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Things to do in State College

    Palmer Museum of Art Palmer Museum of Art State College, Pennsylvania Kearns 1987 Acrylic on canvas called Affirmative Action
    The Palmer Museum of Art is situated on the campus of Penn State University and is a free-admission arts resource for the university and central Pennsylvania region. It provides an outstanding array of exhibitions and displays from their permanent collection, with eleven galleries, an outdoor sculpture gardens, 150 seat auditorium and print-study room. The Palmer has become a special cultural resource for the area and offers excellent opportunities for the university students. The museum is housed in a three story structure that was built in 1972 and originally housed three galleries that would showcase art from their permanent collections and traveling exhibits. A mobile by Alexander Calder, called Spring Blossoms, was one of the first pieces acquired and can still be viewed in the galleries now, which had been a gift from the class of 1965. The museum would increase its collections regularly with private donors, funding from graduating classes, the university and Friends of the Palmer Museum of Art that was started in 1974. This group has donated over fifty works to the museum itself and continues to help in many ways, with one excellent work by Albrecht Durer that was a 15th century woodcut, an oil-on-panel portrait by Gilbert Stuart and a marble bust of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by American sculptor Henry Dexter. Over half the outstanding works in the permanent collection have been donated or bought with donated funds, and these include Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Tonkin, that bequeathed a big part of their own collection of Asian decorative arts and Asian ceramics, with many European paintings that have Asian themes. Dr. William E. Harkins would donate over 150 Japanese prints during the mid 1970s, along with Mary Jane Harris and her husband, Morton that donated numerous baroque Italian paintings with more promised; and Joseph and Janet Shein who gave over 24 contemporary paintings and sculptures since 2000. Barbara Palmer and her late husband, James, would add many excellent works of American art, as well as $2 million in 1986 to start a campaign to enlarge the museum. That expansion would add another ten galleries in 1993, to bring to attention the museum's marvelous and growing permanent collections and special exhibitions that have included works from Rodin to Rembrandt. Some of the galleries and rejuvenated areas have been named after the donors, who many of have become some of the best supporters. The permanent collection is showcased in seven galleries and is considered quite comprehensive of the time periods and world cultures; with the first three floors containing the museum's collection of Old Master paintings and sculpture that is very strong in the canvases from the Italian baroque. A fourth gallery houses various selections from the ceramics collections that include some magnificent examples from ancient Peru, Japan, Korea and China, as well as 20th century Europe.

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    Center County Historical AssociationCenter County Historical Association State College, Pennsylvania
    The Center County Historical Association is the biggest and oldest of the county's historical groups and has been celebrating the outstanding heritage of the county for more than a century, headquartered in the Centre Furnace Mansion, which a renovated and furnished ironmaster's house that is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. The historic house and nearby iron furnace stack are representative of the 18th century start of the charcoal iron industry in the region and the 19th century birthplace of the Pennsylvania State University. The mansion is located in State College, Pennsylvania that began in 1904 and has grown into the official historical society of the county that is a community and volunteer based nonprofit educational organization that continues to work with the local, county, regional and state organizations that assist in the preservation and promotion of the county's cultural, natural and historical resources.  The Centre Furnace Mansion was the former house of the ironmaster and his family, and aptly called a mansion in the sense that it is the biggest house in the town, as well as being the finest, situated on a knoll overlooking the town. It was constructed in the later 1820s, with numerous significant changes being made about the Civil War era. The kitchen is very large, since it would not only feed the family but would also feed the workers at the furnace; with some months cooking more than 600 meals in a day.

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Local Restaurants in State College

    Entrees; spring lamb loin chops w/ curried chick pea croquette, stuffed zucchini, mint yogurt, black sesame; kurobuta pork cheeks w/ braised w/ thyme, wild mushroom risotto, crispy shallots; truffled chicken en croute, mushroom duxelle, parmesan cheese, truffles, phyllo pastry, madeira wine sauce; angus reserve NY strip steak w/ red bliss potatoes, roasted onions, mushroom & thyme cream sauce; chipotle & honey glazed salmon w/ white bean puree, grilled pineapple & mint salad, tumeric oil; yellow fin tuna is sesame seed crusted, kim chi, mango coulis, sushi rice, lotus root; angel hair pasta w/ olive tapenade, sundried tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, panko crusted goat cheese; crispy whole red snapper w/ red chili sauce w/ peanuts & pineapple, chili aioli.

    Otto's Pub & Brewery
    Entrees; Spruce Creek beer-battered fish w/ cole slaw, hand-cut fries, remoulade sauce; braised beef short ribs w/ pappardelle pasta, roasted root veggies, soft poached farm egg; pan-seared wild salmon w/ fingerling potatoes, roasted local mushrooms; trout is crab & bay shrimp stuffed, w/ local veggie, potato hash & roasted red pepper coulis; jumbo lump crab cake w/ winter veggie slaw & hand-cut fries; fasta pasta ravioli filled with seasonal ingredients; nature pasture-raised ribeye w/ sautéed spinach, garlic, bleu cheese hand-cut fries, burgers and sandwiches also served.


Spring Lamb Loin Chops Zola's State College, Pennsylvania



Pan Seared Wild Salmon Otto's Pub & Brewery State College, Pennsylvania


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Altoona Hertz Car Rental - 900 S. 16th St.
Hertz Rental Car Altoona Blair Cty. Apt.- 2 Apt. Dr.
Montoursville Hertz Car Rental - 313 Broad St.

    Center County Genealogical Society & Library Center County Geneaological Society & Library State College, Pennsylvania
    The Center County Genealogical Society would hold its first meeting in 1975, and during the next few years, books would be donated that began the outstanding nucleus of the magnificent genealogy library and today has grown into large numbers of folks that are located all over the world. The society has regular meetings and many workshops, a quarterly newsletter and numerous types of county records; held from September to June, normally on the first Thursday of each month, along with the Annual Family Heritage Afternoon at the Grange Fair. The society has many outstanding gatherings other than their regular monthly meetings, often adding more resources for folks to discover their past and interesting heritage. In April this year, Jonathan Stayer will be looking into the state' attic, or more precisely the state archives that offer excellent resource information and materials that are sure to help all those trying to find out where they came from. In May there is another lecture, that is entitled Researching German Life, Culture and Genealogy in 18th century Pennsylvania with John T. Humphrey, a well know scholar. Another interesting and exciting venture the society is attempting, with the assistance of all who can help and that is an inventory of all the cemeteries in the counties, that way, you will have a better understanding of your ancestors; as well as Bible records and the 1930 census index. It is a very interesting way to learn about the history of your family and find out some things that you probably didn't know or even surmise. Their website offers much help, like research assistance, meetings, resources, the newsletter and its archives, member's corner, county maps, publications and more help that is an excellent way to begin or if you are in the process, help you to discover all you can about any relatives that came from or went to the state of Pennsylvania.

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    Penn's CavePenn's Cave Pennsylvania
    Penn's Cave and Wildlife park are situated in the state's central region called Penn State country, and is the nation's only all-water cavern, which means you need to take the guided one hour tour on a boat that cruises along the underground stream. That stream is part of a vast underground system that includes stalagmites, stalactites, limestone corridors, draperies and flowstone cascades. Enjoy the quiet ride as you can watch the trout swimming in the water it is so clear; and it is all part of a 1500 acre site that includes forests and fields that have been preserved as a natural habitat for plants, animals and birds. There are longhorn cattle, bears, mustangs, deer, bison, elk and bobcats, as well as the occasional cougar that is the Penn's Cave icon. There is a marvelous museum located on the grounds called the African adventure museum and houses many familiar animals that enjoy the park's surroundings. The cave is a very historic landmark that was discovered centuries ago by the Seneca Indians in the valley of Karoondinha (Penn's Valley)and the place of the famous legend of Nitanee, an Indian maiden that fell in love with a French trapper named Malachi Boyer. The pair wouldn't be allowed to marry because of tribal customs, so they ran off together, but were soon caught and brought back to face the music. Malachi would be thrown into the cave to die, although local history states that Indians and early explorers used the dry rooms in the cave for shelter. In 1885, it would be opened as a commercial show cavern and the Penn's Cave Hotel was constructed. In 1976, the cave and house were placed on the National Register of Historic Places. That house was originally the 30 room hotel, that two young brothers, Henry Clay Campbell and Robert Perly Campbell would buy from John Herman of Pleasant Gap, in 1908. Robert and his family would live in the hotel, where they would welcome overnight guests until 1919. From 1920 to 1929, meals would be served to cavern guests only, with the building used as a ticket center and gift shop. The North wing would be taken off in 1938, and a contemporary single story addition put on in the 1960s. It would become a private residence in 1980, when the visitor's center was constructed, while the first and second floors of the old hotel are used for private meetings, special events and corporate offices.

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Allentown Thrifty Rental Cars - 5254 Tilghman St.
Thrifty Car Rental Allentown Intl. Apt.- 3311 Apt. Rd.

    Rothrock State ForestRothrock State Forest Pennsylvania
    The Rothrock State Forest is a Pennsylvania state forest, with the main entrances only a few miles from State College, home of Penn State University; which is why the forest paths are very well traveled and explored, even though it does share a border with Bald Eagle State Forest, and it is north of Tuscarora State Forest. These state forest would be created because of the extensive stripping of the state's forests during the mid to late 19th century, until conservationists like Dr. Joseph Rothrock began to be concerned that the vast forests of the state would never regrow if they weren't managed and controlled correctly. Iron companies and lumber companies had stripped the old-growth forests for many different reasons, although they could all be blamed on pure and simple greed. They would clear cut the forests and leave nothing behind them but rotting stumps and dried tree tops, and quite often the sparks of the passing steam engines would ignite fires that would even further prevent the creation of second growth forests. The conservationists began to become very concerned that these forests would never have a chance to grow back, if there wasn't a change in the philosophy of the forest management; asking the state to buy back the land from the lumber and iron companies which were only too happy to sell the land since they had already stripped the trees they wanted. The name Rothrock comes from Dr. Joseph Trimbrel Rothrock that is considered the father of forestry in the state, since he would become the first forestry commissioner in 1895, that would head up the new Division of Forestry in the state's Department of Agriculture. Two of his most significant accomplishments would be his land acquisitions and the creation of a forest academy to train foresters for state service. He would lead the effort to acquire land that had belonged to the Greenwood Iron Works that had left behind about 35,000 acres of land that had been completely stripped of its old growth forests so that they could produce charcoal for the iron furnaces in the region. Quite a bit of the land that he acquired would be cleared of dried underbrush during the Great Depression using the men from the CCC that had been started by President Roosevelt. Besides clearing the land, they would also begin constructing roads and trails throughout the forests and parks, as well as many of the recreational areas that are still in use today.

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Allentown Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 3311 Apt. Rd.
Dollar Rental Car Allentown - 5242 Tilghman St.

    Potter's FortPotter's Fort State College, Pennsylvania
    Potter's Fort would become the anchor in a chain of three forts that were constructed at the base of the Nittany Mountain for the defense of the settlers that moved there against the rising Indian attacks that tried to force the white men from their lands. Captain James Potter, the man that discovered Penns Valley, would come back to the site of his earlier explorations in the early 1770s and construct his home there. In 1777, as the raids became more frequent, he decided to construct a stockade around his house and the spring that was located near it, so that he and his family as well as others could come inside to be safer from those raids or other attacks by the Native Americans living in the region. In the years much later, it would be used as a tavern, and in 1825, a new tavern would be constructed, and it is still standing today, at the intersections of Rt. 45 and 144.

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