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Things to do in Santa Rosa

    Safari WestSafari West Sonoma County, California
    Safari West can be found in Sonoma County, California on the 400 acres private wildlife preserve that combines vacation lodging with wild animal care similar to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas and the Vision Quest Safari bed and breakfast in Salinas, California. The wildlife that are selected to be housed here are those species that are native to Africa, which includes; cheetahs, giraffe, rhinos and many types of birds. The park has been involved in breeding programs, exchanging animals with other parks and zoos so that the gene pool is always kept fresh and healthy for those wild animals that are included in the program. It has become involved in those species that are becoming extinct in the wild, making sure that these special species are able to be re-introduced to the wild one day in the future. The park is one of the six accredited parks that engage in lodging and wildlife care in the nation and started in the early 1970s on a cattle ranch in Beverly Hills by Peter Lang. Peter is the son of film director, Otto Lang, who directed numerous episodes of Daktari, the Man from U.N.C.L.E., Flipper and Sea Hunt; which helped to inspire the younger Lang's interest in wild animals, who started keeping them on the ranch. In 1978, the family sold the ranch to be used as a park, they moved the menagerie to a bigger ranch by Calistoga, California and in 1989, moved to their current locale on a former sheep ranch by Santa Rosa. In 1993, Peter opened it to children tours, and then later, added overnight lodging, restaurant and safari tours. It is also operating as a private zoo that has breeding programs, with 350 animals of 50 different animal species. The jeep tours are available for the public, even though you might not be staying at the bed and breakfast and starts in the animal compound. Here you meet the smaller critters, with a large bucket of carrots for the youngsters in the group so they can feed the giraffes. Here is the place where the babies are taken care of which is close to the barn. The jeep tour meandered around the property with stops to see the various groups of animals and to hear the driver/guide explain the origin and behavior of the various animals. Some of the creatures you'll probably see includes wildebeest, antelope and zebra, as well as dozens of other kinds of animals roaming around the wine country hills.

    St. Francis Vineyards & Winery
    St. Francis Vineyards & Winery Sonoma Valley, CaliforniaThe St. Francis Vineyards and Winery is located in the midst of the Sonoma Valley, in Sonoma County, California where it grows grapes and produces full bodied bold wine, full of flavor and delightful tastes in the perfect setting for both businesses. Joe Martin, a San Francisco businessman and his wife, Emma, bought the 100 acre Behler Ranch vineyard in Sonoma Valley in 1971, by the historic town of Kenwood. By the time 1979 rolled around the family had been growing grapes and selling them to the local wineries, Joe and his partner, Lloyd Canton decided to construct their own winery, thus beginning the St. Francis Winery was started and christened after St. Francis of Assisi, in honor of the saint's role as a benefactor to the natural world and acknowledgment of the Franciscan order that is believed to have brought the first grape vine to the new world. The fall of 1999 was when the new winery was completed, just in time for the harvest, and it sits a mile from the original winery site in Sonoma Valley with the majestic Hood Mountain in the background. After the visitors center was opened in 2001, the entire operation was well in hand, run completely locally, with tours and visitors coming here to enjoy the wine tasting and food that is served at the restaurant, with gorgeous views extending as far as the eye can see. It is a beautiful vineyard and one that will allow you to see up close the hard work and constant care that is necessary to produce a good bottle of wine.

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    Charles M. Schulz MuseumSchulz Museum & Research Center Santa Rosa, California
    The Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center is the museum dedicated to the works of Schulz, the outstanding creator of the Peanuts comic strip located in Santa Rosa, California. It opened in 2002 and houses many of the original Peanuts comic strips, including many other Schulz works, with two awesome works by Japanese artist Yoshiteru Otani in the great hall and a huge 3.5 ton sculpture of wood showcasing the evolution of Snoopy and a 22 foot high ceramic mural made of 3588 Peanuts strips that when combined form the entertaining image of Lucy van Pelt holding the football for Charlie Brown to kick. That was a hilarious strip and image in the movie. Some of the permanent exhibits is a work by Christo that shows Snoopy's doghouse wrapped, tributes to Schulz by other artists and his personal studio. Charlie, or Charles to be sure you understand who we are talking about was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1922, the only child of Dena and Carl Schulz. Even from birth, comics would always be a big part of Charles' life and when he was just two days old, his uncle nicknamed him Sparky after the horse Spark Plug in the Barney Google comic strip. From that time on, both he and his dad would read the Sunday papers, which consisted mostly of the funnies. Charles somehow knew he would become a cartoonist and was so proud when Ripley's newspaper feature, Believe it or Not published his drawing of his family dog in 1937. The family moved to Needles, California in 1929 when he was just six years old, but stayed only a year before moving back to Minnesota. Charles had to put his creative talents on hold while he became a machine gun squad leader in WWII, although he was often seen sketching parts of his daily life in the army. After he was discharged in 1945, he went to St. Paul to start his career in cartooning. There, between 1947 and 1950, he drew a weekly comic panel for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, as well as selling 17 comic gags to the Saturday Evening Post. He still had to go through the infamous rejection slips and letters, but finally realized his dream in 1950 when Peanuts debuted in seven newspapers in a nationally-syndicated daily comic strip. He had been awarded two Reuben Awards by 1965, by the National Cartoonists Society for his outstanding talents and by then Peanuts had become an international success. Other permanent exhibitions included besides the ones already mentioned included the nursery wall of his daughter's bedroom where he had drawn the members of the Peanuts gang and numerous other children's book characters in 1951, and it was another half century before that wall would come to the museum and be showcased. The morphing Snoopy display is 43 layers of shaped and cut evolving personas of the famous Snoopy, starting with Spike, Charles childhood pet and inspiration for the now world famous pet beagle. Another favorite exhibit is the Snoopy labyrinth that sits outside the museum's front entrance and is such a delight to the youngsters that wander around in here, all the while looking at the marvelous museum's grounds.

     Wells Fargo Center for the Arts
    Wells Fargo Center for the Arts Santa Rosa, California
    The Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, was called the Luther Burbank Center initially, is a performance center that is located just a bit north of Santa Rosa, California on US 101. It is owned and run by the Luther Burbank Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit educational organization that was started in 1979. The main performance area is the Ruth Finley Person theater that seats 1612 around the 58 foot wide stage that has no seat further away than 75 feet from the performing stage. There are also two other stages there; the Harry Merlo theater that seats up to a 100 people and the Carston Cabaret that seats from 100 to 300 people. It hosts over a 100 performances a year with numerous well known personalities. The resident companies now include; the American Philharmonic, Sonoma County, the Santa Rosa Symphony, the DRW Production Company/Santa Rosa Nutcracker, the Santa Rosa Concert Association, the Healdsburg Guitar Festival and the Routabout Theater. The center was bought from the Christian Life Center in the 1970s for $4.5 million and opened to the public in 1981. In 2006, the foundation sold the naming rights to Wells Fargo Bank for ten years, but the foundation still owns and maintains the center. One of the most infamous performances was by George Carlin in his final appearance, his 14th HBO special, It's Bad for Ya. In September you can see Heart on the 23rd, and Gary Allen on the 8th, with Tony Bennett on the 21st. Other exciting visitors include Creedence Clearwater Revisited on the 15th, Englebert Humperdick on the 16th, Garrison Keillor on the 19th and Comedy Quest on the 25th. There are many, many more outstanding artists coming here in the remaining months of 2010 so be sure and check out their menu which is sure to keep anyone coming back for more and more. And it is the perfect place to visit when going to that area of California for vacation or a visit.

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Enterprise Car Rental Santa Rosa - 1621 Cleveland Ave. 

Local Restaurants in Santa Rosa

    Zazu Restaurant & Farm
    Appetizers; jingle bell peppers with housemade fennel sausage, fennel marmalade; beer battered popcorn prawns with 3 dipping sauce; Mendicino porcini French dip with horseradish crème fraiche, marsala jus; grilled tiny octopus on fat slice of grilled bread, preserved lemon; bowl full of steamers, melted butter, pint of Guinness; butter lettuce, slow roasted beets, celery, candied walnuts, Oregon blue cheese dressing; warm Savoy spinach, honey roasted shallots, Niman ranch bacon; two soups in a bowl is roasted red pepper & tomatillo soups, avocado salsa; cup of spicy tomato soup with Bellwether farm's carmody grilled cheese sandwich. Sides; buttermilk mashed potatoes; Brussels sprouts, ace hard cider butter, pancetta salt; chicory, plumped sultanas, pinenuts; fried green tomatoes, buttermilk dressing. Big Plates; red wine braised beef cheek in style of stroganoff, chestnut noodles, crème fraiche; Alaskan halibut poached in mushroom broth, potato ravioli, Napa cabbage, barlotti beans, white truffle oil; saffron & green olive braised lamb shank, smothered in yogurt, eggplant tagine, spicy cucumbers; seared duck, yam & maple mash, cranberry cornbread stuffing; naturally raised flat iron steak, point Reyes blue cheese ravioli, roasted garlic; J. B. balsamic pork shoulder, melting onions, mashed potatoes; arugula pappardelle, tomato confit, Laura chenel goat's milk cheese.

    Third Street Aleworks Restaurant & Brewery
    Starters; basket of house fries, BBQ seasoned fries, garlic parmesan fries, basket of housemade chips, garlic parmesan chips, BBQ spiced chips, fiesta nachos with tortilla chips, black beans, pico de gallo, cheddar & jack cheese, jalapenos, black olives, lime-cilantro sour cream, guacamole; hot artichoke, spinach & jalapeno dip with crostini; beer battered zucchini sticks with garlic ranch; aleworks buffalo wings with celery & bleu cheese dressing; Cajun BBQ beer shrimp is shrimp in buttery spicy sauce with French bread. Entrees; grilled sausage plate is bratwurst & knockwurst sausages with sauerkraut, seasonal veggies, garlic mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy; cheesiest house macaroni is macaroni baked with Tillamook extra sharp white cheddar, asiago, mozzarella, provolone & Romano cheeses & topped with garlic bread crumbs; Annadel ale BBQ chicken is grilled ale brined boneless chicken breast & leg, corn on cob with cilantro-lime butter, cole slaw, garlic mashed potatoes, annadel pale ale BBQ sauce; rajun Cajun pasta is grilled chicken, shrimp, Louisiana hot sausage, bell peppers, diced tomatoes & green onions in spicy creamy Cajun marinara sauce with garlic bread; fish & chips is beer battered Pacific cod, house French fries, tartar sauce; Asian chicken & shrimp skewers is shrimp, chicken, pineapple & veggies grilled with sweet & spicy Asian BBQ sauce with Chinese fried rice & wonton soup; crispy chicken tenders & fries with BBQ sauce & ale works ranch; buffalo chicken tenders & fries is crispy chicken tenders coated in buffalo sauce, with bleu cheese dressing; bratwurst sausage in bun with sauerkraut.


Seared Duck Zazu Restaurant & Farm Santa Rosa,California


Flat Iron Steak Zazu Restaurant & Farm Santa Rosa, California



 Grilled Chicken Third Street Aleworks Santa Rosa, California


Fish & Chips Third Street Aleworks Santa Rosa, California



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    Pacific Coast Air  Museum Pacific Coast Air Museum Santa Rosa, California
    The Pacific Coast Air Museum opened in 1989 to promote the acquisition, rejuvenation, safe operation and exhibits of historic aircraft and memorabilia that gives the community and visitors an educational opportunity for these marvelous crafts and the heroic aviators that gave their lives in the growth and defense of the American way of life. The museum houses a significant number of spyplanes, warbirds and other aircraft, spotlessly maintained and preserved by dedicated retired Air Force mechanics, pilots and volunteers. The museum was a dream that many aircraft owners had for a number of years, so when a meeting was held at the Air Traffic control tower at the Sonoma County Airport in 1990, bringing in 21 people that owned 16 historical aircraft the idea blossomed and became the first open house in May of that same year. The open house and air show has been continued to the present, so that the residents and visitors of the museum can see the many changes that occur from one year to the next. At the shows, they will look over the many aircraft and artifacts, view numerous displays of related memorabilia and watch the fantastic aerial displays, gaining knowledge and understanding of the fabulous and rich history of aviation in this country. At the shows, many top gun instructors, crewmembers, aircraft, war bird veterans and Navy/Air Force/Marine pilots and more have been hosted, with a NASA astronaut coming to the 2006 Wings Over Wine Country air show. The shows usually bring in about 20,000 visitors and it has grown into a world class venue that showcases everything from military jet demo teams to skydiving and hang-gliding to biplane aerobatics. The first plane the museum ever acquired was a Douglas A-26 Invader that needed a complete rejuvenation, and the next was a F-8C Crusader from Larsen Park in San Francisco where it had lamented for many years, derelict. In 1994, a Navy A-6E Intruder flew into the museum and a short time before the year's show, a Ilyushin IL-14 Light Transport arrived from Reno, Nevada. The museum has continued to acquire many historic planes over the years and restore them to their original flying condition, showcasing them at every opportunity and show. It is one of the finest air museums in the nation and is a place that anyone that loves flying or aircraft should visit at least once in their lives.

    Luther Burbank Home and Gardens
    Luther Burbank Home & Gardens Santa Rosa, CaliforniaThe Luther Burbank Home and Gardens sit on an acre in the city park that contains the house, gardens, greenhouse and grave of the famous American horticulturist Luther Burbank in Santa Rosa, California. The park is always open and free, but the house has a charge for guided tours. It is a National Historic Landmark and California Historical Landmark. Luther lived in the city for over half a century and performed the majority of his work right here. During the period from 1884 to 1906, he lived in the Greek revival house that still sits in the park, and then moved next door into a house that isn't here anymore. When Luther passed on in 1926, his widow, Elizabeth moved back into the house and stayed there until she passed in 1977. The gardens that surround the house contain many of Burbank's horticultural introductions, with outstanding collections of roses, walnuts, cactus, ornamental grasses, medicinal herbs and fruit trees. The majority of the plants are labeled with the common name and the botanic one. The greenhouse for the property and the horticulturist was designed and constructed by him in 1889, with Luther's grave close by. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966.

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Avis Car Rental Petaluma
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    Sonoma County MuseumSonoma County Museum Santa Rosa, California
    The Sonoma County Museum is located in the former historic 1909 Post Office in Santa Rosa, California and is devoted to the area's art, culture and history with 15 to 18 exhibitions in history and art held each year. It is the only collecting art museum in the North Bay area and offers tours, youth programs, lectures, interactive displays and panel discussions on a regular basis. It welcomes about 15,000 visitors each year and continues to grow and expand, with a marvelous membership program, activities and special events. Their shop offers books, toys, unusual jewelry and items that pertain to the Sonoma County area. The former post office was one of the first 12 structures that were built by the federal government in the state, with Roman renaissance revival style, influenced by the Spanish style so prevalent in this region. The post office moved into a newer building in 1979, and it was then renovated into a museum area and put on the National Historic Register. It was opened to the public in 1985 and houses almost 25,000 objects in its collections that describe the county's history and culture that existed during the 19th and 20th centuries. Inside are the sculpture, furniture, documents, historic paintings, photographs, textiles, machinery, prints, wood sculpture, industrial tools, costumes, glass, ceramics and graphics that pertain to the county and its lifestyles.  Their permanent collections include; the Jeanne Thurlow Miller collection of watercolors, oils and photographs, the Tom Golden collection of works by well known artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, the Carroll Barnes collection of sculpture, illustrations and drawings of artist Carroll Barnes, the Ivan B. and Elvira Hart collection of early landscape artists like Kark Kauba, Thomas Hill, Frederick Farina Schafer, Rusty Phelps, Frederick Butman and Alice Gray Couttis, the Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel collection of black and white photos they produced themselves, and many more to entice you in and let you peruse this magnificent collection and museum.

    California Indian Museum
    California Indian Museum Santa Rosa, CaliforniaThe California Indian Museum was created to culturally enlighten and educate the people of the state of California and its visitors by showcasing the history, cultures and traditions of the Native Americans that have lived here for centuries. It is a story of natural abundance, freedoms and a unique way of life that was torn asunder, with pain, suffering and human conflict that eventually led to rebirth and recognition. In 1996, the museum and cultural center was officially started at the Presidio in San Francisco, a former Army base that is well known for its historical importance and outstanding beauty. By 1776, the Spanish had come here with other ideas and ideologies that also brought disease and the cultural destruction of the native peoples. It was constructed on land that had been stolen and forced Indian labor, creating a historical point in the history of the indigenous people and the Presidio itself. When the beginning of the museum and cultural center was established at the Presidio, it marked another turning point in the history of both the Indians and the post, but the tides of change soon arrived and in 2001, the museum and center were "constructively evicted" with the continued indifference by the Presidio Trust of the tribe's goals and the Indian people of the state. Fortunately, the tribe had purchased this current structure in Santa Rosa in 2000 and was able to move. The museum offers a place where the tribe and the public can come together, at last, in a common environment, to encourage and enlighten both parties to become more involved in each other's common interests. The cultural center and museum has been able to showcase the current renaissance of the California Indian culture, as well as offering the tribes a place to gain independency by getting training and experience in a number of fields in the museum's direction, interpretation, design and curation. It was developed by the National Indian Justice Center (NIJC), which is completely owned and run by the nonprofit and began its functions in 1983. One of the most captivating exhibits in the museum presently is the story of Ishi, the last Yahi, and one of the most significant persons of the last century to the Indian population. His story is not shared by a common people, by rather by divided people, even still, although since his passing, almost a century ago, there may have been some important changes, his story provides a significant insight into the real understanding, or lack of, between the Californians and the native Americans. In fact, the entire plight and history of the "red man" in this country has been one of ignorance and mistrust, brought about by the racist ideology of the "white man" that has prevailed since the time we arrived here. We have treated the Native American much worse than the African American, although we all share one thing in common that is irrefutably true, we love this country and its freedom, we love the rights and privileges of the Constitution and we must share that freedom and commonality with all those that have been here, have come here and will certainly continue to come here. This museum and cultural center is just a beginning, with the future bright and hopeful for all those that are alienated by their difference, but it is that difference that helps us attain heights that we could never achieve without each other. You can break one stick very easily, but put a few more together with it and it is impossible to break. A house divided cannot stand, remember those words; from Lincoln, from the Bible? It is up to us, to change the future of this country, and we can, we all are Americans and when we have come together in the past, nothing nor any country could withstand us or our determination. Remember that.

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    Jesse Peter Native American Art MuseumJesse Peter Native American Art Museum Santa Rosa, California
    The Jesse Peter Native American Art Museum is located on the campus of the Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, California and is set to run on a schedule with the college's holidays and breaks. The museum contains a collection of ethnographic art work from the Americas, the Pacific and parts of Africa, and their permanent displays contain Pueblo pottery, Pomo Roundhouse model and basketry, southwest jewelry, Plains and plateau and Hopi Pueblo model with Kachina dolls. The museum sponsors many temporary exhibits to assist the college's curriculum, changing as the classes need them to and include such displays as Asian art, Native North American art, African American art, Mesoamerican and South American art, African art and Hispanic art. The museum has become the main source for multicultural studies at the college, with the displays and collections becoming a moving laboratory for anthropology and Native American studies, as well as offering study materials for other ethnic and American cultures classes. It is open for self-guided tours but they should be scheduled in advance. The museum was named for Jesse Peter, a native of Santa Rosa, who had been an instructor in the local public school system and the college; a naturalist, collector and explorer. Jesse made numerous expeditions into the southwest in the 1930s to collect geological samples for the University of California and Native American art for the college. A number of the ceramic jewels by the artists called Lucy Lewis (Acoma) and Nampeyo (Hopi) were collected by Jesse during that period and in 1938, a WPA grant was awarded the president of the college and Jesse to construct a museum on the campus, which opened in 1940. Jesse, assisted by his wife, Mabel Crane, would become the new director until he passed on in 1944. At that time, the museum was mainly a natural history exhibit as well as holding a small collection of Native American art. The entire story is a marvelous and interesting read and should be enjoyed when you visit the museum. Today, the museum houses a magnificent collection of over 3500 catalogued objects and items that include archival materials like photographs, as well as art works. The biggest section is the Native American art, with every North American Indian culture represented and includes jewelry, beadwork, ceramics, textiles, basketry and sculpture. The majority of these works were created to be sold in the collector's and art market; that has flourished in this country for over a century and includes some of the most famous Native American artists of the 20th century.

    Ripley Memorial Museum
    Ripley Memorial Museum's One Tree Church Santa Rosa, CaliforniaThe Ripley Memorial Museum is located in Santa Rosa, California, the birthplace of Robert L. Ripley of Believe It or Not! fame, and the original museum was housed in a former church that had been built with the wood from a single redwood tree in 1873. In 1957, it moved into its current location in Juillard Park, and beginning in 1970 housed the memorabilia of Robert. It contains a strange wax museum, extremely odd collections and horror shows that have evolved into the present day Ripley's. The old church is currently under renovation to restore it back to its original condition and should be sometime very soon, although the exterior, with the wood from a single tree is still available to visit and see. It must have been quite something to have cut down a huge tree and then mill it down so that the wood could be used for this marvelous old church. The museum is sure to have more information about the old church as well as being able to answer any questions you may have about it. The museum is the forerunner of the numerous Ripley's Believe It or Not museums that are located around the country. These include museums in Gatlinburg, St. Augustine, Dallas, Orlando, San Antonio and even one in Canada, so you can imagine the bizarre antiquities that have been discovered around the world by the folks at Ripley's that all started here in Santa Rosa.

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    Petrified ForestPetrified Forest Calistoga, California
    The petrified forest in Calistoga, California was discovered by William Travers in 1857, and for the next few decades many newspaper articles and stories were written about this huge unique forest of petrified redwood trees. In 1871, Charles Petersen Evans claims the forest under the timber and stone act, and began excavating many petrified logs that included the Queen tree, and constructs his Wasp Nest cottage, before being joined by his niece, Elizabeth and sister, Christina Ryden. In 1879, the poet Benjamin F. Taylor comes and visits the huge forest and later writes about it in his works. The next year, 1880, Robert Louis Stevenson, another famous author comes to visit and tells about it in his booklet, The Silverado Squatters; and unfortunately, Evans, who by now is nicknamed "Petrified Charlie" is visiting in San Francisco and falls down a flight of hotel stairs and dies. By 1888, his sister, Christina is forced to sell the forest because of her bad health and the financial burdens of taking care of the property. The forest is purchased by a lawyer and preacher, who, although gaining some income from tourism, start a vineyard, but then the preacher decides that the fruit of the vine is not conducive to his calling dissolves the partnership. In the early 20th century, local entrepreneur M. C. "Boss" Meeker obtains the forest through a foreclosure sale and later sells it in 1910 to Ollie Orre Bockee, and her husband, David buy the forest for $16,000 and the cottage is demolished. In 1915, their son, Harold Young begins constructing the main house, which is constructed of redwood and contains five bedrooms. In 1917, the plant wizard, Luther Burbank and his wife come here and visit the forest, and during the following years, the trees are excavate and the petrified forest is enlarged. In 1978 it is made a state historical landmark and by 1988, the first tree is power washed. In 1989, it is profiled in Sunset Magazine and the Bay Area Backroads. Power washing removes the moss and lichens that have become embedded in it, thereby revealing the tree's bark, druzzy quartz, knots and wood grain. The story of how the trees became petrified is an amazing and interesting one and should be read to more fully understand the process and magical qualities that transformed these massive trees into a petrified forest that spans the area around it. As you go along the Meadow Walk, you will see many native trees like oak, douglas-fir, madrone, manzinta, then rare wildflowers and a gorgeous view of Mt. St. Helena, and then a 100 foot ash fall that contains deposits of volcanic material, like iron, rhyolite, tuff, petrified wood chunks and obsidian. Finally you come to the petrified forest with many fallen trees and chunks of petrified wood that is marvelous to see and most enjoyable to feel.

    Military Antiques & Museum
    Military Antiques & Museum Petaluma, CaliforniaThe Military Antiques and Museum is located in Petaluma, California and houses the nation's biggest retail military store. Some of the categories include; battlefield relics, Spanish/American war and pre WWI, WWII German items, antiques and deactivated firearms, aviation items, homefront memorabilia, military toys/soldiers/models, Japanese items, WWII other countries, Medals, miscellaneous, WWI, US WWII, WWII British, military and autographed books, swords/bayonets/knives, motorcycles and vehicles and posters, prints & photographs. The museum is named after the city's only medal of honor recipient, Sgt. Richard A. Perry and dedicated to the memory of every veteran that has honorably served in the nation's military service. It is 4000 square feet of retail space in the museum that houses many of the wars' relics and memorabilia. The museum and store have the biggest military antiques collection in the world, all available for sale by the public. It is a fabulous place to view the many weapons and relics of the past wars that this country has taken part in. The incredible amount of items for sale will surprise and interest you, even if you are interested in weapons or other items similar to that, there are uniforms, helmets, fuze packs from the Civil War, medals, newspapers from the War of 1812 from Boston, books, magazines, cartridge belts, swords and so much more that it would be best to just go and visit them for an idea of what those wars and men had and used.

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