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Things to do in Pueblo

  • Rosemont Museum Rosemont Museum Pueblo, Colorado
    The Rosemont was constructed in 1893, cost $60,750, and was designed by Henry Hudson Holly, a noted architect from New York. The magnificent 24,000 square foot home, often referred to as the crown jewel of Colorado, is in Pueblo, Colorado and was the home of Margaret and John Thatcher. The auspicious 37 room mansion was named after Margaret's favorite flower, and was the family's home for 75 years. Almost all the furnishings, the paintings, custom paneling, window and wall treatments, decorative arts and accessories that are in the house were the original bought by the Thatchers. Constructed in the Richardson Romanesque type of architect, the pink volcanic rock of the house was quarried from the quarry in Castle Rock, Colorado. Within the interior, there are marvelous maple, cherry, oak and mahogany woodworks that are spectacular and great examples of the mastership carpentry that was available at the time. The entry way is made of golden oak, with a coffered ceiling and the biggest of the house's Tiffany chandeliers. An intricate oak staircase winds its way up to the second level, past an exquisite stained glass window called "Kingdom of Nature" and is 9 feet by 13 feet in size. Charles Booth was the creator, from New York, and the beautiful windows in the home were dedicated to the memory of the Thatcher's two children, Lenore and Albert, that didn't live to see the finished product. John was originally from Pennsylvania and came west because of the excitement and opportunities that existed there. He was a school teacher, then went into the mercantile business as a clerk, then a tannery worker, and back as a clerk in Denver. He moved to Pueblo and opened his own general store in 1863, and then his brother, Mahlon came in 1865. They opened a bank together, and it was chartered in 1871, as the First National Bank of Pueblo. During those years, John was able to become involved in many lucrative ventures, being an attentive listener and storyteller. His wife was from Wisconsin and the first school teacher in Pueblo. Her mother had died when she was five and her father remarried, moving the whole family to Pueblo. Margaret married John in 1861, and stopped teaching to have and raise children, as well as supporting John's many business ventures. They had five children together, although Lenore died when she was 13, and Albert was only 3. The other girl and two boys lived until the 20th century, with Raymond being the oldest when he died in 1968, a ripe 83 years old. There is a gift shop that sells many items of exclusive design and can only be picked up at Rosemont. Tours are given, and the museum holds many wonderful venues during the year, especially at Christmas. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and has been highlighted on the A & E cable network's America's Castles.

  • Greenway and Nature Center of Pueblo
    The center has been renamed to the Nature & Raptor Center of Pueblo, in Colorado, and sits in the magnificent Rock Canyon, along the banks of the Arkansas River. Here a unique mixture of semi-arid grasslands, transitional, aquatic and riparian landscapes give the center's animals and plants a secure and protective home. Other recreational activities include fishing, kayaking, canoeing, nature walks and wildlife sights that will thrill you and your family. Allowing you to go to the Pueblo River Trail system, you can jog, run, ride bikes or horses to enjoy the tranquility and solitude of this great park. Many educational programs abound here, a summer camp for the children and a bluegrass festival for all highlight some of the exciting venues that happen here throughout the year. There are over 36 miles of paved and unpaved trails that go through the center's grounds, as it is near Lake Pueblo. A 150 foot boat dock is available for your boating needs, with volleyball courts, picnic areas, big playground area, amphitheater, horseshoe pits and nature trail. Equipment like bikes and other recreational activities can be rented here, and the interpretive center showcases all the plants and animals that can be seen here. The Raptor center cares for injured birds like owls, eagles and various birds of prey that will be brought back to a healthy status and let go.

  • Bear Lake
    In the majestic Bear Lake area of the Rocky Mountain National Park, the half mile trail that meanders around this beautiful lake is one of the most favorite and visited trail in the park. It is easily accessible and walking or hiking is not difficult. Sitting at almost 10,000 feet above sea level, the snow capped mountains in the distance are a beautiful sight from the bench along the shoreline of the lake with such a distinctive panoramic view of the mountains rising up above the cold blue waters. There are connectors to other longer trails here, where all will give you such incredible views of the mountains, lakes, rivers, streams and animals that live here, you might not want to leave.

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  • San Isabel National ForestSan Isabel National Forest Pueblo, Colorado
    This forest is found in the central area of Colorado, near Pueblo, and is over 1 million acres of wilderness and rugged terrains, with 19 of the states 54 fourteeners, which are mountain tops that rise over 14,000 feet above sea level. This includes Mount Elbert, which is the highest peak in Colorado. The forest is one of the 11 national forests that reside in the state, and holds the Collegiate Peaks, Sangre de Cristo Range and Sawatch Range. The Sawatch Range is a fantastic place to visit and enjoy the great outdoors and all its beauty. The Fooses Creek Trail is a wonderful hike through the forest with all its magnificent flora and fauna, as well as a superb view of Mount Mamma. There are many activities that can occupy your time here, with summer temps in the 70s during the daytime and a cool 30s or so in the evenings. Skiing is a favorite sport here in the winter, when it gets into the 20s during the day and minus 20s at night. Monarch is the best slope to enjoy skiing, and if you can brave the cold, the Middle Quartz campground is nearby. The views of Chrysolite Mountain from the forest are spectacular, and Pomeroy Gulch is a great place to visit while here. August is the rainiest month even though there isn't much rain in this area because of the heights with June being the driest month. The Texas Creek Trail is another venue to enjoy the wilderness walks, jogs or runs that will give you delightful sights on its trail. Another great place to visit and see the sights is Grizzly Gulch, with the North Fork Reservoir nearby to inspire your photography skills. Browns Creek Trail is one of the best trails in the forest and the views and trees are worth spending time walking. There are 43 developed campgrounds altogether in the forest area, with tree stands of Ponderosa pine, Englemann spruce and others that crawl up and down the mountains. Turquoise Lake and Twin Lakes Recreational areas are probably the best places since they are the most popular. Turquoise Lake has 7 campgrounds that are equipped with restrooms, showers and dump station. Two boat ramps are located here to put into the water for a fantastic day of fishing or just boating the shoreline for the best views anywhere. The May Queen campground will wake you with the rising sun, and majestic views of Mount Massive and Holy Cross Wilderness. There are also two trails here that will take you into the mountain range with unbelievable views; the one is 12.5 miles that will certainly put your spirit and health to the test. It is challenging and exciting for both hikers and mountain bikers. The lake nature trail is only 1.2 miles, but is great for those of you with small children or families. For those of you with off road vehicles, the best place for that is the trail that is near the Angel of Shavano campground that winds past the ghost town of Shavano or the North Fork campground where you can meander through the alpine valley into an old mining camp with much history.

  •  Pueblo Zoo
    The zoo is located in the city park, in Pueblo, Colorado, home to over 400 animals that represent some 130 species. The areas of the zoo include; Pioneer Ranch, North American grasslands, Asian adventure, Serengeti safari, the Australian outback, Islands life building and World of Colors. Some of the animals that live here include; an African lion, zebra, black vulture, African crowned crane, emu, red kangaroo, maned wolf, Malayan sun bear, Rocky Mountain elk, bison, trumpeter swan, mallard, wood duck, swift fox, black tailed prairie dog, reindeer, camels, llama, miniature horse, miniature donkey, turkey, barn owl, bullsnake, hogs, cows, sheep, goat, chickens, peafowl, rabbits, goose, tortoise, red panda, otter, meerkat, monkey, porcupine, bats, lizards, toads, skink, rats, penguin, sloth, red-eared slider, python, cockatoo and many, many more wonderful animals and birds. They offer educational and elementary school programs, as well as guided tours of the zoo with great information about all the creatures that live here.

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Local Restaurants in Pueblo
  • La Renaissance Restaurant
    The La Renaissance was built in 1886, as a Presbyterian church, with other structures and additions being built a year later. There is magnificent 25 foot stained glass window in the banquet room is still as beautiful today as it was then. In 1956, an educational wing was added to the building and by 1966, when the church merged with another, the building was sold and became a number of different kinds of church. In 1974, the property was bought by Jim and Bob Fredregill to run their Red Barn restaurants and for the catering business. It was in bad disrepair, so needed a lot of tender care. That has been accomplished and was opened as a restaurant in 1978. Its splendor and excellent foods and service will have you going back for more. The menu offers; roast prime rib of beef which is slowly roasted to enhance flavor and tenderness served au jus; end cut when available, inside cut, Colorado cut, Jay Fox cut; petite filet mignon au Champignon; award winning flatiron steak; rack of lamb is two hearty double chops, broiled in light rosemary glaze served with mint jelly; incomparable baby back pork ribs is lean and meaty ribs cooked slowly in perfect seasoned sauce; La Renaissance Rellenos is served on rice and covered with famous La Renaissance pork green chile; La ribs; veggie plate is variety of steamed veggie enhanced with elegant combination of seasonings; roast duckling apriquitte is half duckling partially boned and roasted in brandy apricot sauce; breast of chicken Edith Piaf is breast of chicken stuffed with broccoli and blend of cheeses, lightly breaded and baked; southwestern chicken is broiled breast of chicken boneless and skinless with an Anaheim green chile, Monterey Jack cheese and smothered in spicy pork green chile; southwestern flatiron steak is broiled to temp, with Anaheim green chile, Monterey jack cheese and smothered in spicy pork green chile; chicken Kalgoorlie is breast of chicken boneless and skinless garnished with sautéed mushrooms; Rellenos vegetarian is served on rice and garnished with picante; broiled wild salmon filet mildly seasoned with lemon and butter; baked scrod is lightly breaded New England cod, baked and served with lemon and tartar sauce; lightly breaded deep fried shrimp; shrimp on a skewer is seven shrimp on a skewer, sautéed, seasoned and served on rice pilaf; orange roughy is boneless fish filet with delicate shellfish flavor, steamed and enhance by lemon and drawn butter; steamed Alaskan king crab legs served in shell with drawn butter.ous menu that will satisfy any taste bud. 

  • DJ's Steakhouse
    This unusual restaurant serves the biggest variety of steaks and exotic delicacies like buffalo, quail, lamb, elk and ostrich; with the freshest seafood in the city. Appetizers include; oysters Rockefeller is topped with spinach, béarnaise sauce, parmesan cheese and bacon; shrimp cocktail is chilled tiger shrimp with house made sauce; DJs oysters on the half shell served with house made cocktail sauce, lemon and saltines; DJs wings of fire is a pound of flaming hot devils or not; escargot is sautéed with garlic butter and accompanied with garlic toast points; fried veggie combo is battered and deep fried; fried mushrooms or zucchini, mozzarella cheese sticks with marinara or ranch dressing; artichoke hearts is marinated hearts coupled with melted mozzarella cheese; DJs Rocky Mountain oysters is a western delicacy sliced thin for tenderness, hand breaded and deep fried; onion rings; calamari rings. Salads include; DJs steak salad is thinly sliced Angus sirloin the way you like it on top of greens and garden fresh veggies; chef salad is classic combo of cheese, tomato, ham and veggies; Caesar salad is crisp romaine tossed with creamy Caesar dressing, topped with fresh parmesan cheese and crunchy croutons. Beef entrees; DJs top sirloin steak is Angus, hand cut and aged cooked to your tastes, 8 or 12 ounces; DJs Rocky Mountain oy-steers is western delicacy sliced thin for tenderness, hand breaded and deep fried; DJs tenderloin K-bobs is filet of beef skewered with fresh seasonal veggies from locals; DJs NY strip is 12 ounces cut from the loin when ordered; DJs ribeye is 12 ounces cooked the way you like it; chopped sirloin steak is either half or full pound cooked your way; DJs filet mignon is 8 ounces, wrapped with bacon; T-bone steak is aged and grilled to the bone; prime rib slow cooked 8, 12 or 20 ounces. Seafood; lobster is Australian lobster tail; Rocky Mountain rainbow trout is pan sautéed; DJs shrimp scampi is served with traditional white wine, garlic sauce and angel hair pasta; DJs halibut filet is Pacific halibut; salmon is farm raised; snow crab; DJs king crab; jumbo shrimp is large hand breaded and fried to crispy golden brown. Other offerings include; lamb is two big T-bone steaks grilled with flavor of the bone; lamb shanks is served with cognac demiglaze; rack of lamb is lamb grilled whole. House specialties; quail is hand rubbed and seasoned, seared in oil and served with wild rice; breast of chicken is boneless, skinless breast prepared with lemon pepper, parmesan, Cajun or bbq sauce. Mix and match is quail and tail; steak and quail; DJs roast duck is cooked rotisserie style with herbs and spices, half duck order served with fresh orange Grand Manier sauce; DJs baby back ribs is house recipe marinade; southern fried chicken served crispy and hot made fresh to order; DJs Rocky Mountain mixed grill favorites is ostrich filet, rainbow trout and Colorado range fed lamb. Exotics; DJs ostrich filet is Colorado bred and fed; Rocky Mountain elk; free range buffalo.


Roast duckling Apriquitte La Renaissance Pueblo, Colorado


Petit filet La Renaissance Pueblo, Colorado


Baby back ribs La Renaissance Pueblo, Colorado


Baked Scrod La Renaissance Pueblo, Colorado



 Free Range buffalo steak DJs Pueblo, Colorado

Ostrich filet DJs Steakhouse Pueblo, Colorado


Halibut filet DJs Steakhouse Pueblo, Colorado


Grilled T-bone DJs Steakhouse Pueblo, Colorado




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  • Greenhorn Mountain Wilderness Area Greenhorn Mountain Wilderness Area Pueblo, Colorado
    This wilderness area contains over 22,000 acres of wild almost impenetrable terrain that is probably the least visited area of the state. Rising from the plains, the Greenhorn Mountain is over 12,000 feet high, and there isn't another place in the state that has such a tremendous change from the plains that goes up into a mountain. Over two-thirds of the area is wooded, with dry oakbrush and ponderosa pine changing into aspen, spruce and fir, into alpine tundra, with most of the east side being devoid of trees because it is so steep and rocky. There aren't any lakes, or other vivid natural attractions that bring people here. Small canyons and steep ridges are the main geological features, with some streams coming down the mountain side that contain the greenback cutthroat trout that is slowly becoming endangered. There are plenty of bighorn sheep, mule deer and elk, which is a hunter's paradise in the season. The 11 miles of trails that are in good condition, are on the northern slopes, while the southern remains waterless, remote and tough to hike, which explains why is has the least amount of visitors in the state's forest and wilderness systems. It is a perfect place for solitude and the quiet serenity of the forest; and the views are beautiful in their ruggedness. Some of the wonderful activities that can be enjoyed is bird watching, hiking, backpacking, climbing, stargazing , kayaking, canoeing and rafting.

  • Comanche National Grasslands
    This national grassland in Colorado is the site of the Purgatoire River track site, which is one of the longest dinosaur track-ways in the world; found in the Morrison Formation. The track-way sits along the Purgatoire River and is accessible only by hiking there on foot, by riding horseback or using a mountain bike. Since 2001, it has been the place where many dinosaur bones have been discovered. These track-ways, of which there are about a 100, contain over 1300 footprints that were created by quadruped and biped dinosaurs. They are mostly in the limestone of the Jurassic Morrison formation and is believed to have been where a huge freshwater lake was found at the time of the dinosaurs. It covers over 435,000 acres of magnificent grasslands, where the dinosaurs used to roam. From 1749 until 1805, it was the homeland of the Comanche Indian, and once they left it became a huge pasture for grazing cattle until 1898. During the mid 1800s until 1880, the Santa Fe trail went past and was made a national grassland district in 1960. Presently it is used for grazing livestock, mineral production and recreation. There are over 257 different species of birds that call this area home, such as the red headed woodpeckers, Say's phoebes, lark sparrows, Bullock's orioles, mourning doves and western meadowlarks. In the Picketwire Canyonlands, you will find the dino tracks that are just amazing, huge footprints imbedded in the limestone and going in a somewhat straight line. Tours are given by appointments only, and can only be during the summer months from April until October. There are some areas that have historic rock art, the limestone markers from the Santa Fe trail and the early settlers rock huts.

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  • Wet MountainsWet Mountains, Colorado
    One of the most unique homes in the state is the castle in Proctor, Pueblo that was built in 1867 using a number of architectural styles, including; Romanesque Revival, Scottish baronial, Dutch neo-renaissance and Queen Anne.  It is now a museum that is opened May until October.  The structure was built by John Johnson, a physician born in Pueblo and his wife from England.  John met his wife while going to school in England to study medicine, and used two English architects to help design the unusual monstrosity.  Taking eight years to plan and build the home, it ended up costing 1.3 million dollars.  There are also 18 outbuildings and was lived in only for a short time.  It was taken over by the banks, when Mrs. Johnson died and the good doctor couldn't afford the taxes or maintenance costs.  The antiques and other valuables were sold off to pay creditors and the castle soon earned the name Johnson's folly.  From the late 1880s until 1939, the property changed hands 4 times and then Herbert Wilson, one of the pioneer's in the AM radio industry bought it and set up the station WEWE in one of the stables, where it still operates today.  Herbert joined the Army Signal Corps during the second World War and came home, retiring a colonel in the 50s.  In 1981, he died and left the estate to his daughter, who still lives there in the servant's quarters.  Since 1962, it has been available for tours and is owned by the Wilson Foundation, Inc. a non-profit organization.  There is 115 acres of land, 32 rooms, 3 stories with 19 proscenium arches, English brick and French marble, 84 stained glass windows, 2 turrets, a parapet and a balcony.  There are 13 fireplaces inside with imported tiles and bronze finishing.  Asian and European antique furnishings, a statuary, oriental rugs and Chinese scrolls.  There is a huge glass house and aviary also on the property. 

  • Steelworks Museum
    The Wet Mountains are a small range of mountains named for the amounts of snow that they get each year, and also called the Sierra Mojadas. Most of it is in Custer County and the highest peak is called Greenhorn, with numerous peaks. The valley down below has Silver Cliff and Westcliffe townships, while the mountains have Wetmore in Hardscrabble Canyon, one of the three ways out of the valley. The only other road is Highway 165, which goes through Rye and Colorado City; and the Bishop Castle and Lake Isabel. Bishop's is a stone castle that was built to look like those castles of the Middle Ages, and while some of the structure is open for tours, not all of it is completed. You can get there by the highway, which is part of the access route to use to climb the Greenhorn. Beulah and Rosita townships are here in the area, although Rosita is now considered a ghost town. Rosita was a silver mining town and means little rose. The only buildings now left of the 400 that were there is the old post office building that is today a restaurant, with the area around mostly semi-rural home sites. It was founded in 1872, when prospectors found silver, and it soon grew into a town of tents, saloon, hotel, blacksmith shop, log cabins, stores, an assayer's office and post office. Although there were some great strikes, the ore was gone within a few years, and after losing the county seat in 1887, it went downhill. The post office closed down in 1966, although the zip code serves Rosita, it is using the town of Westcliffe as its post office.

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