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Things to do in Roswell

  • Bottomless Lakes State Park Bottomless Lakes State Park Roswell, New Mexico
    The first state park in New Mexico was the Bottomless Lakes region that was preserved in 1933, and has become a popular area for scuba diving. The deepest lake is Lea, which is 90 feet and is the lone lake that is available for swimming. In the summertime, people come here and rent paddleboats to float around exploring the magnificent walls of the canyon. Another lake is Devil's Inkwell, so named because of the high cliffs that surround the lake and the dark waters that have turned that way because of algae growth in the stagnant waters. Lazy Lagoon is encompassed by stinky mud and muck that is difficult to walk in and not recommended; but the waterfowl that come here are beautiful to view and watch the antics of these marvelous creatures. Other activities that are done here include boating and sailing, picnicking, camping and fishing, as the lake is stocked each winter with rainbow trout. There are trails that can be walked, jogged, run or hiked with wonderful views of the terrain and interesting plants and shrubs that are indigenous to this area. Another well known gem is the Pecos diamonds that can be found in the gypsum soil that is found here, where these "quartz crystals" have become available in the gypsum soil after it has been crumbled or broken away revealing the superb prisms that are sealed below. Sitting alongside the Pecos River, the park is southeast of Roswell, some 15 miles, and there are actually 9 tiny but deep lakes that lay along the eastern escarpment of the Pecos River Valley. This is a very old limestone reef that is like the limestone that can be seen at the Carlsbad Cavern, some 80 miles down the road. Many years ago, the limestone began to form caves, which eventually eroded away so that the caves fell into themselves forming the deep lakes that are known as cenotes. Almost all the lakes are encompassed by cliffs, except the Lea and Lazy Lagoon; and the Lea has a big sandy shoreline on the west side and high rocky cliffs on the east. It is as if nature decided that it would be a perfect place for visitors to come and enjoy a swim in the hot summer days and the people found it and have completely enjoyed coming here. On the Lazy Lagoon, the cliffs have been eaten away by the river, and it sits in an old channel of the river. The lagoon is the biggest of the lakes, and is around 26 acres around. It looks like a single lake, but there are really three sink holes that have formed the lake. The water is almost level with the salt flats around it and is therefore looks rather shallow; but one of the sink holes goes down some 90 feet. Devil's Inkwell is only about a third of an acre, and the Figure Eight Lake is two sink holes that are separated by a small strip of land that when it rains becomes a large figure eight. The area has become part of an irrigation system, and the figure eight is rarely seen since the lakes don't get a lot of rain. Pasture Lake is only 18 feet deep and the shallowest of them all; with a circumference of only three quarters of an acre. Water seeps into the lakes from the ground, and makes all of them stagnant most of the time. Seven of the lakes are protected, although with the continued influx of people coming here to enjoy the sights, fauna and flora and the recreational activities, garbage is starting to contaminate them. The lake that is farthest south is the Dimmit Lake, a private lake that is owned by the Fin and Feather club, which is a local fishing and hunting club that uses the lake for club members only. There are four endangered species that can be found or observed here and they are; eastern barking frog, Pecos pupfish, Cricket frog and rainwater killifish. The two lakes that are stocked in winter are the Devil's Inkwell and Cottonwood Lake.

  • Roswell Museum & Art Center
    The Roswell Museum and Art Center was started in 1935, by various groups that included the WPA, the city, the Federal Art Project, Roswell friends of art and the Chaves County Archaeological and Historical Society. Opened in 1937, with funds from the WPA as part of their project to open public art center across the country. It is one of a few that still exists today in this nation and that is because the community became so enamored with the museum and center that it continues on today. Right from the start, it became the educational and cultural forum for the region and when the WPA was changed in 1941, the city gained control. Since those early days, the center has grown to 50,000 square feet, housing 12 galleries devoted to showcasing history and art, the Patricia Lubben Bassett Art Education Center and the Robert H. Goddard Planetarium. Its permanent collection is made of fine art and historical items that show the many areas of the region's cultural changes in the southwest and the relationship to the rest of the country. Some of the magnificent collections include a beautiful collection of 71 watercolor sketches by Peter Moran from the 1880s that showcase the Pueblo Indian way of life. Another is the outstanding modernist works that were created at the Santa Fe and Taos art colonies that have works by Georgia O'Keefe, Jozef Bakos, Will Shuster, Ernest Blumenschein, Joseph Henry Sharp, Andrew Dasburg, William Penshallow, Stuart Davis, Walter Mruk, Robert Henri, John Marin, Fremont Ellis, Victor Higgins, Raymond Johnson, and Marsden Hartley. The biggest and perhaps most prominent is by Henriette Wyeth and Peter Hurd with dynamic works of the traditions and landscaping of the southwest New Mexico's Hondo Valley. The biggest public collection of artwork by Taos artist and WPA muralist Howard Cook and contemporary works from well known local artists Bob Hazous, Elmer Schooley, Harmony Hammond, Jim Waid, David Reed, William Lumpkins, Ken Little, Willard Midgette, Stuart Arends, Agnes Martin and Robert Colescott. There is a superb international print collection that is from the 16th century to the present era with significant works by Fritz Scholder, Salvador Dali, Hans Holbein, Pablo Picasso, Eugene Delacroix, Alex Katz, Georges Roualt, Albrecht Durer, Robert Indiana and Louise Nevelson. There is a very special collection of woodblock prints that were made by E. Boyd and part of the Federal Arts Project. Among the galleries is the unusual collection of hand made furniture by the Hispanic artisans that were used in the initial opening of the museum in 1937.

  • Downtown Historic Center
    The historic district was started by the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico in 1983 and 84 by using a grant from the State Historic Preservation Division and placed on the list of State and National Register of Historic Places in 1985. The campus of the New Mexico Military Institute, Chihuahuita, which is the oldest village in the area; a few ranches nearby were also added to the register, although the village was the only one added to the state's register. The district covers some 40 blocks and has houses that showcase 22 different architectural designs. The city's early history can tell why this unique mixture of architecture happened. In 1885, Capt. Joseph C. Lea platted the township and created some stability to the area after the Lincoln County War, and his partner, Horace Thurber, added two more blocks on the south. During the next five years, four or five more additions were made to the filing and the district includes these. The area was first settled in the Pecos Valley by John Chisum who started the Jinglebob Ranch in 1878, his company going along the Pecos River as far as a cow could graze; which was about a 150 miles. He made his headquarters near the South Spring River, which has dried up now and is about 6 miles from the small trading post of Rio Hondo that was to become the city of Roswell. The town made little headway as far as growth was concerned, because the Comanches of the eastern Pecos and the Apache on the western side kept marauding the people and herds. Soon the Lincoln County War erupted and with Chisum, John W. Poe and Pat Garrett as sheriff, the area began to become more settled after the demise of Billy the Kid. George Slaughter brought Hereford cows here in 1898 and Nathan Jaffa sank an artisan well which created a number of wells to be drilled throughout the region; helping the water scarcity problem to be alleviated. In 1894, the railroad came to the area and Roswell grew to a population of 900 residents. They wanted the railroad extension to go from Roswell to Amarillo, Texas and it finally was completed in 1899. This train service brought in many newcomers from the Midwest, as well as ranchers hoping to lay claim to the vast lands that were open to cattle. Another happenstance that occurred during this period was the arrival of people with tuberculosis that had found that the area and town were conducive to their health and these people stayed and helped the town grow. Housing wasn't available for all these folks coming here, so they were forced to build their own, which resulted in a number of various architectural styles being created. Just near the Main Street area, everyone built their homes, regardless of economic status, so the district became a hodgepodge of buildings. When Sheriff Pat Garrett shot Billy the Kid, in Fort Sumner, deputy John W. Poe was with him, and Poe later was to become an important banker in Roswell, so he had a beautiful house built for his wife Sophie; it was a Queen Anne style located on Seventh Street, where it still sits today. After Poe died, Sophie wrote a book called "Buckboard Days" which told of their early days in Lincoln County. Most of the trees, separate living quarters for the hired help and the carriage house remain there as well. Organizer of the Arizona Rangers, and owner of the Diamond A Ranch, Capt Burton C. Mossman would eventually buy the house. A real estate developer named G. A. Hamilton came to the town for his health and built a gorgeous Greek Revival house in 1910, and it also still stands on the northwest corner of the district. He went on to develop a subdivision on the Berrendo River, which is northeast of Roswell, and it was here that Dr. Robert H. Goddard would live and experiment with rockets. On the 400 block of Lea, a two story hipped box style house was built by C. F. Joyce in 1911, who was a partner in the mercantile chain of Joyce Pruitt Company. This district contains over 280 incredible historical houses that are listed on the state and national registers that include architectural styles like Tudor, bungalow, Federal, Mediterranean, Southwest Vernacular, California mission, Simplified Anne, Italianate and Pueblo revival. The oldest churches in the city are still in the district including the Methodist Church that was built in 1888, the Episcopalian in 1899, the Baptist in 1895 and the Presbyterian in 1900.

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  • Historical Center for Southeast New MexicoHistorical Center for SE New Mexico, Roswell, NM
    The Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico is located in the former home of James P. White, a local rancher, and his wife that was finished in 1912, located in a small stand of large trees on Lea Street; which has become home for the society. It is the Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico Museum and holds the archives. It is a step back in time house that continues to store the photographs and documents of that period as well as having many antiquities and memorabilia of the town's early days. The archives themselves are preserved in a building next to the home and have over 11,000 photos of that era along with thousands of books, newspaper articles, manuscripts and obituaries from the turn of the century and the earlier wild and woolly days of the west in Pecos Valley. The center is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and it still has many of the original furniture and furnishings of the White family. Many of the displays and exhibits include famous and in-famous people like Billy the Kid, John Chisum, Pat Garrett, Roy Rogers and many others. The society can and will give you any information about a walking or driving tour of the wonderful historic district. J.P. White was born in Gonzales, Texas in 1856, and moved to Roswell in 1881, staying in the cattle raising business as well as developing farms. He was very respected in the civic, agriculture and industrial aspects of the city, and helped many charitable organizations before he died in San Antonio, Texas in 1934. Lou Tomlinson White, his wife, was born in Taylor, Texas in 1876, and came to Roswell with her family in 1896. She was involved in the Presbyterian Church, as well as civic and social functions in the city. She married J.P. in 1903, and had four children. Lou lived in the house until 1972, when she passed on also. Their home is constructed of yellow brick, with small sweeping rooflines and big porches; all created in a prairie style house that was created by Frank Lloyd Wright. Some of the artifacts still found here is the Edison Amberola phonograph playing cylinder shaped recordings and a buggy footwarmer that was filled with hot coals when needed. In the kitchen, there is a wood and gas stove, an ice box and pie safe. The utensils of the day stock the drawers, with faux pantry items on the shelves.

  •  Spring River Park and Zoo
    Entrance to the zoo is free and rides are a quarter. There are beautiful plants and wild animals in the park and zoo, which set on 34 acres of land and have five main areas in the park. The Capitan Trail showcases native animals, the Children's zoo has some pet friendly animals that will let your child get up close and friendly, the visitor's area where the concession stand is, a miniature train and old wooden carousel, the developing World Safari Exotics and ranching heritage display. The Capitan Trail has the River Bottoms Exhibit where numerous smaller native animals are shown by a red clay river bank that has raccoons, foxes and bobcats. Prairie dog town has 80 of these playful creatures that came from a small stock of them when they were removed from the construction of the Wool Bowl Stadium, the plains display where the buffalo roam, burrowing owls and prairie dogs. The Coyote and Wolf woods have 2500 square foot exhibits that sit across from the marvelous deer and antelope compound. And the last area holds the Mountain habitat for black bear and mountain lions. The children's zoo contain a roadrunner, pigmy goats and patas monkeys, with Texas longhorns and miniature horses in the ranch compound. The ranch house itself has many plants that were of the kind placed in front yards during those days, and the World safari is planning to encompass the train track and now has South American llamas and two Australian emu. The heart of the park centers around the magnificent wooden carousel and is only one of a hundred left in decent condition in the country. The hand carved horses were made by some of the best artisans in this country and some from foreign lands. In 1976, the mini train was added so that rides could be given around the park and it has become a favorite. A small lake resides in the park, as well as covered picnic areas and shade trees so that visitors can take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty of the park and the many people that come here.

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Local Restaurants in Roswell
  • Cattle Baron Steak & Seafood Restaurant
    Set on 5 country acres in the Green Mountains, this The company has grown some since starting over 26 years ago and with the kind of success they are having, you can understand when you venture here, the food is always the best, the service is outstanding, and the ambiance can't be beat. The menu is extensive; appetizers include; sautéed mushrooms are sautéed in white wine, butter and a delicate seasoning; jalapeno crab cakes is lump crab meat with tiny diced jalapenos, onions, red bell peppers, herbs & spices, served with fresh pineapple mango salsa; pork rib appetizer is half pound of baby back ribs served with BBQ sauce; spinach artichoke dip is blend of fresh spinach, artichokes & cheese served hot with tortilla chips and salsa; the sampler is a combo of potato skins, Cajun popcorn shrimp, cheese sticks with Thai dipping sauce, tangy marinara and remoulade; bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp is 5 jumbo shrimp stuffed with jalapeno cream cheese, wrapped in bacon & deep fried served over bed of rice with jalapeno ranch; mozzarella cheese sticks served with tangy marinara sauce; Cajun popcorn shrimp is rock shrimp breaded & deep fried, sprinkled with zesty Cajun spices and served with remoulade sauce; shrimp cocktail is 6 large shrimp chilled and served with cocktail sauce; potato skins is stuffed with cheddar and jack cheeses, bacon bits, green onions, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with tangy marinara sauce. Soup, salad, sides; soup and salad bar available; broccoli & cheese; grilled chicken Caesar salad; sautéed lemon garlic asparagus; clam chowder; green chile stew. Pork & Chicken; garlic chicken Florentine is breast of chicken basted in garlic butter and charbroiled then topped with melted mozzarella, artichoke hearts, spinach & tomatoes; honey mustard grilled pork chops is two 8 ounce center cut bone-in chops basted with a honey Dijon mustard sauce and charbroiled served with crispy onion rings and mashed potatoes; chicken teriyaki is breast of chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce, charbroiled and topped with fresh pineapple mango salsa, served with rice; pork ribs is full pound of baby back pork ribs baked in house BBQ sauce then charbroiled for flavor served with fries and crispy onion rings; chicken strips is lightly breaded white meat deep fried to golden brown served with French fries and country cream gravy; Rio Polo is breast of chicken lightly breaded and grilled, topped with creamy béarnaise sauce, Pontchartrain topping and asparagus spears served with rice. Beef; peppered steak is 12 ounce NY pressed with black peppercorn and charbroiled then topped with green peppercorn compound butter; prime rib is house specialty cooked in special ovens and served with au jus, 8, 12, or 16 ounces, creamed horseradish available; steak New Mexico is 8 ounce NY topped with green chilies & melted jack cheese; Baron Club steak is center cut top sirloin 8 or 12 ounces; chicken fried steak is beef cutlet lightly floured deep fried and topped with country cream gravy; steak teriyaki is 12 ounce top sirloin marinated in teriyaki sauce topped with fresh pineapple mango salsa; chopped steak is 10 ounce charbroiled ground steak served with brown mushroom gravy; beef kabob is 10 ounces of sirloin cubed on a skewer with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers; New York is center cut of strip 8 or 12 ounces; filet mignon is 8 ounce wrapped in bacon, filet Oscar is 8 ounce filet with Pontchartrain topping creamy béarnaise sauce and asparagus spears; rib eye is 10 or 14 ounces. Seafood & Pasta; shrimp primavera is sautéed shrimp tossed with sautéed veggies in creamy alfredo sauce over bed of fettuccini noodles.

  • Tia Juana's Mexican Grill & Cantina
    Serving up the best in Mexican food, the cuisine at this eating establishment is all Mexican and plenty of it. Freshly made and professionally served, this is where you go for great Mex food. Appetizers include; camarones borracho is Mexican shrimp cocktail served in spicy tomato & tequila sauce; jalapeno poppers; flautas; chicken flautas, mini chinichangas; Tia juana's appetizer sampler is 3 jalapeno poppers, 3 mini chimis, 3 flautas served with sour cream, guacomole and Mexi-ranch; chile con queso; nachos; chipotle honey lime ribs is half pound of pork ribs mesquite grilled and basted with chipotle honey lime BBQ sauce; quesadillas. Mexican favorites served with rice & choice of refried, charro or pinto beans; enchiliados is three rolled or stacked, red, green or sour cream sauce; Juan'a enchiliadas rolled is one shredded beef enchilada with green chile, one chicken enchilada with sour cream sauce and one ground beef enchilada with red chile sauce; burritos is choose from bean & cheese, ground beef, shredded beef, chile Colorado, asado or chile verde wrapped in flour tortilla topped with red or green chile and white & yellow cheddar cheese; fish tacos is three tacos topped with cabbage & pico de gallo, served with rice, calabacitas, guacamole and cilantro with choice of flour or corn tortillas; steak tamiquena is 8 ounce USDA sirloin steak mesquite grilled and topped with grilled green chile & onions served with two cheese enchiladas, beans & rice; asado is lean pork simmered in red chile pods; tamales is three red pork tamales topped with red chile and cheese; chile verde is lean beef stewed with potatoes & green chile served with flour tortillas; chimichanga is deep fried flour tortilla filled with choice of chicken or shredded beef topped with red, green or sour cream sauce served with guacamole & sour cream; steak & relleno is 8 ounce USDA sirloin steak mesquite grilled served with one chile relleno, beans & rice; shrimp del fuego is 6 shrimp stuffed with sliver of fresh jalapeno and wrapped with bacon skewered and mesquite grilled served with potato casserole and calabacitas; chipotle honey lime ribs is pound of pork ribs mesquite grilled & basted with chipotle honey lime BBQ sauce served with potato casserole & calabacitas; steak & ribs is 8 ounces of USDA sirloin steak and half pound of chipotle honey lime ribs served with potato casserole & calabacitas.


Cicken Teriyaki Cattle Baron Roswell, New Mexico


ChickenFlorentine Cattle Baron Roswell, New Mexico


Peppersteak Cattle Baron Roswell, New Mexico


Honey Mustard Pork Cattle Baron Roswell, New Mexico


Filet Mignon Cattle Baron Roswell, New Mexico



 Steak Tamiquena Tia Juana's Roswell, New Mexico

Steak & Rolleno Tia Juana's Roswell, New Mexico

Fish tacos Tia Juana's Roswell, New Mexico

Chicken Enchiladas Tia Juana's Roswell, New Mexico

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  • Carlsbad Caverns National Park Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico
    The caverns are located in the Guadalupe Mountains in southeast New Mexico, and the main attraction is the Carlsbad Caverns. You can hike in on your own, or take the elevator, which is the exit way out; as it goes down 750 feet to the underground lunchroom. There are two listings on the National Register of Historic Places; the Rattlesnake Springs Historic district and Caverns Historic district. Over two thirds of the park are protected as a wilderness area so that no changes will happen here in the future. The busiest times of the year to visit are the weekends after Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. It is located just off of U.S. 62/180, and does participate in the Junior Ranger program. The second biggest chamber in the world is here, which is natural limestone and over 4000 feet long, 625 feet wide and 350 feet high. The biggest chamber is in Sarawak Chamber in Malaysia. The history of the cave is unique, in that Jim White, the young man that found the cave had come from Texas, where he had begged his dad to let him become a cowboy rather than continue going to school. So, in 1892, his dad took him to the XXX ranch in southeastern New Mexico and let him work for Dan and John Lucas, the owners. Jim was chasing strays one day, when he noticed a huge plumage of bats coming up out of the earth and went to investigate. He looked down into the biggest blackest hole he had ever seen where the bats seemed to boil from. Some days later, he came back with rope, fencing wire and a hatchet; which he used to cut wood staves to make a ladder. Lowering the ladder down into the black hole, he made a kerosene lantern and started down going about 50 feet to where his feet could stand on ledge. It was another 20 feet to the floor and using his lantern slowly started exploring the cave. He finally came to a chamber, with two tunnels heading off in different directions, the left more level and the right going downward. He proceeded left and discovered the Bat Cave and after looking around for some time, went back to check out the other. It was his first cave, and he was amazed when he came upon his first stalagmites. Reaching the first formations, he had crossed many dangerous ledges, and huge openings whereupon he found more stalagmites, bigger and more beautiful than the first and saw soda straws, flowstone, stalactites, chandeliers, rimstone dams, flows of water and other incredible formations. He threw rocks into openings to see how deep they were, and one pit where he pushed a boulder fell for seconds before it became an echo. It was an unbelievable moment frozen in time when his lantern went out and left him completely in a darkness that seemed to smother him. Even as a young man of 16, he had had the sense to put more oil in a canteen and when the light was back on, he returned to the main entrance.

  • Alien Zone
    Near the town of Ludlow, Roswell, the Buttermilk Falls offer a wonderful spot to enjoy a delicious picnic and a cool swim in the pool of water just below the falls.  It is one of the best swimming holes in the southern part of Roswell and a favorite for the locals.  The upper falls is divided into two horsetails, the right one is about 12 feet and the left one 15 feet cascading into a large pooled area that is great for swimming with a small rock bottom.  The water is usually clear, except after a storm or heavy rainfall, in which case the left horsetail is running much stronger also.  A great time is the late spring or mid summer, when the seasonal changes have given the surrounding areas their beauty.  The area is great for exploration and study with varied colored rocks of the Precambrian age and made of quartzite.  The upper ledge looks like a unique grey-green color that is opaque and the middle area is red. 

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  • International UFO Museum & Research CenterInternational UFO Museum & Research Center Roswell, New Mexico
    Now to the infamy of Roswell, the UFO incident, and the many tales, stories and legends that have grown from the period of July, 1947. Whether or not you believe, are interested in, or whatever reason you might have of traveling to this small city that sits in the desert of Arizona, not close to any large cities or monuments, the fact remains that this museum has grown exponentially into a full city block of memorabilia, artifacts, costumes, imagery and imagination. It all began in that July of 1947, when something happened in the land near Roswell, and the government was involved with the following circumstances. The story has been told many times and in many different ways; and the townspeople have their own ideas gleamed from talking with those involved and by just being aware of what was happening to their small quiet town. One such person that was part of the incident was the public information officer for the Army Air Field at Roswell, former Lt. Walter Haut. Over the decades that followed the incident, the town and stories continued to grow and by early 1990, Haut was out of the service and living in Roswell. He kept thinking about a medium that would house all the information and related items that had been collected and he approached another resident of the town that had been involved in some capacity with the incident, Glenn Dennis and they founded the UFO museum. It was incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit in 1991 and opened to the world in the fall of 1992. These men never dreamt of the traffic that the museum's opening would bring, but as people from all over the world began to come here to view the museum and its treasures, they soon found out. Two hundred miles from any good sized city, and without any exotic natural wonders or treasures, this city has continued to grow in leaps and bounds with folks interested in this unique phenomena. Since opening, the museum has had to move twice because of size restrictions and before the museum opened, there were no references made anywhere about the incident. The people of Roswell all knew the stories, but nothing had been capitalized on it until the museum became a reality. Now there are alien eyes on the lampposts, space ship logos for the local car dealer and a city logo and branding campaign that had a spaceship, documentaries or television shows about it. The board of directors of the museum finally had to purchase a full city block to house all the incredible paraphernalia that pertained to the incident and alien accidents. Now the city has a super Wal-Mart, Home Depot building center, Chilies and Applebee's restaurants, Hobby Lobby, Sam's Club, Petco, six new hotels, Famous Footwear and more. While many are skeptic and critical, the museum has continued with its positive and serious side that relates to the incident.

  • General Douglas L. McBride Military Museum
    Constructed in 1918 and called the Luna Natatorium, after Lt Antonio J. Luna, '14, it held the first indoor swimming pool west of the Mississippi River and used for all water activities at the institute until the Godfrey Athletic Center was finished in 1981. The transformation of the natatorium into a museum was started in the early 1980s, and exhibited the historical heritage of the New Mexico Military Institute and its corps of cadets. In 2006, it was restored again, and became the Enrollment and Development Center. They renamed the center Luna Hall in 2009, where the campus' offices of admission, NMMI foundation, financial aid, NMMI Alumni association were located. The McBride Museum is on the second floor of this center. The many exhibits focus on the history of the institute, and the Hall of Fame is a constantly growing collection of outstanding alumni that live out the motto of "duty-honor-achievement". The museum is free to visit and view, and is open during the regular work week.

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  • Bitter Lake National Wildlife RefugeBitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge Roswell, New Mexico
    This wildlife refuge is located in two areas of Chaves County, New Mexico, some miles from Roswell, and they both lie on the banks of the Pecos River. It started as a refuge in 1937, so that migratory birds like the sand hill crane and snow goose would have a protected area where they could come during the cold winters up north. The area is well known for its rare native fish and 90 varieties of damselflies and dragonflies that live here. The Southern Plains meets the Chihuahuan Desert where the Bitter Lake lies and it is one of the most important biological wetlands on the Pecos River. Other significant and rare creatures include the least tern, least shrew, Noel's amphipod and Roswell spring snail. Another 2100 acres of land along the Pecos River is the saltcedar, which is part of a restoration process that is being funded by a grant from the state. The refuge occupies more than 24,500 acres of land near Roswell.

  • Roswell Country Club
    The country club was started in 1905, so that residents of the community could have a recreational facility for its members and families. Fifty acres of land were purchased and construction began the next year. The 16 acre lake was stocked with black bass and more land was acquired to hold a 9 hole golf course and swimming pool. It has been serving the community and its members for over a century and plans on doing for another hundred is in the process. The golf course is open year round, with plans for its expansion, bag storage and cat rental, couples and family golf, with ladies', men's and junior golf associations available. A pro shop, driving range and lesson course is in the works.

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