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Alamo Car Rentals Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The worst part about going on vacation is finding a place to stay and making plans to get you and those with you from place to place. Fortunately for you getting from place to place can be crossed off the list when you rent a vehicle fro Alamo! With Cheap Alamo Rentals you can avoid a painful experience and enjoy your time in Puerto Plata!

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Puerto Plata Downtown - Ave. Luperon, Km. 2.1/2
Puerto Plata Intl. Airport - In Airport Terminal

Things to do in Puerto Plata

Pico Isabel de Torres

A cable car making its way up the mountainIf you are looking to get the best view of Puerto Plata and maybe one of the best views you'll ever see in your entire life then Pico Isabel de Torres is your best bet. Pico Isabel de Torres is located about 2,640 feet above sea level, from this height you get a breath taking view of the countryside on this beautiful island. If you are into bird watching theny you will have a blast at the Subtropical Mountain Reserve where you will find an unbelievable amount of colorful birds in their own natural habitat. There are about fifteen underground streams and rivers that flow through the park and many visitors say if you listen closely you can hear the relaxing sound of flowing water, it's a truly one of a kind experience when you can hear the sound of rushing water yet you don't see it anywhere around you. There are plenty of companies that offer tours around this area and we highly suggest looking into them so you can have the most fun possible at this park hiking from the bottom to the top, there is also a cable car ride that you can get on that takes you directly to the top of the mountain if you are not much of a hiker. Whatever you decide to do at this park will leave you with a picture perfect view, make sure you come prepared with a camera to bring these memories back home with you!

Budget rent a car Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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Gregorio Luperon International - In Airport Terminal

Playa Dorada Golf Course

Playa Dorada Golf CourseIf you are an avid golfer you may just have the most fun you have had on a golf course at the Playa Dorada Golf Course. On this finely cultivated 18 hole course you will play among some of the most challenging fairways. Many people say that the best part of playing at Playa Dorada Golf Course is the dramatic Mount Isabela looming inland just behind you and the endless vista of the north Atlantic ahead of you. The feeling you get playing in such a lush setting can not be comparable to anything else. Golfers have no problem staying cool in this area, the tropical breezes naturally keep your body at a comfortable temperature. Just off of the 18th hole at the course is the stylish clubhouse. This luxurious circular building features high ceilings, white walls, wicker and dark wood furnishings, contrasted by a sleek lime-colored lounge area. The bar area is a final welcoming hole after a morning or late afternoon session on the adjacent course. One problem is that its very hard to bring golf clubs around and adds extra stress and hassle to the trip which is definitely not needed on a vacation. Whether you're a beginner golfer or a pro golfer the Playa Dorada Golf Course is the best course for a nice relaxing round of golf.

Avis discount rental car Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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La Union International Airport - In Airport Terminal
Carretera Luperon km 4 1/2 - Puerto Plata, DO

Jeep Safari Tours

a jeep driving through waterThe Jeep Safari Tours are probably one of the most interesting tours you can do on the island simply because you can see all of the major parts and the fun you can have in them! Tours typically start in the morning and end sometime in the afternoon, depending on the Tour Company and daily conditions. Most tour companies start the tours in local neighborhoods so you can see the difference in living conditions and how the locals go about their day to day life which is really a great experience when all you usually see is your own day to day life. The Jeep Tours take you throughout the island and take you to some of the most fun areas around the town. For example one of the areas in which tourists have the most fun is the waterfall area, there are plenty around the island so not all tour companies take you to the same place however they are all fun to climb up and jump down! After you wear yourself out from all the climbing and jumping they usually let you swim around for a little so you can regain your energy. After those two major stop points most of the companies make their own pit stops and at this point no two companies are on the same route, you can expect to stop at Cigar shops, local businesses, supermarkets and more!

Hertz Car Rental Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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Gregorio Luperon International Airport - In Airport Terminal

Local Favorite Restaurants of Puerto Plata


The Aleph RestaurantIf you are looking for a nice gourmet restaurant in the Puerto Plata area then Aleph is your best bet. This one of a kind restaurant features some of the most exclusive specialties that show the unique flavor of the Dominican Republic. One favorite food among most visitors is the signature Penne with shrimp and goat cheese. Of course when going to a new place and experiencing a new culture there will be things that sound a little on the odd side but you cant give it a negative review without trying it! In this case the one type of food that’s a little on the odd side for average people that are not from the Dominican Republic are pancakes with duck liver paste and goat hists. Aside from the main dishes there is a wide selection of sushi and meat that you can choose from, and let’s not forget about dessert! Aleph is known for its two great desserts, the Chocolate Vanilla Mousse and the signature cheese cake both set the night off in the right direction.

Thrifty Car Rental Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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Puerto Plata International Airport - In Airport Terminal

Chris & Mady's

Chris & Mady'sThere are many original Dominican restaurants in the Puerto Plata area however Chris & Mady’s eatery takes the cake as one of the best restaurants in the area. The service along is reason enough to drive over to Playa Cofresi, that is of course if you aren't staying there or planning to go there for at least one day on your trip. Chris & Mady’s takes the highest pride in serving some of the freshest seafood you can find on the island. If you know anything about Sea Food you know that the prices change all the time, even though they can go for extremely cheap to very expensive Chris & Mady’s maintain a steady price throughout the whole season especially lobster season. Any guests also like to come here to feast on Dominican crayfish as they sit at wooden tables under a thatch roof, feasting on fettuccine with shrimp. There are plenty of items you must try at Chris & Mady’s so now is the best time to drive by and get a nice plate of some of the best food on the island.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo Airport - In Airport Terminal

National Rental Cars Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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Puerto Plata International Airport - In Airport Terminal
Puerto Plata Regional Office - Playa Dorada Complex

May 13, 2011