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Things to do in Renton

    Renton Historical Museum Renton Historical Museum Renton, Washington
    The Renton History Museum in Renton, Washington contains collections that were donated beginning in 1966 and continuing on to the present day, with archival materials that pertain to the city's cultural, civic and industrial past, with many relics dating back to the prehistoric period to the current day, with relics ranging from historical, archaeological and ethnological categories. It also houses two secondary collections that include an education collection and reference library. The museum offers many of their 13,000 photographs in the University of Washington libraries digital collections website, but only features about 500 of them at a time. The museum acquired the Custer-Lewis collection in 2000 from Charles L. Custer, a lifelong local resident, and included a big collection of late 19th and early 20th century relics, that include, items, ephemera and photographs, since he had been the last descendant of two well known families, the Custers and the Lewis', with possessions from both families in the collections. It is quite large, actually doubling the size of the previous collections, although it has yet to be catalogued. The outstanding photos show many of the city's former residents and places around the Renton area, and because of their excellent condition and value, the 1000 plus images from that collection were the first items to be catalogued. Just recently, the museum acquired 49 glass plates through a donation, which date to the early 1900s and show many residents and businesses in the city, but some of the negatives were found to be in poor condition due to their age and preservation methods, so the project will take some time in finishing, but it is a great collection that will fit in nicely with what the museum already has. The museum store has many marvelous books for sale including some that were published by the Renton Historical Society.

    Kagedo Japanese Art
    Kagedo Japanese Art Seattle, WashingtonThe Kagedo Japanese Art gallery opened in 1983 to become the premier resource for collectors of the arts of Japan, specializing in a broad range of fine quality Japanese artworks. The gallery has helped many collectors with Japanese Meiji art, basketry and paintings, art deco and modernism and more, with many of the works that have been acquired from the gallery now housed in the permanent collections of the Sannezaka Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, San Francisco Asian Art Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the LA County Museum of Art, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Arthur M. Sackler Galleries, the Denver Museum of Art, the Freer Gallery of Art and the Morikami Museum of Japanese Culture. Needless to say, their offerings are beautiful and very interesting, so when in the area be sure to stop by and check out what they have, are getting and learn more about this marvelous artwork that will dress up any room or occasion. The gallery is set up almost as if you were in Japan itself with plenty of lighting from the many windows, making it all natural and the surroundings complement the numerous objects for sale. Their recent acquisitions are impressive and encourage you to check out more about the magnificent works of art that are located there, or else available to their business.

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    Stimson-Green MansionStimson-Green Mansion Seattle, Washington
    The Stimson Mansion, which would later become the Stimson-Green Mansion had been designed by Spokane architect Kirtland Cutter, after the Great Fire of Seattle in 1889, and would be completed by 1901 for Harriet and Charles D. Stimson; which had been and still is one of the finest examples of eclectic architecture in the city of Seattle, Washington, and has become one of the finest preserved turn-of-the- century houses in the region. It sits on First Hill in the city, one of the last surviving houses of that neighborhood, that has been able to survive the century plus of events and weather. It is one of the few instances where a visitor can come and enjoy the lifestyle of the well-to-do during the early 20th century period in the city. The exterior has half timber work and stucco, a very steeply pitched roof, outstanding ornamental wooden gables, pointed arches, lovely chimneys and casement windows with diamond shaped leaded panes. It is considered to be mostly English Tudor on the outside, while the interior includes numerous styles that include; neoclassical, Moorish, renaissance, Romanesque and gothic spread throughout this 10,000 square foot home. There are many paneled wainscotings, a library fireplace surround with a pair of hand-carved lions and a dining room frieze, with every room stylishly reflecting a different architectural style, with the majority of it being found on the first level, which is now the most public. The entrance leads into a elaborate hall that extends to the rear of the house which spreads out into a large dining room, creating a very dramatic effect and part of the architect's design and intention. The grand entry hall has a vaulted ceiling, with exposed beams that are highly glossed, and a marvelous painted canvas surface, with oak-paneled wainscoting and carved pillars. It also contains wall coverings of gold leaf and hand-painted heraldic devices on the canvases, with red and gold details that contain curving tendrils and definitive lions. The round arch that is supported by numerous small columns that gather together, is one of the characteristics of the Romanesque style hallway, which actually looks more like a frame around the dining room entrance. This hall is used to connect the main function rooms, which have created an open feeling about the area that seems to flow very naturally. The first door on the left heads into Mrs. Stimson's tea and reception room, where the mistress would greet her visitors and guests in a room that is often called French Empire or just empire. This just means that the details in the room are less dramatic, but more delicate with wood surfaces that have been painted white. The beautiful marble fireplace and mantle offer a vibrant contrast to the fireplace in the library that is on the opposite side of this room across the hall. The library is exquisite and saturated with gothic detailing, as well as being bigger than the tea room, styled in the Victorian period, although dark and wooden, with a strong surround on the fireplace and a pair of hand-carved wooden lions standing guard. The andirons are metal and created to resemble dragons, while the magnificent bookcases look more like window in an old gothic church because the architect used pointed arches and marvelous detailing. It has sycamore paneling in the dining room, with a lovely carved mantle that is beautifully offset by an indigo glass tile fireplace surround and narrative frieze that flows just below the ceiling around the whole room. It is a house well worth visiting and enjoying as you peruse the elegant surroundings, slowly strolling along the hallway and entering each and every room to get the full effect.

    Smith Tower
    Smith Tower Seattle, WashingtonThe Smith Tower in Seattle, Washington, is situated in Pioneer Square as the oldest skyscraper in the city, constructed in 1914, and named after the builder, Lyman Cornelius Smith, how is also a typewriter mogul and firearms tycoon. The structure has 38 floors and had been the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River, but when the new Kansas City Power & Light Building was constructed during 1931, it would only be the tallest structure on the west coast, until the Space Needle was constructed in 1962 and overtook it; although it is still a city landmark. Smith had originally planned on constructing a 14 story structure in 1909, but his son, Burns Lyman Smith, would use his influence and convince his father to construct a higher skyscraper than the National Realty Building in Tacoma, to become the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. The actual construction would start in 1910, even though Smith would pass on before that, but it would be finished in 1914 to be 462 feet tall from the street level to the top of the pyramid that sits atop it; and another 37 feet higher to the tip of the pinnacle. The ribbon cutting would take place on July 3, 1914, and Ivar Haglund of Ivar's Restaurant would buy it in 1976 for $1.8 million. Then, in 1996, the Samis Foundation would purchase it, and then it turned around and sold it to the Walton Street Capital group in 2006; being restored in the years of 1986 and 1999. Numerous high-tech companies have thronged to the building since it installed fiber-optic cables, although the dot-com bubble bursting did make its occupancy rate fall to 26.1 %, which was twice the city's rate in 2001. The Walt Disney Internet group had seven floors in the structure, but after the burst, it gave up three floors, until 2007, and then the rate began climbing to about 90%. After Disney and another big occupant decided to move out, it filed an application to convert the offices into condominiums. The structure is a marvelous example of neoclassical design with granite on the exterior of the bottom two floors, and terra cotta on the rest. The materials were a great choice since the structure has only needed to be cleaned once during all that time. It would also be one of the last buildings on the West Coast to get live elevator operators, which were supplied by Otis Elevator Company and contained brass surfaces. The doors were created with lattice works, so that you can see out into the hallways, and through the glass panels that surround each office, allowing visitors to see right in. There is a marvelous wraparound public observation deck on the 35th floor, where the Chinese Room is located, that houses the Wishing Chair, where legend or tale has it that a single woman that chooses to sit in it, will be married within a year. That story did come true for Smith's daughter, who would then be married in the Chinese Room. During the renovations in the 1990s, a large ten thousand gallon water tank would be taken down from the tower, offering more space on the roof, that had only a maintenance apartment that was kind of small and by the time the construction work was done there, it would be transformed into a marvelous three-story penthouse apartment, that is the only residence in the structure. It has been occupied by artist/investor Petra Franklin, her husband David Lahaie and the couple's two daughters. There is a fallout shelter located in the building that can be seen from the entry hall, and the structure itself has been crowned with an eight foot wide glass dome that is usually lit up at night with a blue light, except for December, when it is changed to a green light for the Christmas season.

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Local Restaurants in Renton

    Jimmy Mac's
    Entrees; pulled pork platter is hickory smoked slow cooked pork shoulder mixed with house pig packer sauce, atop Texas toast, with BBQ beans & sweet potato fries; Sassy's sausage is Texas style sausage, smoked, grilled & sliced with BBQ sauce, Mama's sweet mustard sauce, BBQ beans & sweet potato fries; Jimmy Mac's baby back ribs with house BBQ sauce, BBQ beans & sweet potato fries; pulled pork sandwich is hickory smoked pulled pork mixed with house pig packer sauce, sweet potato fries; top sirloin basted in house seasoning; chop sirloin steak is ground sirloin topped with sautéed mushrooms & grilled onions; ribeye; teriyaki ribeye marinated in house teriyaki sauce; blackened ribeye; New York; Katy's favorite filet; Texas filet; T-bone; Cactus Creek crab cakes is spicy fresh Dungeness crab cakes with lemon pepper aioli, wild rice & Prairie Patch veggies; fresh marinated salmon with wild rice & Prairie Patch veggies; seafood pasta New Orleans is bay shrimp, crawfish, prawns & Dungeness crab in spicy Cajun cream sauce with fettuccine & choice of salad; Rolling Rock grilled shrimp is basted with garlic butter, grilled, with wild rice & Prairie Patch veggies; spicy fried shrimp is 8 big lightly battered & breaded spicy shrimp with shoestring fries; Palm Bay coconut shrimp is 8 big crispy butterflies coconut shrimp with chili dipping sauce & shoestring fries; halibut & chips is beer battered & breaded halibut inside a bun with tartar sauce & shredded lettuce with shoestring fries; the big jerk platter is jerk marinated in Caribbean spices, topped with pepper jack cheese & mango peach salsa with BBQ beans & sweet potato fries; campfire chicken is topped with Swiss, cheddar & jack cheeses, bacon, tomatoes, green onion & slathered in BBQ sauce with BBQ beans & steak fries; teriyaki chicken burger is marinated in teriyaki sauce, topped with Swiss cheese & pineapple with steak fries; Anaheim chicken burger is Anaheim peppers, pepper jack cheese & habanera pepper mayo with steak fries.

    Melrose Grill
    Entrees; steaks served with garlic mashed potatoes, baked potato, crispy parmesan potatoes or basmati rice pilaf & fresh veggies; prime top sirloin steak 12oz., Delmonico 16oz., NY strip 15 or 9 oz., filet mignon 15 or 9 oz., porterhouse 21oz., ribeye 16oz.; pork medallions is pork tenderloin medallions sautéed in wild mushroom & peppercorn cream sauce, with crispy parmesan potatoes & fresh veggies; Bavarian sausage plate is assortment of locally made sausage grilled & served with sauerkraut, stone ground mustard sauce, garlic mashed potatoes & fresh veggies; salmon filet is Northwest king salmon pan seared & topped with vodka dill crème fraiche, with basmati rice pilaf & fresh veggies; stuffed pork chop is center cut chop filled with candied pecan stuffing, topped with apple cranberry relish, with garlic potatoes & fresh veggies; roasted chicken breast is 10oz. chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, spinach, roasted garlic, calamata olive & toasted almonds, with garlic mashed potatoes, fresh veggies & balsamic cream sauce; grilled prawns are jumbo prawns grilled with garlic butter, with basmati rice pilaf & fresh veggies.

Pulled Pork Platter Jimmy Mac's Renton, Washington


Marinated Salmon Jimmy Mac's Renton, Washington


Coconut Shrimp Jimmy Mac's Renton, Washington



 Pork Medallions Melrose Grill Renton, Washington



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    Seattle Center Seattle Center Kobe Bell Seattle, Washington
    The Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington, houses an arts and entertainment center, park and fairground located on 74 acres in the Belltown area of the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood, created in 1962 for the Century 21 Exposition. Some of the marvelous attractions located at the center include; the Seattle Center Skate Park; the International Fountain that sits in the heart of the campus, spouting all year round, constructed for the 1962 World's Fair, and constructed as a modernist water sculpture that has more than 20 spouts, which cycle through a predetermined program that incorporates world music into the water patterns; which is changed each month; the Seattle Center Pavilion; the Space Needle; the Pacific Science Center that houses the Boeing IMAX theater, the Seattle Laser Dome and the Eames IMAX theater; Center House that contains the Center High School, the Center House Theater that is home to the Seattle Shakespeare Company and Book-It Repertory Theater, the Children's Museum and it is a city landmark; the Northwest Rooms that house a small conference center, the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame; the outdoor Mural Amphitheater that contains a beautiful mosaic by Paul Horiuchi; the Fisher Pavilion; the Mercer Arena that used to host sports, opera and concerts, although it has fallen idle; the Fun Forest amusement park and the Kobe Bell.

    Victoria Clipper
    Victoria Clippe I Seattle, WashingtonThe Victoria Clipper is owned and operated by the Clipper Navigation, Inc. that is based in Seattle, Washington offering various transportation and vacation packages that are offered by Clipper Vacations, using the high-speed passenger only ferry service between downtown Seattle and the Inner Harbor in downtown Victoria, British Columbia, along with numerous Victoria Clipper catamarans that finish the trip in just under three hours. The company was formed in 1986 using the first Victoria Clipper vessel to make the Seattle/Victoria route, while the Victoria Clipper II ran the route to the San Juan Islands and was actually two ships. These would be sold later and the Victoria Clipper III took over the service, running to Victoria. It also made runs between Seattle and Friday Harbor, offering whale watching from the latter port, although today it is contracted by the US Navy to act as a passenger ferry. Once the company got rolling, it opened the Clipper Vacations that have become so popular. The Clipper Vacations offshoot offer hotel and tour packages to Victoria, Seattle, Montana, Rocky Mountain Rail Tours, spas and fishing resorts on Vancouver Island, Friday Harbor, Portland, Whitefish, British Columbia, Oregon and Whistler. In the mid1990s, the Victoria Clipper IV would be added to their growing fleet, that provides room for forty more passengers than the Clipper I, and able to reach higher speeds, although they both usually cruise at 30 knots between the cities. The Clipper IV is one of the fastest passenger ships in the western hemisphere, and is part of a fleet that includes three catamarans, the Victoria Clipper I, III and IV that serve the region. The company also operates the Princess Marguerite III, the auto ferry between Seattle and Victoria, which was discontinued more than 10 years ago because the cost of the six hour trip was too high. Today, there isn't a ferry service between the two cities, which means that those wanting to enjoy a ferry ride to Victoria from the city must use the ferry that leaves Port Angeles or the Washington State Ferry that leaves from Anacortes, Washington and runs to Sidney, British Columbia.

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    Space NeedleSpace Needle Seattle, Washington
    The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington is a high tower and significant landmark in the city and Pacific Northwest area of the nation, and one of the most important symbols of the city of Seattle. Situated in the famous Seattle Center, that had been constructed for the 1962 World's Fair, where almost 20,000 visitors each day used the elevators in the tower, until 2.3 million people had come for the world event. It is 605 feet tall at the highest point and 138 wide at the widest place, weighing 9550 tons. When finished, it became the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River, constructed to stand up in winds of 200 mph as well as earthquakes up to 9.1 magnitude. It contains 25 lightning rods and contains an observation deck at 520 feet and gift shop with the rotating SkyCity restaurant at 500 feet. If you climb to the top, you will be able to see the Olympic and Cascade Mountains as well as a magnificent skyline of the city, Mount Ranier, Elliot Bay, Mount Baker and the surrounding islands. There has been many photographs of the needle taken, showcased in a central position, often looking as if it towered above the surrounding structures and Mount Ranier in the background. You can go to the top using the elevators that travel at 10mph and takes about 43 seconds; with many visitors coming here and waiting in long lines just to do just that. When the wind blows a lot, the elevators are slowed to 5mph; and the needle made a historic landmark in 1999. It unique architecture would the results of a combination of designs by two well known architects, John Graham and Edward E. Carlson, who had come up with the designs of a tethered balloon and flying saucer, with Victor Steinbrueck adding the hour glass figure, with wind and earthquake events taken into consideration. For many years, the saucer shape housed two restaurants, the Space Needle Restaurant that had been the Eye of the Needle and Emerald Suite, which would be closed in 2000 to allow for one larger restaurant, the SkyCity restaurant, a much bigger eating establishment that served Pacific northwest cuisine. The disk or saucer takes 47 minutes to revolve around the full 360 degrees. Edward E. Carlson was the chairman of the 1962 World's Fair, and was the one responsible for having the original idea of building a high tower with restaurant at the fair, who had been the president of a hotel company, and not known for his artistic or designing abilities until he visited the Stuttgart Tower in Germany. The Space Needle didn't have the space to construct its high tower, until 1961, when the switching equipment used for police and fire alarm companies was found and sold to the investors. It was only a year until the Fair would open, and had to be rushed to be finished in time. The project was constructed by the Pentagram Corporation that was owned by Bagley Wright, architect John Graham, Ned Skinner, Norton Clapp and contractor Howard S. Wright; who would gain full control when the others sold out in 1977, and he renamed the corporation, Space Needle. The earthquake strong foundation would be dug down 30 feet and across some 120 feet, with 467 concrete truck unloading all their trucks in one day, to fill the pit, which weighed more than 6000 tons with 250 tons of reinforcing steel in the bottom. Because of this enormous weight, the foundation would weigh as much as the structure, thus moving the center of gravity to just five feet above the ground and it is bolted to the foundation with 72 bolts, and every one of them is 30 feet long. Because time was of the essence, the work teams worked around the clock, with the top five floors being so perfectly balanced that it would only take a small electric motor to turn the restaurants around. The needle was completed in less than a year, and cost $4.5 million, with the final elevator being installed the day before the fair opened, with an imitation carillon put in that played numerous times each day, which had recreated the sound of 538 bells, with the operator's console being installed in the base in a glass enclosure that allowed visitors the opportunity to view it. On May 19, 2007, the needle welcomed it 45 millionth visitor, who was Greg Novoa of San Francisco, who won a free trip to Paris for two that included a VIP dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Each New Year's eve, the tower celebrates with a magnificent fireworks show that is set to music and goes off exactly at midnight. It would get its first bath in 2008, using a machine by Karcher, that had 3000 psi and a water temp of 194 degrees Fahrenheit, without any detergents or soaps in consideration of the Seattle Center and EMP building.

    Richard Hugo House
    Richard Hugo House Seattle, Washington
    The Richard Hugo House in Seattle, Washington is a nonprofit community writing center that was started in 1997 by Linda Jaech, Andrea Lewis and Frances McCue, who knew that the local writers and readers in the community needed the center to assist them create new works, in an environment that was very conducive to writing. Laura Hirschfield stated that the center was a two year literary arts center that was named after the Seattle born poet and creative writing teacher, Richard Hugo, that had written as truthfully as possible about places and people that were often overlooked, in 1999. The house sits inside a 16,206 square foot Victorian house that had been constructed in 1902. Besides the administrative offices housed there, there are many private meeting places, an 88/150 theater, art gallery, library with computers, conference room, cabaret cafe and stage, two multipurpose rooms and a Zine archive and publishing project (ZAPP). Some of the marvelous programs offered include; the Belltown Residency, Hugo Writing classes, Writers-In-Residence, Hugo Classes for Teachers, Hugo Gallery, Hugo Classes for Youth, Hugo Literary Series, Hugo Writer Fund, Stage Fright and Hugo in Print.

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    Winters HouseWinters House Bellevue, Washington
    The Winters House in Bellevue, Washington, reflects the life and work of the city's most prominent local people, from the past, Cecelia and Frederick Winters, who arrived in the area in 1906, after moving here from his home state of New York. He would meet and marry Cecelia Roedel who would not only become his partner in life, but also his partner in business, as they began building one of the most successful wholesale floral business in the region, with their home grown nursery being constructed in the Mercer Slough water shed. The couple specialized in greenhouse raised azaleas, and eventually iris and daffodils; because in 1926, the threat of an infectious bulb disease would lead to a quarantine of the imported bulbs, but Frederick purchased carloads full of the bulbs before the quarantine and resulted in his bulb farming business taking off. As they began growing wealthier, they would be able to construct their gorgeous home during the late 1920 for $32,000. The house was constructed in the popular Spanish eclectic style that had become popular with the Hollywood elitists, who had begun to influence the nation even then. Also part of the couple's decision to go with the full look of the style was that Cecelia's brother owned a tile company and was a contractor as well which helped him do the work for the Winters, as well as many other houses in the region with his tiles and expertise. The head contractor was Anson Ralph Grosvenor, who had been the first and most experienced builder in the area at the time, and he faced the windows towards the back yard that housed the greenhouses and bulbs, so the couple would have a perfect view of their beloved bulbs. The bulb farm blossomed for many years after the house was completed, but the slough terrain proved to be too boggy for any expansion, so the couple began to acquire land in the Kent area so that they could move and cultivate their bulbs there. The Winters family stayed on the estate until 1943, when they moved, but still continued in the floriculture business by developing a wholesale flower business at their estate on Vashon Island, but specialized in carnations. The estate in Bellevue would pass to two other families after the Winters left there, with Austrian immigrants, Anna and Frank Riepel buying the estate directly from the Winters, who then remodeled the house and sold part of the property to Endre Ostbo that began operating the King of Shrubs nursery, and began specializing in rhodendrons in the greenhouses that sat behind the house still. One of the most significant changes to the estate was the installation of a swimming pool and concrete deck to the front of the house that is now no longer here. Mrs. Riepel stayed in the house until 1983, when it would began falling into disrepair. After the city passed the Bond Issue of 1988, the Winters estate was bought by the city, and after years of renovations and remodeling, the house has become a cultural and natural interpretive center, home of the Bellevue Historical Society and community meeting center.

    Chinese American Soldiers Memorial Seattle
    Chinese American Soldiers Memorial Seattle, WashingtonThe Chinese American Soldiers Memorial in Seattle, Washington was erected to honor the American Soldiers of Chinese ancestry and the region that died in the service of their country during WWII and erected in 1950 by the Chinese community in the city. The memorial wall contains three thousands bricks with the names of the valiant men that gave their lives to their adopted country carved in black granite bricks that have been stacked in the wall that is now 12 feet high and almost 100 feet long. It is divided into two parts, with sections for veterans and internees, including those that fought in both the conflicts after the war, with some names appearing in both sections. Almost a million dollars would be raised during a 15 month period through the sale of the memorial bricks, which has given many people in the China town area of the city a renewed pride in their old country and new country. The bricks are sold for $260 each and are available through the memorial center.

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    Burke MuseumBurke Museum Seattle, Washington
    The Burke Museum would initially be started by a group of young men who started the Young Naturalists Society on their own initiative in 1885, constructing a museum on the university campus to contain their growing collections of natural history relics. The state legislature would designate the museum as the state museum in 1899, and during the next century would continue to grow and flourish, in both their collections area and research, eventually gaining worldwide recognition as a museum of culture and natural history. It would get its name and new structure in 1962, through a bequest by the Carolina McGilvra Burke estate in honor of her beloved husband, Judge Thomas Burke.  The collection contains more than 12 million relics and specimens, that showcases the history of the Pacific margin, learning much about the earth and its life in the region, with much more to be learned, as the subject seems to be pregnant in a way that continues to grow and expand, acquiring more and more, while learning just as much from its discoveries as is possible.  Collections include; ornithology, Explore your World, mammalogy, archaeology, paleontology, publications database, arachnology, ethnology, genetic resources, geology, herbarium, herpetology, ichthyology and ornithology.

    Bellevue Arts Museum
    Bellevue Arts Museum Bellevue, WashingtonThe Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, Washington had it early beginnings back in 1947, when the city would hold street art fairs, eventually using temporary facilities before moving onto the third floor of the Bellevue Square shopping center in downtown. That was in 1983, and it would take some years before the museum could move into its own structure in 2001. The new building sits across the street, unique in its design which was accomplished by well known architect, Steven Holl; and considered a new transformation for the downtown area that had been mostly strip malls and shops, with little sights of a thriving downtown metropolis. It did, however, run into some financial problems in 2003 and had to close for a couple of years while funding was acquired, more interior remodeling, a greater concentration on design and crafts, and a small change in the name. It reopened in 2005, with a marvelous exhibition of teapots, and the museum is unique as well in its exhibitions, preferring to showcase education and hands-on participation using a large number of workshops and classes. It doesn't house a permanent collection, but chooses to bring in traveling or changing exhibits that will enlighten the community and give it a more diversified arts museum that encourages and entices the community to stay involved. Currently there are three exciting exhibitions being shown; the Master of Deception: The Furniture of John Cederquist, April Surgent: Into the Surface and Ginny Ruffner: Aesthetic Engineering, the Imagination Cycle. The exhibitions usually last about five months, so if you are traveling to the area and are looking for an interesting venue to check out, be sure to include the Bellevue Arts Museum.

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