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Things to do in Stuart

    Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center Stuart, Florida
    The Florida Oceanographic Society in Stuart, Florida is a nonprofit that started in 1964 to inspire environmental stewardship of the state's ecosystems with education and research; encompassing 8500 miles of tidal shorelines, one third of the land mass made of wetlands and 2.1 million acres of estuaries. The center is situated on 57 acres and is a marine life nature center that is located on Hutchinson Island, between the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean that is now one of the leading state and nationally recognized environmental organizations. The center offers many exciting and interesting educational programs to everyone and is constantly doing research and restoration programs to achieve healthy coastal ecosystems. At the center, you can follow trails around the area filled with all kinds of nature, a 750,000 gallon game fish lagoon, the Frances Langford Visitor's Center, Sea star touch tank pavilion and Rays on the Reef Ray pavilion. There are numerous hardwood hammocks and mangrove swamps that attract a myriad of Florida wildlife, with a fabulous array of birds, of all sizes, shapes, colors and quirks. The center has been educating the students from a four-county region with on-line activities, outreach curriculums and on-site programs, offering the public a natural learning environment for both private and public groups that is always centered around the marine life and coastal ecosystems that is and has become so important to the community, in many ways and for many reasons. December is Birds of the Indian River Lagoon month that is always filled with a magnificent diversity of birds that include wading birds, owls, birds of prey and warblers. The Indian River lagoon is North America's most bio-diverse estuary, and it is now home to over 4300 species of animals and plants, which includes 36 endangered and rare types; which is why the center is always looking for volunteers that can be around the area, as well as assist the center in their research efforts and tracking data; and is ultimately collected and entered into a huge database. The center has started coordinating numerous programs where volunteers are directly involved in their constant research and data collection, which is then disseminated to the community; giving these "citizen science" programs the opportunity to gain more knowledge and understanding of our fragile coastal environments and how people can adversely affect them and the possible results that might arise. One such program that is quite important to the region and the people of the community is the attempt to restore the oyster population that began to decrease drastically by fresh water discharges that started flowing into the estuary in 2005 and is still happening today. The oysters are considered to be quite critical to cleaning the water as well as offering habitat and food sources to over 300 estuarine species. This is just one interesting and exciting way that the center is working for all of those good people in the state and region.

    Bathtub Reef
    Bathtub Reef Stuart, FloridaBathtub Reef Park can be found on the south end of Hutchinson Island, by Stuart, Florida and features a magnificent reef that brings in snorkelers by the carload, that was created by Sabellariid or Honeycomb worms. That is how the reef got its familiar look, with these unique tubeworms using sand and pieces of shell to create these beautiful reefs. The high tide is often the best time to snorkel since the tops of the reef rocks are covered and bring in more sea creatures to explore the area. The beach has been restored to its marvelous conditions after being bombarded by hurricanes, but doesn't have any bathroom facilities; although the Martin County beach access #8 does have them, about a hundred yards away. Because of these reefs, the surf is much smaller and thus safer for small children and has become one of the most popular beaches around the region. The oceanographic center does offer snorkeling adventure classes for children during the summer months, which is always an exciting and adventurous time. The image to the left shows the beach in a small blue droplet, with the long reef just beyond, holding the heavier surf from coming in and causing some very dangerous rip currents that have become a problem along the coastline; but only if you venture out too far. The beach has been refurbished with new dunes as well as sea oats to protect them and the place looks outstanding. The water along Bathtub reef is usually crystal clear, unless so many folks are in the water, stirring it up, but will quiet down and become clear after just a few minutes. There is a lovely boardwalk along the beach that offers an environmental exhibit that is on the walk and open to view.

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    Elliot MuseumElliot Museum Stuart, Florida
    The Elliot Museum is situated on Hutchinson Island, Stuart, Florida and contains one of the best collections of decorative arts, vintage automobiles, American antiques and baseball memorabilia in the region; celebrating the Golden Age of American creativity as well as local and regional history. It is usually referred to as the Elliot, and was constructed in 1961 by Harmon Elliot as a tribute to his father, Sterling Elliot. In November of 1961, it would be given to the Historical Society of Martin County, of which, Stuart is the county seat and been in operation ever since, with longtime director, the late Jane Hutchinson. They held their 30th anniversary in 1991, and over 500 people came to the ceremony to rededicate it, with a presentation of the Elliot tartan banner and ribbon cutting by Lynn Elliot, the great-granddaughter of Sterling. There was a marvelous exhibition of early autos from the Treasure Coast Vintage Auto club, and the Daytona Antique Auto Racing Association. The museum house many exceptional exhibits, and in the south gallery, you'll discover an always changing display of art that spans classic paintings to stained glass. The north gallery houses the Studio at the Elliot, with art instruction available to all ages and expertise. The Elliot museum exhibits include; the Elliot invention room is located in the pass-through area from the main gallery to the automobile gallery and features a number of inventions and patents from Sterling and Harmon Elliot that include numerous addressing machines that revolutionized how big companies would address their envelopes. Also, the automobile gallery includes Harmon Elliot's first car, a 1909 Hupmobile, as well as the 1936 Austin that he brought along on his yacht, "Harmonelle" when he visited Florida. Other cars include; a 1941 Lincoln convertible, 1957 Chevy Bel-air convertible and a 1927 4-door Model T. A soda shop is featured here as well, and an apothecary, the Elliot bicycle shop that reflects the early days of Sterling's life when he was a bike builder back in Massachusetts and is where he used his excellent engineering skills to invent automobile steering mechanisms. He created a "kingpin" for the auto and patented it which in turn made him quite a wealthy man, and the opportunity to turn to other inventions. Bicycles were a big business at the turn of the century, the 19th century that is, and helped Elliot begin his career as an inventor. There is also a barber shop, like the ones that they had back in the day, the early 1900s day, and back then, the barber would often become the dentist and do minor surgeries, like pulling teeth only on Fridays, as a special day for children haircuts. The music room houses music boxes, various instruments and early phonographs that the "old folks" used for entertainment since we didn't have big screen TVs, cable TV or any of the other inventions that have used the basic inventions that were discovered back then. One of the more popular machines in those days was a small gem roller organ that had been sold by Sear company for $3.50. The Langford exhibit is a walk through display with memorabilia, clothing from the estate of Frances Langford, the film actress, singer and local resident and numerous photographs. Another is the general store when folks would go to buy most everything in the day, as well as catch up on all the local news that wasn't allowed in the newspapers, back then. Up north, they used to keep a big old pot bellied stove with chairs set up around it for folks to come in and shop, and to sit a moment and get warm before heading out into the cold; and of course talk about all the latest happenings. The Martin county history exhibit contains the history of Martin county pioneering families, as well as the businesses and industries that were located here during the 1950s, and occupies both sides of the aisle. The Elliot dining room showcases many relics owned by the family which can be seen by the extravagance of the items. Another is Let's Play that features toys from model trains to dolls, books and blocks that ranged from the Victorian age to the 1950s. The Auerbach dining room is a traditional dining room from the late 1930s, the baseball memorabilia gallery contains one of the best autographed baseball Hall of Fame memorabilia that can be found outside of Cooperstown, NY, with almost 95% of the collections shown at any given time. The 1943 Kitchen WWII exhibit, and the final one is about Sterling Elliot: and how he was able to "steer" his way into the history books. The Elliot family had lived across the street from the Stanley brothers that had used Elliot's quadricycle to be a pattern for their invention, Stanley Steamer.

     Gilbert's House of Refuge Museum
    Gilbert's House of Refuge Museum Stuart, FloridaThe House of Refuge at Gilbert's Bar is known as the Gilbert's Bar House of Refuge, the House of Refuge Museum or just the House of Refuge and is the oldest surviving structure in Martin County, located on MacArthur's Boulevard on Hutchinson Island that lies east of Stuart, Florida. The astounding fact that this structure is still sitting on the very spot that it was constructed on in 1876, surviving so many terrible hurricanes that brought both high sustained winds and higher seas is one of the most amazing sites on the coast. It is the last remaining shipwreck life-saving station on Florida's Atlantic coast that was constructed to help sailors stranded with a long and very colorful history. It is owned by the Martin county government and leased to the Martin County Historical Society that operates it as a museum that showcases life-saving equipment that has been used over the period, as well as the keeper's quarters that was constructed in 1904. In May of 1974 the fantastic house was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The house is located on the coastal rocks of the Anastasia Foundation, which just happens to be the most significant geologic outcroppings that sit along the eastern coastline. It was one of the ten commissioned by the US Treasury Department as havens for shipwrecked sailors and travelers that happened along the barren eastern coast of the state, and the only one left today. During WWII it would be used as a lookout post for enemy subs, and saved by the historical society in 1955. Strangely, the house would be investigated by the Florida Ghost Team in 2004, with the society's permission and they did have a few instances when paranormal activity could have happened. It is a magnificent example of what the turn-of-the-century living looked like, on the coast of Florida, with numerous areas open for sightseeing that includes; the kitchen, parlor, bedroom, boathouse, dining room and a lookout tower that had been built during WWII. The house contains a special exhibit that just opened and looks at a marvelous timeline of Hutchinson Island that spans more than 4000 years, from 2000 BC to 2004, when those incredible hurcs, short for hurricanes, just kept coming in and destroying a lot of property, including the eastern half of my own house when Charley hit and then followed it up with two more! Which is why and how it is hard to believe that the house is still standing? The solitude and scenic locale of the house and the surrounding area is perfect for artists and photographers, especially the late local artist, Howard Schafer, who had been commissioned to paint the House of Refuge as it looked back in the day of 1876. You can still purchase prints of this awesome painting in the gift shop, so be sure to stop by and look it over with all the other outstanding items.

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Local Restaurants in Stuart

    Courtine's Restaurant
    Entrees; served with starch, veggie & soup or salad; veal scaloppini & grilled shrimp pan seared with crimini & mushroom sherry sauce over angel hair pasta; lamb shank Provencale braised in cabernet wine sauce with carrots, tomato, onions, garlic & thyme; calf liver Lyonnaise sautéed with caramelized onions, grilled bacon & port wine sauce; filet mignon served with horseradish garlic butter finished with demi-glace; filet mignon Courtine's stuffed with gorgonzola, fresh spinach, with port wine demi-glace balsamic reduction; peppercorn crusted filet mignon black pepper, demi-glace & touch of cognac; black angus NY strip 12oz. served with horseradish garlic butter finished with demi-glace; New Zealand rack of lamb oven roasted with Dijon mustard, garlic & thyme served with fresh mint sauce; coconut shrimp is jumbo shrimp coated with coconut & bread crumbs, deep-fried & served with Grand Marnier dipping sauce; yellow tail snapper Grenobloise sautéed in egg batter, topped with fresh tomatoes, capers, then served with lemon butter sauce; mahi mahi is filled with shrimp stuffing topped with parmesan crust, roasted red peppers & lobster beurre blanc; salmon Florentine poached in white wine & lemon juice, served with light dill cream sauce on bed of wilted spinach; Dijon mustard crusted tilapia oven baked with crust of herbs, cream cheese & Dijon mustard; panko breaded Poisson du jour is filet of today's fresh catch crusted in Japanese bread crumbs, deep fried, topped with tomatoes & capers in lemon butter sauce; 8oz. Florida lobster tail & grilled shrimp served in sherry mushroom sauce; seared duck breast served with grand Marnier sauce infused with vanilla bean; chicken breast Grenobloise is panko breaded & served with capers, tomato, lemon butter sauce; oven roasted quail served with poached apple & cranberry chutney; vegetarian pasta with broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, basil & garlic butter over angel hair pasta; Michel's jambalaya with chicken, shrimp & sausage simmered in onions, peppers, tomatoes, celery & Cajun spices.

    Casa Bella Restaurant
    Entrees; lasagna is layers of tomato, spinach, egg pasta with house mix of ricotta, mozzarella, meat & light marinara sauce; bake ziti trattoria with eggplant, ricotta, mozzarella & light marinara sauce; rigatoni alla vodka with basil, pancetta, shallots, sautéed with fresh roma tomatoes & light touch of cream & vodka; pasta Norma is penne, whole sautéed garlic with extra virgin olive oil, roma tomatoes, olives, eggplant, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, topped with pingoli nuts; fusilli con broccoli rabe with extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic, sausage, sundried tomatoes & broccoli rabe; fettuccine alfredo in cream & parmigiano cheese sauce; linguine con Vongale with red or white clam sauce; ravioli alla Romano is cheese ravioli, sausage, mushrooms, tomato & cream sauce; eggplant rollatini is eggplant complemented by 4 cheeses, topped with light sauce & mozzarella; shrimp casa bella is sautéed baby shrimp, garlic, mushrooms, roma tomatoes, spinach & finished with a touch of cream, tossed over farfalle pasta; seafood Luciano is clams, mussels & shrimp in wine sauce over linguini ( red or white) frutti di mare is shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari, scungilli sautéed with garlic, fresh herbs, roma tomatoes, served over linguini; shrimp fra diavolo is shrimp, clams, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, wine herbs with spicy tomato sauce served over linguini; shrimp scampi; pollo casa bella is chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella & spinach, sautéed with mushrooms, peppers & fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs in natural reduction; pollo scarpariello is breast of chicken sautéed in lemon garlic & wine with grilled sausage & assorted peppers; pollo alla parmigiana is boneless breast of chicken lightly breaded & sautéed topped with marinara sauce & mozzarella cheese; pollo marsala is boneless breast of chicken sautéed with marsala wine & assorted mushrooms & reduced; pollo Giorgio is boneless breast of chicken sautéed with shallots, white wine, fresh herbs, artichokes, roasted peppers with light touch of cream; pollo Mediterranean is boneless breast of chicken sautéed & stuffed with crab & shrimp, topped with garlic wine sauce; vitello casa bella is tender medallions of veal sautéed with shallots, vodka, prosciutto, roma tomatoes, touch of cream & topped with asparagus; vitello Milanese is breaded & sautéed veal cutlet topped with arugula, red onion, roma tomato in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing; scallopine de vitello picatta is tender medallions of veal sautéed with wine, lemon, artichokes & capers; scallopine de vitello all marsala is tender medallions of veal sautéed with marsala wine & assorted mushrooms; veal cutlet all parmigiana is veal cutlet lightly breaded & sautéed topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese; scallopine de vitello clarice is tender medallions of veal sautéed with mushrooms, marsala wine, topped with eggplant, capocolla & provolone.


Lamb Shank Provencale Courtine's Restaurant Stuart, Florida


Pepper Crusted Filet Mignon Courtine's Restaurant Stuart, Florida


Salmon Florentine Courtine's Restaurant Stuart, Florida

 Rigatoni alla Vodka Casa Bella Restaurant Stuart, Florida


Fusilli Con Broccoli Rabe Casa Bella Restaurant Stuart, Florida


Pollo Marsala Casa Bella Restuarant Stuart, Florida

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    Stuart Sailfish Club Stuart Sailfish Club Stuart, Florida
    The Stuart Sailfish Club in Stuart, Florida, the sailfish capital of the world, is one of the oldest sportfishing clubs in the nation, specifically created to promote the conservation of gamefish, as well as enticing visitors to come on down here and fish for the biggest, baddest, hardest hitting sailfish in the Atlantic Ocean. The outstanding club hosts five offshore tournaments every year and everyone of those is spectacularly unique. The club was started over 66 years ago, and then incorporated in January of 1941, making it undoubtedly one of the oldest sportfishing clubs in the nation, created for the purpose of conserving gamefish and bringing visitors and especially fishermen to the shores and waters of Martin County. The club brings those visitors and fishermen in by offering some top tournaments and donating most of the proceeds to the local conservation groups and programs. These tournaments are geared for family fun, and they encourage the participation of junior and women anglers. They sponsor a scholarship, publish a newsletter and maintain their dynamic website, where all the local information can be had with just a few fingers. It is an exciting and amazing experience, that once tried might just hook you into going more often. The feel of the salt breeze blowing in your face, the smell of it wafting into your nostrils and the excitement that you feel when you see one of those fish jump out of the water for the first time. It has been exhilarating for many, which is why it has remained so popular an event and sport. Today, most anglers opt for catch and release, unless you are more interested in getting that trophy fish on film or digital camera; or even mounting it, which a few still do, but that can be expensive and only become a dust catcher you're wife might not care for. All in all, it is a great time, riding the waves, feeling the breezes and smelling the salt air, which is often an invigorating experience. Try it the next time you visit Florida, if you already haven't, it sure beats some of the lazy days of just laying around on a beach filled with fine sand and brilliant blue skies. And the sun can get fairly hot in the summer months, causing some serious burns, so it might behoove you to try this fabulous experience in Stuart, Florida.

    Sunshine Wildlife Eco Tours
    Sunshine Wildlife Eco Tours Stuart, FloridaThe Sunshine Wildlife Tours in Stuart, Florida offers some of the best sightseeing tours of the southeast, exploring the nation's most diverse sanctuary, as you come across manatees, sea turtles, bottlenose dolphins and a plethora of birds. The company offers its unique discovery scopes to let you view the ocean bottom, as well as visiting mangroves and seagrass beds that will amaze you with the magnificent sights that you'll discover on your tour. The knowledgeable crew and captain will tell you about the fragile ecosystem that lives in the area, sustaining life, and more about the significance of keeping this balance in check, as changes come quickly and often with devastating effects. The tour offers up half and full day tours that will take you around the region, exploring the coastlines and estuaries that make this region so exciting. They have various sized boats to take you cruising, the 40 passenger Sunshine Lady or the 28 passenger Sirenia; both of which are pontoon boats that offer the best views and sightseeing experiences in the south. Tour the Indian River lagoon that houses over 4000 species of birds, fish, animals and plants. Take a ride to Bird Island, which is one of the top ten rookeries in the state, where you'll see more types of birds than you would normally get to see in Florida. You'll get to see dolphins on the majority of the tours, and manatees almost as often, with outstanding details and stories about the history of Manatee Pocket, the intercoastal waterway, the St. Lucie River and the Indian River lagoon. The tour company also offers kayaking tours, with groups of 4 to 10 people so that you can get as close as possible to many of the exciting and interesting wildlife that thrives around here. The prices are reasonable for an all day tour, or even just a half day, giving you a "bird's" eye view of what is the most exciting and relaxing tour on the east coast. Be sure to make your reservation as soon as you know when you'll be coming down, so that you can be placed into the tour that you want to see and enjoy. It is one that you'll never forget and one that will give you one of the best experiences in the region.

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    Maritime & Yachting MuseumMaritime and Yachting Museum Stuart, Florida
    The Maritime and Yachting Museum in Stuart, Florida has many exciting and beautiful maritime objects and artworks that include; photographs, navigation equipment, paintings, model ships, antique boats, including the 1904 Steam Yacht Medea that is shown to the right. The museum is dedicated to showcasing the excellent boating heritage of South Florida and the Bahamas, after being planned for seven years; and opening in 1993. Back then, a small group of individuals with a lot of knowledge and know-how about boats, and their related equipment decided that the historic, ecologic and economic history of their vast boating skills and knowledge could create a center filled with outstanding and unusual objects that pertains to their love and interests of boating. The museum contains many old records and documents about the boating, maritime and yachting history in this region, with excellent exhibits that offer extensive knowledge and expertise that is sure to interest you. Learn more about the stories that have evolved here, with numerous old boats and vessels, as well as historic exhibits to enjoy. On their Saturday tour, there's a retired sea captain that can tell you many more stories and legends about this part of the Treasure Coast and how vessels have played such an important part in this region, to help it grow and thrive, bringing enjoyment and excitement to those that loved the ocean, waterways and maritime adventures. It is a great place to come down and visit, along with spending some time exploring the magnificent boats that have come to rest here.

    Stuart Heritage Museum
    Stuart Heritage Museum Stuart, FloridaThe Stuart Heritage Museum in Stuart, Florida is where the local history events, artifacts and more is located in a historic two story frame building that was constructed in 1901 by George W. Parks for his Geo. W. Parks Grocery and General Merchandise Store; where he would live on the second floor above the store that filled the main floor. The structure would evolve into the Stuart Mercantile Company in 1913, and by the 1960s, after having been used for numerous ventures, it would become the Stuart Feed Store, as can be seen by the photo. The University of Florida published a book called, "A Guide to Florida's Historic Architecture" in 1989, listing the old store, which now is home to more than 10,000 relics from the 1880s to the 1950s. Adding to the significance and interest of the site by the store, the historic 1920s Talley and Evans Crary, Sr. house that had been located on Cardinal Way would be cut into and moved to the vacant lot that sits west of the museum's building in April 2010, as it waits patiently for a complete restoration and eventual usage by the Stuart Heritage Society. The museum houses many artifacts of the early pioneers that moved here, describing their stories of growing pineapples and catching fish, as well as the style of living that they did during the good times, the boom years and finally the depression years that affected the entire nation. This is a hands-on museum where you can peruse through the numerous ledgers, journals and documents from decades ago, try on some of the old clothing or hats, take pictures and other interesting things, like the old pineapple business that once thrived here, the fire department, schools, chrysanthemum farming, old post offices, boating and marine logs, shoes and a fishing corner, since this is the sailfish capital of the world. There is a complete room dedicated to the role of the Seminole tribe that helped develop the area and the Treasure Coast. Quite a few of the relics aren't labeled, so you'll have to check with the docent there to discover what they all were, and while you're at it, be sure to learn about some of the exciting and historical stories that they can tell. There is so much to fill the museum that the rooms have been filled to the limit, and there is still plenty more to fill more structures, which is probably why they brought the Crary's house here, cause there sure is enough to fill that as well. There is a third grader's spelling list from the 1930s, and a tin of April Showers Talc, all collected by the Stuart Heritage, Inc. just for your pleasure and enjoyment. The structure itself is the oldest commercial building in the county, and still referred to as the feed store by many old time residents. It is filled with glass display cases, and even an ice cream soda stand. And perhaps the most welcome part of the old store is that it is free; unless you want to donate something to the cause.

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    Dudley-Bessey HouseDudley-Bessey House Stuart, Florida
    The Dudley-Bessey House in Stuart, Florida is known as the Major Phillip B. H. Dudley Home as well, and is a historic two-story single family house on Atlantic Avenue that was constructed in 1909 for Phillip Dudley. The first floor center hall runs from the street-side entrance straight through the house to the main entry way that faces the Halpatiokee River, which is now called the South Fork of the St. Lucie River, with all the rooms entering the hallway. The lovely old house would later become the property of Hubert W. Bussey, from 1855 to 1918, who had been one of the city founders. Before 1989, the street side entrance would be changed by adding a long porch with flat roof and slope roof that was over the entryway. Currently, the majority of the front porch has been closed in and become part of the structure, with just a sheltered entry with more elaborate sloped roof that sits over the entry area and hip roofing over each side of the old porch. The inside has been thoroughly renovated and the structure is now used as a law office.

    Martin County Courthouse
    Old Martin County Courthouse Stuart, FloridaThe Old Martin County Court House in Stuart, Florida was constructed in 1937 in the art deco architectural style, designed by architect L. Phillips Clarke of West Palm Beach using concrete poured walls and terrazzo floors, by the WPA to create a northern addition to the original county courthouse that had been constructed in 1908 as a Palm Beach County school building. Then, in 1925, the public school structure would be converted into a courthouse with the four words still etched in the grey facade; Martin County Court House. Since this wording was done in another period, when the words were separated, today, the two are used for the National Register of Historic Places and the Cultural Center that is located there. The county purchased the structure in 1954 that sat to the west of the courthouse, formerly the Wed Ordway Ford company and then later it would become the A & P Grocery Store, and converted it to become the courthouse annex. The county would extend the old courthouse and the 1937 addition to the west to meet the annex; joining their halls. The county worked to extend the 1937 addition and the old school house on the east side, with both of these additions constructed in 1954 being rather simple and utilitarian in style. Eventually, the county would get too big for the old courthouse and its unique complex, deciding to construct a new courthouse and constitutional officers complex to the south of the old courthouse and then demolish the old courthouse, its additions and annex. When the citizens and city of Stuart found out about the possible destruction of the old courthouse, they petitioned the county to save the structure and let the city use it as a cultural center.

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    Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki MuseumAh-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum Clewiston, Florida
    The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum is located on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation in Clewiston, Florida, where you will learn as much about the Seminoles as you can anywhere in the state. In the Seminole language, ah-tah-thi-ki means a place to learn, and that is exactly what you will do here. The village has four galleries filled with many relics and items of the tribe, along with outstanding pieces from their permanent gallery. There is a mile long boardwalk that takes you through the big cypress swamp, with more than 67 kinds of indigenous Everglades fauna and flora. The living village is an authentic Seminole village, where the tribal elders create the magnificent sweet grass baskets, wood carvings and beaded necklaces, with the museum housing many interesting and exciting archival and artificial objects that relate to the tribe. The museum's exhibits offer the visitor a glimpse into the history of this tribe and its ancestors that were forced into the swamps and glades, with a film called We Seminoles that describes their unique story in their own words and the incredible story of how this tribe was able to stay in the state, when so many others were forced to move west. There are more than 60 miles of natural trails that allow you to wander about the property, viewing some of the most natural and beautiful animals in the region. Exhibits include; permanent and temporary, the living village, traditional arts, amphitheater, boardwalk, ceremonial grounds and more.  Take a walk on the wild side of Florida and learn more about the original Floridians that lived here before any Europeans arrived or explored, as well as learning how the Seminoles became a tribe. 

    Children's Museum of the Treasure Coast
    Children's Museum of the Treasure Coast Jensen Beach, FloridaThe Children's Museum of the Treasure Coast is situated at the Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach, Florida offering children and their families the perfect place to explore and learn about the region through its hands-on interactive displays. The museum has been enjoyed by thousands since it opened, with special programming, events and exciting opportunities to learn and explore. The museum began as a nonprofit in 2001, and leased a building in the park in 2002. They held their first children's ball fundraiser that year as well, and began a partnership with the Junior League of Martin County that did hand tile and community projects, and more. By 2008, the museum had finished its first phase building, green building that is and it has become a showcase for the children, their families and the community as to what a green building should be and why. It is one of the most valuable lessons that these visiting children will learn at the museum, including the new mascot, a small tortoise named Gofor Green, who is here to help visitors learn more about the green idea and what is means to these young people and their environment. There are many helpful and interesting programs at the museum, like the exciting field trips that take the youngsters to the museum's own town market, where you learn about the food pyramid, why a healthy diet is so important to everyone, including the environment, and the reason we should all become more involved in recycling. In the market, children can role play many of the people that would normally work in a market, like the baker, butcher, cashier, or bagger, as well as shopping for healthy foods for the dinner table. Another interesting place on the field trip is the Florida Cracker House, which is more than just a cracker house, but one that takes the child around the world to learn more about other children's homes and their lives, and later, the kids can try to build a house of their own. In the Wellness Center, all the roles that can be played are up for grabs, like nurses, doctors, fire fighters and more. They even have uniforms that the children can try on and see how they feel. The nature walk will take them through a butterfly garden that is always exciting and interesting as you watch a myriad of colors flying around the area, and they will even learn the names of indigenous plants that we all see in the state every day. The car care center lets the child experience being a race car driver, or mechanic, helping them learn to change a tire, check the chassis, or trade in an old muffler. The vet clinic is another place where your children will learn about the importance of a vet and exactly what they do. You can wear a lab coat and examine stuffed dogs and cats with tiny stethoscopes or look at x-rays and put on bandages. It is a marvelous day of fun for the kids and the families too, so when you head out to the southern parts of the state, be sure to stop by and say hello.

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