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Things to do in Sandy Springs

    Williams-Payne House Museum Williams-Payne House Museum Sandy Springs, Georgia
    The Sandy Springs heritage museum is located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, opening in March of 2010, it showcases the history of the area, situated in the refurbished Williams-Payne House that is located on Heritage Green in Sandy Springs, with three outstanding new exhibits. Their anchor exhibit is the biggest and most comprehensive about the region, called Sandy Springs: Land and People, that describes the marvelous story of the area, beginning with the early Native Americans that lived and hunted here, then the arrival of immigrant farmers and onto the modern urbanites. There are interpretive panels that highlight the main transitions that occurred in the city, that included the land rush, the Civil War and the Reconstruction period; along with the impact of WWII, the region's growth during the late 20th century and the struggle it would incur while trying to become a city. There are two changing galleries that provide the museum with in-depth exhibits that complement their own displays about the historical, seasonal and current events, which will provide never-before-seen relics from the region's past as they become available for the first time as exhibits. Another outstanding exhibit is the A Land Nearby that showcases the photography of the state's Barrier Islands by Dr. Curt Hames, Jr. with twenty excellent photographs that somehow capture the natural beauty of the state's marshes and beaches, as if left inside a timeless bubble, pristine and serene, with little changes seen or occurring. The Getaway highlights the various ways that the citizenry has gotten away to other places, and the ones that they visited. Images of America: Sandy Springs is a new photo-history book about the city and is available at many sources including the museum, online and at the museum's office. The area has become such a significant part of the community offering concerts by the springs, events and programs around the grounds, the Sandy Springs Festival, private parties, meeting rooms, the entertainment lawn, weddings, history and other exciting and interesting happenings that continue to bring folks in and educate or just entertain them.

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    Sandy Springs Historic Community FoundationSandy Springs Society Sandy Springs, Georgia
    The Sandy Springs Society is the biggest philanthropic organization in the city, starting in 1989, when sixteen women would get together to form a philanthropic society that would benefit the community, at about the same time that it became an unincorporated suburb of Atlanta. The women wanted to organize a group of women that would utilize their collective talents to raise money for the needs of the community and form long lasting relationships with others that share the same ideas of community support. When the group had their first meeting, their society had grown to number 108 charter members, with the majority still helping and being involved today. To enter into this special group of women, you must be invited, along with certain other stipulations that pertain to the community and the society. The group had started as the Sandy Springs Historic Community Foundation, while the subsequent Heritage Sandy Springs would be started to promote a sense of community and to preserve the history of the city, with their meeting site, usually the springs themselves, since it had a source of fresh drinking water. The Creek Indians would be the first recorded visitors at the springs, and as the east moved west and south, it would be the perfect place for travelers to stop over and have a clear cool drink from the springs, as well as becoming a site for church camp meetings, and now, the place that has become known as the Heritage Green, has been enlarged to include a four-acre park that includes the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum, landscaped gardens, outstanding walking trails and the Sandy Springs Society Entertainment Lawn. It has actually become the heart of the city, and a big part of the culture and history of the city, a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

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Local Restaurants in Sandy Springs

    Horseradish Grill
    Entrees; roaster springer mountain chicken breast sharp cheddar & gruyere macaroni, sautéed asparagus & veal jus; famous skillet fried chicken w/ garlic green beans & whipped Yukon gold potatoes; hickory grilled 12oz. pork chops, stuffed with Coles' lake goat cheese, sautéed spinach & dried cranberries, mashed sweet potato & braised greens; wood grilled lamb chops w/ horseradish mashed potatoes, broccoli & Dijon mint glaze; all natural iron skillet cab 14oz. ribeye is smothered in mushrooms & onions, w/ creamed spinach & roasted fingerling potatoes; pecan crusted North Georgia trout w/ mashed potatoes, asparagus, bourbon roasted acorn squash & green tomatoes, caper & dill butter sauce; blackened redfish w/ andouille sausage grits, broccoli, mushroom & crawfish Creole cream sauce; horseradish crusted grouper w/ sweet potato & beet gratin, spinach & white wine butter sauce; seared duck breast glazed in honey truffle oil serve w/ sautéed spinach & cinnamon sugar sweet potato home fries; farm fresh local grown sampler is chef's selection of the most local & seasonal veggies.

    Rumi's Kitchen
    Entrees; Koobideh kabob is two strips of seasoned ground chuck charbroiled & served on bed of saffron basmati rice; Chinjeh kabob is marinated cuts of sirloin charbroiled & served on freshly baked flat bread with side of mast mousir; barg kabob is specially marinated strips of tenderloin charbroiled & served on bed of saffron basmati rice; Soltani kabob is combo of koobideh kabob & barg kabob served on bed of saffron basmati rice; shish kabob is marinated center cut filet mignon, bell pepper, onion & tomato charbroiled & served on bed of saffron basmati rice; Joojeh kabob is various cuts of Cornish hen, marinated in lemon saffron sauce, charbroiled & served on bed of saffron basmati rice; chicken kabob is boneless cuts of chicken breast marinated in lemon saffron sauce, charbroiled on skewers & served on bed of saffron basmati rice; lamb shank is slow cooked lamb shank seasoned & served w/ saffron basmati rice mixed w/ dill weed & fava beans; lamb kabob is boneless cuts of lamb marinated in mint yogurt sauce, charbroiled & served on bed of saffron basmati rice mixed w/ lentils & raisins; roasted salmon is marinated fresh cuts of salmon fire roasted & served on bed of saffron basmati rice mixed w/ dill weed & fava beans; shrimp kabob is jumbo shrimps marinated in rumi's special sauce charbroiled & served on bed of sweet saffron basmati rice mixed w/ almonds & special orange zest sauce.


Pecan Crusted Trout Horseradish Grill Sandy Springs, Georgia


Horseradish Crusted Grouper Horeseradish Grill Sandy Springs, Georgia

Chicken Kabob Rumi's Kitchen Sandy Springs, Georgia


Lamb Kabob Rumi's Kitchen Sandy Springs, Georgia



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    The Art School in Sandy Springs The Art School in Sandy Springs, Georgia
    The Art School in Sandy Springs, Georgia is changing the way art is taught, and what makes this school even more significant is that it is bringing talented and professional artists from around the country to come here and teach whatever medium that they are proficient in. It began with a dream, by founder, local artist and past gallery owner, Donna Thomas, who has a real love and passion for the arts. She started out with just one room, offering classes in various mediums and styles, eventually broadening her scope and those of the fortunate community members that are now able to come to the school and learn just about any kind of artistic endeavor they might choose. Donna offers classes by local, national and even international instructors that are quite accomplished in their medium, featured in books, radio, newspapers, magazines or represented in galleries. The school provides a wide range of classes, in so many mediums, with outstanding artists, well known in their own circles, and ready to teach anyone that is willing to learn. Whether you are a beginner, novice, in-between, expert or might not even know where to begin; then this is the school that is just for you or any member of your family. Donna strives to keep the class size low, so that individual attention can be given to all the students, with the classes usually running for six weeks at a time. It is also, one of the few schools in the city of Atlanta that offers encaustic, which is an old wax medium of painting. The school has hosted many juried shows throughout the area, and has a great relationship with the local galleries if you would enjoy showing your works. They have weekend classes, one day classes and just about anything that you could need or want. If you feel that you have excellent talents in any venue and wish to teach a class or more, they even accept applications at their website; which also has ideas about starting your own website so that you can showcase your own works and put them up for sale. Some of the classes that are just about ready to start include; figure and costumed oil painting, designing and creating expressive landscapes, landscape and still life in pastel, figure drawing simplified, middle school art class, creating drama in your works, and so much more that you would have to check it out yourself.

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    Heritage Green - Sandy Springs Historic SiteHeritage Green-Sandy Springs Historic Site Sandy Springs, Georgia
    Heritage Sandy Springs is a nonprofit organization that supports and manages the Heritage Green, a four acre city park that is situated right in the heart of downtown. It has become a special people park since being saved from developers in the 1980s and has grown in significance and enjoyment by the community, with many free concerts, the Sandy Springs Festival, the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum, free programs and events, strolling along the shaded gardens and come to one of the many corporate events, meetings or wedding that are so often held there. Other exciting events that are held there include; Wind Down Wednesdays, Ghostly Gatherings, Light the Lights and many more concerts, festivals and educational programs that keep the community so busy that they rarely have time to take care of their own properties. Their outstanding museum that is located in the Williams-Payne house has just opened two new exhibits, A Land Nearby and The Getaway. A Land Nearby showcases the photographic works of Dr. Curt Hames, Jr., with 20 images that capture the timeless and natural beauty of the marshes and beaches of the state, while the getaway showcases the numerous ways that the people of the city explore the various ways to getaway and many of the destinations that they visited.

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    Roswell Historical Society Research LibraryRoswell Historical Society Research Library reading room Roswell, Georgia
    The Roswell Historical Society Research Library is now a repository for all research materials and historical collections of the society and the city, that includes, the Civil War, properties in the historic district, early settlers, local African American heritage, the region's textile mills, local businesses, Cherokee Native Americans, family genealogies, social and civic organizations. The collections contains visual arts, manuscript collections, textiles and relics, photographs, family files, maps, audio and visual materials, newspapers, pamphlet files and books. Their reading room houses more than a thousand books about the city's history, the state and their counties, along with family, pamphlet and subject files. The photograph collection has more than 3000 significant images of the city and its citizens; while the manuscript collection contains personal and family papers, material that relates to the social and cultural organizations and business records. The outstanding newspapers collection includes papers from the Roswell Herald and North Fultan Herald from the 1940s to the 1960s. The society has been an important player in the preservation of historical community landmarks, as well as rising the awareness of the city's excellent history and includes numerous awards. The society offers occasional programs that will acquaint the community with their research and library archives, as well as how to preserve and store any of your own personal memorabilia and photographs, along with any treasures you might have. Hosting periodic exhibits that have historical themes brings many visitors here to learn more about the materials that have been preserved in their archives, and hosts the Walk with History that has interpreters dressed in the period clothing and discuss the city's history as they walk through the historic district. There are regular historical tours offered and provided, that take about an hour and inform visitors about the city and its history.

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    Georgia's Governor's MansionGeorgia's Governor's Mansion Atlanta, Georgia
    The Governor's mansion is situated in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia and constructed on land that had been owned by former Atlanta mayor, Robert Maddox, that owned a big English Tudor style house on the property. It would almost be completely destroyed by fire, so Maddox would sell the land to the state, who would demolish the remainder of the old house so that it could construct the new governor's mansion. That mansion is a three story, 30 room, Greek Revival style house that was constructed in 1967, and sits on 18 marvelous acres, designed by local architect, Thomas Bradbury, opening up in 1968. A terrible tornado would visit the mansion in 1975, and heavily damage it, only a week after the new governor, Busbee, had moved in after his inauguration, which would force the state to restore it. The tornado would gain the infamous name of "the governor's tornado" and would be the worst tornado to hit the city until 2008, when a tornado ripped through parts of downtown. It would be repaired to await the next disaster, while the space inside measures 24,000 square feet, and has thirty Doric columns that are located on the porches. These particular columns had been made from California redwoods and were each 24 feet tall. The columns were hollowed out so that the water from the roof would have someplace to run, so they were specially treated to withstand the wear from that water. There are many trees located on the grounds, along with tennis courts, greenhouse, swimming pool and children's play area. The main feature of the entrance is the Georgia marble fountain that contains three big flagpoles. Every piece of furniture and all the furnishings are considered to be museum quality pieces, which now contains one of the finest Federal period collections in the country, acquired by a 70 person fine arts committee as the mansion was being built and is now a permanent collection. Lester Maddox would be the first governor to live here, then Jimmy Carter, George Busbee, Joe Frank Louis, Zell Miller, Roy Barnes, Sonny Perdue and currently, Nathan Deal.

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