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Things to do in Rock Hill

    Museum of York County Museum of York County Rock Hill, South Carolina
    The Museum of Rock Hill, South Carolina was initially called the Children's Nature Museum of Rock Hill and opened in 1950 to create a culture institution for the community and its children, started by the Junior Welfare League. Exhibits and programming at many museum across the nation have included cultural history, the arts and information for both adults and children, as well as the usual natural history. The museum would mount the earliest known display of Catawba Indian pottery in 1952, with authentic potters on hand to showcase their talents and works. Then in the late 1950s, the museum would acquire the Stans African animal collection that somehow changed the focus of the museum and thus created the need for a larger forum. In 1965, the museum moved into its current building and began featuring dioramas that highlighted the African collection; which began a long period of concentrating on artifacts and other items that could be brought here, until 1990 when the Clifford collection of African art was acquired and installed, although the museum would continue its efforts on regional natural history, the arts and other displays that included local historical programs. In 1977, the Settlemyre planetarium would open, thus adding another venue to inspire and educate; and then in 1978, it would become the repository for the Vernon Grant collection of illustration art by the originator of Snap!, Crackle! and Pop! The increased visibility that the collections afforded the museum allowed it to continue to improve its public events, programs and exhibits, especially in the educational area; until today it has become one of the finest museums in the state that offer its citizens the scope of exhibits and programs offered by it.  Some of its permanent collections include Building Legacies: Connecting People, Places and Communities; Landscapes and Lifeways: the Carolina Piedmont 600 years ago and Today; Tinker Tim the Toymaker; Vernon Grant's Wild and Whimsical Animals; River Litter Art and Catawba River Gallery. The River Litter Art is quite an exciting exhibit that used the art students from Mount Gallant Elementary and Dutchman Creek Middle schools to be creative and using the litter that had been collected along the Catawba River, by local conservationist, paddler and photographer Bill Stokes. The other displays are equally enjoyable and exciting, and well worth bringing in the whole family to spend a day or more here, learning about the area, its history, art and culture. 

    Waterford Golf Club
    Waterford Golf Club Rock Hill, South Carolina
    The Waterford Golf Club in Rock Hill, South Carolina has a championship course designed by three-time US Open champion, Hale Irwin, and is a 6940 yard par 72 18-hole course that offers great challenges to the novice and professional with all others in between enjoying it as well. The course sits is a marvelous area by the Catawba River and gorgeous hardwood forests, with many exciting holes that will have you using every club in your bag. Water hazards are present in 16 of the 18 holes, making your game tight and right on the money, exacting you to make sure your shots are true and straight. The bent grass greens are tight and low, encouraging you to bring your best putts with you, as you swing along the Bermuda grass fairways, that opened in 1997. The course has had nothing but the best reviews from locals and national players as well, with lessons and other instruction available to help you get the best out of your swing, no matter what the lie or where you are. Vacation packages are also available so that you could actually spend a week or two there. They are set up to handle weddings and other special events, as well as holding or hosting tournaments throughout the year that bring out the best in every player. There is a practice hole, and facility, golf shop for any of your needs, and the Pin High cafe for any snacks you might need or drinks to keep you hydrated for the full 18 holes. If you choose to visit their web site, you might be able to get better fees and times to go.

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    The GatewayThe Civitas Rock Hill, South Carolina
    The Gateway in Rock Hill, South Carolina is adorned with four outstanding statues that were commissioned by the city's economic development corporation in 1988, created by Audrey Flack. Called Civitas, which is Latin for civic pride, these statues are 22 feet tall and stand at the intersection of Gateway Boulevard and Dave Lyle Boulevard in the rotunda of city hall. The statues were specifically designed to emulate Michelangelo's David, only in female form, and look marvelous. The idea comes from the similarities between Rock Hill and Florence, Italy, since both had been centers of textile industry, their populations were both around 45,000 people, but the textile business was on the wane and the nearby cities were beginning to overshadow them, which happened when the statues were created. These Civitas highlight the spirit of the city's textile history in clothing and hair, that suggest ribbons of materials, which in turn transform into wings that then are representative of the city's textile heritage becoming the base or foundation that eventually would give the city the wings, the fortitude to go forward. Each one of the Civitas is depicted holding circular emblems that signify the four key elements or themes of the city; which are the gears of industry; the flame of knowledge, the stars of inspiration and the lightning bolt of energy. These statues are magnificent and certainly showcase the gateway to the city, the state and the south. They are a constant reminder to the citizens of Rock Hill that although they had been successful in one venture, they could develop another as long as they worked together, and used the civitas emblematic significance to entry into new ventures.

     Catawba Culture Center
    Catawba Cultural Center Rock Hill, South Carolina
    The Catawba Cultural Center is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, in the only surviving reservation schoolhouse, with a wonderful crafts store that showcases the excellent hand crafted Catawba pottery that has become well known for many years. There are numerous exhibits and displays that give visitors a look into the history and culture of these unique peoples, as well as many educational opportunities to learn about their culture and how they have survived through the hardships facing them as the white man slowly took over their lands, hunting grounds, sacred grounds and more. You will be able to walk along a half mile stretch of trail that had been an 18th century wagon trail that ends on the banks of the Catawba River. The earliest known mention of the Catawba Indian tribe was in the written records of the Spanish explorers of the mid16th century, with one member of the Juan Pardo expedition writing down numerous village names and peoples of the region as they would travel up the Edisto and Santee Rivers. Katapa or kataba and Yssa or Esaw were some of the words used to describe these people, and is believed that the Catawba were actually a group of villages that spoke the same dialect or language that was like Siouan. There were other peoples living in the region that spoke Algonquin, Yuchee, Muskogean and Iroquoian that the Catawba had contact with, but of different villages. John Lawson, would visit the tribes in 1701, and wrote the earliest and most inclusive description of them; leaving the only recorded sample of Woccon, a Siouan language that was closely related to the Catawba, which had 150 words. Hudson stated in his records that the early Catawba had occupied a region where two cultural traditions met, which were the tribes of the Piedmont and those of the southern chiefdoms from the lowlands. Their foods were typical of those in the Piedmont region; agricultural crops of corn, squash and beans, gatherers of berries, nuts and tubers, fishermen and hunters of deer, elk, pigeons, bear, turkey and other big and small game. The Catawba were known as warriors and became allies of the British, against the French and Spanish, except for the Yamassee War of 1715. They had feuds with the Cherokee, Iroquois, Delaware and Shawnee; and since they occupied an intersection along the trade routes, they would act as intermediaries or middlemen for the British and the tribes. The regions of South Carolina and Virginia were always competing for the fur trade business, and the Catawba were prominent in that business with the British and became quite important. Eventually, the Catawba would deal mostly with the government of South Carolina, which used them to buffer the many new settlers in both politics and military situations. Their Catawba tribes would soon loose many tribesmen during the French and Indian War, and then a smallpox epidemic. They would help the new nation against the British, although they didn't have the large numbers they once had, and George Washington sent a note to the Catawba nation thanking them for the service of 50 of their warriors that came to serve under him. It is a longer story and very interesting to finish, so when you visit the cultural center, be sure to get it all and enjoy the many artifacts and hand crafted items that these master craftsmen create.

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Local Restaurants in Rock Hill

    Carlo's Cafe
    Appetizers; mariquitas is thinly sliced plantains cooked crisp with garlic mojo dipping sauce; tamale is corn meal laced with seasoned pork then wrapped in corn husk; fried yucca is crisp cassava fingers served with mojo dipping sauce or salsa de la casa; croquettes is Cuban style croquettes filled with chicken or ham; beef turnover is golden fried turnover stuffed with picadillo Cuban style beef hash; fried calamari is fried to order with salsa brava; mojo wings with sweet & spicy sauce; ceviche shrimp dip is cooked shrimp in light tomato sauce with green peppers, onion & garlic with thinly sliced green plantains; marinachos is house special nachos; appetizer sampler. Entrees; grilled chicken breast marinated in Cuban spices & grilled; roast chicken is quarter of chicken marinated in sour orange, garlic & spices then roasted; Milan chicken is boneless breaded chicken breast lightly fried & topped with sweet ham, Swiss & criollo tomato sauce; breaded chicken breast is boneless & seasoned in a la Cubana battered & lightly fried; stir fried chicken is strips of chicken marinated in Cuban spices, stir fried with onions & green peppers; fried chicken pieces marinated in citrus & garlic then deep fried; Cuban beef hash is ground beef with olives & spices served with fried cubed potatoes in seasoned tomato sauce; shredded beef is shredded tender beef brisket in seasoned tomato sauce with peppers & onions; fried shredded beef is beef brisket grilled in crispy tropical spices; roast pork is pork marinated in citrus juices, garlic & Cuban spices, slow roasted; fried pork chunks is marinated pork loin fried crisp on outside & tender inside; pork chops marinated in citrus, garlic & Cuban spices then grilled; shrimp with garlic sauce; shrimp in tomato sauce with onions, green peppers & garlic; whole red snapper marinated in citrus juices, garlic, onions & Cuban spices.

    White Horse Ltd.
    Appetizers; breaded mushrooms with ranch dressing or horseradish sauce; breaded cauliflower; mozzarella cheese stix with ranch dressing or horseradish sauce; onion rings; steak fries; vegetable stix; chicken strips; hot jalapeno poppers; Santa Fe shrimp; fried apple stix. Steaks; rib eye with garlic bread, salad, sautéed mushrooms, baked potato or steak fries; filet mignon 8oz. bacon-wrapped filet with tossed salad, sautéed mushrooms, garlic loaf, baked potato. Specialty dinners; marinated chicken breast 6oz. boneless, marinated 24 hrs in tangy sauce & grilled on bed of rice with garlic bread & tossed salad; marinated yellow fin tuna served on bed of wild rice with garlic load & dinner salad; Santa Fe shrimp & pasta with spicy cheese & hot pepper stuffed shrimp, breaded & fried, on bed of fettuccini marinara with salad & garlic loaf. Casseroles; broccoli casserole is fresh broccoli with ham & cheddar cheese smothered with housemade hollandaise sauce; garnished with mushrooms & oven baked with garlic bread; bird in the bush is chunks of boneless turkey on bed of fresh broccoli topped with Swiss cheese & hollandaise sauce, garnished with fresh broccoli & mushrooms with garlic toast; brazen bird is boneless chicken breast on wild rice, cooked in wine & butter over rice & topped with fresh button mushrooms & béarnaise sauce; Charlie O'Tuna is special blend of sauces, housemade tuna salad. Quiches; shrimp; broccoli or spinach & mushroom. 


Grilled Chicken Carlo's Cafe Rock Hill, South Carolina


Cuban Beef Hash Carlo's Cafe Rock Hill, South Carolina


Grilled Pork Chops Carlo's Cafe Rock Hill, South Carolina

 Marinated Chicken Breast  White Horse, Ltd Rock Hill, South Carolina





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    Historic Brattonsville Historic Brattonsville Rock Hill, South Carolina
    Historic Brattonsville sits on 775 acres in York County, South Carolina and is an American Revolution living history site. The former Bratton plantation was owned and lived in by the rich Bratton family that lived here for three generations, with the famous Battle of Huck's Defeat being fought on the grounds in 1780. The setting offers the history of the Scots-Irish or Ulster-Scots that lived in the South Carolina upcountry with the outstanding history of the Bratton family with over 30 historic buildings from the 1760s to the late 19th century. It enable visitors of today to come and visit a place where the evolution of the southern culture and architecture would change over time in this Piedmont region of the state. The plantation would be listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, with the rejuvenation starting in 1975 and then opening in 1976 for the public to come and enjoy the magnificent house and landscape. In 1998, the plantation would be added to the York County Culture and Heritage museum complex. Brattonsville would continue its operation for many years after 1915, with a number of tenant farmers that worked for the Bratton family, until 1958, when a retired IBM manager named R. Fisher Draper bought 630 acres that included Hightower Hall from the heirs of John Simpson Bratton Jr.; and then in 1962, he would purchase the remainder of the property that also included the Col. William Bratton house. Around the same period, York County judge and former state legislator, Samuel Mendenhall bought Napoleon Bratton's old estate that included the brick house and Bratton store. Then Mendenhall started a campaign to have Brattonsville be designated as a historic site and was able to help start the York County Historical commission so that it could manage the site. The history of the Bratton plantation is a marvelous read, although somewhat lengthy; as well as the other structures that were brought here to complete the complex and create a wealth of history and architecture. The Battle of Huck's Defeat happened in the spring and summer of 1780 of the Revolutionary War as the armies seemed to gravitate to this region, until they were in the area between the Broad and Catawba Rivers that is known today as the Chester and York counties. Once the British had captured Charleston in May, they occupied Camden and were able to build a strong post at Rocky Mount that overlooked Rocky Creek, just before it enters the Catawba River. Rocky Mount had a garrison of British soldiers under Lt. Col. George Turnbull, including 150 men loyal to the crown, the New York volunteers and a troop of British Legion dragoons under Captain Christian Huck. Huck had been a lawyer in Philadelphia and was of German ancestry, as well as being a strong loyalist with a very bad dislike for the Scotch-Irish Presbyterians in the South Carolina backcountry. The majority of these men were Whigs or rebels as the British had come to call them. In June of 1780, Turnbull ordered Huck to converge on the Whig militia camps at Fishing Creek Church and Hill's Iron Works and destroy them; which Huck did with enormous satisfaction. The Whigs had to move to the east side of the Catawba and started to organize a partisan militia under the command of General Thomas Sumter. Turnbull got word in early July that many of the rebels, including Col. William Bratton and Captain John McClure had come back home to check on their wheat harvest and to further enlist recruits for Sumter's brigade. Huck received orders from Turnbull to apprehend Bratton and McClure and disperse the rebels that were hiding out in the upper Fishing Creek and Bethesda areas. July 10, in the early evening, Huck left Rocky Mount with more than a hundred men to get to the home of John McClure to arrest him, but he had already left. Huck would then capture John's younger brother and brother-in-law, and then sentenced them to hang the next day. He then terrorized the boys mother, setting fire to their house and leaving to go to the Bratton's plantation, which was ten miles away.  The remainder of the story is very interesting and should be finished if time is available. When you visit the historic site, this story and many others will keep you interested for many hours, as will the many structures that are there to visit and learn more about.

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    Rock Hill Telephone Museum
    Rock Hill Telephone Museum Rock Hill, South CarolinaThe Rock Hill Telephone Museum in Rock Hill, South Carolina depicts a century of the telecommunication industry in the small city. This unusual museum offers visitor with a hands-on tour through the many years that the telephone industry has grown and the many changes and improvements that have occurred during that period. It is an exciting tour full of educational information and a marvelous evolution of the phone in this region and the entire country. The exhibits begin with the first variation of the telephone which was called a telegraph, which allows visitors the opportunity to try sending morse code or just to try out using a telegraph machine to send signals along a wire that would stretch across this country for many years. The last exhibit will bring you to the modern age of telecommunications in the areas of wireless telephones and internet, where you can talk to someone thousands of miles away, and by using the newest technology from the internet, video conferencing with that same person, only you are face to face. There are numerous exhibits of the older rotary types of telephones where you would dial a number and wait to be connected; and an even earlier system where you would tell the operator what number you wanted and they would do that for you and then you would be connected to the party you called. There are examples of switchboards that transferred and handled these calls, and the museum's main centerpiece, a 1927 Mack truck. Old Mack is an antique truck with gas lights and solid rubber tires, and was actually used by the telephone company until 1978.

    Museum of the Waxhaws
    Museum of the Waxhaws Waxhaw, North CarolinaThe Museum of the Waxhaws is located in Waxhaw, North Carolina, just across the border from Rock Hill, South Carolina and the former land of the Waxhaw Indians. The lands were originally called the "Wisacky", and had been the hunting grounds of the Waxhaw Indians. Eventually it would become the Waxhaw settlement which had been started on a busy trader's trail that ran from Petersburg, Virginia to Augusta, Georgia. John Lederer as a German scholar and traveler that found the Indian village of the Waxhaws in 1670 and it would become a land of legends and folk tales, and a controversy involving Andrew Jackson and his birthplace. It seems that both North and South Carolina claim him as one of their own; and James Polk was born just north of this settlement. Waxhaw became incorporated in 1889, so it would become the third oldest town in Union County, with a population today of just 15,000. Senator Aaron Plyer would go to the meetings that the people of Waxhaw were having in the latter years of the 1970s, as they began talking about creating a memorial to Andrew Jackson; which Aaron then presented to Governor James B. Hunt. In 1980, Governor Hunt started the Andrew Jackson Historic Memorial committee that was created to help other agencies in the government decide whether they would need a permanent memorial to the former President, the seventh of these United States. The committee would visit many sites that pertained to Andrew Jackson and the necessity of finding a site for the memorial discussed. Eventually funding would be found, both from the state of North Carolina and the region that would soon benefit from the location of the memorial. Finally, in 1996, the museum of the Waxhaws would open on a regular basis with permanent displays created for the Revolutionary War, the Age of Jackson, Native Americans and Early exploration, Life in a Scotch-Irish cabin, Social History and agriculture, the War Between the States, early Churches of the Waxhaws and the Later Years: 1865-1900. These exhibits held many artifacts that include; paintings, an 1890 backboard wagon, an 1814 Conestoga wagon, tent displays, photographs, maps, tools, cotton gin and weapons. Temporary exhibits have included Jesse James, Art and History of Quilting, Union County in WWI and WWII, historical photographs of the Lumbee Indians, Christmas through the Ages, Union County in the Korean War, My Needle, My Pin; and others.

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    Anne Springs Close GreenwayAnne Springs Close Greenway Rock Hill, South Carolina
    The Anne Springs Close Greenway is 2300 acres of marvelous land full of rolling terrains, excellent lakes, undulating pastures and wild forests along with a 28 acres lake called Haigler and 36 miles of outstanding horseback riding trails, hiking and biking trails and a very popular area for picnicking, guided nature tours, two historical cabins, two swinging suspension bridges; and a kayak and canoe rental store at the lake. There isn't any motorized vehicles allowed on the greenway, although pets are, as long as they are on leashes. It is located in Fort Hill, South Carolina and contains some of the best hiking trails in the area, especially the one around Lake Haigler that has the best fishing spots in the county. There are primitive camping sites, along with marvelous foot bridges, views and outstanding scenery that will have you meandering around the woods for days. A grist mill interpretive center is one of the more interesting, although there are just too many excellent sights in the greenway to say anyone is better than the other. A small waterfall is found along one of the trails by the lake and is a great place to sit and commune with nature and all its beauty. The greenway was opened in 1995 by members of the Close family that wanted the lands to be preserved for all generations, and to protect the wonderful land that had been in their family for 200 years. Another trail in the greenway is the Nation Ford Road that had been called the Great Waggon Road, constructed by settlers who had traveled the main Catawba Indian trading path the had extended from Pennsylvania to Florida and the many trappers and traders that walked along the paths 300 years ago. During the Revolutionary War, Lord Charles Cornwallis brought his army along the Nation Ford Road and the region in 1780, mentioning that it looked like an English park. At Springfield, a plantation on the greenway's northern boundary, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his cabinet would meet for the final time in April of 1865.

    Kings Mountain National Military Park
    Kings Mountain National Military Park Rock Hill, South CarolinaKings Mountain National Military Park is located near Blacksburg, South Carolina along its border with North Carolina and commemorates the Battle of Kings Mountain that was one of the pivotal and important battles of the Revolutionary War. It would be American patriots that defeated American loyalists during the southern campaign of that war, fought on October 7, 1780 and destroyed the left wing of Lord Cornwallis' army; which would end the loyalist help in the Carolinas. It also stopped the British advance into North Carolina and force Cornwallis to retreat from Charlotte into South Carolina and give General Nathanael Greene the chance to reorganize the American army. The age of the soldiers that fought there ranged from 10 years old to 50, with the youngest being just 15 years old and his name was Billy Rowland. The Kings Mountain National Military Park was enacted in 1931 by Congress in order to commemorate the battle. The park is the end of the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail that honors the route of the patriot army from the mountains to the battle. There is a one and a half mile trail that goes from the visitors' center to the bottom of the mountain and around it and along the patriot lines, going up to the crest where the loyalists had been positioned. It passes by several monuments, big and little, with the earliest one dating from 1815, and Patrick Ferguson's grave, that shows you how the battleground was laid. It is somewhat steep in areas, but as part of the NPS' centennial initiative, it will be refurbished to get rid of the steeper areas of the trail so that it can be more accessible to all visitors. The park sits next to the King Mountain State Park that offers camping, a living history farm and picnicking.

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    Historical Center of York CountyHistorical Center of York County Rock Hill, South Carolina
    The Historical Center of York County was started in a wing of the McCelvey Center in 1989, to become the county's archival repository that collects, preserves and interprets the historical records that pertain to the Carolina Piedmont region, in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The center offers opportunities for genealogical and historical research with its expansive collections of documents, York County records, microfilm reels of federal censuses, photographs, rare books, cemetery indexes, maps, church records, family genealogical books and reference books. The research files include; 18th and 19th century occupations with 2000 entries, Confederate veterans with 3200 entries, regional genealogy with 80,000 entries, Revolutionary War battle inventory with 780 entries, 3000 entries in African Americans during the Revolutionary War, index to the Bobby Moss southern revolutionary war collection and the Bratton family documents and records. The center's ancestors and archive series includes many outstanding exhibits that include; mourning practices of the 19th century; McCelvey center tour and Using newspapers and city directories to discover genealogical information.

    Pinetuck Golf Course
    Pinetuck Golf Course Rock Hill, South CarolinaPinetuck Gold Course is an 18 hole, par 71 6567 yard course that is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, in the Olde English district. There are a few houses located around the course, but not enough to spoil the views, or to deter the wild animals that might cross your path. You might see some deer or turkey wandering across some of the fairways, but they don't hang around too long since they seem to sense or smell the danger of golfers slamming a little white ball at hundreds of miles an hour. The course occupies 150 acres of pure golfing enjoyment and not a parallel hole on this wonderful course. There are many trees to keep the scenery looking great and the signature number 17 hole is a par 3, 178 yard horror that has you swinging over a lake that seems to grab at your ball right from the tee. It has been said of the course's greens that they are the best putting surfaces in the region, and that was in Charlotte. Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday there is a scramble tournament that can get your blood flowing and your game on, which is open to the public, so you can see how you do with your peers or spend some time practicing. There is also a full bar and snack shop for those necessary drinks and foods to get you going in the morning or late afternoon, in case you miss your nap time. There are plenty of bunkers, water hazards and trees to keep your ball going straight if you have trouble, with natural beauty all around you.

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