choice of two; cole slaw, FF, tossed salad, cottage cheese, potato salad, beans; BBQ half chicken plate, BBQ quarter chicken plate, BBQ half pound pork rib plate, BBQ full pound pork rib plate, BBQ mutton plate, BBQ pork plate, BBQ beef plate, BBQ chopped beef plate, BBQ chopped pork plate, BBQ chopped mutton plate, BBQ sampler plate - beef, mutton & pork. Entrees; breaded shrimp dinner, grilled country ham dinner, breaded chicken strips dinner, catfish fiddler dinner.

    Miller Restaurant
    Starters; fried green tomatoes dusted with cornmeal & served with spicy remoulade; warm spinach & parmesan dip with warm baguette slices; black-eye pea cakes seasoned with cumin & onion, topped with roasted red pepper salsa; mussels in fennel & white wine sauce with grilled baguette slices; shrimp on grits toast is cheddar grits toast with creamy cheese & green onion spread topped with sautéed shrimp; mushrooms is portabella mushrooms breaded with rye bread crumbs, sliced & served with horseradish dipping sauce; fried cheese is mozzarella cheese breaded & fried with house made spicy tomato dipping sauce; southern sampler is southern cheese torte with crackers, fried grit sticks, sweet potato chips, zesty cheese straws & fried green tomatoes; soup du jour is house made. Entrees; served with house or Caesar salad; filet of beef tenderloin is 8oz. pan-seared with sauce Robert served with potato gratin & sautéed mushrooms; NY strip with roasted shallot vinaigrette is 10oz. with creamed spinach & Yukon gold roasted potatoes; rib eye with sweet onion jam & bleu cheese is 12oz. with Yukon gold mashed potatoes & sautéed Brussels sprouts; grilled sirloin with rosemary shallot butter is 8oz. with baked potato & sautéed green beans; black pepper & maple glazed chicken with roasted veggie succotash & sautéed green beans; herb-grilled chicken with butternut squash risotto & sautéed asparagus; pork chop with mustard chive sauce is 12oz. with Yukon gold mashed potatoes & sautéed green beans; grilled salmon with lemon butter, Yukon gold roasted potatoes & sautéed broccoli; jumbo lump crab cakes with spicy remoulade, grilled sweet potatoes & sautéed spinach; mustard-pecan crusted tilapia is fresh crusted with mustard, herbs & pecans with Yukon gold roasted potatoes & sautéed asparagus.


BBQ Half Chicken Plate Moonlite BBQ Inn Owensboro, Kentucky



 Rib Eye Miller Restaurant Owensboro, Kentucky

Black Pepper & Maple Glazed Chicken Miller Restaurant Owensboro, Kentucky

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    Museum of Science and History Museum of Science & History Owensboro, Kentucky
    The Owensboro Area Museum of Science and History can found in downtown Owensboro, Kentucky, beginning in 1966, inside a 19th and early 20th century structure that has grown into one of the most family friendly environments in the city. It is a gathering place for the community to come and learn more about the region's great history and exciting science exhibits. The museum hosts one traveling exhibit each year to complement and augment its three permanent galleries, with each one being different and unique in its own way. Another three permanent galleries are in the works so that more displays can be showcased, with in-depth educational programming developed just for the museum. The Owensboro Rotary Playzeum is located in one of the galleries that was sponsored and built by the city's rotary club and opened in 2005 with record attendance. This exciting indoor playground offers children 10 and under the outstanding opportunity to come here and play in colorful themed environments that are reflective of the landscape and history of the area with train station, crawl tubes, tree houses, bridges and a riverboat. Another interesting and exciting gallery is the Speedzeum that is devoted to motorsports, local racing history and the excellent success from racing drivers and mechanics that have come from the Owensboro area. Encounter is another gallery area that contains hands-on, minds-on activities that is considered an awesome educational experience that is much too fun to be educational. You can create a magnet bridge, give a permanent image in the shadow room, experiment with the Bermoulli effect or tell a story in the puppet theater. The Wendell H. Ford Government Education Center details the life and experience of the state's longest serving senator, Wendell Hampton Ford, and describes his colorful career in local, state and national government as well as encouraging citizens to learn more about their own forms of government in which we are the central part.

    Clark National Park
    Clark National Park Vincennes, IndianaGeorge Rogers Clark, the brother of young William that would later help with Meriwether Lewis in heading west on an expedition that would leave their names in history, with great and admirable pride, although the same cannot be said of his older brother, George; who is remembered as one of the heroic commanders of the Revolutionary War. George led a small troop of frontiersmen through the freezing country of Illinois to attack and capture the British held Fort Sackville at Vincennes in February, 1779. Even though this would be his most dramatic adventure during the war, he continued to work for the American cause in the west, through the remainder of that war. Some of the many accomplishments he helped with included the construction of forts along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, leading two significant expeditions that destroyed the larger Shawnee towns along the Ohio region, and repelling a British led Indian attack in the Illinois region. Even though George did a lot during his early life, he would fall into a desperate state of bad health and fortune. In September, 1793, the war was officially over, ending with the signing of the Treaty of Paris; so Clark went back to private life, becoming chairman of a board of commissioners that would allot the lands across the Ohio River from Louisville that had been involved in his 1778 and 1779 campaigns. He would also become a commissioner making treaties with the tribes north of the Ohio River that had been raiding Kentucky. By 1786, the government realized that these treaties were ineffectual, so the states that would become Kentucky and Indiana asked him to lead a contingent of men against the tribes that lived along the Wabash River. At the start, Clark would be plagued by questions of his authority and the abusive nature of the men he was leading. After going along the Wabash, north of Vincennes, about 300 of his men mutinied, so Clark went to Vincennes and constructed a garrison to protect the settlements before he left for Kentucky. That expedition became his albatross, and he would become the victim of a deliberate campaign to ruin his name and accomplishments. Clark would be hounded by creditors, so he became involved in numerous projects that might turn his financial status around. The first such attempt was to build a colony in Spanish Louisiana across the Mississippi River, with the Spanish government's consent. The consent never materialized, so he decided to build a colony of American adventurers in the Spanish territory by Natchez. It wasn't long before President George Washington issued a proclamation against the idea, so in 1793, Clark would accept a French commission as a Major General and lead an American expedition against the Spanish in Louisiana. President Washington again had to issue a proclamation against any Americans becoming involved in this invasion, although it would again be tried in 1798, and again it was denied. In 1803, he moved from Louisville to Clarksville, Indiana, across the Ohio River, named in honor of him, but six years later he would suffer a terrible paralysis and lose his leg. He had to return to Louisville and live with his sister, Lucy Croghan, at Locust Grove. In 1812, in a long overdue recognition of his service, he would be given a sword and half pay of $400 a year. But his health was declining and in 1818, he passed on at the age of 65.  The national historical park is located in Vincennes, Indiana, along the banks of the Wabash River, right where the site of Fort Sackville had sat, and is the biggest United States National Historical Park outside of DC, and a classical memorial was authorized by President Calvin Coolidge and dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936. It was transferred to the National Park Service in 1966.

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    Mesker Park ZooMesker Park Zoo Evansville, Indiana
    The Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden was started in Evansville, Indiana in 1928, when the Evansville Zoological Society was created and received two lions in donation. With pennies collected by school children and other donations, the zoo would acquire an elephant named Kay in 1929, and within a year moved into their permanent location in Mesker Park in 1930. As the great depression continued its toll on the nation, the CCC and WPA were created to put thousands to work, and the WPA came to the zoo and constructed barless lion pits and bear exhibits. In 1933, the Rotary Club would construct the Santa Maria, a monkey ship, and two years later, a dam was built to create the marvelous lake that sits by the park. As the years rolled by and more animals were donated and acquired, the zoo continued to thrill the community and region, and by 1954, the Kley building would be built. That same year, Bunny, another elephant arrived, and in 1956, Sgt. Snickers is laid to rest. The children's contact area is dedicated in 1975, and the zoo continues to grow and attract more visitors; being able to stay open every day of the year. The park sits on 50 beautiful acres of rolling hills on the northwest region of Evansville, and now houses more than 700 animals and thousands of exotic plants, as well as AMAZONIA, forest of the riches. The zoo has been divided into geographical groups and themed regions that include; North and South America, Asia, Australia and Africa, with the newest exhibit, Amazonia being themed on South American rainforests. The replicated rainforest is sure to excite you and your family as you wander through the biggest exhibit at the zoo, and the most significant since opening. There are many rainforest creatures that thrive here, with tropical trees and palms growing 45 feet high, helping you to imagine yourself immersed in a real rainforest. Monkeys and exotic birds fill the tops of the trees, with a magnificent waterfall and suspension bridge. There are tapirs, and other strange looking animals to be seen and enjoyed as you meander around the dense jungle scenery.

    Temple Adath Israel
    Temple Adath Israel Owensboro, KentuckyThe Temple Adath Israel in Owensboro, Kentucky is styled after the Moorish revival architecture of the late 19th century, and its facade is very much influenced by that style, with a gothic-arched doorway flanked by twin gothic arched windows accentuated by four pilasters. These are topped with molded capitals and elegant embellishments, and altogether topped by a marvelous row of four, small, onion domed turrets. The synagogue was constructed in 1877 and because it is so old and in such great shape, it made the National Register of Historic Places in 1986; and is one of the oldest synagogues in the nation.  It is one of the most visited synagogues in the nation and brings people from around the world to its doors.

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    Angel MoundsAngel Mounds Evansville, Indiana
    Angel Mounds State Historic Park sits by the Ohio River about a half hour ride from Owensboro, Kentucky, close to Evansville, Indiana and a bit upriver from the confluence of the Green and Ohio Rivers. The site is managed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and is one of their 16 historic sites and state museum; made a National Historic Landmark in 1964. The site is named after the family that owned the property in the early 19th century along the Ohio River and contains a major complex of mounds that are important. The area around there was home to many Native Americans, that would use the river for transportation, travel and trade. After 1000 AD, the natives of this Mississippian culture constructed a large settlement around this site that spanned a hundred acres, set on a large mound by the river. Today, the site is recognized as one of the finest preserved pre-historic Native American sites in the nation, and given the landmark statues because of this. It is the most northeastern sites of the Mississippian culture and continues to be excavated to discover what else was used by this complex society. During the period from 1100 to 1450, the natives of the culture constructed and lived in this settlement, becoming known for their construction of earthwork mounds, using shapes that include ridgetop, platform and conical. The angel mounds was a chiefdom and regional center that contained a big and agricultural community that would cover quite an area; using various soil types to construct their mounds. The platform mound would hold the central community, while they traded with other chiefdoms and people that lived along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers; although this particular one became one of the biggest in the area now known as Indiana. Scholars have been able to estimate that a few thousand Native Americans lived and hunted here. They would build high stockades of wattle and daub, along with wood bastions and sometimes these would be almost 12 feet high. The tribe left before the first Europeans appeared on the scene, although no one is sure why they did. There are a number of theories, but no positive evidence has been found yet. Archaeologists have decided that the Angel people left this area around 1450 and their leaving would cause the other tribes in the area to leave as well, moving downriver to the confluence of the Wabash and Ohio Rivers.  Mound A, that is called the central mound as well, is the tallest mound in the complex, housing two levels, with a conical mound in the southeast corner. The base mound is 644 feet long and 415 feet wide, with villagers bringing in 67,785 cubic yards of dirt in baskets from a chute on the southern side of the village to make the mound. The lower terrace is 100 feet by 100 feet and is also on the south side, while the upper terrace is 28 feet above the surrounding area and bigger than the lower terrace.

    National Corvette Museum
    National Corvette Museum Bowling Green, KentuckyThe National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky has been the historical and cultural museum showcasing one of America's most famous and lovable automobiles, since being introduced in 1953. The museum was started to celebrate the historic event, as well as preserving its past glory, the present status of the outstanding machine and the future of this bold and impressive sports car. The museum sits across the street from the only manufacturing plant in the world that continues to make Chevrolet Corvettes. Once you've visited the museum, head across the street and then tour the factory. You can also go online and visit the museum's store where almost every kind of corvette oriented item is for sale. Included are blankets and afghans, banners, books & media, clocks & signs, custom apparel & accessories, car covers and nose masks, auto and essentials, gifts and accessories, glassware, mugs & ceramics, caps and hats, classic collector design prints, corvette footwear, diecast & promo, gift cards, golf, childrens and more. There is a corvette cafe, Corvette Hall of Fame, build sheets and window stickers, a raffle that happens each month allowing you a chance to win a beautiful new vette, and a new motorsports park in the planning stages to be located by the museum on 300 gorgeous acres. It is an exciting time for Corvette enthusiasts and it just keeps getting better all the time, so when around the Kentucky area, be sure to stop by and visit this fantastic museum where you can see some of the most exciting corvettes in the world.

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    The Kentucky Museum and LibraryThe Kentucky Museum and Library Bowling Green, Kentucky image of Felts log cabin
    The Kentucky Museum and Library is located on the campus of the Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky and has grown into an enormous time capsule for the state's history, with its involvement in the Civil War, WWII, folklore, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky ancestors, Kentucky authors, South Union shakers and politics. Included in the outstanding collections are scrapbooks, oral histories, letters, diaries, toys, a 19th century log house, political memorabilia, quilts, clothing, decorative and fine arts, furniture, music, maps, and more. The museum and library strive to include the community in its affairs with workshops, guided tours, exhibit openings, family events, educational programs, guest speakers and musical events. The museum opened in 1939, and has been collecting Kentucky ever since, including postcards, photographs, folk customs and school traditions; with Kentuckians describing exciting and memorable occasions that include stories about Abraham Lincoln, slavery, the liberation of a Nazi concentration camp and the swamps of Vietnam. Current exhibits include; Enjoy the Show: History of Bowling Green Theater, Aquaventure, Watermedia Group Exhibit. Upcoming Exhibits will include; VSA Arts: Bowling Green Side by Side, USBank "Celebration of the Arts", WKU Senior Art Exhibition and WKU Interior Design Senior Thesis Exhibition. Ongoing exhibits or permanent ones include; Snell-Franklin Decorative Arts Gallery, A Star in Each Flag: Conflict in Kentucky, Recommended by Duncan Hines, Robert Penn Warren, American Author, Felts Log House, L. Y. Lancaster Gun Collection, Western 100: A Century of Spirit, Roads, Rails and Rivers: Warren County Then and Now, Hascale Haile: Guitar-maker to the Stars and Taking the Mystery Out of Prehistory. There are also a large number of online exhibits that will keep you busy for hours, if not days, with all kinds of historical and cultural information about this great state in the midst of our nation.

    Windridge Country Club
    The Windridge Country Club sports a marvelous 18 hole regulation length golf course that is situated in Owensboro, Kentucky that is 6050 yards and a par 71, constructed in 1957. It has a great driving range to help you prepare for the main course that is sure to challenge you and bring out almost all of the clubs in your bag. The fairly flat course is perfect to improve your game with minimal hazards and bunkers, but numerous out-of-bounds areas and small greens. The Kent Beck designed course was originally only 9 holes, but in 1961, the back nine were added and designed by Bill Ford. It has rolling hills, as does much of the area, but not anything to difficult with numerous fairway bunkers located around the course to increase the challenge and skill levels of those locals who enjoy coming here to improve their scores. Their signature hole is #16, a 194 yard par 3 that tees uphill onto an elevated green with enough bunkers to make sure you put your shot where you want it, otherwise you will get some extra play in learning or improving you chip shot, especially from the sand.

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