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Things to do in St. Peters

    Gateway Arch Gateway Arch St. Louis, Missouri
    The Gateway Arch has been referred to as the Gateway to the West and is a part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, Missouri, as the second tallest structure in the state, standing 630 feet into the sky. It is also 630 feet wide at the bottom, and it is the tallest man made structure in the nation, designed by Eero Saarinen and structural engineer, Hannskarl Bandel in 1947. Construction wouldn't start until February, 1963, and completed in October, 1965, as a cost of $13 million. The huge monument opened in July, 1967 and is quite famous as it is called a catenary arch, that has never been tried on such a huge scale before. The arch has become the iconic image of the city, although it was built to memorialize the westward expansion of the nation. The unique design would be chosen from among 147 entries from around the country, in 1947, and after narrowing the designs, it would be a unanimous decision to pick Eero. The cross-sections of the long legs are isosceles triangles, with the walls built of stainless steel skin over a sandwich of two carbon steel walls with reinforced concrete. It is hollow so that it can handle the tram system that takes visitors to the top, where an observation deck has been built to allow visitors the opportunity to get a more panoramic view of the city and surrounding areas. There are two emergency stairs inside, one in each of the legs, in case of problems, and contain 1,076 steps each. There are 60 foot foundations on the bottom of each leg, making it earthquake proof as well as being resistant to high winds; which allow it to sway either way up to 18 inches in winds that could blow as high as 150 mph. It weighs 43,000 tons, with 900 tons belonging to the stainless steel skins that cover it. Both legs were constructed at the same time, with the bottom of each leg having an engineering tolerance of one-64th of an inch, otherwise they would not be able to meet at the top. After everything had been finished and the legs were to be connected, the sun's rays had changed the alignment of the south leg, which necessitated the city's fire department to come and spray the leg with water, thus cooling it so that the legs would meet. The area school students, 762,000 of them have put something inside a time capsule that was then welded into the keystone before the last piece was put in. The tram that goes to the top is really just an egg-shaped elevator, and can be entered on either leg, and room for five people to sit in it for the ride to the top. There are eight of these cars that are linked together, on both sides, thus allowing up to 80 people to ride it to the top, which takes four minutes, while the down journey takes only three minutes. Once you arrive at the top and exit the tram, you will find a large arched observation deck that contains 32 windows that measure 17 by 27 inches, that offer views of the Mississippi River and southern Illinois with the famous Mississippian culture mounds to the east side at Cahikia Mounds, while the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County is to the west. It is said that if the day is clear, and the sky blue, you might be able to scan out 30 miles in each direction. It is one of the most visited destinations in the country, with over 4 million visitors coming here each year.

    Butterfly House and Education Center
    Butterfly House & Education Center Chesterfield, MissouriThe Butterfly House and Education Center is a division of the Missouri Botanical Garden, and created to offer a better understanding of the animal and plant relationships that exist in the environment so that conservation and restoration of natural habitats could be promoted. It was started in 1995 to help increase the awareness of these natural creatures and their unique habitat. Ground breaking began in June of 1997 and construction started right away, with the 8000 square foot Conservatory Garden being sheathed in 646 pieces of glass, with everyone of them measuring four feet by six feet, and weighing about 200 pounds. The center vault rises 36 feet into the air at the apex, and is just one of five vaults that were made to minimize views and flight obstruction, with the utmost care given to the construction and design process so that the structure would always be a safe haven for the beautiful butterflies. Sitting next to the conservatory is another 8000 square foot structure that contains a gift shop, classroom, visitor amenities and theater. It opened in September, 1998 and offers a marvelous and exciting educational program to the community, and during 2000, the outdoor area would become the Butterfly Garden. The center offers excellent lectures, educational programs, special events and the amazing opportunity to enjoy the beautiful butterflies in two different habitats, one inside tropical and the other, outside native. The center is a wonderful educational center with outstanding instructions on how to develop and grow your own butterfly garden, with just a few containers set in a sunny environment or a few acres. The necessary requirements for a butterfly garden are the same regardless of where you live in America, which include; full sun, larvae host plants, nectar source plants, a pristine and pesticide free environment and of course, local butterfly fauna knowledge. The best time to plant them in the spring with young plants or the fall with mature plants, and don't just have one or two nectar sources, since the more you have, the more that will come, and that means that when they lay their eggs, they will hatch and you'll have more butterflies that are used to and enjoy your nectar sources.

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Budget Car Rental Spirit of St. Louis Apt.
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St. Louis Budget Rental Cars
- 13009 Manchester Rd.
Budget Car Rentals Clayton - 216 S. Bemiston 

    First Missouri State CapitolFirst Missouri State Capitol St. Charles, Missouri
    The First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site in St. Charles, Missouri was the site of the first state government house, located on the second floor of the structure, while the first held shops and residences; with the entire building still being preserved in an excellent condition. It would be in this building that the first legislators of the state met to take on the task of reorganizing the territorial government into one of a progressive state government, with session being held from June, 1821 until October, 1826, with rousing arguments about slavery and state's rights filling the rafters long into the night. Two adjoining Federal style brick buildings would be used on their second floors with a division between them so that the Senate could be on one side and the House on the other, with an office for the governor and another smaller room used for committee meetings. The first floor had a general store and Ruluff Peck's family residence, and Chauncy Shepard ran a carpenter shop next to it in the opposite building. Visitors can visit the spaces once held as the government's center, with the first floor restored to what it would have looked like back in the day of those difficult years. The historic site's interpretive center is free to visitors, and contains two floors of displays and a marvelous orientation show.

    James S. McDonnell Prologue Room
    James S. McDonnell Prologue Room St. Louis, Missouri
    The James S. McDonnell Prologue Room is the story of Boeing Company and the many other companies that shared a common history that parallels the heritage of flight and the human dream of flying. The women and men of the Boeing Company and the planes that they have built, that include some of the initial wood and cloth airplanes of yesterday to the sleek fighters and jetliners of today, have been an important part in the making of the history of aerospace flight. The prologue room in St. Louis, Missouri depicts this colossal and panoramic story of over nine decades of aviation history and progress, from bi-planes to space travel, with scale models, photographs, dioramas and paintings that help document the more significant events like the first around the world flight in 1924, or the first plane to be shot from the deck of a moving aircraft carrier in 1946, or the first aircraft that would land on the South Pole in 1956 to the first manned spaceship that orbited the earth in 1962. There are numerous touch screen kiosks interspersed through the museum that help visitors learn more about these special projects and other products from Boeing. There are many video clips that showcase the development of the planes and spacecraft that led the race to advance technology and change the way we travel, discover new frontiers and defend our freedom. There are more exhibits that highlight the evolution of the technology that led to the exciting advancements with hundreds of different scaled commercial and military airplane models, full-size and smaller scale rockets and spacecraft and full-size missiles. The museum has full-size mockups of the Mercury and Gemini space capsules that were used to carry the first humans into outer space, which dramatizes the important role that Boeing played in the early period of aviation travel. You will see detailed models of Skylab, the first orbiting laboratory and today's orbiting lab, the International Space Station, highlighted and showcased for the visitor of today. There is an outstanding and rare collection of fine art, that contains the biggest collection of paintings by famous aviation artist, R. G. Smith, that captures the bold and significant heights to which the achievements in flight and space travel have affected world history and travel. There are various tours that you can take to enjoy this magnificent museum, as well as educational tours for your children from the fourth grade and upwards.

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Local Restaurants in St. Peters

    Lil' Mickey's Memphis BBQ
    Entrees, served with bread & 2 small sides; rib tips, slab o'BBQ ribs, half slab o'BBQ ribs, pulled or chopped pork shoulder, pork steak, chicken half, smoked turkey breast, combo is any two meats, chopped beef brisket, pork shoulder sandwiches served with slaw on the sandwich, pork steak, chopped pork shoulder, pulled pork shoulder, chopped beef brisket, pork ribs, pork rib tips, chicken, smoked turkey breast, hot dog, sample platter is 3 pork ribs, 1 chicken quarter, beef brisket, pork shoulder.

    The Pasta House
    Entrees, served with Pasta House special salad & choice of 2; pasta with Bolognese or Alfredo sauce, steamed broccoli or Italian potatoes; chicken flamingo is grilled breast of chicken lightly breaded, served in sauce of white wine, garlic, red pepper, broccoli, fresh mushrooms, prosciutto & provel cheese; chicken marsala is boneless breast of chicken lightly breaded, marsala wine sauce, oregano, fresh green peppers & fresh mushrooms; Sicilian grilled pesce is lightly breaded & charcoal broiled; shrimp garanzini is gulf shrimp sautéed in sauce of white wine, butter, lemon, garlic & fresh mushrooms; bistecca impanatura is 14oz. ribeye steak lightly breaded, charcoal grilled & served with white wine sauce, fresh mushrooms, prosciutto & melted provel; bistecca marsala is 14oz. ribeye steak served in marsala wine sauce with fresh mushrooms & green peppers; bistecca Siciliano is 14oz. ribeye steak lightly breaded & charcoal grilled; bistecca gorgonzola is 14oz. ribeye steak lightly breaded, charcoal grilled & topped with gorgonzola cheese; grilled chicken parmigiano, Nonno Tucci's meatballs parmigiano; eggplant parmigiano; salsicca parmigiano; linguine with red clam sauce with tender sea clams; linguine with white clam sauce; tutto mare is spaghetti prepared with shrimp, clams, scallops & fresh tomatoes; linguine fra diablo prepared with jumbo shrimp & tomatoes in spicy marinara sauce.

Half Slab BBQ Ribs Lil' Mickey's Memphis BBQ St. Peters, Missouri


 Chicken Marsala The Pasta House St. Peters, Missouri


Eggplant Parmigiano The Pasta House St. Peters, Missouri



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    Lewis and Clark Boat House and Nature Center Lewis and Clark Boat House and Nature Center Missouri
    The Lewis and Clark Museum is located on the upper level of the Boat House and you can get there either by walking up the stairs or riding in an elevator, and it contains numerous displays that include dioramas that showcase the highlights of the famous expedition, numerous Missouri River habitats and Native American exhibits. Their tour is self-guided, allowing you and also encouraging you to enjoy the entire museum at your own pace, but you will get an informational brochure when you enter, that includes many activities for folks of all ages. The biggest indoor mural in the state is one of the finest works of art located here and called "Missouri River Walk". You can also get some idea of what old St. Charles was like with four half-scale structures that display various architectural styles of the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum's gift shop is called the Trading Post and has many outstanding books as well as unusual and interesting gifts for sale. Outside the boat house, there are numerous habitats, that include the Walk of Discovery with native plants of the state growing here, and numerous garden plots that grow flowers, herbs and crops. The marvelous nature trail wanders through the forest area and the wetland here house many animals and plants native to the state. The boat house is located on the bottom floor, with full-scale copies of the boats that the expedition used to travel, constructed by the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles to be used in a reenactment of the entire expedition that ended with the final days of this nation's bicentennial. Some of the vessels included are red pirogue, keelboat, two dugout canoes and a white pirogue.

    Daniel Boone and Boonesfield Village
    Daniel Boone and Boonesfield Village Defiance, Missouri
    The Daniel Boone Home and Boonesfield Village has become a register National Historical Site in Defiance, Missouri, with the house almost two centuries old, and big considering the period that it was constructed in and the fact that it was miles from nowhere. It has four stories and limestone walls that are 2.5 feet thick, with the kitchen in the lowest level of the house, what some would call the basement today. The magnificent house overlooks the village, that is made up of more than a dozen 19th century structures that have been moved here over the years to create the village image; and include a grist mill, carpenter's shop, the Old Peace Chapel and a schoolhouse. Each of the buildings allow visitors what each house's owners lived like, and the kinds of amenities and utensils that they used in those days of history. It is also a great place to learn how hard these folks worked, and how dedicated they were to creating a safe and peaceful environment for their families. The house was bought by Lindenwood University in 1998, offering the community and visitors some insight and idea of how these people lived and the homes and businesses that they started, using the barest of tools, actually quite primitive compared to the tools of the trade today.

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O'Fallon Avis Rental Cars
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Avis Car Rental Chesterfield - 801 Spirit of St. Louis Blvd.

    City MuseumCity Museum St. Louis, Missouri
    The City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri is one of the most unique museums in the nation, using repurposed materials left over from industrial and architectural projects, inside of what used to be the old International Shoe building in the Washington Avenue Loft District of the city. It has become very popular with the locals and visitors, coming here to enjoy in many ways the eclectic blend of children's playgrounds, architectural oddities, a funhouse and strange pavilion. You are offered the opportunity to take advantage of all the marvelous contraptions by climbing, touching, feeling and playing in the numerous exhibits and displays that are found here. In 1999, the museum welcomed 300,000 visitors and by 2007, that number had doubled. It has won numerous awards from local and international sponsors and been called a great public space by the Project for Public Spaces. The museum started with artist Bob Cassilly, who is still the artistic director of the space, with his former wife, Gail Cassilly. The old building that houses this unusual venue had been a shoe factory and warehouse before the Cassillys purchased it in 1993, with the constructional changes starting in 1995 and opening to the public in 1997. It has continued to grow, both in size and amount of visitors, adding new exhibits whenever possible. These include the Monstrocity in 2002, Enchanted Caves and Shoe Shaft in 2003 and the World Aquarium in 2004. There is a wonderful circus located on the third floor that puts on live shows every day, and there are antique braiding machines that make colorful shoelaces that are sold to supplement the income. On the fifth floor, there are apartments, named the Lofts at City Museum and range in size from 1300 square feet to over 2800 square feet. It also hosts concerts and has welcomed Miley Cyrus in 2007, as well as the Jonas Brothers. The main part of the museum is located on the first floor, which was part of the original change, and contains a Bowhead whale that allows visitors to walk through and look into a big fish tank or look down into from the mezzanine. There are many marvelous and exciting obstacles and other types of tunnels and shoots, with many variations on the usual types of playground equipment. The mezzanine houses the food court and areas that are connected with the main floor. The second floor contains a vault that was manufactured in the mid-19th century and located elsewhere in the city, but is now the portal to the MonstroCity. Another unusual feature located here is St. George's Chamber, which leads into the Enchanted Caves, with the chamber containing vintage opera posters and a statue of St. George himself, that was rescued from St. George's Catholic Church in Chicago. The World Aquarium is an extension of the city's children's aquarium and contains a big shark tank that has a glass tunnel running through the center of it, although it is only big enough to allow visitors to crawl through.  The Enchanted Caves and Shoe Shafts float through the middle of the museum, rising all the way to the 10th floor and filled with unusual sights and obstacles, making it one of the most favorite. Inside the caves is a 1923 Wurlitzer Pipe Organ that was put in in 2007, that came from the Rivoli Theater in New York City. There are many more attractions on the third and fourth floors, with more exciting things to do then could be done in any one day. Outside the main building is the MonstroCity, which contains two Saber 40 aircraft fuselages that are suspended in the air, four foot wide Slinkies that you crawl through, a ball pit filled with big rubber dodge balls, a castle turret, 24 foot cupola and a fire engine. Just below the Monstro, is a place called the Cabin Inn, which is a bar and entertainment center, and had originally been the home of the son of Daniel Boone. There is even a school bus hanging over the edge of the building that invites you to try traveling through it, but does cost $5 more to venture up to the roof. It is one of the most fantastic places for all members of a family and well worth visiting.

    St. Louis Zoo
    St. Louis Zoo St. Louis, Missouri
    The St. Louis Zoological Park in Forest Park that is located in St. Louis, Missouri and has been recognized as one of the best zoos in the nation in relation to research, conservation, animal management and education. It is free to visit, making it even more of a fantastic day's adventure, although there are some special attractions that do cost. One of the most favorite venues is the Zooline Railroad, which is a little passenger train that goes around the zoo, stopping at the more favorite venues. The initial exhibit that the city bought, from the Smithsonian Institute, was the Flight Cage, that was leftover from the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, and then, once it had been started, it would continue to grow with more displays and exhibits, areas and structures, that would improve the care of their animals, the range that they could travel and the education and interpretation of the animal care. The zoo has what is called zones, and contain most of the features, like the River's Edge exhibits that include; the African Savanna, with carmine bee-eaters, bat-eared foxes, black rhinos and red river hog. The African Nile is also part of this zone and houses spotted hyenas, dwarf mongoose, hippos and cheetahs; with the hippos held in a large exhibit called Hippo Harbor, that has only a number of inches of grass that separate visitors from these 3000 pound behemoths as they play in their 60,000 gallon pool. The Asia section is also in the River's Edge zone with big adult Asian elephants; the North America section that houses the fish and wildlife of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and South America that contains giant anteaters, bush dogs and capybaras. The Discovery Center exhibits have the children's zoo with many marvelous and exciting venues, as well as the Monsanto insectarium and butterfly garden, and the education department with gift shop, exhibit halls, cafe, guest services and movie theater. In the Wild Exhibits zone you'll find the bear pits, penguin and puffin coast, conservation carousel and fragile forest. Their inside exhibit is the first walk through venue of sub-Antarctic penguins in the continent and a window half wall keeping you safe from the Gentoo, King and Rockhopper penguins. The Historic Hall exhibits include the primate house, bird house, bird garden, Chain of Lakes and Sea Lion arena and the 1904 flight cage and Cypress swamp. The Red Rock exhibits house the big cat country, antelope house with giraffes, kangaroos and ostriches, banteng, Somali wild ass, takin, addax, antelope, zebra and camels. So, as you can see, this is one outstanding zoo with more animals and sights that could possible be seen in just one visit.

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Thrifty Car Rental Kirkwood- 960 N. Kirkwood Rd.
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    Old CourthouseOld Courthouse St. Louis, Missouri
    The Old Courthouse in St. Louis, Missouri had been used by both the state and federal government in the early days of the city's growth, and had been the state's tallest habitable structure from 1864 to 1894 and has become part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. The land that houses the courthouse was donated by Judge John Baptiste Charles Lucas and city founder, Rene Auguste Chouteau; with both men stipulating that the land be used for the construction of a courthouse. The Federal style courthouse would be finished in 1828, designed by the firm of Lavielle and Morton, that had also designed the early structures at the Jefferson Barracks and the Old Cathedral. The firm was the first architectural firm to be west of the Mississippi River above New Orleans, with Joseph Lavielle becoming street commissioner in 1823 and staying until 1826, and it would be his design to set up the streets name grids with ordinal numbers for the north and south streets, while assigning arboral names for the west and east streets. When Missouri became a state in 1821, the population would triple in just ten years, with the courthouse ground breaking occurring in 1839. That would be designed by Henry Singleton and it had four wings, as well as an east wing that included the original courthouse and a three story cupola dome that sat in the center, in the Greek revival style. Robert S. Mitchell would redesign the courthouse in 1851, unfortunately tearing down the original courthouse part that had been incorporated into the east wing and being replaced with a completely new one. The Dred Scott case would be held in the west wing during the 1850s, just before it was to be remodeled from 1855 to 1858. There would be more changes over the ensuing years, with Carl Wimar painting four significant events in the city's history in the dome, called lunettes, although they would be painted over by Ettore Miragoli in 1880; but restored in 1888. Louis Brandeis would be admitted to the bar here in 1878, and in 1896, when the Union Station was constructed, the courthouse would become the second tallest building in the city. In 1930, when the Civil Courts building was finished, the old courthouse would be abandoned, but descendants of Lucas and Chouteau sued to get ownership back. The city voted in 1935 to tear down almost 40 blocks of buildings around the courthouse in the middle of the city to make room for the new Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, which President Franklin Roosevelt declared to be a national monument, which included the old courthouse in 1940. The famous Dred Scott case would take place in the building in 1846, with Scott suing for his freedom based on the fact that the men had lived in free states, so the trials were held here except for the final trial that was held in front of the US Supreme Court, that decided against the men and put this country on the road to destruction. Then, in 1872, Virginia Minor tried to vote in a city election and was arrested. All of her trials would be held in the building, including the deliberations before the Missouri Supreme Court. It too would go before the US Supreme Court that upheld the male only voting status of this country that stated in its preamble that all were created equal and had the same rights, but it did say men and that didn't include women; until some decades later.

    The Sheldon Concert Hall, Ballroom & Art Galleries
    Sheldon Concert Hall, Ballroom & Art Galleries St. Louis, MissouriThe Sheldon Concert Hall, Ballroom and Art Galleries in St. Louis, Missouri was designed by the famous architect, Louis C. Spiering, who designed the 1904 World's Fair held here, and was constructed in 1912 as the home of the Ethical Society of St. Louis. It has been a great source of pleasure to the many musicians and speakers that have had the opportunity to partake of the perfectly acoustic hall, which has earned it the reputation of being the "Carnegie Hall of St. Louis. Many famous singers and ensembles have come here to perform in front of enthusiastic crowds, including famous people like Dwight Eisenhower, Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway, and the St. Louis Chapter of the League of Women's Voters began their quest as an organization in the Sheldon's Green Room. The ethical society vacated the premises in 1964 and moved to the county, with the Sheldon left to become mainly a musical venue, until 1974, when a singer from the old Duke Ellington Orchestra bought the facility and transformed it into a church, becoming the site for many outstanding jazz and gospel concerts. In 1984, a California lawyer, that loved chamber music bought the building at the urging of the Paganini String Quartet and opened the Sheldon in 1986 for concerts and community events. Desperate to preserve and begin making the Sheldon one of the city's finest cultural resources, the nonprofit Sheldon Arts Foundation was created in 1988 so they could buy the structure in 1991 and create this magnificent venue for music and the arts. The concert hall entertains more than 300 events each year, that include classical music, folk and jazz featuring the world's best musicians, like Dave Brubeck, Itzhak Perlman, Cleo Laine, Joan Baez, Jose Carreras, Julian Bream, Herbie Hancock, Jessye Norman, Willie Nelson and Doc Watson. The hall also presents family concerts, coffee concerts, educational programs for schools and other marvelous and exciting venues. The ballroom, Spiering Room and the art galleries host many wonderful and helpful workshops and master classes, fundraising events, community meetings, corporate presentations and post-concert receptions plus many more exciting and entertaining shows. It is the heart and soul of the city's Grand Center arts district and part of the outstanding collections of cultural resources for the community and those that come to visit.

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    Missouri History MuseumMissouri History Museum St. Louis, Missouri
    The Missouri History Museum in St. Louis, Missouri sits inside of Forest Park and run by the Missouri Historical Society, which was started in 1866, offering free admission by a subsidy from the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District. The Jefferson Memorial Building was constructed in 1913 using profits from the Louisiana Purchase Exposition and now houses the magnificent museum and all its holdings. The museum joined the park and museum district in 1988 and started getting sales tax revenues. The Emerson Center, was added in 2000, that increased exhibition capacity and attendance, featuring a ground-to-roof southern glass facade that was designed by Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum and included classrooms, a gift shop, restaurant and auditorium, besides the display space and is a marvelous example of a green museum. Its permanent collections includes national artifacts, as well as state and city related materials, like native relics and local colonial artifacts, a copy of the "Spirit of St. Louis", Louisiana Purchase Exposition relics, along with objects that pertain to Charles Lindbergh and his trans-Atlantic flight in the "Spirit of St. Louis". There are many relics from the majestic Lewis and Clark Expedition, since the city had been the jumping off point in that journey. There are a few traveling exhibits and events that do include objects from the Fox Theatre's rejuvenation, the Lewis and Clark National Bicentennial Exhibition and the Road to Freedom tour that celebrated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    The Old Post Office and Custom House
    Old Post Office & Custom House St. Louis, MissouriThe Old Post Office and Custom House is located in the former courthouse of St. Louis, Missouri, built between 1873 and 1884, designed by James G. Hill, Alfred B. Mullett and William Appleton Potter. It was designed and constructed using the Second Empire style that had become very popular after the Civil War, and it is one of the two surviving Federal office buildings that had been designed by Mullett. The three story enormous granite structure is 234 feet long and 179 feet wide, with a basement, attic and sub-basement with 16 foot ceilings in the basement and 10 foot thick foundation walls that have been encompassed by a 25 foot deep dry moat that was installed to add light and ventilation. This basement has a tunnel under 8th Street that workers in the past would use to deliver mail to the post office, and constructed of red Missouri granite. The higher floors used Hurricane Island, Maine gray granite that is between 3 and 4 feet thick, with a courtyard located in the midst of the structure that is skylit and 48 by 55 feet. The first floor ceilings are 26 feet high, with the second and third rising just 22 feet. The interior is a blend of wrought and cast iron, that have been installed to support the brick floors, when that period of construction was more interested in building fireproof structures, and the windows have fireproof shutters. The third floor had been home to the US District Court until 1935, and then moved to a new location, although the Post Office would stay there until 1970, using the basement and first floor. There were various government agencies located on the fourth floor, with other court rooms being used for various district and circuit courts.

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