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Things to do in Parma

    Cleveland Metroparks ZooCleveland Metroparks Zoo Cleveland, Ohio
    The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo sits on a 165 acre park in Cleveland, Ohio and separated into numerous areas named; the Northern Trek, the Primates, Cats and Aquatics House, the RainForest, the Australian Adventure and the African Savannah. It houses one of the biggest collections of primates in North America and showcase its Monkey Island, a concrete island that contains a big population of Colobus monkeys that are held in a free-range condition; and the entire park is part of the Metroparks system. It was founded in 1882, making it the seventh oldest in the nation, and has become the most popular year round destination in northeast Ohio, with more than a million visitors coming here in 2007. When the zoo opened, it was located on land that now houses the city's museum of art, but in 1907, the city had the zoo moved to its present location. During its early years, it would keep only local animals, but in 1910, it would start building other attractions like the Monkey Island, bear exhibit and sea lion pools. The zoo got its first elephant in 1940, which was an Asian elephant, and during that period, the Museum of Natural History would take control. Between 1955 and 1975, when the metroparks assumed management, it would enjoy a massive expansion, although some flooding would hinder much of that. In 1975, the primate and cat structure would be built, and then in 1992, the rainforest would be started and in 1997, the wolf wilderness would be completed. Next would be the Australian Adventure opening in 2000 and the Sarah Allison Steffe Center for Zoological Medicine would open in 2004. Traveling around the large zoo can be tiresome, so there is a Zoo Tram that circles around for those that can't walk for that long. The rainforest is perhaps the most popular housing many exciting and interesting animals like Egyptian fruit bats, Batagur turtles, giant anteaters, Brazilian ocelots, prehensile-tailed porcupines, capybaras, two-toed sloths, green anaconda, green and black poison arrow frogs, clouded leopard and more. The African savannah houses warthogs, lions, giraffes, gazelles, zebras, African birds, elephants, black rhinos, colobus monkeys, tapirs and hippos. There are so many more animals and other creatures that the best way to enjoy them would be to visit it and take time to walk around viewing all the magnificent creatures that occupy the zoo.

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    Parma Historical SocietyParma Historical Society Parma, Ohio
    The Parma Historical Society is located in the historical Stearns House, constructed in 1855, sitting on 48 acres, that includes the Gibbs House Museum, country store, meeting cabin, Yankee style barn and gardens. The homestead contains many original furnishings and exhibits that are pertinent to the period that provide an exceptional example of the way folks lived during that era and the way they lived. The Stearns farm was the last remaining working farm in the region, and would become a museum filled with outstanding memorabilia from that period that was leased to the historical society so that they could showcase the house and its contents, as well as the Gibbs House and the other outbuildings brought here. The Stearns farmstead is still a working farm, where in the summer, you can buy home grown vegetables, other products and even baked goods that are sold at the farmers market held there during the summer months, with great adventures for the kids, students, and others that are looking for a fun educational way to spend the day, that is free to visit. The area has an interesting and exciting history, that begins with the early mound builders, then the Eries, the Iroquois or Five Nations, the Shawnees, then French, English, the colonists from the Connecticut Land Company and lastly, the people that came here and settled, building their homes and starting to farm. The city would buy the Gibbs farm which had been begun by the Stearns family in 1855, when Lyman Stearns built it. The farmhouse is a Greek revival style house that had been popular during that period, before the Civil War and inspired by the discovery of many temples and antiquities. Earl Gibbs, a West Side Cleveland meat processor would purchase the house and farm in 1919 and construct a newer house in 1920, with the family grazing cattle on their property until the 1970s; at which point, it was completely encompassed by developments. The city purchased it in 1980 from the Gibbs family and began a fabulous museum that included all the structures and furnishings.

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Local Restaurants in Parma

    Corleone's Ristorante & Bar
    Entrees; veal Christopher is veal medallions, sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella topped with pesto cream sauce; veal roulade is veal, slice prosciutto, roasted red peppers, provolone topped with onions, tomatoes, veal demi glaze; zampelli is angus beef pan seared, pepper crusted 14oz. center cut NY strip steak aged 22 days with a gorgonzola dill cream sauce & au gratin potatoes; filet de Gambretti is grilled 10oz. filet mignon served with butterflied gulf shrimp filled with crab meat stuffing & provolone then finished with portabella mushrooms & diced tomatoes in sherry wine basil pesto sauce; rizzo is pan sautéed scallops served with julienne zucchini, yellow squash, onions & spinach topped with almonds; grilled chicken carbonara is pancetta, spinach, early harvest peas & egg with white wine butter tossed with fettuccini; Liza is sautéed chicken encrusted with pine nuts & asiago cheese in Romano chardonnay cream sauce.

    Delmonico's Steakhouse
    Entrees; chicken marsala is marsala reduction with mushrooms, asparagus, house whipped potatoes; cedar planked salmon is oven-roasted lemon-dill butter, roasted garlic mashers, broccoli florets; lamb chops are chargrilled, forest mushroom risotto, braised spinach, veal demi; Delmonico's spaghetti & red sauce; Delmonico steak 14oz.; ribeye 12oz.; White Marble Farms pork; Australian lamb; strip steak 9oz.; house cut sirloin 9oz.; shrimp & scallop sauté is tiger shrimp & sea scallops, lobster mashers, asparagus, lemon butter sauce; smothered chop steak is chargrilled, forest mushroom risotto, braised spinach, veal demi.


Chicken Carbonara Corleone's Ristorante & Bar Parma, Ohio




Shrimp & Scallop Saute Delmonico's Steakhouse Parma, Ohio

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    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum Cleveland, Ohio
    Situated on the shores of Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, the incredible rock and roll hall of fame and museum is dedicated to the archiving of the history of many of the most famous and influential artists, producers, engineers and others that have contributed to this music industry in some way. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation was created in 1983, even though it didn't have a home, so the search committee would consider numerous cities, that included Memphis, New York City, Cincinnati and Cleveland. Cleveland would lobby the hardest since Alan Freed, a local disc jockey, would be the first person to coin the new music genre and term of rock and roll; and the city had been the location of the first concert serving up rock and roll music. And that is all history now as this magnificent museum and hall of fame sits alongside the lake, rising up into the sky like a huge landmark denoting this fabulous attraction. The groundbreaking would be done in 1993, with Chuck Berry and Pete Townshend attending and doing the honors and it would open its doors to the American public in 1995, with Little Richard and Yoko Ono being there to cut the ribbon with a host other famous artists. Besides showcasing the inductees of the hall of fame, the museum documents the complete history of rock and roll, even if the person had not been inducted into the hall, but those that are have been honored in a special display inside the museum's spire. The structure contains seven levels, with the first five featuring many permanent and temporary displays that document the history, with temporary exhibits showcasing various items from artists that have been borrowed for a while, like the Warped tour display in 2007, that showed the tour's 12 years memorabilia. The museum also shows many musical films for viewing, like the 2007's temporary display that had George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh. A few of the permanent exhibits include a gallery of mannequins that are wearing the outfits of famous bands, a history of audio technology, another that looks at the many music scenes around the country, like Memphis in the 1950s, San Francisco, Liverpool and Detroit in the 1960s, LA in the 70s, NYC and London in the 70s and 80s and Seattle in the 90s.

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    Oldest Stone HouseOldest Stone House Lakewood, Ohio
    The Oldest Stone House in what is now Lakewood, Ohio, and managed by the Lakewood Historical Society is a marvelous 1834 structure that is typical of the kinds of houses that had been constructed here originally, that now provides a unique window into the past and provides the museum a perfect venue to interpret the past lives of the people during that period, from the late 1840s to the turn of the 20th century. This house was constructed by John Honam using locally quarried sandstone, and was one of the earliest settlers in the area, with almost a hundred acres of land that extended from Detroit Avenue to the lake; although it would eventually be moved to its present location. John and his daughter, Isabella Hotchkiss, would live there until 1897, and then it would become a number of various commercial uses that included a shoe repair shop, post office and upholsterer's store. It was then scheduled to be demolished in the 1950s, but was saved by the Lakewood Historical Society. It is completely furnished with late 19th century furnishings and relics that include furniture, kitchen utensils, tools, household goods, equipment and more that showcase the history of the town's earliest residents. There is a marvelous herb garden by the house, where dyes, scents and flavoring would be grown for the household, and in the garden are tombstones from several earlier residents of the house. The house is now the home of the Lakewood Historical Society with photographs, textiles, relics, archives and relics that contains the history of the community to the current day. The society keeps a reference library there with maps, city directories, general Lakewood and Ohio history books and primary sources.

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    Cleveland Museum of Natural HistoryCleveland Museum of Natural History Cleveland, Ohio
    This outstanding natural history museum is about five miles east of downtown Cleveland, Ohio, in University Circle sitting on a 550 acre site that is full of medical, cultural and educational facilities, founded in 1920 to perform research, education and development of the numerous collections of anthropology, geology, botany, zoology, wildlife biology, archaeology, paleontology and astronomy. The Fannye Shafran Planetarium would be constructed near its entrance in 2002, which houses magnificent displays of the planets in the Solar System and historical instruments of exploration like astrolabes and compasses. Its collections contain over 4 million specimens and include those in the fields mentioned above. There is a famous and popular stegosaurus on the lawn that fascinates children and other significant specimens include; the holotype of the haplocanthosaurus sauropod, 900 monkey and ape skeletons and over 31oo human skeletons from the Hamann-Todd Collection, expansive examples of late Devonian Cleveland shale fish, the remains of Balto, the sled dog, a new T-rex skeleton, a huge mineralogy collection that contains a moon rock and the Jeptha Wade gem collection and much more. It has been involved in numerous discoveries over the years, that include a remnant of a titanicthis and a new ceratopsian called the albertaceratops nesmoi.

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    Cleveland Museum of ArtCleveland Museum of Art Cleveland, Ohio
    The Cleveland Museum of Art is located in the Wade Park district of Cleveland, Ohio that has become an internationally famous art museum for its outstanding holdings of Egyptian and Asian art, with a magnificent diverse permanent collection of over 43,000 works from across the globe. It was founded in 1913 by endowments from important Cleveland industrialists John Huntington, Horace Kelley and Hinman Hurlbut. The museum building is a white Georgian marble neo classical beaux-arts structure that was constructed on the southern part of the park, designed by local firm, Hubbell and Benes, opening its doors in 1916. It was eventually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum would get its first changes in 1958, when an addition was added that would double its floorspace, and in 1971, it would again expand it by opening the North Wing. A third addition would be finished in 1983, and today houses the museum's outstanding library, along with spaces for nine new galleries; although it and the other addition completed in 1958 would have to be demolished in later years when a huge addition made of glass and steel would be completed and designed by Rafael Vinoly. Its permanent gallery collection is divided into fifteen departments and include works by such masters as Botticelli, El Greco, Dali, Caravaggio, Poussin, J. M. W. Turner, Frans Hals, Goya, Rubens, Gerard David, Matisse, Pollock, LeWitt, Warhol, van Gogh, Picasso, Cole, Corot, Renoir, Gauguin, Kiefer, Church, Eakins, Monet, Bellows, Mangold, Christo, Clemente, Richter, Taney and Close, along with many others. The museum is also home to the Ingalls library, one of the biggest and finest art libraries in the nation that now contains over 431,000 volumes and half a million digitized slides. It contains one of the finest collections of Asian art in the nation, and in 2004 would acquire an ancient bronze sculpture of Apollo Sauroktonos that is believed to have been an original work by Praxiteles of Athens.

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