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Things to do in Santiago

Horseback Riding

A trail of horseback ridingIf getting a look at the island from a vehicle is not what you particularly want to do then don't worry theres plenty of tours that are still available that can get you even closer to the action, yes that's right on horseback there are no boundaries, wherever you want the horse to go you will go! Taking a tour of Puerto Plata is not the same off road, you will see things that you would never see from a car plus you get to go back and brag to your friends that you got to ride a horse around the Dominican Republic! The routes on the horses are similar to the ATV rides and the Jeep Safari rides, and to be completely honest you may even run across some of the people on the ATVs during your journey around the island. Check with your tour company before going to see where they will make stops, some companies will let you ride through the town with your horse and others will take you to a waterhole where you can swim around. One major thing that most tour companies do is take you to a little zoo with some animals that may be rare to you but are common in the Dominican Republic such as Mongooses, Iguanas, Boa Constrictors and tropical birds. There are many things to see while on this trip, if you bring a camera try to make sure its not very bulky so it doesn't become annoying during your tour.

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Scuba Diving

Two scuba divers in the Dominican RepublicScuba diving is something everyone must do at least once in their lifetime, there is nothing that can compare to the feeling of being underwater swimming with some of the most exotic fish in the world. If there is one thing I would recommend doing before going Scuba Diving is doing some research of the native fish in the area before you go because you will learn more than you can imagine and find out what kind of fish will be where and places to look. If you have not been scuba diving before then don’t worry you’ll be able to take a class, most tour companies offer classes at any time of the day so you will not be left out and you can go any time around the clock. One thing many visitors have noticed is that a large percentage of the all inclusive resorts offer free or heavily discounted scuba lessons so it may be better to go through your hotel rather than just going through a tour company. Also if you’ve been Scuba diving before you can look around online for better dive sites in the area, you will make use from all of the reviews and maps people have put online. Either way if you have been Scuba diving for your entire life or if you’re looking to start, the Dominican Republic is a great place to do both forms of Scuba diving along with many other Aquatic activities.

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Buggy Tours

A group of buggies doing fun thingsIf you are looking for a type of tour that shows you a little bit of everything while being either slow or fast paced, there’s no better tour than a buggy tour. It’s a lot more comfortable than an ATV and many people find ease in driving one as well. These off road vehicles take you anywhere you want to go in no time flat! Most of the buggy tours are full day and take you all around Santiago where you will see many locals and how they go about their everyday living and into the more mainstream areas and show you the difference, one thing about the buggy tour is that you get to go on a cruise through the beach, it’s a great feeling when you just ride through the sand like a hot knife through butter, there are plenty of stops on buggy tours so make sure to bring your camera to capture everything so you can bring back pictures to show your friends, Also if you are going on a buggy tour make sure you go with a group seeing as its always a lot more fun to tour with your family and friends. Another tip while riding in the buggies is to wear board shorts or swim suit, that way when you stop at a beach or another body of water you can just hop right in! You get pretty muddy from the dirt roads so you want to wash off as much as possible!

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Local Favorite Restaurants of Santiago

Le Papillon

The Aleph RestaurantLe Papillon is a hillside restaurant located in the heard of a residential neighborhood, just by the location along one can infer that you are getting a real taste of the Dominican Republic and not a mainstream version, for some people that’s a big deal because they want to get out and experience new cultures and food. The design of the hotel is a nice calm relaxing setting, you are intstantly are put into a great mood once you begin to hear the soothing meringue music. Many guests choose to start their meal with a Brazilian cocktail called a Caipirinha which has began to gain a lot of attention from Le Papillon. After your cocktail you'll be presented with a menu that's divided into 6 major categories including pork, chicken, beef, seafood, rabbit, and even vegetarian offerings. This restaurant is very reasonably priced and is worthy of going out of your way just to eat there!

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The Veranda restaurantVeranda/Lucia is set among some of Puerto Plata’s most upscale areas, so if you’re looking for an elegant night out on the town then you’ve come to the right place. Veranda and Lucia have gained their spot at the top as the most elegant restaurants on the northern shore of the Dominican Republic. As if the location doesn’t do enough for this restaurant, what really draws the visitors in is the man behind the scenes. Chef Rafael Vasquez has been named the country’s most celebrated chef and you will see why as soon as you take your first bite into his earthy yet elegant cuisine. Overall this restaurant is one of the best but of course to enjoy everything it has to offer you’re going to have to be willing to spend a little extra, but there’s no doubt about it that it is worth every single peso!

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