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Things to do in Peoria

  • Challenger Space Center of Arizona Challenger Space Center of Arizona Peoria, Arizona
    This marvelous center was the idea of the late U.S. Congressman Bob Stump, who in 1996, spoke to the Peoria Unified School District if they would be interested in creating a world class space science education center that would educate and enlighten students throughout the state. Everyone was thrilled to become involved, and thus began the journey to create the first stand-alone Challenger space center in the state and southwest. With an amazing amount of local support, including elementary school students, businesses and corporations, the center was built using $3.5 million to make a $7.3 million science space center. Local residents Sydney and Kevin Knight donated a million dollars to the project in January of 2000, and received a namesake in the center's main building which is named Knight Space Science Education Center. The architect for the project was Paul Winslow, and he asked some fifth and sixth graders to come up with some great ideas for the center. "What kind of experience did they want at the new center?" The children brainstormed for a solid day, and it was these foresighted children that the new interior elevator would be made of glass so that they would feel like they were taking off into space. They wanted large amounts of glass, light and color so that it would feel more like a high tech center like those used by the space agency. The results were spectacular and inspirational, creating one of only two such stand-alone Challenger science space centers in the world. The design incorporated many space metaphors that would create the feeling of a place of science and space exploration that was not like anything else in the world. The streamlined silver colonnades that spanned stories looked like the booster rockets set beside the glassed in elevator, with ten galaxy lit columns that reminded visitors of the actual countdown to liftoff. The finished project exemplified the most magnificent standards of art and architecture. The grand opening was in July of 2000, and over 150,000 unique visitors have come here to enjoy the open houses, lectures, space camps, space missions, classes and stargazing. From first graders to grandparents, 1300 teachers and 80,000 students, church groups, Scout organizations, Vet's Hospital, City, Parks and Recreation departments, and Boy's and Girl's clubs have come here to learn, explore and be enthralled about the jump into space and all the wonderful opportunities that exist here. The center is fortunate enough to have over 100 volunteers, with varied backgrounds, including the military, NASA, high tech companies and more bringing a full spectrum of experience and knowledge that makes this center so unique and exciting. Great thanks are given to these wonderful folks for the help and personal relationships that have helped so many others and the younger generation that will head out into space and the many wonders of the universe. The main mission is to educate, however, there are some superb exhibits that are found here; one being the Columbia Shuttle Memorial Display that reminds us how difficult and dangerous space exploration can be. There are many items that were brought to the center after that fateful day, February 1, 2003, and those are included in the memorial. Another fantastic exhibit is the ASU Meteorite Exhibit that showcases 13 meteorites that have been loaned to the center for the visitors to see, enjoy and wonder about; from the ASU Center for Meteorite Studies. The Iridium Satellite Model is a wonderful example of the 72 low-earth orbiting satellites that Motorola put into space in just 1 year; with the specific purpose of making a global wireless communication system. This system would handle the massive amount of communications between digital satellite phones and pagers. The satellites weigh 1500 pounds each, and travel around the earth at speeds of 17,500 mph at 485 miles from us. Another beautiful display is the Robert McCall's Tour of the Universe mural, which covers 27,000 square feet of space in the rotunda, going up six stories and taking six months to paint. It is considered the biggest mural in the state. A 10 foot high model of the Atlantis Space Shuttle was given to the center by Honeywell and had visited many cities in this country before finding a home here. The Journey Through the Space Program on the second floor gives visitors the entire time capsule of the space program starting out with the present space station and shuttle regressing to the days of the early program via the Skylab, Apollo, Mercury and Gemini programs complete with patches and other items that have been donated to the center. The Lowell Observatory Display contains many incredible items that have been loaned to the center that related to the study of Mars by Percival Lowell and the discovery of Pluto by Clyde Tombaugh. The Theater Aviation display has many photographs and other memorabilia that has been given to the center and are showcased along the theater's walls.

  • Lake Pleasant Regional Park
    The park is located in Peoria, Arizona, and is a huge recreational park that is enjoyed by all the residents of the city, and those coming here to visit. Lake Pleasant is over 10,000 acres and was created by the Waddell Dam, built in 1928. It was used as a private irrigation reserve, and the dam was the biggest agricultural dam project in the world. It was filled by the Aqua Fria River, and then in 1973, another project called the Central Arizona Project Aqueduct brought water from the Colorado River and thus making it a reservoir instead of irrigation project. The lake wasn't big enough for the new flow of water, so the Waddell Dam was reconstructed and when done, tripled the surface space of the lake; in the meantime submerging the previous dam. It was not filled because of the drought conditions in the region, until 2005. The Aqua Fria River still flows into it, but the main supplier is the aqueduct. The park is a huge recreation center, for the entire Phoenix area and its suburbs, plus standing by as a reservoir for the growing region. Boat docks have been built to allow for major water sports and boating, with visitors coming here for jet skiing, sailing, water skiing and other exciting and memorable water sports. There is paved, gravel, or dirt boat accesses, camping facilities, boats to rent, restrooms, motors to rent, drinking water, licenses for sale, tables, groceries, parking areas with trailer spaces, gas and oil, waterskiing, tackle and equipment, 4 public boat ramps, live bait fish, swimming and restaurants. Of course, the fishing is unbelievable with buffalo fish, largemouth bass, carp, white bass, tilapia, striped bass, catfish, crappie and sunfish. The total mass of the park is over 23,000 acres, with mountainous desert lands, the lake and other marvelous outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking and camping. There is a visitor's center that tells the history of the lake and park, and the construction of the dam. A dirt bike racetrack has been added, as well as a glider school and airport. The area continues to expand, with an eye to the future of the city of Peoria, which has annexed the park because of its close proximity and the explosive potential for growth because of the lake and park's attractions.

  • Peoria's Center for the Performing Arts
    Peoria recently finished the Center for the Performing Arts in 2007, costing $13 million, and becoming the cornerstone of the downtown's revitalization project that will run for five years. It is planned to bring in business, retail and residential occupants to the area and the many visitors that will come. The venture was a joint project between the city and Theater Works, which leased the building for 20 years, becoming the management and main tenant of the building. The center has room for 280 people, with an 80 person black box theater, dressing rooms, classrooms, elaborate lobby, office space and backstage support areas. The theater will bring in award winning theatrical shows, summer camps for children, special events and a traveling "Youth Readers Theater". Some of the shows that are coming to the center this year include Larry Gilbert's Sly Fox comedy, Night of the Living Dead and the Miracle on 34th Street. Children's theater brings Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Stuart Little, Oliver Twist the musical, Night of the Living Dead, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

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  • Hook-Up OutfittersHook-up Outfitters Peoria, Arizona
    This outfitting company is the best fishing adventure company in the state that specializes in half day to multi-day fishing trips and fly fishing excursions into the best holes in the state. With locations all over Arizona, and the best guides in the business, this company has all the right stuff. Their up-to-date equipment and fleet of boats can handle any occasion and permitted access to places no other guide service has in the state. Their biggest problem has always been where you would like to start and what kind of thrilling fishing do you want to do? There is a rare trout called the Apache in the streams of the White Tank Mountains, or the largemouth bass in Lake Pleasant. Smallmouth bass is found plentiful in the Roosevelt Lake, or fly fishing for big brown trout in Oak Creek Canyon. The eco tours are fantastic for fishermen whether just starting out or an old timer looking for some great thrills and marvelous catches. This start has incredible fishing and these great guides will take you there. Their guides will tell you some stories about the state and the fishing that will have you shaking your head, but they don't need to tell fish tales since they have caught some of the finest and biggest fish in the region. They can tell you what fish bites off of live bait or lures. What kind of flys to use for those elusive Apache trout and what the brown trout are biting today. This tour is geared to you and your needs, wants and desires, with only time as you limit. If you plan on spending any time in the Arizona area, then you have to go fishing with these guys. Only the best and you deserve only the best.

  •  Turf Soaring School
    Have you ever wanted to fly the skies? Or even wondered what it would be like to soar over the land thousands of feet in the air? Here is your chance to experience that fantastic feeling in a glider at the Turf Soaring School in Peoria, Arizona. Thousands have already done it and the incredible excitement of flight will inspire you to greater lofts in life and work. You will be towed by plane to a height, let go and then a pilot will teach you the basics of gliding and give you the chance to try it all on your own. Feel the unimaginable release of adrenalin as you take control and glide this plane through the skies over Arizona. Get a completely different point of view of what the land looks like below, Lake Pleasant like you have never seen it and other landmarks that will thrill you completely. Get the most memorable experience of your life and have it documented by the certificate you get on the ground from your instructor. Keep it to hang on your wall for posterity or use it to begin your training to become a licensed glider pilot. There are eight marvelous sailplanes and three tow planes that are thoroughly inspected each day and given a complete maintenance check every 100 hours by FAA licensed mechanics. Think about the opportunity to jump into a glider and fly it yourself in just one day, without hours of studying or learning the engineering mechanics of flight. Immerse your spirit in the magnificent experience of gliding along the earth, high above the land with bright blue skies and fields of green, brown and aqua. Taste the feeling of complete freedom as you soar along like a bird. Try a stunt, or loop and become more exhilarated than you have ever been before, nor likely be again. It is positively a once in a lifetime experience; ever if you fly again, the first time is unmatchable and unbelievable.

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Local Restaurants in Peoria
  • Mike's Rigatoni Bistro
    Mike's has been creating classic Italian and Greek cuisine since 1995, and he has been awarded many accolades since then. It is a great establishment for romance and intimacy, as well as weddings, family gatherings and big celebrations. Dishes from the oven include; garlic-herb foccaccia bread and choice of soup or salad; penne spetsiota is rock shrimps and bay scallops in lightly spiced marinara sauce with capers, olives and feta cheese, tossed with penne pasta and baked with mozzarella crust; lasagna al Forno is homemade pasta layered with meat sauce, ricotta, homemade sausage, 3 different cheeses and baked to perfection; rigatoni carbonara is pasta tubes tossed with prosciutto, pancetta and garlic, touch of Parmigiano, alfredo sauce and baked with mozzarella cheese crust; ziti e bisi is sautéed pancetta, asparagus, sugar snap peas, garlic tossed with penne pasta, ricotta, Parmigiano Alfredo and baked mozzarella; penne primavera is fresh veggies sautéed with olive oil, pesto, garlic, fresh basil, tossed with penne pasta topped with mozzarella and Parmigiano and baked to golden crust; rigatoni Napoletana is pasta tubes tossed with sausage, meat sauce, peppers, mushrooms, wine glazed marinara sauce, cream and baked mozzarella crust; baked seafood shells is fresh pasta shells filled with ricotta, feta, mizithra fontina topped with shrimps, bay scallops, fresh basil and baked with marinara and mozzarella; manicotti toscana is fresh pasta tubes filled with fresh spinach, ricotta, feta, topped with mozzarella and baked with creamy Alfredo sauce. Pastabilities is with choice of spaghetti, orechette, linguini, farfelle, fettucini, penne or rigatoni; chicken kalamata is chunks of chicken with fresh and sundried tomatoes, garlic, artichokes, kalamata olives and touch of wine and feta cheese; salcicce all taverna is pan roasted lightly spiced sausages with roasted peppers, lots of garlic and fresh roasted Roma tomatoes, fresh parsley and basil finished with fresh butter and grated mizithra cheese and touch of ouzo; scampi de la casa is jumbo shrimps in hearty fresh garlic sauce with fresh herbs and touch of wine; pomodoro is sautéed fresh garlic, oven roasted Roma and sundried tomatoes in virgin olive oil, fresh basil and touch of marinara; pescatore is garlic, shallots, virgin olive oil, shrimps, scallops, calamari, mussels, fresh basil, fresh tomato sauce and touch of white wine; clam sauce is red or white with baby and fresh clams, olive oil, garlic, parsley wine and fresh oregano sauce. Athenian specialties include Greek salad and garlic-herb foccaccia bread; mousaka is layers of eggplant, cinnamon scented beef and lamb sauce, sundried tomatoes, feta, topped with cheesy bechamel sauce and baked, served with Greek roasted potatoes;  dolmathes is grape leaves filled with mixture of lamb, beef, pine nuts, raisins and rice served with lemon sauce and Greek roasted potatoes; shrimp santorini is large shrimps, fresh roasted Roma tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and chunks of kasseri cheese and baked over orzo pasta; yeeros platter is yeeros meat served open face with pita bread, topped with grilled onions and fresh tomato alongside tzatziki sauce, pepperoncini and Greek roasted potatoes.

  • Elephant Bar Restaurant
    Chef Reinhard has combined the best of the European and Asian cuisines to create a new unique flavoring called global fusion. With his wood fired grilling and wok cooking, the chef has married the essence of both culinary styles into a robust and delicious dish that will explode your taste buds. Openers include; Vietnamese shrimp spring rolls, wok-fried chicken and lettuce wrap, fresh whole milk mozzarella with bruschetta tomatoes, global sampler, Mediterranean style hummus, quick seared ahi tuna with ponzu, crab and shrimp cakes, artichoke dip, tempura salmon roll, Niu coconut fried shrimp skewers, sweet potato fries, quick fried soy-ginger calamari, Parmesan toasted garlic bread. Global entrees include; center cut NY steak, shrimp and chicken jambalaya, center cut NY steak and Niu coconut shrimp combo, shrimp adventure platter, sautéed chicken marsala, Kona BBQ pork ribs, braised lamb shanks, Macadamia nut chicken breast with oak grilled shrimp, rock sugar braised beef with pappardelle noodles, chicken tender platter, hand-breaded fried shrimp, penne pasta caprese, shrimp scampi in lobster sauce. Wok entrees; Kung pao shrimp and chicken, Shanghai cashew chicken, Kung Pao chicken, crispy teriyaki chicken, fiery Kung Pao shrimp, crispy honey orange shrimp, garlic noodles with wok seared shrimp, Bangkok pad Thai with veggies, sweet and sour chicken, wok-fired Mongolian beef, veggie stir-fry with tofu.


Rigatoni Carbonara Mike's Rigatoni Bistro Peoria, Arizona


Kalamati Chicken Mike's Rigatoni Bistro Peoria, Arizona


Scampi Mike's Rigatoni Bistro Peoria, Arizona


Moussaka Mike's Rigatoni Bistro Peoria, Arizona






New York Steak & Niu Coconut Shrimp Combo Elephant Bar Restaurant Peoria, Arizona


Kung Pao shrimp & chicken Elephant Bar Restaurant Peoria, Arizona 

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  • Peoria Sports Complex Peoria Sports Complex Peoria, Arizona
    The Peoria Sports complex is the spring training park for the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners, and home to the Arizona Fall League. It contains the main baseball stadium and 12 practice fields and is one of the five fields hosting the Fall League. It is used for adult, youth, high school and college tournaments and championships when not used by the major teams and the Vans Warped Tour is held here each summer. It was opened in 1994, and can seat up to 12,882 people. Many special outdoor events have taken place here, such as art shows, private parties, group events, exhibits, trade shows, concerts and outdoor weddings and receptions. The area around the complex has many restaurants, hotels, shopping stores, movie theaters and entertainment houses. It is a fantastic field for the adult league that plays there twice each year, in the spring and in the summer/fall. Play is on either Saturday or Sunday, which gives the men a chance to bring their whole family to support them and their teams. The games are either 7 innings or 2 hours and 15 minutes, whichever is shortest, and there are 10 games a season. It is a great opportunity for these men and women to have a lot of fun doing what they love to do and also a perfect fit to an exercise program. Umpires are supplied and the people have a wonderful time playing on the fields that major league teams practice and play on.

  • Waterfall Trail
    The trail is set high in the White Tank Mountains northwest of Phoenix, and is an easy walk, hike or jog. It isn't quite 2 miles, yet the views are tremendous and often spectacular, with the first half mile without any obstacles. Near the midway point, and the waterfall, there sits petroglyph plaza where the rock drawings are awesome and well worth the trip. There will be places where you will need to climb over some boulders and perhaps wade a bit to get the best views of the falls, but then you can go to the bottom and enjoy the pools there. It is a beautiful waterfall and you will find some tranquility there. The beginning of the trail is wide open and inviting, but as you go along you will notice and realize that there is some challenge to be enjoyed here. Many people say the best times to go out into any place that you can view the desert is just after a rain or during a rain. It is the same here and brings out the best; it also doesn't hurt the petroglyphs that are brighter and easier to view when they have had a good wash. The trail is a very popular place and don't be surprised to see a lot of people of all ages traipsing the trail. The waterfall is tiered, so you may have to do some maneuvering to enjoy it all, but it is well worth it. The trail is well marked and you should not have any problems. Just go and enjoy the whole experience, the petros are worth it alone.

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  • Wildlife World ZooWildlife World Zoo & Aquarium Peoria, Arizona
    The zoo opened in 1984, on the western edge of Phoenix, in Litchfield Park, and now with the aquarium being opened, the park contains the biggest collection of exotic animals in the state with over 3000 animals representing some 600 species. Over half a million people come here every year to watch the wild critters play, eat and live. It is a private organization and needs no other funding to keep it operating. There are two excellent restaurants there, the Tiburon and the Flamingo Lounge that serve lunch and dinner. The seats are what you will notice since they all have a great view of the sharks and stingrays through the two huge acrylic windows that spread across the 60,000 gallon tank. The food is wonderful with steaks, chicken, salads, pastas, seafood and scrumptious desserts. The Flamingo is the outdoor restaurant with views of the dozens of Caribbean flamingos.  The aquarium's design is campus like and just right for the 75 indoor displays that showcase the reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates and mammals. These are housed in three buildings that are themed; the Diversity of Life in Water; Predators; and the Wild and Wonderful. Some of the more spectacular include; seahorses, dwarf crocodiles, jellyfish, black tip reef sharks, eels, stingrays, black-footed penguins and barracudas. The outdoor displays include the African safari train, Sky-ride, log flume ride and Australian boat. The flume is part of the live animal exhibits which makes it that much more exciting and the 1500 foot ride shows close-ups of capuchin and spider monkeys and there is a 20 foot tunnel that is surrounded by South Pacific reef fish. The end of the ride is where they get soaked falling three stories into a splash pool. The safari train ride is over a half mile long and gives the riders excellent views of the gazelles, antelopes and ostriches. The boat ride shows red and gray kangaroos, an albino wallaby and emus; with the laughing kookaburra heard in the background. You can stand on a 12 foot platform and feed the giraffes which is very exciting for the youngsters and those that love the tall creatures. A lory feeding station is set up for people to feed the beautiful and colorful birds of the south Pacific and the first zoo in the country to do so. There is a great petting zoo where the kids can interact with baby goats, axis deer, chickens and other barnyard critters. Wildlife encounters will show you how the birds forage and fly so well in any circumstances and the small mammals of the world is a wonderful venue where you will see small monkeys, bats, rodents and other neat little creatures found throughout the world.

  • Polar Ice Peoria
    The ice skating rink in Peoria is open year round and gives anyone interested a chance to skate all year long, even though the weather outside is a balmy 100 degrees. You can learn to skate, figure skate, play hockey, with freestyle lessons, private lessons and specialty classes. Many of these wonderful skaters have continued on to win championship awards for many of the styles of skating that is offered here. One young skater started just four years ago and has already won a medal at the Golden West Championships in September of 2009, and will compete in the end of October for the Jr. Nationals. This young woman has really worked hard on the ice and deserves all the best in her future endeavors. It is also a big plus for the skating rink and staff to see what can be achieved when you work hard and are dedicated to working hard for your dreams. It will certainly bring in more kids to try their best at whatever skating style attracts them. It also helps to have a rink to skate on all year long. The hockey programs that are offered here are great for people of all ages and skill levels. It is a wonderful venue for these folks to enjoy whatever the weather or season.

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  • Taliesin WestTalisin West Peoria, Arizona
    This is the winter home for famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and is home to his school for architecture. Frank stayed here in 1937 until his death in 1959, and is also home to his foundation, and is available for tours. The design was his organic response to many factors that influenced his decision for this design; the ruggedness of the talus-sloped mountain where Frank got the sand, stone and gravel that was used in his construction. The climate that would allow light to filter through the redwood and canvas roof, and the need to have rooms for the staff and students that would come here to learn. Throughout his life, he kept changing the designs of his buildings, with the construction being done by his students. A lot of his most famous designs were completed here, which included the Grady Gammage Auditorium at Arizona State University in Tempe and the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. This property has remained the headquarters of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and the winter home of the School of Architecture. Frank and his wife's personal quarters were refurbished in 2004, and tours are given quite regularly. It was made a National Historic Landmark in 1982. The U.S. Park Service submitted this home and 9 others to the World Heritage Status committee in hopes of getting them on the list, with all the sites listed as one since that is how the process works.

  • Papago ParkPapago Park Peoria, Arizona
    The spectacular red sandstone rock formations of the Papago Park were created millions of years ago, and one of the most distinctive is the hole in the rock, a well known landmark that was eroded over the millennia and created this unique formation. Evidence has been gathered that suggests the Hohokam used the openings and the way the sunlight drifted through to discover the solstices. There is also signs of Precambrian granite in the area just under a small layer of soil. It was a reservation for the Maricopa and Pima tribes of the local Indians in 1879, but as usual with all first time reservations the government decided it needed the land for its own purposes and pushed the Native Americans aside and made it the Papago Saguaro National Monument in 1914. Still not content with the status quo, Congress abolished that status in 1930, and gave some of the land to Tempe, some to the Arizona National Guard and the rest to the Salt River Project. During the second world war, a POW camp was built that housed some 3,100 prisoners of war from 1942 until 1944. It was here, that the biggest escape attempt in the U.S. happened; in December of 1944, when a German U-boat captain and crew of 25 men went out through a 178 tunnel and got to the desert with no idea of where there were or how they would live to escape further. They decided it would be better to give themselves up and stay there until the end of the war. Afterwards, the land was used to house a VA hospital from 1947 until 1951, then it was used as a Army Reserve camp. The part of the land that was owned by the state was sold to Phoenix in 1959, where upon a beautiful 18 hole championship golf course was built. The Tempe area land was given to that city in 1935, and part of that went to the Salt River Project. The ponds in the park are about 6 acres and 8 feet deep with paved access, tackle and equipment rentals, licenses for sale, restrooms, drinking water, restaurants, tables, gas and oil, parking area, live bait fish and lodging. The fishing is spectacular with rainbow trout, carp, largemouth bass, tilapia, sunfish and catfish.

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  • Pioneer Living History MuseumPioneer Living History Museum Peoria, Arizona
    It was during the mid 1950s when a group of men met in a local restaurant to lament the continuing loss of state's wonderful historical buildings; which were being torn down for progress and other were just being vandalized for spite. It was here that the Pioneer Arizona            Foundation was born and their main mission was to save the magnificent structures that were being destroyed by vandals and progress. Within two years, the organization was given tax-exempt status and plans for the construction of a museum copied from the eastern coasts living history exhibits; like Williamsburg, Va. The organization became known as a self-sustaining, nonprofit historical and educational project for the American heritage. Originally the exhibition would resemble life during the 1870s to the 1890s in regards to faith, fortitude and foresight of those early pioneers. In 1962, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lockett, whose family had been in the state since the early 1880s, donated a land lease for the state to them and the quest had begun. The original plans were expanded to include the early Spanish conquistadors exploration and invasion to the statehood accomplishment in 1912. Actual construction began in 1963, zoning approved in 1964, and an off ramp from the main highway approved in 1965. That same year, the National and School Awards Jury had picked the project as the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge Honor Certificate Award for community programs, which gave them national recognition for saving the heritage of their early pioneers and finding a better way of life for the American people.

  • Phoenix Art Museum
    The Phoenix Art Museum is known also as PAM and is the biggest and main facility of visual art in the entire southwest and is located in Phoenix, Arizona; tracing their main collections back to the early 1912. It was then that the Phoenix Women's Club and Arizona State Fair Committee envisioned a fine arts center, with the first painting purchased in 1915, and by 1925, the Phoenix Fine Arts Association was born. The first permanent museum was the Phoenix Arts Center in 1936, under the WPA, which was part of the Federal Art Project; with the museum being renamed the Phoenix Art Museum and Philip Campbell Curtis being named the first director. It is one of the Phoenix Points of Pride. The collections were moved to their present location in 1959 in what is considered midtown Phoenix and designed by Alden Dow and Blaine Drake. In 1995, it expanded into the building next door which was the old Central Library and a newer modern art wing was added in 2006. The vast collection encompasses works that span time and space with the contemporary, photography, Thorne rooms, western American, Philip Curtis, modern, fashion design, American, Latin American, Asian and European galleries. The American gallery contains paintings by George Inness, Robert Henri, John Singleton Copley, William Merritt Chase, Eastman Johnson and Fitz Henry Lane. The Asian gallery contains many Chinese ceramics, Indian sculptures, cloisonné enamel, Japanese prints and screens, miniature paintings, painting and tomb sculpture and Buddhist art from Java, China, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan and India. The contemporary gallery contains art works from the 1950s and is the fastest growing part of the museum, all within 30,000 square feet of beautiful space. Some of the works include; Yayoi Rovner, Anish Kapoor, Josiah McElheny, Cornelia Parker, Sol LeWitt, Julian Opie, Donald Judd and others. In the European collection, there are over 1200 paintings, sculptures and drawings going from the 14th century to the 19th. These include masterpieces by Claude Monet, Marco Palmezzano, Gustave Courbet, Astorga Master, Abraham Janssens, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, Baron Antoine-Jean Gros, Auguste Rodin, George Romney, Ferdinand-Victor-Eugene Delacroix, Jean-Baptiste Greuze and Jean-Leon Gerome.

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