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Things to do in Rockland

    Isaac H. Evans Isaac H. Evans Rockland, Maine
    The Isaac H. Evans, in Rockland, Maine is a two masted schooner, and is also known as the Boyd N. Sheppard, and is one of those vessels known as a Maine windjammer; made a National Historic Landmark in 1992. The schooner is a part of the Maine Windjammer Fleet, as well as a member of the Maine Windjammer Association and carries a complement of 22 adventure vacationers and ecotourists on 1, 3, 4 or 6 day sailing trips in Penobscot Bay, Maine. Her homeport is Rockland and her sailing trips extend from Boothbay Harbor, Maine to Bar Harbor, Maine, offering the guests one of the most memorable periods of their lives, with chances to view whales, dolphins and other creatures found in the deep blue sea or floating along the winds in the sky. The magnificent sailing vessel is owned by Captains Brenda and Brian Thomas, after they had bought the ship from Captain Edward Glaser in 1999. They worked on board her as crew members for numerous years, getting the feel of her jib and how she manages in various weather conditions. The couple married in May of 2008, and have been offering the best of times on their historic vessel and other adventures through their business; the Maine Boating Adventures, LLC. The couple specialize in family trips and have become the only schooner that allows children under the age of six to partake in their cruises. The ship's sparred length is 99 feet, with 65 feet on the deck, 20 feet on the beam and draws 6 feet with the centerboard up. Officially, she is a two-masted gaff-rigged topsail schooner with low sides and an elaborate clipper bow, and she uses a yawl boat for any auxiliary power necessary, as one might use a small tugboat to pull another larger ship, bringing her in close to the docks or taking her out, as well as when she gets becalmed. When the golden age of sail was slowly on the wane, and the newer steam engines were becoming more popular, there were numerous captains on the steam ships that would view a sailboat with a bone in her teeth and call out, "look at her jamming her cargo to the windward", which led to the saying of windjammer. After the sailing ships stopped carrying cargo and just carried passengers, but on a much smaller scale. That term is now used for bigger ships, usually rigged sailing vessels that are used to carry people on overnight cruises. The first entrepreneur that thought of the sailing vessels opportunities, was Frank Swift, who looked over the decrepit fleets of sailing vessels that were really struggling to make a living competing with the steam ships and realized a chance to make the old ships useful and popular once more. So, in 1936, he purchased his first schooner and as the years passed quickly, 1939 found him the owner of two more, as well as having a long waiting list of folks that were very interested and excited about taking a trip on one of the old schooners. His fleet is still afloat today and sails from Rockport, Rockland and Camden. The beautiful sailing grounds of Penobscot Bay have been recognized for decades as a magnificent and bountiful region of the ocean, and the fishing industry would have a grand time for many years until the fish population had died out, leaving only the lobster business. It has become a very popular tourist destination and vacation spot for folks looking for a spectacular and rugged landscape, of which the coast of Maine has, like no other state in the union or the west coast.

    Rockland Breakwater Light
    Rockland Breakwater Light Rockland, MaineThe Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light, in Rockland, Maine, is the breakwater light that is located at the south end of a 4300 foot breakwater that protects the Rockland Harbor, finished in 1902 and owned by the city. In 1827, the first light to sit on a wooden tripod was just an oil lamp on a tripod by Jameson Point, and that one sat at the north end of the breakwater. In 1881, work started on the breakwater, to extend into the harbor, so the tripod was relocated, and finished in 1899, with the current light and keeper's house being completed in 1902. During the years from 1973 until 1989, the Samoset Resort, would handle the duties that maintained the light, also found on Jameson Point. In 1990, the Coast Guard began large renovation, and then in 1999, it transferred ownership of the light to the city. The light is still the responsibility of the Coast Guard, but the structure and grounds are maintained by volunteers, with a boat ramp and float added in 2003. In 1981, the light would be added to the National Register of Historic Places as the Rockland Breakwater Light. It was automated in 1964, and is made of brick, with a stone foundation, in part of the breakwater grounds, and the tower is a square shaped building with attached dwelling, going 39 feet into the sky. It flashes every five seconds, as most of the newer lighthouses do these days.

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    Maine Lighthouse MuseumMaine Lighthouse Museum Rockland, Maine
    The Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland, Maine was started to educate the public about the long standing traditions, progress and heroism of the lighthouse and lifesaving services, as well as the United States Coast Guard, by conserving and interpreting the nation's most important collection of lighthouse and lifesaving relics. It sits in the heart of the midcoast, housing sparkling lenses, outstanding stories about the heroic lightkeepers and their families that have spent many years of their lives taking care of these magnificent lighthouses that have been saving and helping seafarers for centuries. The museum is the biggest museum of its kind in the United States, preserving the wonderful heritage of lighthouses and keepers for the future generations of people that will come to understand and appreciate the marvelous history that these great folks have saved; for all of us. The founder of the museum was a decorated Coast Guardsman, that would eventually become one of the leading lighthouse preservationists in the nation, affectionately known as "Mr. Lighthouse", and also the same person that was responsible for acquiring an excellent collection of lighthouse relics; was Ken Black, Chief Warrant Officer 4, retired. Some of the outstanding exhibits housed here include; Fresnel lenses, Women and Lighthouses, USCG Barque Eagle, Buoys, Brassware, U. S. lighthouse service chinaware, Keepers, Lighthouse Models, Fog Horns, Fog Bells, Connie's Small Quilt, Lightkeepers Photographs, Life-Saving Service memorabilia, Plaque by Friends of Flying Santa, Interpretive Panel Keepers, Flags and CWO Kenneth N. Black, USCG, RET., 21st Century Lights, Lighthouses & Advertising, Lights & Lampchangers, Boats and featured lighthouse organizations.

    The Olson HouseThe Olson House at Farnsworth Art Museum Rockland, Maine
    The Olson House would become the subject of many paintings by Andrew Wyeth, that also included his 1948 painting of Christina's World, which sits in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. His watercolors, drawings and tempera paintings featured Christina Olson, the house and her brother, Alvaro, and kept Wyeth ecstatically painting from 1939 to 1968. In the summer of 1939, seventeen year old Betsy James, later to become the wife of Andrew, introduced him to Christina and Alvaro Olson, since she had been friends with them for many years, actually seeing the Olsen house when she was ten. Betsy later said about the house that it looked like a weathered ship stranded on a hilltop. The young couple would marry ten months later, while for the next three decades, a marvelous friendship developed between the Olsons and Wyeth. He had been given carte blanche with the house, often wandering around inside it like it was his own, as well as being given a room upstairs where he could use it for his studio. Andrew definitively documented life on the isolated saltwater farm in numerous works he did, one time saying that "in the portraits of the house, the windows were eyes or pieces of the soul almost." "To me, each window is a different part of Christina's life", believing that Christina and the house had grown into symbols of Maine and the New England landscape that enticed him to come back again and again. In 1743, William Hathorn IV, Samuel Hathorn and Alexander Hathorn came to the coast of Maine to settle after leaving Salem, Massachusetts, with each one getting a 200 acre grant that is now known as Hathorn Point in Cushing, Maine. The land is bounded by the St. George River and Maple Juice Cove going out to Muscongus Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, and like many of the families that had migrated to the area, they were shipbuilders and seafarers; so each one of them built a log cabin on the point. During the late 1700s, Captain Samuel Hathorn II, the son of Alexander, replaced one of the cabins with a sturdy frame house, which would become the present Olson House. Then his son, Captain Aaron Hathorn, would live in the house until 1859, and in 1871, his son, Captain Samuel Hathorn IV, changed the looks of the house drastically with a new steeper roof and numerous bedrooms added to the third floor. Then, during the years from 1872 until the 1890s, the bedrooms would be rented to summer visitors helping the house become known as a summer house. The family began raising crops and other things, creating a thriving farm. In 1892, an early freeze on the St. George, forced John Olson ashore, where he met 34 year old Kate Hathorn and her widowed mother, Tryphene. These two women were the last of the Hathorns, and it wasn't long before John and Kate were married, so John began the farm duties, with two of their children, Christina and Alvaro inheriting the property after they passed; and continued to live there for the rest of their lives.

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Local Restaurants in Rockland

    Primo Restaurant
    Entrees; seared Diver sea scallops with arugula fettuccine, tossed with sweet corn, fava beans & their leaves, arugula pesto & garlic chives; pansoti pot bellied ravioli is stuffed with herbs, kale, pancetta, ricotta & egg yolk brown butter-pecorino sauce with baby veggies; sherried chicken & ricotta ravioli, fresh chantrelles, peas & pancetti in light jus with thyme & pea leaves; grilled pumpkin swordfish with San Marzano tomato sauce, eggplant caponata, grilled polenta & fried baby artichokes; halibut atop creamy white bean puree, wilted dandelion greens, sweet onion-Meyer lemon confit, warm Maine shrimp & white bean salad; sautéed scaloppini of pork saltimbocca served on bed of roast garlic mashed potatoes, layered with wilted garden spinach, prosciutto & sage mushroom-Madeira jus; local monkfish medallions with peeky toe crab & risotto cake, fresh lima bean & corn succotash, steamed mussels & sweet shrimp in Meyer lemon & chive sauce; wood grilled grass fed local NY strip steak topped with reggiano butter & new garlic braised baby artichokes with kale, speckled butter beans & lemon thyme; chargrilled moulard duck breast with almond, farro & fresh cherry pilaf, spiced red wine jus, garlic scapes & buttered fiddlehead ferns; local bluefin tuna au poivre with foie gras bordelaise Jerusalem artichoke mousseline, braised mustard greens & caramelized turnips; grilled chicken breast with lavender honey roasted figs & cipolline onions, fig-ricotta gnocchi, grilled raddicchio & pan sauce.

    Cafe Miranda
    Entrees; sautéed shrimp, chorizo, green chilies, onion, olives, tomato, cilantro, yellow rice, citrus; Thai curry with green Thai curry-green beans, sweet potato mint lime cilantro & mung bean sprouts to finish, yellow rice on side; seafood mix is mussels, shrimp, fish, scallops, cured sausage in ginger, garlic, coconut broth with bok choy, Asian noodle, tobasco side, mung sprouts, scallion, cilantro; wood roasted smokehouse bacon, warm bacon-balsamic dressed mixed greens with red onion, tomato, romano & radiccho, roasted new spuds; seafood stuffed peppers with roasted haddock, crab & couscous, on mild chili elcamino, black beans, crispy slaw; secrets scallops are dayboat sea scallops, fire baked with house secret sauce, local tomato, green French olives basil, raisins, wilted greens, yellow jasmine rice; chicken curry is natural breast, fire roasted with chunky carrot, onion, garlic, Javin curry, raisins, spinach, Jasmine rice, lentil dahl, yogurt, cilantro, cukes; lamb wowie is roasted & braised with aromatic veggie in house curry spice mix, with roasted greens, spicy tomato, yogurt, cilantro, lemon, carrot, salted onion, cilantro, cukes, rice & more; Polish hippie is grilled sausage with warm arugula & shredded beets with fennel, onion, horseradish & balsamic; grilled center cut beef ribeye with house made kim chee, peanut chili sauce; yellow jasmine rice, cilantro & red onion; chicken Evelyn is natural boneless chicken breast baked in house salsa Evelyn with tomato, chilies, spices, black beans & rice, tortilla; yum sum is fried rice, assorted veggies, egg, ginger, scallion & soy; grilled bacon & steamed clams is chargrilled North Country smokehouse slab bacon, with clams steamed with local tomatoes, fresh herbs, spinach & garlic; faux pho is Viet style seasoned broth with star anise & coriander, rice stick noodle, scallion-side of bean sprout, Thai basil or mint, sambal olek chili paste, cilantro & limes.


Seared Diver Sea Scallops Primo Restaurant Rockland, Maine


Grilled NY Strip Steak Primo Restaurant Rockland, Maine

 Thai Curry Cafe Miranda Rockland, Maine


Seafood Mix Cafe Miranda Rockland, Maine



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    Farnsworth Art Museum Farnsworth Art Museum Rockland, Maine
    The museum is a veritable diamond in the rough, with a magnificent collection of American art that pertains to the incredible state of Maine. Thanks to Lucy Copeland Farnsworth, the last survivor of her family, and the daughter of a successful Rockland lime merchant that also started the local water company, she made specific instructions in her will that were to be followed strictly upon her death. One of the buildings she owned on Main Street was to be converted into an art gallery, along with a library and the mid-Victorian house that she grew up in, were to be opened to the public and thereafter named after her father. Long before the museum was even opened, in 1948, it had acquired works by George Bellows, Andrew Wyeth and William Zorach, as each one of them had already gained some recognition for their works about and in Maine. So, between 1943, and 1948, the museum would be the beneficiary of 915 works of art, creating the nucleus and scope of the museum, with works by some of the most noted landscape artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Robert Bellows, the trustee of her estate, would purchase works by Eastman Johnson, including his American Farmer, Winslow Homer's New England Coast, George Inness's In the White Mountains and other exciting works by Joseph DeCamp, Frank Duveneck, George Bellows, John La Farge and William Zorach. Robert would donate a small work from his own collection by Thomas Cole, Cattle and Distant Mountains, which was believed to be the artist's earliest extant oil painting. He would also acquire six works by a little known painter, just 27 years old, Andrew Wyeth, who had been painting along the Maine coastline. As the years passed, and the Wyeths fame and close relations with the museum became stronger, more young artists began coming to the majestic coasts of Maine to paint. During the 1950s, the younger generation of New York artists started coming in the summer and became known by the works they created there, including Fairfield Porter, Yvonne Jacquette, Alex Katz, Lois Dodd and Neil Welliver, along with filmmaker and photographer, Rudy Burkhardt. More donations have made the museum more impressive and significant in the world of art, with artists' works like, Francesco Clemente, Red Grooms, Jennifer Bartlett, Philip Pearlstein, Hunt Slonem, Janet Fish, Sylvia Pilmack Mangold, and David Salle. Contemporary works have been acquired created by John Bisbee, Richard Estes, Alan Magee, Brian White, Bernard Langlais, Rudy Burkhardt, William Ryman, Berenice Abbott, Elliot Porter and Rockland native Kosti Ruohomaa.

    J & E Riggin Schooner
    J. & E. Riggin Schooner Rockland, MaineThe schooner J. & E. Riggin in Rockland, Maine is a National Historic Landmark constructed on the Maurice River in Dorchester, New Jersey in 1927. Charles Riggin commissioned her to be constructed for his oyster dredging fleet and named her after his sons, Edward and Jacob. All of them would captain the vessel at various times during her stay on the Delaware Bay, becoming well known as a light quick air vessel, with her great speed shown in 1929 when she would easily win the official Oyster Dredging Race in the Delaware Bay. The ship would be used for oyster dredging until the 1940s, until fishing regulations changed and the Riggin family sold her. The Riggin would be converted to power so she could fish for mackerel and groundfish in Long Island Sound and Cape Cod. Then in the early 1970s, the vessel would be purchased by Sue and Dave Allen and retrofitted to become a passenger ship which she still is today. The engine was taken out so that cabins could be added below, with the present owners buying the fast schooner from the Allens in 1998. Before that however, she was named a National Historic Landmark. The Riggin has joined the Maine Windjammer Fleet in the region, taking 24 vacationers and ecotourists on 3, 4 or 6 day sailing cruises around the Penobscot Bay, in Maine. Her homeport is Rockland, and her sailing grounds are from Boothbay Harbor, Maine to Bar Harbor, Maine, with a majority of her decks, planking and frame original. Today, Anne Mahle and Jon Finger are the proud owners of this exciting sailing vessel from yesteryear. The vessel's sparred length is 120 feet, with 89 feet on deck, 23 feet at the beam, and drawing 7 feet with the centerboard up. She is called a bald-headed schooner with low sides and an elaborate bow, and using a yawl boat to get any extra power needed.

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    Farnsworth HomesteadFarnsworth Homestead Rockland, Maine
    The Farnsworth Homestead in Rockland, Maine is part of the historic site of the Farnsworth Art Museum that occupies the same complex area. The house was constructed in 1849, after William Farnsworth came to the region in the 1840s and opened a general store in the town, becoming involved in various business pursuits that would grow the local economy and his bank account. He would own the store, numerous real estate holdings and interest in various lime quarries, as well as founding the Rockland Water Company and becoming its president. The house was built in the Greek revival style, like many in the surrounding streets in the young town, along Elm Street and close to his business interests. It would be bigger than the house around it, with two full stories, twelve rooms and a large attic. William had an attached carriage house added to the main house with a breezeway to enter the house from it, much like many houses in that period had done. The house has survived in outstanding condition, with two rooms at the front that were used as a parlor and sitting room, much like a second parlor, which is considered the finest preserved room in the old home. It would be saved for special occasions, like many living rooms of today are, thus less used and abused, making it in better shape. Just about everything in it is original, like the wall paper, drapes, upholstery and carpeting, and both it and the sitting room have magnificent fireplaces, with faux marble facades that are reverse-painted on glass panels. The second half of the first floor held the dining room and bedroom, while the kitchen sits in the ell, with original stipple painted floor intact and in excellent condition, with an 1848 Walker's range #7 as the main source for cooking. It is coal fired with baking oven and warmer, along with five burners. The base of the stove has two coils where water could be piped and run to the two bedrooms, the bathroom and kitchen sink; which was considered quite a modern convenience. The kitchen, as well as the dining room still have the marvelous hand-grained woodworks, and there are four bedrooms located upstairs. One of these, plus the one downstairs, have a marble sink with hot and cold running water, with good sized closets in each bedroom. The upstairs hallway has a great linen closet, along with two servants' bedrooms in the ell. One of these has a small closet, and next to the servants' rooms there is a bathroom locate, but it would only be used by the family. Many believe that it was the first indoor bathroom with all the fixtures in the growing city, with flush toilet, big bathtub and sink. The room itself was heated by a hot water radiator that had been made in 1868, and fed from the kitchen stove. The couple had six children, with the three youngest only having one survive, and the oldest had two marry but no children. Lucy, the second oldest, would never marry, but lived in the house until 1935, when she passed at the age of 97. Because of the generous inheritance from her father and brother, James, as well as her own sense of business, Lucy was very well taken care of, and when she passed, left a rich estate. She instructed her trust lawyers to start the William A. Farnsworth Library and Art museum as a memorial to her father, and knew the educational value of the old house and its excellent furnishings. In 1973, it would be added to the National Register of Historic Places.

    Rockland Golf Club
    Rockland Golf Club Rockland, MaineThe Rockland Golf Club in Rockland, Maine is a great 18 hole course situated in a magnificent area of the landscape, with outstanding amenities and course, with excellent golf pro, shop and par 70, 6121 yards long course. Their pro shop is completely stocked with all the necessary accessories that you might need to enjoy your day at the course, with bags, gloves, bags, shoes, balls, hats and clubs, with Edwin Watts and Goldsmith equipment. The golf instructor is ready to help you with all your needs, lessons or information, offering the best gift a pro could offer his students and that is better understanding of the students' game. The pros are there to improve your skills, swing and knowledge of the game, without criticizing or trying to spend all day analyzing your game. These good people are there to help you get better without having to break your spirit or love of the game. The course has many tournaments and events throughout the year, as well as offering to host any events for you. There are rental carts for the course available and rental clubs if you are just in the area and visit the course, then deciding to stay and play.

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